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These next ones are optional but if I know the tribute I will be less likely to kill them



District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1m Callam Delaney 15 Spear Plant idenification, hiding, camouflage, climbing and hunting Spiders
D1f Gwynevire "Gwyn" Tweed 18 Any type of Blade Her main strength is her no-backdown, confident in herself, I can win this thing attitude! Gwyn is confident in herself and her abilities. She is also physically fit. Fairly quick. Great at outdoor survival. Gwyn can be a little cold or rough around the edges. She isn't the fastest swimmer, and isn't a very good climber either.
D2m Gavin Adams 18 Sword Brute Strength


D2f Saffron Ventura 15 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, long distance weapons Quit fast and strong, very cunning and good at lying Her complete and utter connection to Troy
D3m Dexter Volts 14 Wire Sleuth, Speed and Hiding Being Alone

Dimitria Pod

13 Sai, Spear, Axe Climbing, Healing, Running Emotion and Trust
D4m Jeremy Al 14 Trident, Snares and Sickle Swimming, Tying Knots and Fighting with weapons Hand to Hand combat and Climbing
D4f Halo Zee 18 Trident, Nets and Knifes Accuracy, Swimming and Strengths Not the fastest
D5m Wyatt Mycelium 14 Trident, spear Knows plants, not a bad fighter Gives up to easily
D5f Sylvester Fite 13 Katana Sword and Throwing Knives Swimming, hiding, aim and agility Strength, Blood and Thunderstorms
D6m Albus Sandstone 12 Javelin Tree Climbing, Plant Identification Speed, Fighting Techniques
D6f Regina Rahilly 15 Snares and Traps Stealth and Hiding Not the strongest
D7m Tray Dabber 17 Machete Spears Strong and Fast Cant climb
D7f Lila Yope 12 Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives and Mace Healing, plants, swimming, climbing, flexibility, hunting, and sneaky Very easy to get sick
D8m Aaron Coin 18 Axe and Sword Strong and Fast Major trust issues
D8f Arachne Webb 15 Blowgun Weaving, Sowing, Making Clothing Making Allies, Trusting people
D9m Algo Coolio 12 Fists and Sword Is a very talented actor

Cant make it long without food

D9f Mckenna Hart 12 Knife Smart and Fast Not the strongest
D10m Alex Blackthorne 14 Sword and Bow He is quite strong and good with his hands. He is quite attractive and charming. He is very charismatic and can change someones tune about killing him in an instant. He isn't that fast, nor can he contain his temper when enraged.
D10f Delilah Woods 17 Sword and mace, talented with a spear as well but finds it hard to use anything she must throw. She is fast and strong, very pretty and could easily sprint 100 meters in under 30 seconds, she is athletic and can easily take down someone her age in a fight, unless they have been trained. She is secretly insecure about how she looks, and can't kill anyone around the age of 12.
D11m Uit 15 Spear Very Light can run very fast can go from food very long and can identify poison berries can climb trees very fast Not very strong can't breathe underwater very long
D11f Lily Moon 15 Knives Very stealthy, quick, and quiet. Has a deathly allergy towards sunflowers.
D12m Brann Clatch 16 Swords Strength and good with all kind of swords. And he is very smart. Is a very bad swimmer and a little bit scared in the dark.
D12f Firess Hunfro 15 Bow and Blowgun Climbing, Swimming, Hiding, Plants, Hunting, being quiet. Ironacllu Firess, but she is terrified of fire.
D13m Haru Sakura 15 Anything he can snipe with Accuracy, Sniping and Survival skills His Connection To His Sister, Suki Sakura
D13f Fern Gallows 18 Throwing Knives and Slingshot Running, Swimming, Climbing, Hunting, Plants, and Being silent. She will do anything for her allies

Training Scores

District Tribute Scores Odds
D1m Callam Delaney 9 6-1
D1f Gwynevire "Gwyn" Tweed 9 7-1
D2m Gavin Adams 10 5-1
D2f Saffron Ventura 11 4-1
D3m Dexter Volts 5 23-1
D3f Demetria Pod 8 10-1
D4m Jeremy Al 10 3-1
D4f Halo Zee 11 4-1
D5m Wyatt Mycelium 6 18-1
D5f Sylvester Fite 7 15-1
D6m Albus Sandstone 4 27-1
D6f Regina Rahilly 10 9-1
D7m Tray Dabber 8 5-1
D7f Lila Yope 3 38-1
D8m Aaron Coin 9 10-1
D8f Arachne Webb 11 4-1
D9m Algo Coolio 6 18-1
D9f Mckenna Hart 7 16-1
D10m Alex Blackthorne 9 9-1
D10f Delilah Woods 7 14-1
D11m Uit 4 31-1
D11f Lily Moon 6 25-1
D12m Brann Clatch 9 9-1
D12f Firess Hunfro 8 10-1
D13m Haru Sakura 11 3-1
D13f Fern Gallows 11 3-1

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Method of Death
26th Wyatt Mycelium 5 Tray Dabber 7 Axe to the head
25th Tray Dabber 7 Sylvester Fite 5 Pushed of building
24th Brann Clatch 12 Halo Zee 4 Trident in the Stomach
23rd McKenna Hart 9 Halo Zee 4 Trident to the Head
22nd Regina Rahilly 6 Saffron Ventura 2 Knife in the eye
21st Arachne Webb 8 Gwyn Tweed and Callam Delaney 1 Pushed of building
20th Dexter Volts 3 Jeremy Al 4 Beheaded with Scythe
19th Alex Blackthorne 10 Jeremy Al 4 Stabbed in head with Scythe
18th Delilah Wood 10 Algo Coolio 9 Impaled with Pole
17th Algo Coolio 9 Halo Zee 4 Beheaded with Trident
16th Aaron Coin 8 Gavin Adams 2 Sword in the Stomach
15th Sylvester Fite 5 N/A N/A Fell from great Height, let go of Ladder
14th Firess Hunfro 12 Callam Delaney 1 Throat Slit with Knife
13th Callam Delaney 1 Fern Gallows 13 Stabbed in Face
12th Fern Gallows 13 Gwyn Tweed 1 Stabbed in Head
11th Saffron Ventura 2 Uit 11 Rock slammed on head then drowned
10th Uit 11 Shark Mutt C Head torn off.
9th Gwyn Tweed 1 Gwyn Tweed 1 Tripped and clashed into a knife sending it into he chest
8th Haru Sakura 13 Halo Zee 4 Trident impaled in the chest
7th Albus Sandstone 6 Jeremy Al 4 Drowned
6th Gavin Adams 2 Jeremy Al and Halo Zee 4 Trident and Scythe impaling the body.
5th Lily Moon 11 Pipe Mutts C Loss of blood from multiple wounds
4th Halo Zee 4 Jeremy Al 4 Beheaded by Scythe
3rd Lila Hope 7 Jeremy Al 4 Pushed of Building
2nd Jeremy Al 4 None N/A Fell of Building


Demetria Pod 3 None N/A Didnt Die

The Games

Wanna just say thanks to 66mc for Designing the Arena

The cameras zooms into the arena. A full resort expands above them, water park and hotel. A series of pools lying around. The cornucopia is resting on the tallest tower, atleast 200 feet tall. Falling from it would mean certain death, with 8 flumes flowing off it. There is a single ladder leading down to the floor, the only way up. You may bring supplies down to the park from the cornucopia but not back up. The tributes are all wearing thick wet suits that will slow motility when dry but when damp would speed it up.


The tributes are of. Some flee down the slides, knowing fighting would be useless. Lily and Uit are the only ones to flee the cornucopia down a shoot. They have no supplies. Stupidly Wyatt took a chance and went down the ladder. Tray Dabber saw him so he grabbed an axe from the mouth and went to the top of the ladder. He and Wyatt makes it around 20 feet before he looks up to see the axe hurtleing towards him. It hits him in the head, killing him but sending him plumeting to the floor below. Tray laughs for like 10 seconds before a furious Sylvester shoves him over the edge, killing him when he hits the floor. She stares down at the splodge that was her ally. She doesnt even think at what happened so she begins to climb with no allies or supplies.

Callam is raking through the supplies looking for a weapon when he is attacked. Brann tries to slam a knife into his back but is tackled by Halo. She looks at Callam then smiles.

"Never leave a career behind" With that she grabs a trident from the pile that Callam shoved to the side and plunges it into the stomach of Brann. He roles over a few times, in which Callam and Halo just watch him die. He coughs blood up before going still. The careers dont even give the body a second glance and turn back to choosing a weapon.

Halo grabs a second trident, not wanting the one covered in a blood. She looks for a target and throws it at McKenna Hart from 9. Its hits her directly and she crumples to the floor. Dead. Halo doesnt bat an eye and dives into battle, looking for another victim.

Arachne is bawling with Gwyn on the edge of the platform, they are equal strength and no one is losing. Gavin is fighting with Regina next door. They are also of equal strength, but are both easily toppled Saffron and Callam come to help their respective partners. Saffron stabs a knife into the eye of Regina, as Callam and Gwyn throw Arachne over the edge. She hits the floor as Regina finally passes on.

Jeremy is meanwhile easily holding off the tributes from 3, he smashes Demetria in the stomach sending her over the edge. She is falling when someone grabs the wetsuit. She looks up to see Sylvester Fite on a small platform, smiling at her. She drags her up and they ally, with no supplies. Jeremy grabs a sickle and slashes it at Dexters head. The head that falls past where Demetria and Sylvester are talking wipes the smiles of there faces. As it was Dexter.

The only people left are the careers, District 10, Algo, Aaron, Haru and Albus. The girls from 12, 13 and 7 have just dissapeared down the flume, with multiple supplies. Jeremy throws his scythe at Alex, sending him over the edge. Dead from the scythe sticking out of his head. Delilah so shocked stumbles backwards into the pole that Algo was carrying. Sending it through her body. Algo drops the pole, also dropping his first kills and only kill. Seconds later Halo and Gavin both swing there assorted weapons, beheading Algo and sending a sword in Aaron's stomach. Haru leaps over the edge seconds later, not wanting to face the careers at the top, he sees Albus going down the steepest slide, pursued by no one. Haru smashes into the pool, not dead at all.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. 11 cannons sund signalling the end of the bloodbath.

The careers are all setting up. None of them have died, and all have their selected weapons. They are going hunting tonight, so are all setting up. Jeremy and Halo are going down towards the hotel, and Callam and Gwyn are going to the pools. Gavine and Saffron are heading to the beach. They decide since the only way to the cornucopia is up the ladder they feel safe leaving it un guarded. They set of around 7pm, they decide to meet in the morning, so they can hunt all night.

Sylvester and Demetria are planning on going up to the newly vacated top. But decide to wait, due to the way the flumes are positioned they were unable to see Saffron and Gavin get of the flume and still believe that they are at the top. Guarding supplies. They have no supplies themsleves and decide to attack in the early morning of day two.

Albus has been travelling since he got of the flume. He managed to get supplies of a plenty from the cornucopia and is in need of nothing but an ally. He made it to the hotel not that long ago and it resting in a room. It is fully equipt and is perfectly livable. He is now fast asleep on the bed, not knowing Jeremy and Halo are running straight towards him, and will be there at dawn.

Lila, Fern and Firess have been wandering the pools. They have no supplies ,as they dropped them all after Gaving and Saffron scared them down the flume, other than a knife that Firess is using and an axe that Fern is using. They are trying to find a place to be safe but they are all getting tired. Little do they know that Gwyn and Callam are running around. Gaining quickly on the trio. They dont stop moving all night.

Lily and Uit have fled to the beach. Panicking they dont know where they are going and dont even try hiding there tracks. They are currently resting on a bay, with no supplies but due to there fleeing nature they are way ahead of the 2 pair. They are both terrified. And dont know what to do. They decide to rest for the night and watch the faces appear in the sky.

The cameras are unable to find Haru. His tracker was found in a lot of blood in the pool he leaped into.

The faces illuminate the resort, showing those passed on.

Dexter (3)

Wyatt (5)

Regina (6)

Tray (7)

Aaron (8)

Arachne (8)

Algo (9)

McKenna (9)

Alex (10)

Delilah (10)

Brann (12)

The faces dissapear and all the tributes including the roaming careers rest. Rest for a day full of explosions and bangs.

Day 2

Demetria and Sylester are up at the crack of dawn to go and invade the careers camp. Demetria heads up first followed by Sylvester. Demetria is about to reach the platform when there is a creak. She increase the rapidity of her climbing but not fast enough. She reaches the platform and almost seconds after she pulls herself up the ladder seperates from the tower. And the tower begins to shake.

The ladder begins to fall backwards but it groans to a stop. Sylvester is now hanging over nothing. Demetria leaps to the edge and holds out her hand.

"GRAB MY HAND" She yells, so she can be overheard from the screams.

"I CANT DIE" Sylvester screams after stopping screaming. "DONT LET ME FALL"






Demetria holds her hand and grabs the ladder but it bends further.

"Please Help" Sylvester mutters, now hanging from her hands. To scared to scream.

"How" Demetria replies, knowing screaming is not the answer.

"Win" and with that word she lets go, letting the eart pull it down, smashing into its floor.

Demetria stares for one second then feels the tower shake. She runs to the slide and leaps in, she zooms down the flume, the tower behind her stops shaking, but now since the ladder is gone there is no way back up. It is now nothing but a landmark. When she smashes into the pool she gets straight out she and starts to run. But she doesnt know to where.

Callam and Gwyn have been following the trail of the trio all night and have finally caught up with them.

"Stop running" Callam sneers, as he raises a spear."Its no use".

"Fern, take Lila and run". Firess mutters to her allies as she raises the axe to fight the two careers. Fern stares at her then takes of running, towards the hotel. Lila close on her heals. Callam grabs one on Gwyn's knifes and dives into the battle. He slashes at her head but she blocks with her axe. He then slashes at her throat, drawing blood. BOOM. Callam stares at Gwyn, then they take of running, after Lila and Fern.

Lila and Fern are about to enter the hotel when Fern looks back. She sees the oncoming careers and realises that the cannon was Firess's. She removes the knife ad dives at Callam to repeatably stab him in the face. She does this till his cannon sounds. BOOM. Fern stares at the shocked Lila and mouths one word.


Then the knife penetrates her head. BOOM. Sending Lila tearing through the doors into the building. Gwyn removes the knife and bursts into tears as she cries by the side of her ally. She takes one last look at her allies bloody and mauld face before she takes of into the hotel after Lila.

Saffron and Gavin are still following Uit and Lily but are not catching up at any fast pace.

All the tributes rest and look up at the sky to see the faces of the tributes

Callam (1)

Sylvester (5) Firess (12)

Fern (13

Day 3

Uit and Lily tear down the beach, closely followed by Saffron and Gavin. They cover miles of beach before they finally do the sencible thing. Uit dives into the sea and Lily keeps running. They go in opposite directions. Gavin and Saffron stop and stare at eachother then seperate. Saffron dives into the ocean after Uit and Gavin after Lily. Saffron swims until she reaches Uit. Uit dives under and Saffron briskly follows. They dive down to the bottom and Saffron is about to catch him when Uit spins around and slams the rock into her head. She goes still as Uit swims to the surface and as he breaks the cannon sounds. BOOM. He hovers in the water for a second before the shark dives out and tears his head off. BOOM.

Lily and Gavin both stop in there tracks when they hear the cannons. They similatainously look out at the see, and watch the hovercraft retrieve the two bodies of there allies. Gavin returns his gaze to the fleeing girl then drops to his knees and starts to bawl. Just round the cove Lily is hidden in a pipe crying over Uit. They both get it together and Lily begins to crawl down the pipe while Gavin heads back to the hotel, to try and find his allies.

Halo and Jeremy are wandering the corridors, looking for any tributes but they find no one. They decide to rest in a room, having seen that their base has been completely destroyed. They both climb into bed and drift into a deep sleep.

Gwyn is exploring the kitchen when she hears screaming. She looks aroung until she sees a walk in freezer. She unclicks the lock and opens it to find the hanging bodies of Callam, Saffron and Fern. She stumbles backwards out of shock and trips. She crashes into a table sending utensles flying. Including a knife which lands directly in her stomach. She tries to remove the knife but she cant keep her hands still. She looks up just to see the light fall onto the knife, sending the straight through her body. BOOM.

Most tributes rest while some keep moving but most look to the sky to see the dead tributes.

Gwyn (1)

Saffron (2)

Uit (11)

Only 8 tributes remain, but how many will remain on day 5.

Day 4

Halo and Jeremy are up at the crack of dawn as usual and out hunting. They find the kitchen but when they open freezer all they find is ice. Halo steps in to have a look and starts kicking the ice when something moves. Haru leaps out of the ice and dives at Halo, but she isnt stupid. She raises her trident, impaling Haru on it. She drops the trident and runs out. Jeremy slams the door shut and they wait. BOOM. The pair from 4 stare at eachother then get back to there feet and continue to move. They wander the basement and look around but find nothiing else. They make it back to there room and rest again, planning to explore the rooms in the afternoon. They are about sleep when a voice booms over the arena.

"CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINAL 7, Gavin Adams, Demetria Pod, Halo Zee, Jeremy Al, Albus Sandstone, Lila Hope and Lily Moon. Tommorow there is a feast at the beach. Be careful as this isnt a normal feast. It is compulsary for all of you and will probably be the last time you see eachother. The last thing I must say is please dont kill as we have arranged it for 7 people."

All tributes decide to follow the rules and use this time to relax. Halo and Jeremy though use it to train and Gavin continues to search the arena for the tributes from 4. Lily heads back down the pipe and comes out on the beach and plans to wait there till tommorow.

The face of Haru appears in the sky.

Haru (13)

The tributes settle down and wait for the feast.

Day 5

The sun rises on a cornucopia full of items galore. It is guarded by a thick wall for now. All the tributes are present and as the first beam of light hits the wall it dissintegrates. Lily and Albus both run out, Lily from a small bush and Albus from the sea. They both reach the cornucopia and grab a bag and dissapear back to where they came. Jeremy dives into the ocean after Albus and seconds later he emerges. BOOM. Halo and Jeremy meet at the cornucopia to see Gavin walk out. He expects to be welcomed but they just laugh then throw there weapons. The trident and scythe hit the body of Gavin at the same time. BOOM.

Lila and Demetria dont know wheather to go in but both do but dont really get anything. Lila heads back to the storage cuboard she has been in. Demetria is hiding in the basement waiting. Lily is back in her pipe. Halo and Jeremy are still wandering the hotel looking for the final tributes. Jeremy is now the only male left in the arena.

Halo and Jeremy are talking about home while they wander the halls. They are walking past a cuboard when they hear crying. They sneak up to the door and bang it open to see Lila. She leaps out and tears down the hall, managing to get away.

The tributes begin to get to sleep and the faces appear in the sky.

Gavin (2)

Albus (6)

The capitol are so excited for the rest of the games.

Day 6

Halo and Jeremy are out hunting early again, looking for the final 3 other tributes. They decide to take of down the hall that Lila ran. They are wandering past a pipe when they hear screaming, the scream that comes from Lily. Far down that pipe Lily is being attack. A group of small rat like creatures are nibbling her to pieces. Blood pours from the small wounds and flows through the pipe, out onto the beach. She drifts in and out of conicousness and before finally her body gives in and she goes still. BOOM. Now every tribute is in the hotel, wandering the halls.


The hotel explodes sending all the tributes flying backwards. Knocking them all out. When they wake up the find them selves back by the first cornucopia, but there is no slides leadiing down. The victor is chosen now. Jeremy is the first to move. He runs at Halo. Halo does nothing thinking he has come to ally but he swings the scyther, severing the head from the body. BOOM. Demetria and Lila are shocked at the male and grab the weapons infront of them. Lila bends to pick up the axe but is knocked of her feet by Jeremy. He grabs her by the feet and sends her flying over the edge, down to her death. BOOM.

Only 2 tributes are now left. Demetria Pod from District 3 and Jeremy Al from District 4. But there is still one more question. Who will win.

Dimitria grabs the knife at her feet and dives at Jeremy. Jeremy dives at Demetria. They are both in the air when the floor collapses. They are falling when something shows around them.

Wyatt getting the axe to the head from Tray. 26.

Sylvester pushing Tray of the building. 25.

Brann getting a trident to the stomach from Halo. 24.

McKenna getting a trident to the head from Halo. 23.

Ragina recieving a knife to the eye from Saffron. 22.

Arachne being pushed of by Callam and Gwyn. 21.

Jeremy beheading Dexter. 20.

Jeremy throwing the scythe that hit Alex in the head. 19.

Delilah falling onto the metal pole. 18.

Algo being beheaded by Halo's trident. 17.

Aaron getting a sword in the stomach from Gavin. 16.

Sylvester falling from the building with Demetria screaming from the top. 15.

Callam slitting Firess's throat. 14.

Callam getting stabbed in the face by Fern. 13.

Gwyn stabbing Fern in the head. 12.

Saffron drowing after Uit hit them. 11.

Uit being eaten by the shark. 10.

Gwyn being impaled by the knife. 9.

Haru impaling himself on Halo's trident. 8.

Albus being held underwater by Jeremy. 7.

Gavin recieving blows from District 4's weapons. 6.

Lily being eaten by the pipe mutts. 5.

Halo beheaded by Jeremy with his Scyther. 4.

Jeremy throwing an innocent 12 year old, Lila over the edge to her death. 3.

A voice finishes the video, sealing one tributes fate.

"The more just tribute will float away while the cruel will fall"

Two of the clips show on the screen again.

Demetria yelling to her fallen ally.

Jeremy beheading his fallen ally.

And then they both know who wins. Demetria begins to stop as Jeremy continues to fall. BOOM.


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