The Reading

"For the 3rd Quarter Quell, 2 victors from the pools of victors shall be chosen to be put in the arena" President Snow booms.

A small man runs onto the balcony and whispers into the presidents ear.

"I have been informed that district 12 has only had 2 victors. Only Haymitch Abernathy though is alive. So we will be reaping an adult to take place of that victor."

He walks back inside leaving the capitol in awe.


District Name Weapon Training Score Owner
1m Gloss Throwing Knives 10 CallamD97
1f Cashmere Knife 9 Mysims
2m Brutus Spear 11 Emily
2f Enobaria Throwing Knives 10 Wesolini
3m Beetee Technology 6 Jsm
3f Wiress Technology 4 8thYear
4m Finnick Trident 11 Wesolini
4f Mags Awl 5 Wesolini
5m Oscar Fists 8 Jsm
5f Finch Knife 8 Lexi13
6m Winter Sword 6 Mysims
6f Aliyah Blowgun 7 Jsm
7m Blight Axe 8 Robin
7f Johanna Throwing Axes 10 Mysims
8m Woof Stealth 5 8thYear
8f Cecelia Knife 7 Zakel
9m Rickoshay Knife 4 J McAtee
9f Delilah Whip 3 J McAtee
10m Jon Axe 7 J McAtee
10f Vixen Awl 4 J McAtee
11m Chaff Fists 9 J McAtee
11f Seeder Sword 9 Banak Crane
12m Haymitch Knife 10 Emily
12f Hazelle Mace 6 Mysims


  1. Ok, you give advice. Tell them what to do. Where to go. Who to ally.
  2. You will send them items, you get 10000 dollars at the start, and as every day goees on the items increase by 100 dollars.
  3. When they die, you do not complain. Ok.


Food- I will do special requests, just tell me it and I will price it.

Bread- 750

Dried Fruit- 1000

Lamb Stew- 1500

Fresh Fruit- 2000

Water- 1000

Lemonade- 1200

Irn Bru/Die Irn Bru- 1750

Bag of Assorted Treats (Tablet, Skittles, Starburst, Galaxy and Cheese)- 1000

Survival- I will do special requests, just tell me it and I will price it.

Tent- 2500

Sleepingbag- 1750

Rope- 1000

Plastic Sheet- 750

Matches- 1000

Kindling- 1000

Weapons- I will do special requests, just tell me it and I will price it.

Axe- 2000

Awl- 1750

Knife- 1500

Throwing Knife- 1750

Spear- 2250

Sword- 2250

Mace- 2250

Club- 2250

Bow and Arrow- 2500

Slingshot and Rock- 2000

Blowgun and Dart- 2000

Dagger- 1250

Net- 1500

Trident- 3000

Long Knife- 1500

Throwing Axe- 1500

Whip- 1000

Health- I will do special requests, just tell me it and I will price it.

Cut Medicine- 2500

Infection Medicine- 3000

Health Pill (Heals your tributes thirst and Hunger)- 3500


I will make up the other secrets ok.

Hour 1-2: Blood Rain

Hour 2-3: Poisionous Fog

Hour 3-4: Monkey Muttations

Hour 4-5: Jabberjays (who immitate screams of tributes' loved ones but it was digital or mechanical warps )

Hour 5-6: Mutant Plants

Hour 6-7: A cat monster- as fast as a cheetah and as strong as a lion.

Hour 7-8: Gamma Rays

Hour 8-9: Fire, smokeless fire.

Hour 9-10: Falcoln Mutt

Hour 10-11: Saltwater Tsunami

Hour 11-12: Carnivourous Insects

Hour 12-1: Electric Storm (A lightning bolt strikes a tree during this hour)

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Means of Death
24th Oscar 5 Careers 1, 2 and 4 Hacked to Pieces
23rd Woof 8 Woof 8 Drowned
22nd Jon 10 Gloss 1 Knife to the head
21st Vixen 10 Cashmere 1 Throat Slit
20th Brutus 2 Haymitch 12 Knocked out then pushed into water
19th Hazelle 12 Gloss 1 Knife in the Heart
18th Cashmere 1 Haymitch 12 Stomach Slashed open
17th Rickoshay 9 Finnick 4 Trident in the Stomach
16th Blight 7 Enobaria 2 Knife in Head
15th Gloss 1 Arena C Struck by lightning
14th Beetee 3 Aliyah 6 Knife in the Back
13th Delilah 9 Arena C Drowned in Tsunami
12th Johanna 7 Arena C Killed by Poisonous Fog
11th Winter 6 Finnick 4 Trident to the Heart
10th Mags 4 Arena C Killed by Poisonous Fog
9th Finch 5 Arena C Killed by Poisonous Fog
8th Cecelia 8 Arena C Eaten by Cat Mutt
7th Seeder 11 Enobaria 2 Chopped to Pieces
6th Wiress 3 Finnick 4 Slashed all Over
5th Finnick 4 Aliyah 6 Beheaded
4th Haymitch 12 Enobaria 2 Stabbed in Heart
3rd Enobaria 2 Arena C Burned to Death
2nd Aliyah 6 Chaff 11 Sword slammed into Back
1st Chaff 11 N/A N/A N/A


The tributes rise into the arena. They are all in a circle, the podiums above open water. A single line of sand rests between each of the tributes. 12 spokes each leading to the cornucopia filled with weapons. Atleast 10 of each kind of weapon. The tributes all bear themselves but others are scared. Knowing they cant cross the water.


All tributes are off. The first to the cornucopia is Finnick by a mile. He is closely followed by Oscar and Cashmere. They all grab weapons and fight. Cashmere and Finnick against Oscar. Gloss and the district 2 tributes are the next to reach and with the power of all the careers they easily overturn Oscar. They leave the bloody mess that was a tribute.

Other tributes start to join the careers and others remain on there podium. A scream can be heard from under the water beside a podium. Seconds later the screams die down and Woof's body floats to the top. Drowned to death. Another scream can be heard as Cecelia sees the body. She leaps of her podium and manages to make it to the forest. Away and alone.

The careers have spread out to the other podiums with people on them. Other tributes spread out into the forest. Cashmere and Gloss are chasing Jon and Vixen into the forest. Gloss stops and grabs a knife and sends it flying into Jon's head. Vixen stops at the horror and allows Cashmere to catch her up and drag a knife across her throat.

Haymitch is fighting with Brutus, while Hazelle gathers supplies. Haymitch smashes the butt of his knife over the head of Brutus, knocking him out cold and sending him toppling into the water, and seconds later drowning. Haymitch and Hazelle grab there supplies and run down the sand bank right into the brother and sister that are the tributes from 1. Gloss grabs another knife and plunges it into Hazelles heart. Haymitch mad slashes at Cashmere's stomach then flees into the forest. Cashmere stares up at her brother and smiles before passing on. Gloss mad at Haymitch runs back to the cornucopia, swearing revenge on Haymitch.

Enobaria and Finnick have been holding the court at the cornucopia. They are fighting Rickoshay and Blight, Johanna is against Chaff. Enobaria throws a knife that bounces of the head of Rickoshay allowing Finnick to plunge the trident into his stomach. And lodging the knife into the head of Blight. Johanna and Chaff stare at the two dead bodies then Chaff flees as Johanna continues the fight with Enobaria.

Finnick looks around for Mags and sees her dissapearing into the forest with the morphlings and Finch. He returns to find Enobaria and Johanna making a compramise, to be the careers together.

Current Alliances

Careers- Gloss, Enobaria, Finnick, Johanna

Anti-Careers- Mags, Winter, Aliyah, Finch

3 and 11- Beetee, Wiress, Seeder, Chaff

Solo- Cecelia, Delilah, Haymitch

Day 2

The careers are woken by the gong, they dont know what it is but are scared. They decide to go for a look at the edge of the jungle. Enobaria and Gloss go to the place that the tail of te cornucopia is pointing while Finnick and Johanna head against the tail. They reach the forest then hear and see a flash. They all spin to see Enobaria running away from the lighting bolts pointing to one location. The body of Gloss. They run back to the cornucopia knowing it would steal any eletricity from the sky. They rest there while they mourn the loss of another career. They dont know what the gong meant but they figure its something to do with a lighting. Gloss's cannon was lost in the thunder.

Wiress alliance are fleeing from the lightning, having been in that section. Chaff and Seeder are taring ahead while Wiress and Beetee fall behind. They are almost out of the section when Wiress hears a pained scream. She turns to see Beetee lying on the floor with Mags and her alliance just behind. They share a look, Beetee and Wiress, then Wiress continues. Aliyah removes her knife and continues the chase. But they would be caught by the end of the day. BOOM.

No one is in the sections as the Blood rain and Poisonous fog goes. Cecelia manages just to escape the monkey mutts by diving into the ocean. Luckily the careers dont see her and she manages to get back into the forest. Nothing happens to any of the tributes until the saltwater tsunami. Delilah is wandering the forest alone, looking for water when she hears some roaring. She wonders what it is and continues to climb uphill until she sees the giant wave about to crash down on her. She instantly turns on her heel and flees down the hill. But not fast enough. The tsunami catches her and throws her around. She has to endure this for about 10 minutes before she finally loses her breath and passes on. BOOM.

None of the tributes are affected by the next wave of suprises. Wiress and her alliance managed to avoid the cat mutt and so did Aliyah's alliance. The careers stuck to the cornucopia knowing it was the best option and Haymitch was hidden in a tree when the blood rain struck. Most tributes got ready for sleep but others still thought, none getting the prolem quite yet. A second gong signalled the change into the 3rd day. The faces having appeared before.

Day 3

All the tributes manage to avoid the first wave of suprises and Wiress's brain is ticking away, solving the problem. The careers decide to go hunting. The litning strikes so they go near it, a few sections along. They are looking for tributes and it begins to rain next to them so they head down to the beach but not fat enough. Johanna is falling behind so she is the first to see the mist. She just ignores it and lets it catch her. Her screams send the other two careers running. BOOM. Johanna collapses dead. Enobaria and Finnick are fleeing down when they clash with Finch's allianca. Finnick throws his trident which catches Winter in the heart. BOOM. The mist is catching them again so they resume running but Mags isnt fast enough and she falls behind. Finch goes back to hurry her up but both are just swallowed by the wall of fog. BOOM. Aliyah is now alone and tears ahead of the careers and when the careers finally make it into the sea water she is on the other side washing herself. She makes it into the forest and up the hill before they notice her.

Only 8 tributes are left, Enobaria, Wiress, Finnick, Aliyah, Cecelia, Chaff, Seeder, Haymitch, so the capitol decide to call a feast for Day 4.

"Tributes, there is a feast for Day 4. Please come and join us as we celebrate that two thirds of the tributes are passed on. You can win something from your lost ones. If you dont they will be truly lost forever. So come at sunrise."

The tributes all think about from which loved one it could be. Enobaria thinks of her husband. Finnick remebers Annie. Wiress remembers Beetee falling to the floor. Aliyah thinks of Winter. Cecelia of her kids. Haymitch cant remeber anyone he cares about but knows he can kill a few people. Seeder of her husband and Chaff of his wife. All deside to brave the feast as they want to help there loved ones.

Cecelia is resting in her tree when she hears panting. She looks down to see a hefty beast. Slim but long. It leaps onto the tree knocking Cecelia out of the tree. She scrambles to her feet and starts to run but not fast enough. The cat easily reaches the tribute and swallows her whole. BOOM. No one else is bothered by the suprises that day and the faces show in the sky.

Day 4

No tributes are affected by the morning wave of suprises but Wiress is slowly piecing it together. Solving it out. All 7 tributes are in the beach are. At noon a small table emerges from the floor, with 7 bags. Chaff leaps out and runs along a stretch of land. He reaches the table with no problems. He grabs his, Seeders and Wiress's bags and turns to hear Seeder and Wiress call his name. He looks over to where his 2 allies stand and sees Enobaria and Finnick standing over the bloody messes that was Wiress and Seeder BOOM BOOM. He takes one last look at them then flees in the opposite direction. He throws Wiress's and Seeder's bags into the sea and dissapears into the bush.

The careers make there way down at the same time as Aliyah and Haymitch. As soon as Aliyah sees Finnick the thought of her killing Winter leaps to the front of her head. She throws a knife that beheads him. BOOM. She manages to reach her bag and make it out before Haymitch and Enobaria meet. She thrashes him and slashes allover. He slowly bleeds to death. BOOM. Enobaria dissapear into the forest after the two remaining tributes.

Enobaria is wandering through the forest when she begins to get a bit warm, she takes of her jacket and poors water over herself but she isnt cooling down. She decides to rest when she hears a crackling and sees fire spreading towards her. She tries to move but is to hot to and lets the heat take over her. BOOM.

The two remaining tributes rest up and watch the faces appear in the sky. Chaff and Aliyah both make there way down to the cornucopia to meet there final opponent.

Day 5

Chaff is the first at the cornucopia. He searches through the supplies for any extra things that can help him in the arena. He grabs a sword and spins round to see Aliyah running straight at him. He dives to the side and she crashes into the supplies. Chaff slams the sword into Aliyah's back. BOOM.

"Easy" Chaff mutters as he gets lifted from the arena.

Congrats to Chaff and to his Sponsor J McAtee.

Summary of Tributes

Tribute Allies
Enobaria D2


Aliyah D6 None
Chaff D11 None

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