This time I will be using RandomOrg to choose the tributes but you can sign up twice. There will be 45 spots

SignUp Table

Catnipkatniss Shamus Finnigan
Catnipkatniss Clariss Le Roux
MySims Silena Beaurogard
MySims Harry Potter
Shadow Seer Connor Stoll
Shadow Seer Glimmer
2legit2quit Cho Chang
2legit2quit Vincent Crabbe
PrezzieSnow9074 Hermoine Granger
PrezzieSnow9074 Rue
Katelyn.danita Ginny Weasley
Katelyn.danita Luke Castellan
Hungersister1108 Ron Weasley
Hungersister1108 Dean Thomas


Draco Malfoy
NerdDFTBA Luna Lovegood
Rue District11 Clove
MallietDistrict2 Finnick Odair
MallietDistrict2 Thalia Grace
RueButtercup Fred Weasley
RueButtercup Gregory Goyle
Katelyn.danita Cato
Polinarose Grover Underwood
Polinarose Jason Grace
FoxfaceMasonOdair Enobaria
FoxfaceMasonOdair Juniper the Nymph
GlimmerandSparkle Leo Valdez
GlimmerandSparkle Gloss
GlimmerandSparkle Beetee
Wikia Contributor A Thresh
Wikia Contributor A Percy Jackson
Madgeical Annabeth Chase
Madgeical Peeta Mellark
Justafox Johanna Mason
Justafox Foxface
CallamD97 George Weasley
CallamD97 Marvel
Polinarose Cashmere
Italicos Travis Stoll
Italicos Nico Di Angelo
Rainbow Shifter Piper McLean
Rainbow Shifter Bianca Di Angelo
Wikia Contributer A Pansy Parkinson
MySims Katniss Everdeen
CallamD97 Neville Longbottom


Fill out this when you get your tribute/s


Training Area (only 1 thing):

Training Score Skill:

Arena Area:

Tribute to Kill:


Tribute Skills TS Allies User Arena Area Tribute To Kill

HP- Ron Weasley

Flying, Speed and Magic 10 Anyone from HP other than the Slytherins Hungersister1108 Forest Vincent Crabbe
HP- George Weasley Flying, Speed and Magic Knife Throwing 9 Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Jason, Nice, Bianca, Clarisse, Silena, Juniper, Connor, Travis, Leo, Piper, Grover, Beetee, Finnick, Johanna, Rue, Thresh, Marvel, Katniss, Peeta, Ron, Fred, Ginny, Harry, Hermoine, Luna, Cho, Neville, Shamus and Dean CallamD97 Forest/ Field Vincent Crabbe
HP- Fred Weasley Flying, Speed and Magic 9 Gryfindors and Ravenclaws RueButtercup Forest Pansy Parkinson
HP- Ginny Weasley Flying Magic and Speed 8 Anyone from Gryfindor and Ravenclaw Katelyn.danita Forest Percy Jackson
HP- Harry Potter Flying, Magic and Speed Survival Skills 9 Anyone from Gryffindor or Ravenclaw MySims Field Annabeth Chase
HP- Hermoine Granger Magic, Speed and Intelligence Throwing Axes 11 Anyone in HP and HG other than the slytherins. PrezzieSnow9074 Forest Pansy Parkinson
HP- Luna Lovegood Magic and Army of Imaginary Creatures Plant Identification 7 Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny, Fred, George, Cho NerdDFTBA Field Clove
HP- Cho Chang Magic and Flying 8 Anyone 2legit2quit Field/ Forest Glimmer
HP- Neville Longbottom Magic, Strength, Sword Skills and Plant Information 3 Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Jason, Nice, Bianca, Clarisse, Silena, Juniper, Connor, Travis, Leo, Piper, Grover, Beetee, Finnick, Johanna, Rue, Thresh, Marvel, Katniss, Peeta, Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Harry, Hermoine, Luna, Cho, Shamus and Dean CallamD97 Forest/ Field Draco Malfoy
HP- Shamus Finnigan Magic, Speed Throwing Knifes 7 Careers Catnipkatniss Mountains Percy Jackson
HP- Dean Thomas Magic and Flying 8 Anyone from HP other than the Slytherins Hungersister1108 Forest Gregory Goyle
HP- Vincent Crabbe Magic Flying Strength 9 Anyone 2legit2quit Forest/ Field Beetee
HP- Draco Malfoy Magic Flying Cunning 8 Slytherins, Luke, Clarisse and Nico and the Careers NerdDFTBA Forest Harry Potter
HP- Gregory Goyle Magic Flying Strength Sword 5 Slytherins RueButtercup Mountains Foxface
HP- Pansy Parkinson Magic Speed 7 Anyone who wants to Wiki Contributor A Jungle/ Field Harry Potter
HG- Katniss Everdeen Bow and Arrow Speed Magic 10 Peeta, Thresh, Rue, Johanna and Finnick MySims Forest Cato
HG-Peeta Mellark Strength Knife Plant Identification 8 Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Jason, Nice, Bianca, Clarisse, Silena, Juniper, Connor, Travis, Leo, Piper, Grover, Beetee, Finnick, Johanna, Rue, Thresh, Katniss, Peeta, Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Harry, Hermoine, Luna, Cho, Neville, Shamus and Dean Madgeical Forest/ Field Cashmere
HG- Thresh Strength Sword Spear Axe 9 Rue, Katniss and Peeta Wiki Contributor A Field Cato
HG- Rue slingshot climbing skills Plant Info Knifes 7 Anyone in HP and HG other than the slytherins and the careers PrezzieSnow9074 Forest Marvel
HG- Johanna Mason Axe and Strength Speed Plant Identification 11 Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Jason, Nice, Bianca, Clarisse, Silena, Juniper, Connor, Travis, Leo, Piper, Grover, Beetee, Finnick, Marvel, Rue, Thresh, Katniss, Peeta, Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Harry, Hermoine, Luna, Cho, Neville, Shamus and Dean CallamD97 Forest/ Field Enobaria
HG- Foxface Cunning Intelligence Speed knife Plant Info Knife Throwing 12 Solo, so no one NerdDFTBA Forest/ Swamp Silena Beaurogard
HG- Finnick Odair Trident Strength Speed Knots 11 Thalia MallietDistrict2 Swamp/ Mountain Luke Castellan
HG- Beetee Intelligence Knife 7 No One GlimmerandSparkle Swamp Juniper the Nymph
HG- Clove Knife Throwing Speed Camoflage 12 Careers Rue District11 Mountain Clarisse Le Roux
HG- Cato Strength Sword Knife 10 Careers Katelyn.danita Jungle Katniss Everdeen
HG- Enobaria Sword Strength Knife 11 Careers GlimmerandSparkle Mountains Thresh
HG- Glimmer Bow Knife Speed 11 Careers Shadow Seer Mountains Cho Chang
HG- Gloss Knife Strength Speed 10 Careers GlimmerandSparkle Mountains Rue
HG- Marvel Strength Speed Spears Sword Plant Information 11 Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Jason, Nice, Bianca, Clarisse, Silena, Juniper, Connor, Travis, Leo, Piper, Grover, Beetee, Finnick, Johanna, Rue, Thresh, Katniss, Peeta, Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Harry, Hermoine, Luna, Cho, Neville, Shamus and Dean CallamD97 Forest/ Field Gregory Goyle
HG- Cashmere Knife Blowgun Speed 10 Careers Polinarose Mountain Beetee
PJ- Percy Jackson Sword Skills Water Skills Snares 9 Annabeth and Grover Wikia Contributor A Swamp Luke Castellan
PJ- Annabeth Chase Knife Skills Intelligence Plant Identification 11 Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Jason, Nice, Bianca, Clarisse, Silena, Juniper, Connor, Travis, Leo, Piper, Grover, Beetee, Finnick, Johanna, Rue, Thresh, Katniss, Peeta, Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Harry, Hermoine, Luna, Cho, Neville, Shamus and Dean Madgeical Forest/ Field Jason Grace
PJ- Grover Underwood Plant Skills Club Skills Healing 8 Juniper, Percy, Annabeth. Basically anyone from PJ Polinarose Forest Neville Longbottom
PJ- Thalia Grace Bow skills Knife Skills Thunder Knots 10 Finnick MallietDistrict2 Forest/ Mountain Luke Castellan
PJ- Jason Grace Spear skills Sword skills Thunder 11 Careers Polinarose Field Neville Longbottom
PJ- Piper McLean Knife Skills Enchantress Knife Skills 12 Nico Di Angelo, Bianca Di Angelo and the Careers Rainbow Shifter Mountains Thresh
PJ- Leo Valdez Fire Skills Technology 11 Piper McLean Jason Grace GlimmerandSparkle Forest Finnick Odair
PJ- Nico Di Angelo Summoning Skeletons, Knife and Sword skills 5 Careers or anyone from PJ Italicos Jungle Juniper
PJ- Bianca Di Angelo Bow and vapourizing skills 10 Nico Di Angelo, Piper McLean and the Careers Rainbow Shifter Jungle Juniper the Nymph
PJ- Luke Castellan Sword skills Strength 9 Anyone Katelyn.danita Field Thresh
PJ- Clariss Le Roux Spear skills Strength Survival Skills 9 Careers Catnipkatniss Field Clove
PJ- Silena Beaurogard Magic Camoflauge Throwing Knifes 12 Annabeth, Percy, Bianca, Nico, Piper and Grover MySims Swamp Cho Chang
PJ- Juniper the Nymph Nature powers Sword Skills 11 Anyone who likes the enviroments MySims Forest Ginny Weasley
PJ- Connor Stoll Thieving Knife skills Throwing Knifes 6 Travis Stroll, All other PJ characters except Clarease La rue, Jason Grace, or Luke Castellian, Rue, Peeta, Neville, Luna, Hermione, Harry, or any of the Weasleys. Shadow Seer Forest Pansy Parkinson
PJ- Travis Stoll Thieving Knife skills 8 Anyone from PJ Italicos Jungle None


There is 5 areas in the arena. You must say which one to go to. THe outfits are for the PJ, a simple camp half-blood t-shirt and jeans. For HP a pair of robes and house tie. For HG a light jacket and T-shirt. Leather boots and cackie trousers.


Its a big area with some springs and animals. There are a few trees and caves for shelter. There is very little solid ground though and lots of poisonous water. There is not many mutts but a few.


Lots of trees and food here but a lack of water. There is quite a few mutts and poisonous plants and animals. There is a few caves and springs but they are very rare.


There is loads of trees, caves and small springs and ponds. There is a selection of foods but alot of poisonous plants. There is the most mutts here, very common.


There is loads of caves but no trees. Very large and vicious mutts but they are uncommon. There is a few waterfalls and snow on top of the mountains. Plants are not that common so a lack of food. This is where the cornucopia is.


There is loads of food but a lack of water. There are quite a few mutts in the fields. There are a few secions of orchards with tall trees. They is an abundence of caves hidden by the plants. Its easy to get lost but very warm.

Money Left

This has changed from last time, now its 500 per person.


Killing a tribute- 100

Killing your chosen tribute- (2x your current money) N/A

Final 40- 50

Final 30- 100

Final 10- 200

Final 5- 400

Tribute Money Left What they Have Bought User
PJ- Grover Underwood 375 DrdFru Clb WC Wtr 375 Polinarose



Ambrosia- 150

Bread- 75

Water- 75

BBEFB (Nice)- 150

BBEFB (Nasty)- 50

Felix Feliscis (allows instat kill on next try to kill) - 250

Veggie Burgers- 100

Full Meal- 175

Dried Fruit- 50

(special requests can be asked, I will then give prices)


Sword- 200

Knifes (3)- 175

Spear- 150

Axe- 175

Mace- 200

Trident- 250

Bow and 4 arrows- 225

Quiver of 12 arrows- 150

Throwing Axes (3)/ Knifes (3)- 175

Slingshot- 125

Rocks (12)- 50

Sickle- 175

Scythe- 200

Club- 150

BBEFB (Poison and Bean flavour)- 150

Wand- 200

Survivability and Clothes

Warm Clothes (Hollister) - 100

Armour- 200

Sleeping Bag- 150

Tent- 200

Plastic Sheet- 50

Rags- 50

Robes- 100

Rope- 100

Poison- 125

Medicine- 300

The Games

Place Tribute Death
45th Cashmere Trident to stomach- Finnick
44th Cato Sword in back- Percy
43rd Percy Jackson Knife in head- Clove
42nd Juniper Axe in head- Gloss
41st Luna Lovegood Speared- Marvel
40th George Weasley Speared- Marvel
39th Enobaria Knife in head- Harry
38th Neville Longbottom Killing Curse- Draco
37th Pansy Parkinson Throat slit- Neville
36th Foxface Stabbed in leg and eye- Jason
35th Nico Di Angelo Beheaded- Luke
34th Bianca Di Angelo Stabbed in eye- Glimmer
33rd Clove Beheaded- Thresh
32nd Katniss Spear through stomach- Marvel
31st Piper Beheaded- Cho
30th Cho Chang Burnt to Death- Leo
29th Luke Castellan Stabbed in Face- Beetee
28th Beetee Poison knife in chest- Connor
27th Harry Potter Achromantula venom- Acromantula mutt
26th Gregory Goyle Knife in chest- Glimmer
25th Jason Grace Spear and Knife in chest- Marvel and Gloss
24th Peeta Mellark Stabbed in face- Vincent Crabbe
23rd Shamus Finnigan Neck snapped after falling of cliff- Falling of Cliff
22nd Fred Weasley Killing Curse- Dean
21st Ron Weasley Killing Curse- Dean
20th Dean Thomas Killing Curse- Hermoine
19th Hermoine Granger Killing Curse- Dean
18th Vincent Crabbe Skin ripped off- Poison water
17th Clarisse Le Roux Smashed over head with club- Grover
16th Thalia Grace Knife in the small of the back- Annabeth
15th Rue Throat slit- Marvel
14th Marvel Spear through head- Thresh
13th Leo Valdez Smoke inhilation- Fire
12th Connor Stoll Arrow in skull- Glimmer
11th Ginny Weasley Spear in body- Thresh
10th Glimmer Tracker Jacker stings- Tracker Jackers
9th Finnick Odair Head ripped of- Lizard Mutts
8th Thresh Bullet through brain- Capitol Maze task
7th Annabeth Chase Axe in chest- Capitol
6th Draco Malfoy Burned by Acid in the Swamp- Acid Water
5th Grover Underwood Eaten- Cyclops
VICTOR Johanna Mason N/A
VICTOR Silena Beaurogard N/A
VICTOR Travis Stoll N/A

The tributes rise into the arena. 45 people surrounding a golden horn surrounded by a mountain range. A gong goes and there off. Dean and Shamus run towards eachother then dart off towards the forest, they have no supplies.

Finnick darts into the mouth a grabs 2 tridents. He throws one at Beetee and another at Cashmere. One finds Cashmere's stomach but the other misses Beetee. Finnick then runs up to Johanna with a backpack and 2 more tridents. Johanna has an axe and a sword. They grab another pack and dart over the hill towards the field. Beetee follows and reluctantly they let him ally. He has a knife.

Thresh picks up Rue and runs over the edge towards the field, he has a sword and Rue has 2 bags and a slingshot with rocks. Katniss follows them with her Bow and arrow and a bag.

Percy has found a sword and has just stabbed Cato. Clove, mad, throws a knife into Percy's head. Annabeth sees this and drops everyhting and runs away crying. Juniper and Grover go to follow her but Juniper is hit in the head with an axe thrown by Gloss. Grover allies with Annabeth but they have nothing.

Nico and Bianca are hiding in the back of the cornucopia, waiting for it to end then ally with the careers.

George and Fred have found 2 brooms. Fred picks up Ginny and George picks up Luna. There about to fly off when Marvel throws a spear and it impales both Luna and George. They fall to the ground and Fred and Ginny continue down to the forest, all they have is a broom.

Harry and Hermoine are shocked to see this and run. Harry picks up a knife and throws it at Enobaria who is about to kill Ron, it hits her head and she falls to the ground. Ron chases after Harry and Hermoine but they have nothing.

Draco, Crabbe and Goyle are watching the madness when Draco cries out as he sees Pansy being killed by Neville. Draco picks up a wand and uses the killing curse on Neville. Draco then runs to Pansy but its too late. Pansy's blood stains the ground and her neck is cut. She dies in his arms. He hides with his brutes till the end.

Cho, Piper, Leo and Silena form an alliance, they try to get Jason but they have just seen him him stab Foxface so they leave with a knife and a pack of chicken.

Peeta decides to join the careers due to his divorce with Katniss 2 months ago and they let him in.

The careers, Travis, Connor, Luke, Thalia, Clarisse, Jason, Peeta, Glimmer, Clove, Marvel, Gloss, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle all go raking through the supplies when the find the Di Angelo's. They think there weak so Luke picks up a sword and beheads Nico and Glimmer picks up a knife and stabs Bianca in the eye.


Summary of Tributes

Thresh, Rue and Katniss are in a patch of high grass, all have there chosen weapons and decent supplies but are getting chilly.

The careers are settling in, they have spread all the supplies and have set a fire. Draco, Clove and Gloss are all mourning there lost ones.

Finnick and Johanna are contemplating killing Beetee but when they turn to kill him he has created a smoke ventilation system which allows a fire to be hidden and smoke free. They decide to keep him on now.

Harry, hermoine and Ron are in a small cave and have nothing.

Cho's alliance are sitting around in a cave talking, Piper is out hunting and Leo is warming them with his fire.

Shamus and Dean are sitting in a tree laughing but are getting hungry.

Day 2

Annabeth received all she needed, so did Ginny and Grover and Hermoine. Rue received giant warm clothes, Thresh used them to make 2 outfits, 1 for Katniss and 1 for Rue.

Dean and Ron both recievv Wands, Robes, food and water.

The careers decide to go hunting. Glimmer, Clove, Marvel and Gloss all go down to the fields. They are walking when Thresh's alliance hears them. Simitainously Rue shoots a rock at Gloss knocking him out, Katniss shoots an arrow which finds Glimmers arm and Thresh throwns his sword which connects with Cloves head. BOOM. Cloves head bounces across the floor and Gloss collapses. Marvel throws at spear before leaving. Its about to hit Rue when Katniss leaps infront. BOOM. Glimmer and Marvel drag Gloss away and make it out safely. THresh and Rue mourn Katniss. But Glimmer wont make it back to the camp in time. She needs medicine.

Cho, Silena, Leo and Piper are all scared about the cannons. Cho decides to leave and takes the knife and chicken. Piper catches her and Cho swiftly beheads her. BOOM. Leo and Silena are woken by her cannon and are outraged. Leo uses his fire power to scorch Cho, burning her to death. BOOM.

The rest of the careers are interested to know who the cannons are, they are hoping its the 4 hunger games careers. That would only leave people from Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Other than Peeta.

Johanna, Beetee and Finnick are doing fine but are a bit cold.

Harry decided to leave his alliance and is currently walking throught the forest when he hears clicking. He looks up to see a giant hairy spider, poison dripping of its fangs. With on swift movement the spider sinks its fangs into chest, he collapses and passes out. Hermoine finds him and takes him back to Ron. He needs medicine soon.

Glimmer, Marvel and Gloss have found a cave, Gloss has regained conciousness but Glimmer has passed out.

Day 3

Glimmer received her medicine and Connor got some poison. Finnick and Johanna both got Warm clothes.

Glimmer woke up and put the medicine on, her, Gloss and Marvel have decided to head back to the cornucopia. They manage to make it there just after noon. Peeta is happy to see them as the other tributes were getting agitated about him being there. Connor, Luke and Travis decide to go hunting this time and head to the forest.

Johanna and Finnick hear the sons of Hermes coming and hide. Beetee awakens to see Lukes face above him laughing. He quickly grabs his knife and stabs Luke in the face. Luke screams and falls back before finally dying BOOM. Travis outraged kicks Beetee in the face and Connor plunges one of his poison knives into Beetee's chest. Beetee writhes in pain before going still. BOOM.

Thresh and Rue are still in the field still mourning Katniss.

Harry is still uncounsious, Hermoine and Ron are fearing the worse. They decide to say goodbye. Almost seconds after Hermoine says goodbye Harry passes away.. BOOM. They cry long into the night, mourning there lost friend.

Dean's alliance, Hermoine's alliance and Fred and Ginny all run into eachother. Shamus is scared, thinking they are careers runs off. But Dean forms an alliance with the other 4.

Day 4

The careers still have not seen Travis or Connor and have presumed they have left. So tension is rising between the three groups. Clarisse, Jason and Thalia are going to leave, so are Draco, Crabbe and Goyle. As the hunger games group is the largest they decide to thin the crowd. They all agree to kill one each, and they begin. Glimmer throws a knife into Gregory's chest. BOOM. Marvel and Gloss both throw there weapons Jason, and both the knife and the spear hit the chest. BOOM. Thalia and Clarisse then flee with only their weapons. Peeta tries to throw his knife into Draco's head but Draco rolls out of the way, Crabbe then tackles Peeta and stabs him in the face. BOOM. Glimmer, Marvel and Gloss pounce on the remaining two careers. But they stop half way through and resume the alliance.

Shamus is walking through the forest when he hears a rustling, he turns to see a hooded figure rising from the bushes. He starts to reach to his pocket to retrieve his want before realising he didnt have it. He flees through the forest, the hooded figure chases him. He is a decent amount ahead but he looks back to see it and trips. He is sent flying down the hill and catapults down the cliff. He falls for about 2 minutes before finally hitiing the ground with a clash, then a BOOM.

Draco and Glimmer decide to go hunting in the forest and Marvel and Vincent decide to go to the swamp. Leaving Gloss in charge of the supplies. Draco and Glimmer are walking past Ginny's, Hermoine's, Ron's, Fred's and Dean's camp. Glimmer wants to jump in and start killing but Draco stops her and decides to have some fun. He casts the imperius curse on Dean and starts controlling him. Dean stands up and starts dancing, while the others are laughing at him he steals there wands. Then within seconds he shoots the killing curses. One strikes Fred in the chest and the other hits Ron. BOOM BOOM. Hermoine dives into a bush and Ginny hides behing a tree. Hermoine dives out and removes one of the wands, at the same time they both shoot the killing curse, and both make their targets. BOOM BOOM. Glimmer and Draco come out laughing, almost in tears. Ginny sees this and flees, with nothing but a wand she picks up. Glimmer and Draco see her flee but decide to let her go.

Gloss is getting scared but is relieved when he sees both Glimmer and Draco return.

Meenwhile Marvel and Vincent are lost. They are deep in the swamp and have found no one. Marvel is getting adgitated and decides to just run, he does and Vincent tries to follow but is too slow. He finds himself in the middle of no where, he is getting very thirsty and decides to stop and drink. He bends down and takes a nice sip. Seconds later he collapses, his face is covered in foam and he is writhing in pain. he falls into the water and then he bobs up and down. After the 5th time, not a body comes up but a skeleton, but still no cannon. The skeleton climbs out, with all of its organs still working. He looks down and sees nothing and starts running around. Yet again he collapses, BOOM. Marvel hears this cannon as he exits the swamp.

Gloss, Draco and Glimmer know the cannon is one of the 2. They are kind off happy to see Marvel return.

All the other alliances and tributes are fine, maybe a bit cold or hungry though.

Day 5

Annabeth and Grover are walking through the swamp when they here something. Thalia and Clarisse walk into the same clearing, Thalia makes the first move and shoots an arrow at Grover. It misses as Grover rolls out of the way. Annabeth then throws one of her knifes at Clarisse and it hits her in the leg. She falls to the girl and seconds later Grover runs up to her and smashes her over the head with his club. BOOM. Thalia looks shocked and begins to run. Annabeth not wanting her to be allowed to escape chases her and sinks a knife in the small of her back. BOOM.

The careers decide to move from the cornucopia due to the dwindeling numbers. They head down to the fields and come across Thresh and Rue. Rue quickly re-enacts the first fight and shoots a small rock at Gloss. This time it misses and Marvel sends a spear that catches Rue in the leg. She drops her slingshot and hobbles away. She collapses though and Marvel quickly runs over and slits her throat. BOOM. Thresh mad at this picks up Marvels spear and sends it through his head. BOOM. Glimmer, Draco and Gloss decide to flee into the forest, Thresh allows them to leave and begins to weap for Rue.

Finnick and Johanna are laughing in a cave when they hear something. They go outside to check and see a cave surrounded by fire. They then see 2 figures come out, one dragging the other. Silena, they recognise her and know she is nice so they run over to her. She is crying over the body of Leo. He is in good condition for being in a fire but is coughing and his lungs are not moving fast enough. Silena recounts the story, about how the fire got out of control and he swallowed too much smoke. They surround him for what feels like a year before finnaly the cannon goes. BOOM.

The careers are trecking through the forest when they come across the hermes boys. Glimmer swiftly sends an arrow into Connor's skull BOOM but when she shoots one at Travis they bounce of. He lets out one laugh then takes one last look at his brother. All of the weapons and spells the remaining careers send at him either miss or bounce of. Its obviously protected against magic.

Ginny is walking through the forest, trying to find an ally when she see's Thresh. She steps out with her wand raised and asks for an alliance. Thresh doesnt turn around at once, but when he does he throws a spear. Ginny quickly reacts and sends a stunning curse at Thresh. Thresh is paralyzed but Ginny has a spear protuding from her body. She takes one look at it and then falls. The BOOM sounds before she hits the ground.

Johanna and Finnick go hunting while Silena stays at camp. They quickly find Thresh and are about to slit his throat when...

"Congratulations to final 10, to celebrate we have decided to give you a suprise. All of you lot has someone you really love trapped in the swamp, for those who have lost siblings or friends, they may be there. You have 24 hours to rescue them, we will give you 1 hour to get to the swamp. We must ask you to refrain from killing any other tributes till you have resuced your tribute or you and your person will be killed. Also if you dont get your tribute they will be killed and so wlll you. And to make this exchange fair we will be waking everyone up but they will not attack, Ok, so enjoy and let the hour begin oh and I forgot to say each will be guarded by a certain suprise"

Mentors of the final 10. You have to do 1 thing.

Tell us how your tribute will react, how they will complete there challange. here are the tributes people and challenges. And all of these will be done in POV's.

Day 6

Gloss's POV

I decided to split of from Draco and Glimmer. We had decided to go solo and meet at the cornucopia if we survived. I dart round the ecge of the pond, Marvel had told us he saw a squirel fall in her and lets just say I dont want that happening to me. I dont know why but something is drawing me towards this point, and now I know why cause I see Cashmere.She is far out in a lake of the water. And the only way to get to her is through a small pathway. I run down it, I can see the poison squirting behind me. I can hear a grunting and turn to see a beast crawl out, I ignore it and keep running. I make a leap and land on solid ground. I quickly scramble to my feet and retreive a knife, I quickly hack at Cashmere's bonds, I turn her head and see a dummy. Why isnt she there. I then hear the voice in my head.

"Congrats, you are the first victor of these games, it was a trial. And you suceeded. So you win"

I can feel my feet being lifted of the ground btu all I can do is stare at the dummy that I thought was my sister.

Glimmer's POV

No cannons yet, thats good. But also no sign of Cato. Thats bad. I keep walking till I find a small hill. I walk down it and see a solid wall of plants. I make quick work of it and tare through. I look around and see him. He is less than 50 metres away, bound and gagged. I start tearing towards him when I see the first mutt. No wait I recognise thoses eyes. There Cato's eyes. The mutt hits me in the chest but I slash at it and it lies still. I stand up thinking that was too easy but that was it. I slowly walk up to Cato and Im about to touch him when I hear buzzing. Buzzing I recognise. I turn to see a swarm of black envelping me, and I can feel sharp pains all over my body, jabbing. Then I feel nothing and see nothing, the black clears and I can see. I raise my hand to touch him but about an inch before I touch him I go still. BOOM.

Finnick's POV

I know who my tribute is, its Annie. They have used her before. I feel something pulling me towards a certain spot.So I follow it, I have a feeling I will find Annie, but possibly my downfall. And I was correct. I see Annie on the top of a small but steep hills. The moment I put my first step on knokthe hill I know it wll be hard. A screeching ecoes all over the hill, filling my ears with her screams, I can see her but I still know they are her screams. I decide to run and when Im about half way up the hill I smell the second trial. A soft scent of roses is dancing on the wind, the screaming has stopped so I remove my tridents and start to defend, I scewer one of the beast and knock another to the floor. BOOM. I have no idea whos cannon that was but it was the first. I hope it wasnt Johanna's. I kill 2 ore before darting up the hill the rest of the way. I quickly hug Annie and move the hair out of her eyes. Her lovely deep green eyes, I begin to feel saf but her something behind me. I turn to see the mutt I knocked down the hill. Then I see it leap at me and rip my head off. BOOM

Travis's POV

I can get my best friend back, I caan get Connor back and I cant wait. I walk through the forest and stumble upon a gap. I leap over it and them a bong goes. i keep walking but see Im being trapped by a layer of rocks on one side and a lake of purple icky water that Im presuming will not be good to bathe in. As I walk further I can hear some creaking then a iant pillar omes tearing at me fro the side. I quickly leap out of the way, just avoiding it. another bong goes, and now I get it. Everytme I complete a task a bong goes, but that doesnt say how many tasks there are. BOOM, BOOM. 2 cannons go by the time I reach the third trial a wall of flames. I mean it reaches 20ft atleast and covers the whole path. I look down at my bottle, I dont have enough water to put that out, I wait for ages. BOOM. But only one more cannon goes, before I charge. I run straight through and find out that the wall is about 2cm thick. I have some burns but they are minor, I use the rest of my water on the burns. Then continue, when im about metre away from the fire the 3rd bong goes, and i see him. I run towards him and just manage to dodge the darts being shot at me. Bong. I reach him and then see the snake and I easily chop it in half with my axe, and hug my brother. Then we are lifted away, I have won, I finally actully look at my brother when we are on the ship, and see a dummy. Not my brother. I was not a winner just a victor, I had no fmily to share it with. Why, why did I let him die in the frst place.

Silena's (POV)

I had already heard 2 cannons and I hope neither were Finnicks or Johanna's, I liked them, they were nice. I have not found any direction to my challenge at all and Im getting scared. I received a knife and some other supplies but I chucked them away in a tree trunk. If I survive I can go back for them, but I only need the knife and thats all I have. But wheen I find my challenge I find something that I knife wont be much help in, a 60ft tall drakon. And Its encircleing Charles. I cant let him die, no I cat, I leap through the coils of the drakon and run towards him. Im nearly there when I hear a splattering sound. I turn to see the mouth centimetres above me, there is no hope for me now. But there is, I shove my knife up and it enters the roof of the mouth, the drakon recoils in pain and slitheres of, I did it, I beat the drakon. I run up to Beckendorf and hug him. i look into his burly face, scratches covering hi body. He is so handsome. I feel us being lifted up but I dont take my eyes of his and he doesnt take his eyes f mine. Im safe, I did it. I won.

Thresh's (POV)

I make it to the maze in good time, oly about 3 out of the 25 hours has past. I enter the maze and seconds later a map flutters down and lands infront of me, I pick it up and see it is the maze, a huge maze, I begin to walk through when I see a wolf like creature. I remove the spear that killed Rue and send it down the trail where it strikes the wolf clea through the heart. I collect the spear and continue. I pass multiple things, cover a water bead filled with pirhna mutts, slice through a wierd plant that tries to strangle you. My favourite was the one when I had to do a set of riddles. 2 cannons have gone before I reach the final trial. And I caan tell its the last by the fct that I see my grandma in a glass case. I try to smash the window but I cant do it. I circle it a hundred times before finally reaching the solution. I have to dig into it. I begin to dig and reach a decent wa down when I hear a rumbling. I look to my left to see a bullet be shot straight at me, I dodge it and continue digging. Dig, dodge, dig, dodge. It went like that for a while until Im completely underground. I try to dodge but I dont have any room an the bullet stries me in the brain causing it to go black.

Whe I wake up I back outside infront dead grandma. I can see her lying there. In a pool of water. They drowned her, shes dead. I stare for ages, before I remember my head. I go to touch it when the pain begins. Short but painful as seconds later BOOM.

Annabeth's (POV)

I walk down a dark stretch of wood, I lost Grover about 2 hours ago. I can see the sky darkening by the minute but I just cant find anything, no task or no father. I reckon we have about 3 or 4 hours left and only 3 cannons have sounded. I know one is that Finnick's as I saw him being killed, but the other two are mysteries. I see the first sign of spiders very soon after and I relise straight away that that was going to be my trial. Spiders. I continue walking, seeing thousands of webs but no spiders. I bet they have all been kept in my trial space. But I was wrong. I saw my dad and the only other thing I saw was a huge ass spider. I remove a knife ad throw it, I throw 4 more and they all strike, right in the body. Done. I had passed my fear of spiders ages ago when Percy.. Percys dead. It hits me full force. I cant go on. Most people who lost someone in here got them back. But all I get is my dad. My stupd dad. My dad who would choose himself ver me. I pick up a knife and walk over to the uncocious person lying on the floor. I raise the knife and plunge it into his heart. Done, hes dead. I laugh for a second before remembering the warning. About if the tribute dies so do you. Oh Cra... I can see the axe but let it come. BOOM.

Draco's (POV)

My mum is in danger, I need to save her. I run through the forest, my head filled with dark thoughts of what they might be doing to her. My wand is raised, waiting to see what happened. BOOM. Thats the 4th cannon. 4 dead wih means we are almost halfed the triutes. Thats good. I keep running avoiding all of the pools of poison. I have to stop and take a rest, Im finishing a bottle of water when I feel it. A chill that goes straight to my soul. A chill that can only be assosiated with oe thing. Dementors. I spin around and see a wall of darkness decend on me. I quickly hold up my wand but it flies out of my hand and into the darkness. I then do the only thing I can think to do, run. I run flat out in the same direction. the dementors chill has frozen over all of the pools. But now they so slippery. I slide across one and land face first in the other one. I look up to see nothing. Had I escaped them.

I wait a while and then hear a sickening crack. I stand up and look down to see craks appearing across the small pond. seconds later it collapses, sending me into the water, or the acid. It burns right through me, causing me never ending pain. I writhe in the water. I look out, trying to see where I can get out when I see a dementor carrying a figure. My mum. It shakes it head then dumps the figure into the pool. I scream one last time before finally sinking below the surface. BOOM.

Johanna's (POV)

I have no idea who my tribute will be, I mean I have no one I love. I walk through the forest and finally reach the swamp and see a lake. I can see a figure way out on a boat, I dont know who they are but I know they are mine. I mean who else would not be ale to swim that far. 5 cannons had gone, haalf of the tributes were already dead due to their challenges. I finally build up enough strength and leap out. I land with a splash. This wasnt that hard, i start to swim and am about half way there when I see it. A giant shark like creature heading straight towards . So I do what any normal person would do. Drop everything and swim. And I am fast. I reah the island easily and then I recognise the tribute. Its Katniss, wait, no its a dummy of Katniss. Very funny Capitol is all I an think as Ia risen into a hovercraft to see Gloss, Silena and Travis. The I relise what happended. Finnick is dead

Grover's (POV)

Oh my gods, its an underground tunnle. Why, I can see the entrance infront of me but I dont know what to do. But I have to save her, I lost her before but I cant lose her again. I run in and when Im about 5 metres from the entrance. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. 5 cannons go and I have no hope of finding her. Why, why now. I run down corridor after corridor, looking around when I hear a groaning, I turn to see a cyclops. I run full pelt down the hall, looking for Juniper, wanting to get out but I know that wont happen. I trip and go flying and smash into the wall straiht ahead. I drift in and out of conciousness beore I finally see the face. Then I feel myself being lifted up, then held above his mouth, then dropped. BOOM.

Congratulations to Gloss, Silena, Travis (for the second time) and Johanna. And more Importantly to GlimmerandSparkle, MySims, Italicos and CallamD97 for becoming to victors of the 2nd Book Mash Up Games

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