Well, on chat lately I have been telling little stories. And I have decided to write them all down. If youi want to be in one comment below. Ok So I hope you enjoy.

The Princess and the Baby

Starring CatnipKatniss, Zakel and NommyZombies

There once was a fair princess called Emily

She was loved by all

Her looks could heal a person

But she was a bit selfish

Her father, the king Zakel, was worried about her safety

One day she was wondering the streets Alone

And was spied by a wanderer, Nommerceces but goes by Nommy

He was a poor man who was jealous of the princess

He leapt from the shadows into the arms of the Princess

He dragged her to the floor and.....did stuff

She was terrified and and decided to keep it a secret

But no, the fates were not in her favour

As 6 months later Emily grew a bump

And the King was scared

He forced it out of the princess

Then scoured the land to find the man

But he didnt find him

Until one late night

He was wandering tthe street when he saw a scenn take place

Same as above

He followed the man home

And saw he had two kids and a wife

But the next day they went missing

And the princess had her baby

And died on the birthing table

A week later Nommy was invited to a feast

And he attended to see only king

And a table full of supplies

He stuffed his face

Till he could eat no more

Then the king rose to his feet and tol Nommy the special ingreidients


Rage built up in Nommy

And he charged at the King

And tackled him over the side of the building

Into the abyss below

And to this day, neither had been seen since

The 3 little Bunnies and a small Purple Bird

Starring RueForever, CallamD97, Scarlett123 and MySims

There once was a small bunny named Lauren

And she had a small friend named Scar

Lauren was a pure white bunny

And Scar was a blood red

With a jumpy white tail

They played for hours

But one day they got bored

And decided to see if there were any other bunnys

So they searched the meadows

And searched the forest

And then the field

But no bunnys

So sadly they decided stop

But then Lauren said they should check the forbidden bushes

And they saw a bunny with a bird

They wadled over an said hi

But the bunny turned on him with a GUN

The bunny was fluffy and pink and called Andrea

I mean Andy

And the bird was a deep purple and called Callam

Andy laughed and then pulled the trigger

And Scar was now a deep Scarlett colour

And on the floor dead

Lauren shocked tackled the bunny

Then shot him 4 times in the head

And Andy was dead

Callam and Lauren stared at eachother

Then started to kiss

They lived happy ever after

And had little flying bunnies babies

And never thought of violence again

Until Lauren got peckish and ate him

The Story of the Love Triangle

Starring Dannoh403 (he is a guy but the only spot left was a girl), Justafox and WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?

There once was 3 kids

Who were the best of friends

There was Luke

Who was a kind and friendly guy

He had a crush on our next kid


Michael was a nice

And smart jock

Who had no clue in his sexuality

And liked both his friends

Our final star is Dannoh

She is a typical blonde

Big boobs, tight a**

And wierdly smart

She also had a slight crush on Michael

And one horrible night they both told him

He was standing

Trying to decide who to pick

And he was scared

He looked at both

Before declaring his love for Luke

They embraced (hugs nothing else)

And Dannoh was scared

So she got a knife

And stabbed both the kids in the back

Terrified at what she did

She got the bodies and dumped them in the bay

And hoped she never heard from them again

And she didnt

The Hotel of Doom

Starring TammyDaisy, AnnieCresta4 and ~PoundtheAlarm~

On the 7th floor

Of a Hotel on 44th Street

In New York

3 girls were staying

As friends nothing more

They were there to do some shopping

Maybe catch a show or two

Not knowing what would really happen

They got back after a day of shopping

Speanding no less than £3848

Planning to catch a show of Wicked

When they saw the clown enter their room

They were shocked that someone was in their room

Pound stormed downstairs with Daisy to complain

While Annie confronts the clown

But when she enters she sees no clown

But all her family

SUPRISE they yell

She jumps with glee, as she had not seen them in weeks

Then they all grab axes and plunge them into her body

When the two girls return

Along with a hotel assistant they find

A bunny called Lauren with a gun

She shoots them all then hops out the window

Into the streets below

To kill another day

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