The Rules

This is basically a combination of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and the Mentor Games. You will choose a tribute out of my favourite 10 people from each book and give then advice etc. You can choose your tribute so just comment below and if you want to add any more books just leave another comment. Please say who you want to kill and leave your training score skill and were they go in training. You will start with £1000 and if you get the bet training score you get an extra £300. You get £500 if your tributes kills there To Kill tribute.

The Tributes

From the Hunger Games it will be..... Foxface..... Finnick..... Peeta...... Rue...... Thresh....... Clove....... Enobaria...... Katniss......Cato and.......Glimmer.

From Harry Potter it will be..... Harry....... Hermoine....... Ron....... Fred........ George......... Dumbeldore......... Dudley...... He who must not be named........ Snape and ........... Lupin.

From Percy Jackson it will be ........ Percy.......... Thalia.......... Annabeth...... Luke........ Selena......... Travis Stole.......... Grover........... Clarise.......... Connor Stole and Beckendorf

Book Tribute Strengths TS To Kill User Allies
PJ Connor Stole C Stealing Food and Knifing 0 No one AshtonMoioLover No One
PJ Luke C Sword Fighting 11 Percy NerdDFTBA Careers
PJ Selena Fashion and Magic and Camoflage 9 Ron Cashmere No One
PJ Juniper Nature Power and Birch Rod 0 No One Pendillumna No one
PJ Clarise Mamering 10 Clove CallamD97 All but Luke from PJ, All from HP but HWMNBN, Dudley and Snape and all from 12, 11 and 4
PJ Travis Stole Stealing Food and Knifing Throwing Knifes 8 Luke MallietDistrict2 Foxface Connor
PJ Thalia Bow and Arrow, Edible Plants 10 George and Harry Catnipkatniss Dumbeldores alliance
PJ Grover Nature and Club 8 HWMNBN Polinarose All but Luke from PJ, All from HP but HWMNBN, Dudley and Snape and all from 12, 11 and 4
PJ Annabeth Knife and Intelligence Basic Magic 11 Luke MySims No one
PJ Percy Sword Fighting 11 Luna CallamD97 All but Luke from PJ, All from HP but HWMNBN and Snape and all from 12, 11 and 4
HP Luna Magic An Army of Crumple Horned Snorkaks 12 Thresh Madgeical Dumbeldore Harry Hermoine Ron and The Twins
HP Lupin Werewolf and magic, Bow and Arrow 9 Snape and Glimmer Shadow Seer Anyone from HP but Snape HWMNBN , Thalia and Finnick
HP HWMNBN C Magic 0 no One 2legit2quit No One
HP Dumbeldore Magic Plant Identification 11 HWMNBN and Clove Shadow Seer Anyone from HP but HWMNBN
HP Snape C Magic 8 Peeta Cato Rocks No One
HP Fred Magic and Jokes 0 No One The Hungery Games No One
HP George Magic and Jokes 0 No One The Hungery Games No One
HP Ron Magic 5 HWMNBN and Thalia 2legit2quit Anyone who doesnt judge Gingers
HP Hermoine Magic, Intelligence Sword and Spear 10 HWMNBN MySims No One
HP Harry Magic 9 HWMNBN Thalia Hungersisters1108 Ron Hermoine Dumbeldore Twins Lupin Luna
HG Foxface Intelligence, Plant Skills and Knife 10 Grover GlimmerandSparkle No One
HG Finnick Trident and Sword 11 Cato and Clove Ms.FinnickOdair No One
HG Enobaria C Knife and Sword 10 Katniss Percy Hungersisters1108 Careers
HG Katniss Bow and Arrow 8 Harry and Cato GlimmerandSparkle No One
HG Peeta Knife and Weights 8 Snape and HWMNBN Ms.FinnickOdair no one
HG Cato C Sword 9 Katniss Cato Rocks Careers
HG Clove C Throwing Knifes, Swords 11 Katniss and Peeta Catnipkatniss Careers
HG Glimmer C Knifes and Sword, Throwing Knifes 9 Katniss Cashmere Careers
HG Rue Plant skills and slingshot and Tracking 7 Juniper GlimmerandSparkle no One
HG Thresh Rocks and Sword and Strength Glimmer and Thalia SkyTimeGirl No One

Items and Cost


Sword- 500

Spear- 400

Axe- 500

Club- 400

Mace- 300

Knife (4)- 300

Throw Knifes (10)- 400

Throw Axe (8)- 400

Blowgun and 4 darts- 250

Darts (12)- 120

Bow and 4 arrows- 650

Quiver of Arrows (12)-150

Sling Shot and 4 rocks- 200

Rocks (12)- 100

Trident- 600

Wand- 500

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder ( Blinds all opponents but you)- 400

Berty Botts Every Flavoured Beans (100) (Bomb and Poison flavour)- 150

Food and Drink

Apples (6)- 100

Oranges (6)- 100

Berty Botts Every Flavoured Beans (Nice Flavours)- 100

Berty Botts Every Flavoured Beans (Minging Flavoured)- 25

Bread- 75

Water- 100

Felix Filisis (allows you to instantly kill the next opponent you meet)- 800

Ambrosia- 400

Tin Cans- 200

Medicine- (for anything) 600


Hollister Clothes- 300

Rags- 50

Robes- 200

Armour- 200

Primark Clothes- 100


Kill- 200

Kill chosen tribute- 500

Final 20- 100

Final 10- 300

Final 5- 500


In this game there will be 3 arenas. All 30 will be put into the Hogwarts grounds and Castle and fight to the death until only 20 remain. They will then be moved to Camp Half Blood where they will fight till theres 10 left. Then they will be put into a ranodm arena to fight until only 1 remains.


Tribute User Money Left

What theyve

Been Bought

HP-Luna - - -
HP-Ron (Dead) - - -


- - -
HP-George - - -
HP-Harry (Dead) - - -
HP-Dumbeldore - - -
HP-Snape - - -
HP-Lupin (Dead) - - -
HP-Hermoine -- - -
PJ-Annabeth - - -
PJ-Grover - - -
PJ-Percy - - -
PJ-Juniper - - -
PJ-Thalia - - -
PJ-Luke - - -
PJ-Selena (Dead) - - -
PJ-Clarisse - - -
PJ-Connor - - -
PJ-Travis - - -
HG-Foxface - - -
HG-Katniss - - -
HG-Peeta (Dead) - - -
HG-Finnick (Dead) - - -
HG-Thresh - - -
HG-Rue - - -
HG-Enobaria - - -
HG-Cato - - -
HG- Clove - - -
HG-Glimmer - -

The Games

Death Chart

Position Tribute Dead Killer and Means of Death
30th Finnick Odair Luke- sword in stomach
29th Ron Weasley HWMNBN- Killing Curse
28th Peeta Mellark Lupin- Heart ripped out
27th Remus Lupin Snape- Throat slit
26th Harry Potter Katniss- Arrow in back
25th Selena Beauregard HWMNBN- Knife in back
24th Connor Stole Unicorn Mutts- Poison disintegrated him and stampeded him to death.
23rd George Weasley Glimmer- Knife wound in leg becomes to bad
22nd Katniss Everdeen Percy- Sword in stomach
21st Severus Snape Foxface- Throat slit
20th Annabeth Chase Cato- Sword in back.
19th Enobaria Hermoine- Sent back a spear and was impaled
18th Percy Jackson Cato- Killed with sword
17th Thalia Grace Chiron Mutt- Poison arrow in small of back
16th Clarisse Le Roux Foxface- Knife in head
15th HWMNBN Thresh- Neck broken
14th Thresh Glimmer- Knife in back
13th Glimmer Hermoine- Killing curse
12th Rue Cato- Sword thrown in stomach
11th Grover Underwood Clove- Knife in heart
10th Cato Foxface- Knifed in head
9th Juniper Dumbeldore- Rock to head
8th Luna Lovegood Travis- Knife in heart
7th Fred Weasley Luke- Knife in heart
6th Hermoine Granger Clove- Knife in lungs
5th Albus Dumbeldore TJ- To many stings
4th Clove Luke- Unsteadied and fell on knife. Hit her private parts.
3rd Luke Castellan Travis Stoll- Knife to the face
2nd Foxface Travis- Sword lodged in stomach
Victor Travis Stoll Foxface- Knife struck back

Day 1- Bloodbath.

All 30 tributes are standing in the Great Hall and are looking at the goodies piled in the mouth of the cornucopia, there are all types of weapons and wands and supples.

5,4,3,2,1,.....0.......Luke and Finnick are the first to the cornucopia. Luke picks up a sword and drives it threw Finnicks stomach BOOM Katniss sees this and runs out the door with Rue and Thresh. The 3 form an alliance and head up the marble staircase.

Juniper and Grover run out chased by Travis and Connor. The 4 form an alliance and go down to the Forbidden Forest. HWMNBN picks up a wand and uses the killing curse on Ron BOOM Voldemort is tackled by Hermoine who punches him in the face breaking his nose and knocking him out. She runs out of the room crying with a wand and a bag. Harry and the twins go after her, each with a bag and a wand.

Dumbeldore has found a broom and flies out with Luna on the back. They fly and meet the alliance of Rue Thresh and Katniss and form an alliance of 5. They have 2 wands, a broom and 2 packs.

Lupin has gone rage and turned into a werewolf and has just ripped out Peetas heart BOOM Snape hits him with a stunning spell and picks up a knife and slits his throat. BOOM

Foxface is hiding in the back of the cornucopia and has filled 2 bags with knifes and food and water. She darts out and Clove throws a knife.It hits Foxfaces arm but she has medicine in the bag. She runs down and finds the kitchen.

Cato, Clove, Glimmer, Snape, HWMNBN, Enobaria, Clarisse and Thalia are all at the cornucopia and form the careers. Annabeth, Percy and Selena all have invisibility harts and sneak out with lots of supplies. They form an alliance and head to the dungeons.


Luna has left the alliance as she doesnt trust Katniss. Katniss, Dumbeldore, Rue and Thresh are all in Gryffindor tower. Luna is in the Tranfigoration room with a wand and some food.

The careers are about to go hunting, they all have hundereds of supplies and are fine.

Foxface is in the kitchens with enough supplies to last her for ages. Her cut has been healed with medicine.

Percy, Annabeth and Selena are all down in dungeons with water and food but no weapons. They are also quite cold

Juniper, Grover, Travis and Connor are all residing in Hagrids cabin with water and food, not necceserily nice food but food. They need weapons.

Harry, the twins and Hermoine have three wands, medicine and food. They dont have water and are currently in the Charms classroom.

Day 2

Dumbeldores alliance and Harrys alliance both went hunting and clashed into eachother. They formed a temporary alliance to invade the careers. They will do that later today. Rue received a knife and Katniss received a Bow and Arrows.

Percy, Annabeth and Selena are also planning on raiding the careers, as only 6 left to die before the change of arena.

Junipers alliance are still in the cabin and Juniper received a trident. They are planning to go into the forest and look for food not knowing what is in there.

Luna moved out of the room and headed to the kitchen. She then found Foxface and formed an alliance. They have plenty of supplies.

Selena, Percy and Annabeth run into the big alliance of 8 and join in the attack putting it at 11 to 8.

Katniss, Rue and Annabeth sneak into the hall with the hats and get behind the careers. Clove just before the attack runs out followed by Thalia, the rest of the careers wonder why until the attack begins. Enobaria is the first to see them and throws a spear which hits Harry in the leg. Katniss then shoots an arrow into Harrys back.BOOM And runs away followed by, again, Rue and Thresh. They all flee unharmed.

George outraged shoots the killing curse at Enobaria but missed. Glimmer swiftly throws a knife in his leg. He hobbles out with Fred supporting him. They hide in the dungeons. Annabeth and Luke are fighting knife on sword and Percy and Clarisse are fighting spear on sword. Glimmer is fighting Hermoine sword on sword. Dumbeldore is dueling HWMNBN but Snape, switching sides again, shoots the disarming charm at HWMNBN and runs out followed by Dumbeldore.

HWMNBN outraged turns and stabs Selena in the back with a knife. BOOM Percy, Hermoine and Annabeth are alone and charge out. The careers though are diminished to just Glimmer, Cato, Enobaria, Clarisse, Luke and HWMNBN, after losing Snape, Thalia and Clove.

Fred, George, Hermoine, Annabeth and Percy are in a classroom. George's leg is pretty bad and he needs medicine soon.

Snape and Dumbeldore are in Greenhouse 2. They only have a wand each and are pretty cold.

Junipers alliance are fine for now, but are about to head into the forest.

Luna and Foxface are absolutley fine but are planning to go around killing tributes when there sleeping.

The cameras cant find Thalia and Clove

Day 3-

The careers have locked the Grand Hall doors with magic. They are all dancing played by Cato on the Flute and Clarisse on the triangle.

Snape and Dumbeldore are heading up to the North tower. They sucessfully make it there and are telling eachothers future. Both say they will fight in a compeition to the death.

Travis and Connor went hunting while Juniper and Grover stay at home. They are walking through the forest when the ground begins to shake. They look all around and see a stampede of horses, not horses, Unicorn mutts. There horns appear to have poison to be dripping off it. And there hoofs have been replaced with daggers, they are litterally running on Knifes. They storm through and Connor turns and runs. Travis instead runs to the closest tree and climbs. Connor doesnt make it far and one of the Unicorn Mutts hit it with there horns. Travis collapses and BOOM. When the stampede clear all that is left of Connor is the trident and a single finger.

Foxface and Luna are still in the kitchen. They have everything they could dream off as food keeps appearing on the table.

George's wound is really bad, to bad. He shares one last look with his brother and says. "Whats a wizards twins biggest fear" BOOM. Fred looks at his brothers corpse and starts flooding with tears along with Hermoine. Percy and Annabeth go hunting and leave tose two alone.

Rue, Katniss and Thresh all go hunting and run into Percy and Annabeth. They start to fight. Katniss shoots an arrow at Percy but he blocks it and jabs at her stomach and hits. She collapses to the floor and seconds later BOOM. Rue starts to cry and Thresh and her run away. Percy and Annabeth decide to leave them.

Day 4-

Luna and Foxface go hunting today. They search the castle and find the entrance to the north tower. They climb up and see Snape and Dumbeldore. Luna quickly disarms Dumbledore and Foxface dives at Snape. Foxface slits Snapes throat. BOOM Dumbeldore picks up his wand and jumps out of the window. He uses his retrieved wand to save his life. Foxface and Luna are both fine and head back down to the Kitchen.

All the tributes have been knocked out and moved to a random place with there allies and supplie in the new arena. Camp Half Blood, that will start on day 5.

Day 5-

Foxface and Luna have been moved into the Demetre cabin.

The careers, Glimmer, Cato, Enobaria, Luke, Clarisse and HWMNBN, are in the Ares cabin

Juniper and Grover are just beside Thalias tree.

Travis is in a tree beside Zeus's fist

Hermoine, Fred, Annabeth and Percy are all at the Pegasus pens.

Dumbeldore is in the Big houses attic.

Thresh and Rue are in Zeus's cabin

Thalia and Clove are deep in the forest, near bunker 9.

They will all wake soon, they still have the same supplies.

Luna received armour

Juniper received a mace

Luke received Peruvian Instant darkness powder

Grover and Juniper are the first to wake up, they are exstatic to go home and decide to head to the forest as that is Juniper's home.

Dumbeldore stays in the attic, he finds loads of weapons and stuff to keep him warm but is at a lack of food and water.

The careers still have loads of supplies and are doing fine. Glimmer, Cato and Enobaria go out hunting while Clarisse, Luke and HWMNBN stay in the cabin.

Percy, Hermoine and Fred are woken to a BOOM. They see Annabeth with a sword in her back and Cato standing above her. All hell breaks lose. Cato and Percy start fighting sword on sword. Enobaria throws her spear but Hermoine dispels it with the banishing charm. It flies back and impales Enobaria BOOM. Glimmer runs out followed by Hermoine and Fred. They make a racket and Luna, Foxface, HWMNBN, Luke and Clarisse come and join the fight. Hermoine and Fred seeing the numbers out here run. They run into the mess hall and hide. All they have are wands. Foxface throws and knife and it hits Lukes throat BOOM. Clarisse, outraged looks for the culprit but Foxface and Luna are back in the Demetre cabin, well hidden. BOOM, Cato walks out of the Pegasus shed and walks to the other careers. He has Percy's blood on his sword. Rue and Thresh are still hiding but saw all of the action.

Travis has climbed down his tree and has run into Thalia, Clove, Juniper and Grover. They, wierdly, form an alliance and stay in the woods. They have everything they need.

Day 6-

No gifts were sent today.

Clove and Thalia are out hunting while Grover, Travis and Juniper stay in the clearing. Suddenly Thalia and Clove come running back chased by a Centaur, this is no ordinary centaur though, it is 10ft tall with hoofs of gold. It has a bow and arrows which seem to be covered in poison. It is quickly gaining on the group so Travis yet again decides to scurry up a tree. Juiniper vanishes and is seen walking out of a tree a few feet a way. Clove and Grover jump into a bush in the side but Thalia is still running. She turns to see no one there and in that split second an arrow covered in poison is sent into her back. BOOM The other members of the group regroup and head back to the clearing to mourn Thalia.

Dumbeldore wakes at the cannon and decides to move. He heads out where he heads to the forest. He passes the mess hall and finds Hermoine and Fred hidden there. He decides to ally with them, they move into the kitchen and have everything now.

The careers decide to go hunting and rake the cabins. Cato and Clarisse go into the Demetre cabin and suddenly Clarisse drops dead with a knife in her head BOOM. Cato calls the other careers and Luke, HWMNBN and Glimmer join him in the cabing. They search for ages but find no one. Never looking up as they would have seen Foxface and Luna in the vines, hidden.

The careers enter the Zeus cabin and find Thresh, Rue is in the shadows. She starts to come forward to help Thresh but he shouts Stay Back and Go, now. The careers think they are talking to him but he is actually saying this to Rue. While the careers are laughing Rue slips out. Thresh then charges. He picks up HWMNBN and BOOM he drops him with a broken neck. He then runs out and is about to reach Rue when BOOM. He collapses, dead with a knife sticking out his back. Glimmer sees Rue and tells Cato and Luke. They start to run but Rue is faster and she looses it and starts crying in a bush. Fred finds her a brings her into there alliance.

Clove, Juniper, Travis and Grover are all out of food and water. Clove is the only warm one. They need food soon.

Day 7

Clove, Juniper, Travis and Grover received food last night and water. Juniper got rags and so did Travis. Grover is the only cold one.

The remaining careers are getting peckish so decide to go to the mess hall. Hermoine sees them and shoots the killing curse at Glimmer. BOOM. Cato outraged storms into the room and starts fighting Hermoine, sword on sword. Dumbeldore and Rue hide in the back and Fred is fighting Luke. Cato just dodges Hermoines stunning curse and acidently throws his sword. It flies and impales Rue. BOOM. He and Luke run out and head towards the Big house. Hermoine has a slash on her arm and needs medicine very soon. Fred and Dumbeldore are ok but a bit shaken.

Both Foxface and Luna contemplate killing there ally but decide against it and rest.

Clove wanting to move onto the next arena decides to kill one of her allies. She picks up one of her knifes and throws it at Juniper. Grover seeing this leaps in front of it and takes the knife to his heart. BOOM. Juniper only gets a moment to cry before they are all knocked out and moved to the final arena. The 74th Hunger games arena.

They keep no supplies or allies as its another Bloodbath

Day 8

All the tributes are standing in a circle, 36 degres apart. Foxface does a very bold leap and jumps and passes the mines. She runs in and grabs knifes and 2 packs. She then gets to where she landed and jumps back onto her podium and of into the forest. Luna runs straight after her and catches up with her. They form an alliance and Foxface gives Luna a wand.

Cato, Clove and Luke run into the mouth but they are followed one. Travis is dissapearing over the edge of the ridge with 2 packs. He has food, water and weapons. He is also quite warm.

Dumbeldore, Fred and Hermoine run into eachother. They all have wands and enough supplies.

Juniper is deep in the forest and has found a small pond. She has no weapons or food. But is warm.

Cato mad that he hasnt killed anyone goes hunting on his own. Clove and Luke sort out the supplies.

Cato is passing below the tree Foxface and Luna are in. Foxface jumps down and stabs him in the head. BOOM She goes back into the tree and rests with Luna.

Dumbeldore finds his Felix Filisis and decides to go hunting on his own. He sees Juniper and swallows his Fillisis. He then picks up a rock and throws it in the completely wrong way. But it curves and smashes Juniper on the back of the head.

Dumbeldore tries to head back but gets lost and only has his wand and is very hungry.

travis has found a small cave and is settling in for a night sleep. He has food, water and medicine. He also has a knife.

Luna received a sword

Dumbeldore received robes and food and water.

Clove received some beans.

Day 9

Fred and Hermoine are searching for dumbeldore, they find him and they plan to attack the cornucopia.

Luna and Foxface are relaxing, Foxface is contemplating killing Luna, but decides against it.

The careers are about to go on hunt when...

"Congratulations to the final 8, tommorow at dawn there will be a feast, each of you will have a bag with 1 intem in it, you must retrieve this item before mifnight or it will be removed, so come to the cornucopia at dawn"

The careers decide to move there stuff to the edge of the forest so they can kill when they go to get there bags.

Mentors must decide a feast strategy and what is in there bag by tommorow or your tribute will not go or get killed.

Day 10

Travis camped out in the cornucopia, unfortunately so are Luna and Foxface. They clash and Travis picks up his knife and starts slashing. Though he cant keep both at bay so he takes one last attempt and throws his knife. BOOM He doesnt even turn to see who he killed, he just runs over the hill with no bag.

The bags come up and Foxface grabs hers before anyone can Notice. Everyone but Travis is there.

Clove and Luke make a dash in as Foxface makes a dash out. Foxface just makes it out but Clove throws a knife into her arm. She needs medicine. She redieves Instant Darkness powder but doesnt know how to use it. She has a map of the arena and flying shoes. She also got some knifes but she is to sad to care.

Clove and Luke take there bags leaving the rest as bait. Then hide in the back of the cornucopia. Hermoine and Fred come darting through to get there bags. BOOM. A knife is sticking out of Fred's robes and then BOOM. Another one is out of Hermoines. Clove and Luke are laughing to much, they dont notice Hermoines, Dumbeldores, Freds, Lunas and Travis's bags being removed. Dumbeldore heads back to his spot to mourn.

Dumbeldore decides to move. He walks until he finds a small pool. He rests and falls asleep. He awakens to a soft buzzing. He looks up to see what he thinks is wasps, he ignores them but they dont ignore him. They start stinging and hurting. He manages to get away but with stings all over. He needs mecicine now.

Day 11

Dumbeldore is passed out, he is slowly dying and BOOM. Now he is dead.

Clove and Luke are getting anxious. Luke decides to dispose of the careers. He downs his felix felisis and picks up a loaf of bread. He tosses it at Clove and she turns around and it hits her in the face. She falls backwards and one of her knifes drives through her private place. She slowly bleeds to daeth. BOOM

Travis is the same but recieved some stuff.

Foxface recieved medicine and a baby unicorn. She begins to cry as Luna loved unicorns but them the unicorn begins to lick her face and she falls in love with the unicorn.

Day 12

Luke recieved som Berty botts every flavoured beans.

Foxface received a note from Luna...

Dear Foxface,

Im sorry i died and it made you sad, but you can win this for the both of us, dont worry about me, im in a better place. I can use my magic to write you this note, and your mentor can send it to you :) Foxface i know you can win, You can do this :) PS: The unicorn's name is Luna, she was my pet before i was reaped, now she is yours. She can cast spells just like i could. Win for me.

- Luna

After reading this note she bursts into tears and hugs into Luna the Unicorn. She decides to take the layed back approach and decides to wait till the final 2 then kill using Luna.

Travis is about to move out his cave when he hears a shudder. He falls over as the earthquake becomes more powerful. Hes about to run outside to safety when rocks start falling, blocking the entrance. Travis quickly retreats to the back of the cave, but he finds no back and just a tunnle. He is wary at first but is then forced to move along the tunnle due to the rocks falling coming ever closer. He knows that at the end of this tunnle is Luke and Foxface, but he has no choice.

Foxface is sitting grooming Luna while eating some berries, not poisonous she checked, when she hears it. A scream. She stands up and knows whoose scream that is as she heard it on that day, the day Luna died. She quickly picks up her supplies and runs towards the screams, She knows that the final fight are where the screams are coming but she needs to stop that screaming, this time she may be able to save Luna, like Luna saved Foxface. Luna cantres along behind her, getting ever closer to the finale.

Luke is sitting about waiting. Then he hears the screams and the earthquake. He thinks the screams are Foxface's and that the earthquake has hurt her. Little does he notice a small passage appearing at the back of the cornucopia and a small figure crawling out. But he does see the flash of amber dart out of the woods followed by a flash of gold. He turns to see Foxface running at him with her knife ready.

Foxface throws her first knife and it grazes Lukes arm. Luke raises his sword and uses it to block the next knife. It splinters and sends shards everywhere. One flies and hits Luke in the arm causing him to drop his sword. Another flies to the back of the cornucopia and they both hear a sharp scream. They ignore it and continue fighting. Luke picks up his sword but is hit in the chest with another knife. It doesnt get a solid hit but causes him to buckle over. Foxface is a bit scared but carries on fighting. Luke pulls out a soft black powder and chucks it everwhere causing it to go pitch black. Foxface is terrified and starts screaming and then turns and runs, Luke laughs and chases but is stopped by Travis calling his name. He turns to see a knife in front of his face. BOOM

Foxface keeps on running and when she reaches the forest edge the screaming starts again. She takes one quick look and sees Travis pulling a knife out of Lunas side. She stops and turns and charges. Travis is shocked but quickly turns and grabs Lukes sword. And charges at Foxface.

Foxface only has 2 knifes left and Travis has 3 Knifes and a sword. But he also has some Felix feliscis.

Foxface slashes out with her blade and gets a solid slash on his arm. It joins a massive gash from the splintered blade. Travis in anger stabs with his sword, Foxface dances out of his way but tribs and falls into the supplies. She gets up quickly but Travis gets a cut on her shoulder. She throws her 2 remaing knifes and one misses and the other hits the side of his head. Blood pores down blinding him for a second. Foxface scared runs and crashes into Travis sending them both flying. A small bottle flies out of Foxface's pocket and lands next to Foxface. She remembers what Luna told her this was and downs it. They both get up and Travis wipes the blood from his eyes. Foxface dives into the pile of stuff and picks up a knife and throws it at the same time Travis throws his sword. BOOM

Foxface collapses and Travis stands to celebrate, when he is hit in the back with a knife. THe knife had missed but boomeranged and struck him. He laughs and stares at the camera before his eyes go bland. BOOM

Congratulations to Travis and MallietDistrict2 for becoming the first ever Victor of the Book Mash Up Games. Comisserations to Foxface and GlimmerandSparkle and Luke and NerdDFTBA for coming so close.

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