Welcome and Rules

So this is the 2nd part of my 625th Hunger Games saga, basically as the 625th Hunger Games would be the 25th Quell, I decided to make it slightly special. Basically every quarter of the year, a quarter of the way through, half, 3 quarters and the end of the year. Basically then the 1st one was a normal game, and the remaining 3 are all normal quells. So this one is going to be the most plain of the 3. I suggest reading or skimming the 1st of the 4 so you can get a general idea, as there will be a few references.

So yeh, these are a quell. Now which games to do. Let me think....Hmmm. Well I have an idea. Basically 2 tributes will be paired up. Then when they enter the arena, they must ally. Spending the rest of the games together. But more on that later.

Now onto the rules. These are to warn you, and make it simpler for you, and for me. Please read these first as these can be important.

  1. Well I am having 1 tribute per person, and I dont care how long it takes. I will get them.
  2. This is simple, it will be a full game so I need escorts for each district, stylists and designs and mentors. They will help throughout, and will play a main role.
  3. I do swear, not much.....O.O....but a little, I mean who doesnt.
  4. Other than that there isnt much other than welcome, and I hope you enjoy these games.


I have basic standards. All I want is a name, an age and single weapon. Simple.

District Male Age Weapon Female Age Weapon
0 Phrixos Bacchus 16 Sickle Sevana 17 Daggers
1 Lux Gold 18 Hammers Jade Seeku 18 Whip
2 Drake Morden 15 Sword Jillian-anne Forsythe 15 Bow

Ares Jones

16 Throwing Knives Tori Kate 16 Throwing Knives
4 Cain Levenhire 16 Spear Natalie Brine 18 Trident
5 Thias Feyuz 12 Dagger

Dysterin Braine

15 Intelligence
6 Asphalt Steed 16 Mace Sylvia Churchill 15 Bow
7 Rafferty Birch 17 Spear Ranger Sage 14 Dagger
8 Dexter Howe 18 Knife Mystique Cirque 17 Whip
9 Caleb Stoll 12 Machete Silver Evans 16 Bow
10 Hadix Maven 17 Mace Aliya Andropov 15 Dagger
11 Ames Viner 18 Sword Pinna Freitas 15 Slingshot
12 Armstrong Shadows 18 Hammers Piper Hope 13 Blowgun
13 Levi Quister 14 Axe Plasma Periman 16 Machete
14 Jeral Salvio 15 Axe Kailani Kama 16 Bow
Capitol Orlando Bestena 15 Poison Alodia Rickel 16 Spear


Again, Im only doing Chariots so just interview styles, age and name please.

District Name Age Chariot Males Chariot Females
0 Plan Zero 22 A Suit which lights up so that the suit appears to be made out of stars. Also, he will have a torch, which when lit, will project stars into the sky. A dress which has diamonds studded into it, in the pattern of constallations, and a diamond headress.
1 Al Shifter 24

From the top,he's wearing a crown made up of Silver with decorations of Sapphire stones. Next,He's wearing a Black Cape that is embroidered with intricate designs that uses Sapphire Jewels. He wears a ripped sparkling sapphire shirt. His pants is black that is alsodecorated with sapphire stones. The shoes are made up of Sapphire stones.Even the laces are sapphires. He wears a fake vampire teeth with blood coming out from it and also he wears contacts so that his eyes will be Sapphire Blue. He wears a make up to make him look like a vampire.A Rich Vampire!!!

She wears a crown that is made up of Silver with Ruby and Transparent pearls. She wears A sparkling Ruby Dress that shows her curves.It also shows her shoulders and her amazing back that has a tattoo in it that says "Vampires Kill". She wears fish nets,which is also made up of Ruby, on her arms and legs. She wears heels that is also made up of Rubies. She is also wearing vampire teeth but compared to the Male,it is shorter. She is also wear contacts so that her eyes will be Ruby Red. Make up is also applied to her face and body to make her look like a vampire.A Rich Vampire!!!

2 Robert (Robbie) Anthony 32 Male has a gold suit and pants with gray trim Female has a gold dress with gray trim
3 Electra Shockings 29 The male will be wearing the same thing except in a suit and trousers. He will have nice boots the will also light up. His hair will be geled and swoped to the side and also have chips in it. The female will be wearing a metal dress the electrifies all over her body she will alsp have metal boots in which changed color. The horses will be metal horses. Her hair will be in a tight braid in which little chips will be placed inside and make it light up
4 Vinna Asewa 20 He will be dressed as a human shark. His shirt will be gray and hard as the shark's squama. He will be using pants similar to the shirts and with pieces used as a caudal fin. His arms will be wrapped to look like a pectoral fin and in his backs, they will use something similar to a dorsal fin spine. He will use a gray mask, disfarced as a face of a shark (eyes, nostril, etc). She will be dress as a beautiful mermaid. She will be naked from the waste to the top part. The only thing covering her bust is a gray paint coloring her skin. Her pants will be similar to a mermaid's squama and it will be a long and dark blue tail. Her district partner will take her in the arms. Her hair will be painted out in a dark red hair. If her hair is short, they will make a artificial long hair in her head. The escort will use a light blue make-up in her face.
5 Thalassa Aurelia 26 He will wear a black suit with no tie. He will have on a black shirt under the suit. He will also have on golden dress shoes. His hair will be left normal and he will have on a bit of dark make-up. He will also have a circlet on his head. She will wear a simple black dress, that goes just past her knees. It is a sleeveless dress with a curved neckline. She will wear golden high heals and no leggings. Her hair will be curled and pulled behind her ears. She will have a golden circlet on her head. She will have on dark make-up to show in the light emitting off her dress
6 Spindel Yellowstar 70 The boy has a silver suit with a needle bowtie and silver pants and a silver tophat The girl has a short dress frayed with needles and needle fake eyelashes (I know dangerous) the rest of the dress is a silver with needles sewn in it and she has a small hat of needles.
7 Azymith Lyamt 38 Dressed as a Tree Dressed as a Tree
8 Achte Green 21 The Male is standing there, in just speedos at first, and as the chariot progresses, people on the chariot are sewing his outfit on the chariot. The outfit is a caccoon (Wait....) and there are other people on the chariot weaving the silk inside the caccoon into silk outifts.
9 Barley Rye 23 The male tribute is in a suit, which is made from flour, which will then have water added to it, which will turn it into dough, and then he is set on fire (Which is harmless), so his suit turns into bread. Then birds will appear and peck at the suit, revealling another suit underneath, which is golden. The Female is dressed as Ceres, (I.e. Demeter, as the word Cereal comes from the name Ceres) and she is singing, and as she sings, cereal plants grow on the chariot.
10 Leena Vertech 19 The male with have his hair curled to his ears and will be pure white. He will have an egg on the top of his head. He will have father at the side of his face. His suit with be jet white, with black and purple feathers. His shoes with be plain and white. The female will have her hair curled to her cheeks and will be white. She will have an egg on the top of her head. She will have feathers at the edge of her eyes. Her dress will be a long white dress with black/pink/purple feathers on it. her shoes will be white with feathers connected to it
11 Selene Fortuna 19 He will be wearing jean overalls, that are quite worn out. One shoulder will be buttoned up (the right shoulder). The leftover fabric on the other shoulder will hang down and reveal some muscle. The fabric on his left leg will be rolled up. He will not be wearing shoes. He will carry a worn out gathering bag over his shoulder (i don't care which one). It will be full of apples and leaves. His outfit is ment to represent a farmer. She will wear a dress that is form fitting at the top and poofs out at the bottom. It will be knee length. She will wear wear fabric on her arms and legs that is see through with branch designs on them (due to her having darker skin the branch designs will be white). Around her waist there is a corset like belt, that is covered in cotton. The bottom half of her dress will also have branch designs on it (these branches will be brown), and leaves will be attached to the branches. Her dress will be a light forest green. It will be a v-neck, that looks like a branch. The bottom of her dress will have a ring of cotton around it and she will have cotton on her shoulders. She will have on green flats (the same colour as her dress), with little pieces of cotton around them. She will have on a headband that looks like a branch with pieces of cotton off to one side. Her hair will be left normal, with leaves and cotton sprinkled in it. she will wear natural make-up. Her outfit is ment to represent cotton bushes that would be found in district 11.
12 DT 32 A Suit that is pitch black at first, then as the chariot progresses, the suit starts to burn brighter, then eventually the tribute erupts into a fireball and finally, the fire subsides, revealling a suit which is made out of diamonds. A dress that is glowing faintly, then the light dies, and then it erupts a brighter colour, as the dress imitates a phoenix.
13 Jylia Fortune 49 The boy will be wearing a tight orange shirt and short gray pants. His shoots will be dark. He will use a white helmet saying Capitol in different colors. A nuclear hazard will be localizated in the middle of his shirt and it will shine when the girl makes her part in the Chariot Rides. Then, his clothes will transform in a pink pale color and he will look like a naked guy. Then, he will be acting like he is dying and he will fall on the ground. The girl will be a wearing a short gray dress and her boots will be dark as the boy's shoots. She will put a died and gray flower on the left part of her hair. When their mentor makes the sign, she will click a button behind her dress and a lot of smoke will get out the back of her dress. She will be spinning to spread the smoke around and it will hit the boy, who will make his part on the plan, pretending he is dead. Then, she will make a pose, and her dress will transform in a shirt and pants. The shirt will be dark gray, and "District 13 won..." will be written in it. The pants will be light dark written: "Again!", and she will blow a kiss to the crowd.
14 Zehniurs Vier 28 A suit which makes the male involved look like a tracker jacker, with wasp wings that actually work, so the tribute can fly into the crowd. A dress which makes said tribute look like a jabberjay, with wings that actually work, so the tribute can fly into the crowd and throw mockingjay pins into said crowd.
Capitol Polla Belle 22 The Male is dressed as a gamemaker, and he is actually choreographing fight scenes in his chariot between stunt actors. The Female is dressed as a tribute who has been in the game for days, with fake cuts and bruises, her outfit is ripped and she is holding an axe which is covered in blood from past kills.


Basically just a lovely name, age and how they look. Make sure its creative.

District Name Age Appearence
0 Venus Saturn 28 Venus loves glitter and is not afraid to show it. Her dress will be a really long one with loads of dressdragging and it's all covered in silverglitter. Her body has small goldenstars all over it, and her make-up is glittery eyeshadow and a pink glitter lipglos. She pretty much sparkles. Her dressdragging is so long that you can't see her shoes
1 Jennel Starr 22 Bright pink hair, in bunches. A pink rose in her hair, a lavander gown and pink blush. With light pink lipstick.
2 Amethyst Platin 24 She tries to dress purple cause of her name. She wears a short purple dress with small amethysts on it. Her hair is colored like platin and it's been manipulated with it so it looks and feels like platin too. It's not set up but just flows down her back. Her shoes has extremely high heels making her seem much taller than most women. She has purple lips and eyeshadow, and her eyebrows and eyelashes are colored like platin too.
3 Aurora Rhea 26 Straight black hair with silver and deep green highlights. She has short bangs that stop just before her eyes. Other than her hair she isn't very flashy. She has blue/brown eyes. Aurora always changes her make-up and clothes to match her hair and eyes. For the reaping she will have on black tights with silver flats. She has on a pale green dress that is layered slightly at the bottom. There are a few floral designs around her waste. She will have on no jewelry. Her make-up will be natural colours. Nothing will be done to her hair, it will just be left down.
4 Essaleena Tempero 28 She has dark purple hair, with a lavander streak. A silver pearl in a gold locket. And sea blue dress, with a small pearl clip in her hair. No make-up.
5 Peaches Melody 45 Peaches is like the ultimate barbie doll of the escorts. Only about 10% of her skin hasn't had botox or fillers injected into it been reshaped into something. She tends to dress with the seasons so in Summer/spring she wears blue,Green,Yellow ect. With Butterflys and Little baby birds on her dresses, Hairbands etc. In Autumn she dresses in Orange,Brown and Yellow with birds and leaves being her main decorations. In winter Its whites/Greys and Red. She has snow flakes and Christmas related stuff on. She is bubbly but can get quite nasty. In most ways shes a replica of Effie apart from the above ways.
6 Nikki Kaina 18 Dark skin, with deep green eyes. Basic clothes, no make-up and dark long brown hair. Pale darkened pink clothes.
7 Sophianna Elks 25 Long wavy brown hair, with a single dark green stripe. She has tanned skin with a simple green dress. Red lipstick, and a simple green locket.
8 Nylon Denim 24 Wears an eyepatch, as he lost an eye in an "accident". His eyepatch always matches his oufit, and he wears minimal makeup. Brown hair, Brown eye.
9 Harrissa Claira Arizea 40 Harrissa has been addicted to drugs for 7 long years now. The whole district knows that. She wears a plain dress but it's fits wrong and looks slobby. Her skin is yellow and she wears slippers instead of shoes. Her make-up is put on clumsy and makes her looks even more ugly. Her eyes are always unfocused and mist like cause of the drugs. Nothing has been done to her hair and it hasn't been brushed in ages so it's everywhere. She's pretty much a mess and looks like it too
10 Aqualia Antonion 38 She has indigo colored hair that is so long it reaches her knees. She wears a scaledress made with pearl colored scales. Her eyebrows are made so that the end of each hair in her eyelaches has a tiny scales on the end of it and her eyes are seagreen.
11 Esperline Mayian 20 She wears a light neon green dress that is pretty short. Her hair is limegreen and shaped like a slingshot cause a past victor from 11 used that as their weapon. She wears heels that make her really tall, taller than most people. Her make-up is colored apple red and is in huge contrast to her lime green dress
12 Ravenna Duskfall 19 Ravenna is a weird mixture of a gothgirl and a medieval-times-freak and is not afraid to show it. She dresses in a long medeval fashion dress, all black with dress dragging, veil, aand all of that. Her shoes are leather boots with very high heels and they are -of course- black. She wears loads of expensive medieval like jevellery, like 5 necklaces, 10 different bracelets, earrings, and so on. She has a bunch of piercings too and her hair is colored coal-black with stripes of dark purple. As for her make-up, she wears so much eyeliner and eyeshadow that she looks like a panda. She uses dark purple lipstick. She had her skin modified by the capitol so it's creepyly white. No one likes her, or as she describes it: "No one understand me!"
13 Electro Fentzism 27

He is dressed in a plain black shirt, blue camo pants, big grey boots, an army tag around his neck, and a he has a Mokingjay tattoo on his left shoulder. He has blond hair, very muscular brown eyes, and has a farmers tan.

14 Viola Tangerion 20 Viola is obsessed with fairies. She wears a short dress made of green leaves woven together. She has fake plastic fairy wings and her long hair which is colored light purple has flowers braided into it. She wears loads of golden make-up and no shoes.
Capitol Tattiana Graze 23 Pale skin, with deep green. Bright pink long flowing hair, with an elegant blue stripe. A white rose in the hair, with a sea green dress. No make-up.


So great name, age and how they want there tributes to work in the arena. This is the most important thing. As the tributes will sort of follow it.

District Name Age Mentoring Style
0 Veronica Sunstone 29 Go hard on the tributes. Physically punish them if they don't do well, and be very strict.
1 Taylor Devine 24 Taylor takes care of the new tributes very good and she is very careful in topics about the Games. She is calm, and never starts to yell with the tributes.
2 Hudson Reboni 55 Be really tough and relentless on the tributes. Force them to train hard and stay harsh until the end.
3 Percy Vest 29 Go soft on them, and let them have freedom. He'll try to give a few pointers, but doesn't want to get involved much.
4 Pearl Harbour 24 She wants her tributes to be careful but fierce. So always have a weapon and dont walk openly into traps but dont hesitate to kill.
5 Camilla Averson 48 Gets angry very easily with the tributes. If they don't do what she says, she will refuse to mentor them. If they do listen to her, however, she will be an excellent mentor.
6 Carmina Florance 30 She doesn't really care about the tributes. She won't give them much guidance before the Games. She will, however, get them sponsor gifts. That is her specialty.
7 Brie Stevens 31 Very kind to the tributes. She will give them good advice, but always listen to them and care for them. She will make sure they are treated well before they die.
8 Theodore "Theo" Welch 34 Try to train the tributes seperately, and give detailed advice. Tries to get rid of the tributes' weaknesses.
9 Sierra McKollins 37 Very quiet and mysterious. She will give good advice an rare occasions, but other than that, she rarely speaks to her tributes, because she is scared to get close to them.
10 Priscilla Vireo 60 She doesn't really care about the tributes. She's been traumatized from losing so many tributes in the past that she doesn't try anymore.
11 Ethan Axe 18 He will relate with his tributes, being so young and make sure they know he will do his best to save them.
12 Mina Terry 29 Cold to the tributes at the beginning. If they still want her advice after she shuts them down, she will be very helpful. If they write her off right away, she won't help them at all.
13 Capri Pinore 21 She will brag a lot about herself, but offer good advice if her tributes tell her to. She needs to be told to stop talking about herself, but if she is told, she'll be really helpful.
14 Sabrina Varne 23 Encourage them to learn more about survival skills, and try to be patient with them all.
Capitol Kira Tempora 26 Very obnoxious to tributes. If they aren't good enough, she won't pay attention to them. If they are good enough, she'll pay too much attention to them.


Breeze Frost

Age: 28

How she interviews: Contary to her name, she is a warm bubbly person, who flirts with most of the tributes, but is friendly to all. She helps the tributes gets their POVs across. She does not like tributes who are rude or unfriendly, and if she encounters one, she manipulates the interview, so thaat those tributes are made a fool of on live TV. She also enjoys playing the occasional prank on the cocky tributes.

Apperance: Ice blue eyes, blue hair which looks windswept, pale skin, quite petite, thin.

The Arena

625th Hunger Games

The Arena

Special thanks to Leapkit to creating the map, and well the whole arena.

In the North you have the Poison Cove, the water is clear, but what is in it is not. The series of mutts, each with a relation to poison, swirl in a void with the other poisonous fish. Just about it, you have the Isle, a simple place. Hard to reach, but once you do you are rewarded. There is lucious plants, with fruit flowing from the trees. Glorious springs full of water with a healing property. Down the south you have the blazing desert, heats reaching 90 Degrees Celcius, it is almost impossible to survive in this heat, even with water. Just next to it is the poison meadow, a series of plants, each spewing poison. That if breathed in will cause instant sickness, and if not treated death. Each has a different cure, and when combined even more cures are needed. And they only place that you can find these are in the Mutt forest, just above the Meadow. This is a place, with multiple plants, each to cure another one of the poisons from the meadow. Though each is guarded by a group of mutts, each more vicious than the last. The final location is the sand dunes, not the most exciting place. But things, good or bad, can be found beneath the surface, if only truly to be searched for.

The cornucopia is just above the desert, it is a normal cornucopia, other than the fact it is out in the water. And the tributes will have to swim to reach the supplies. Some may run, with the only escape option being the desert, then onto the mutt forest. There will be basic supplies floating in the water, just bags of food and water, while on the small island there is a selection of weapons, and supplies. With much more food, and water. In bigger containers.

The Reapings

District 0 - Phrixos Bacchus's POV

I raise my foot out of the 3 feet deep snow, cold and depressing. The perrfect weather for reaping day. I love the snow usually, as here it is well......its the same as everyday. Snow this, snow that. But well is different. Instead of taking somethings beauty then enhancing it. It takes it and drowns it. Masking it with a cold barrier. I had spent 16 years of my life here, 16 long years. The cold infecting my everyday. And I love it. If I entered the games I would miss it, I never thought I would say it. But I would miss my home. And my family.

As I enter the square the snow begins to dull down. To a sprinkle, lightly tossing a layer over the pale white faces, the scared faces. Thousands upon thousands. District 0 was the largest district in size, though not population. We werent even half of district 11. We werent half of anywhere. Well District 14 is half of us. But they are over in what remains of Hawaii, the water raised, killing most of their land. We just got the cold.

After 20 minutes in the brisk chill, a glittering ball blinds us. Well not litterally a ball, but the escort. As usual she wears the flowing gown, covered in tiny diamonds. You really cant see her face through the blinding shine, and the heavy snow. But you can hear her voice. The soft tone, that pierces the ear without making it hurt. That carries through the blistering wind. Almost melodic, floating on the wind. Calling my towards her, like she is muttering my name. Wait. She is saying my name. I dont realise at first but then it strikes me, I have been reaped. Sudden realisation strikes me, pain surges through my vains. I was reaped. I try to revolt but my legs fight me, taking almost bounds through the 5 feet snow. Up the steps. To see her face. Smooth like her voice, but her eyes. They dig through my soal, and I can feel the pain leave. Replaced by a surge of power. Those make me want to smash her head in. I cant take my eyes of them, we wander into the building. Followed swiftly my Sevana. No 2nd name. Just Sevana. One step after another. I cant do this. I can do this. 32 tributes......wont be that hard. Will it?

District 1 - Jade Seeku's POV

I can do this. Or can I. God damn this is hard, it was my final reapings. And basically I had wimped out for the past, never wanting to give my life away. But now the pressure was to much. I needed to be in the games. Or I would be forced into disgrace. But was my life really worth sacraficing, just for a few years without teasing. A few years I may not have if I enter the arena. Careers tend to be highly sought after by the other tributes, mainly to kill. But some to ally. And I was going to be a career if I entered the arena. This was the 2nd games this year, less than 3 months ago I was here. I was facing the same problem. If I wimp out now I may have 2 more chances. Emphasis on the may. We have no idea what will be happening in 3 months. District 1 may not even be in the games. Districts 0, 13 and 14, and the Capitol werent in the games where Misty won. We have no clue. Well do we ever have a clue when it comes to the games.

The answer is no. I cant do this. I break through the crowd, my sister slowly walking up the steps. No no no. She was only 12. I grab her arm and turn her to face me. Her soft blonde hair, framing her beautiful elegant soft blue eyes. Tear tracks embedding over her cheeks. A small quiver on her lip, a slight shake in her step. Everyone knows what Im trying to say, but the words never actually leave my lips. She walks to face me, then disappears into the crowd, as I take my first step. 2nd.....3rd. The slow creak as it bends slightly. Then I take my step onto the stage. A small beckoning hand of our escort, with her bright Pink Hair, Jennel has been our escort for 2 years now. As common as a face as me.

Lux Gold joins me, his hair flowing down. His smile glazing through the square. A typical posh boy, from the centre of District 1. A guy everyone wants to have, but no one does. Well I guess one girl does, but that girl is the girl all guys want to have. Well anyways, only no one would be wanting him from now on, as only one person can come home. And it was definately not going to be well. The chances are so small, and he is a career. And Im sure someone will take him out.

District 2 - Drake Morden's POV

The pain is well...non-existant. But my returning punch hurts a hell of a lot, and I can tell by the swift crunch of his nose breaking. I could do this. My foot cracks into his face, before he finally waves his white flag. I grab his hand, and help him clamber to his feet. Another easy win, and my ticket to the games. This was the fight, the fight to volunteer. Technically it has no real meaning, but basically the person to win the fighting tournament, well wins the right to volunteer. Its the same for the female spot, so it is pretty cool that I just fucking won. Everyone in 2 knows, if you win this. No one other than you will be volunteering.

Well here we were, I scan the crowd. Looking for the face of the girl who would be joining me, Jillian-anne Forsythe, we had all been told it. And we werent suprised. The last years she had refused it, and apparently now she wanted in. Amythyst rests on the stage, rambling on about stuff that no one cares about. No one has for about 625 games. Which means they have never cared about them. Haha, seems fit. Her purple hair bounces about, clashing with her outfit completely. But I dont care, a boys name is called. Cobalt something but I dont care. I stroll to the base of the steps and waddle up, taking my plan. Seconds later a 2nd name is called, Metallix Gleam but she is instantly replaced by Jillian-anne. We share one kurt nod, then shake hands before dissapearing into the old building.

It is as grand as can be, plush leather couches. Coated in velvet. Books lining all the walls, from here to the ceiling. I dont stay long though, anyone who wants to come in is turned away. I want to be alone, and after an hour I am lead out to the train. Which is no change. Well, it is even more plush. It has struck me though, and struck me hard. That I will never see District 2 again, I walk to window but to late, I catch sight of black rock. No last sight. I was gone. And I didnt give a fuck, as I was in the games. I was going somewhere where people were made, where people were like I wanted to be.

District 3 - Tori Kate's POV

I crash through the crowd, trying to locate my friends. They had all bounded ahead, and well left me behind. As usual. The same thing happened every year, for the past 4 years. I had lost them, and then one of them is reaped. Our group has been terrible, each of us. Last year Alice. Well not even last year, about 3 months ago it was Alice. And before that was Sian. And then Valkary before that. This year, I wanted to be with them. I wanted to comfort them. I dont care who I shove, but I slowly break through the crowd. Pushing and shoving, but no one complains. They probably think I want to see a sister or brother, just for the last time. And maybe they would be right about one of those.

I finally find them, the first time ever I will actually spend the reaping with my friends. I slowly walk over, the now small group. Only 5 of us. And with 5 more games to go in our reapings, we could all be in the games. All 5 of us, then what would be left of our friend group. That showed it ever existed. But lets just hope this year breaks the trend, and none of us have to make our way up to the stage. I break into the group, and place my arms on Zaffira's shoulders. That is when she enters the stage.....the bitch.

Aurora Rhea. The girl who had taken by best friends away from me. Her jet black, straight hair flows down to her shoulders. The green interwines with the black, like the snakes who rest in the forest around here. Her eyes glare down on all of us, her black tights frame her legs. Making them look pudgy. Her pale green dress just highlights the image of her being a snake, and her bare face seals the fact. She is a snake. And her arms slither into the bowl, plucking 2 names from the bowl, as in striking. Grabbing her prey. Confirming the fate of two names. And then she utters them slowly, and softly. So we can just hear. But I wish we hadnt heard at all.

"Ares Jones, and Tori Kate"

District 4 - Cain Levenhire's POV

Why did it have to be here, such a painful place. The usual beauty marred by the reapings. As if the capitol wants to knock our District. By placing the most painful account of the year, in the place that shows the whole of Panem that we are District 4. And I have to watch it, as I climb the steps. Taking my place next to Natalie, Natalie Brine and Cain Levenhire. This years tributes. Isnt that just fucking fantastic. Why had I put my hand in the air, to give away my life. Just to do a family proud, a family I would never see again. Now I was standing next to a blonde bombshell, and I felt nothing. I guess today was truly a day for realising things. I realised that volunteering for the games wasnt the best thing, and that maybe. Just maybe. I wasnt who I truly tought I was. Maybe I I cant think like that. I have to focus. I need to win.

We are lead down a thin corridor, District 4 was the only District to have there Justice Building underwater. Out at see. Only ascessible through this corridor. And I got to walk through it. The walls are coated in glass, allowing us to see everything. Like we were truly underwater. Where, personally I feel safest. Clouded in something that makes us feel happy, thats the place I want to be. Essaleena walks two meters ahead of us, her soft purple hair bouncing on her shoulders, babling on about the capitol. But all I care about is seaping up all the life I can, before I leave this place, possibly forever.

I rest my ass on the plush blue cushions. The walls here, also covered from top to bottom in glass. Viewing on the scene of a shark tearing a helpless dolphin head to limb. And I didnt care. The door still swings back and forth from when my parents rushed out, forced by the helpless peacekeepers. Last time I ever saw them, last time I saw anyone I cared about. Well.....unless the impossible happens. The thing I never really though could happen, unless I, Cain Levenhire, win the Hunger Games.

District 5 - Dysterin Braine's POV

I brush off the bottom of my skirt, before placing on my simple pink shoes. Nothing to extreme. My hair is tied back in a ponytail, and my blue silk dress flows to my knees, they may clash slightly but its the nicest stuff I have. And I dont care, to me it shows I dont care. I dont care about anything. Especially the reapings, its something I consider non important. For now its not but a blip on my radar. Even if it was in less than 30 minutes.

I rush down the streets, followed by my sister and my younger brother. him this was the most important thing. But this was my 4th reaping. I did not care at all, I push through the line, never letting go of my brothers hand. My sister dissapearing into the bustling throng. Swallowed into the mass of people. But she was fine, at one year younger than me. This was her 3rd, I was sure she could handle it alone. I needed to focus on my brother, I lead him slowly to his area, all the other brothers, sons and cousins waiting. Waiting for the reaping to begin, and I hug him. Holding tight. Not wanting to let go. I whisper ten words into his year.

"You, mum, dad and Julia will be all home tonight"

I let his hand fall to his waste, his smile faltering. A tear dissapearing from his eye, and making its way off his face. He will be ok. I can tell. I make my way to my section, meeting with my sister, time to comfort her, and I say the same ten words to her, and yet again she smiles. But to her it would be more true. I face the front, as Peaches Melody enters the stage, the barbie doll of all the escorts. And suprisingly thats is where her job ends, as two screeches come, two volunteers. And I know them both. Thias Feyuz, my best friend. But the females is even more familiar, as its me.

District 6 - Asphalt Steed's POV

I tear round the streets, only one word coming to my mind. Shit. Well it is joined by another. Fuck. The reaping is in 3 minutes, and I am just under a mile from the square. And if I dont make it, well it wont be the first time I am in jail. Luckily for me, I am very fast, and there is no uphill struggles on the way. As if I could make it there without my speed, or if it was uphill. The streets are luckily straight, so well I can see where I am going. And no accidents....well the streets are empty, so there was no chance in crashing with anyone ages. I take a quick look to my watch, before pouring on the heat even more. 2 minutes. 1 minute and 30 seconds. 1 minute. I know I can make it, I made it last year from this point. But the thing is, what will be there when I arive.

I quickly push through the crowd, just in time to see Nikki Kaina gain her place on the stage, and call the first name, the female name. "Sylvia Churchill". I dont know her, but it still hurts to hear a girls name called, a girl who I would now only ever see on the screen of my TV. I begin to pant, but not even my loud and continuous breaths can block out the cries of the people who cared for Sylvia, and it pains me inside. Though they begin to die down after 3 minutes. And the males in the crowd begin to tense. It was our turn. "Asphalt Steed". Throughout the crowd the tension drops, but on the exact spot I rest on, just gets tenser.

One step....and I think. If I hadnt rushed. If I had tripped. If anything had slowed me down. Or even stopped me. And I wouldnt be entering the arena. Silence echoes across the school. A chorus of thundering silence. No cries for me. As all the people I love are gone. The slow groan from my stomach is all I hear. I meet the eyes of Sylvia, tears in hers. And probably in mine too. I mean I thought the next time I saw her would be on TV, but in reality it would be on our floor. Or even in the arena. As I was going there. Crap, crap, crap. At the beginning of today only 2 words entered my mind. While now 4 words control it.

I'm Going To Die

District 7 - Ranger Sage's POV

My palms are coated in sweat, causing them to slip straight off of whaever I touch. I try to grasp my sisters hand, but I cant grasp it tight enough. My arm just mags limp at my side, flowing from side to side. I dont know what to do, so I just turn my attention back to the stage, where Sophianna Elks stands proud, babling on about some stuff that no one cares about. I really dont care, and hope she skips ahead. Just tells reaps the names already. I try to focus on the small details, such as the green stripe in her hair, or the detail on the satin red dress she wears, or her deep tanned skin, but nothing makes the droning speech any second longer, boring, boring, boring. Then she stops, the butterflies in my stomach die. As I stare up to the face of our escort, as she dips her dainty hand into the bowl. Retrieving. The. First. Name.

It was hand grasps my sister as I turn her to face me, the tears flow down her face but all I do is hug her. Tighter than I ever have. I whisper comfort into her ears, but none of it seeps in. I let her go, sending her fleeing out of sight. Out of my life. I take my first step, crunching a small plant, taking its life. This pushes me to move, I couldnt wait. I needed to finish this. So my parents could forget me. Move on. Focus on my sister, she needs it. I ascend the steps, and take my rightful place. Just in time for the male tribute to be reaped.

"Rafferty Birch"

I stare into the crowd, and focus on a tall, muscular boy, almost a man. Comparing him to me, I am obsulete. I am weak. I follow his progress through the crowd, slowly but impresively, with each step feels like he is screaming confidence. And all I can say is, I wish I was him.

District 8 - Dexter Howe's POV

I toss my small red stone from hand to hand, my token if I ever get reaped. Just incase. Its always better to be prepared, as in this world you never know what may happen. My heart thuds as I walk slowly, the line moving at a snails pace. I can see Nylon perparing on stage, sorting all his stuff. His eyepatch drawing my eye, despite having seen it for the past 6 reapings. This would be my last, and if I could make it through today, I would be free. Free to live my life, and I cant wait.

My dreams are cut short, the smile on my face creeps off. I see Mystique standing proud, not a tear clears her face. Now that is a strong girl. But no ones eyes are on hers, they are on mine. My leg shakes, causing me to take steps at a slow pace. Every step just forces me to think of something I wont have now. That I will live without. And it kills me inside. That I will never get to have kids, that I will never get to see my sister get married, that I will never be able to see my dad come out of his coma. My life was gone, my life had ended. I take my place on the stage, no tears on my face either. I place my hand in Mystiques and give it a gentle squeeze. To show a pairing of tributes, not caring that we are entering the arena together. Not caring what others think. We are the tributes from 8. Not the most serious District, not the strongest. But we have power. As with our weakness, with any weakness, comes strength. Comes a feel of community. And that is what we have in 8. I have never seen Mystique before now, but I actually feel like we have known eachother forever. I drop her hand as we are lead into the back of the justic building, split into two rooms. To see our loved ones for the last time, and I dont care. As now I have realised. I will never be gone. As in 8 we remember the dead. I could name all the tributes, I knew that less than 3 months ago, at this exact time Foxlip and Amy would be getting on the train. As they will never be forgotten. But the thing is......will I.

District 9 - Silver Evan's POV

I stand on the edge of the square, hidden by the shadows. I can see all the kids, all the kids who made my life a living hell. And I was back.....I pull my hood low, my cloak around my shoulders and dissapear into the bustling mob. I keep my head low, keeping reserved. I force my way in, shouldering people, but no one notices me. Guess they forgot me. It has been almost a year. I was old news.....but I was back. I stare blankly up at the stage, my eyes focused on our escort. I do recognise her, Harrissa Claira Arizea, the common drug addict. Her make-up is lop sided, and her dress hangs of her skeleton. Her yellow skin hangs there, almost falling off her body. I may look different, but she looks 100 times worse.

I fight my way to near the front. 3 kids stand ahead, whereas thousnads behind me. I stare up, as she dips her hand deep into the glass teardrops. Retreaving two slips of paper....with two names on them. One could be mine....before I left I had 19 slips in the bowl. All of them would still be in. And one of them, may be in her hand. I draw back my hood, the gasps of people around me are non-existent, they are all focussed on the person reading the male name.


I do not know him, wait....I do. Its one of the faces I see everynight. My feet begin to walk, as I know my name is coming. I hit the top step, just as the melodic voice calls me forth. Now they see me. The gasps are back. As usual. I can see the fear in Calebs face, he knows I have the upperhand, he knows without his gang he is nothing. And all I can say, is there will not be one part of my body holding me back, stopping me from ripping him limb to limb. All I can it is on.

District 10 - Hadix Maven's POV

I slowly push through the crowd, the fact I do not know half of these people does not make it any better. Having to share this day with them. Having to see one of them burst into tears, before leaving this District. About 99% of them will never come back. Great. Well, there is an even smaller chance that I get reaped today. I am not that good at maths, but around 99.99999% percent chance of it not being me. I am liking those odds. I rest my foot in a small rock, and bend down to tie the lace. It had been annoying me since I left my home, and I could not be bothered tying it back then. When I rist our 'pretty' escort had entered the stage.

Aqualia Antonion, she had been our escort for the past 8 years. Everyone knew she wanted to leave, but everyone knew she had no chance. She was one of the worst escorts ever, everyone hated her. She had long indigo hair, that flowed right down to her knees. Her scale dress, obviously she put it on incase she got District 4, look like the cheap pearls you get out of the machines. And her eyelashes. Some may say her dress is the most idiotic thing, others amy think the hair looks terrible, but compared to her eyelashes. The rest just looks plain normal. They are each coated in small green scales. Despite the fact they clash with the rest of the colours, they just look non earthlike. Its just creepy.....but not as creepy as the fact everyone is staring directly at me.

I can feel the peacekeepers arms dragging me towards the stage. Shoving me into everyones eyes. Atleast I am not cliche, I dont cry. I dont struggle. I just laugh, as now I have seen the girl standing next to me. Aliya Andropov. My face is a pale red, as I just keep laughing. She was the biggest dork in school, always spent her time focussing on history. She had no friends, just was the loner. Weak and a wimp. No one really knows her though. She spends a lot of time in the forest....rumours. Rumours that have me shitting my pants right now.

District 11 - Pinna Freitas's POV

My face feels so heavy. Tears pouring down my face. I can not do it. I place them in my hands, before dissapearing from the sobbing eyes of my family. We had not spoken a word since they entered my chamber. Next door Ames Viner would probably be talking his ass off, he was the one who vonlunteered. I was reaped. I cant face them. How would they live. I was the only one who brought in any money. They needed me. My parents....oh my god my parents. My mum was already pregnant. Child number 10. This was horrible. With my two older sisters now off with families of their own. How could I leave....just how.

I finally decide to face them. Retrieving my hands from the darkness. Turning to face my family. My two brothers, and my eight sisters. My parents have already gone, with this many kids they couldnt waste time sobbing for one kid. They needed to focus on briging in the money for the others. They need to be safe. I can not bear to open my mouth, so we all just sit there. Staring at our feet. I place my hand in Bayleafs, she was only 3. And I would never get to see her grow up. I would not get to lead them through the reapings. How could I leave them. I am about to open my mouth when the peacekeepers come in. Taking them from me. And I do nothing. Nothing at all.....

I fight through the crowd of the flashing cameras, trying to get to the train. I cant bear to see my family again, so I try to get through as fast as I can. I lost Ames and Esperline ages ago. Her luminous green hair just annoyed me. Now I have to deal with that for each of the days I am not in the arena. And Ames.....he is just so flippin cocky. everything he talks about somehow revolves around how amazng he is. When I talk about mssing my family, he breaks into a meadly of all his families victors. When I say how ugly he looks, he begins to laugh about how he once broke a mirror with a single strike of the hand. Its not that hard. I mean, I break through the door within seconds. And this is made of steel.

District 12 - Armstrong Shadow's POV

I lay my hand on the girls shoulder, she is so young. Only 13....atleast when my life was being torn away from me, I was 18. There was 5 years difference. Thats more than a third of her life. I just can not believe it. At that age I hadnt even left the District. And this girl was alone...with no family. Just a guy who probably terrified the fuck out of her, and an escort who had long black gothic hair, and was even more scary than the guy. And I was the guy. I leave her in her compartment to cry, while I explore the train. It is atleast 10 times size of my house, probably 20. Full of everything I could think of. There were plush bedrooms, atleast 20 of them. Despite only Ravenna, Piper, our mentors and I currently being on board. Well there was the staff, but there was a section for them right at the end.

I rest myself on a small plush set of green silk chairs. Flicking on the television. Watching as the kids get reaped. The careers look strong as usual, but still like kids. Despite most of them being volunteeres, I bet most of them are younger than me. I do have the age advantage to say the least. Something Piper doesnt. I do not see many tributes that could be 12....maybe one of two. But most look 15, 16 or 17. Not a very wide range, but it is more likely for a 18 year old to be reaped than a 12 year old. We have so much more tesserae. Once our faces are shown I instantly turn the television off. I can not bare to watch that pain again. I just cant....

I am awoken by Piper's face. Her eyes are still red and swollen, but no more salty tears flow down her cheek. Though there is clear tracks as to where the tears fell, destroying the black coal dust soaking her face in a slight black glow. I sit up, and she smiles, I can see behind her and our mentors. Both brimming with glee. This is when Piper speaks the first words I have heard out of her mouth.

"They have a plan"

District 13 - Plasma Periman's POV

I spent 2 hours on fixing my hair....2 fucking hours. And apparetly it was not allowed. I stare back at the peacekeeper, the same one who cut it all off. Making me.....making me look....making me look....normal. For the first time in my life I was the same as everyone else. But that would all change. As by the end of today I would not be like anyone else. I am Plasma. I turn into the cavern that had been assigned for the reapings. It is already half full, I squeeze to the front, knowing it would be much easier to fit through now, rather than later. When I would have to be touched by the others normalness. Contaminating me. I am not normal.

Someone who I highly respect is Elector Fentzism, he is in no way normal. He is wearing a tight top, showing his chiseled muscles, and coal dust trousers. A mockingjay tattoo is on his shoulder, showing he is his own person. No one else would dare put that in plain sight. But no one would mess with Electro. He is a rolemodel for most people in 13. And one of the few male rolemodels. I reach the barrier, just infront of the small sections where Electro and our mentors stand. Woops, did I say our. I wait for two more seconds, before Levi pushes through. We had been friends for almost 5 years now, and today was our day.

"We Volunteer", Levi and I boom, perfectly in time. The names had not even been called but I did not care. We leap over the barrier, joining our rolemodel on stage, our mentors instantly disspear into the Justice Building, but Electro asks our name. We reply before joining our mentors. It wasnt much of a Justice Building, but it was the sort of leap to the actual Justice Building. We have to climb around 300 steps before we enter our rooms, strangely our parents are already waiting for us, all beaming. And I knew why. As now I was not normal, I was Plasma Periman, the future victor of the Hunger Games.

District 14 - Jeral Salvio's POV

The amazing District 14.....and I will never see it again. My feet keep moving at a rapid space, I leap onto the stage just as my brother is about to leave my sight. I yell, calling him back. I just manage to grab his arm before the door swings shut, jamming my foot in between. I can hear mutters from the crowd. I bet half of them will just be trying to escape, the other half wanting to know the drama. I pull him out, letting the escort and Kailani Kama out aswell, I whisper in Viola's ear, telling her my circumstance. I walk out onto the stage, both of them follow me out, my brother standing in the doorway not knowing what to do, but then he runs to my side, hugging me tight.

"Well...well..well, turns out we have a little twist" Our escort booms, drawing the attention of everyone.

She turns to me, her eyebrows raised. "I guess I need to say this, I am volunteering for my brother. And I am Jeral Salvio" After saying this, I dissapear into the hall. Leaving my brother out alone. I hope my mother will take him, as I do not want him standing alone. In front of all these people. I do not bother with the rooms, and I just tear straight through. Luckily with this delay the cars are already here, I grab the door open, then slide inside. Kailani and Viola follow me swiftly, I guess they do not care about seeing family members, with one tap on the door we are off, I hope with the time we have saved the reporters wont be there yet. And luckily I am correct. We manage to get onto the train before anyone appears. And are off within seconds. We are led into a small room, filled with chairs, and tables. It reminds me of my own livingroom, now around 10 miles away. And I just cant bare it. To think of my family, just with eachother. Thinking about me. I think I have a chance, but do they have the same faith in me. I storm out the room, running right to the end. I just make it to the end, a glass covered room, allowing me to see all of 14, before my city dissapears. And I am truly alone.

Capitol - Alodia Rickel's POV

Why did the Capitol have to have its reaping the day after everyone elses......well I know that. Since we dont have to get in the train, well we can wait. I guess it gives the tributes from the Capitol an extra day with there families. I spent mine shopping with my mum.....ahhh good times. Anyways, the Capitol has one of the highest victor rates so we will probably win anyways. I move into the street, following the flow of people heading to the main square. I can see my friends, but as my mum has said so many times. Reaping day is for family. I grab my sisters hand and pull her into the fray. Away from my parents.

Once I am out of their sight, I ditch her. Dumping her with a couple of girls her age, searching for my friends. They are the ones I want to spend my day with. For the first couple of minutes we gab on about clothes, and boys. But after I while it slowly dies down. We stand there akwardly, not knowing what to do. Waiting for the escort. Maybe this day is a day for sadness. But that idea is flung from my head when Tattiana bounds onto the stage. Singing about something, dancing for no reason. I bet they have kids, I bet their kids are in this crowd. I bet its an act. But they are payed to act dramatic. To excite the crowd. I bet that they will not care if anyone else is reaped. But I bet they will if their own kids are.

I am reaped.......I am sure it was my name. I know I was not focussing directly. But I know it was me. Well my friends also guess it. They are struggling, struggling to get out the way. I admit I was sad when the guy all the kids in my school fancy was reaped, Orlando. But was my life. This was more important. I was more important. My feet lead me onto the stage. And only one thought pumps through my head. And when I reach the stage I let it spill. Screaming it through the skies.


The Chariot Rides

Lucelia's POV

The day was here, the Chariots. Yesterday all the talk was about the reapings, and now today the Chariots were all the buzz. I stare onto the road, that in less than 10 minutes would be filled with Chariots. Each containing two tributes. From each District....and well here. I can only remember a few, the strongest. Only 3 really stick out though, the boy from 12, Armstrong Shadows, the 4 female, Natalie Brine, and the 1 male. Lux Gold. I really cant wait to see each one of them. The chariots always amaze me. Each year amazing costumes, drawing the eyes of everyone, allowing us to see the tributes in a positive glow. I take a glance from the program, just in time to see the first Chariot role out. District 0.

District 0

A jet white chariot flows out of the tunnel. A trail of white smoke behind it. Glorious in the glittering lights. On the chariot the tributes are wearing stars. Well that is what it looks like. Each are shaped like the constillations we see in the sky. Stunning. Sevana's gown glows as she waves from left to right. A small diamond headress masks her beauty, but other than that she is stunning. As for Phrixos, he is wearing suit, again covered from head to toe in diamonds. And in his hand he has a torch, once he holds it up high, it shoots out streams, projecting stars into the sky. Amazing.

District 1

District 1 flows out, coated with gems it strolls out. The costume is normal, a black cape, with a sapphire crown. Nice. But the tributes are the main idea here. Jade looks amazing, her long glistening blonde hair has been straightened out, entangled with red strands. She has a ruby tiara, amazingly beautiful. The chariot almost pushes her out of the scene, I can hardly see Lux, his hair is nice. He looks smart, but Jade is the main idea in this. And obviously the stylist had the same idea, as seconds later Lux lifts Jade up, pushing her above him, both beaming. Both being the same, normal District 1 tribute.

District 2

Now comes out the hard, strong willed tributes from 2. Both are wearing pale gold clothes, beaming. As usual District 2 do not aim to shine in the chariots. They just stand there, wait are they chatting. They just look like normal kids, both are only 15...its really young. Especially for two tributes that volunteered. The chariot looks pretty cool, like cobbelstones. I love it. Simple. Relaxed. Like two normal kids. Not many stylists can do this without making the tributes....well ugly. But both of them are glorious, stunning. Not the best, but I am sure they will shine in training.

District 3

District 3 looks interesting, very instersting. Ares and Tori, both in shockingly new looking outfits. A blue glow circles them, like an aura. The boots slowly change colour. Like the Districts. White for 0, Gold for 1, Grey for 2, Yellow for 3, Sea green for 4, Maroon for 5, Red for 6, Light green for 7, Orange for 8, Purple for 9, Black for 10, Brown for 11, Pink for 12, now that one I dont get, Dark green for 13, Blue for 14 and well multicoloured for us. The Capitol. I focus as it slowly shifts. Entrancing really, I almost struggle to look at the actual tributes. And struggle even more to shift my look to District 4.

District 4

Now for Natalie, I love Natalie. Team Natalie. The sea blue chariot rolls out, catching our eye. Natalie has her wavy blonde hair, streaks of blue intwined. She has a mermaid outfit on, a mix of blue, green and pink scales shimmer. Flaunting the way she moves. Other than that she isnt wearing much. Her skin is painted grey, to match Cain's skin tight top. He is dressed like a shark, with fins and all. Not really the most original look, but still rather fetching. Especially with the natural beauty of the pair, stunning. Like District 4 tributes have always been. As they are a beuatiful District.

District 5

I wait for District 5, but keep waiting. And waiting. Finally after around 10 minutes, they burst from the tunnel. Wearing.....jet black outfits. A few claps, but nothing like the other districts. Then they begin to spark. As the claps continue increasing, the sparks fly off. Not the shoes. But everwhere else. Its amazing. The sparks fly over the crowd, I can see some cower but not most. Most just scream in glee. This trumps all of the other chariots, it is simply amazing. I can hardly move with glee. It has been years since we got a responce like this, so far. 5 is by a mile the best.

District 6

District 6 has always been a weak one in the Charitos. I admit transport is a hard one to please. It could be worse though. 8 is a lot harder. Out they come, wearing a suit......made of needles. Or is it just scraps of metal. Well anyways, it really looks like it was made for District 8. I admit 6 is hard, but desiging for another District is just like a no go. It should never be done. The worst by a mile, and it really does put a damper in the night, especially with the chariot we just had, now that is amazing. This....this would be good for District 8. Probably one of the best. But for 6......just no.

District 7

How......7. Really. Just. Really. After all of these brand new costumes. And here we come with District 7. I just can not believe it. After all this change. So much change. We now have this District. 7. Amazing. So....imaginative. Everone knows District 7 has been a tree for the past...well forever. But now. They have changed. Not as a tree. But as a tree. The tributes look mortified, and they should be. With that costumes they will be the least sponsored. I just couldnt handle that much sorrow, I mean I am almost crying. And thats me. Not them. All I can say, is they better be skilled. Or they aint going anywhere in these games.

District 8

Now, onto the real District 8. Will they beat District 6 masquerading as District 8. Or will they fall flat on their faces. The boy in speedos, and the blob of cascoon show that the last option was correct. But that begins to change. Randomly a needle appears, beginning to sew a suit on, and with the, I preume Mystique is in there, cascoon, well it begins to move. Wibbling around, as if something is happening. Seconds later, it rips open. Just as the suit is finished. She is wearing a pale white dress, with tatered silk around the rim. Her hair is laced with silk, while he wears a nice suit. Very classy. And definatly better than District 6.

District 9

Next up come Silver and Caleb. I stare at them, and am pretty shocked. Silver is singing in a soft melodic voice, calming to the ear, which seems to be causing the plants to grow around her. While Caleb is doing a wierd tap dance thing, while water pours over his suit of flour, getting him soaked. Turning the flour into dough....oh my fucking god is that fire. It encircles his body, concealing him from our eyes. I can hear muttered gasps, killing a tribute has never happened before. But the flames leave his body....well now he is covered in bread. Birds soar in, pecking away at the suit, leaving a golden suit. Nice, but hilarious. Well played District 9.

District 10

Now District 10. Hadix and Aliya. A nice pair. Hadix's hair is jet white, curled like a little boys. He has an egg white shell on his head, with an egg white suit. Glittered with purple and black feathers. Next to him stands Aliya, she is in basically the same outfit. Curled hair dyed white, with a soft curling white dress, that hits her knees. She has white high heels, with multiple feathers dotting her dress. Purple, pink and black. While white ones line her eyes. Finally the chariot, a very nice chariot. Again, egg white, dotted with black and purple feathers, while white feathers flowing out the back, onto the road.

District 11

11 follows close behind, being blasted in the face by the multiple feathers from the back of the previous chariot. But that doesnt distract from the pure elegance of outfit. The boy is dressed in the overalls, with a bag of leaves and apples. Basic design. But the girl....its amazing. Its a plain white dress, that is form fitting at the top, while branches out and sticks around. Her legs and arms have white seethrough tights and gloves over her arms and legs, branch designs over the skin. Pale white so that they stand out from the dark skin of Ames and Pinna, very well thought through, and thats my only critique.

District 12

I admit now I am getting a bit tired, but only 4 more to go. 12 comes out in a flurry. Both in black clothes, that slowly glows. Armstrong is just glowing brighter and brighter. While Piper's grows brighter, then fades. Now I think of it, this is the most beautiful one I have seen. I just attracts the eye. Both are different enough to be interesting, but not to different to look mismatched. If I was asked the question as to which is my favourite, I could not say. Both 5 and 12 are unique. And both deserve to be given credit...but with the sheer beauty of 12. I dont know why, but I would choose it.

District 13

3 left.......just 13, 14 and the Capitol. Now, the male has on a pair of black shorts, while an orange top. With a hazard sign located in the middle. A white helmet with the Capitol written in multiple colours. Seconds after, the clothes transform into a pale skin tone. Looking like he is naked, with blood stains. While the girl has a grey dress on, with a dead grey rose in her hair, and when the males outfit changes so does the Plasmas. She is now wearing a black outfit, with luminous writing. Spelling out the words 'District 13 won....." and then on the pants ".....again". The crowd errupts with cheers, as this was impressive.

District 14

2 left......just 14 and the Capitol. District 14, Jeral and Kailani, are in matching costumes. The two mutts that were banished from games since the 75th. The cheek is high. But the reward is greater. These will attract multiple sponsors. Jeral is dressed as a tracker jacker, in a suit, black and yellow. Amazing. He begins to hover, helping the Jabberjay off the ground, the Jabberjay who is infact Kailani. In the same dress that is publicly known, as the dress Katniss Evedeen wore. The horror. So much madness. They soar into the crowd, throwing things into the crowd, and all I can say is if they arent exectued, they will be sponsored.

The Capitol

1 left......just the Capitol. Orlando and Alodia, perfect pair. They really do make a good couple. Very nice. Orlando is dressed as a gamemaker, choreographing something to do with a fight, but its nice. While Alodia is dressed in torn clothes, soaked in blood. The look in her face is almost she has been in the games. She swings an axe, coated in a thin layer of dried blood. Like from past kills. The pain almost hurts me. It is like we plucked her from the games, placing her on a chariot, like if she was about to die. And it looks like she was. That look in her eyes. Pure and utter evil.

The Chariot Favourites

Placing District
1st District 12
2nd District 5
3rd District 0
4th District 8
5th District 2
6th District 11
7th District 3
8th Capitol
9th District 9
10th District 14
11th District 10
12th District 13
13th District 1
14th District 4
15th District 6
16th District 7

The Alliances

The Careers - Jade Seeku (1), Lux Gold (1), Jillian-anne Forsythe (2), Drake Morden (2), Ares Jones (3) (Depends on how he does in the Bloodbath), Natalie Brine (4) and Cain Levenhire (4) (Closed)

District 12 - Armstrong Shadows (12) and Piper Hope (12) (Closed)

District 14 - Kailani Kama (14) and Jeral Salvio (14) (Closed)

Females - Pinna Freitas (11) and Alodia Rickle (Capitol) (Closed)

Bloodshed - Caleb Stoll (9), Levi Quister (13) and Hadix Maven (10) (Closed)

Anti-Careers - Mystique Cirque (8), Dexter Howe (8), Ranger Sage (7) and Dysterin Braine (5) (Closed)

The Group Training

Day 1

District 5 - Thias Feyuz's POV

Camilla paces back and forward infront of us. For the past 20 minutes she had lectured us about what to do. Who to talk to. Even what to say and eat. Basically, all our day had been planned out. Great. When she lets us go, we quickly dash to the table, grabbing even a tiny bit of food, before we are ushered into the elevator, and shot down into the training room.

We only stop once before entering the hall, to pick up the tributes from 3. It is slightly akward, knowing in a few days we would be in an arena, trying to kill eachother. I suppose it was the same with Dysterin, but we may ally. A lot of tributes ally with their District partners. But few ally with other Districts. Unless you are a career. I slowly move over to the door, as we grind to a hault. I step out, to find the room already filled, counting 28 tributes. Us four join the mass, intertwining. Looking at Lorania, for instructions as of what to do now. She does a brief explanation, as to what each section does, where we have to go, then suggests where we ought to go. Once she finishes we all break off, some go to weapons, other to survival. But I decide to test my physical potential. I walk over to a set of climbing nets, then begin. The idea is to race up, cross the rope net at the top. Then the tight rope thing, before climbing down a single rope, hitting the ground running. I easily reach the top of the first one, then across the rope net. But when it gets to the tight rope it gets harder. There is a single rope above, there to help if you fall, but not much use otherwise. I make it to the half way mark before I begin to shake. Reaching for the rope knocks me off balance, sending me tumbling to the floor. I smash with a sickening crunch, my leg twisted backwards, but I know they will fix it. Within seconds the paramedics appear, wisking me away to a small room. They feed me some medicine, before letting me walk out. On both legs. When I re-enter the room, nothing much has changed. The careers are at the weapons, while the rest of the tributes are spread across the room. I decide not to put to much strain on my ankle, and slowly progress to the knot tying station, to work with Dysterin.

District 7 - Raffert Birch's POV

I wander through the racks and racks of weapons, axes, bows, maces, swords. Normal weapons, but then....then some are just wierd. A long thin metal chain, known as a Qilinbia. And a wierd hammer shaped object, but ten times the size, and five thousand times the weight, known as a battle hammer. Carrying these sort of weapons just much be a complete chore. The only weapon in this area I know how to handle is a spear. Light weight. Wooden. Sleak. Spear. Easy to carry, unlike this sort of thing. Which is just.......egh.

When I reach the spear station, only one other tribute is there. Jade. I dont know whether to turn, and back away. Or to just face it. I need to seem strong, maybe I could get into the careers. I mean that gets you almost an insta pass to the top 10. And that is what any tribute wants. I face my fears, taking a step forward, retrieving a short spear, around the length of my leg, solid oak, brass spear head, with a small pattern inscribed into the metal, and snaking down the length of the spear. I turn to face the line of targets, as Jade releases a 3 metre spear, solid bronze, with an obsydian spear head, the weapon of evil. But it still sails directly into the head of the target man. Sinking in, causing pain. She slowly walks forward, flipping her hair, swaying her hips. She knows how to make a man sweat. But its not good when that man has just thrown a spear.

Luckily, years of practise save me. If I had never used it before, it would probably of struck her in the back, taking it out before the games even begun. But instead it just sails, hitting just off bullseye. I sigh a breath of relief, and jog down to yank it from the stomach. Before making my way back up, Jade has moved on, so I am all alone, allowing me to focus on honing my skills. The same skills that will hopefully, hopefully lead me to victory, or atleast get me a 10 in 2 days.

District 1 - Lux Gold's POV

My hands are soaked in sweat. This was the first time all the careers were together. I stare around. Everyone from the career Districts is in. And no one else. I slowly stand up, I am the oldest male career, with Natalie and Jade also being 18. They sit on both my sides, Jade fiddling with a small set of ropes. Intertwining them. While Natalie is using a knife to skin some fruit from the buffet table.

"Ehmm....Hi...I guess" I try to think of something better to say, but nothing comes to my mind.

Natalie places the knife on the floor, and pushes me down. "Ok, let me handle this" She whispers in my ear, before adressing all of the group. "Well, we are the careers. A strong group. We have decided our leader, Lux I guess but we still need to focus. Create drama, spread fear to the other tributes." She stares around, before looking at Jade. Who raises to her feet and takes over.

"Well, Lux and I will tackle the bigger threats. The 12 tributes, 0, Capitol and 9. While Natalie and Cain takes 3, 5 and 6. Drake will be covering 7, 8 and 10. And finally Jillian-anne will be with 13, 11 and 14." She sits down, sending the group into a thundering silence. I am about to speak, when the others begin to leave. We quickly agree not to sit together at lunch, but to sit in pairs. Near other tributes.

As planned, I head off with Jade, over to the fire section, where the tributes from 12 are resting with Sevana. We rest beside them, grabbing some flint, and some branches. The pair from 12 are not struggling at all, but Sevana seems to be having some trouble. Jade easily sets a pile of small sticks on fire, within seconds. While I set one of the trees into a blaze. Luckily it must be soaked in an anti-fire liquid, as it dies within seconds. But it had the intended effect. Let the scaring....begin.

District 9 - Caleb Stoll's POV

I stand with the guy from 10, last night we got to talking in the lift, and after the chariots, and we agreed an alliance. It was better having any alliance than none. And he did not look that bad. I grab a long thin sword, I think it is called a machete, and take it for a test run. I dive at the manican, slashing wherever I think would cause any pain. The head, the back, the chest....the groin. Once I believe I have caused as much apin as this dummy can hold I take a step back, acessing the pain I havwe caused. The dummy's head lies almost 15 feet from its leg, which is ages from either of its arms, or body. If that has been a human, I would be soaked in blood. And would probably be feeling a pang of regret.

But I can not focus on that right now. I need to focus on training. This was all the preporation we would get for the arena. And for all I know, I may choose the wrong things. I may practise how to shoot a bow, then end up in a cavern. With no space to breath, let alone shoot a bow. Or I may practise climbing, and find myself on a landlocked arena, flat as can be. We just never know. So I guess what I am saying, is I better get training, or I may just miss something out.

I dive straight into everything. I have 40 minutes before lunch, so I decide to try and fit in as much as I can. I leave Hadix practising at the weapons, while I move between the survival section. I try and fit in as much as I can. Spendint 10 minutes at the plant section, while only 5 minutes at the fire making. I fly round them, not socialising with any tributes. I have one ally, and thats all I need. Larger alliances draw attention. And I do not want to draw the attention of the careers. I mean there is only 2 tributes that are 12 this year....Thias and I. That leaves me in a bad situation. And all I can do is work to fix it. I finish with the animal identification, just as the bell wrings, beckoning us to the lunch. I meet with Hadix, and we rest. Grabbing a bunch of food. We are about to discuss strategies, when a problem slides in. In the shape of the tributes from 1.

District 12 - Piper Hope's POV

My hands rest next to the hands of Armstrong. I can not believe he had allied with me. He was offered a place with the careers, and he turned it down. I know this relationship cant last, I know he treats me like a sister, and I love him like a brother already. But we may have to kill eachother. We may have to take out other tributes. What if we had to watch eachother die. I withdraw my hands, making it look natural. Grabbing a roll, and tearing it in two. A spiral bread, coated in salts, died a pale blue colour. I recognise it from a show we watched in class once, the national bread from District 4. And its tastes so good. It almost hides to fact I was crying less than an hour ago. We sit in the quiet for around 20 minutes. And I just do not know what to do. My hands lie aimlessly on the surface. brushing around the crumbs. Into small pictures. Only last week I was sitting with my family, just talking. Just laughing, joking around. And now I was alone. With a guy I would have to kill. This was my future. No matter what I could think of, one of us would die. Maybe even both of us. But all I know is, Armstrong has a better chance of winning than I do.

After we have eaten, we are joined at our table by the tributes from 1. I finally look around, to see something wierd. None of the careers are together, well other than in the district pairs. The 1's are here, 4 is over by the tributes from 3. With the 2 by Capitol and 13. I do not know why, but it does slightly both scare me, and fill me with glee. Glee and joy. Were the careers still together. Did they split. Or was it a plan. A plan to send us down. I decide I should start talking to Armstrong. I revert my gaze back to Armstrong, and begin talking about District 12. After a while the 1 pair seem to get bored. They dissapear into the mass of tributes, all aiming for the door. I decide to join them, leaving Armstrong to finish his lunch. When I leave the room, most of the tributes are already at the positions. And I decided, since I had covered the survival skills in the morning, I should hit the weapons now. But the question was, where do I begin.

District 8 - Mystique Cirque's POV

I stare around at the 3 tributes I had managed to get to join the anti-careers alliance. The girls from 5 and 7, Ranger and Dysterin I believe. And then Dexter, from my own District. We had gotten pretty close on the train, and I could not bare to leave him out. We are all working at the weapons stand, Dexter and Dysterin practising shooting a bow, while Ranger acesses her skills with an axe. While I catch un on the basics with a knife. This is the most important weapon. Its the most common weapon, cheapest weapon and easiest to learn. I swing at a dummy, following the instructors words to the bone. I am supposed to sink the blade in, then rip straight up, tearing skin. I keep trying, for about 30 minutes. Jabbing, sticking, slashing. And slowly the dummy begins to crumble. First it loses an arm, then a leg. The others move around the weapons, but I decide to stick with this. I have my whip for decently length fighting, but now I have knife for when they are close range, multi weaponry. Good.

When I turn to face the others, none of them are where they were. Ranger is now practising with a boomerang, wierd weapon but still slightly useful. Dysterin has moved on, and is now trying the rope assult course. I watch her for a few seconds, as she crosses the rope net, before stalking the single rope. She is doing pretty good, so I turn my attention to Dexter. He is handling a wierd weapon, long and thin with multiple spikes. As if to dig into the skin. I watch him as he coils it up, before bringing it down in the dummy. It tears into the plastic coating, ripping it off. Not just the bits it hits, but the surrounding ares. Even after it has torn, the weapon isnt done. It flicks back, striking the chin, sending the head flying away. I can see the horror in the face of Dexter, but also in the faces of Ranger, and some other tributes. I had no idea what that weapon was, but all I can think now is, I am so glad I have never seen it in the cornucopia before.

District 11 - Ames Viner's POV

I am absoloutly terrified. Spending today, just working, learning all about what we are going to have to do. To survive. It just makes me realise what I have put myself up for. I volunteered. I gave myself to this end. I am not gonna win this. Its like impossible. I fumbel about on the assult coarse. A series of events, starting with a rock wall. Around 20 metres tall, a simple trek. Straight up. Rocks around 1 feet apart, easily crossable. When you reach the top, it is a series of small wooden polls, we need to leap from one to one, slowly working down to the ground. Its not that hard, but it does take a long time. After a while I hit the floor, leaving me with two more. A set of monkey bars, metal ringed polls. Spaced quite far apart, no touching the floor here. All about the strength in your arms. The boy from 0 is ahead of me, he is around half way across, and is struggling severly. His arm is hanging by his side, not moving. While his other holds him up, just hanging. After around 3 or 4 minutes, his hand releases, sending him plummeting to the ground. He lands on the soft matt, where he is met by a paramedic, I am told to wait while they move him away. But when he is gone, its all up to me.

I bet its a lot easier when the handles arent soaked in sweat. I am guessing he was rather sturggling, and spent a lot of time on this one. Despite this. I swing steadily, one passed, two passed, three passed. 23 swings later I hit the ground with both feet. Leaving me with one event left. The......what the hell is this. It looks like a giant pair of scissors. But......with lots of swinging poles. I do not know what to do, but I try. As soon as my foot hits the metal beam, it begins to move. Pulling in, bringing the two beams together. Seconds later the beams start to move, swinging. Getting in my way. I start to move. Ducking when the beams pass, and leaping when the second beam tries to smash into my legs. I think I am supposed to reach the centre, but I have no clue how to. I decide to go full out and just charge, not looking where I am going. Then....SMASH. My feet lift off the floor, flying through the air. Collapsing into the soft padded floor. My heart skips a thud, as the air is expelled out of me. My sight blurs. And it all goes black.

District 2 - Jillian-anne Forsythe's POV

The day is drawing to a close, so everyone seems to be darting around. Getting the last bits of training in, before we are all sent back up to our floors. I have been told by our 'leader', Jade, to intimidate the tributes from 13, 11 and 14. Great. No careers. I stare around the room, searching for one of the tributes to intimidate, and only one I can see. Pinna. I slowly move over beside it, not making it look like I am only coming there to talk to her. I grab a rope, and begin to tie. Luckily, I am good at this. And finish a decently complicated knot, within a few minutes. I glance up, to see if Pinna looks intimidated. But no such luck. As she isnt there. Infact. No one is.

I just manage to get in the last lift, as the doors slam shut. In this glass prison, only with Armstrong and Piper. We stand akwardly, them muttering to eachother, while I try to overhere. Before I hear as much as a whisper, the doors open at my floor. I can see Drake talking with Robert, Amethyst and Hudson. I walk up, removing my glasses to wipe them, before listening in. And I am thouroughly dissapointed. All it is is talk about previous games. About last year. Apparently they are not happy a career won last time. They believe it may crimp the chances of a career victory this year. And then the arena. All about the arena. I do not even care. I saw the games. It was a set of hills. And thats it. Ok, some caves. Beautiful, elegant but boring. I hope this means, that this year. We will get something interesting. Something more advanced. Before I realise, I am back in my room. Lying on my bed. My lucious, soft bed. This is the life. And if I win. This will be my life from now on. This is what drives me. This is what will lead me to win. This is what will be my inspiration. I am meant for more than my life that I had in District 2. Its meant for more than what I have right now. I am supposed to be a winner. Everyone sees the games as a thing to fear. But I see it as a way to move up. Become one of the elite. One of the best. And I know this. Not many others do. I dont care what it takes. How long it takes. Who I have to kill. What I have to give up. I will be elite. I will be the best...

Day 2

District 10 - Aliya Andropov's POV

Day 2 had quickly. Tommorow......tommorow I would be in my private session. I would have to show them everything I could. With the space of 15 minutes. And then, two days later, I would be entering the arena. And I would be alone. So far I had no alliances. And I am to scared to make any. I dont know any of these people. And they would be trying to kill me within the week. And I was supposed to socialise with them. Share a meal. I just could not do it. I let Hadix go ahead alone, I mean I could not even be with him. This is driving me mad. I cant trust anyone.

I slide into an elevator, all alone. No one else. I rest against the glass, breathing quietly. It moves down, giving me flashes of the different floors. Before finally hitting black earth. Surrounding me. Trapping me. The rapidity of the breaths increases. Slowly turning into a panic attack. I want to be home. Why am I here. My hands begin to tremble as the door slides open. Opening into the cavern of a room. I force my face into a smile, as I march into the room. Replacing my air of fear, with a residing confidence. The kind that could kill. The kinda that will kill when we get into the arena.

I move through the crowd, looking around. I think everyone is here, but no one seems to be heading off. I am not sure if we arent allowed. Or they just do not want to, but I decide its better to stick with the group. I stand alone, head down. Arms folded. Staring at my shoes, and nothing but my shoes. I can hear the tributes around me, socialising. Talking and walking. I glance up, to see the powerful, strong willed Lorania. Standing over us all. She summarises what she said yesterday, but adding in a note or urgency to her voice. About how tommorow was the day. That we were to focus today. Not let anything go away. Once she has finished I stand solitary. Not knowing what to do. I see the tributes fan out, across the room. Yesterday I covered some of the more basic weapons, so I decide to dedicate today to the survival skills. Starting with how to make a fire.

District 13 - Levi Quister's POV

I stand behind the rack of spears, not knowing where to go. I need an alliance. And there was only one I wanted to join. I peer round the edge, observing the two boys. 10 and 9. They look strong, and I mean. I am not getting in with the careers. That one with the 8 pair, just looks wierd. They are not really talking. And it just doesnt look like something I want to be a part of. I slowly walk in, grabbing an axe. Trying to avoid eye contact. No idea how in hell to get them to even want me in their alliance. I try to impress them, but that just fails. I raise my axe, about to strike the dummy, when the head of another one, flies over, smashing me in the side. Knocking me to the ground. My axe drops from my hand, bouncing on the floor. I grown to my feet, my hands cut down the middle, a small trickle of blood flowing at a constant rate. Down my palms. I remove the jumper I was wearing, using the blade of the axe to hack off the sleeve, before wrapping around my hand. It hurts I admit, but I can not let them see anymore weakness. I reach up, using the bars to gain my footing. When I look up, I can see both the boys looking at me. Despite Caleb actually being two years younger that me, he inflicts terror into my. With his cold stare, Hadix on the other hand has a childish grin across his face. Laughing in my failure. I am about to retreat when a hand pulls me around, the faces of Hadix and Caleb greet me.

I actually had a set of allies for the games. They may have forced me to get my hand fixed, but they had let me in. That meant, that in the bloodbath. There was only 29 people trying to kill me. Yay. I sit on the table, swinging my leg. Humming a little tune, while the doctors whizz around. Grabbing needles, and pills for me to take. And to sew up my wound. I push out my hand, the doctors grab it. And within seconds. I was fixed. All ready for tommorow. I leap down, and walk down the corridor. My hands swinging at my side. And I am actually happy. As all I can think is. I may actually have a chance at winning this.

District 6 - Sylvia Churchill's POV

I remove the sleek silver bow from the hook it was resting on. Indented with small insignificant figures and symbols. Detailed with golden paint. The inset the hollowness. The most beautiful and elegant weapons, but one of the most deadly. Deadly and beautiful. Ironic that. Luckily this was my weapon. The one I could handle with ease. Without any training. This was my weapon. The only weapon I could use without a chance of failure. Or that is what I thought. The first 4 shots show that I am lying to myself. One swiftly hits the board, less than an inch off target. I can live with that. Live with that easily. But the next three failed in susession. One hit the white rim, over two foot from the centre. The second missed completly. Soaring into the wall. I take great care with the final one, and it still does the second best. It hits just on the edge of the second ring....from the outside. I just stand there in shock. This was my weapon. My bow. Yet I was doing so terribley. I take a second to calm down, closing my eyes. Focusing on home. Before I can even open my eyes, the arrow has left the bow. Soaring through the air. I can here a soft plunk. Of the striking of the arrow, and my eyes flash open. Revealing the perfect bullseye. This is when my jaw litterally drops. Hitting the floor, with a slightly larger plonk. Once this stunning revelation washes over me, I lower my bow. I do not know what just happened, but I so hope it happens again. It would help when a bafoon comes taring right towards me. My fingers release the bow. Hitting the floor, two bounces before it goes still. I push the quiver of arrows onto a hook, before reverting my attention to a second weapon. I guess accuracy is my thing, so I take a swing with a few others. I cover blowgun, longbow, crossbow, whips, lassos, throwing knives and darts before lunch. And there is a few connections. I am good with both the longbow and the crossbow. Hitting the bullseye multiple times. Though the throwing weapons, lassos, throwing knives and darts just are not my thing. I fail with each and everyone. And in the end, I am left with a blowgun and a whip. Both decent, and both reliable. I place them down, ready to head from lunch when I see it. A small glance from the District 4 tributes. Was it just my imagination....or did they look scared...

District 3 - Ares Jones's POV

I did not get in with the careers. I can not believe they turned me down. With each knife that flies from my eyes, another way to kill then comes to my mind. Beheading the boy from 1. Dragging a knife across the neck of Jillian-anne. Pummeling the breath out of the sea boy. Plunging the knife into the head of Jade. Hacking off the limbs of Drake. Pushing that bitch Natalie, do her death. Smashing her head onto the rocks. Causing her to slowly drown, her lifeless body floating in the body. Being picked up by the hovercraft....that is what I want. That is what I need. A light touch breaks me from the trance, Natalie.

"We saw what you did there" She doesnt speak first, letting the sea boy take control, she stands strong while he talks smart. "And we were talking with Jade..."

A smile creeps onto my face, had the careers reconsidered. Was I in. Natalie finally answers, her smirk even more painful to look at than her eyes. "We are not sure if we want you....since we are not really recruiting...but if something was to happen in the Bloodbath. We may need another member." My smile dissapears, so I had to actually work to get this. I turn away, the snickers of the pair echoing in my brain. Through my body. Annoying every last bit of me. What did they have to be so high and mighty about. I would show them. In the Bloodbath. I would show them who I truly was. As I was Ares. Named after the god of war. I was the only one who could win this. I was born to win this. It was in my blood. Murder was in my blood. I reach the weapon stand again, and focus in on one weapon. The weapon of the gods. The weapon that would win me this. Classic. The weapon that has been used for centuries. I pick it up in my hands, turn it around. I turn to where the careers are grouping, about to head into the dinner hall. And I decide. I decide. That after lunch, I was learning how to use the most brutal, hated and feared weapon in the games. The classic. Stainless. Bronze. Two foot. Sword. And I just know. I know. I will use it to take down Ares.

Capitol - Orlando Bestena's POV

I sit alone in the massive room, filled with all my opponents. I could be the killer of anyone of these kids. Well lets just call it what it is. I could be the murderer. As thats what we would all be. Filthy murderers. I shove a handful of grapes into my open mouth, not caring how I look. No one is around me, and I do not care. Most tributes are alone. About 10 are in alliances, maybe 12. But I am not sure if the careers are together. They are all dotted around the room, chatting away about something I really do not care about. I am just so glad none of them are sitting near me. This is the time I will use to plan my time in the arena. I know I will not be going for the cornucopia. It is just not my style. I will be a more of an indirect attacker. Poison maybe....a kill in the night. Not sure yet...but direct killing. No. Never. Not me. Thats the careers strategy. The ones with no brains. I grab the final grape on my plate, throwing it into the air. Soaring into my mouth.

My hands soar around the pads. Tapping all keys. My eyes focussed on the screen infront of me. A simple game, but an easy way to see if I know about plants. Which ones are poisonous, which ones arent. Simple simple simple. I fly through the course. Thrashing the other times from today and tommorow. Sadly, at the end. I have no clue what to do for the rest of the day. I turn around, staring around the room. I took a go at the weapons this morning, and survival skills yesterday. I could take another go at the fire skills, but the pair from 2 are over there, and the careers just do not make me feel at home. Make stations have a career at them. The weapons are covered by Natalie. The assult coarse by Cain and Jade. While the 1 male covers the rope coarse. Great. I consider checking out the knot tying session....but its just not my style. But its the only option. So I slowly pace over. I can see the guy from 5 also resting. Practising with some of the more detailed knots, while when I get there, I instantly start right at the bottom. As this was something I was no use with. I fumble about with two ropes. Slowly making a small basic knot. Which fails.

District 0 - Sevana's POV

I slowly circle the room, observing everything there was the try. The assult course and rope course done. All the weapons I feel good with checked. Plant identification, fire making, hammock and rope tying. The hand to hand combat and weight lifting. Guess I was done. My hands hurt like hell, my legs ache and my back feels like it is going to collapse any second. I rest on the bench, surveying the room. It has just all hit me. My world had changed, I loved my life in District Zero, but it just never seemed complete. But now. A lot of people hate the games, but I think they are a wonderful thing. The arenas are so detailed. Each more beautiful than the last. And I just love it. All I can think about is what will our arena be. Will it have snow, mountains. Be a jungle filled with mutts. Both are common, but still beautiful, but then there are the detailed ones. I remember the 622nd arena. One of the smallest arenas I had ever seen, just a series of flowing waterfalls. Around 60 of them, right down to the base. A small pool, circled by cliffs, no way off them. Just away up. When the tributes reached the top, they were welcomed by a cold chill. Ice. So much ice. Elegantly hanging from the trees, hiding the small wolves. The wolf mutts. Around the size of a normal dog, with fangs like needles. Injecting a chill into the blood, freezing the hearts of the victim. Amazingly complexed, but elegantly simple. That is the arena I would thrive in. I could have won that game, but no. I was reaped for this one. Knowing my luck, it would be fire. With a small volcano. Tonnes of rocks and magma throughout the arena. Hardly any water, and I just hate it. I finish my thoughts, before re-entering the room. I only have 30 minutes left, and I better try with something else. I take a look around, best bet is to go with another weapon. I stalk over to the bows, removing a rather small, gold painted, curved bow. A quiver of short arrows. Easiest to use. I set it all up, stare down at the targets. You could never go wrong with any weapon, as with most. It doesnt take a genius to work. Luckily for me, and a few others in this room. Most of this years tributes, werent genius's.

District 4 - Natalie Brine's POV

20 minutes, and the time was counting down. I slowly circled all the tributes I was supposed to, covering the males while Cain took over the females. He seemed to be doing fine, so I decide to take some time just to focus. Focus on me. The private training was only tommorow, and I already know what I will be doing, but I still needed to iron out the firm details. It will begin with some basics. A go on the assult course. Showing my speed. Then a couple of weapons, but not the trident. That is the grand finish, but before that I will make a few fires. Knot tying and plant Identification. Then its the trident. Kill a few dummies. All simple. I do wonder what the others are doing though. I stalk over to where Jade is talking to Lux, when I rest beside them they both turn to me, faces ascue.

"What are you doing tommorow" I ask them, hoping they wont outshine me.

Lux looks at Jade before responding. "Just showing a few weapons, sword, spear...nothing much".

I look at Jade enquisitively, before she reluctantly responds. "I......I would rather not say"

"Why..." I respond speedily, just wanting to know more now.

"I will tell you if you tell me what you are doing." I consider what to say, before deciding to respond truthfully.

"Well, I am beginning with the courses, then a few weapons, the survival skills and finishing with my trident." A smile goes onto my face, before Jade responds. And lets just say I wish I had a brain like hers, and went before her. As I was sure she was gonna get an 11. Lets just say I will have to up my game, if I was to beat this girl. But lets just say it, who doesnt like a little bit of steady competition.

District 14 - Kailani Kama's POV

I enter the lift along with Jeral, and the pair from 4. Natalie and Cain I believe. I have watched both today, and both have stunned me. Both are amazing. Jeral and I decided on an alliance yesterday, so we were all set for the games. I stare out the glass, ignoring the pair. And they ignore us in responce. Seconds later the doors open, and they stalk out of the elevator. I take a quick look into their floor, and see it soaked in a blue glow. I just manage to look up, to see the whole ceiling coated in an aquarium. Fish of all colour fly through, colours I can not even name. It is glorius. If I won, I would request to see all floors. As each looks so different. The jolt of electric that bursts into my face as we pass floor 5. The calming green wafts in as 7 flies through. The golden glow from 11. All completly different. When we reach the roof we step out. Heading towards the bridge over to the floors. I look around, this is the acess to the compartments for 0, 13, 14 and the Capitol. I enter the door, into our home...for 4 more nights. Tommorow was the training scores. Then a free day....well to practise for the interviews. And the day after were the interviews....then the...we enter the arena.

4 nights....and I would be...well I would be in the place I thought I would die. I rest on the couch, as Zehniurs, Viola and Sabrina welcome us. They questions us all about today, making sure they knew everything. And I answer, truthfully. Jeral filling in the bits I did not know. We tell them about the careers, and the other tributes. For about 20 minutes we just answer questions. Then its onto tommorow. What we are to do. What we are to act like. What we are to show. All of it is mapped out, with no room for imagination. Fucking great. After this is all done, we head off to get ready for dinner. I soak my hands in a bowl of cold water, with some herbs or medicine in it, as within seconds they feel fine. I do the same to my feet, before throwing on a light green dress, that wraps around my body, flowing down to my feet. No shoes. No make-up. Just me. When I walk out the others are already eating, I sit down and join them. And within seconds we are onto a terrible subject. The interviews.

The Training Scores

District Male Training Score Betting Odds Female Training Score Betting Odds
0 Phrixos Bacchus 7 11-1 Sevana 7 13-1
1 Lux Gold 8 10-1 Jade Seeku 11 4-1
2 Drake Morden 9 8-1 Jillian-anne Forsythe 9 10-1

Ares Jones

8 10-1 Tori Kate 4 35-1
4 Cain Levenhire 10 6-1 Natalie Brine 11 4-1
5 Thias Feyuz 6 19-1 Dysterin Braine 7 18-1
6 Asphalt Steed 4 29-1 Sylvia Churchill 8 12-1
7 Rafferty Birch 6 19-1 Ranger Sage 5 27-1
8 Dexter Howe 3 36-1 Mystique Cirque 10 8-1
9 Caleb Stoll 7 16-1 Silver Evans 8 12-1
10 Hadix Maven 8 10-1 Aliya Andropov 5 28-1
11 Ames Viner 6 20-1 Pinna Freitas 6 23-1
12 Armstrong Shadows 9 7-1 Piper Hope 8 12-1
13 Levi Quister 7 19-1 Plasma Periman 5 28-1
14 Jeral Salvio 8 13-1 Kailani Kama 8 14-1
Capitol Orlando Bestena 5 23-1 Alodia Rickel 6 21-1

The Interviews

Breeze: Hello, and welcome to the Interviews of the 625th Hunger Games, sadly we did not get to interview the tributes of the first of these four games, but this one will be as juicy and as amazing as usual. We will be diving into the insecurities of each of them, and learn what we will be seeing from each of the tributes. Well lets not beat around the bush, and lets get straight in. Starting with the beautiful Sevana.

District 0

Sevana: Hi...its just so....well nervous being first.

Breeze: Well its only for 2 minutes. So any allies we will be seeing you with.

Sevana: Nope....I think I will be going solo this year...

Breeze: I kinda already guessed that, and I bet we will still be seeing a lot of you.

Sevana: I hope so...the bloodbath is a place that will take a lot of lifes, I just hope I am not in with all those people.

Breeze: Well, since you are not allying. Is there a certain strategy...or idea?

Sevana: Well oh well oh well....that would be telling, wouldnt it.

Breeze: Ahhh, I guess I wont be finding out so many plans today....will I...

Sevana: I do not think so, most will be keeping their hands close to their chest.

Breeze: Well it was lovely talking to you, but we are almost done....any last things you wanna say...

Sevana: Nope....nothing really. All said.

Breeze: Well, thank you Sevana, but I must be moving onto our next tribute. And that just happens to be your District partner, so lets say bye to Sevana, and hello to the wonderful, strong willed Phrixos Baccus. The stage is now all yours...

Phrixos: Hello Breeze....its so lovely to be here.

Breeze: And it is lovely to have you here.

Phrixos: Thanks, but should we not get down to business, I mean we only have like one and a half minutes left...

Breeze: I suppose we should get down to business. Ok then, lets learn more about you.

Phrixos: Well, I was brought up in District 0, with my family. Is not really much to know.

Breeze: Well....anything about the games.

Phrixos: Well I am hoping for a cold arena. Being in 0 you live with the cold everyday, so I would have the upperhand.

Breeze: Ahh, so a cold arena. Not hot.

Phrixos: Definately not a arena full of fire.

Breeze: Well it has been lovely talking to you, but I guess the time is up.

Phrixos: Well its been great talking with you, see you soon.......hopefully.

District 1

Breeze: Now, onto one of our favourite Districts every single year. The tributes from District 1, starting with the first of our two blonde bombshells this year.

Jade: Haha, well by the end of this game, there will only be one blonde bombshell, and that is who you are looking at right now.

Breeze: Oh, confident arent we....

Jade: Well, when you get an 11 in training, we have a reason to be.

Breeze: Oooh, so I am guessing we means you and Natalie.

Jade: Oh yes, I love District 4 and all....but they are not District 1.

Breeze: Well so, District 4 does have the average of 10.5 in the training score. Where as District 1 only recieved a 9.5 as an average, with 2 gaining only a 9.

Jade: Well, I still have confidence in us...

Breeze: And I am sure so does most people in the capitol

Jade: So it was lovely talking to you...

Breeze: I guess it was, but lets move onto our next tribute, Lux Gold.

Lux: Well hello there....*kisses Breeze's hand*

Breeze? *blushes* Oooh well hello to you too...

Lux: Well, lets get on with the interview...

Breeze: Oh yes, so. So so so. Well. An 8....the worst career score this year...

Lux: HAH, I may have made a bit of a mess up, I kinda puked all over the training room...

Breeze: Ooooh, well that explains it...

Lux: Yes...I was so dissapointed, and was sent straight the the doctor, and now I am perfect...

Breeze: Well that is good, as you are entering the arena...tommorow..

Lux:....well I guess I am...I mean I am not scared but...never to see civilisation again....

Breeze: What do you mean never may win....

Lux: Nah, I decided that District 1 will not have another

Breeze: I suppose, well its been lovely talking to you....Bye

Lux: Bye, *kisses Breeze's hand*, thank you for this oppertunity...

District 2

Breeze: Well lets move onto the hard rocks from District 2, and as usual lets begin with the girl, so why dont we welcome Jillian-anne Forsythe...

Jillian-anne: Hi, its amazing to be here.

Breeze: Well lets dive straight in, so District 2 both gained 9's this year, how does that feel.

Jillian-anne: Well there is a slight age difference, Natalie, Jade and Lux are all 18, while Cain is 16. But both Drake and I are only 15.

Breeze: Ahhh I suppose so...

Jillian-anne: Yep, I can always see a reason for things.

Breeze: I see that, so what will your biggest asset in the arena will be....

Jillian-anne: Well, well, well....there is so many...I think my strategic mind will help me highly.

Breeze: Oooh, the strategic careers, they are the most dangerous.

Jillian-anne: Yes they are, very good....

Breeze: Well I must say goodbye, so fairwell.

Jillian-anne: And goodbye to you, I will hopefully see you soon...

Breeze:...and hopefully not as a dead body, but now, lets welcome Drake Mordan to the stage.

Drake: Hello, its lovely to be here.

Breeze: And as with all our amazing tributes today, It is lovely to have you here today.

Drake: Thanks so much

Breeze: So lets begin, in a usual game the 2 male is one of the most feared tributes, do you hope to fufil this role.

Drake: Well I guess so, but I know there are much more feared tributes in these games, I just hope as the time goes on, I will seem much stronger.

Breeze: Well, training scores never really mean anything.

Drake: I suppose, but they help.

Breeze: Yeh, last year both Callam and Kole gained a 9, but in the arena they both died in the bloodbath.

Drake: But then, Annabella, Axel, Eucalyptus and Misty got an 11, 10, 8 and 9 respectively, and they were the final 4.

Breeze: Ahh, but you said it yourself. Misty got a 9, and she won. What did you get....

Drake: Ohh, a 9. I suppose I have a chance then.

Breeze: Well that was lovely, but we must move onto District 3.

District 3

Breeze: Well, lets welcome the first or our two tributes from District 3, Tori Kate.

Tori: Well hello Breeze, so good to finally meet you.

Breeze: Well this is only my sixth year.

Tori: Yes, but I have only seen 6 years/

Breeze: I suppose I have been the only one you have seen.

Tori: Yes, so what were the ones who proceeded you like.

Breeze: Well the one before me was Allengira, she was....random. Sadly she passed away just before I became it, she did the interviews for 60 years.

Tori: Woah, do you think you will last that long.

Breeze: Hopefully I will, I mean I am only 28.

Tori: Really, you look only 20.

Breeze: Oh you, you little flatterer.

Tori: Well I just want to be liked

Breeze: And I am sure you will be, any last words.

Tori: Nope, all been said.

Breeze: Well thank you, but now lets welcome the strong, the powerful Ares Jones.

Ares: Well....well...well..well..

Breeze: Well....?

Ares: Well......I have no clue....

Breeze: Ok......well I guess we should begin

Ares: Well....Ok

Breeze: Good.....well......what weapon do you use.

Ares: Throwing Knives, but I trained with a sword in training.

Breeze: Ahh, so both long ranger and close ranger.

Ares: Yes, I thought of that when I was training.

Breeze: Good, another person thinking...

Ares: Wow....did you just call me.....well smart...

Breeze: I guess I did, oh wow. Look at that. The time is almost up, well thank you for letting me talk.

Ares: And thank you for not ignoring me.

Breeze: Well that finishes District 3, but now onto District 4, our final career District.

District 4

Breeze: Now I call Natalie Brine, the second blonde bombshell, and our last female career.

Natalie: Hi Breeze, great to be here.

Breeze: So another tribute with an 11.

Natalie: I

Breeze: Only a very little group get that number.

Natalie: Yes...but even fewer get a 12

Breeze: But its like impossible to get that

Natalie: But I strive for the impossible.

Breeze: The impossible...its the impossible...

Natalie: And I do not care at all, I want to be the best. I am the best.

Breeze: Ok...I guess...

Natalie: Oh you do not know that yet, but in the arena you will see

Breeze: Ok...well lets move onto Cain...bye

Natalie: I will see you soon, but you will see me sooner..

Breeze: Well lets welcome Cain Levenhire to the stage.

Cain: Well hello Breeze, it is lovely to be here atlast.

Breeze: What do you mean at last.

Cain: Well we have been in the Capitol almost a week and I have not even seen you.

Breeze: Well that is just terrible. So lets begin. A 10 is a pretty impressive score, very impressive infact.

Cain: I am very proud of it, I mean joint second with Mystique. Not bad.

Breeze: I guessed you would be happy, but has there been any reprocussions with the other tributes in the careers....wait. We do not even know who the careers are.

Cain: Well lets fill you in, it is basically just the career Districts....and maybe one more....depending on the Bloodbath...

Breeze: Oooh, just another thing for me to look forward to.

Cain: Ahh but its the Hunger Games. So much to look forward to.

Breeze: I know, especially the Victors interview.

Cain: Well it may be similar to this, as it may be me.

Breeze: There is a high change it will be, but that is all we have for now, Goodbye Cain.

District 5

Breeze: Well that is all the careers down, now we must move onto District 5, beginning with Dysterin Braine.

Dysterin: It is amazing to be here.

Breeze: Ok then, lets begin. Who is your biggest...competitor.

Dysterin: Easy, Jade

Breeze: Why Jade and not Natalie

Dysterin: It is easy. Jade just has the personality....whereas Natalie seemed like a bitch.

Breeze: Sooo.........

Dysterin: Soooo she will not be sponsored

Breeze: Ohhh as no one sponsors the douches.

Dysterin: Yep....oh no. Now she is gonna know I said that.

Breeze: Yes....and....

Dysterin: Meaning she will want me dead....

Breeze: Oh....well it was nice knowing you...

Dysterin: Was it?

Breeze: But now I must welcome Thias Feyuz to the centre of the stage.

Thias: Well that was a nice welcome

Breeze: Thank you, I strive to make everyone feel at home.

Thias: Well you are doing it fine.

Breeze: Its not often the interviewer gets a compliment

Thias: Oh but with your skill it must happen all the time

Breeze: Nope, never.

Thias: I am shocked

Breeze: Well have you seen anyone else compliment me...

Thias: No....what has our world come to

Breeze: I know....its a shame

Thias: Well my time is almost out

Breeze: I suppose it is, so I must say goodbye as we move onto District 6

Thias: Bye, lovely talking to such a skilled interviewer

Breeze: Lovely talking to you aswell

District 6

Breeze: Well we are almost at half way point, but now lets welcome Sylvia Churchill.

Sylvia: Oh its great to be here.

Breeze: But its also great to have you here.

Sylvia: So, what do you want to know.

Breeze: I want to know what will help you out in the game, make you stronger. Get you the sponsors. This is your time. Use it.

Sylvia: Ok then, I may have only gotten an 8, but I still can show more.

Breeze: Like what....

Sylvia: My main weapons are the bow and I am decent with throwing knives.

Breeze: So you prefer long range.

Sylvia: Yes, I just think you have not seen even a third of me.

Breeze: Oooh so confidence, I like this.

Sylvia: Damn, if only it didnt end. Guess you will have to watch out for me in the arena.

Breeze: Bye

Sylvia: Bye, see you when I see you.

Breeze: Ok then, I guess we should give a round of applause for our next tribute, Asphalt Steed.

Asphalt: Ahh such a glorious welcome.

Breeze: I try to do my best.

Asphalt: Well so will I in the arena

Breeze: Oooh determined.

Asphalt: Yes, the same as any tribute.

Breeze: Well, what do you want to tell us. What will make you win.

Asphalt: Its easy, I am not a threat. No one ever focusses on the non-threats. So while they are all taking eachother out, I will be soaring through the game.

Breeze: Well then, what arena do you want.

Asphalt: The ideal one would be my home town. I would know it, I would have the upperhand. But probably a small town. Thats it.

Breeze: Well I must say goodbye, as by the looks of it time is almost up.

Aspahlt: Well I will say Bye aswell.

Breeze: Give another round of applause for our male from District 6, Asphalt Steed...

District 7

Breeze: These are going fast, and the last District before half way is District 7, beginnign with Ranger Sage.

Ranger: Ahh well that is my name

Breeze: Ok then, so we have clarified your name is Ranger.

Ranger: Are you calling me stupid, cause I aint.

Breeze: Oh no no no....

Ranger: Then what are you calling me...

Breeze: Im calling you Ranger

Ranger: Why would you call me that.

Breeze: I would call you Ranger cause that is your name.

Ranger: Well why are you calling me it again and again.


Ranger: I know...Im not stupid

Breeze: Well bye.....*whispers* you little spoilt bitch

Ranger: BYE, I know I was epic.

Breeze: Well lets welcome Rafferty Birch, and hopefully someone completly different.

Rafferty: Well she was not? putting up much of a....well she made District 7 look like a bunch of idiots.

Breeze: And is that true

Rafferty: Well apart from me, obviously it is.

Breeze: I love the confidence, but Annabella did get 3rd.

Rafferty: But she did let go of the cliff.

Breeze: She had morals, she wanted to win by herself.

Rafferty: I know, but I say. Take all the help we can.

Breeze: Why.

Rafferty: As I want to win.

Breeze: So you will stab people in the back, just to win.

Rafferty: Summing me up in one sentance there.

Breeze: Well District 7 is....different from last year.

Rafferty: We got better, didnt we.

Breeze: I a way....

District 8

Breeze: And now we are into the second half of our evening, to begin with the highest scoring non career, Mystique Cirque.

Mystique: Ahh, I guess I did......well it was hard.

Breeze: But still, that will help with the sponsors.

Mystique: I suppose, but that can be overlooked, especially compared to Jade and Natalie.

Breeze: Ahh but our of 32, you are one of the top. That always helps.

Mystique: I suppose, I just can not help think about who did better.

Breeze: Well only 2 people, and only one person drawed.

Mystique: District 4 certainly did do well.

Breeze: They really did, and so did you.

Mystique: Not compared to them.

Breeze: No, you beat 3 of the careers, with only two beating you.

Mystique: I just decided to keep my head in the game, rather than focus on who is better and worse.

Breeze: Well this was lovely, but I now must move onto your District partner, Dexter Howe.

Dexter: Hi Breeze, loving beeing here in the Capitol.

Breeze: Well I hate to bring this up, but from one of the highest, the lowest...

Dexter: I know....a 3....its just....

Breeze: Well lets not dwell on that, and move onto learning about you...

Dexter: I just am terrified....

Breeze: Dont be, you have a chance. Only 2 years ago our beloved victor only gained a 2.

Dezter: Yeh but what are the chances of that happening again.

Breeze: Same chances of anyone else winniong...

Dexter: I suppose but terrified...

Breeze: I just hope you realise, the training scores do not always matter...

Dexter: Thanks, and shouldnt you be moving on.

Breeze: Oh my god I should, goodbye, and remember you can do this...

Dexter: Thanks....

District 9

Breeze: Well now lets welcome Silver Evans to the stand.

Silver: Hello.....I guess

Breeze: Well you....what to say about you....

Silver: Well I guess there is a lot to say about my if it is taking you this long to think of.

Breeze: Ok then....lets just about....well you made a splash at the reaping.

Silver: Well....lets just say I am not the most liked in District 9...

Breeze: Bad history...?

Silver: Well most people thought I was dead so....

Breeze: Wait what....

Silver: Yep....thought I was dead...

Breeze: and why...

Silver: Some people tortured me.....left me for dead....but I never die...

Breeze: Well....this has been lovely but....

Silver: But now you have to interview one of the people who made my life hell....

Breeze: Wait Caleb is one of them....

Silver: Yes.....yes he is...

Breeze: Guess we will welcome Caleb Stoll to the stage then..

Caleb: So apparently Im a monster now

Breeze: Apparently you are...

Caleb: Yes....sadly....

Breeze: So why dont we hear your side to this story...

Caleb: Well for one, Silver was kinda the bully...

Breeze: Oooh a twist in the tale....

Caleb: Yep, so she tried to beat me up on the edge of town, and I told my friends and they came and backed me up, she attacked and knocked most of us out cold...

Breeze: Vicious....

Caleb: I know, the others fleed and when we woke up....she was gone....her blood soaked everywhere...

Breeze: Now...who do we believe...

Caleb: The innocent weak tiny 12 year old.....

Breeze: Or the monster from 9.......

Caleb: Not that hard is it....

Breeze: Nope, thank you so much for telling us this, but now we must move onto District 10.

District 10

Breeze: Ahh only 12 of our fine tributes left, so lets welcome Aliya Andropov to the stage.

Aliya: Well hello Breeze.

Breeze: Well hello Aliya

Aliya: Its great to be here

Breeze: Its great to have you here

Aliya: Well......

Breeze: Ahh......

Aliya: I guess.......

Breeze: Hmm......

Aliya: Well this was fun

Breeze: it was fun

Aliya: So...............ahh there was the buzzer, it was lovely.

Breeze: Oh yes it was....

Aliya: *whispers* Ugh little bitch

Breeze: Well now lets welcome Hadix Maven to the stage.

Hadix: Hiya, great to be here.

Breeze: Ok then, formalities done, lets get started with the interview..

Hadix: Yes, lets do this.

Breeze: Well, what are your plans for the arena....

Hadix: I do have an alliance worked out....Caleb, Levi and I are going to do this.

Breeze: Ahhh the old outer male alliance...a common strong alliance...

Hadix: Yep, and I know we can do it...

Breeze: Loving the confidence...

Hadix: Its all I have to give...

Breeze: So not much other than the confidence...

Hadix: I just do not want to let you in....

Breeze: Why not

Hadix: Welll....I just....just...

Breeze: Ahh guess we will never know, as now we must move onto District 11...

District 11

Breeze: Well then, just 10 of us lets introduce Pinna Freitas

Pinna: Ok then, what do you want to know about me....oh and hi.

Breeze: Ehmm.......I think we will.....a bit about your family

Pinna: Oooh.....well I love my family so much....

Breeze: I know District 11 is usually a large family that the case with you....

Pinna: Nope, only 5 of us....suppose thats big to some....

Breeze: Ahh, well its tiny to me...I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters....

Pinna: Well that is giant.....

Breeze: It horrible...and sadly I was the youngest....

Pinna: Ohh....tough break....tough...

Breeze: Yes.....yes it tough....*tear flows down cheek*

Pinna: Awww, its ok...

Breeze: It was....but....but....anyways....your time is up....

Pinna: Well bye, It was lovely talking to you...

Breeze: Now I must move onto Ames Viner, the king of the crop.....s

Ames: I am honored to be here....

Breeze: Great then, lets get started, tell us about your life before the reaping...

Ames: Ok then well I have always lived in District 11.....

Breeze: Which part of it...

Ames: In the south east....a small village...

Breeze: How many people...

Ames: Around 100....suppose it is one of the biggest...

Breeze: What is the main trade there...

Ames: Ehmm we are surrounded with orchards..

Breeze: I like apples....

Ames: Well I am sick of them by now

Breeze: Ahhh so not something you want to see in the arena

Ames: Boy no...unless I am starving

Breeze: Well it has been lovely talking to you, but I must move onto District 12.

District 12

Breeze: Ahhh only 8 tributes left...

Piper: Including me....

Breeze: Ahhh so lets all welcome Piper Hope to our hearts..

Piper: Oh you are so nice.....

Breeze: Well lets dive in, you are one of our youngest tributes this year, at 13 if I am correct...

Piper: Yes I am

Breeze: Yes so with only Caleb and Thias being younger...

Piper: Wait does that make me the youngest female....

Breeze: I guess it does....

Piper: That is not good......

Breeze: Ahh but you look smart...

Piper: I am smart...

Breeze: I bet half of them will easily be killed by your cunning

Piper: I hope so....I Piper hope so....

Breeze: Aha....lovely joke, but lets move onto our next tribute.....Armstrong Shadows

Armstrong: Hi....

Breeze: Well how are you

Armstrong: Fine....

Breeze: Do you think you can win this...

Armstrong: No....

Breeze: Sure you can, a 9 in training is impressive...

Armstrong: ...........

Breeze: Ok then.....well....

Armstrong: ...........

Breeze: Do you think the careers are strong this year?

Armstrong: Yes.....

Breeze: Ok then, well......

Armstrong: Bye....

Breeze: Well that was....different....strong but silent.....

District 13

Breeze: Ahhh well time is almost over, but still 6 to go, and lets begin with the wierd but wonderful, Plasma Periman.

Plasma: Oh yes, bang on...

Breeze: What are you talking about...

Plasma: Just how correct you were when you said I was wonderful.....and wierd to a certain extent...

Breeze: Ok then, but I mean look at your do you get it like that...

Plasma: With hours, and I mean hours of work....

Breeze: Well, it really makes you stand out from the crowd...

Plasma: Oh yes it does...

Breeze: But sadly, in the arena I guess you will have to have it flat...

Plasma: Sadly I guess token is my bandana so I will probably have my hair covered...

Breeze: Why?

Plasma: Oh, so that if I do win my hair wont be damaged.

Breeze: Ahhh makes sense, well it has been lovely but we must now move onto Levi Quister.

Levi: Great intro....just great...

Breeze: Ok so....we know you are in an alliance with....

Levi: Hadix and Caleb...

Breeze: Oh yes, now I do you think you guys have a chance.

Levi: I think we have as much as a chance as anyone else does.

Breeze: So why is that.

Levi: What if the arena is just a lot of small islands, and a vast ocean...

Breeze: I would expect District 4 to excel

Levi: See, and if it was fields

Breeze: 9 or 11

Levi: See what I am getting at...

Breeze: all depends on the arena....the circumstances...

Levi: Yes it does

Breeze: Well thanks for the eye opener, but I must move onto District 14, the new District.

District 14

Breeze: Just 4 left.....and to take us down to 3, we must interview Kailani Kama....come join my up here...

Kailani: I am already here

Breeze: Great, guess we should get started then....

Kailani: Thats fine with me

Breeze: So in the bloodbath, what will we be seeing from you.

Kailani: Ahhh well that is a secret....

Breeze: Oooh guess I will have to watch and see...

Kailani: Yes you will

Breeze: Ahhh the parnoia.....I can not wait

Kailani: Well I can wait.....

Breeze: Dont be scared, District 14 did well, bot gaining 8's

Kailani: I suppose....but others got better

Breeze: Yes, but we must focus on the positives

Kailani: I suppose we should

Breeze: Well that was great, and now I must move onto Jeral Salvio, another strong contendor this year.

Jeral: I guess thanks for calling me strong

Breeze: Ahhh no problem....I only speak the truth

Jeral: Lay the flattery on thick

Breeze: I will, but we really must get on, what are your plans with these games...

Jeral: Well one thing....stay solo...

Breeze: Why

Jeral: I hate others.....especially those trying to kill me...

Breeze: Well that is the point of the games...

Jeral: Yeh....but you still dont find it a bit sickening...

Breeze: What is sickening about it...its fun

Jeral: Maybe for you....but I have to kill people

Breeze: Its the aim of the game

Jeral: A game I hate

Breeze: .......time is up....I guess.....well lets move onto District....wait...only the Capitol left....

The Capitol

Breeze: Well now we come to the end of our evening, with only our own home to go. Now may I introduce the gorgeous Alodia Rickel

Alodia: So how do you like the Capitol

Breeze: Woah shouldnt I be asking the questions

Alodia: Nah, lets give you a break

Breeze: Well thank you.

Alodia: But then, how do you like the Capitol

Breeze: Well I love it, so clean. So beautiful. So many places I know and love. Ever heard of Crescere's.

Alodia: Oh my god I love that place.

Breeze: Oh my god so do I

Alodia: The cream cheesecake with a cherry sauce, mixed with lemon seeds.

Breeze: Thats my favourite

Alodia: ME TOO

Breeze: Wow....we share so much, I could talk to you for hours.

Alodia: Same here

Breeze: But we now must move onto Orlando Bestena

Orlando: Hi, loving being here

Breeze: Loving having you here

Orlando: Thanks

Breeze: Well lets begin, as you are our last one, we may aswell ask you the most important question...which tributes do you think will win

Orlando: Alodia...

Breeze: Well that was an instant answer....why

Orlando: She just seems level headed....and strong minded.

Breeze: Ahhh she did seem calm when I talked to her

Orlando: And she just gets on so well with everyone

Breeze: Well......what about the careers....

Orlando: They dont scared me....not at all

Breeze: Ahhh well I must say goodbye, and I will see you-oh my god why is Alodia running at me waving her knickers....AHHHHHHHHH-


Paring Tribute 1 Training Score Tribute 2 Training Score Average Training Score
1 Jade Seeku 11 Natalie Brine 11 11
2 Cain Levenhire 10 Mystique Cirque 10 10
3 Drake Mordan 9 Jillian-anne Forsythe 9 9
4 Armstrong Shadows 9 Piper Hope 8 8.5
5 Lux Gold 8 Sylvia Churchill 8 8
6 Silver Evans 8 Ares Jones 8 8
7 Kailani Kama 8 Jeral Salvio 8 8
8 Hadix Maven 8 Levi Quister 7 7.5
9 Caleb Stoll 7 Dysterin Braine 7 7
10 Sevana 7 Phrixos Bacchus 7 7
11 Thias Feyuz 6 Rafferty Birch 6 6
12 Alodia Rickel 6 Pinna Freitas 6 6
13 Ames Viner 6 Plasma Periman 5 5.5
14 Aliya Andropov 5 Ranger Sage 5 5
15 Asphalt Steed 4 Orlando Bestena 5 4.5
16 Tori Kate 4 Dexter Howe 3 3.5

More Detail on The Games

So yeh, I will now explain the idea of the games. The tributes have been paired by training scores, strongest with strongest and weakest with weakest. Its basic. Yeh so in the arena they HAVE to be with their partner at almost 100% of the time. If they are not they will be killed. Unless the tribute dies though. Then they are free. They can ally with other tributes though, so the careers can be the careers and that. But they have to all ally with their partners. So yeh. Two partners can actually win, so there may be two victors. If a partner and partner are the last two.

The Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Method Partner
32nd Asphalt Steed 6 Natalie Brine 4 Holding head beneath the surface of the water Orlando Bestena
31st Jillian-anne Forsythe 2 Armstrong Shadows 12 Neck snapped with the twist of an arm Drake Mordan
30th Plasma Periman 13 Jade Seeku 1 Sword to the side of the head Ames Viner
29th Ames Viner 11 Jade Seeku 1 Sword through chest and arm Plasma Periman
28th Dysterin Braine 5 Ranger Sage 7 Slamming her head repeatadly on the cornucopia Caleb Stoll
27th Ranger Sage 7 Sylvia Churchill 6 Knife plunged into her head Aliya Andropov
26th Tori Kate 3 Lux Gold 1 Multiple gashes over her body, blead to death Dexter Howe
25th Kailani Kama 14 Jade Seeku 1 Strangeled Using Bow String Jeral Salvio
24th Sevana 0 Arena Arena Suffocated by the sand Phrixos Baccus
23rd Ares Jones 3 Mystique Cirque 8 Whipped reapeatadly by whip, loss of blood Silver Evans
22nd Jade Seeku 1 Hadix Maven 10 Mace to the side of the head Natalie Brine
21st Caleb Stoll 9 Natalie Brine 4 Trident to the chest Dysterin Braine
20th Levi Quister 13 Drake Mordan 2 Acid burned into brain. Hadix Maven
19th Rafferty Birch 7 Thias Feyuz 5 Knife to the back of the head Thias Feyuz
18th Cain Levenhire 4 Lynx Mutt Arena Poison burning veins and stopping organs Mystique Cirque
17th Lux Gold 1 Horse Mutt Arena Stampeded to death Sylvia Churchill
16th Sylvia Churchill 6 Horse Mutt Arena Stampeded to death Lux Gold
15th Drake Mordan 2 Natalie Brine 4 Pushed off ledge into ocean Jillian-anne Forsythe
14th Aliya Andropov 10th Quick Sand Arena Suffocated under tonnes of sand Ranger Sage
13th Hadix Maven 10 Hadix Maven 10 Smashed head in with chain mace Levi Quister
12th Dexter Howe 8 Tidal Wave Arena Drowned in the crashing waves Tori Kate
11th Orlando Bestena Capitol Tidal Wave Arena Head smashed into boulder Asphalt Steed
10th Phrixos Baccus 0 N/A N/A Fell off cliff into rocks below Sevana
9th Pinna Freitas 11 Gamemakers Capitol Poisoned by apple Alodia Rickle
8th Natalie Brine 4 Gamemakers Capitol Fell from frozen waterfall Jade Seeku
7th Mystique Cirque 8 Gamemakers Capitol Crushed by a bed of needles Cain Levenhire
6th Alodia Rickle Capitol Jeral Salvio 14 Axe lodged in brain Pinna Freitas
5th Jeral Salvio 14 Armstrong Shadows 12 Pushed off cliff into abyss Kailani Kama
4th Silver Evans 9 Basilisk Arena Cells ripped apart by Basilisk's stare Ares Jones
3rd Piper Hope 12 Thias Feyuz 5 Stabbed in the back Armstrong Shadows
2nd Armstrong Shadows 12 Armstrong Shadows 12 Knife plunged into heart and torn Piper Hope
1st Thias Faeuz 5 N/A N/A Victor Rafferty Birch

Pairings Death Chart

Placing Pairing Number First Member First Member Placing Second Member Second Member Placing
16th 13 Plasma Periman 30th Ames Viner 29th
15th 9 Dysterin Braine 28th Caleb Stoll 21st
14th 5 Lux Gold 17th Sylvia Churchill 16th
13th 3 Jillian-anne Forsythe 31st Drake Mordan 15th
12th 14 Ranger Sage 27th Aliya Andropov 14th
11th 8 Levi Quister 20th Hadix Maven 13th
10th 16 Tori Kate 26th Dexter Howe 12th


Asphalt Steed 32nd Orlando Bestena 11th
8th 10 Sevana 24th Phrixos Baccus 10th
7th 1 Jade Seeku 22nd Natalie Brine 8th
6th 2 Cain Levenhire 18th Mystique Cirque 7th
5th 12 Pinna Freitas 9th Alodia Rickle 6th
4th 7 Kailani Kama 25th Jeral Salvio 5th
3rd 6 Ares Jones 23rd Silver Evans 4th
2nd 4 Piper Hope 3rd Armstrong Shadows 2nd
1st 11 Rafferty Birch 19th Thias Feyuz 1st

District Death Chart

Placing District First Tribute First Tribute Placing Second Tribute Second Tribute Placing
16th 3 Tori Kate 26th Ares Jones 23rd
15th 13 Plasma Periman 30th Levi Quister 20th
14th 7 Ranger Sage 27th Rafferty Birch 19th
13th 1 Jade Seeku 22nd Lux Gold 17th
12th 6 Asphalt Steed 32nd Sylvia Churchill 16th
11th 2 Jillian-anne Forsythe 31st Drake Mordan 15th
10th 10 Aliya Andropov 14th Hadix Maven 13th
9th 0 Sevana 24th Phrixos Baccus 10th
8th 11 Ames Viner 29th Pinna Frietas 9th
7th 4 Cain Levenhire 18th Natalie Brine 8th
6th 8 Dexter Howe 12th Mystique Cirque 7th
5th Capitol Orlando Bestena 11th Alodia Rickle 6th
4th 14 Kailani Kama 25th Jeral Salvio 5th
3rd 9 Caleb Stoll 21st Silver Evans 4th
2nd 12 Piper Hope 3rd Armstrong Shadows 2nd
1st 5 Dysterin Braine 28th Thias Feyuz 1st

The Games

Day 1

The Bloodbath

The camera pans over the whole arena. Scanning every little detail. From the cornucopia, just over 20 metres from the shore, but all the tributes are on the beach. Lined up one after another. Then to the cove, deep purple water. Reefs swarming with fish. The blazing desert, rocks dotted across the place. Each completly different. Each filled with pain. The mutt forest, even from this distance you can see a wolf shaped beast, around the size of a bear. Dark black fur. Prickly in the morning dew. And finally it pans to the Haven Isle. The place everyone wants to be. The place that will leed anyone to victory.

It flashes back to the cornucopia....just as the count down begins...
















As the gong sounds the tributes spawn out, each heading in a compeltly different direction. Most splash into the water, while others enter the arena. The camera zooms into the island containing the cornucopia, surrounded by the tributes trecking through the water, some grab bags which float around. While others head for the major treaures. Others though use their brains. Natalie instead of heading in stands on the beach, her eyes dart to the struggling figure of Asphalt. She dives under the cool ice blue water, appearing less than a metre from the figure of Asphalt. She grabs the back of his head and pulls it under the water, but still Asphalt puts up a fight. His foot smashes into the chest of Natalie, knocking the breath out of her, but this just leads to him being pushed down further. Another few seconds pass of the girl from 4 lets go of the body of the boy, floating to the surface. He lies there. Still as the beach the waves crash onto. Gone from this world. Natalie smirks before turning back to the cornucopia, wanting to spill blood this time.

Piper and Armstrong are just off the edge of the cornucopia, grabbing some supplies. One of the few pairings containing allies. They are grabbing what they can, while watching eachothers backs. A hand flies out of no where, smashing Piper over the head. She drops the large backpack she was carrying, and clatters to the floor. Armstrong on the other hand does not. He whirls around, armed with only his fists. He is welcomed with the sight of Jillian-anne and Drake, both armed. Both deadly. Another example of allies as pairs. One of the two other examples of District partners as pairs. Jillian-anne, who appears to be the one to knock down Piper stabs out with a thin blade she aquired as she struggled through the water. While Drake hits hard with a sword he retrieved from the back of the cornucopia. He tries to slam it into the chest of the rising Piper, but is deflected by the arm or Armstrong. A gash appears but he doesnt care. His fist sinks into the nose of the boy from two. Knocking him down. Jillian-anne, rage filled stabs her knife into his shoulder. But like with the gash he does not wince. He locks his hand round her head and with one sharp twist he kills her. Another limp figure to add to the pile. He scoops up the backpack Piper dropped on one shoulder, Drakes weapon on the other. He helps Piper to her feet, handing her Jillian-anne's knife in the process. They dont try and head back in, fearing the worst. So dive straight into the water, back to the mainland.

Mystique and Cain have decided to leave the careers and the anti-careers, to form an alliance of their own. They are both in the bloodbath, Cain is protecting Mystique while she unties a large tent set from the pick that lodges it in the ground. The other careers think Cain has gained Mystique as another ally for the careers, so have been avoiding hurting her. They manage to free the set, while Cain grabbed two backpacks, a trident and a long think metal whip. They enter the ocean, Cain powering them through. The careers notice this, and are about to take after them when they remember that they are only 2 tributes. Mystique and Cain hit the beach, dissapearing off into the arena.

Natalie has made it back to the cornucopia, and is currenty fighting back to back with Jade against Plasma and Ames. Both seem to be holding there ground, despite the low training scores, and the blonde bombshells seem to be falling back. Jade is considering backing off when Natalie falls back, her arm struck with a gash. She hobbles to the mouth of the cornucopia, grabbing a small bundle of cloth, tying it round the wound. Trying to stop the steady flow of blood. Jade takes one look, filling with rage she turns to see Plasma holding the bloody knife. Almost golden in the soft beat of the pulsating sun. She swings her sword over her head, before bringing it smashing down. Striking Plasma on the side of the head, an instant kill. But she can not rest, Ames also infuriated grabs a stone from the beach, and begins swinging at Jades hed. He misses the first four times, but on the fith makes contact with her shoulder. Luckily she just retrieves the sword with the other hand in time to plunge it straight through his side, catching his arm when it bursts out, blood pouring from the open wound. His arm stops just above her head, as the energy drains out. Onto the beach, and into the air. He was gone. Jade shakes this off, before returning a glance to Natalie, finished off with a small smile. As if to say you may have one kill, but I have two.

There was only around 10 concious people left at the cornucopia, with Drake and Natalie both unable to fight. Caleb and Dysterin have been standing close to the supplies, when Ranger attacked. She grabbed the back of her former allies head, and smashes it repeatadly on the side of the cornucopia. Caleb, panick stricken slowly backs off, clashing into Hadix and Levi. They instantly decide to resume their alliance, fleeing with minimum supplies away from the other tributes. Ranger on the otherhand, continues smashing the girls head on the side, a melicious grin across her face. Despite the fact she is already stone cold dead, she keeps smashing it. Her head filled with blood, blood coating the soft gold metal. It only ends when Sylvia, about to attack Lux plunges her knife into the head of Ranger. Wanting the pain to end. When both bodies hit the ground, Sylvia turns to her bigger threat. The boy from one.

When Sylvia reaches Lux, he is standing over the still body of Tori. Not dead yet but slowly creeping away. The beach around her is stained crimson with her blood, gashes and cuts coat her body, clearly they all came from the silver blade Lux is clenching in his pale hand. Such a comparison from the deep blood on the floor. Sylvia is about to throw her knife at his head when Lux moves, creeping up to Sylvia within a second.

"Do you think I want to see you die" His words pierce her ears, but carry no further.

Sylvia lowers the knife and stands on her toes to reach the ears of the towering careers. "Your a career...coarse you do. Its the way your brought up"

"Typical. I am not a killer. I kill to survive. I want as many of us to survive as we can"

Sylvia faulters, and stares into his face before replying hesitantly. "Wait...your not going to kill me"

"Nope, Im going to ally with you." He grabs Sylvia's hand, slinging a thick black bag over his shoulder, before dissapearing into the arena. Sylvia follows, grabbing a bag from the water as they pass, and slipping her knife into her pocket. She can hear the screams of Jade as she leaves with another one of her former allies, but she will not be the one who feels Jade's wrath.

Only 3 tributes, not counting Drake and Natalie, are left surrounding the cornucopia. Jade and the tributes from 14. The moment they see this though, they begin to back away. Leaping into the ocean, begin to slowly swim away. Piled down with supplies. Jade dives into the ocean, making her way more steadily through the jade water. With only her knife to pull her down beneath the quivering surface. She easily catches the pair, grabbing the back of Jeral's jacket. He stumbles back, almost making it out, but collapses into the sea, dissapearing beneath the surface. Kailani reaches the shore, but hesitates for a few seconds, before returning to help her partner. She withdraws a bow from her shoulder, shooting a flurry of arrows straight into the head of Jade. All make contact, but most just get tangeled in her hair, one drives into her eye, causing her to drop the knife beneath the waves. She pushes Jeral out of the way, and turns her attention to Kailani. Charging, blind in one eye, with only her fists to use. Jeral struggles above the waves, and scans to find the others. He is about to head over, when Kailani shakes her head frantically. Jeral, deciding he knew Kailani was lost charges into the land, away from any immediate danger. Kailani on the other hand, sent her only ally away. Jade easily overcomes her, pushing her under the waves. she takes the bow from Kailani, and wraps it tightly around her neck, ripping out the string, using it to take her third kill. She lets the body go loose, joining the body of Asphalt floating in the water. She pushes it out, and slowly makes her way back to the island. Using her last bit of strength, to push out the bodies of Plasma, Ames, Jillian-anne, Tori, Ranger and Dysterin out into the sea, allowing them to be collected. When she returns to the cornucopia she finds Natalie concious, and supporting a drowsy Drake. 3 careers with 21 other tributes free in the arena. All wanting blood.

Post Bloodbath

The careers rest at the supplies, with only three of them being there. Drake is hardly able to move, sleeping at the back of the cornucopia, hidden under a mond of blankets, while Jade and Natalie discuss the plans in the games. With Jillian-anne passing on, and both Lux and Cain deciding with their partners, they are sincerly low on allies. But high on supplies.

Jade sits on a box of food, covered in a thick cloth, just infront of the fire they created to heat them up. "I presume we are not going hunting"

Natalie looks up, a smile on her face. "Like you need more kills, 3 is what most get in the games as a whole...not just the bloodbath"

"I suppose....but 8...8 is not good". Natalies smile dissapears just as the words leave the mouth of Jade.

"I know...Lux, Armstrong, the 7 girl and the 6 female got kills aswell as us two". Natalie grabs a bag of apples, slipping one from its folds and sinking her teeth into it. Sending juice flying onto her face.

"Guess they are all threats..." Jade takes her knife, wiping a speck of blood from its silver blade. Before throwing it into the sand, sinking it into the sand.

A flash of horror appears on Natalie's face, her eyes widen, her face palens. "Lux and Sylvia are going to be a hard pair to take down"

"But the 7 girl was killed..." Jade chips in. She gains to her feet, and stares into the arena.

"We are still in good standing...the only one who could sneak up on us is Cain....he is a dynamite in water" Natalie joins Jade by her side, staring into a place she may die in. They share one last look, before Jade grabs her blanket from the floor of sand, before joining Drake. She pulls it over her body, nibbling on a small biscuit, as Natalie takes the first watch.


Thias and Rafferty have been moving at a steady rate through the arena, they are on the edge of the desert, fearing to fall into its heat. They have minor supplies, only the things they could scavenge from the water. A single knife, and a pack of food. They have not seen any other tributes, and are both terrified. They just left after Jillian-anne died, bashing into the tributes from 12. They are planning on moving off to the forest they can see in the distance. They have not been talking, both not knowing what to say. Both having lost their District partners, even if they did not know.


The cannons stun the boys, causing them to stop. Counting 8 cannons. They rest there feet on the sand, and turn to eachother. Knowing they can not leave eachother. Thias removes the knife from his knife, the only knife, from the pack. Moving it into his jacket pocket. Much more acessible.

"We need to keep moving" Rafferty pushes Thias forward as he speaks, swiftly removing the knife without Thias knowing. He slips it into his jacket. before following.

They continue to walk for a few hours before resting on a set of rocks. They make a small fire, just to warm them for a few minutes before layering it with rocks, quenching the flames. They take one look at eachother before moving out, neither trusting eachother. Neither wanting to ally. But neither having the guts to drag a blade across the others neck.


Dexter is currently one of the two tributes alone, as Orlando and Jeral have allied, and Caleb is with his original alliance, and the rest being with their partners. Aliya is also alone, but is in a completely different area. Dexter ran up the isle that the cornucopia was resting on, rather than down towards the desert, where most tributes headed. He is moving right beside the edge of the cliff, staring down at the water that crashes against the erroded rocks. He managed to grab a bag that had washed up on the beach. It contained a coil of rope, a coat with a single knife in a small pocket and a canteen, half filled with water. He removes the bottle when he hits a small spring, downing the water inside and filling it with the water. He rests beside the pond, scanning around, looking for others. A small rabbit appears from a bush, hopping over to the pond. Sticking its head in. Sipping away. Dexter removes the knife, and is about to slam it into the rabbits head when he sees it. He sees a small bush. Darting across he removes one of the berries, rolling it around is hand. A plump blueberry. He pokes a hole in it, revealing deep purple juice to pore from the puncture in the soft skin. Seconds after this he chucks it into his mouth while he plucks the others. Placing them in the canteen with the water. Food, weapons and water. All set for the trials that await him in the future. A smile passes across his face as he fills his pack, puts on his coat and bounds along. Covering distances, finally believing he can do this.


Phrixos and Sevana were completly lost. They had had a run in with Ares and Silver as they left, which involved a knife entering the arm of Phrixos. It only scuffed the elbow, causing exteme pain, but not much long term damage. Luckily Sevana managed to get a backpack filled with medicine and bandages, and she managed to clean it and wrap it up before anything bad happened. They ventured into the desert, knowing that almost no one would head that way, and almost no one would be there to take them down. They found a small section of rocks, protecting them from the sandstorm. Phrixos also managed to grab a backpack, much smaller that the one that Sevana gained. It contained a pack of biscuits and a canteen filled with water. Whereas Sevana's heald the medical supplies, and a knife set. Both have three knives, and both have enough water and food for a few days. Neither is feeling that confident, but neither cares that much. Both just wanting to survive.

As they continue through the desert, the sand begins to whirl around their faces. Using the jackets to stop it entering their mouths, down the throats. Taking them from this world. The heat soars at they hit the peak of the day. The sand though blocks the sun, but also insulates them. Tearing off their jackets they slowly make it through, Sharing the very last of the water. Faces pouring with sweat they collapse next to a small bunch of cacti. Slicing with their knives they pierce the skin, causing a small stream of water to pour down the soft but tough skin of the cacti. Interwining between the small spikes, creating a dent in the sand that coats the plant. A small patern, repating as it flows into their canteen. Still mixed with sand, but Sevana still empties it out into her mouth, before filling it up, and passing it to Phrixos. Both of them collapse, allowing a blanket of sand to cover them.

Sevana's dark strips of hair flow in the slow wind. Phrixos hands push the sand from his mouth. Sevana's stay still, hidden by the sand. Her eyes wide open, pupils open full. Allowing only a small line of deep navy blue to be seen. Phrixos pushes up, allowing the camera to see his full body. He glance around, the sandstorm having finished. His eyes catch sight of the still figure of Sevana, and he instantly fears the worst. He crawls over to the body of his pair, and pushes her over. Pulling her face from the sand, only causing a waterfall of sand to come from her mouth. Pouring onto his lap, as soon as her head faces the skies, her eyelids close. Her mouth shuts and she gives one last cough before she goes still again. BOOM.


Sylvia and Lux have been travelling since they left. They managed to grab some supplies, Sylvia being armed with a knife while Lux having a backpack containing a thin metal axe, and some minor supplies. They are currently resting on a small rock facing the mountains. They have decided to stick to the edge of the arena, staying close to the mountains, while also being on the edge of the desert, so they can flee if needed. They seem to be getting on well, just telling eachother about them. The rock face looms high above then, not even possible to climb. Rough but flat, they stare up into its terror, before taking one last look at the desert. Sylvia rises to her feet. pacing back and forward as Lux swigs from the canteen they filled while they passed a small spring. Pouring from the wall it was their last chance to stock up before they entered the desert terrain.

"Sure we should be going this way" Sylvia continues to pace back and forwards, just taking one look to focus in on Lux.

He stands up, walking back to the spring, filling the canteen before responding. "No"

Sylvia turns removes the knife and walks to the sand. She begins to carve a rough image in the floor, of the cornucopia, the desert and the path they have followed. "We could backtrack, and head over the other side of the desert."

Lux walks over, crouching down before pointing to the map. " many people went that way, and we would have to go to close to the cornucopia. The careers may be able to see us"

"But it was only Jade, Natalie and Drake were both out of action". She stands up, facing in the general direction of the cornucopia.

"I know them better than you, and with Natalie she will not be down for long. And even with just Natalie and Jade, they could take any pair in this arena" A frown crumples his face, deforming it for just a second before he looks up.

They share one look before Sylvia voices her opinion. The opinion that they both know is the only option. "Guess we are continuing arent we"

A single nod comfirms this as they fill their backpack with all the supplies, before taking back off. Keeping to the mountain, but keeping together. As without eachother, they would be alone.


Cain and Mystique have been talking about what the games hold for around about an hour. They have actually made amazing progress, overtaking all of the other tributes. And are almost at the mutt forest. Despite the darkening sky, they can see most of the main locations in the arena. The Haven Isle is ahead of them, and in the same direction the poison cove. Slightly to the right of that in their perspective is the mutt forest, and behind them faces the desert and cornucopia. The only main area they are unable to see is the sand dunes, hidden by the expancive trees, dark even in the slight sunshine. And the Poison meadow is behind the wall of sand that takes up about a quarter of the arena. After an expance of time, where they just stand. Contemplating the options, they decide to head over to the forest. Knowing it is where they will be the strongest, but also where they will have a great supply of food. But sadly, these two cunning yet foolish tributes do not know who else is wanting to seek the covers of the trees.

They move for around 2 hours before they reach the shelter of the branches, almost as it hits dark. They enter its hold, before resting against a towering oak. Firm but strong it towers above them, holding an enemy. An enemy who makes the first move. Ares leaps from the branches, removing his knife. And launching it at the head of Cain. It sinks into the wood, just missing by an inch. This sadly allows the other two to get ready, Mystique removing her coiled whip. And Cain removing his vicious blade. Silver jumps down, landing in a crouched position, tounge out, hissing. A gleam of menace in her open eyes, slits glaring up as she moves forward. Not braking a single brance, despite walking on a floor of them. She moves without a sound, sneaking up behind the backing figures, wanting to flee from what they see as the immediate danger, Ares. But not for long, Silver grabs a thick branch from the floor, and brings it down onto the back of Cain. Mystique's whip uncoils, dragging itself across the skin of Ares, forcing him down. A pained cough echoes, all the boy can force out. Mystique whirls around, smashing the whips end into the face of Silver, sending her fleeing into the forest depths. Leaving her ally to be killed slowly and painfully. Cain stands up, rubbing a small bump on the back of his head, from where the tip of the log made contact. Mystique kicks over Ares, so his face is against the soft branch carpet. And she begins. With each powerful swing his pained screeches become more clear, and the blood lake on his back becomes larger. Flowing down into the floor, onto his legs. Tears streak down both his face, but also Mystiques. Sobs as she takes this boys life. Again and again. Like clockwork it striked down, until his screeches end. They wait for almost a minute before the cannon sounds, claiming this boys life. BOOM.


Silver has been moving for around about an hour since Ares was killed by Mystique. She does not really mind, mainly due to the fact that she prefers to go solo. She has slowed to a walking pace, moving through the trees like a beam of darkness, pacing as she flicks the hair out of her eye, dark curl of hair covering her eye, flashing back and forward as she moves up and down. The trees have formed a barrier around her, locking her from the world. She does not know what this forest holds. But still wants to escape, she rests down on a rock before relaxing her hand, she managed to grab the log before moving, allowing her to have some sort of weapon. She grabs a berry from a plant resting on the rock, ripe and red. Chucking it high it lands directly in her mouth, she crushes its soft skin before looking around. She scans the horizon before taking up to a tree, resting around about half way up, she draws some branches around her, giving her some slight warmth as she lets herself drift into a quiet sleep. Not yet knowing the terrors this forest holds.


In a small cave, just on the cliff face left than 100 metres from the careers, the males from nine, ten and thirteen, Caleb, Hadix and Levi. They managed to grab a fair amount of supplies, atleast enough for the next few days, and are actually all currently resting around a small flame. There is a small route to where they are resting, which involves scaling a small cliff face, so it will be hard to sneak attack them. Hadix is resting at the very back of the cave, head hidden by shadows, away from the glow of the flames. Seperated by this contrast the others seem more intune with eachother. With Caleb and Levi laughing away around the spreading heat, absorbing the cave and almost everything in it. A soft ocean breeze comes in from their portal to the sea, the wide window. With a cloak of blue welcoming the person who outlooks. Gorgeous, but filled with terrors it lies there. Hadix's eyes fixed on the distance as he flicks the dirt from his shoe with a bronze knife. Levi is slowly rosting a couple of nuts and a few bits of chicken. Caleb sorting through the 4 packs they managed to save, spreading the supplies equally. Hadix gains his footing and walks into the light, revealing a contemplation stare hit across his face as he dances in his mind. Towering above the other two he is the clear dominent figure in this alliance, and everyone knows this.

He continues to stand, frow burrowed in thought. Not saying a word, but commanding all the eyes of the tributes in the cavern. Causing them to stop, place down their objects and command him with everything they have. He does not seem to notice though, eyes locked on a stead drip of water, just above the fire. He takes a single step back, hiding his face in the darkness again, only his dark piercing eyes shining through the bleak empty space. His hand tight on the knife, not even letting it go. Grasping it with all his energy, as most likely that item will mean his life. His feet tap on the floor, making a steady tapping noise. It sounds throughout the cave, turning the formerly pleasent and relaxed atmosphere, into a darkened. Sinister and claustrophobic world. Encircling all three of them. As if on cue the fire dwindles out, plummeting them all into darkness. And only moments after this happens Hadix finally murmers his mind twisting dilema, but with a solution.

"We attack the careers at dawn"


The tributes in 12 were not doing well. Armstrongs arm had become slightly off, the blood had clotted but not soon enough. He had lost to much, and was unable to walk almost at all. They are resting on the beach just on the other side of the isle to the careers. Piper made a temporary bandage with the backpack strap, but it has not helped that much. Piper is almost in tears as Armstrong slowly drifts away. He is already unconcious, but Piper is unsure of when this will turn to death. She has formed a sort of bed out of the sand and a few piles of seaweed. Its a soft beach, sand covered like tiny droplets of ambrosia. Clean and flat, the sea beats at its shore. Even now at almost the dead of night it is warm enough the swim. It casts a blue aura onto the faces of Piper and Armstrong, as she brushes his dark hair out of his eyes. Pushing it to the side, and forming a helmet of darkness. As she waits she fishes around in the backpack, exploring its content, diving into the deepest depths. A small ring of rope, a few apples and a silver lined canteen. She moves onto the next one, fishing out a small dagger, she moves it to her pocket before opening a small pocket in the side. A small vile filled with blue liquid. A clear blue, pale and soft. Like blueberries or the sea on a clam day, or even the melting ice. She roles it in her hand, not recognising the beverage, or medicine. A strange heat expells from it, both heating her soul but chilling her bones at the same time. She removes the cork, taking a small sniff. Her nostrils are met by a vibrant glow as she drops it to her side. She thinks for a few seconds before moving over to Armstrong, opening his mouth before pouring around about half of the bottles content into his throat. Almost instantaniously...nothing happens. She places the cork back in, and places it back in the bag. Moving to the edge of the beach. Dipping her toes in the mediocre water. She fills the canteen, and walks over to Armstrong. Pouring some of the water down his throat, the other onto his wound. She downs a bit herself, before realising despite the fact it came from the ocean, it was fresh. She swigs another mouthful before staring into it. She stares around the coating on the inside, deciding that must be the reason something happened. She closes the lid, and stares back at Armstrong. No change. A tear begins to make its way down her cheek as she places her hand in his. Crouching down, crossing her legs she begins to hope. Hope that by the morning. By the morning. Armstrong will be ok.


Alodia and Pinna have been doing decently well, the pompous brat from the Capitol though has been struggling to adapt. Pinna on the otherhand is excelling in the arena. They did not get much from the Bloodbath, only grabbing a loaf of bread and a small bronze knife. The night has struck, but since neither of them know the number of careers that passed so far, they keep moving. Almost dead certain that they are hunting them. Forcing them to move right across the arena. They have not talked since they decided to move through the night, and do not seem to be getting along that well. Alodia is playing with a small golden locket, with pictures of her parents, while Pinna has nothing. No token to remind her of home. But she has the arena. She looks up, stares around at the grass. Moving to the beat of the wind, they push through the hardened foliage as they progress. Not wanting to break a sweat. Not even wanting to rest, grab a drink or even take a bit of the bread. The hands brush the edge of the darkness as they stare upwards. The anthem beginning to envelope the arena, showing it what is going to happen. A minute passes while the seal holds high in the sky, before the faces appear. The first to be pulled across its Sevana. Her dark hair never to be seen again, her pale skin to be withdrawn forever. Neither of the girls really flinch as her face dissapears, but the next one brings shock. Jillian-anne. A slight gasp is released as they train their eyes on hers, as she fads into darkness. Being replaced by Ares. Then Dysterin, Asphalt and Ranger. None shock the tributes, but it is replaced seconds later by Ames. A slight shock brushes the faces of both tributes, especially Pinna. He was not the strongest, but he was the last remembrence of home for Pinna. She stops in her tracks, falling to her knees. Dropping the bread into the field of grass. Tears flowing down her cheeks, not even looking as the last two gaces appear, Plasma followed by Kailani. The tears mix with the ground, as Alodia stands two feet away. Not knowing what to do, how to help her. And she does nothing. She stands, arms crossed as her hair falls into her eyes, and her allies tears flow steadily, wishing for some way out of this place. But no strategy comes, her tears fall fast and fall far as she regains her feeting. Not even traking a glance to her ally, she begins to walk. Not caring where she goes, but caring when she dies. As now she has a reason to win. As she is the only tribute from 11 left.


The only alliance that has nothing to do with pairings is Orlando and Jeral. Jeral is still inconslable after the death of Kailani. He has a single backpack, whereas Orlando has nothing. With his partner, Asphalt, being the first to die, he never actually had to enter the Bloodbath. They are walking along the coast, keeping to the cliff incase they need to escape, even if it will most likely lead to their deaths. They finally come to a rest when the day is almost at a close, resting in a small patch of high grass. They fear that the careers may be close, so decide just to brave the incoming cold. The breeze from the ocean is blocked by the bushes that surround them, but still vibrates into their ears. Piercing below the surface of the brain, right into the depths. Jeral rests his head on a small moss coated rock, closing his eyes. Allowing him only to see the desperate face of Kailani, screaming as she is taken away from life. He roles over, muttering about the pain. His face curled up in angst as he rests, trying to sleep. But to be only welcomed by the hurt of Kailani. The terror of Kailani.

He is woken by the face of Orlando, fixed with pain. Fixed with terror. Jeral gains his footing, and stands next to the boy from the Capitol. Slowly pointing out, towards the fleeing figure. Aliya. Her hair whipping about in the wind, Orlando mutters something about taking after him but nothing happens. Jeral just collapses to his knees. Not saying anything, just staring. His smile twisted across his face, as he was already being changed by the games. He was becoming mad.

Aliya has keeps moving, slinging her bag onto her shoulder. And slipping her knife into her pocket. She was resting inside the bushes, just beside where the 14 and Capitol males were sitting. She had to leave her berries under the bush, not managing to shove them into her pack in time. But she did manage to get her book on plants and her second coat. She decides that she had slept for enough time, and decides to use this extra time to flee some more. She removes a bobble from her wrist, her token. A thin maroon bobble, with a small golden pattern ringing the side. She ties her hair in a ball, dark night black. Beautiful but elegant. Once she fixes her hair she pours on the steam, moving even more swiftly. Excepting the arena as hers, moving through the fields. Ignoring anything she faces. She leaps over a stream, landing with a soft thunk. She turns around, taking a small drink from the flowing aqua liquid. It leads along, flowing off the cliff and into the crips layer of water surrounding them. Aliya takes one quick look before taking off again, just as the second day begins.

Day 1 Betting Odds

District Tribute Betting Odds
District 0 Male Phrixos Baccus 19-1
District 1 Female Jade Seeku 3-1
District 1 Male Lux Gold 6-1
District 2 Male Drake Mordan 10-1
District 4 Female Natalie Brine 5-1
District 4 Male Cain Levenhire 5-1
District 5 Male Thias Feyuz 11-1
District 6 Female Sylvia Churchill 7-1
District 7 Male Rafferty Birch 11-1
District 8 Female Mystique Cirque 4-1
District 8 Male Dexter Howe 29-1
District 9 Female Silver Evans 11-1
District 9 Male Caleb Stoll 22-1
District 10 Female Aliya Andropov 12-1
District 10 Male Hadix Maven 19-1
District 11 Female Pinna Freitas 17-1
District 12 Female Piper Hope 10-1
District 12 Male Armstrong Shadows 40-1
District 13 Male Levi Quister 21-1
District 14 Male Jeral Salvio 9-1
Capitol Female Alodia Rickel 15-1
Capitol Male Orlando Bestena 10-1

Day 2

The Morning

The morning begins when the cave that holds Hadix, Caleb and Levi bursts into sunlight. The tributes are awoken to a beautiful view of the sea, the Haven island in the far distance, So far none of the tributes have headed there, despite it being the most useful area. Hadix walks over to the edge, resting his hand on the edge he surveys the arena as a whole, taking in everything. A package soars from the sky, landing on the floor next to Hadix. He grabs it, ripping open the package. Revealing a perfect set of body armour, a smile flickers onto his face for but a second before he pulls it on, leaving his usual dramatic stare. One deep breath and he turns to the others, both of the boys are packing the supplies. Hadix nods to them, before swinging out onto the thin ledge. He slowly makes his way along, holding the top of the cliff for support, seconds later he pulls himself up. Scrambling behind a bush, his eyes locked on the careers, just within firing distance. The others closely follow him in, hiding behind multiple pieces of shrubary. Each spying on the careers, a small group. Drake and Jade both sleeping behind piles of supplies, while Natalie sits up. Holding a thin green trident in one hand, and a thin wound net in the other. Her gaze is lost in the skies, as she waits. Swinging the trident about as she thinks. Hadix turns to the others. Holding up five fingers.

Four fingers.

Three fingers.

Two fingers.

One finger.

The three boys burst out, waving their weapons. Waking Jade and Drake, sending Natalie tumbling backwards. The boys reach the careers before they can react, before they can plan anything. Hadix leaps at Jade, knocking her backwards into the supplies, while Levi knocks out the legs of Drake. Caleb trying to plunge a knife into the heart of Natalie. Each distracts their opponent, but the careers now. Managing to overcome their shock are fighting stronger than ever. Hadix managed to recieve an axe as he charged in, and is swinging this easily at the face of Jade, who is unable to hold him off. Only having gained two hours of sleep. She dives in and out of its path, but is unable to scan hadix's moves for any sign of trouble. The axe though is not the most elegant weapon, and with each swing he is becoming more lack luster. Is unable to concentrate on the swing, unable to pull himself out of the journey. It smashes into the side of the Cornucopia, catching into the solid metal. Allowing Jade a few seconds to scramble to her feet, removing her knife from her pocket. She scans the supplies, looking for something that may help her. Her eyes lock on the silver bladed sword on the other side of the mountains of stock, but that is all she manages to do. The axe is removed and the fight begins, the axe settles almost at Jade's head, but just misses. Swinging past, the handle catching her shoulder as she moves. Her arm almost collapses under the pressure, but just holds on. She leaps over his head, using a box of food to propel herself to crash into the cornucopia. But her shock lasts less than a second, she removes the sword from its place and turns to face Hadix. A new smirk spread across her face as she turns the tables. She no longer flees. She takes her first swing at the boy, while Hadix takes one of his lasts. The blades clash, sending sparks flying. Their faces are almost directly at eachothers as they pull away. Locking eyes they raise their blades, knowing that one of them will not last the next blow. Both raise the strong powerful strands of hope, one coated it silver while the other in bronze. Both with gold handles. Both catching the light, almost blinding their opponents. A grimace passes both of their mouths as they leap forward. Bringing the blades down on eachothers heads. BOOM.

Natalie and Caleb are of equal skill, only due to the wound that still haunts Natalies arm. Causing her to have to hold back, meaning she can not release her full power. Even with this, she is handy with the net and trident. Using the strength of both weapons to wind up her opponent, but Caleb seems to have been holding back in training. His knife flies around, a single continuous silver blur. Slashing the net, cutting it to rags. But neither seems to be able to overpower the other. Calebs dark hair flicks around, while Natalies bounces perfectly. Catching the light better than either of the blades that the other two tributes held. Her eyes are wierdly not filled with hate, but a single revolting look. Like she knows what she is doing it wrong, but knows she has to do it. Caleb on the other hand is filled with fear, nothing but endless fear. His deep green eyes, such as the grass that is in the field just beyond the beach. Caleb, small, only 12. Natalie, strong, one of the few 18 year olds this year. Both at either end of the spectrum in this game, but neither holding the usual for their age. Natalie acting slower, moving with a slight air. Whereas Caleb flying about like a dragon, strong and not letting anything hold him down, hold him back. Caleb and Natalie lock eyes, both moving with speed. The knife flies from the hand of Caleb, as the trident soars through the air. Both tributes stand still, with both excepting what happened. BOOM.

The final pairing in this trio of fights is easily the least troubeling, both of them are slow. Levi is just unskilled, but Drake is still so slow from the Bloodbath. Almost unable to stand and hold the thin knife. Levi on the otherhand though, is slow and wobbley. Trying with a heavy basic mace. The most painful of weapons, but equally the hardest to wield. It swings with force, but force that is uncontrolled. Swinging uncontrolably, but still smashing the knife to pieces. Creating shrapnell, that then collides into the shoulder of Drake. He falls to the ground, holding his shoulder as Levi towers above him, a smile on his face as he raises his mace, about to smash it into the head of Drake, but a pain stops him from making this blow. He stares down at his leg, blood pouring down. Entering his shoe, and the surrounding land. The knife falls from Drakes hand as he stares up, and vile of acid in his hand, Uncorked. He throws it into the air as Levi brings down the mace, both in the air at the same time. Both soaring, mixing with the nitrogen and oxygen. As if in slow motion both tributes follow their means of weapon. The acid colliding with the metal of the mace. Blistering. Creating steam but neither fail, and both continue. But neither tributes move. Wanting to see who dies, before the other can survive. BOOM.

Hadix takes a quick glance at the two bodies of his fallen companions, Levi's blistered in the acid. Marled, Drake lying beside him. Clutching his arm in pain, smashed by the mace, it is far past broken. Natalie on the otherhand is clutching her face, directly where the knife slashed. Just below her eye, almost blinding her. Caleb though is lying, back down. The trident slashing his chest open, blood cascading out as he lies still. Neck twisted, mouth slightly open. His eyes empty of any thought, gone from this world. Jade...Jade's head is coated in blood, the mace cracking her head in half. Painful. So painful. Natalie and Drake raise up, staring at where seconds before Hadix had been, but now. But now he was gone. Back to his cave, mourning the loss of both his allies. He puts his back to the wall, and slowly slides down. Crashing to the floor, pain in his eyes. He stares over at the place where the fire had been before. No tears hit his face though, just the shock. As before today he had 2 allies, now he has none.


Phrixos is still mourning the loss of Sevana, but started moving as soon as he woke. He recieved a vile of poison when he woke, paired with a set or armour. He pulled it on, slipping the vile into his pocket for now, and moved out. The sand had died down, so he could see for miles. The sand was still slowing him down. His feet sink deep in, causing him to move at even less than a snails pace. Trecking for miles, with almost no water. He passed a small oasis, deep and filled with golden water. Surrounded by a flourish of every plant you can think of. But Phrixos did not notice. Unable to focus on anything but escaping this godforsaken terrain. He moves at a rapid pace though when the ground becomes much thicker. Solid. Before the morning is over he breaks into the steady plains of fields that lie before him. Sand still on his mind though, as he treds, half asleep. He collapses into a pile of soft bushes, deep purple. Like the sky that surveys above. His eyes close as he dissapears into the foliage, hidden from the passing eye. Only detectable by those who look closely, but in this arena. Everyone is looking closely.


Silver wakes up from her tree, the package swinging just above her. Almost camoflauged in the branches, she does not notice it till she sits up, smashing her head into the bow. A swift movement backwards, she collapses down to the floor. Smashing into the branches, her clothes getting caught on the shart twings. Dagging into her side. Drawing a small trickle of blood. Her head smashes on a small stone as she hits the ground in a crumple, legs bent. Arms snapped. No light in her eyes. No movement. But no cannon. The package falls to the ground, landing in a patch of grass beside her, ready to be grabbed if Silver ever comes to. If Silver survives her almost iminent death. The camera hovers over her face, already pale. Breath only fading out, just enough. Her chest moving slowly. Up and down. Up and down. Her eyes fill with pain as she lets out a breath of air. Pain fills her chokes as she doubles over, blood coating the side of her head. Her vision fussy as she moves. She scans the room before locking in on the package beside her. A flicker of a smile, but for a second just. She rips open the bag, revealing a set of glorious silver arrows, with a sleak oak bow. A fine white string, elegantly strung. The smile reappears and she slings them onto her back. But still. She tries to raise to her feet, but collapses over. Her head still faint. Painful to watch. Nothing there. She falls against the tree, closing her eyes, using the empty bag to stop the blood from the wound. Using it to allow her some more time. She pulls herself over to a small pack of bushes where she hides below. Her face kind, just before she passes out. Passes from this horrid world.

The Evening

Piper is still distraught as she stands there, over the body of Armstrong. His pulse slow. She recieved a small box this morning, containing a small syringe filled with a glowing purple liquid. She managed to inject the medicine into the vains of Armstrong, but nothing has happened. She holds his hand, tears still rolling down her face, into the sand. Dissapearing below. She places a wet patch of moss to her head, cooling him down. He mumbles a bit before going silent again. Piper stands to her feet, not letting go of his hand till she begins to walk away, over to a small bush, she removes her knife, and walks over. Pushing back the brance just enough to reveal a small bird, pecking at a pile of small red strawberries, plump and goregeous they sit on the ground. Surrounded by the sand they stand out a mile, but the bird just continues to peck away. Piper takes a step forward, carving the indent in the sand the place her foot, before lashing out in the face of the bird. Slashing straight through its soft skull, and into its brain. Death comes instantly, it drops down. Body still. No more breath left in its lungs, no more life in its eyes.

Piper stands to her feet, placing the strawberries in a small leaf before wrapping them and hiding them away. She grabs the bird by the neck, and turns back. Walking over to the body of Armstrong. Despite the closeness to the two remaining careers she does not care, she builds a fire and slowly roasts the bird. Mashing the berries in a small bowl, adding some water to make a sort of sauce. She pours it into the bottle, shoving it in her back, along with all but a small bit of the bird. With this bit she does two things, she nibbles on one end, taking her small share before moving to the side of her wounded ally, and putting down the chicken on his chest. Her hand lies on his chest as she sits there, scanning the horizon for anything that may cause trouble. But nothing. Nothing at all. For some this may cause them to think that they are safe, but to Piper all she can think of is that in the games nothing is ever quiet. As the gamemakers are patient...but they still want blood. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Cain and Mystique are still in the forest. Resting. Waitng. Neither is that eager to continue moving, not wanting to collide with Silver again. But each of them is anxious, with three cannons sounding today they know that atleast one tribute is doing well in the games. Well enough to get a kill. They have spent all morning sussing out who is left, deciding that the careers are not an instant problem and that their best bet for the future of the games is to keep moving. And to never stop. But right now they decide to leave today to hunting. They walk slowly, swinging the weapons at their sides, looking around. They have enough food and water to survive, so they do not really focus on being silent. Not being 100% devoted. The shafts of light that break through tree tops shimmer on the ground, creating a viiel across the floor. Catching the leaves, causing the pain greens to transform into vibrant browns and delicious blues. The forest lies still as they move, in a diagonal pattern. Loaded with supplies, scanning their outlook. But all the time looking for anything, anything that may harm them. That may bring danger.

A crack of a branch may be of worry to some, but to the tributes from 8 and 4 it is of no concern. They brush it off so quickly, they do not even hear it. Just attributing it to a gust of wind. Or something else. But it was something else. Something that would cause missery to anything it sees. A small beast to the publics eye, to any eye at first glance. But to someone who knows its true potential this is a raging beast. A slick animal, fur as dark as the bark around them, its eyes as piercing as any of the prongs of the trident of Cain. Its teeth may look blunt, and something that would cause a slight pain. But not enough to end in death, and this is true. As this beasts most vicious weapons are not on the outside. But on the inside. Hidden away, masked by a slight fear but not compared to others in this arena. The beast moves through the trees, stalking the two tributes as they make their way through the woods. Slowly, slowly making its way closer. Closer.

Mystique and Cain gaze onto the glorious fields, pouring before them they spread both wide and vast. They gaze out, mouths open, taking in the beauty. Colours known only to the gamemakers spread across, each captivation the tributes. Causing them to think only of what they had achieved. Cain swings his bag of his shoulder, placing it on the floor. He removes a bottle of water, downs a part before passing it to Mystique. She takes a swig before taking one step into the field, Cain just behind her. And it attacks. A small lynx leaps from the bushes, landing less than a metre from Cain, but within a moment it is soaring through the air again, Cain collapses forward, but the lynx has already dissapeared back into the forest, leaving a single scratch to show it was ever there.


Aliya is staying still where she is, resting in a small grove of trees, with a pond and a supply of lucious berries, of all kinds. Strawberries the size of apples, resting next to rasberries as round as the sun that beats down on them from high above. She rests in the shade of a tall tree, the size a house. Slightly bigger, drinking small sips of water, cooling her down while feasting on the berries. Not caring to take any for later, knowing she can survive for a while. She gains to her feet, and begins to scale the tree. Slowly breaking her head into the canopy, before crashing into the skies. Above the rest of the tributes she scans the miles of fields, looking for anything that could cause her any trouble, but after her time of looking she falls to the floor, satisfied that she is in no immediate danger, and can have another sleep. She falls to the floor, resting her head in a patch of grass and closing her eyes, shutting out the noises of the arena, and focusing on herself. Thinking about what she will do in the games, how she will survive. And most of all. How will she take out the other tributes.


Jeral and Orlando woke up early this morning, and began moving east, they are just off the Mutt forest, and have set their eyes on the gloriously coloured fields exploding from behind. They steadily move, wading through the fields. Each grain hitting their waists, not knowing what to say or do. Both of them have noticed a newly formed tension, ever since the package arived for Orlando. It contained everything they needed, but only enough for one. It had delicious food, and flowing water. But it also had weapons and a sleeping bag. Neither want to say it, but both know that their alliance will not last long. Neither trust eachother, and both want to win to much. They keep the pace though, deciding without sharing a word that for now they are better together than alone. Knowing that they will break, but not now.

They reach their destination within the hour, standing close to the edge. Not wanting to head any further into its traps, into its grasp. They take a quick look around before catching sight of the thing that ensures their mind. Cain and Mystique. They are only just visible, but it is clearly them. With both Jeral and Orlando knowing the strength of both of those opponents they turn, ducking first. Getting below the grain, making sure that the two tributes from 8 and 4 could not see them with any method. That they were alone, and that they could talk in silence.

Jeral turns to the face of Orlando, and begins the conversation. "We really have two options now.."

Orlando nods, before finishing the sentance. "....the forest or back to where we were before"

"I do not want to head back that way, it will just ruin all the work we did today" Jeral says, Orlando nodding.

"So I guess we go to the forest" They both stand up, staring at the looming trees. Towering above them, and they no it is not going to be safe. But they also know, no where in the arena will be safe.

The Night

Sylvia and Lux have lit and fire, and settled down for the night. They are sitting around, just watching eachother, eating the food that recieved in the package. The silence echoes between them, as they rest. Alone. Waiting. They move like robots, not showing any emotion in the lowering sun. Neither of them care about what the Capitol thinks, as they both know that in these games it isnt the Capitol that matters. Its the arena. They stare around, even in the darkness there is new things to discover. The crevices in the wall fill with darkness, and the curling grass circleing the fire. Trapping it to its spot, convining its heat. Allowing Sylvia and Lux to feel the full effort of the raging heat. The soaring flames wind round the branches. Crumbling to ashes they spread across the floor, creating a soft blanket of warmth. Crusting the soil, but warming it down. A flicker of blue and green interwinds with the violent reds and oranges that beat the darkness back, setting it all into a blaze. Neither of the tributes want to move this night, but neither want to be the one to except this. They just stare at eachother, waiting for something to happen. For anything to happen, but nothing. After the silence dies, Lux heads off to the base of the cliff, turning to face the wall before the snoring begins. Sylvia stays on watch though, and keeps close to the fire. Not really watching, keeping her self to her head. Thinking about why she is doing this, what it can bring and how she is going to get it. But nothing. In the end she lies back, moving slightly closer to the flames, staring into its depths. Wanting it to not only warm her body, but to warm her inside. And to save her. But ofcoarse nothing happens, and slowly she drifts off. Letting the dream world consume her.


Thias and Rafferty are resting on a small series of rocks, poking about the wide expance of fields that spread across the arena. They had been travelling all day, and are almost at the coast, almost at the poison cove. They are almost at the Poison cove, yet they do not know this. Both are tired, and both want food. But all they have between then is a set of berries they claimed this morning. And even those were almost out, Thias still believes he dropped the knife through the day, as Rafferty is unwilling to reveal the fact he stole the dagger, fearing it would place an unwanted rift in the alliance. That may lead to its split up, or worse. One of their deaths. They stare up into the sky, the anthem beginning to play. The sky being lit by the glowing seal, and minutes later the last pictures of the deceased tributes the world will see. The first to appear is the pale skin of Jade, this face brings a shock to almost all the tributes in the arena, barring the tributes who saw it happen. Most thought she would be one of the final to die, if not the victor. But the revelation that she has passed brings a smile to faces, and a flicker of hope. The faces that followed are only watched by a few, and none as widely recieved. Caleb and Levi appear, both looking small and scared, now departed. But one more face appears in the sky. BOOM. The blood pours from the wound in the back of Rafferty's head, the soft handle of the blade sticking out from behind. The cold look on Thias's face, his hands lying at his side. Seconds later removing the silver blade, and leaving the body of the cold boy from 7, the dead boy from 7.


Alodia and Pinna have doubled back on themselves, and are resting just outside the Cornucopia. Pinna is still allowing tears to flow down her cheeks, as she mourns the loss of Ames, while Alodia studies the poison she retrieved in the parachute this morning. They reached the Cornucopia just after the fight, and just in time to see Natalie recieve a second trident, and a rough duffel bag, that she shoved to the side. The Careers, well just Drake and Natalie now, do not know that the precence of Alodia and Pinna is close, but the two girls do know where the careers are. They have just seen Jade's face in the sky, and can clearly see the wounds on both the tributes. They are considering darting in to get supplies, and if needed. Kill a few tributes.

They decide to sleep on it, wait to see what the morning brings. Get a new perspective, but neither want to be the one to sleep. Neither trust the other, as they know if the other dies they are free to go solo. Alodia passes the vile of poison between her two hands as she waits for Pinna to drift off. But little does she know, right behind her is Pinna wide awake. Not daring to give into the hands of the night, thinking of ways to win. Ways to win, with Alodia at her side. But also, also ways to win with her dead. With her face having appeared in the sky.  Neither of these girls is hurt though, and neither are going to give in. But neither want to be the first to attack, as when no one is strong. No one is weaker.


Dexter is in a small boat he found at the very end of the isle that the Cornucopia was resting on. He is on his way to the Haven Isle, and is moving at a fast pace. The wind is blowing him directly towards it, and the water is clear. He can see below the surface. The clear waves brush across the surface, hiding the depths of the ocean. Small fishes of all colour dart below, weaving with the flowing corals, each of these are filled with poison that would take the tributes life within seconds of it entering the blood. But none have yet hit it. Dexter places his hand beneath the surface as the boat continues to sail, now near neither of the areas of land. He has no allies, and only few supplies but is still standing strong. The sky is now pitch black, with only the single glowing moon in the sky. A few stars are dotted around, but none even compare to the light of the moon. It is glowing a pale green, contrasting with the dark blue of the water, to Dexter his surroundings are just blue. With him leaving the colour behind when he left the cliffs. The pale reds of the berries, against the elegant yellows. Dexter closes his eyes, and rests back. Leaning on a bundle of rags he found in the bottom of the boat. He stares up, letting his thoughts wander. Thinking back to when he was safe, to when he was alive. He breaths in as he moves his hand from his side, to his chest. Just below his heart, he counts the beats. Continuously they spread across his hand, letting it feel warmth. But he does nothing, he just relaxes. After a few hours of relaxing in the boat, with the day almost ending he sits up. Taking in his surroundings he is suprised to see the isle lying before him. A slight breath in he stands up, jumping out the boat into the water, now only ankle deep. He removes the bags and rags, slinging then into his safety. Before taking off onto the island. Into the safest place in the arena, alone.

Day 2 Betting Odds

District Tribute Betting Odds
District 0 Male Phrixos Baccus 16-1
District 1 Male Lux Gold 6-1
District 2 Male Drake Mordan 12-1
District 4 Female Natalie Brine 6-1
District 4 Male Cain Levenhire 4-1
District 5 Male Thias Feyuz 10-1
District 6 Female Sylvia Churchill 8-1
District 8 Female Mystique Cirque 3-1
District 8 Male Dexter Howe 33-1
District 9 Female Silver Evans 34-1
District 10 Female Aliya Andropov 11-1
District 10 Male Hadix Maven 3-1
District 11 Female Pinna Freitas 16-1
District 12 Female Piper Hope 10-1
District 12 Male Armstrong Shadows 40-1
District 14 Male Jeral Salvio 8-1
Capitol Female Alodia Rickel 16-1
Capitol Male Orlando Bestena 9-1

Day 3

The Morning

Mystique is woken by the pained screams of her partner. She bounds up, staring around. Locking her eyes on the face of her partner, mangeled by the pale green puss that coats it, the bloating damaging to the eyes. Welding them shut. Mystique slowly backs away, as she surveys the rest of her partner. The welts on his arm, raging red rashes covering them. His back bent, crippled as he rolls in the grass. Screaming relentlessly, forcing the pain out through his mouth. Mystique removes her whip, and stares down. Cain cowers, hiding his face with his hands. Yet this doesnt change much, his hands are mangeled. Each one broken, covered in red welts and blue bruising. Mystique takes one last look, before bending down. She does not touch him, but stands close. Allowing her slight breath to pour over Cain, his shivering finishes. As he lowers his hands, showing his face. He tries to force open his eyes, but they still wont move. His hair burns, most of it already dead, laying across the floor. But some still are still holding on, just attatched. Mystique lets a tear roll down her cheek as she begins to back away, knowing her ally is near death. She analyses his body one more time, circleing him, staring at his backs. Lined with scratches. Her mind clicks and she realises this was a mutts job. The arenas fault. She begins to back off, now knowing he is going to die. And leaves him, muttering away about something. As his life slowly ticks away. A tear hits his face as he takes one last look at his ally, as she dissapears further into the field. Before finally she is lost from sight, hidden away. He rolls to his side, facing to floor. Hidden from the cameras, away from sight. He removes his trident with much pain, sliding it down before turning it to face him, before driving it into the bottom of his stomach. His face doesnt change, but his body becomes less tight. An air of calm waves over his body as he slowly relaxes, stretching out his legs, the puss on his face begins to solidify, and crusts off. The rashes leave, the welts retreat as his wound begins to open, a small blood patch grows on his shirt as he yanks out the trident, throwing it off into the field, letting it fly. Now if someone looked at it, they would see a boy. Scared. Stabbed by a trident, impaled. Dying from a wound, not from a deadly pulse of poison circulation his veins. BOOM.


Dexter is wandering around the jungle. It is an expance of meladramatic colours, and whistling sounds. Each one piercing the ear drum several times before coming to a slow and painful hault. Dexter treks through the endless tunnel, focussing on each tiny detail. Wanting to find something, anything that would benifit him. Luckily for him though, he was in almost no trouble at all. As no mutts at all entered the forest, and no wild animals. The only thing that he had as a slight obsticle was the gamemakers. And sadly, unbeknownst to the tributes the gamemakers had been given a game deadline. When to finish by. And sadly that meant. A lot more had to die, and in a lot more painful ways. He finally arives at his first sign of hope, his first important stop, that could help him win on this island, in the form of a small river filled with fish.

Dexter rests by the side of the river, dipping his feet beneath the surface, swirling his toes in the water. Creating a small whirpool of shifted soil. A cluster of earth shudders beside him, before cracking open. Out of the newly formed hole, creeps a small rabbit. A silken black coat, with small beady eyes. Each a deep red. It is not much bigger than an average guinea pig. And much smaller than most rabbits, but despite this. Dexter does not notice the new appearence of the animal. He cups a handful of water, and brings it up to his mouth. Downing it all in a single gulp. His face fills with relief, as he lies back. Crashing into the soft grass, like a bed it relaxes his tense shoulders. His eyes flutter closed as the rabbit moves further away, hopping in single glances. Single bounds, about half a metre in each energetic movement. Dexter sits up, as the sound of the rustling grass breaks the calm atmosphere. His eyes lock on the rabbit, and his face loosens. His arms slump, as he takes in the adorable creature. Most would grab hold, taking its life but Dexter takes sympathy, relaxing back. And waiting. Waiting for something to begin.


Sylvia wakes to the face of Lux, filled with panic he covers her mouth, raising the knife before turning to the left. He grabs Sylvia by the scruff of the neck, and pulls her behind a small pile of rocks. Ducking behind seconds later. He bends down to the level of Sylvia, and mutters into her ear.

"Mutts...I saw them" He peeks over, before diving down less than a second later. "And they are getting closer"

Sylvia clears her mind, and turns to Lux. "What do they look like".

Lux takes another quick look, his face covered in sweat. The heat of the day soaring, before facing back to his ally. Ready to answer. "They horses. But jet black, with pure white manes and a tail that is like iron."

Sylvia turns round, using the boulder to push her above the crest. She stares out, just managing to see the pack of darkness about half a mile in the distance. But even from here you can clearly see the details, as the sizes are not right. They are clearly about 4 metres tall, and 6 metres long. About 10 in total, and all of them are charging along the path Lux and Sylvia took the days before. She ducks back down, and turns to Lux. "So what is our plan".

Lux slowly looks up, his face covered in pain. "We have none. This is open land, and they are faster than us" He drops his knife on the floor, and opens his pack. "We have to hope they change direction"

And that is what they do. They link hands, and wait. The stampeding sounds as they move, louder and louder. The earth begins to quake. The noise gets louder, and expressions on the faces of both tributes get longer. Neither want to except the fact that they may die. The look in their eyes is not captured by the cameras, the sand from the desert getting in the way, creating a barrier between themselves. They try to break it, but nothing happens. They can not penetrate this barrier the arena has created. And that is the death of them.

A single horse leaps over the rock, crashing to the side, and off into the distance, But it is not the only one. Another 4 follow, and with each brings more danger. Lux looks up, just in time to leap out of the way of the hooves of the 3rd, but is caught by the 4th. It lands on his chest, knocking the air from his stomach, and ripping it clean open. BOOM.

Sylvia stares in disablief, at the body of her ally. Lost in the hooves of the rest of the mutts, each one completely different but each one so similar. Her face is still shrouded in sand, but is still covered in pain. Tears cut tracks in the sand, as she huddles down. Waiting for it all to be over. And it comes. The last horse crashes into the sand, and dissapears behind the barrier. Leaving Sylvia alone. But not safe. She groans to her feet, and walks over to the body of Lux. Now completely mangeled by the hooves, the only thing left undamaged is his face. Clean but covered in sand it stands out, resting on his bag. Sylvia reaches to grab it, leaning just to low. Low enough for the horse to smash its hoof into her head, knocking her out cold. And allowing the other nine horses to ride over her still body, and take another life. BOOM.


Silver is still knocked out cold, and still hidden in the bush. With only her arrows, she is fading fast. She is very near a small grove of mutts, yet she does not know this. But luckily for her, the mutts dont know she is near them either. With her passed out cold, and with no movement the mutts continue to relax. Bathing in a small stream that runs through the forest. Feasting on a grove of berries and animal carcasses. Rabbits and deer, strawberries and rasberries. There mutts come in the form of a pack of small weasels. Each about a foot in length, and no larger than a branch. But they are still vicious. They have sharp claws, and demon teeth but that is still not their main method of attack. The main attack is through digging a labyrinth of tunnels under the ground, creating traps. When a tribute takes a mistaken step, they can crash through the earth, into holes. The noise will attract the weasles, who will then tear apart the tribute. Leaving them with a slow and painful death. But luckily for Silver, they are taking a rest, and have terrible sight and smell. Relying on sound, and aslong as she stays 100 percent still, she should be ok. She should survive...for now.


Thias is currently resting in a small cave in the fields. He is slightly regretting killing Rafferty, atleast he was someone who was not trying to kill him. Currently he is acessing his situation, counting the tributes left. He strikes them off slowy, thinking about who may have been the three tributes to die so far today. He susses out, that if it went by what he saw in training, it was probably the capitol male and 14 male to be two of the cannons. And either the 8 male or 10 female for the others. He lies back, resting his back against the wall, playing with a set of small rocks. He throws them against the far wall, before scrambling over to retrieve them, them repeating the process. He does not do much over the enxt few hours, other than watching the progress of the sun in the sky. Slowly moving down, before dissapearing, to early. He sighs, and takes a step outside, before hearing the first sign of noise. He turns his head in the direction of where the Cornucopia would lie, just hidden behind a few hills. But just rising over the hills are a mutt who had already done its fair share of killing. The horses. They were clearing the land at a terrifying rate, striding a kilometre in a matter of minutes. Also the pack size had seemed to grow since they took the lives of Lux and Syvia. Another 5 have joined, with each one being the same size, and having the same potential to kill.

Thias dives back into his cave, knowing that to flee would just be a stupid idea. Knowing that the best idea was to hide away. And hope they would avoid him. He scuttles to the back of the cave, nothing larger than a box, but he squeezes in. Legs tight against his chest, his eyes tight shut but his breath rapid and clear in the building sound. As the monsters get closer, the sound becomes more clear, but luckily for Thias all they do is leap over the entrance of his cave, and tear off towards the sand dunes on the far side. He watches as this takes place, each of them vanishing. One by one. Lost in the pale browns, and soft blues of the water and sand. When they are gone from sight, no where to be seen he walks out the cave, scanning the arena. He locks eyes on the hills from where the horses just came. With having no supplies he decides this is the best option, and takes off at a running pace. But even now he can feel himself floating away...losing himself.

The Evening

Phrixos still has not woken up. He is still hidden in the soft bed of bushes as it hits 3. His backpack is lying beside him, protected by a rock from the weather. Not much is happening with him, as the horse mutts have left this section, heading over to the sand dunes. About half an hour later, Phrixos finally arises. Stretching his arms, he stares around, looking for anything that would put him in immediate danger. After making sure he is safe, he grabs his backpack and begins to walk toward the sand dunes. As to him, they seem like the safest place. Reminding him most of the snow covered hills of 0. Where he spent his childhood relaxing, and waiting for his calling to come.

He moves at a steady pace. Treking through the waist high grass, always checking for dangers before he steps. A small hold, or even a mutt waiting to attack. After about an hour of travelling, bringing him about 2 miles closer to the sand dunes than before, he rests in a small pile of boulders. He sits high above the ground, to some this may seem like a mistake, making him seem to visible. But to him, all it is a safe spot from the mutts that lie below. He takes out his water bottle, and allows a few drops to enter his mouth. He places that beside him, before taking a bit of food. Once this is complete he moves to the highest boulder, and stands tall. He stares in the direction of the sand dunes, getting a better look at what he is coming to face. Once this is finished he turns back to the Cornucopia, managing to see a small black dot, that is Thias. But other than that, he sees nothing to strange. He jumps down, scooping up his backpack and begins to move again. At a slow pace, but steady enough to make sure he will reach the sand dunes by the end of the day. But the question is, does he want to reach them that soon. As he moves though, he receives a second bottle of water. He slips it in his backpack, and moves off at a faster rate, knowing that he is not low on water, and can last a few more days.


The careers stand strong, packing stuff into their bags. Enough for each person, to last about 10 days. Drake is still not 100 percent healthy, his arm is still shattered, meaning what he carries is slashed in half. Natalie though has seemed to heal perfectly well overnight. Her head has been wiped down, to show that the blood came from her ear, which was torn off. She has a slight bit of brain damage, but that is more long distance, and will only affect her in a few years. Once all packed up the pull the remaining supplies, ripping open the boxes and tossing it into the water, allowing the food to be tainted by the salt water, and the weapons to slowly rust. The medicine though, it just decomposes. Mixing in with the water, never to be found again.

They decide to head over to the beach, moving along the isle, and heading to a small path they found this morning. They climb down, using eachother for support as they climb. Natalie takes the lead as they reach a thin ledge. Just over a foots width it is still the only way across. Natalie puts her foot on the furthest part she can reach, about a third of the way across, and slips her hand in the crevice. She swings down, just managing the hold onto the small ledge. Her other foot lodges onto the cliff, and she begins to move along. Slowly and steadily she pushes along, looking down at the ocean, then back to the opposite side. Slowly she pushes through, lodging her hands throughout, before finally swinging onto the other side. She stands for a second, catching her breath before looking back at Drake. She beckons for him to follow, but Drake does not comply imediately.

Drake waits, trying to get a hand hold, but just looks down at his broken arm. "I cant follow". He stares along to Natalie, almost wanting her to sort the problem.

Natalie looks around, walking out of Drake's view for a second, before returning with a long thin plank. "Guess the gamemakers want us to suceed". She pushes it out, lowering it to Drake before nodding for him to go. He removes his bag, and chucks it over to where Natalie stands. She yanks it up onto her side, and places it behind her. Drake begins to move slowly. The plank it not much thicker than the ledge, but it is still slightly shaky. When he moves forward the first creak begins. He instantly looks down, noticing the first crack. He looks up at Natalie, shock straked across his face before he leaps forward, grabbing onto Natalie. His feet just scuffle the edge, just holding on, but only by the support of Natalie.

"Arent you going to pull me up" His voice is filled with pain, as his arm is pulled by Natalie.

Natalie looks down at him, before looking back towards the beach. "Sorry Hun, but you are just not strong enough to ally with me. She allows a curt smile to be seen before letting go of the front of his jacket. He topples backwards, crashing through the plank, and tumbling down towards the ocean. He hits some rocks, and his blood goes everywhere. BOOM. But his body continues to fall. It hits the ocean, expelling a pool of blood to cross the glowing surface. Natalie peers over, watching the floating body move out. She turns round, and walks down the cliff. Yanking Drake's bag behind her, luckily it is not that heavy. She moves slowly, but still faster than she would with Drake at her side.


Aliya has just come down from the tree top, having been trapped up there all day by the horse mutts. She removes another few berries from the bushes, and takes another drink before setting off. Despite the fact she saw the horses dissapear in the direction of the dunes, she decides it is the closest place where she can have an advantage. She flees through the bushes, keeping low but still covering a kilometre in a under 2 hours. She reaches the sand dunes in time to see the horses head down the windy path down to the poison cove, the only place in the arena currently unseen by anyone. Aliya stares around at the soft golden sand, coating the surroundings like a blanket, absorbing the heat and keeping it tucked away. Aliya decides to explore a bit before moving on to her next area.

She moves up the first hill, revealing a small valley. About 50 metres deep, right at the bottom lies a small stream. She walks up to it, and dips her feet into the water. It is not at all deep, about half  a metre to the bottom. She places the other one in, and rests at the side. The edge of the canyon creates a sun block, allowing her to cool down in the soft breeze that travels up with the river. She stands up, and begins to walk down the river bed, to hide her tracks, wanting to know where it ends. As she moves she finds herself sinking down further and further. She slowly plods on, moving at half the pace she was before. Only able to life one foot at a time, and struggling with each movement. She collapses into the water, tired from the days trek and finds herself stuck. She looks down at her body and sees it is already swallowed by the sand. Panic begins to take over as she struggles to break free. But sadly with each movement she gets lodged deeper in the sand. She reaches for a small bush that lies in the dunes, and locks hold of it. She startes to pull, but having been moving all day it is useless. The sand swallows her to her armpits, and she finally lets go. The force throws her back, sinking her beneath the surface, and out of luck. BOOM. The cold wind continues to blow, moving the sand to cover the tracks that Aliya left as she moved across the land. Covering the last thing to show she was ever here.


Hadix wakes as the first bird enters the room. It flies down, its golden feathers flittering in the soft glow of the sun. Catching its every movement, waving and soaring. It hits Hadix's head, clasping its claws into the soft flesh of his neck. It sinks them deeper, for just a few seconds before ripping them free, and soaring out the entrance. Leaving only a single feather in its place, small and delicate, glowing in the setting suns vicious stare. He wakes a couple minutes later to a throbbing itch on the side of his neck. He instantly raises his hand to the solid red pustules oozing with a thick green liquid. It flows steadily, and can be clearly seen under his skin. It covers his hands in seconds, while the red blots continue to spread. It hits his face, but begins to turn a deep purple. He stand up, and begins to try to move towards the exit to the cave. As he moves he trips over a thickly wrapped package, tied up with a golden string. He rips it open, hoping for something to end his slow and unwanted, droning pain. Sucking his last moment of life away.

He tears off the last string, unfolding the last fold. It shows a thick handle, with a thin bronze chain linking to a weighty bronze ball, coated in small spikes. He looks down at it, holding the stick in the hand. Raising it above his head he swings it round. A sinister look in his eyes shows the Capitol the fool extent of the drugs, the drugs that was pumped into Hadix's veins, sending him into a whirlpool of self doubt, mind bending fury and resentment to anyone and anything. He lets out a quick fast sudden laugh, the vengance in his eyes, absorbing his body. He swings his mace, crashing it into the wall, sending a single rock plummeting directly into the open festering wound growing on his face and neck. He drops the mace, sending him wallowing back to the pain and self pity of the wound. His mind collapsing around him, as the cave is proceeding to do. He draws back a stare, looking up. Into the skies, seeing through the rock and out into safety.

He collapses to his knees, allowing the tears to flow down his cheeks, hitting the floor before dissapearing into the earth. He rips off his jacket, and throws it out into the breeze, allowing it to flow in the steady wind, and down into the salty ocean below. He topples to the ground, almost all energy sucked out, gone forever. Whereas his last bit of strength comes to him, paired with his mind to give him one sorrow filled option. He drags the mace up, heaving it onto his shoulder. Feeling its sleak silver handle between his fingers. Chilling him, compared to the fever that burns through his body. He looks down, examining the grip, rolling it around. He removes the other hand, and reaches for the silver ball. He holds it in her hand, and rolls it back and forward. A small spike pierces his skin, but he does not wince. He lowers it again, slowly and steadily. Already he is wavering on his feet. He is about to collapse when he makes his move. It swings up, soaring through the air before it topples down, purging towards the head of Hadix.


The blood floors over the pool, spreading over the rough coarse floor. The side of Hadix's head is soaked in a thick red liquid, soaking his hair. His body is lying over the rocks, bent and mishapen. The same weapon that blown his life lies in his hand, tight around his hand wraps it. Not letting go. Never letting go of the blade that took his life. The weapon that finished this hulking figure.

The Night

The two girls woke early today, and have been moving all morning and afternoon. They finally rest on a small bank about a mile from the cliff, but still in the labyrinthine passages of the sand dunes. They are hidden by a small stack of rocks that protudes from the sand, climbing about 10 foot before flattening off. They rest in its shade, and stare into the sky, about to devise and plan for the rest of the day, but wanting to see who passed first. As they look up, the first face glows into existence. The first of the 3 career tributes that passed today appears, Lux. His handsome face shows for a few seconds before dissolving into the nights sky. Replaced by the 2nd career, Drake. His stricken face evaluates the arena before the final career appears, Cain. The girls are shocked greatly by the fact the 3 male careers are now dead, and think about how only Natalie remains of the 6 original careers. They watch as Sylvia and the 10 pair flash up, revealing to them the remaining tributes.

"So only 12 are left..." Pinna stares across at Alodia, lifting her eyebrows before continuing. "Who is left again".

Alodia stays quiet for a few minutes before responding. "I really can not remember. I know about 6 of them, but the others...just blanking on. Do you remember any".

"I think I can name all of them...well Natalie is the only career" Pinna mutters, looking at Alodia for comfirmation.

"And those guys from 0 and 5" Alodia uncorks the poison, looking down into the ruby liquid. Filled with vengance and a purpose to kill.

"The girl from 6 just died...7 are both gone, both from 8 are left" Pinna says to her ally.

Alodia nods with comfirmation, before responding. "Mystique and Dexter, I am suprised he is still alive. But also the 9 female"

"10 are gone with me from 11...and both from 12" Pinna says, brushing about with the sand. Moving it through her fingers.

"Ahhh I forgot those two, and then 13 is dead, that Joseph guy from 14 and both from the Capitol" Alodia finishes, looking down before asking the most pained question. "Who is our biggest threat".

They look at eachother at the same time, studying eachothers stares, while both thinking the exact same thing. As they both know the other tributes all had to reach them, and they knew they were evil. But with one tribute they had to trust the other. As they knew that their biggest threat by far was eachother.


Piper is still holding a damp cloth to the head of Armstrong. He has not moved all day, and Piper has been unable to move him. She just decides to keep waiting, but camouflages his body with a few small bushes, hiding behind him she rests, downing a bottle of water before fleeing in and filling it up. As the stars and moon appear in the sky, Piper lies down in the sand behind Armstrong. By now she had almost given up, sure he would die but she did not voice her concerns. Or show them on the outside as she knew losing him would crush her, and showing weakness would lose any support she had manage to gain. She rolls under his arm, pushing it over her before resting her head in a sand pillow she made. She stares out at the ocean, catching a short glince of a shark fin. Despite being about 30 metres from the shore, she still shudders to think about what that beast could cause. She rolls over, facing Armstrongs torso and slowly drifts into a silent sleep. Hidden away, peaceful...for now.

A short wail breaks her from her deep sleep. She stands up, whirling around. Looking for anything that could have caused that noise. After realising nothing she was in no danger, she turns to where Armstrong used to lay, where now lay nothing. Nothing but a dent in the sand, left to cave in.

"ARMSTRONG" She runs to the top of the beach, into the bushes, looking around. Her face is flushed, luminous red as she searches for her ally. Sudden realisation hits her as she whirls around, staring to the top of the cliff...before looking down at her chest. The pain she thought was caused from the loss of Armstrong was not caused from the realisation. It was caused from the knife plunged into her side. She feels around, and yanks out the knife. She stares up to the top of the hill to see the figure of Armstrong, on the crest of the hill. He gives a single wave before heading into the darkness, leaving Piper to collapse to the floor, dying, slow and painful. But as with all games, the time allies turn on eachother is the time the games truly begin.


The two boys, Jeral and Orlando, are currently resting on the edge of the forest. Neither want to enter its domain, both scared that something will happen. Jeral is resting against a 50 foot tree, about a metre into the forest. Orlando on the other hand is on a thick branch about 5 metres up. He has his feet up, fiddling with his blade. He looks down at Jeral, both dont know what to say, but neither want to continue with the awkward silence.

"How long do you think these games will last" Jeral breaks the silence, staring up into the general area where he last saw Orlando.

Orlando responds, not bothering to look down at his ally. "Maybe a few days...still 12 of us left. But there is only 2 pairings left...that could both win..."

"Pinna and Alodia and the 12 pair" Jeral answers without even thinking. "Thats all I really think about during the day".

"Do you think we can win" Orlando looks down at his shoes, knowing they cant both win.

Jeral stands up, and sighs before responding. "You know we cant both win. We arent partners".

"When do we break 5...8...10" Orlando swings his legs over, hopping down next to the now standing Jeral.

"Top 5, should be few enough for us to both have a chance then". Jeral holds his hand out, waiting for Orlando to shake back.

" 5". He claps his hand into Jeral's before shaking vigerously. They look into eachothers eyes, before turning back down to there seperate places. Not talking. Just allying.

Day 3 Betting Odds

District Tribute Betting Odds
District 0 Male Phrixos Baccus 15-1
District 4 Female Natalie Brine 6-1
District 5 Male Thias Feyuz 12-1
District 8 Female Mystique Cirque 3-1
District 8 Male Dexter Howe 30-1
District 9 Female Silver Evans 50-1
District 11 Female Pinna Freitas 18-1
District 12 Female Piper Hope 65-1
District 12 Male Armstrong Shadows 35-1
District 14 Male Jeral Salvio 7-1
Capitol Female Alodia Rickel 14-1
Capitol Male Orlando Bestena 7-1

Day 4

The Morning

Thias is woken by a rumble. He leaps up out of the bush he had spent the night on. He spins around, catching sight of the item that causes the inconspicuous blast. A tidal wave, about 100 metres of height, is tearing its way along the coast of the isle. It brings an uproar of debree soaring through the air. Thias is glued to his spot, less than 20 metres from the cliff edge. He watches the wave crashes through, bringing despair and eminate death. After a few minutes of stunned paralyzed movement he turns on his heels and moves as fast as he can. Not even grabbing any of his supplies. As he knows that food wont really save him if he is already dead.

Silver shudders awake. Burned by the blistering rain that pours from the heavens. She looks around, noticing two packages lying on the floor. She stumbles over the them, dragging them below a tall pine. She remembers gaining the bow and arrows, but not the other package. She withdraws it from its silicon rapper, and throws it to the bush. She tries to read the writing but the rain gets in her eyes. She places it at the bottom of the quiver and stands to her feet. She tries to walk over, but crashes into the shrubbery. She rests for a few seconds before trying again, pushing forward. After about 20 minutes she breaks onto the edge of the forest. She scans around, catching sight of the wave. Her mind sends her flying back into the forest. She trips over her feet, struggling to flee. The throns and twigs snag at her legs as she moves, finally collapsing at the foot of another tall pine. She struggles to face away from the wave, panting. She waits slowly, waiting for the time to pass. Waiting to be safe.

Dexter on the other hand is trapped. The tidal wave is closer to the island than the mainland. He clambers up the side of the hill, tearing through the streams sending splashes soaring through the air. His hands fly around madly as he flees from the terror. He breaks out of the river, and moves through the forest. He only ever stops to look behind and catch a quick look at the wave. He grabs hold of a small plant, before pulling himself onto the top cliff. He runs to the other edge, encountering a small gap. He leaps over, just scraping onto the distant edge, and moving down hill at a steady pace. He locks sight with a small cave about 50 foot from where he stands. He looks behind, his face already streaked with age, seeing the wave directly behind him. He takes one last bolt, moving through the plants fast and strong. He is about to leap into the cave when a deer dashes from the bush, colliding with his legs. He tumbles to the floor, smashing his arm on the rocks, and getting stampeded by the deer. He feels a blow to his head before seeing the wall of water appear far above, and soar down, swallowing him whole. BOOM.

Piper rolls over, he hand still covering the wound on her side. She struggles to wake up fully for a moment, before catching sound of the tidal streaking towards her. She scrambles to her feet, and smashes the package that landed at her feet. She grabs it from the sand, and flicks it open revealing a small vial of medicine, and an injection. It is coupled with a tightly wrapped cylinder which she shoves in her pocket. She injects herself with the medicine, and waits a few seconds. Nothing happens, and she begins to think that it wasnt for her, before remembering the vial. She uncorks it, and downs it in one swift movement. The effect is immediate. She is sent buckled over, as her skin is sent into flames. The burning absorbs her, and she begins to shake uncontrolably. Her hands try to grab the bottle, but they cant grasp the smooth metal. She waits for a few more minutes, and it begins to die down. She rests her head as she finally becomes still, and cautiouslly looks down at the wound, or where the wound used to be. She is about the leap up with glee when she catches sight of the towering figure beside her. The towering figure of Natalie.

They stare at eachother for a millisecond, before Piper leaps to her feet. She bolts to the rocks, but does not make it far. Natalie sends her trident soaring through the air, catching Piper in the back of the leg. She faceplants the sand, smashing her nose off a small rock dug deep in the sand, but she is not down for long. She removes the package from her pocket, and opens it fast. Revealing a thin metal tube, with a packet of 6 small darts. She tears open the packet and injects one of the darts into the tube, and spins round to face Natalie. She blows down, sending it soaring through the air, and piercing her neck. Natalie just laughs, and takes another step forward before collapsing to the floor. She begins to roll on the floor, trying to remove the dart but it stays lodged. Piper allows a small smile to creep onto her face for a second before she is smashed into the rocks, along with the body of Natalie. She smashes into the cragged cliffs, being pushed deep into a small cave, right to the back. Natalie is blasted beside her, but neither are concious. And as the cave slowly fills with water, neither will survive long.

Armstrong is moving at a quickened pace. He tears through the grass, only pausing to take a look at the cascade of deep blue liquid behind him. It is filled with a mix of trees, stones and rubbel from the arena, but also with a stockade of weapons from the now destroyed cornucopia. He is falling behind at a deadly rate. His death getting closer and closer. He slips off his jacket, and continues to run. Panting, sweating. His heart is racing, despite the thick layer of water in the air his face is red, and beginning to bloom across his face. He locks onto his destination, a small burrow of rocks about 100 metres from where he is currently running at. He pours on the rest of his energy, and makes a single leap, lasting as long as he can. He lands just short of the river that marks the half way point, but catches his leg as he lands. He buckles to the floor, and crashes into the river. The water envelopes him, and he begins to fade. He knows if he breaks to the surface, the tidal wave will remove his head, but if he stays down he risks passing out. He waits a few seconds to long, and begins to fade. He pushes of the river bed, managing just to break the surface, grabbing a tiny bit of air, and getting one glimse of the arena as it now was, more deadly to each one of the tributes. The two girls from the Capitol and 11 have been hiding behind the rocks for about 10 minutes. They saw the wave coming, and instantly found shelter. Both are grabbing rocks tight, and preparing for the blast that is soon to come. They look at eachother, both terrified, neither able to say a word. They take a quick look through the boulders, and see the wave within striking distance.

"Three....two....on-" Before Pinna can finish, the wall of boulders they were using explodes. They are sent flying back, and are both lost in the mayhem. They are pulled apart, Pinna being flung high in the air, before coming crashing into a swirling vortex the wave created within seconds. Alodia on the otherhand is dragged off into the fields. She is thrust below the surface, and sent deep into the grass being torn up. She watches in horror, unable to move, as the trees are uprooted, the plants drowned and the animals torn apart, blood mixing in with the blur. She lets out a deep breath, and kicks off the ground. She is caught in the upstream, and thrust above the surface. She grabs hold of a thin birch tree, and stares around. She looks around, trying to lock sight on Pinna. She is slowly moved with the flow of the water, behind the wall of water. She pulls herself onto the tree, lying back and takes a breath. A small smile flows onto her face, and her cheeks are filled with a pale pink glow. As she was alive. And she knew Pinna was alive...somewhere.

Orlando on the otherhand was not doing aswell. He was currently high up a still pine, staring over the raging landscape. Jeral on the brance above, the wind strong, the spray of salt water catching the small cuts that rag his face from the climb. They decided to keep high, and try and wait the wave out. Hoping beyond hope it would die out before it reached the forest. But they are dissapointed. The tremendous crash smashes into the tree, sending both the boys flying off the branches. Jeral catches a smaller branch, and hangs over the swirling mass, while Orlando sails down, straight into the icy depths of the water. He breaks into the cold below, and bobs up. Already ages from where he was waiting with Jeral. He stares around, and watches as he is trasported through the arena. His hands wrap around his body, trying to bring warmth but the chill of the morning captures him. He slips below the mass, and is about to pass out when a small boulder sails through the water, thrown from the ground by the vortex, it strikes his face, creating a small gash in his head, or to be more specific, his temple. BOOM.

Mysitque shoves the last boulder into place, closing the final gap in the cave wall she had been building for that last 2 hours. Despite the fact she was way above the other tributes, the prospect of being struck by the wave frightens her beyond belief. She pulls her hood tight over her head, and lies in the corner, Propped up against a boulder, staring the quickly put together last safety line. She rocks back and forward, waiting for the collision to occur. She can hear the steady rumble caused by wave, chasing the land, swallowing it whole. The landscape wiped away, everything gone. Her hands brush the steady flow of dust from her jacket, sending it back into the air, swirling around. She follows a single piece of light fluttering over the walls, sending a shimmer of light. She keeps waiting, but nothing ever happens. Her hands push her up, and she walks over to the wall. Brushing her hands over the smallest of cracks. She peers through, her eye catching the light, and locking onto the wave. The wave that crashes directly onto the wall seconds later.

Phrixos grabs hold of the cliff edge. His fingers are a piercing pale brown, and his hands are dashed with pain. The wave had hit him earlier today, knocking him over the edge. His leg is broken, smashed by a thin branch as he fell, and his lungs are being crushed by the rib poking directly into them. His heart is slowing, and his tight on the fickle cliff is weakening. He pulls himself up, onto the ridge, but instantly regrets this decision. As he lands, the rib dives straight through the long, and colides with the spine. He feels instant, and uncontrolable pain but has no way to show it. His arms are stuck fast. His legs unable to move. He blinks his eyes once, showing he is still alive, and a multitude of tears. His body paralyzed, he stands on and watches as the sky turns dark, and rain pours from the heavens. Each single drop tearing into his skin, sending an unfelt shockwave up his arm or leg. But with each one, the ground becomes softer. And finally, the ridge he was resting on becomes no more. As he is sent plummeting into the ocean below, lost forever. BOOM.

Betting Odds After The Tidal Wave

District Tribute Betting Odds
District 4 Female Natalie Brine 14-1
District 5 Male Thias Feyuz 39-1
District 8 Female Mystique Cirque 12-1
District 9 Female Silver Evans 48-1
District 11 Female Pinna Freitas 35-1
District 12 Female Piper Hope 17-1
District 12 Male Armstrong Shadows 13-1
District 14 Male Jeral Salvio 10-1
Capitol Female Alodia Rickel 36-1

The Trial Rooms

The Evening

Pinna opens her eyes wide. She props herself up on her elbow, and raises her hand to her head. She movies it through her soft hair perfect, flowing down her shoulders. With highlights of a single golden streak covers her hair. Her skin glowed a bronze colour. She was wearing a simple brown dress, that covered her body. It broke off at her knees, with a single lace trim, in a fine golden thread. She is wearing a dark brown shoal, that she pulls around her body as she stands up. She stears around the room, and absorbs all the appearence. It was a golden orchard.

She looks down at the ground, which is coated in a thin layer of the crisp shimmering leaves. She catches a leaf falling from the sky, and holds it in her hand. She raises her eyes up, and looks around. There was about 6 trees, each a promised gold, with swift brown trunks, that streak down and strike the floor, extending roots across the floor. She leans against the bark, and stares around again. Behind the trees is a tall stone wall. Reaching high above Pinnas reach. She stares at the cracks, with the flowing green plants dancing along the edge. She looks it up and down, before turning back to the centre, where she finally catches sight of the picnic table directly in the centre of the orchard. She takes a few steps forward, before she can clearly see the 6 objects that lie in the centre of the table. There are 5 golden apples surrounding a small slip of paper, with her name delicatley written in single gold writing. She picks it up, and scans the opposite side. Reading the note that follows.

Dear Pinna Freitas, Tribute of District 11.

The games are almost at their climax, and the gamemakers have decided to set a trial for each of the tributes. The trial will reflect on the tributes Districts industry. As you are from District 11, who are well known for having multiple orchards, we have decided to have an apple themed challenge. Infront of you there is 5 apples. One of them is safe, the others are filled with a singe drop of poison that will cause your body to fall into an instant state of sleep, which it will never wake up from. The apples are all the same on the outside, with no obvious differents between the poisoned apples, and the normal apples. You must choose a single apple, and take one bite out of it. Take your time, and choose wisely. As if you choose correctly, there is a room filled with medicine, food, weapons and a bed for you, just beyond the wall. If you do survive, please wait and someone shall come in and escort you through to your room, where you shall wait until tomorrow, for the finale. May the odds be ever in your favour.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

She lays the paper on the table, and looks at the 5 round apples. She re-reads the note, time after time, looking for any tiny little detail that could lead her to the apple. The apple that wouldnt send her back to District 11 stone cold, and in a zip lock bag, waiting to be buried. She picks up two the them, and places them in her other hand, before grabbing the other three with her hand. She looks at each of them in detail, anlyzing from the stem to the base. Each one was indenticle, with nothing seperating them on the outside. She lies them down, and grabs the piece of paper, scanning for a single phrase that may be the answer to her prayers. And she finds them.

"The apples are the same on the outside..."

A smile dashes across her face, and she runs over to the wall. She removes a small stone from the base of the wall, and moves back to the picnic table. Her face is now positively beaming, her hair is pushed back. She rips off her shoal, and wraps it tightly round the hand she is holding the stone in. She grabs one of the apples, the one right at the back and holds it still. Seconds later there is a puncture directly in the side, now seeping with a red juice. She rolls it back to its position, and puntures it again. One after another, she damages each of the apples, leaving her with one apples in her hand, with a clear silky stream of water soaking down the curves. She raises it to her mouth, staring down at the other five apples, each soaked in a deep red liquid, almost like blood, and sinks her teeth into its skin, tearing down, and removing a giant chunk, and swallowing it whole.


A sharp blow to the head breaks Silver from her latent trance. She clambers to her feet, her dress already caked in mud. Unlike Pinnas, this is a soft suade blue, with a trim of green lace down at the bottom. She spins around, catching a look at the hell she had been placed in. It was basic corn maze, about a couple of hundered metres wide, and about a hundered metres long. With a series of delicate paths, filled with horrors. Silver brushes against the corn, and tries to break through, but is faced by a wall of a pale brown stone. She presses against it, but as it does not budge, she turns back. Looking for something to help her. At that moment, she remembers the pain in her head. She spins around, and grabs a small rock from the floor, and rips off a strip of paper that was wrapped around it. She flips it over, and begins to read the note.

Dear Silver Evans, Tribute of District 9.

The games are almost done. And only 9 remain, maybe less at this point. The other gamemakers and I have decided that it is best to split the tributes, and set each of them a small trial. These trials would be based on your Districts industry. As you are from 9, who are well known for the vast oray of crops they grow. We have placed you in a corn maze, filled with multiple creatures, and tests. It is simple really, all you must do is make it out of the maze alive. There is no real way out, and no clear map to the exit, you must just use your intuition. If you get peckish though, do not try and eat the corn. Each stick is filled with a poison that would kill you in a single bite. And be quick, as here in District 11 it will get cold fast, and remember it is winter nights. Though on a happier note, if you do survive, you shall be placed in a room with a vast oray of food and weapons, and whatever you need. You may take as much as you need in the room, and in the morning you shall be placed in an arena with the remaining tributes, where one will escape alive. May the odds be ever in your favour.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

She slips the note into her pocket, and begins to move. Her hands slip into her pockets, and her eyes raise to the walls on either side. She stops for a second, and moves back over, She peers behind the wall of corn, and studies the sturdiness. There were a few dents, and the top was about half a metre in diametre. She slips her hand into a crevice, and sticks her feet into two of the foot holds. With another swing, her hands end up grabbing onto the base. With her muscle filled arms, she pulls herself up onto the wall. From the top, she scans the landscape, and catches the sight of the edges of the maze, far in the distance. With her dress torn from the plants, she stands up, balancing with both her hands, and steadies herself. After about 5 minutes, of staying in the same place, just trying not to fall off, she begins to move. It is slow progress at first, but as she moves with more ease, she makes distances in almost no time. Her hands fly by her side, her feet one after another. The dress flows behind her, the material shimmering in the steady beat of sunlight. After about 20 minutes of moving, she sees the first of the traps she would have had to face if she was on the ground. A system of water tunnels, each filled with a small golden fish. It swirls about, sending the water into a frenzy, but these were just challenges Silver could avoid. Now in her element, she leaps from wall to wall, a smile across her face. But hubris is always the thing that brings a tribute crashing back to earth, and as she smashes her legs into the wall, and tumbles to the ground, she realises she may not have as an easy time as she thought.

She sprawls into the opposite wall, her leg crumpled, her arms bent. Her head slightly to the side, eyes closed. A trickle of blood down the side of her face, it curls past her face and falls onto the dress. Adding a patch of red to the blue silk, mixing with the dust coated fabric, the mud stained trim. She shugs awake, pushing up. Her hand brushes of her hair, pushing it behind her ear. She seems ok, and manages to pull herself up. She tears off the trim of the dress, and wraps it round her hand, and holds it to her head, stemming the flow. She turns around, and almost collapses again. The smile that had just been knocked off her face seconds before, reapears, shining bright. As she had seen the exit. About 20 metres from him is a clearing, out into a lakeside settling. Small huts resting on the banks, reflected in the still coated glaze that the water created. She begins to move, still using the wall for support, and breaks out into the cool air. She sighs a breath of relief, and is about to lower her hand when she feels a stabbing pain in her leg. She tumbles down, and spins around, Wanting to face her attacker. A small weasel like creature. It latches onto her leg, and digs deeper. Silver struggles, and tries to chuck it off, but it stays lodged. Blood is now flowing like a stream. Silver is beginning to lose conciousness. She locks eyes on a thin branch about half a metre away, and grabs onto it, and swings at the mutt. But was it already to late...

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Natalie stands at the base of the waterful. Unlike the previous two, she is not adorned in a dress. She is wearing a pale green tank top, with dark brown trousers, wrapping round her legs. She stands strong, her hands folded. The ice waterfall towering above her. Atleast 90 feet tall. The note in her hand, waving in the tepid wind.

Dear Natalie Brine, Tribute of District 4.

As you may know, there is only 9 tributes remaining. The other gamemakers and I have decided that it is best if you, and the other tributes, to face a trial, to seperate the weak from the strong. Each of you will face a trial depending on your districts industry. As with District 4, being famour for building aqua based transport, and fishing. Both realms that deal with water. To test your strength and brute force in harsh conditions, you must use only your own supplies to trek to the top of the waterfall. You must reach the top before the waterfall melts, otherwise you will plummet down, breaking your next, and ultimately dying. But also, if you fall anywhere on the waterfall you will die aswell. If you do survive the trial though, there will be a room waiting for you, with all the neccissary supplies. Including medicine, food and water. Then in the morning, you will face the remaining tributes in an arena, and only one will survive.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

She does not even wait a minute before leaping into the trial. She still had her trident from the arena, and she shoves that deep into the ice. A small crack appears, where the trident pierces the wall of pale blue. She kicks her shoes deep into the wall, causing a dent to appear. She sticks her foot in, and moves on. Using the trident to hold her self still. She makes great progress, not struggling at all in the frigid temperatures. Her feet denting the wall easier each time. And just as the note said, the first layer of the of the waterfall was melting.

She struggles past a boulder protuding from the ice. Her trident digs deep into the melting ice, but slightly to deep. It collides with the harsh rock, shattering upon contact. Natalie jerks down, just managing to grab the rim of the rock before she plummets downwards. Her feet flail wildly at the wall, kicking it multiple times. The other hand swings up, and grabs the trident, now forever embeded in the wall, the tip shattered behind the veil of ice. She pulls herself up onto the rock ledge, the places her feet on the trident, leaning on the ice wall. Her hands push against the wall, trying to find any imperfection that she could dig her claws into, before pulling herself up. But nothing. She pushes against the wall, repeatadly banging her head against the pale ice barrier. Within seconds her hair is soaked by the torrential downpour of the water. Staining her back, and sending a chill through her blood.

After a few seconds of resting, she grabs the trident, and pushes down, snapping the end off, and drives it back in the ice. It is about 2 feet about her, and she manages to climb up, and kicks her leg in, denting the wall. Now mostly a flow of water. Her pace is quickening, her heart beating faster and faster. Grabbing the reminants of the trident, stabbing it in, safening herself, and repeating. The water now flowing fast, pushing down against her figure, trying to force through. Her hands grab another rock, just supporting her, diverting the fall of water from slashing on at her face. Now soaked to the bone, she stares up. A slight moment of glee hits her, when she realises the top is less than one movement away. She smashes the ice, injecting her trident, and pulls herself up. She drags herself onto surface, lying in a pile of snow. Her legs still clinging to the ice. But if only she had pulled herself up a bit further, then when the moment the ice finally shattered would not have almost been the end of her. And she would not have been sent into the torrential downpour. Smashing into the rock, and holding on with the tips of her forstbitten fingertips.


He wraps his hand around the leaver, the leaver that would begin the trial, as stated in the letter now lying down beside his feet. Chucked away like everything else, grasping tight, he kicks the note, folding it open, facing the camera.

Dear Armstrong Shadows, Tribute of District 12.

As you may have noticed, you are no longer in the arena. This was the decision of the gamemakers. Each of the tributes in the games will be facing a task, or trial. The trial shall reflect the industry of the District the tribute is from, and shall test both their physical and mental strength at this point in the game. As you are from District 12, who is best known for their steady upkeep of the coal supply, your task is based in a tunnel. It is pitch black, and once you pull the leaver, a source of light shall appear. It is very simple after this, escape the mile long tunnel alive, and you will reach a room filled with anything and everything you could need to heal yourself. Aswell as food, water and weapons. Supplies of all kinds. If you do survive the trial, you will spend a night in this room, before being placed in an arena with the remaining tribute. From then you will fight to the death, with the final tribute alive being crowned the victor. We wish you the best of luck in your trial, and may the odds be ever in your favour.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

Armstrong grabs the leaver tighter, and begins to pull. As he moves it backwards, the door blocking the way infront of him begins to open, slowly moving further up. The cavern opens before him, and the door finally clicks up the top. Nothing blocking him from the darkness in front of him. He takes a step forward, looking around, trying to look for this so called light source. A rumble comes from the tunnel behind him, but still quiet, just being able to be heard from where Armstrong stood. His hands brushed over the leaver again, thinking about what it said about the light. The noise is getting louder, and finally Armstrong takes it into consideration. He turns around, staring down the tunnel in the opposite way to where he should be heading. Trying to see what is causing the noise. The tunnel is beginning to grow in light, a flickering bright absorbing light. The tunnel begins to heat. And this is when it strikes Armstrong. The light source was the trial, as fire was bright, but it could also burn.

At that instance Armstrong begins to move, fast and stealthy. Striking the ground, getting a head start on the wave of flames. As it had said in the letter, 1 mile, 1 mile till he was free. Already the tunnel was like a furnace, and Armstrong could feel the flames creeping closer. But he carried on moving, feet booming, feet striding. The residue that could have cooled him down in the tunnel was searing hot, with each bead falling on his head striking like a hot iron rod. He rips off his jacket, and throws it back, allowing himself to catch a sight of the wall of flames, still in the distance, but much closer than it was before. Armstrong turns back, dumping his jacket, and keeps moving, Trying to focus on reaching the end of the tunnel. Below his jacket he is wearing a black tank top, and black shorts. Now both are stuck to his body with sweat, shaping his abbs, showing his true potential. Already he is struggling to move, the fire is soaring up behind him, but he pushes on. Through the pain, through the humid claustrophobic sense that the tunnel creates.

He tumbles to the ground, but quickly dashes up, and keeps moving. His arms swinging at his side, his breath heavy. His eyes closing slowly, forcing through. He is about to give up, and crash into a small cove, when he turns a corner. He looks up at the ceiling less than 10 metres from him, and catches sight of a hatch. A paling grey ladder stuck to the wall beside it. His hopes lift a bit, and he clambers to the ladder. Grabbing the third highest rung in one swing, and reaching the top in two others. He fumbles with the hatch for a moment, and creeks it open, revealing a thin cylindrical tunnel leading to light. He begins to climb, thinking he is safe when the fire explodes below him. He quickens his pace, and is on the third top rung when it all goes wrong. He over swings his leg, and crashes it into the back wall. His foot hurt, he stops for a second, allowing a coil of flame to whip out, and slash his leg. It falls down, slipping from its rung, and his sore foot cant hold him. He is now hanging by the strength of his arms, so close to safety, but can he grab the strength to go that bit farther, or will he tumble into the steady heat of the constant moaning flames.


Piper climbs out of the silk layden bed, and places her feet on the floor. She wipes the coal dust from her face, and looks down at what she is wearing. It is quite basic, but is a simple white t-shirt, with denim jeans and a black belt. She can feel her hair tied back, and can see her hands have been scrubbed, and are no longer coated in a thick mixture of sand and water. After studying herself, including examining her shoes, she takes a look at the room. It is a small part, less than 10 metres wide, and about 5 metres long. It is just tall enough for her to stand up right. There was a bed in one corner, with a cover and pillow. Beside it lay a dresser, with bottles of perfume, and couple of books. A door stood behind it, reaching the top of the room. Piper tries to open it, but notices the lock. She stares inside, and as she bends down a slip of paper falls through, explaining everything.

Dear Piper Hope, Tribute of District 12.

Congratulations for being one of the final 9 tributes in the 625th Hunger Games, part 2. To celebrate, the other gamemakers and I have decided it is best to set each of you a trial. This trial shall be solely based on your Districts industry, and shall not reflect on what we have seen in the arena so far. Since District 12 is famous for its supplying of coal to the other Districts, the othergamemakers and I have decided to base your trial on this feature of your Districts industry. In your room, hidden away there is 6 keys. Each one shall open somewhere, such as one key may open a drawer in the cabinet, another may open the drawer under the bed. And one will open the door. Basically you must locate all 6 keys to suceed, and find them one by one. Otherwise you will die. The other thing is the room will slowly be being filled with a powder of coal dust. If our timing is correct you shall have 2 hours to complete the trial. If you do suceed, you shall be in a room with anything you need, and will be able to prepare for the final fight tomorrow.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

Piper drops the letter, and on clockwork, two wholes in the ceiling creak open. Letting a soft spray of fine dust scatter over the room. Piper dives at the bed, tearing off the sheets. She examines each fold of the cloth, before shoving them into the empty corner. She does the same with the pillow case and douvet cover before turning the matress over, revealing a small silver key sewn to the bottom. She tears it off, and dives at the door, trying to shove it into the love, but failing. She tries the 3 drawers in the cabinet, before remembering the other place the letter mentioned. Under the bed. She slides on her belly, sending a spurt of coal dust into the air, and clambers under the bed, unlocking the drawer. She wheels it out to reveal it full of clothes. Trousers, tops, dresses, anything she could need but she does not take her time. She rips open the clothes one by one, checking all the pockets, all the folds and all the secrets. Finally she grabs a pink skirt, and rips it in half, sending a golden key flying into the pile of rags. She grabs it from the pill, and dives at the door, but again fails. She tries the three drawers, and suceeds on the final one. Tearing it open sends another jet of black into the fray. Scorching tar. It strikes the side of her face, and she recoils. Back into the rags. Blinded with pain. Almost knocked out.

She regains her footing, and hobbles over to the drawer. Still flowing with tar, but the flow lessened from when Piper was there before. She digs her hand in, and instantly feels the pain streaking up her arm, swallowing it whole. But she does not flinch. She moves it around, trying to located the key she knows is in there. Her hand bashes a small box, which she grasps a bit later. Yanking it out, and flinging it open. A second golden key falls out onto her lap, and in one movement she slams the drawer shut, and slips the key into the top drawer. This time when she opens it, there is nothing waiting her other than a third golden key. Slightly shocked she grabs that one, and closes this one carefully, and pulls open the third and final drawer. She struggles to move, the coal dust and tar forming a sickly liquid, glueing her to where she kneels, but also almost swallowing her lower half. Less than half the time has passed, but already the coal dust fall is quickening. Blurring her sight. The middle drawer is much like the 1st one, empty other than a grey box. She grabs the box, and tries to pull it open, but notices the silver lock. Her mind clicks, and she remembers the thing about 6 keys. One opened the under bed drawer, 3 opened the cabinet, one opened to door, and now one opened the box. But the thing was. Where was the key that opened the box.

She places the key on the top of the cabinet, and examines the content of this surface. 3 bottles of perfume, all clear, all empty of a key. 2 books, both in another language, neither containing a key. And one grand mirror. It reaches the top of the ceiling, showing Piper her hair and torso. But also the rapidly filling room. Now it was up to her waist, almost half full, meaning over half the time had past. Piper examines the mirror, moving her feet so she doesnt lose feeling, but standing exactly still. She already knows what she must do, and raises the box. Her hand slightly back. Her eyes shut, second hand in front of her face for protection. The shattering tinkle tells her the deed is done, and she lowers her hand. And latches sight of the second last key. Directly in the centre of the portrait created by the picture. She plucks it from its hook, and injects it into the box. It floats open, and she removes the key. A grand old wooden one, about half a foot long, but heavier than anything she had heald. She just manages to move over to the door, but this is when it all goes downhill. The dust now reaching her elbows, the lock was covered. Impossible to see, and now with the coal dust coming down at a substantial rate, keeping her eyes open was not an option. And surviving, was only a distant possibility.

The Night

Dear Jeral Salvio, Tribute of District 14.

Welcome to the trial stages of the game. Each of the tributes is being put through a trial that will test you in both physical and mental means. The trial will be based on the tributes Districts industry, and since you are from District 14, we have decided to base your trial on facing mutts. The trial will involve you facing a wide vareity of mutts, and slaughtering each of them to gain another step forward. You must face three beasts, each one will pay tribute to a tribute from the games, and then you must kill each of them to pass forward. Once you have killed them all you will be escorted to a room where you may rest and revive yourself. Tomorrow you will be sent into an arena with the other tributes who survived their challenge. Then you will fight till only one is left standing, and that tribute shall be named the victor. But that will only happen if you survive your trial, I must wish you more luck that the other tributes, as I will say this now. You will need it. I hope you realise how much went into this, and just remember that may the odds be ever in your favour.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

He tucks the note into his pocket, and stares about. The field he is in is quite small, surrounded by a fence reaching his waist. It is a pale brown, but on the other side, of every side, is a cliff stretching beneath the clouds. With the only passage up being a small rocky path, blocked off by a metal door. There is a few flowers in the field, and a tall oak tree in the corner. It is quite plain, but as Jeral walked about he noticed a few irregularities. The way the ground seemed to slope to the centre. Or the fact the tree branches are all inside the pen, none poking over the abyss. And finally, the way all the flowers grow in groups of colour, none intermingling. His eyes drift over the door, waiting for it to open, showing his first beast, but that is not the thing that moves. A siren sounds from above, sending Jerals head shooting up, catching sight of the axe that was floating down on a parachute. It lands directly in his arms, a silver blade, wooden handle, light but strong. As he is examining the supple blade, this is when the door slams open. And the mutt arrives.

A horse as tall as Jeral, probably taller, stodes it. Jet black. Mane like coal dust, floating in the wind. Striking the wind, the fluttering. It takes a few steps forward, raising its head, staring directly at Jeral. Its eyes are different colours, one a luminous blue, the other a soft green. In an instance Jeral recognises them. As he had spent most of his games with this person. They were replicas of Orlandos. This faulters Jeral for a second, lowering his axe, staring at the horse. He blinks twice, the horse takes a move forward, Jeral takes his axe tighter. Then charges. The clash at the bottom of the field, and now Jeral can see why it is like this. The revolution of the incline creates a paradime sloping action, preventing any immediate retreating. It would involve switching planes, which in this close combat would result in death. The horse uses its legs like rams, kicking at Jeral, trying to take him out, but fails.Jeral easily avoids them, and brings his axe down to the neck of the horse.

The break is short lived, the body gone by the time Jeral removes the axe, and the door slides open again. This time out flies a flash out white, and a single sleak of brown. Neither visible, both circling him, the brown streaking around the ground, creating a vortex. Whereas the white dashes through the smashing sky. It dives down, trying to strike Jeral, but he swings, slamming its wing with the axe. It smashes into the ground, whirling round. Revealing a sleak neck, white ruffeled feathers, almost blonde. With tepid blue eyes, elegant, strong, gorgeous. Jade. It swerves past his arm, and grabs at the back of his neck, breaking skin. But not enough pain, Jeral spins round, only managing to strike it with the handle, but enough to send its take off crashing to the fence. Or the electrified arena casing.

Jeral turns his sights to the final mutt, the brown blur, still trailing the edge, slowing down, but still much faster than he can move. The colours, a pale gold, a deep black, flicking on a light switch in his brain. Trying to remember where he saw them. The pale blue shots. Staring back at him. Eyes. Kailani. Death. Safety. He collapses to his knees, the axe on the floor. She begins to slow, revealing her shape. The elegant flow of her fur, the golden brown stripes, streaking down the back fur. Coarse, rough. And then the eyes. Tinted with a light green, mixing out. Nothing. It paws up to her side, brushing the fur against his skin, whipping her tail around his head, moving his hair from her eyes. It silks around his neck, tighter and tighter, Jeral beginning to feel pain, his hand reaching for the axe. Nothing. His hand brushes the swift mahogany, but cant seen to grasp hold. And his life is slipping fast. Staring into the eyes. Knowing he cant help her. That she is already gone. But he holds hope, hope that District 14 can have a victor. But he isnt sure it will be him.


The lights flash on in the room. The windows fly open, letting the light collapse onto the still body of the girl from eight. Her hair in a pleat flowing down her shoulders, and landing at her shoulders. She is wearing a floral red dress, with deep green vines interlinking them. It has white patches, highlighting the stronger bolder colours. It creases as she tries to sit up, moving off the soft linen bed. She stares around, absorbing in the surroundings. The deep crimson robes that drape the manicans, the sewing needles, the cuboards filled with string and tools. She tries to raise her hand up, but feels something binding it down. She turns her head, and notices thick brown string wrapped around her hands, tying them down the the bead. She quickly flashes around, staring at her other limbs, the arms and legs, all strapped down. But that is when the note flashes over her head, allowing her to read it.

Dear Mystique Cirque, Tribute of District 8.

Congratulations Mystique, on reaching the final 9 in the 625th Hunger Games. As a way to seperate the truly strong from the weak, we have decided to set each tribute a trial, to test each and everyone of you. The trial would be set based on the industry of the said tributes District. We have to admit, District 8 was definately the hardest to decide for, but after hours of careful preperation and design we have chosen what you are doing today. And it is quite tricky. As you may have noticed by now, your hands and leg have been bound down, which just makes this slightly harder. But very simple. All you have to do is escape from the table, but the thing is, needles will be lowering dwon towards you, which may give a slight bit of change. Escape before it hits, then you are safe, but if you wait to long...the needles will hit. And bye bye District 8. If you do survive you will be taken to the exit stations for the final day, where you may rest and heal. Filled with everything you need. So I guess the only thing left for me to say is may the odds be ever in your favour.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

The instant Mystiques eyes brush over the final word, the paper bursts into a series of embers. She stares up, waiting for something to happen. She observes the ceiling, trying to shift her arms and legs, but to no avail. At that moment the ceiling splits, revealing a layer of finely pricked needles, slowly moving downwards, crashing down towards Mystique at a very slowed pace. The instance it breaks into her sight, she begins to struggle. Shaking her limbs, trying to slide them from the loops, tear them free. But after minutes of trying, with no progress, she sighs. Kicking her legs up. Her shoes slip off, tiny crimson satin pumps. They clatter to the floor, and reveal just enough space for Mystique to squeeze her feet free, major rope burn, slight damage to the toes, but nothing she cant deal with. She uses her left foot to flick off the right shoe. It falls down, smashing the floor beside the other. With a few seconds of struggling, she slips the second leg free, meaning now she only had to deal with the wrists.

She changes her sight, changing from staring down towards the bottom, to beside her head at her hand. As she flicks up her sight catches the needles, towering above her. This sudden realisations on the time passed sents her into a flurry. Trying to yank her wrists out, knowing there was no chance of slipping them off. She knows the only way of escape was shattering the bone within, and the fingers. Causing emense pain, with sudden realisation, shooting up her arm. Cringing, sending it into uselessness. A tear forms in her eyes as the needles hit the meter range, and she readies her hands for breaking. Ready the yank them out. She closes her eyes, purses her lips closely together. Readying her legs for swinging, her hands for excrutiating pain. Penetrating her inner soul. She pushes them as far as she can, and brings them hurteling down towards the bottom of the bed, and with screeching pain, riddeling her body, she knows she may be to late. But she keeps on moving, and waits for the sign. To see if she survives or not.


A light flickers on in a dark cramped boiler. His body resting in the middle of the floor, coated in a thin layer of oil. It is about 3 metres high, and 4 metres long. Solid black metal, with a single way out. A door at the very end of the boiler, with a single place for a key. At the other end there is a puddle of oil. Damp, bleak empty. A drop of oil collapses down onto the face of Thias, shaking him awake. He stumbles from where he lay, standing up. His head just below the celing, his body covered in oil. He is wearing a pale blue boiler suit, with a grey belt. On his feet he has heavy clunky black boots, and adorning his head is a luminous yellow builder hat. Thick brown gloves cover his hands, keeping them warm. He turns around, now facing the door. He walks up, and runs his hand along the edge, finding the slip of paper placed in the crevice.

Dear Thias Feyuz, Tribute of District 5.

Congratulations on being our youngest competitor left in this game. You have reached the final 9, and to sort out the strong from the weak the other gamemakers and I have decided to set each tribute a task. The task shall relate to the industry of the District, and since you are from District 5 we have decided to base it on oil, one of the most stable fuels used in the current soceity. As you can see by now you are in a boiler. All that is in this boiler is one door, some oil, and a key to unlock the door. It will be found somewhere upon you, hidden away. You must find the key, and unlock the door before the boiler fills with oil. Oh yes, that is the other thing. As you are looking the boiler will slowly be filling with oil, with about 4 hours till it is filled. Once you escape the boiler you will have passed the trial, and will be taken to a room filled with anything you would ever want. Such as food to subside your hunger, water to quench your thirst and medicine to heal your wounds. From then you shall be sent into an arena to fight till the death. And remember, may the odds be ever in your favour.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

Thias drops the letter, and stares around. As he passes the roof, two slits open, straight down the centre, from one end to the other. He moves below them, trying to look up. Trying to look out. But they are less than an inch thick. He strains his eyes, opening them as wide as he can, but as soon as he is focusing, the oil begins to flow. Thick black, oozing down from the crack. Thias steps back in an instance, backing up, pressing against the edge. The oil clatters to the ground, creating ripples in the pool. He instantly dives into the throng, wading about, trying to locate the key that would lead him to safety. He splashes about, in a thrive. He grabs around, coating himself in the thick black liquid. But to no avail. The key remains lost. Thias moves to the end, beside the door, and slowly moves his way up to the end. Checking every nook and cranny. He moves his hands over the sleak metal, smooth and coarse. Dotted in tiny dents in the metal. Like it has been thrown down a hill, beaten. And that is when his first idea came. If there were dents all over, one could be hiding could be hiding the key.

The oil now easily reaches his knees, making  his movement much more slow and jolted. He starts by reaching down, and moving his hands over the base. Trying to find deep bumps he could examine in more detail. He spends about 30 minutes scanning the base, allowing the level of the oil to rise to at his waist, but with nothing happening. His hands push against the side, punching it multiple times, trying to get all his fury out. He moves into the centre, and decides to set his sights on the space above him. Scanning the roof for any paint, hidden crevices or secret lateches. His hand rests over a larger dent. About the size of a fist. Unlike the others it has been polished well, and is smooth. With a gleam being given off, that even gives off a reflection. Showing him himself. And his boiler suit, now soaked in the layers and layers of oil. Heavy on his frame, pulling him down. Weighing him down. Most of it covered by the oil, now reaching his lower chest. Now about two thirds full. He stands still, re-reading the letter over and over again in his head. Analysing each word used...and in each sentence. Where it was placed, which things were emphasised, which bits were downgraded...and which pieces were hidden enough to be missed on a first read...such as the phrase "somewhere upon yourself".

He tore the key from his pocket, small and brass. A golden loop round the top, with a silver chain. The oil now struck his shoulders, which restricted both his sight and his movement. He pushed through the dense material, shoving quickly. He hits the end of the boiler, and tries to find the lock. But to no achievment. He scratches at the door, a swift metal, scartching down its side. The oil is now resting just below his chin, and he moves more frantically, using his other hand to locate the lock, but again he fails miserably. Only finding a sheet of flat straight metal. With a single bump...he tapped it with the base of the key, and a resounding echoing screeched wailed. The sounding of something hollow. And he knew the lock was behind it, but the thing did he get to it.


Alodia's eyes flicker open, trying to adapt to the gleaming light. Beating down on her face, blinding her. She raises her hand, blocking the light, swinging her legs down and hitting the soft ground. She raises to her feet, and stares around. Dashing at each location in the room, the cuboard in the corner, the hospital beds, the medicine cabinet. Her eyes fall onto the floaty gown she is wearing, made of fine lace. Wrapping around her body, flowing to her knees then breaking up into fine strips of cloth. A single pocket lies around half way up, which she dips her hand in, recieving a slip of paper.

Dear Alodia Rickel, Tribute of the Capitol.

Welcome to the penultimate stage of these games, and congratulations on making it this far. With the death of Orlando earlier this morning, you became the remaining Capitol tribute. The gamemakers hate to be biased, but at some points it is needed. So this letter will be short but sweet. Guiding you through each step. After you finish reading, the door before you shall open, leading you into a room with nothing but a pit, and a door. In the pit shall be seven thousand syringes. Nothing in any of them, but each of them fragile and sharp. Also in the pit, in the far corner, beside the door, is a silver key that will lead you to the final stage of the games. You must enter the pit to recieve it, and you must do it fast. Behind the door will be a team to deal with any cuts or scraps you get from the needles, and also food, a warm bed, water and fresh clothes. Weapons are also available, but you wont need to deal with them till tomorrow night. When you will be placed in a final arena with the other tributes who survived their trials. I wish you the best of luck, and may the odds, and the Capitol be ever in your favour.
Yours sincerly
Andrew Donohoe, Head Gamemaker.

As the letter said, the door swang open, revealing the said room. She walked in, and stepped over to the pit. A square set about 4 metres into the ground. But filled to the top with medical syringes. Each one glimmering and sparkling in the dimmed light. Her heart skipped a beat as she did what the letter stated, and walked to the far corner beside the door. She wavered over the edge, not wanting to sink herself into endless pain. Her foot lifted off the ground, neither moving, nor acting. Doing nothing. She sinks down, resting on the side, and dips her feet into the needles, her teeth gritted, pushing past the needles. A couple of scratches, but nothing to serious. They come to a rest, and she holds herself up by her hands, and is about to lower herself gently into the pool when her hand spasms. It collapses down, setting her tumbling into the pool.

Her body collides with the surface, and shatters on contact. The shards tear at her clothes, digging into her skin, Drawing blood. The ends drive into her skin, smashing into bones. Bringing slow trails of blood down her arms, and legs. Rimming the slow painful tears down her supple skin. Endless rubied tears, slinking down her arm. Dissapearing into endless needles, crystalising the glass, or the metal of the rods. Wading through the needles just sends another length of metal sliding into her arms, or slicing up. Slashing. Drawing the red aqueous liquid solution into frenzy. Already she is weary, and she has not even begin to locate the key. She spins around, making sure the corner is in front of her, and digs her arm deep. Trying to renounce the slow pain, damaging her arm like nothing has ever before. The light above circles her, swinging in a rotation, colliding light onto the soft streaks of wallpaper. Nothing, but everything. No one, but every one. Pain like pain never seen, but felt by everyone at the end of the life. That is what Alodia suffers through with each breath, with each movement, with each blink. A stabbing sensation, realer than anything before. Her life tragic, her life filled with pain. The movement of the syringes, tearing through her skin, hiding what she wants to see, but showing her what ever she fears most. Driving into her self concious, but nothing. Nothing breaks her. Her movements are both constant but broken. Shattered like the silvery glass around her. Stabbing. Ever tearing the soft lace on her body, creating the imperfections, but perfections alike. The over radiations of the light sends her head into a blur, but swiftly resuming its normal purpous. Clenching around the hard metal, stiff unlike the fragile movement around her. Glass. Fragile. She yanks it above the surface, removing one arm from the pain, but her body still sented to this torture. A waterfall of blood flows from the key, but she does not care. Using her last effort from the pit she drags herself, trying to resume the normal care. She strikes against the wall, blood forming a pool in swift violent seconds. The key in her hand, but her hand ages from the lock. She tries to raise it up, tries to shove it in. Knowing she would be safe beyond the wall. She strains, but her energy was lost. Strewn across the surface of that glassy pool. Across the neverending torture that was pulsating through her veins. Now locked deep in her brain, controlling her body. Not letting her forget. As she knew that from now, she could never hold a syringe. See one in a shop, as they were pain. Pain was what she could never lose, and they would scar her body forever, the tatters of lace. The arms slashed, legs mangeled. Torso now a bloody mess, raw meat. Grabbing her attention, but the key. That piece of safety. She swings her arm up, slotting the key in. Turning it. But the blood was still flowing, now like a sea, Alodia an island, alone. A mess. Dead...or one knows.

Day 4 Betting Odds

District Tribute Betting Odds
District 5 Male Thias Feyuz 20-1
District 9 Female Silver Evans 40-1
District 12 Female Piper Hope 30-1
District 12 Male Armstrong Shadows 50-1
District 14 Male Jeral Salvio 10-1
Capitol Female Alodia Rickel 60-1

Day 5- Part One- Before the Arena

Thias Feyuz's POV

My hands shudder...quaking under the pressure. My head resting on the pillow, trying to relax but I just cant. In less than 1 day I would be facing the other...wait. How many are left. We were not told who died yesterday. No cannons. No faces in the sky, well we couldnt see them. My room is pretty full. Its plain, dark grey walls with a few lights illuminating the space. A plush double bed in the corner, a closet filled with all the clothes we could want, all the clothes my size. Other than that there is a single window, but all I can see is an expance of forest spreading as far as I can see. There is a third door, the other two leading to the closet and the medicine and food area, which is kept dead sealed. I guess its where I was brought in...and where I would be taken out.

My hand brushes over the handle, and I try to twist it. But as I was stuck fast. Yeh. That was where I would be heading tonight, into the arena. I guess right now I should be getting ready...getting prepared. As it was the final day...and in less than a day. The victor would be found.

Piper Hope's POV

I collapse into the bed, moving against the wall. Facing the television propped on the wall, wide but slim. It flashes on, and the faces of Pinna, Natale and Mystique flash up. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Three cannons...the three dead. And I have to say I am both shocked, but dissapointed. That scum Armstrong was still alive. Still breathing. He tried to kill me...and he would pay. Atleast now I could stick the weapon in his body myself. I am glad Natalie died though, atleast one of those trying to kill me was gone. Wait. Am I actually happy a girl died. That a family would never be able to see their daughter, sister, niece, cousins face again. To them I was one of the people that lived while their relative passed. I couldnt be happy she was dead. Could I...had the games twisted my mind this much. I had promised myself I would keep my morals...keep my hands clean of blood. And so far I had kept my morals. But would I exit this arena intact, would I exit this arena alive. WIth memories of the people I killed. Or would I exit dead, my last image my killer. Thrusting the blade beneath my skin. As it was all or nothing now, if I wanted to get home. I had to kill.

Silver Evans' POV

3 more gone...6 left. Just 5 others had to die before I could suceed. I could actually win this. I could join Misty Bull as a victor of the 625th Hunger Games. And the only people standing in my way were the pair from 12, the boy from 14, the girl from the Capitol..and..who was the other one. A boy I think...well. If I cant remember him he must not be a threat. Well all I know is the boy from 12 is a big threat. I remember him...from training. Large. Strong. Sure he got a 9 or something, the highest of the people left if my memory serves me well. That girl from 12 should not be hard, very young, smaller than the rest. Now the girl and boy from the Capitol and 14. Both were older, but neither got much representation during the interviews, training or the chariots. I just hope they dont throw any suprises my way. I move over to the television, flicking the off switch, sending the room into a plunging darkness, and walk to the door. Flick the handle open, and step inside. Surveying my selection. On one side lays a line of clothes, all different styles and colours, and on the other...weapons. All the weapons I could ever need. A smile darts onto my face, and I know. This is where the games would really begin.

Armstrong Shadows' POV

I flick through the channels, but the same thing appears on all but one. "Sorry, but at this current moment in time you are unable to view this channel. We are so sorry for any problems this may have caused". The only channel that is actually working is showing the trials of each tribute on a loop. I had already watched them all about 10 times, so I was not wanting to make it an 11th time. I press the off button, and grab a can of juice from the fridge. Cold. Sparkling on my tounge, like nothing I had ever tasted before. Stunning, I am sure it has something in it that could help me. Nothing in the fridge is there for no reason. Fruits, vegetables, a selection of savoury snacks, a few tarts up the top. Anything I could want, but incase I wanted something that wasnt there a phone rested on top, and a single number to type. I down the rest of the can, and chuck it in the bin, already almost full of the wrappers of the food I had eaten for the last hour. Everything was done, and I was getting bored. My outfit for later was layed out, a set of black trousers and tank top. Chain mail suit, covering all my body other than my face. And a silver axe, already tried it on, and it didnt restrict my movement much. It was better to be safe than if I was sorry, I was dead.

Jeral Salvio's POV

I slip my armour on, strapping it up tight. It may slow me down, but it would offer my that protection others may choose to ignore. They may stick to light clothes, so they can be free to move. I slip the axe into my hand, and swing it about. Light enough for me to move it, but heavy enough to smash in anyones skull that gets in the way. I turn my attention off my appearence and weaponry, and onto my strategy. We still had no clue what the arena would look like, and I guess we wouldnt know for a while. It could be anything from a grass filled field, to a pool of water...wait. What if it just was an empty expanse of water...would wearing armour be the right idea. I mean that would drag me to the bottom...dead...gone. But then again...what if it was something with mutts. Gamemakers may want to add another mechanic into the game, having armour would help us greatly. The ones without may be faster, but the ones with wil be able to last much faster. As I think about this, I hear a swift single beep resound through the room, drawing my attention to the door infront of me. The door I had yet to see behind, the door that swung open, revealing the future. Revealing where I had to go. Revealing where the end of the 625th games would end.

Alodia Rickel's POV

I slide the spear onto my back, down one more sip of water and step towards the door. My eyes drift beyond the door, and into the room that lies beyond. Basically the same as the room we first entered when the games just begun, so long ago now. In the past. There is a chair in one corner, with the other three being empty. But my eyes dont linger on them, they focus on the centre. The glass tube, the second one I had seen in my life...well. Second one I had seen this game. I remember only last summer I was in another room like this, on holiday. Back then my life was simple. Now. Now I would have this cloud hanging over me if I ever survived. And what were the chances of that. I mean in the trial I had done the worst. It was clear. You could clearly see. The others hardly struggled, atleast the ones that survived. I on the otherhand only won as the Capitol favoured me. I didnt shove the key in the lock...they opened it. They dragged me into a surgery and stitched me up. Even now I can feel where the needles pierced my skin, where they drew blood. But I survived. And I could survive again. Only 5 others had to die...I mean how many had died so far. many. And for them it had all began the same way. By entering the glass tube...and with the flash of a resounding green light I guess I will be doing that again.

Day 5- Part Two- Let the Final Fight Begin

A cold echo is sprinkled across the icy domain. The white blast of snow scattering the elegant fall that cirles the single isle. A plinth surrounded by the wretched fog, shrouding the bottom of the caverns. Less than 100 metres in length, it is small. 6 metal circles stand around, each attoped with a tribute. Standing proud. Ready for the final battle, carrying the weapons that they will use to win or to die. Alodia holds her spear in both hands, standing tall, her eyes flitting back and forth to the tributes on either side of her. But also to the gaping emptyness behind her. To her left lies Armstrong. Unlike the rest he does not appear to have a single look of terror on his face. His axe hangs by his side, a golden hammer in his pocket. His chainmail holding him down, but shimmering in the thick fog. Silver is dressed in light grey pants, in a soft fabric that floats beside her in the resounding soft wind. The bow slung on her back, a set of arrows in a quiver, coated in a thick poison. Thias holds the dagger in his quivering hand, bronze metal, standing out from the grey meld of colours. His clothes a mix of green and brown, sinking him into the earth, and sending his body into darkness. Piper adorns a black backpack, filled with medicine and food, a dagger attatched to her strap, and two slipped into her trousers. A blowgun is slipped in her pocket, with darts in the other. Finally the knife night googles are strapped round her neck, ready for use. Her figure is slouched as she stares around at the others, easily the smallest, easily the weakest, but easily one of the smartest. Jeral shifts about in his armour, swinging his axe back and forward, waiting for something to send him running at the others, trying to kill them. A vial of poison around his neck incase..incase he needs an extra weapon. The 6 tributes stare around, each waiting. Waiting as the countdown draws to a close.


Jeral twitches his hand, flicking his axe up.


Piper moves her hair from her eyes, drawing up her body.


Armstrong picks up her hammer, and smirks, anticipating the blood.


Alodia slips her spear off her back, examining the point.


Thias passes the dagger from hand to hand, a trickle of sweat across his face.


Silver removes an arrow from her quiver, and lines it up with her bow.


The cold wind wraps around the tributes, sending chills down the backs.


The night dances around, the moon shifting in the sky.


In the Capitol the head gamemaker, Andrew Donohoe, smirks as he hovers over the button.


He slams his finger on the button, and the final battle of the game begins. But no one moves. The wind howls through the gaps, stretching across the field. The tributes stare across at eachother, none wanting to make the first move, none wanting to leave themselves vulnerable. Silver, being the only one with a long range weapon, raises her bow. The arrows already in place, she spins on her foot, piveting to face Piper. The arrow is sent flying before Piper can even think about it. It sails through the air, creating a vibration, ripping the constant thrill of the vibrations of the air. It is about to reach Piper, standing petrified, not knowing how to react to the silk coated bow, when it smashes into a plasma screen. Sending ripples of blue aquatic energy soaring off. The arrow splits down the centre, shattering into thousands of strands of wood flying into the ground. Burning up in the energy of the silver field. All tributes stare around, none knowing what to think about the splintering wood. Silvers bow droops, an enquisitave look on her face. Shrouded in mystery her eyes dart to the locations of the other tributes. None of them knowing what this means. But their questions are answered by the resounding voice sent from above.

"Well, here we are. The final 6, congratulations to each and everyone of you. Congratulations to Piper, who used calm logic to solve her problem, to Armstrong, who used his strength and speed to escape the ending flames, to Silver, who used her brains to see a way round a difficult situation, to Alodia, who pushed through a tough situation despite the endless pain, to Jeral, who used ferocious strength to overcome destructive beasts, and finally to Thias, who had luck to spare, and who managed to suceed despite the odds. Each of you has shown something that could be vital to your sucess. So the other gamemakers and I have decided to add in another little suprise, but this one is much more vital. It involves the victor. Or in this case, victors. You shall be put in two teams, of 3, and if one team dies completely, the tributes on the other team shall be named victor. No matter how many are alive. Now, for the actual teams. Our first team includes Piper Hope, Jeral Salvio and Thias Feyuz. Meaning our other team includes Alodia Rickle, Armstrong Shadows and Silver Evans. For the last time for a lot of you, may the odds be ever in your favour"

Silver again is the first to move, her bow strung and fired before the others can even contemplate what they had just heard. It soars again through the air, and follows the path it made before. But this time Piper was not to be taken easily, she dives from her podium, rolling across the grass. She crashes into Thias, who pulls her up just as Jeral leaps from his podium and jogs to meet his team mates. On the other side of the raised platform, Silver, Alodia and Armstrong are grouping together. The two 16 years old, and 18 year old stare across at their rivals, the 13, 12 and 15 year olds. Despite the age gap neither team knows who will be winning, but all they know is atleast 3 deaths would occur today. And all of them were just hoping it was not them.

Armstrong takes a step forward, his hammer held ready, strong in his grip. Alodia beside him, no smirk on her face now, a leer being sent to the others, her hair whipping at her face, swirling around. Silver crouched down, the bow on her back, an arrow in her hand. Quiet, elegant. Looking slightly different from the two brutes beside her. Her eyes focused to the ground, trying to avoid the stare of the others. She raises to her feet, and Armstrong beckons her forward, pointing towards her bow, and then at Jeral on the otherside. The three over there are grouped together, all eyes focused on Silver and her bow. She removes a glowing wicker arrow from her quiver, a silver arrowhead, and a peacock feather tail, and places it on her bow. She raises it high above her head, and lets it fly. Signalling the end of peace time, and signalling the beginning of the end. Silver's arrow hits the ground, where Piper used to stand. But now the three are darting across the field, towards the others. Silver shifts her bow onto her shoulder, and catches the axe Armstrong threw at her. She holds it to her chest, not sure how to use it, but sure she can deal sufficiant damage.  Aloadia dives below the arm of Armstrong, and smashes her spear onto the head of Jeral. He raises his axe to deflect it, and swings down, trying to butt Alodia in the chest, but instead collides with the base of her leg. It shudders for a moment, but relaxes, allowing her to kick out, and smash his foot into Jeral's knee. He buckles down, his axe skidding across the ground, and dissapearing into a patch of high rising grass. He tries to scramble to grab it, but feels the stiff foot of Alodia strike his chest, holding him firm to the place. She shifts her spear to her upper hand, and holds it to his throat, digging it slightly beneath his skin, releasing a trickle of rubied blood. A smile across her face, the crepid temble in the eyes of the iron warrior, standing strong despite facing his iminent death.

Alodia twists the spear round, slicing a deeper gash in his soft skin, while she watches as he suffers. "You know what...Jeral...I am actually enjoying this. I thought I would feel a slight bit of regret...but nope. None at all. Guess when a bitch bites, a bitch just wants to bite right back". Her eyes drift down to her leg, which now clearly is soaked in a layer of thick crimson blood. Exactly where Jeral's axe had struck the skin, and dug deep down into her body. "You cut me...but I do not care. As I will get my revenge. And it will be good....but this isnt satisfactory. I want to win with strength". She removes her spear blade from the crest of her neck, and holds it at her side. Her foot still propped on his chest. She uses her spear to grasp the hand of the axe, and drags it across, laying beside Jeral. She takes a devilish look to her eyes, and then states two words. "We fight".

" could have killed me". Jeral stands to his feet, and swings his axe to his shoulder. "He turns around, staring over to where Piper and Thias battle Silver and Armstrong. The two weaker tributes slash at Armstrong, but neither seem to making any difference. Silver stands on the outskirts, firing arrows into the fray. His eyes dart back to Alodia, her dark hair clattering down her shoulders, and bouncing off her back. A cascade of gravel, shimmering off her body.

Alodia smiles, passing her spear between her open hands. "Well, I know I can beat you again, and I have to say I love a challenge".

The brute from the Capitol, psychodelic, abosrbed with her power, strikes out. She brings the butt of her spear down towards the back of Jeral's knee. Jeral on the other hand has taken this second chance on the chin, and swings his axe. With a sickening crunch it smashes through the spear wood. Splitting it down the centre, destroying the only weapon she had. She flicks backwards, her eyes flitting to the silver axe blade, and to the face of Jeral. Filled with the echoing confidence that resided on Alodia's faces less than a minute before. He smashes the blade of the axe into her chest, sending her flying backwards, tripping over a tuff of grass. She stares down at her chest, the shattering wound, blood streaking down, her ribs cracked, skin torn. Her heart beating slower and slower, weaker and weaker. Her smile is still plastered on her face, broken with blood scratched across.

Jeral no longer has any sign of joy on his face though, he bends down to her side, grabbing the end of her spear and tossing it over the edge of the plinth. He rests on his knee, and lowers his mouth to her ear. "I am not a bitch. You twisted little girl, lets face it. In this instance being more powerful does not matter, I am from 14. You were from Capitol. Fuck off. And I hope you suffer". He moves his head back a bit, and spits directly in her face, smashing her in the eyes.

" say Im a bitch. But...but I havent killed. I have my morals". A sneer replaces the death of shock and greed that was on her face since she had been smashed. "You now are nothing more than a filthy dog. Someone who would sell there reasoning just to win. You took my life. But I will never leave your mind".

Jeral spins around, is face filled with anger. "Killing you will be sweet revenge, you call me nothing more than a filthy dog, but atleast Im a filthy dog who hasnt got longer than 20 seconds to live". Without hesitating he brings his axe plummeting towards to body of Alodia. It crashes through her skull, blood forms a waterfull down her pale face, crisp skin shattering into flakes of gorging red and crimson. Soft as it crushes inwards, caving past the normal shape. Smashing into the brain, creating signals through her body. A single spasm occurs, all her limbs spasming in a single jerk, before going still for the last time. BOOM.

The cannon sends Armstrongs head flitting round, hoping to see Alodia standing over the still body of Jeral, but what his eyes grace on is the complete polar opposite. Jeral fishes his axe from her face, spinning it onto his back, and kicking her body to the side, rolling her to face away from the group of tributes. Armstrong, filled with rage swings back around to face Thias and Piper. With one swing of his fist, Thias is sprawled on his back, metres away, blood gushing from his broken nose. Piper dodges Armstrongs second swing, and leaps over to where Thias lies. The brute from 12 contemplates darting to where the two tributes lie, and trying to take them out, but decides to reap revenge on the person who killed his team mate. He yells at Silver to collect her arrows, and charges off. Taking 6 steps to reach the side of Jeral. He makes one swift movement with his hammer, but unbeknownst to him Jeral was prepared. He brings up the shattered spear end of Alodias final weapon, and jabs it beneath the skin just below Armstrongs arm. He hands spasms, and his Hammer flies over the cliff edge.

"Try to take. I dare you to". Jeral mutters into the ear of Armstrong, his axe tight in his hand.

Armstrong does not give up hope though, and kicks out with his leg, smashing into the blade of the axe, sending it in the same arc that his hammer had moved minutes before. "Ill take those odds". He shoves Jeral backwards, but swings his leg round, kicking at the back of his knee. Jeral though spins round, throwing Armstrong over the gravel and dirt, sending a storm of misting dirt up into his eyes. He ducks down, shielding his eyes from the torrent of bliss. Allowing Armstrong to regain his feet, and wait for the dust to move.

It settles on the ground, creating a crust over the thickened ground. Armstrong standing 5 feet from where Jeral rests, both unarmed, but both ready to take the others life. But only one would suceed. Armstrong is the first to move, taking one step towards Jeral, digging his foot into the soil. Jeral stands strong, his fists slightly raised, ready to pound anyone who comes in his range. They both move forward slighty, ignoring the screams from beside them, from all Silver, Piper and Thias. In one instance, both of the boys seem to double in speed. Jeral thorws forward his fist, and clashes with the shoulder of Armstrong. A flail of fists, furious in the full fluctuant movements, steady but repeated over and over again. The two boys both seem to be one hundered percent ready, with neither even failing a bit. The collisions are all minor, smashing arms and shoulders, but never colliding with the faces or vital organs. Both boys seem to be keeping their eyes locked on eachother, and sticking to the use of fists, and restricting the activity of their feet.

Jeral backs up a bit, trying to cause Armstrong to over punch, and to allow himself to slam his fists on his head. They are now resting on the edges of the floating isle, standing over the broken rift of fog, clearing what lies below. Jeral kicks a rock as he swingsback, and catches sight as it flows over the edge of the cliff, and off into the abyss below. But this momentary laps of focus has cost him, Armstrong manages to make contact with Jerals face, and sends him tumbling backwards, following the arc the rock has formed. His hands flay out, and catch onto the stragglings of a root, spearing from the end. Just holding him up, but he already knows its over. Armstrong darts over to where he is heald, beaming with the kill he has just secured. His second kill.

"Should not have fought with the big boys". He sneers in Jerals face, ready to watch as he tumbles into the abyss.

Jeral stares up, his face filled with luminous red flush, his mouth fluttering open, about to state his last words. "Just flames stronger than the cold...Jeral and Piper are stronger than you and Silver. And also.." He pulls himself just enough to peer over to where the other three tributes are waiting...not waiting. Working. "looks like you have company". A smile flows onto his face, and Jeral releases his fingers, sending him smashing into the crowds. Armstrong follows his shadow as he tumbles out of sight, but keeps locked on even when he has past death. BOOM. Armstrong releases his view, and begins to contemplate what Jeral said. But it is not hard, as the moment he stands up it is in clear sight, the final trap of the gamemakers. A basilisk.

Day 5- Part Three- And the Victors Are...

Thin. The shifter scales, clattering in an endless torment of valiant cries. Jet black, smoothly slicing through the soft suffocated earth, diving through the uproar of clouding dirt, swirling around the vicious clattering body of the venomous snake. Winding around the edge, stretching round and round the isle, with an end not even in sight. Its eyes glittering in the silvery mist, that lies on the ground. Piercing the soul, but none of the tributes grasp the sight, even they have heard of this wise, wonderful yet destructive and mind cringing beast. That had riddled history with its devling stare. The eyes of the tributes drift to the ground, or soar to the sky. Avoiding the area this great beast absorbs. 2 fangs hanging over the edge of the lip, each coated in a thick purple adolescent liquid, dripping to the floor, and creating a small pool, dissolving through the ground, and striking into the distance of the aqueous outside. Dissapearing beyond sight. Silver is the quickest to move, an arrow loaded in her bow within seconds, and fired within another few, sent straight down a single way path, and striking the pupil, sending a squirt of blood. Blinding the might beast in one eye.

With this initial movement, the other three takes their first moves. Piper raises her knife, and darts forward to the side of the beast, and climbs aboard its back, digging her leg deep beneath the scales. Her knife is withdrawn with in seconds, and is about to be dug beneath the ever shifting sea of scales, into the supple fresh glowing flesh, when the beast jerks backwards, its head raised up, thrashing, throwing Piper into the dust. Armstrong through has taken the attack route from the ground, swinging a rock he found, trying to break as many scales, and create a big enough gash. Despite the 4 of them not being on the same team, all of the remaining tributes seem to be working in sync. Thias still recovering from his broken nose, Armstrong pummeling away at the side, Silver firing arrows at the second eye, wanting to blind the creature completely, Piper avoiding the tail, trying to make her way back onto the back of the elegant thrashing manic soldier, coated in thick armour, that none of the tributes can seem to break.

Armstrong calls to Piper, and points to the second knife in her belt. She whips it off, and throws it through the air, allowing it to be grabbed by Armstrong. In an instance he plunges the blade directly into the spine. It digs deep, driving directly upto the hilt, shattering inside, sending the pain soaring up the mighty beasts spine. It swings its tail, sending Piper flying over to the edge, her head catching on a stone, sending her into a mix of conciousness and sleep. Thias watches as the beast rolls over, sending Armstrong fleeing over to the safety of the other side. Only Silver seems to still be fighting with this beast, using her agility to bend round, speeding around the back, firing arrows repeatedly at the head of the beast, which is still writhing in pain, trying to stem the flow of blood. The drip with the useless venom, that seems to hover in the air, but blinded in one eye, this beast has no real strategy, tamed to early, now fighting against itself, not doing harm to any of the other tributes. Its struggles seem to be doing it more harm through, as it rubs against the ground friction damages the already weak scales, ripping them off, producing more and more streams of blood, mixing with the venom, crimson streaked across the ground. Constrasting on the skin of the might beast, now ready to die, but about to take its last victim.

Silver lines up her arrow, staring down the shaft, directing it towards the face of the elegantly layed out python, winding around the island. She releases the arrow a second to late though, as the beasts vision turns slightly, and locks on directly with the vision of Silver. The paths meet, as the arrow flies. Both staring down into eachothers eyes, past the cornea, iris and through the pupil. Smashing into the retina, sending signals to the brain, forming an image but for Silver it will be the last image she ever sees. The image of the beast forms at the back of her mind, but spreads rapidly. The cells multiply, destroyed within seconds. Burning searing pains and spread through her spine. The arrow strikes the 2nd eye of the might torment, blinding it permanently, and it retreats. Sliding into the icy depths of fog. Silver keels over tumbling down, smashing into the ground. Her brain burning slowly, nerves soaring over and shooting down her arm, taking over her now writhing. BOOM. Even after death her body thrives, the cells inside her are splitting, shattering slowly, errupting, killing Silver from the inside. As the time passes, Silvers body slowly stills. Her hair spewed across her face, tangeled and shifted, some torn, some broken. Her skin is completely flat though, smoothed to the bone, the fat thrown out. The skin pressed up against all bones, stretching it flat, extruding the brawn burned bones through. Her arms are limp, her legs defecated. Tinged a pale grey, with her feet coated in green blisters. Bursting, green puss flowing down her skin, and shattering the ground, leaking into the earth. A hovercraft flies over, swooping down to beside where Silver lies. Its claw lowers, grabbing her body, before soaring off into the distance. Leaving the final 3.

Three tributes...each one ready. All armed with a single knife, Pipers blowgun snapped under her body weight as she was thrown to the ground my the basilisk, Armstrongs hammer falling off the edge of the isle, causing the rise of the basilisk, Thias almost blinded by the searing pain in his nose, his eyes swelled up, bulging infront of his pupils. None of them make a move, Thias equipped with his best weapon but heald back by the physical capasities. Armstrong has his natural strength, but with a weapon sub-standard for him. And Piper ready to go, with a weapon she can use, but by a mile the smallest. The cold wind wraps around them, the fog that layed across the floor seems to flow onto the grounded plinth, and seep to the feet of the tributes. Swirling around, circling, racing, suspence.





"Well this is definately time to reveal the last secret of the gamemakers. But before that I must congratulate our final three, Armstrong Shadows, Piper Hope and Thias Feyuz. You three have managed to overcome those the other 29 have not, including the recently deceased Alodia Rickle, Jeral Salvio and Silver Evans. But now, onto the secret. As some of the more cunning viewers, and maybe some of our final three have noticed, the rule from the beginning could still apply, but so could the rule about the teams. And that would mean unless Piper was killed now, she would be the victor. But well, we think that is just a tiny bit unfair on our other duo, so. All bets are off. Only one can win, so for the last time, may the odds be ever in your favour"

Armstrong makes an instant move the moment the voice from above finishes, diving to the side, barreling towards Thias. He easily sidesteps, but catches his leg on a rock, tumbling backwards. Fumbling over his blade, while almost blinded by pain. Piper watches in horror, not knowing who to support. The boy who deserted her but who was from her District, or the boy who was 12, who had seen so little of life. She moves forward in broken shattered steps, with each movement having a different idea in her head. She reaches the thriving figures, and manages to see that Thias is already at a distinct disadvantage. His knife lying 5 metres away, bent in half, useless. Armstrongs knife on the otherhand is in action. Hovering over the face of Thias, its only barrier being a struggling Thias, using his last force to keep Armstrong away. Piper grabs the scruff of Armstrongs neck.

"GET OFF HIM, WHY ARMSTRONG WHY". Her voice echoes throughout the shapened silence, stopping Armstrong and Thias in the struggle. Despite her weak strength Armstrong goes tumbling backwards, staring at her as if in questions.

He stands up, raising his knife, a blinding pain across his face, furious at Piper for stopping him from taking his second kill. "Piper...what did you just do...I need to win...and I dont care who I kill...".

" changed. When I first met you, back at the reapings, so long ago, you were kind. You comforted me, and I loved it. But now...You stabbed me with a knife, you tried to kill me. And you are going to kill a defenceless 12 year old...cant we talk...why do we need to resort to murder...". Her fists flail about, tears streaming down her face, wanting to break the tributes.

Armstrong stares up, the pain flowing out his face...and seeping to his fists. "I am already a murderer...I killed Jeral. I tried to kill you. This is what I am now. I am a monster, and I know its not right...but...but...its me now...I just cant shun it....dont you understand this Piper..."

Piper walks to where Thias lies, and helps him to his feet, returning the knife to his hand. "I hate this no more than you guys, but we cant all win...and this is why I am sorry...". Piper keels over...Thias already crying, and Armstrong realises the words that Thias had just said, and what they meant. "I am sorry..."

"Thias...what did you just do...". His eyes slowly lower from Thias' weeping face, and lowers to the form of Piper, on the floor, face to the ground, back to the sky. Her knife implanted in her back. Blood pouring from the open wound, down her body, shimmering in the misty light, broken and shattered, misty and repetitive. A glowing molten liquid, that signifies pain for anyone, and everyone. The silent moans from Piper and what brings Armstrong darting to her side, yanking the knife from her back, and rolling her over, making sure to cover her wound with his jacket. Her hair is scuffed up from the fall, ground messed into the light brown hair, darkened at the roots, but still brown from entering the arena. Her hands are coated in the blood from her wound, and it is flowing thick and fast, down her body, over her stomach. Cuts are also all across her body from the fall, crashing into the pile of gravel that was lying across the floor.

" not die on me...we can do this...I...I...I cant go on without you...". Tears are now all across his face, tracing the dirt stains from the splatters the basilisk made. "We can win this know...the Capitol...they will let us.."

Her head twists round...turning to face Armstrong. " that vision is blurred...I...I feel cold".

Armstrong lets out a short curt laugh, but instantly returns to his somber, calmed state. "Its will be warm in a minute...and you will have anything you will be good..."

She shakes her head, and slowly mutters out a few choice words. "Not for me...but for the victor...for you...". Her eyes flutter shut, but her heart beats on, her wound growing larger. More painful, causing more damage.

"Half right...yes for the victor...but for you, not me..." He brushes the hair from her eyes, and props her head up on his knee. Thias stands above, not wanting to interupt this scene. The scene he caused. Unsure if he did wrong..but knowing he did what he had to, but not sure how to do it again. "When do you will happen...the noise..."

"Not long...a few minutes...but...but I have to say something...". Her eyes move open again, but now they are shot with red streaks, blood covered and bulging. And as they both knew, this was signalling the coming of the end.

Armstrong grabs the knife, now remembering who they were in the company of. "Tell me...I dont care if he me he is a beast. But so am I..."

" are not a felt remorse". Her hand moves the ground beside her, and then to the gaping hole right through her body, from where the knife plunged in her back, but broke the front skin, and shattered it. Causing more pain.

"No...Jeral...he was a boy...younger than me...and...and..." He doesnt finish his sentence, and just looks into her eyes more...but she isnt there. Her body is drained. And she never makes another sound...her heart gives it final beat. Sounding, shaking, pumping a single part of blood through her veins, before collapsing. Finishing, defeating her, the girl who was loved, the girl who will never be forgotten. The girl who started the revolution. BOOM.

Armstrong leans down to her head, planting his lips on her forehead. He stays there for a singular moment, his eyes shut. The wind seems to end, the grass stills. All across Panem a silence is achieved. No one knowing what to say or do, everyone just staring at the screen. The standing figure of Thias, hanging in the wind, weaponless. Armstrong crouched over Pipers body, his face over the face. His hands still pressed on her stomach, and her lips on the cold skin. The wind resumes its steady gale, and the grass rustles more. Armstrong knows he has to let her go, but cant seem to roll her body away, to let the Capitol take her body away, to the Capitol to be prepared for going back to District 12. Her brushes her hair our of her eyes one last time, tucking it behind her ear and places her down.

He turns to Thias, shaking her head and says one thing. "1 minute...give her this time...". Thias returns a nod, and walks over to the edge of the plinth, his arms crossed, using his jacket fabric to mop up the last of the blood on his face. Armstrong lays her down, placing his chainmail on her chest, dressing her to be seen. He stands beside her, and crosses his arms, not sure what to do, and steps back a while, putting atleast 10 metres between himself and Piper. On the other side of the isle from Thias, not wanting to adress his face. The knife is slipped in his trousers, but ready to be drawn at any moment.

A resounding echo is produced by the soaring hovercraft, soaring down and stopping above the dead girl. Its mechanical claw lowering down, grasping Pipers body and slowly lifting up. Her hair hanging down, her legs limp, floating in the steady wind. Armstrongs eyes stalk her up, following her every movement. Thias though is slowly moving, trying to reach his broken knife, knowing it is his only hope to win. He slides on the ground, grabbing the knife, and resuming his position on the otherside of the plinth. Ready to fight.

But they cannot. The winds whirl around, soaring around. Knocking them both flying, Thias crashing into the ground, his arm smashing out of its socket. Armstrong whacking his head on a rock, causing the bleeding to begin, that would result in his death if not treated. Neither of them can move due to the high pressure, but both can watch the scene above them change. The previous cloud ridden sky, fog coated whirls away, now covered in a fuzzy crackling grate. It comes together in a large picture, of a face they all recognised, the president of Panem.

“Ahhh the final two, now, no this is not a twist but a reminder, of what got you here...30 tributes have died yet you two are still alive. Now, both of you have lost your District allies, Piper and Dysterin, and then both have also lost your partner, Piper again and Rafferty. Now this must have been very hard for both of you, but this is not all...neither of you actually know how most of your friends died...correct, so lets remind you...beginning with Asphalt all the way back in the bloodbath”.

The screen goes fuzzy again, before configuring to show Asphalt being thrust below the surface, and held there till he goes still. 32...

Then to Jillian-anne being pushed over and then grabbed by Armstrong, before being viciously twisted till the snapping of her neck occurs. 31...

Plasma comes up next beside Ames. They are both together when Jade slashes out, Plasma falling with the sword protruding from her head, and then seconds later the sword coming crashing through Ames, slashing his arm and chest. 30...29...

Dysterin appears fighting with Ranger, but swiftly the back of Dysterin's head goes crashing into the cornucopia repeatedly, till her body stills. 28...

Ranger though has no time to relax as her face appears, with a silver knight piercing the skull, and breaking deep into the skull, damaging her brain. 27...

Tori runs onto the screen, her hands flailing when a blur of silver occurs, and a mass of blood appears, with her collapsing to the floor, blood coating her body. 26...

Kailani and Jeral flee through the water, but not for long. Natalie reaches them, ripping the bow string out and wrapping it around the neck of Kailani, slowly tightening. 25...

The camera dissolves again, and re-focuses in the desert, the sand raging over two figures, but one is buried beneath the sand, and slowly suffocated, the other resting, struggling. 24...

Ares is the next face, along with Silver, Mystique and Cain, but Silver swiftly retreats leaving Ares to be whipped across the back by Mystique, leaving his skin raw and bloody, but dead. 23...

The next scene is a long one, including the beginning of the fight between the three boys and the Careers, beginning with the mace smashing into the side of Jade's head. 22...

Caleb and Natalie's battle follows, which ends with the sea witch from 4's trident burrying deep into the chest of the boy from 9. 21...

Finally Drake and Levi are shown, and the acid spills onto the chest of Levi, splashing onto the head, and burning away, corroding deep beneath the skin. 20...

The face of Thias appears, the knife glinting as he stabs it deep into the head of Rafferty, quick but painful death, silent in the night. 19...

Cain is shown, the lynx mutt soaring over his head, scratching away. Then the slow process of the poison coursing through the body, burning away at his organ. 18...

Lux and Sylvia are shown next, crouching together, waiting for the sand to die, but being welcomed by a wall of horses, crushing Lux on the first wave, but returning to take the life of the second ally, and digging away at Sylvia. 17...16...

Next shows the scene of Jade and Drake, making their way down the cliff, and Drake falling after being pushed off the ledge by Jade, crashing into the waves, and deep below. 15...

Aliya's face appears for not but a second before dissapearing beneath the shifting sand, swallowing her whole, and taking her life swiftly and quietly. 14...

Hadix is shown going mad, and finally rising to his feet and swinging the mace down to collide with his head, and then his slow and painful death after. 13...

There is a quick clip of the wave soaring through the sky, destroying the later isles, thats treasure had not even been discovered, and drowning Dexter slowly, taking him out for good. 12...

Orlando's face is shown as he is whipped away from Jeral, and brought under the surface, his head colliding with the boulder than finished the done deal. 11...

Phrixos hanging over the gaping cliffs, his hands close but slipping, and finally the cliff crumbling away, weakened by the pounding water that froze above them. 10...

Pinna is shown in her small room, hovering over the apples, smashing them open and finally choosing the one different from the others, but kealing over, dead seconds later. 9...

Natalie hanging from the cliff, trying to pull herself to safety, but being brought down with the torrent that dragged down the water, and her to her death. 8...

Mystique then struggling against her bonds, and tearing them free but not rolling out fast enough, the side of her chest crushed beneath a terminal of thriving needles. 7...

Then there is a panoramic view of the current isle, shown to be floating in a void of darkness swirling around them, fog thick and dense, grey and repetitive. Encasing the isle, and not revealing the outside.

Then it zooms down to where Alodia and Jeral are fighting, with Alodia being flung back, wounded, but getting the final axe lodged in the brain. 6...

Jeral has a moment rest before Armstrong charges over, using his superior strength to send Jeral tumbling into the depths below, wakening the basilisk. 5...

The great wise creature uncoiling, and flowing up, black collosal scales shifting like a never ending sea of shells. Blinded by one of Silver's arrows, and managing to fend off the others, but finally retreating when the 2nd eye is blinded, and he destroys Silver from the inside out. 4...

Then it pauses. A face appearing, a golden gleam. Perfected skin, soft brown hair flowing down her still shoulders. Piper Hope. Dead. Waiting to be sent to the Capitol. This glorious picture vanishes, and shows Piper making her speech for the great, but Thias betraying her logic and plunging the knife into her back. 3...

Then it stops. Nothing more to show. Having caught up with the current affairs. The wind stops, but the screen doesnt. It shatters, one pixel by another, spreading lights across the sky, revealing where they are. Below them is a District. 1...7...4...0...neither of them know, neither of them recognise it. They both watch in wonder as they clamber to their feet, the rolling green hills, the soft village. This isle litterally floating over this wonder, waiting for these games to finish, and they the time had come...

"Why Thias...just why...why did you kill her". The lack of instant movement comes as a chat, but Armstrong just stares at his oppenent, wanting answers.

Thias stares down, and then back up a tear in his eye. "I...I...dont know...she is just...just...she was that one I needed to kill to win...she was that obsticle...I knew I could kill the rest...but she was just so kind".

"So why do it, why kill her. She is smart. She would have found out a way to make us all win". His hands drop down, the knife clattering on the hard packed stone.

"But what if she did not, and then it would just be delayed...put off...face it, I just killed her to get it out the way, she had to go".

"She was a child". His voice is now filled with rage.

"She was a year older than me". Thias takes a step forward, his voice dripping with malicious thoughts, digging deep into the cells of each reader. "And if she did not die I would, and I am 12, you would be a monster if you killed either of us, and we would be a monster if we killed you".

Armstrongs head lowers, and he mumbles, trying to find the words. "She was just so everyone she met...I only knew her for a month yet I trusted her like a sister...".

"I know...but...but we need to face the facts...only one of us can win...and the one who kills the other will be a monster". He looks across at Armstrong, and shakes his head once. "I dont know what to do...".

"I do...Piper told me I was not a monster, and I cannot let her be a liar...". Armstrong had removed the knife from the floor. "But you killed Piper, you are already a monster, not a human, and a human killing a monster is just right". He raises the knife towards Thias, knowing her could overpower the weaponless child. "But you are 12...and an 18 year old should be responsible". He slams down the knife, piercing his heart and dragging it vertically, the fall of blood glorious and spectacular, but the death rich and fast. BOOM. (238)

Thias stands in horror, watching the bloodied scene. It had passed without him knowing, he had expected a prolonged fight, with the interuption of the Capitol, bringing round a death in one way, but no. This had been quick. He stands still, watching the body of Armstrong, about a minute after his death a hovercraft soars in, grabbing the body of Armstrong before flying off. Thias watches as the sky becomes fuzzy again, and the picture of Armstrong is shown.

He shoves the knife into his heart, and pulls up directly, splitting his chest open, letting all the blood flow free. Like a waterfall it isnt controlled, and goes where it wants. His blood stained clothes, now open due to him losing his chainmail with Piper. The clothes stain red, and his heart slowly fails, his knees his the ground, his arms out open, strong in his position. Waiting for death to claim him, a welcome expression across his face...slow and painful. But he was finally gone. 2...*trumpet sounds*

"Well congratulations to Thias Feyuz, the victor of the 625th Hunger Games part 2. You have done District 5 proud, and I hope you realise what you have achieved, due to your victory today you have sent your District into being one of the 4 districts to enter the 700th Hunger Games. Including yourself, but now I must say congratulations again, and you have now joined Misty Bull as the victor of the 625th, and until the 700th enjoy yourself"

Thias stands still for a moment, his eyes refining into the room, staring right around. His head spins round, passing out. Mind bending, twisting and shaking. He collapses to the ground, his body thriving, not out of physical pain but mental. His face is cramped, menacing, not sure what to do. Thinking of the painful deaths he witnessed, Armstrongs blood twisting, him breaking the knife into the back of Piper and finally him driving the knife into the back of Rafferty's head.

The hovercraft soars down, sending its arm down to grab up Thias. Taking him into a room, and laying him down on a bed. The doctors crowd round him, not sure what to do. "All gone...I win...I did it". Over and over again, repeating it, driving the doctors to follow in his footsteps, to madness. "Me gonna be damn rich rich..."

"He has done it, he is gone". The head doctor stands at the top of his head, flipping through a notebook, analysing everything. "The best we can do is to give him some medicines to subdue his madness".

"It will not work enough, he needs to be presented infront of the whole of Panem in less than a month, and what are we going to do". A younger female doctor with pale black hair, and tight glasses mutters, trying to squeeze through the wall of doctors.

They all stare around, darting into eachothers eyes, not sure what to say. "Well...I think that is a last resort...I mean it is the serious matter...". The head doctor commands the circle, trying to get some of the older doctors to agree with him.

"Fine, but I do not know what our president is going to say, she commanded us to get him fixed...and well if we dont...". Each of them think about the last time the gamemakers dissapointed the President, and none of them are alive today. "Lets just say we need to get him fixed...well...fixed enough". The girl with black hair manages to push through, and now stands beside Thias' head. "He is still only 12...and he saw people die...can we really expect him to be normal after this..."

All the doctors shake their heads, looking around to the head doctor and the girls with the specs. "Ok, we will try a few things...but I will take your option on board Sarianna". He nods at the black haired girl, and then turns back to Thias. "He has won atleast, and District 5 can have a victor, I just hope he doesnt disappoint everyone...

"Do not worry Alfred, victors have been worse...aslong as he is alive....they wont care". One of the girls at the back chimes in, bringing the conversation to a close, sending each of the doctors in a different direction, with each one thinking, trying to find a way to cure Thias. To cure the victor of the 625th Hunger Games.

La Fine

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