This is my fanfic, Katniss and Peeta were killed in the chariots, so what was the games like without them.

Here is My Made Tributes

District Name Weapon Training Score Placing Means of Death No. of Kills
1M Marvel Spear 9 4th Knife in back 4
1F Glimmer Knifes 9 15th Axe in stomach 0
2M Cato Sword 10 12th Axe in stomch 1
2F Clove Throwing Knifes 10 2nd Sword in Side 6
3M Noah Mines 7 7th Arrow in head 1
3F Daphne Knife 2 24th Knife in forehead 0
4M Strike Trident 8 10th Axe in chest 1
4F Lucy Mace 8 19th Knife in eye 0
5M Andrew Sword 9 20th Throat Slit 0
5F Finch Intelligence 5
6M Johnathan Spear 9 23rd Beheaded 0
6F Lauren Knife 10 3rd Knife in stomach 2
7M Pamline Axe 8 5th Spear in neck 0
7F Petra Axe 7 13th Stabbed with spear 0
8M Sebastian Sword 9 9th Spear in head 2
8F Luna Knife 5 6th Spear in stomach 2
9M Alex Bow 3 8th Knife in head 0
9F Alliana Throwing Knive 8 14th Stabbed 0
10M Pillani Scythe 6 16th Sword in stmach 0
10F Leena Kama 9 17th Knife in heart 0
11M Thresh Mace 10 11th Knife in head 1
11F Rue Slingshot 7 18th Spear through the body 0
12M Gale Bow 11 21st Knife in Head 1
12F Primrose Nothing 4 22nd arrow in head 0

The Games

The Bloodbath - Clove's (POV)

Im standing on my podium, waiting on that gong to sound. Waiting for me to run in and start killing. That boy from 12 I think first, how dare he even try to get higher than me. I stare around, looking at the bounty when I see it. BONG. And we are off. Im first to the pile and grab a knife. I turn to see that brat from 3 running away with a set of throwing knifes. WHIZ. The knife enters right above her eye. Nice throwing. I turn back to the pile and grab a knife when I see Cato behead that 6 boy. 2 down 21 to go. Im about to throw a knife at Alex guy from 9 when that Gale guy shoots an arrow at me. I narrowly dodge it and then hear a scream. I turn to see the girl from 12 lying with an arrow in her head. He runs over to her and I snea up and plunge a second knife into his head.

As I get up I see Strike slitting the male from 5's throuat open. Hes pretty good, 4 female not so much I think as the male from 11 stabs her in the eye. Marvel throws a spear at that bitch from 11 as I throw my knife at the 10 girl and both hit. Cato thrust his sword into the 10 males body and I see the male from 8 pull an sxe out of the chest of Glimmer. Never liked her. I look around but see no one, only Cato, Marvel, Strike and Noah. I made an alliance with all of them. Wait, what was that. I saw a flash of red, damn that girl from 5 escaped. Damn. I hear muttering so I head to the bak of the cornucopia and see 3 figures. The pair from 7 and the girl from 9, I laugh and stab at the girl from 9 as Noah plunges a spear into the girl from 7. Cato goes to kill the boy from 7 but he slams an axe into his chest then runs. And we let him, as we are nice.

Thresh's (POV)

Im sitting by a stream when the cannons go. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. 13 dead, that is a lot. I wonder through the forest thinking about that moment, the moent when the spear entered Rue's stomach. She was so young 12. That boy from 9 escaped and that 4 male survived, she was the only 12 year old to die. Why so youg. I look around for somewhere to spend the night when I hear some muttering and turn to see Pamline, Luna and Lauren. I sneak up and am about to bring the spear on Luna's head when she drives a knife through my head. BOOM.

Sebastian's (POV)

Where is Luna, we formed an alliance but she is gone. This is so annoying. Atleast I got a kill, and a career. I did feel a slight bit of remorse but she was about to kill me, so what could I have done. I wde through the field, just keeping my head above the grass when I see it. A flash of red. Finch. I chase after it but cant manouver through the grass as easily as her, she was a problem I wanted to kill. And soon. I chase after her late into the night but I finally lose her. I rest on a rock when the anthem begins them the faces appear. Girls from 1, 3 and 4 and the male from 2. 3 careers dead. No a good start. 5 male, 6 male, 7 female. Shocked about that one, she looked strong. 9 male and all from 10, 11 and 12. That means Luna and I are the only district to have no casualties. Great. I rest my head on a patch of corn, waiting for day 2 to come around.

Day 2 - Pamline's (POV)

I wake up and see Luna and Lauren both high in trees above me, I prefer to sleep on ground rather than up high. I reagain my footing and observe the surroundings, Petra would have loved this. All she wanted was trees, but she was riped of that by that guy from 3. Why. I hear moving above me then see Lauren clatter out of the trees. A knife in her stomach.

I quickly dart beneath and grab her out from hitting the floor. I yank the knife from her stomach. Luckily it hasnt set in enough to kill but it had to be thrown by someone. For a moment I think of Luna but then I see them. The careers. It was that girl from 2. I put Lauren on my back, grab my supplies and run. I can see Luna still in the trees but going from tree to tree. I decide to follow her, running through the forest but the careers are right on my trail.

Strike's (POV)

We have found them. Our first chase, against the girls from 6 and 8 females and 7 male. The latter killed Cato, so he was tough but the others. Not so tricky. I throw my trident at the male but it misses. I can see Noah slowing down so I yell at him to head back and he does. Clove falls back to go with him, none of us trust him. So its just me and Marvel. I grab my trident of the floor and continue the chase. That girl will slow him down. Thats good, I see the girl in the trees shout to the man then change direction. Splitting up is smart. I shout at Marvel then follow the boy. Tridents are better for on ground, and he will stick to ground. I chase them for a while and that guy is good. He definatly has the stamina. I can feel the land getting steeper which I hops means he will slow down. But it doesnt. I slows me down. But not enough to lose him but the cliff at the top does lose me, as when he reaches it he leaps right out, into the lake like pond below. But Im not risking, so I turn on my heels, heading back to camp.

Luna's (POV)

I lost that brute ages ago but I also lost Lauren and Pamline. Theres been no cannons since Thresh's yesterday so atleast I know they are all alive. And Sebastian's alive too. I miss him, he is the only thing that reminds me of 8. I need to find him, but I have nothing but a knive. So I need supplies. The second after I think that a parachute floats down to a spot metres away from me. I sneak through to see that boy from 9, in the clearing. He is nibbling on some berries. I step into the clearing with my hands up, knive down my sleeve and I think he gets what I mean as he nods. Alliance. I rest down beside him and hand him the knife. He did slightly better as he raises a glittering bow.

Lauren's (POV)

I wake up lying next to a burning fire, with Pamline beside it, I look around for Luna but see no one else. Then I remember. How that girl from 2 threw the knife. And it hit my stomach. Pamline caught me and that was when I passed out. We are still in the forest, behind me is a massive cliff with a deep pool at the bottom. It feels wierd, that I was rescued by a guy that was a year younger than me. And nearly killed by a girl younger than that. I was really pathetic. I try to stand when the shooting pain in my stomach returns and I drift into the void again, an this last till the 3rd day.

Day 3 - Alex's (POV)

I wake up an see Luna lying next to me, knife gripped in her hand. I dont trust her. But she is better than no ally. I stand up and walk over to the pond near by, I can hear her waking and call her over. She says we should move but I refues, tell her we have berry plants all around, and a small spring and she finally compramises, saying we should sleep in the trees. And I have to say its not that bad a idea. We get hitched up and almost instantly I fall asleep.

Noah's (POV)

None of the careers trust me. We could have killed all of that alliance if Clove had gone. She good have killed the boy then finshed the girl. Easily. But now we were stuck with Strike mad at Clove for shouting at him. Marvel hardly able to walk, that Luna girl slashed him pretty bad. damaging his leg. And no one likes me. We must be the worst careers ever. But I suppose there is only 10 of us left. Which means 6 more before all hell breaks loose. But I have a suprise for then, and it will literaly blow there minds.

Day 4 - Marvel's (POV)

No deaths since the 1st day. No good at all. I can tell the audience will be getting adgitated. And I was right as seconds later I can hear screams. And that guy from 8 runs over the ridge, on fire. Clove is the first to act, she throws a knife, its about to hit when he collapses. Strike runs up, he is about to plunge his trident into his chest when Seastian swings his axe. BOOM. Oh crap, another career dead. I proceed to throw my spear which strikes directly in his head. BOOM.

Luna's (POV)

I dont stop crying fr ages. I just saw Sebastians face flash up in the sky along with that 4 male. Not good but it does mean if we find Pamline and Lauren we can attack the careers. 3 of them left. 4 of us. Thats it. 3 alliances. Luna and Alex. Pamline and Lauren. Clove, Marvel and the 3 male. 7 left. Wait that doesnt make sence. It should 8 left. Not 7. 1 femal an 2 ale are dead. 3 female and all of 4. All of 5, 10, 11 and 12. 6 male and 8 males. And 7 female. Who was the 8th tribute. I cant think. Ill ask Alex when he waks up, then we will find Pamline and Lauren we can win. Well I can win. Cause Iam Luna.

Pamline's (POV)

I hike her onto my back and proceed to climb the cliff. Its not a very hard cliff, very rocky which means a lot of footholes. But Lauren isnt making this any easier, but by the end of the day I reach the top. I clamber into the nearest clump of trees and sit into the trees. I dont like staying up n the trees but Lauren prefers its so I do it for her. I look up in the skies and see two faces. The male from 4, that makes 4 careers dead in 4 days. Fitting. And the boy from 8. He probably killed the boy from 4 in a fight. He was strong.

Day 5 - Clove's (POV)

I throw my third knife and it strikes the cornucopia. The blazing heat has melted it a bit so my knifes get lodged in. We moved our camp from the forest as Noah said due to the heat forest fires could be a problem. Now everyday we get water from the lake and soak the grass around our supplies, and us. Now the fire would atleast slow down and we would get time to escape. Lets say that was useless a seconds later the sky was plunged into darkness and the heavans began to cry. And they cried for a long time.

Alex's (POV)

The rain forced us to move into a cave, sadly that means we cant go and find Pamline and Lauren. I think they did this deliberately. We cant go find Lauren and Pamline, and if we do, and see them we wont know who they are. And we would probably kill them. We would think they were the careers, and bam they would be dead. I face Luna who is fast asleep, she is really pretty but wierd. She has these nightmares I think and then yells. That wakes me up, I really think I need to, as I need my sleep, and as if on cue I fall into a deep slumber.

Day 6 - Lauren's (POV)

I wake up and see we are in a small cave, wait wheres Pamline. I look around and see nothing. I get up and run into the rain, then I see him. He is over by some bushes stripping the plants. Getting food for us. I have to kill him. He is strong and good, so I need to kill him. I walk over to him, and within seconds Im soaked to the bone. Great. I go to my pocket to get my knive, but its not there. Then I see he is using it for stripping the bushes. He hasnt seen me so I back into the cave, where I find his axe. I contemplate doing it now but I stop myself, thinking tommorow. So I fall into a nice sleep.

Day 7 - Luna's (POV)

I wake up to see a package float down and land next to me. Im not sure who it is for but that thought is only until open it. As inside I see a long thin blowgun. Finally, I have a good weapon. It comes with 20 darts, I get up and am amazed to see that the rain is thinning and within 2 hours the sky is as clear s the first day. I wake Alex and we set of. We walk through the forest till we reach it, the cornucopia. I raise my blowgun, and Alex raises his bow. BOOM. Alex collapses. A knife in his head. I get up and see the girl from 2 removing another knife. I pik up Alex's bow and aim. I shoot and the boy from 3 collapses and a spear strikes my chest. BOOM BOOM.

Pamline's (POV)

3 cannons, on the day the sky clears. I stare at Lauren, she is fast asleep. I raise my axe and walk away. I leave her with the water and the berries. Knowing she wouldnt last long. I walk till night and for the first time since day 4 faces appear in the sky. That guy from 3 is first, another career gone. Then Luna. Luna is dead. How. But she was so skilled. Im sure she killed the guy from 3. Last is Alex. Another 12 year old dead. The last 12 year old dead. 1st it was that Rue, the the 4 male and now him. I rest against a tree when a voice booms across the arena.

“Now hold on. Some of you may be declining my invitation. But this is no ordinary feast. Each of you needs something desperately. Each of you will find that something in a backpack marked with your district number, at the Cornucopia, at dawn. Think hard about refusing to show up. For some of you, this will be your last chance.”

A feast. I know Clove and the 1 male will be there. Thats obvious. They wouldnt miss a chance like this. Bringing all the remaining 4 contestants together. Lauren, CLove, 1 male and 1. I bet half of us will die. But something bugs me, what could be the thing that I need. THats the moment the dart overed in poison hits my hand.

Day 8 - Clove's (POV) - The Feast

Im standing next to Marvel, waiting for the bags to rise. An when they do I see a flash of red, and the bag marked 5 is gone. Great. That girl from 5 hid in the cornucopia, she is smart. Very smart. I see that the remaining bags are marked 1, 2, 6 and 7. Marvel and mines are the same size but the others are different. The one from 7 is small and green and the one from 6 is grey and medium. I see aa guy run out and then we are off. Marvel dives at the guy an tackles him. Its the guy from 7. I raise my knife and retrieve mine and Marvels bags and retreat into the back of the cornucopia. Waiting for the girl. I see Marvel stand. Blood on his spear BOOM. Then I see a knife enter his back. BOOM.

Lauren's (POV)

Pamline is dead, and I killed a boy. And now I was facing the devil from 2. Clove. We stare for a while, both knowing only one of us would escape here. I see her hand twitch and I dive to the side. I see the blde strike the tree behind me. I leap to my feet and charge, zig zagging so her knives dont strike. I tackle her sending her toppling into the table. I grab a sword from the careers supplies and turn to deflet another knife. She raises her last knife and I raise my sword. Its now or never. So I charge, her knife hits my chest as my sword strkes her side. I can see her topple to the side as I cruple to the floor as two thoughts flash into my mind. 1 of will die, and the other would be an easy target for....wait who was the last left. BOOM.


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