This will be my third of theese games, in about 2 weeks. There will be 54 or 60 tributes depending on the number of people wating to join, that would be 18 or 20 tributes per book. The three books are Percy Jackon, Harry potter and Hunger Games. Everyone may have 2 tributes and they will be selected usng Rando.Org. When you get your tribute I will tell you what to add in. I will be making theese games more detailed aswell. last thing, dont sign up for this if you are not gpoing to actually mentor. Well I hope you enjoy

MySims Shamus Finnigan
MySims Hazel Levesque
Shadow Seer Reyna
Shadow Seer Hermoine Granger
2legit2quit Cato
2legit2quit Jason Grace
Wikia Contributor A Travis Stoll
Wikia Contributor A Leo Valdez
CatnipKatniss Hylla
CatnipKatniss Vincent Crabbe
RueButtercup Harry Potter
Polinarose Katniss Everdeen
Polinarose Thresh
CatchingFire1236 Ginny Weasley
CatchingFire1236 Cho Chang
Madgeical Johanna Mason
Madgeical Peeta Mellark
MallietDistrict2 Marvel
MallietDistrict2 Beetee
Katelyn.danita Chaff
Katelyn.danita Ron Weasley
Jsm13athome Juniper
Jsm13athome Mags
Epic Hobo Neville Longbottom
Epic Hobo Gregory Goyle
HeavyRotation Dean Thomas
HeavyRotation Clarisse Le Roux
Brynn1999 Enobaria
Brynn1999 Foxface (Finch)
District4isawesome Thalia Grace
District4isawesome Percy Jackson
GlimmerandSparkle Finnick Odair


Bianca Di Angelo
Quinn Quinn Frank Zhang
Quinn Quinn Percy Weasley
Scarlett123 Gleeson Hedge
Scarlett123 Silen Beaurogard
RueDistrict 11 Rue
Pendillumna Charlie Weasley
Pendillumna Grover Underwood
Readwritelivenikki Nico Di Angelo
Readwritelivenikki Luna Lovegood
MySims Pansy Parkinson
2legit2quit Clove
FinnickForever Connor Stoll
FinnickForever Draco Malfoy
Brynn1999 Lavender Brown
Polinarose Fred Weasley
FinnickForever Cashmere
CatchingFire1236 Piper McLean
Jsm13athome Glimmer
Readwritelivenikki Bill Weasley


Annabeth Chase


George Weasley


Rue District11 Brutus
Katelyn.danita Gloss
Katelyn.danita Annie Cresta
? Parvati Patil
? Octavian

The Tributes

When you get your tributes fill out this


Tribute to Kill-


Thing they Want to learn-

What they will show the Gamemakers-

Arena Area (choose from Cornucopia, Mud Area, Forest, Beach)-

and I choose the training score not you.

Tribute Skills TTK Training Score Allies AA User
PJ- Percy Jackson Sword Skills, Water Control, Quinn Quinn
PJ- Annabeth Chase Knife Skills, Intelligence WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?
PJ- Grover Underwood club Skills, Nature Magic Pendillumna
PJ- Thalia Grace Bow Skills, Thuner Control District4isawesome
PJ- Clarisse Le Roux Spear Control, Ares Spirit HeavyRotation
PJ- Travis Stoll Thiefery, Knive Skills Survival Skills Pansy 7 Careers Cornucopia Wikia Contributor A
PJ- Connor Stoll Thiefery, Knive Skills FinnickForever
PJ- Bianca Di Angelo Bow skills, Death magic GlimmerandSparkle
PJ- Nico Di Angelo Sword Skills, Death Magic Readwritelivenikki
PJ- Silena Beaurogard Seduction, Magic, Knife Skills Scarlett123
PJ- Leo Valdez Fire Control, Technology Skills Sword Skills Foxface 9 Careers Cornucopia Wikia Contributor A
PJ- Piper McLean Seduction, Knife Skills Cato 8 Anyone from HG and PJ she can trust Forest CatchingFire1236
PJ- Jason Grace Spear, Sword Skills, Thunder Control Ron 7 Thresh's allies Where ever Thresh goes 2legit2quit
PJ- Hazel Levesque Death Magic, Sword Skills, Bow Skills Nico 12 Anyone Anywhere MySims
PJ- Frank Zhang Bow Skills, Ares Spirit Quinn Quinn
PJ- Gleeson Hedge Club Skills, Nature Magic Scarlett123
PJ- Reyna Multi Weapon Skills, Leadership Shadow Seer
PJ- Hylla Multi Weapon Skills, Leadership CatnipKatniss
PJ- Juniper Nature Skills, Axe Skills Reyna 6 Finnick, Wiress, Beetee, Grover, Mags, Percy Jackson Beach Jsm13athome
PJ- Octavian Prophecy, Spear and Sword skills ?
HG- Cashmere Knife Skills, Sword Skills FinnickForever
HG- Gloss Throwing Knife Skills, Sword Skills, Strength Katelyn.danita
HG- Marvel Spear Skills, Strength MallietDistrict2
HG- Glimmer Bow Skills, Knife Skills Poison Removal Peeta 10 74th HG Careers Cornucopia Jsm13athome
HG- Cato Strength, Sword Skills, Knife Skills Love Skills Katniss 11 74th HG Careers Where ever his allies go 2legit2quit
HG- Clove Throwing Knife Skills, Speed, Intelligence Camoflage Katniss


74th HG Careers Where ever his allies go 2legit2qut
HG- Brutus Strength, Spear Skills, Sword Skills Rue District11
HG- Enobaria Sword Skills, Knife Skills Brynn1999
HG- Beetee Inteligence, Knife Skills MallietDistrict2
HG- Wiress Inteligence, Knife Skills WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?
HG- Finnick Odair Trident Skills, Strength GlimmerandSparkle
HG- Annie Cresta Sword Skills, Trident Skills Katelyn.danita
HG- Mags Awl Skills, Plant Knowledge, Speed Gloss 5 Finnick, Wiress, Beetee, Grover, Mags, Percy Jackson Beach Jsm13athome
HG- Foxface (Finch) Stealth, Intelligence, Knife Skills Brynn1999
HG- Johanna Mason Axe Skills, Speed, Strength Cho 11 Finnick, Wiress, Beetee, Grover, Mags, Percy Jackson. Finnick, Wiress, Beetee, Grover, Mags, Percy Jackson. Forest Madgeical
HG- Rue Slingshot Skills, Plant Knowledge Rue District11
HG- Thresh spear Skills, Strength, Knife Skills, Bow Skills Cato 10 All from HG except for careers Forest Polinarose
HG- Katniss Everdeen Bow Skills, Plant Knowledge, Throwing Knife skills Cato 5 All from HG except for careers Forest Polinarose
HG- Peeta Mallark Knife Skills, Strength Neville 2 Careers Cornucopia Madgeical
HG- Chaff Spears skills, Sword skills, Survival Skills, Katelyn.danita
HP- Harry Potter Magic, Flying, Leadership RueButtercup
HP- Ron Weasley Flying, Magic Ron Weasley
HP- Hermoine Granger Intelligence, Magic Shadow Seer
HP- Ginny Weasley Magic, Flying, Bow Cho 7 Anyone from HG or PJ that is trustworthy Forest CatchingFire1236
HP- Fred Weasley Magic, Flying, Humour Polinarose
HP- George Weasley Magic, Flying, Humour


HP- Bill Weasley Intelligence, Magic Readwritelivenikki
HP- Charlie Weasley Flying, Animal Control, Magic Pendilumna
HP- Percy Weasley Intelligence, Magic Quinn Quinn
HP- Nevile Longbottom Magic, Courage, Sword Skills Epic Hobo
HP- Luna Lovegood Magic, Army of Magical Creatures Readwritelivenikki
HP- Cho Chang Magic, Flying, Throwing Knife skills Ginny 9 Harry, Ron and Hermoine Forest CatchingFire1236
HP- Shamus Finnagen Magic, Flying MySims
HP- Dean Thomas Magic, Flying HeavyRotation
HP- Draco Malfoy Magic, Wits, Speed, Flying FinnickForever
HP- Gregory Goyle Strength, Magic Epic Hobo
HP- Vincent Crabbe Strength, Magic CatnipKatniss
HP- Pansy Parkinson Wits, Magic, Strength MySims
HP- Lavander Brown Magic, Seduction, Speed Brynn1999
HP- Parvati Patil Magic, Seduction, Speed ?


Anything you dont see on the list just ask me and I will price it. This only has the basics.

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