Welcome, this years games are the 25th Quell. And as this there will be 4 games this year. A normal and 3 quells. Lets start with the normal.









District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1m Callam Delaney 17 Spear and Axe Speed, Accuracy, Climbing and Camouflage Anger Issues
D1f Misty Bull 16 Bow, Knives and Axes Her hair calls attention. She likes use bow and arrow in the enemies. She is very rich and refined. She hates natural paisages.
D2m Axel Armstrong 18 Sword and Axe Strong, Fast, Swimmer, Climbing Always tries to Mess Around
D2f Malliet Goldstein 15 Throwing Knives Fast and Great Aim Strength
D3m Dexter Volts 14 Wire Sleuth Being Alone
D3f Alice Williams 16 Coil Making Technology Easily Distracted
D4m Trent White 17 Net and Trident Swimming, Stealth, Speed and Lying. Hiding and Tight Spaces
D4f Katelynn Fazio 16 Throwing Knives Fast, Smart, Strong, Seductive, Attractive, Swimmer, Cant Climb
D5m Adron Phelan 17 All weapons He's like a Career. He's ruthless and shows no mercy, so there's no problem killing anyone. He has never starved in his life since his parents are stinking rich.
D5f Cabria Autumn 13

She uses a bow and arrow. Also a whiz at snares.

She has a kind heart, and she can also detect if people's intentions are good or bad.

She's a night owl. She doesn't function well in the morning.
D6m Brann Clatch 16 Sword Strength and good with all kind of swords. And he is very smart. Is a very bad swimmer and a little bit scared in the dark.
D6f Laine Gordon 15 Fists and Dagger Very strong, and a quick runner. She's extremely loyal. Has awful aim, and is somewhat dumb. She can't swim.
D7m Thomas Quince 15 Trident, Net and Spear Very good with Trident and a Spear. Afraid of lightning and doesn’t like insects.

Annabella Pffeiffer

18 Axes Strong and Fast Climbing
D8m Foxlip Dillard 18 Trident and Sword Hand to Had combat, running and swimming Climbing
D8f Amy Gold 17 Anything Range of Weapons Her family
D9m Lion Scrapes 18 Mace Knows a lot about plants, favourite weapon is a mace to bludgeon the other tributes. Is a good swimmer. Daydreams a lot, likes pretty girls.
D9f Kenedy Rosevale 16 Knives and Hand to Hand combat Strong, fast, average brainpower. flexible and can do amazing gymnastics. (Flips and handsprings, handstands etc.) Scared of snakes and spiders, survives ok with others but terrible on her own.
D10m Lance Thrust 16 Lance or Spear Is amazing with a Lance Cant use any other weapons
D10f Delilah Woods 17 Sword and mace, talented with a spear as well but finds it hard to use anything she must throw. She is fast and strong, very pretty and could easily sprint 100 meters in under 30 seconds, she is athletic and can easily take down someone her age in a fight, unless they have been trained. She is secretly insecure about how she looks, and can't kill anyone around the age of 12.
D11m Brody Darren 18 Sword and Spear Extremely strong, supersmart, Survival master: can hunt, fish, identify plants and animals, make fires, find shelters, etc. Not fast, due to his large size, its hard to get around in small places.
D11f Kiah Berry 14 Throwing Knives Climbing Hand to Hand combat
D12m Kole Roch 17 Sword Strength and Climbing Speed
D12f Eucalyptus Collier 15 Slingshot and Blowgun Fast and Climbing Strength

Training Scores

District Tribute Score Odds
D1m Callam Delaney 9 7-1
D1f Misty Bull 9 9-1
D2m Axel Armstrong 10 3-1
D2f Malliet Goldstein 10 19-1
D3m Dexter Volts 6 20-1
D3f Alice Williams 7


D4m Trent White 8 10-1
D4f Katelynn Fazio 9 9-1
D5m Adron Phelan 6 23-1
D5f Cabria Autumn 4 30-1
D6m Brann Clatch 6 19-1
D6f Laine Gordon 8 12-1
D7m Thomas Quince 5 15-1

Annabella Pffeiffer

11 4-1
D8m Foxlip Dillard 8 13-1
D8f Amy Gold 3 20-1
D9m Lion Scrapes 9 10-1
D9f Kenedy Rosevale 5 15-1
D10m Lance Thrust 8 11-1
D10f Delilah Woods 7 7-1
D11m Brody Darren 10 6-1
D11f Kiah Berry 4 23-1
D12m Kole Roch 9 8-1
D12f Eucalyptus Collier 8 12-1

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Means of Death
24th Dexter Volts 3 Axel Armstrong 2 Sword in his chest
23rd Alice Williams 3 Malliet Goldstein 2 Beheaded with axe
22nd Callam Delaney 1 Cabria Autumn 5 Stabbed in the heart
21st Adron Phelan 5 Misty Bull 1 Beheaded with long knife
20th Trent White 4 Kole Roch 12 Bludgeoned to Death
19th Kole Roch 12 Katelynn Fazio 4 Knife to the head
18th Laine Gordon 6 Brann Clatch 6 Axe to the side
17th Foxlip Dillard 8 Annabella Pffeiffer 7 Axe in the head
16th Thomas Quince 7 Annabella Pffeiffer 7 Beheaded with an axe
15th Katelynn Fazio 4 Eucy Collier 12 Knife to the head
14th Cabria Autumn 5 Misty Bull 1 Arrow to the head
13th Amy Gold 8 Wolf Mutts C Mauled to Death
12th Kiah Berry 11 Annabella Pffeiffer 7 Axe slammed into head
11th Malliet Goldstein 2 Wolf Mutts C Mauled to Death
10th Kennedy Rosevale 9 Amy Mutt 8/C Wounds afflicted then killed.
9th Lance Thrust 10 Axel Armstrong 2 Plunged into Neck
8th Delilah Woods 10 Axel Armstrong 2 Sword on head
7th Lion Scrapes 9 Lion Scrapes 9 Suicide, lept of cliff
6th Brann Clatch 6 Annabella Pffeiffer 7 Axe in the back
5th Brody Darren 11 Arena C Trapped under Landslide
4th Eucy Collier 12 Arena C Fell through Crack
3rd Annabella Pffeiffer 7 Annabella Pffeiffer 7 Suicide, let go of cliff.
2nd Axel Armstrong 2 Axel Armstrong 2 Leapt into Lave to be with Malliet
1st Misty Bull 1


N/A Didnt Die


Day 1- Blood on the Green Field

The tributes rise into the arena. Surrounding the glittering monument. This is their first look at the place where most of them will die, there is a series of rolling green hills. There is no forests over the hills but there is a few single trees dotted arround. There is a few small rivers flowing into a lake beside the cornucopia, the lake will make a steady supply of water. Though this is the biggest water supply there is multiple ponds and rivers throughout the arena. Meadows are dotted throughout the hills. The arena is truley beautiful. The sky is filled with birds soaring away. Probably mutts but that doesnt stop them looking glorious as they do. The cornucopia is filled with supplies of the plenty, swords tucked at the back. Single knifes dotted around. Closer you get, better they come. 26 tributes surround them, equal distance from the greek themed monument. The place where the games always begin.

The camera pans to the whole arena showing the arena in its whole. Over the hills there is more hills, grass is greened but this time there is a few patches trees. a few small little streams litter the valley. It shows the arena at its full and it is huge. There is aroung 6 full valleys, the one with the cornucopia, 3 have a forest. 2 a lake. The final one is very rocky, full of small caves. Probaly and network of underground tunnels and places to wander and explore. I shoots back the the first valley to see the tributes standing.


The tributes all leap of there plate and head straight to the center. Some veer off when they get to the other stuff but most only want the golden supplies. The stuff they really want. The stuff they really know that will help them. Axel reaches the cornucopia is one of the first to reach the glittering landmark. He grabs a sword and turns to meet Dexter. Dexter grabs a knife from the pile and attack. He dives at the brute for two. They whirl on the floor but the guy with the 10 takes over. Dexter manages to stab his knife it his arm before Axel plunges the sword into the chest of the technical boy. He coughs blood onto the chest of the man before going still. The guy clambers to his feet then scans the field. He observes his other careers and takes of up the hills, towards the valley with the caves. With a sword and a backpack.

Malliet stares after her ally and is about to take off after him when Alice slams her axe into her chest. Luckily for Malliet she was hit with the blunt end of the axe. She keels over and stares at the girl from 3.

"HE KILLED HIM" She yells not caring what they think."AXEL KILLED DEXTER AND YOU WILL PAY".

She raises the axe again and is about to bring it smashing down on her head but Malliet didnt just get her 10, she earned it. She twists over and slams her foot into the weapon. She grabs the knife that Dexter dropped and stabs up. She misses the heart but scrapes the side. Alice drops the axe and falls onto her back. Malliet leaps to her feet and grabs the dropped axe. She doesnt hesitate this time and slams it down on the neck of Alice. She doesnt cough blood but her mouth bleeds. Malliet leaves the axe but pulls on a jacket lined with knifes and backpack. She tries to remember which wat Axel went but cant and goes in the right direction, luckily.

Callam and Misty are not having as an easy time as the tributes from two did. Misty is fighting Adron and Callam, Cabria. Despite the tributes from 5's low scores. Callam isnt doing that well but Misty is winnin her fight. Misty armed with a long thing knife is holding of the guy from 5 with a scythe. She is about to deliver the finishing blow when she hears a scream. She whips arround allowing herself to be slapped in the arm by the scythe. But that doesnt even hide the pain that she feels when she sees the drama below. Cabria is darting away with only a knife, and Callam is lying on the floor, a puncture wound directly on her heart. Blood pouring from the still figures broken heart. Misty spins around filled with rage at the tribute who killed his ally. Knowing she has no chance of catching the fluttering 5 female, she settles for the next best. The 5 male. She turns to him and in 1 swift move she slashes his head clean off. She drops the knife to the floor and returns her gaze to the blood pool that surrounds Callam. Then she bursts into tears and clambers to the back of the cornucopia, hiding from the blood being shed.

Kole and Eucy are clambering, gathering supplies when they are faced with Trent. kole grabs a random mace and yells at Eucy.

"RUN" He yells as he leaps in at the career who is armed with a trident.

He swings his mace at the head of the career but Trent easily dodges. Trent stabs with his trident but only catches the folds of his coat, the immaturity of the career is coming out in his slacking movements. His misses. He continues to strike. But everytime he misses Kole smashes him with his mace. The fighting dies around them only leaving a chosen few but this fight rages on. Kole is obviously winning and after 10 minutes of violent fighting, both spilling blood, Kole finally delivers the blow that ends the fight. He slams the mace into the chest of the career, sending blood and guts flying. The body clatters to the floor and seconds later Kole's joins it. A knife sticking out of his head. Katelynn standing 4 metres behind with a set of throwing knifes.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM and BOOM. 6 cannons sound alerting the end of the bloodbath.

Katelynn rejoins the rest of the remaining careers that is now her, Misty, Brann from 6 and Brody from 11. They move away to let the capitol recieve the bodies of Alice and Dexter from 3, Callam from 1, Trent from 4, Adron from 5 and Kole from 12. When the bodies are removed they all return to the cornucopia to get supplies. They decide to stay at the cornucopia instad of hunting. They all have there favourite weapons and a ready supply of food and water.

Axel is climbing the hill trying to reach the other side, looking for a supply of water. He has only got a sword. He doesnt know that Malliet is following him, nor does he know the wolves are close. He is planning on stopping when he finds a solid supply of water. He has made it very far and is about to enter the 2nd valley.

Cabria is mourning Adron's death in a bush. She is basically on the edge of the careers bass and has been spying on all of the careers. She has a bad leg, as in the fight with Callam he wasnt doing as bad as he was shown to do. He managed to get a solid strike to the leg, she was able to run on it as the adrenalin was pumped through her. She needs medicine and other supplies. She doesnt want to go in as she believes the more powerful side of the careers is awake.

Laine is not doing well. When she tried to escape she was confronted by Brann and they fought. In the end Brann forced Laine to the floor and slashed her side open. He was about to deal the finishing blow when Laine kicked her in the face, showing her skill. She then dropped all her supplies and managed to get away from the main battle. She is currently resting in a solo tree about 100 metres from the careers base. She has no supplies and no allies. Her side is still flowing blood and she knows she wont make it till tommorow so she wants the pain to end. She pulls herslf out of the safe bit of the tree and hovers over the floor. But before she can jump her body goes still and she clatters to the ground. Dead. BOOM.

Thomas and Foxlip are fleeing up the hill. They have been chased by Annabella since the bloodbath ended. They have no weapons and Annabella has axes by the plenty. She is quickly gaining on them with every step and will meet them in less than a minute. She keeps running and after seeing a flash of heel she poors on the speed and catches them within a second. She grabs and axe from her belt and leaps onto the back of Foxlip and sinks an axe into his head. BOOM. She yanks the axe out of the head of Foxlip before turning to her other opponent. When she sees who it is a glint of compassion flashes into her eyes but is stemmed by the flurry of rage in her eyes. She picks up another axe and swings it at Thomas, severing his head. BOOM. She keeps walking, leaving the bodies to be removed.

Lion, Kenedy and Amy have formed an alliance but had no supplies. They left and didnt compete in the bloodbath. They are resting at a pool so have a stead supply of water. They have no concerns as the nearest tributes the careers and they are almost a kilometre away. They are just talking about there home and there families. Not knowing the perils they will face tommorow.

Lance, Kiah and Delilah are roaming the hills, all they have is a single weapon each and no other supplies. They dont want to stop until they pass over the hill as they are scared that the careers will catch up with them. They make it over the ridge before the faces appear. They find a small clutch of trees and use it as cover.

Eucy is in a cave half way up the mountain crying her eyes out. She never got to tell Kole that she loved him. She has no one and nothing in the arena and plans to kill. She grabs a big stone and starts running down the hill. Down the hill to kill Katelynn. The one who killed the one she loved.

Most tributes settle down other that the tributes from 2 and Eucy. They continue moving. The faces illuminate the arena and bring a fresh set of tears to Misty, Katelynn and Eucy. All who lost people they love.

Callam (1)

Dexter (3)

Alice (3)

Trent (4)

Adron (5)

Laine (6)

Thomas (7)

Foxlip (8)

Kole (12)

The capitol are happy with the number of deaths. They cant wait till tommorow but hope the careers will move past there troubles and start killing.

Day 2- Revenge is Best Served Burning Hot

The careers set of early in the morning to hunt for tributes. Luckily for Cabria they move past her bush un-noticed. They stalk up to hill and a rapid pace, they decide to head along the valley rather than up the hill.

"So what do we do now" Brann mutters as the walk along the stretch of land."Do we just kill or do we ask to join". Katelynn and Misty stop in there tracks. They stare at eachother then at the two guys behind them.

"Well......lets say this that Lion kid. Malliet or Axel and Annabella" Katelynn says in answer to the question."We meet them and they want to join, we let them join".

"Anyone else we kill" Misty finishes as she continues to walk.

They wander the hills for hurs but see no one at all. They reach the end of the valley around noon and deside to duble back. Thats when they see the flames protuding from where the cornucopia. They race down the valley, in half the time they took to reach the end of the valley.

"Whatever scum did this is going to pay" Misty yells as she and Katelynn take the lead.

They crash into camp to see all the supplies cavered in flames. Burning hot. They are about to run when they see the people who did this.

"You killed Kole" Eucy yells at Katelynn.

"You killed Callam" Misty yells at the other figure that emerges from the smoke, Cabria.

Eucy dives Katelynn, brandashing two long thin knives. Katelynn throws a knife which lodges in the leg of Eucy. But she doesnt care. She keeps coming and slashes with knife multiple times. Katelynn tries to defend but this revenge is coming with burning hot passion and Eucy isnt letting Kole die in vain. Its a walkover for Eucy, despite Katelynn having the supplies and the allies. Brann and Brody just stand and watch as both their allies are torn to shreads by the two girls. Katelynn manages to get to her feet and starts to run, but Eucy isnt playing around. She grabs a knife and dives onto the back of her nemesis. She is about to stab down when she realises what she is doing. She lowers the knife and gets to her feet, tosses Katelynn a long knife then prepares for the battle to begin. Eucy and Katelynn dive in at the same time, both hitting eachother at the same time. They fight for a while, movin while they fought so that within 5 minutes they were atleast 20 metres from the careers camp. They both have blood flowing from wounds all over the body but neither want to give in. Both are fighting for the sake of there district partners. Both wanting more revenge. The world dances around them as they fight, wanting to know who cares more. Katelynn's knife lodges in the ground as she tried to slam it into the chest of Eucy. She yanks and yanks at the blade stuck till its hilt in solid earth but nothing moves. She slowly changes her gaze to the looming figure above her, with the blade in her hand. She slowly closes her eyes and averts her gaze, as Eucy brings the blade crashing down on the head of Katelynn Fazio. BOOM. Katelynn's body clatters to the floor as Eucy turns and run. Only bringing 1 of the 3 knives she saved from the burning supplies. The other lies beside the body of Katelynn, the other stuck in her head.

Misty and Cabria are still fighting. Cabria brandashing a golden axe while Misty is using a bow. She just keeps out of the reach of Cabria's axe and sends arrows flying into the fray. Brody and Brann are using the water they still have to try and quench the flames, and save some supplies but even they know the supplies are lost forever. Misty's arrows lodge in Cabria's arms and legs, but not in the vital places like the head or the heart. They dance like this for a long time. Cabria swinging the axe. Misty shooting an arrow. Cabria swinging the axe. Misty shooting the arrow. Cabria swinging the axe. This keeps going until neither of them can fight anymore. By this time the fire has almost died down, only a few small flames. Brann and Brody are searching through the supplies when they see the state of there ally. They decide they need to take her down so Brody grabs his sword and stands behind Cabria and is about to bring it down on her head when Misty release a final arrow. It flies straight through the air and lands directly in the forehead of Cabria. BOOM. Brody and Brann drag her out of range of anyone looking onto the scene and use the last of their water to heal her up and clean the wounds.

Lion and his allies are moving over the hill when they hear panting. They turn to see a pack of small black dogs. The fur is dashed with white marks and its eyes are light lasers. There is about 5 dogs in total and they are quickly gaining on the trio. They make it to the peak and begin tearing down the other side. Lion and Kenedy begin to slowly make it ahead of Amy and only stop when they hear her screams. The mutts have surrounded Amy and are snarling. Lion and Kenedy share a look then continue down the hill. Knowing Amy is long gone. BOOM. The dogs depart allowing the capitol to gaze upon the body of Amy. But no body lies. A small white dog lies curled up where Amy's body should be. The mutt gets up and opens its red eyes. It stares at the retreating figures before diving after them, down the hill. Wanting to seek revenge.

Kiah, Lance and Delilah have moved from there hiding spot and have decided to attack the careers. They saw that the careers were reduce by a landslide and think they can finish them off. They wander over the head of the mountain and are about to walk down when they see someone crying. Annabella. They are anxious at first but decide she isnt trying hard to hide so she cant be much competition. Kiah slowly walks up and places her hand on Annabella's back.

"Are you ok" She murmers to the moaning figure.

"I....I kil....killed.....I killed Thom.....I killed Thomas" She says between to moans.

"Why". Kiah asks, wanting to help.

"Cause Im going to leave this game alive" She says as she stands up.

She raises the axe and slams it down onto the back of Kiah. BOOM. Lance and Delilah stare at the raving lunatick and run in fear. She just stares at the body of the young girl and laughs. She takes down the hill, planning on taking on the careers but with only herself.

Axel has reached the caverns and has been exploring them all day. Malliet hasnt entered the caves as she is scared of mutts. She has been exploring the outside of the cave all day but hasnt found anything so she enters. But the wrong cave. The capitol cant make her out from the darkness but her screams are clear. Seconds later she comes tearing out of the cave followed by 7 of the dogs. She is already covered in blood and doesnt make it far before she collapses. The mutts surround her and tear her to pieces. BOOM. Like with Amy the mutts bound up the caves. Leaving a red furred wolf. She wakes up and slowly walks over to the cave. She stands by the entrance and waits for something until Axel wanders out. He stares at the wolf then smiles. He climbs back up the hills with Malliet following him, like she always wanted to. She unlike mosts mutts is here to defend Axel.

The tributes rest in and look at there fallen tributes.

Malliet (2)

Katelynn (4)

Cabria (5)

Amy (8

Kiah (11)

The capitol is exstatic with the number of deaths and cant wait for the suprises day 3 brings.

Day 3- Whistling Down the Wind

When the tributes wake they can feel something different. The wind smashes across the valley, tearing trees from their roots. Only 2 groups of tributes are truly safe from the winds at the moment, the careers who are using the cornucopia as defence and and Axel and Malliet mutt who are huddeled up in a cave.

None of the mutts in the arena seem affected by the winds, as shown by the Amy mutt who is still bounding after Lion and Kennedy. Both the Malliet mutt and the Amy mutt have grown over night and are now the size of a normal wolf. Both of the mutts are doing what the tributes last thoughts were. Malliet is protecting Axel with every bone in his body, while Amy wants revenge on the two tributes that let her die.

Kennedy and Lion have been running all night, chased by both the wind and the mutt that is the deceased tribute Amy. She bounds past the rocks and down the hill to where the tributes are battling with the wind. They have reached the crack. They stand on the edge, looking for a way out. The wind keeps knocking them of there feet but they hold eachother up. The mutt stops on a rock slightly above the tributes and spies on her pray. Kennedy stumbles and Lion reaches for her hand but cant quite reach it. She crashes into the ground and Lion bends down to help her ally Amy attacks. She leaps of and almost soars through the air and lands on the floor behind Lion. She leaps at his head but Lion hears it and jumps to the side. Revealing Kennedy for attack. Kennedy's screams are washed away by the wind, but not before the wake Lion from his stooper. He grabs a rock and smashes it on the head of the Amy mutt. She goes still and Lion grabs it by the tuft of its neck and throws it into the pit. It sails down until it cant be seen from any point. Lion runs to the side of his ally so see a mess. She isnt dead but is hardly holding on. Her stomach is ripped open, her face is slashed. Even though her beauty is lost the desire in the eyes of Lion doesnt even glint of 100%. He drags her into a small cave to protect them from the wind and lets her sleep as he watches. But he is still terrified that she will drift into the darkness as she sleeps. His eyes never drift from her chest as it rises up and down, up and down.

Lance and Delilah havent stopped moving all night in fear that Annabella will catch them, despite the fact that Annabella is currently moving down hill towards the careers camp. They have been running up hill towards the caves ad are making speedy progress. They have been battleing the winds all day but havent wanted to stop incase they allow Annabella to catch up to them, They reach the caves in the late hours of the day and finally decide to rest, thinking that it would be hard for anyone to find them in the labarynth that is the caves.

Eucy is making speedy progress up hill from the careers, still feeling the affects from her fight with Katelynn but in a good way. She is getting delirious though as she hasnt drunk since before the games. She passes out have way up the hill leading to the valley filled with the forests and the small lake. She doesnt wake up until the anthem plays and doesnt even stop to listen. She continues upwards knowing she may not be able to wake up if she allows the sleep to overtake her.

No faces appear in the sky tonight and the capitol are dissapointed with the action so far. The gamemakers let the final of the first stage of there plan into place. We started with spring, then summer, a windy autumn and we all know what comes next. The icy grasps of winter.

Day 4- With the Cold Comes Death

The snow poors over the mountains, laying a soft blanket. Most tributes havent awoken yet but on pair awoke early this morning. Kennedy's wounds have gotten worse and seem to have been infected. She and Lion have been talking all night, working out a strategy for the games, that both of them know they will never get a chance to use. As one of them is dying, and it wont be Lion.

"Ok, we need to ambush the careers" Lion murmers as he strokes Kennedy's long black hair.

"We....we wouldnt win" Kennedy chokes out as she stares at her wounds.

"Winning doesnt matter" Lion chuckles "As longs as I have you"

"Well that may not be much longer" Kennedy says as she gains her feeting only to topple down.

"Are you ok" Lion says as he rushes her to her side.

"Im fine" She lies, even though its not the hardest lie to see.


Tears flow down his face, creating streams in the frost that coves his face. Lion drops her body to the floor as he knows that Kennedy has gone to where he cant find her. Unless.......

Axel was woken by the voices of the tributes from 10 arguing. He knows despite his strength he cant take them both but 1. He tip toed over to the entrance of the cave, Malliet mutt right behind him, not out but ready to attack at a moments notice. He sticks his head out, allowing him to hear the conversation clear and loud.

"I want to split" Mutters Lance, not looking Delilah in the eyes. Knowing he couldnt say it then.

"I think we shou-wait....what. Why" She says, just realising what that meant.

"Its the final 9, we need to leave" He says, meeting her eyes this time."And I say we do it now"

"Fine" She replies, a tear taring down her cheek and with that she leaps up the mountain. Lance stares at the retreating figure then to the figure emerging from the cave, a sword raised. He dives in and slashes at Lance, cutting his spear clean in half. He laughs then plunges it into the throat of Lance. BOOM. Axel removes the sword then is about to enter the cave when he hears screams. He turns to see Delilah tearing down the rocks at Axel, knife raised. She brings it down on the head of the career but isnt fast enough. Axel bringss the blade up to the knife easily shattering the blade. Then he brings it down on the head of Delilah. BOOM.

Lion has been thinking all day, wondering what to do and he has finally decided. He gets out of the snow and walks to the edge, where only a day ago Kennedy was wounded, the same wounds that took her life this morning. He stares over, where he pushed the Amy mutt. If you listen carefully you can actually hear her whines. He puts his feet over the edge and kicks a stone over, he watches it fall into the abyss before he leaps of. Wanting to be with Kennedy. BOOM. The wind blows, covering the foot prints of Lion, the last momentum on this earth left by the dead tribute from 9.

The careers are still resting but are being stalked by Annabella and she is about to attack. She raises the axe high above her head and leaps in. BOOM. Brann drops to the floor, the axe protruding from his back. Blood pouring out. Brody and Misty are shocked but not stupid. Brody leaps to the side, pulling Misty down, allowing them to miss the axe. They both grab a weapon but Annabella is already away.

Axel and Eucy have been moving all day, Eucy's pond was frozen so she moved. Now all tributes are back in the intial valley, and very soon they wont be able to leave. The tributes rest to see the dead tributes.

Brann (6)

Lion (9)

Kennedy (9)

Lance (10)

Delilah (10)

Most tributes rest but others, Axel and Annabella deside to keep moving. Axel to attack the 2 careers and Annabella to flee the careers. They are the two worst tributes, followed by Misty, Eucy then Brody in that order.

Day 5- When Hell Freezes Over, then Unfreezes and Blows

As the final day begins it begins with a bang. The tributes are awoken to a rumble. Most look around but others do the sencible thing, and run. Eucy is tearing down the hill, away from a landslide. She was about to attack Misty and Brody when it began. BOOM. One of them has been trapped, the other is still alive. Suddenly a flash of blonde as Misty over takes the figure of Eucy. They make it to the lake to encounter the other two figures, Axel and Annabella. The final fight had begun.

Axel grabs Eucy's hair and grabs her into a head lock. She struggles but Axel is way to strong. He raises his sword and is about to bring it down when the girl begins to shake. Eucy struggles free and begins to run. That is when the earth splits in half, and Eucy falls straight down the centre. BOOM. The other tributes are slightly luckier. Axel is flung into a boulder which knocks him out cold. He crumples down, where he doesnt move. The Malliet mutt bounds to his side and protects him, from the non-existent threats. Misty and Annabella both fell through the crack but managed to grab a ledge. Misty pulls herself up onto safe land and looks at the two figures. The unconcious Axel and the screaming Annabella. She darts to where Annabella is hanging and holds out a hand. Annabella stares at it then shakes her head.

"Im winning these games with no help" She mutters as she lets one arm go "And Im not winning without help" and with those last words she lets the other hand go. BOOM. Misty stares down into the darkness, allowing darkness to come in. She doesnt blink, fearing that would seal its fate. That another tribute had died. She only turns when she hears the groaning of Axel, then the scream as the lave erupts from the crack. Axel and Misty both begin to flee. They clamber over the rocks but the lava gains. Axel hears a squeal and turns to see Malliet falling back. He looks into her eyes and sees something he hasnt seen all through the games. Malliet. They share a look for a second before she is swallowed by the lava. He looks at where she was standing, then at Misty, who is staring at him.

"I want to be with Malliet" He says to Misty.

She nods at him then says "I need to see my family"

They share 1 look then Axel leaps into the lava.



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