The Idea and Rules


Ok, this is my grand return to the games. Well the start of games. My last started 3 weeks ago so I decided to start with a new idea. The Deception Games are based on the movie, Deception. Well losely based. They will be decided on the last day of training with the training scores. They will be put in teams depending on their training scores. They will then get a map. And supplies and weapons. Basically they must make it to the surface while battling with the other tributes, mutts and starvation. The first tributes/team out are braught back to the Captiol, they are then scored on their games. Then as the later they get out the lower the score they get. Then they are paired. Highest with lowest. Then they are pit agaisnt eachother. If there was 8 left. The first 8 would fight to the death, then the next 4 till 2 are left. Then they fight to the death. If there is an uneven number of tributes there will be a vote to who is killed. This is at any stage in the rival part.


Ok, Im bored of the plain flat tributes and I want the best of the best. Great names and epic weapons. So I will be doing what Cloveismywife does. Leave the tributes open for 5 days, and not update the chart. Then everyone can enter there choices. Then I will go by the names. I will choose the best of each spots, if there is empty spots I will fill them up. Also I want original weapons. Not the normal sword, spear and bow. More like a whip or lasso. They are good weapons. There will be 56 tributes. Double the tributes, so two 1 males, two 7 females and two capitol females. Yes 13 and the Capitol are in the arena. Ok, here is the info I need. If there isnt efficiant info I may make it up or just not accept them.

Here is the info I need, please fill out this form and No on profiles but I will take reservations.











Appearence (Now, either fill this out or include a picture or lunaii)

I am making a Gallery of real life pictures so I will try and follow your instructions but I may have to change colours or hair length if you dont include a real life photo.


  1. Spamming, I dont mind Spamming if you own tributes OR submitted them, even if they are turned away. If you are reading it please comment a few times before doing so.
  2. As stated above not all tributes will be accepted but I want the Best so lack of info, un-original names or other stuff may deter me. Here are some amazing names like Illuminate Sensorium, Chlorine Nikelon, Aquamarine Summerton and Brass Sater. All of these are original names, I wont accept names not related to the district like Fixander or Lexeline, they are fancy but not related to 9 at all. Also no normal names like Lauren or Simion. Ok, I want Original. That is what I will judge the tributes mainly on.
  3. Swearing, as frequent readers of mine will know I use swearing often, when you are about to be killed wouldnt you swear. They wouldnt say. "I hate you, you little meanie" to someone who is about to kill them, they would say "Fuck of you little piece of shit" then shove a knife into their stomach. These games are not nice, so dont read if your to young.
  4. As said up there I will be choosing the best, so submit up to 4 and list 3 districts. First choice to last choice. Then I will know where to put people.
  5. These games will have 6 stages. Each scored other than group training and the actual games. So reapings will be judged on fear of tributes, if they cry, were they reaped or volunteered. That is out of 20. The chariots is all about the impact. I will be taking stylists but if they arent filled, I will cancel them and make them wear rubbish. That is out of 20 but is each district, not tributes. Then training is just the training score. I have a little way of doing that so that wont be normal. The final stage, before the games, is interviews. These are on the humour, reaction and combatability with the host Lia. That is out of 10. Then I add all the scores to find the top of the top. This will take a while as it is 56 tributes but I like the stages so Im doing it.
  6. Last and finally. Enjoy these. I find it hard to write if I dont get support, Im scared that you will forget about these and I want people to follow these. Only submit if you are devoted. Please. Also enjoy. Im doing these for you, not me. And if your not reading them I will drop them.


Ok as I said. 56 tributes. A lot of info needed.

District Tribute Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses Personality Backstory User
District 1 (Luxury) Male Excel Rose 12 Sword sword fighting, archery( can use a bow but not his preferred Weapon), running, killing Has a massive fear of water, so big he has to close his eyes when he drinks it. Very sinister and Evil He, as a career, trained for many years before finally volunteering. Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 1 (Luxury) Male Mitchel Normandy 18 Spear, throwing and Melee Speed, climbing, aim with ranged weapons Cocky, anger management, sucks with sword Cruel, Sadistic, sarcastic, mentally unstable, seducer towards girls Was raised by his aunt and uncle after his mom was killed by his father and his father was killed by peacekeepers. He was a bully at school and trained insanely for the games. His sister was reaped a few years ago and won, but she was mentally unstable when she came back. He dislikes other careers but pretends to like them to get their help. He was the top tribute back home. Lawman12435
District 1 (Luxury) Male Bergem Crystal 18 Lasso and Spear Trained for a long time for the games. Has terrible senses. blurry vision, weak sense of smell, barely can hear, it takes a while for his nerves to feel something, and can't tell similar tastes apart. tough, determined, and foolesh He does not want to be in this. he wanted to be in a normal games, but this was his last chance! he voulunteered, anoyed. he was going to win this, though. he wanted to be rich!!!!!!!!! Hungergamelover2121
District 1 (Luxury) Female Vanity Glossamer 17 Throwing Needles Accuracy, Stealth, Dead Arm/Leg Strength and Swimmer Devious, Smart, Elegant She was raised in diamond, money, everything she wanted. Then her father showed her how to train, and gave her a bag. It had long black needles in it. "What most people do not know, is that nerves can mean the difference between life and death. Learn the body's weak points, and then you can pierce the nerves with these." She learned. And now, she can paralyze a person numb with 3 needles. PlasticGlimmer
District 1 (Luxury) Female Bryanna Blue 17 Two minature Tridents used for Killing She is smart, quick, agile. Cold and calculating, she is willing to make alliances but won't have any problem stabbing them in the back when the time comes. She is also hot so she is good at seducing boys. She is a bit of a slut and a bit too cocky. She underestimates people on a daily basis. She is also scared of eels. Brynna means business. She may appear friendly but she is really one cold bitch. You may be talking about the hot guys at school with her but she is secretly plotting your downfall. Brynna is not a bad person, but she's not very good either. Brynna was born to a rich District 4 businessman. She has never had to work hard in her life because Daddy owns a fancy fishing restaurant on the District 4 Board Walk. Her mother doesn't work because they already have enough money to get by... and then some. Brynna is an only child and popular in school. She is also a very good student. Tommyboy97
District 1 (Luxury) Female Bascule Du Fay 17 Throwing Hammers Throwing things( preferably hammers but she can throw knives,axes ect.) Isn't very Smart. Kind with a Mean Streak As a career she trained for many years. Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 2 (Masonary) Male Brass Sater 18 Machete, Mace, Sword, Spears, Daggers and Knives. All close range weapons like swords, machetes, maces, spears, daggers, he can throw spears and knives if nessicary. His really strong and fast. he excelles at ahnd-to-hand combat and wrestling. He can climb cliffs but not trees due to his heavy weight. Total Saidist. Cocky. Doesn't know how to be hungry. Arogent, Cocky, Mean, Cruel, Sadistic. He has trained for the games since he was only 2, he was the star student of the class and only at age 7, he was able to defeat his trainer. He has 2 older brothers; Steel (19) and Iron (21) who have both won the hunger games, because of their pleasure of killing, strength and cunning. He is the 'cool' kid at school and all the girls like him because he is so strong. He has had exactly 7 girlfriends and he dumped all of them to pursue more beatiful women, and he's currently dating a teenage model named, Jessica. Angry birds12
District 2 (Masonary) Male Zacharius Thorne 17 His main weapon is a sword but he also throws knives and spears. Athletic, Strong, Bred for battle, trained with weapons. Doesnt take critisim well and hates being bullied. He is fearless and ready to win. He is seceretly very loving but is always ready to fight. He almost lived in the training center growing up and is battle ready, when he was only 13 his oldest brother was reaped and ended up winning it all. He mentored Zacharius and has worked with him since he was crowned victor. Zacharius has been living in his brother's shadow for a long time and feels it is his time to shine, he is secretly sweet, funny and even a little sensitive when it comes to killing, above all he just wants to go home again. Captainsv
District 2 (Masonary) Male Kyle Herron 18 Sword Great with a sword, he is practically unbeatable with one. He's strong and very muscled. Brave and tough, though isn't ruthless and mean. He can't swim at all, and he isn't very fast because of his large figure. He looks tough, but he's generally a nice, sweet, thoughtful guy. He quiet, but observant. Kyle lived alone with his younger brother in a small house that use to be their parents. Both of Kyle's parents died in a fire four years ago, leaving a 14-year old Kyle to take care of his brother, James. James was only 10-years old at the time, so he couldn't do much work for money. So Kyle got a job and worked hard every single day to keep their house and for James to have schooling and training for the Hunger Games. On reaping day, when James was 14, he was reaped. But Kyle couldn't stand to see his brother in there, so he volunteered to go in for him. By now his brother was old enough to get a job, so Kyle didn't worry about him. Only his fate as it was 86-1. Epic Hobo
District 2 (Masonary) Female Marla Kantoon 16 Sword Spear Training, Physical Strength and Intimidation Stamina, Speed on Land and in Water Solitary, Sullen and Observant History: Since her parents were hired by the Capitol when Marla was 6, she has trusted no one. Silently training as a Career, she hoped she would never be reaped. When she was, no one bothered to volunteer because they either didn't like her or were scared of her solitude. So Marla ended up becoming a Tribute. Thena.airice14
District 2 (Masonary) Female Danelle Pink 16 Throwing Knives never misses she is like FoxFace(smart and deceptive) and she is a career Her Anger Sweet to friends and Family otherwise Bloodthristy and sadistic like Clove She lives with her mother who was a Career that never Volenteered or got reaped and her little sister who wants to be like her big sis. District2Career
District 2 (Masonary) Female Sasha Evans 16 Bow and Arrows Very fit and able, good swimmer and climber. A good leader, very brave and tough. Way overconident, not very good at making friends because she'ssomewhat mean and bossy. Her flaw is being told what to do, she can't stand it. At all. Quiet but very vicious and evil. Sasha's family was weathly, plain and simple. They always were. She had a dad and mom, younger brother and older sister. Her brother was 10, and her sister was 19. She didn't have any close friends, except for one girl that was practically her sister. Her name was Evelynn, and they were best friends ever since they started school. When Sasha was reaped, Evelynn felt like her world was being torn in half. Sasha vowed to try to win, because Evelynn didn't know if she could live without Sasha. Epic Hobo

District 3 (Technology) Male

Trey Volts 15 Throwing Knives Trey is very Smart for his age, (in fact he's the smartest one in his year at school, better yet the smartest one in his school) he can pick up anything and in a hour or two he has it mastered. He is very fast, one of the fastest runners in his school, doing good at short and long distance races. He's very elusive, being able to hide anywhere. Trey's not very Stronge, even worse at Hand to Hand Combat, and he's too open. Trey is very open and a very nice, he loves his family and little brother, doing everything for him. Trey Grew up like a normal District 3 kid, went to school learned Algebra, Physics, Litterature, and The Histroy of District 3( Includeing the Victors).In a very wealthy family. When he was 7, his family got a pool, so he thougth he would climb on top of the house and jump in, never haveing learned how to swim, so he climbed ontop of the house and found out he was terified of heights, so he decided to jump off. He nearly drowned, if it weren't for his father saveing him. After that, he became clean cut, becomeing extremly smart, and never doing anything adventures anymore.


District 3 (Technology) Male Sackden Seleur 14 Sword Swimming, Climbing Running : always mad cuz hes made fun of by name He was scared and bullied as a child due to his name. AsherMizzou
District 3 (Technology) Male Flicks Marvel 17 Spears and Traps Speed, Agility, Climbing, Swimming, Making Allies, Seeing in the dark Quiet, Deceving, Michevous He has a good life...lives with parents and has plenty of friends but plenty of rivals.... RZN2
District 3 (Technology) Female Newle Harvestmoon 12 Good with anything having to do with wire and electricity. Doesn't want to kill, so uses a whip fashioned out of her own jacket to protect herself and cause a bit of harm Understands things quicker than other people.Calm and bright in situations that would leave other people freaked (scared in any other times) Cant Swim, doubts herself A daydreamer, but sharp and quick when paying attention. Not a people person, but trusts blindly when she has to. A good friend. Newle grew up in a crowded family of ten kids. Their father worked hard to support his family, but broke under the strain when Newle was five. Her mother and older sister, Jessantha, ran the family, until the five oldest kids got reaped, one by one, and died in the Games, leaving Newle alone and petrified about anything having to do with the games. A Wikia contributor
District 3 (Technolgy) Female Amity Alerath 17 Her mind, but in hand to hand, a sword Her mind, speed, deception Can be over confident at times, hand-to-hand combat Smart, kind, likes playing mind games on others, if she likes you, she'll walk through fire for you. If she doesn't, you're screwed. Was raised by amazing parents. Had a heart-breaking goodbye with them. She was known as the smartest kid in her school and wasn't very popular for that reason. Lawman12435
District 3 (Technology) Female Alistarr Sterling 16 Throwing Knives She's Strong and Swift, and ideal fighter scared to death of Fire. Funny and Sweet a wild fire destroyed her home and killed her mum when she was four, making her deathly afraid of fire. FinnickisBOSS
District 4 (Fishing) Male Krex Qellibane 17 Trident and Knives Athletic, Great swimmer and runner Isnt the strongest Is strong willed and hates weak people. As he wanted to be career he trained all his life. Oogaman
District 4 (Fishing) Male Cody Aberholl 15 Shurikens, Taser, Whip with Curved Knives at the tip Strong, Fast, Agile, Smart, Sly, Accuracy, Water Purifying Hand-to-Hand Combat, Plant Recognition, Camoflauge, Panics a Lot, Loud Happy-go-lucky, Nice, Witty, Humorous, Defensive, A little bit sensitive Comes from a family of him, and his twin sister. Volunteered to go because he would get beaten at home and wanted to escape the pain. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 4 (Fishing) Male Antero Lisin 17 Monk's Spade Running, Hunting A love one getting killed, Climbing Antero is a very kind boy, he can be arrogant but most of the time is he nice. He loves his family and gives everything for their lives He lives in District 4 where his live was normal. He went to school and learnt about fishing. I loved fishing and swimming Wesolini
District 4 (Fishing) Female Aquamarine Summerton 16 Tridents, knives and nets Fast swimer, wielding; tridents, nets, knives and is a great climber, can start fires, tieing knots, fishing, smart, sneaky. Cocky, arrogent. Nice, strong, kind, can get pretty mad easily, kinda arrogent and cocky Appearance- Dirty blond curly hair that's usally up in a ponytail. Slightly tan and aqua eyes. From the moment she was born, Aquamarine excelled at everything. She was the fisrt to crawl, walk and later catch a fish, swim and spear a fish with a trident. As she grew older, she still was the best. She has plenty of friends and has straight A's. She comes from a wealthy family. Family- Mother; Azuil, she works as a fisher. Father; Ocean, works as a trainer for future District 4 tributes. Brother; Zach, drowned at age three when his babysitter wasn't paying attantion. Angry birds12
District 4 (Fishing) Female

Tetra Gull

17 She is amazing with a net and trident. Fishing and Running She always feels that she made the wrong chose. She thinks too much before acting. Tetra gives the world the benefit of the doubt. She is extremely thoughtful and wants to make sure she doesn't make any mistakes. She generally cares about all life even though she has gone through brutal career training. She was raised in a house where you had to be a career. Her father was a true believer in this and forced his three sons and Tetra to go to his trainer regularly. The boys took a liking to training but Tetra fought it. When she told her father she didn't want to be a career he went ballistic and hit her until she promised she would stay in training. Her brothers all volunteered when they were 17 but all of them died. She now feels great pressure to volunteer. Moviepopcorn123
District 4 (Fishing) Female Imogen Odana 16 Nunchucks Running Swimming Killing other tributes, making fires Imogene is kind girl. She always tries to help and is super nice to every one. She hates the careers She hates the games but she has to compete since she got reaped and no one decided to volunteer. Her whole live she has been living in District 4 and really enjoyed it Wesolini
District 5 (Power) Male Cytosine Johnston 15 Knife and Sword Cytosine is a fast tribute and he's strong. Cytosine can climb cliffs and is decent at swimming. Cytosine can also wield a knife and will learn how to use a sword, identify edible plants and set up snares in training. Really wants to find out what Addie's secret is. "Curiosity killed the cat" Calm, nice, cool in a fight, not overconfident. Carefull Lived with a rich family, his Dad works as a top scientist at the genetic labrotory while his Mom is the myor. He has a lot of friends. He's heard rumors about Addie and sometimes spies on her to find out what's wrong with her. Angry birds12
District 5 (Power) Male Teo Carter 16 Throwing Axes. Camoflage and Hiding Losing Leo, his sister Teo isn't the typical career, he's confused without Leo and would kill himself to let her win. Teo lives with Leo by the square. They're parents left them when they got jobs as stylists in the games. Tiaraaaa
District 5 (Power) Male Ash Green 18 Axes Axes, Genius, Plants, animals Does not know that much about people Quiet, Quick minded, Helpful. His mum is addicted to morphine and his dad does all of the hard work. One day, his dad died, and the mum commited suicide. All he had left was a baby sister. He vowed to look after her, and so he did for 10 years. He also taught his sister how to gather plants and kill animals. Anon....
District 5 (Power) Female Wipzee York 15 Sword, Knife Hand-to-Hand Combat, Strong, Fast, Agile, Camoflauge, Hiding Accuracy, Deaf in Left Ear, Bossy Bossy, Mean, Nice to family, Protective, Brave, Would Sacrifice Herself for Friends/Family She's the daugther of Albany York and Whimzi Electrelle. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 5 (Power) Female Adenine "Addy" Boulvie 15 Bow and Arrow, and knife Addie knows how to wield a knife and shot a bow and arrow. Addie also knows how to swim thanks to her dad owning a pool. She knows how to hunt thanks to her uh... special secret which will be described later. She also knows how to identify plants. Not used to being hungry, her secret. Mean, cruel, heartless, funny, pycho at times... On the surface Addie's life is seemingly perfect, she has many friends, is the most popular girl in school, she's hot and she's rich. But on the inside, Addie's pycho. She goes into the woods every night and slughters animals and once, she even accidently killed her best friend, she hid the body and no one found out but after that, Addie lost her mind completely. She obseesed with the fact that she's perfect and won't think otherwise. She cuts her family at night and forbids them to tell anyone. She bullies little kids, she harasses guys constantly and kills people she hates. Her parents baught her a 'magical' amulet that keeps her crazyness at bay, most of the time. Angry birds12
District 5 (Power) Female Jeni Frost 14 Knives and Bat Hunting snares plants Shy Loves Bob, but is cold and ruthless and sexy. Lived at community home since 10 days old. Her boyfriend is Bob Nixon Anon....
District 6 (Transport) Male Braek Carts 17 Sickle, Razor and Lamps Strong, Fast, Hiding, Plant Recognition Deaf in Left Ear, Camoflauge, Agility Nice, Defensive, Caring, Brave Trained with his brothers since he was 8 IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 6 (Transport) Male Edward Calebs 15 Razor and Whip Strong, Fast, Agile, Smart, Sly, Hand-to Hand Combat Accuracy, Plant Recognition Quiet, Shy, Smart, Brave, Defensive, Caring, Sweet Father died when he was 8 years old, volunteered for his best friend. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 6 (Transport) Male Axl Lockhart 17 Mace, I guess. Anything metal that he can whack somebody in the head with. Strength, speed, hitting people Large appetite, VERY protective of those he loves Quiet, typically not very emotional. Defensive of those he loves. Axl is the oldest of 7 siblings. His parents work hard but do a pretty lousy job of actually taking care of their kids, so Axl has become kind of the leader of the household. He has essentially raised many of his siblings and would do just about anything to protect them. Beetee19
District 6 (Transport) Female Tiffany Case 18 Anything sharp but, Tiffany's favorite is something she can throw but also use in close combat like a knife or a spear. Tiffany has trained her whole life for The Hunger Games so she's a master with many weapons like knives, spears, swords, bow and arrows etc. Tiffany is also very smart and paid lots of attention to survival skills while training. Because of this Tiffany can identify edible plants, start fires, hunt, fish, swim, set up a tent and stuff like that. Tiffany is also a master of decption and is amazing at lieing. If Tiffany is going to do a trick on her fellow allies she'll think every detail perfectly. Tiffany is an excpetional leader and can trick any allies she may have into doing anything she really wants. Tiffany is good at reading people and tends to know when someone is going to betray her. Tiffany is also in a fit condtion and is a good climber, runner, and any other athletic tasks. Tiffany knows amany forms of amrtial arts and is a force to be reckoned with in hand to hand combat. She's light on her feet and is sneaky fighter as well. Tiffany is good at beign quiet and is a good listener, she'll be able to tell if someone's following her. Doesn't know how to be hungry, anger management issues. Tiffany Case is a cold-hearted, calculating, devil-may-care blonde. She palns on winning in any way possible and will kill anyone in her way. Tiffany isn't the forgiving type and is known to hold a nasty grudge. She plans everything down to the tiniest detail with no emotion what so ever. Tiffany would be described by others as mean. Tiffany was born into a very wealthy family who only had a child so they could become victor. Tiffany has 3 younger brothers (Ages 15, 12 and 11) and two younger sisters (Ages 16, 13 and 11) who are all training to enter the games. When Tiffany was 3 she began a rigorous training regime, mostly running and swimming since she was so young. When she was 5 she moved o nto fighting styles and light weight weapons, at age 8 she began wroking with all weapons and at age 12 she began survival skills. Tiffany's paretns installed their victor dream into Tiffany and Tiffany despretly wants to win. At 10 her parents hired a tutor to homeschool her so she would have more time for trianing. Tiffany doesn't really talk to to many people her gae because of this but still knows how to comunicate with them (She made sure to be able to so she wouldn't have a disadvantage in the arena). Tiffany also took several leadership classes to learn how to lead effectivly. Angry birds12
District 6 (Transport) Female Ally Dramin 16 Axe, Hammer, Iron Pipe Fast, Agile, Plant Recognition, Smart, Sly, Sneaky Weak, Hiding, Camoflauge Mean, Bossy, Defensive, Vicious, Violent When she was 12, she was beat up by a gang. But then, she viciously beat them up and from then on decided to train every single day after and before school. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 6 (Transport) Female Ruby Hyrglass 16 Throwing Knives Aim, Intelligence and some what brave. She is blind in her right eye, Scared and gets distracted easily. Sweet, Kind, friendly and shy Her mother and father were close friends of the mayor of District Three, so Ruby was always treated well. When she was 5, her parents were involved in a house fire. They were killed in the process of saving her. When she was 10, she created a blinding device, blinding a girl near her. In shame, she blinded herself in her right eye. She has lived in the Orphanage ever since. EvilhariboMadness
District 7 (Lumber) Male Drey Blake 17 Axe or Saw Strong, hand to hand combat, and stamina. Completely untrustworthy, and long distance fighting. Drey is very kind and caring. Unfortunately he doesn't let that show, he hides most of his emotions behind a stoney face. There are few people he trust but those who he does trust see a completely different Drey. He grew up with just his mother and his brother. When he was 7 years old his father abandoned the family. He became more and more angry at his father for abandoning him and became less and less trusting of everyone. He began to work in the lumber field at age 12 and had to drop out of school. The few people he trusts are his brother, mother and his girlfriend. Moviepopcorn123
District 7 (Lumber) Male Thomas Acorn 15 Axe and Awl smart, thinks things through, protecting people he cares about if he sees anything or anyone that reminds him of his sister he looses it, and the acorn thing very caring, gets VERY mad if people joke about the whole "acorn" thing, nice, helpful he has a mother, father, and little sister who he loves very much, he got the scar when he was 7, after he accidentally insulted someone and they gave him the scar (they were not very nice) now it's a sick joke he has to live with Tiger Lily29
District 7 (Lumber) Male Lucan Rayden 17 Preferably bow but is good with hunting knives if it comes to close combat. sometimes uses a blowgun but not often.. Alway keeps control over the situation even in the most stressing circumstances, has really good eyes and ears. Is really good at manipulating, and making people trust him. A really good hider. Is not a very fast swimmer, bad at open fields/terretories Ruthless, manipulating, smart, knows how to make people trust him. He has no problem backstabbing people, even if they are sleeping. He does not trust anyone but people around him feels trusted. Is kind of a sniper-type, likes to have everything under control and prefers high places where you can hide but still have a view, like mountain caves. Lucan grew up with no brothers or sisters, his mother died when she gave birth to Lucan, and his father blames Lucan for her death. Lucan used most of his time on his own, training his body and mind. Lucan never trusted anyone in his childhood. He once put a boy who was two years older in coma, he manipulated a "friend" into thinking it was his fault and the "friend" took the blame. He used to hide in the woods for days, just to avoid his father. When he saw the others who was picked fro his district at the reaping, he immediately tried to figure out their weaknesses.
District 7 (Lumber) Female Leaves Rootforest 14 Throwing Axe, Machete Is very small and resembles an 11-year-old, so she can hide well in foliage and other small spaces. She is also quite strong, as she's able to use a solid gold axe with no problems. She's very slow, and cannot kill 12-year-olds. She's very timid, and hates allying. Hostile and defencife from the outside, but from the inside, she's kind, confident, cheerful, yet a tad shy and kinda upsetting to listen to. She lives in a large and überhappy family, while she's kinda moody. Then, her older sister, was reaped and the family became horrified. She became depressed for a while, but then her mother was killed in her bed by Carlos Woodsworth, her neighbor. Soon after, her father committed suiside and so, it was now only Tree, her twin and the baby of the family that's 5, Branch. Polinarose
District 7 (Lumber) Female Avina Emerald 17 Harpoon and Javelin Running Swimming Brute Strength, Surviving without food Cocky, Arrogant, Seductive, Sexy Avina was always weak compared to the other people in her district. She trained and trained for the Games, but she still isn't that strong and can't throw her weapons as far as most of the other girls. Still, Avina is beautiful and is hoping her looks will help make up for her lack fo strength. She is worried that the Careers will turn on her if she acts weak, so she is going to put on like she is cocky and arrogant. Cloveismywife
District 7 (Lumber) Female Sirenia Hatchet 12 Tomahawk and Hatchet Running, Hiding, Climbing Brute Strength and Swimming Cold, Quiet, Timid, Sad Sirenia's parents were both lumberjacks and her family owned a lumberyard. Then, one day, the Peacekeepers told her parents they were taking control of the lumberyard to produce wood for Capitol weapons. Her parents resisted, and were executed immediately. After that, Sirenia ran away into the woods and practiced with her parents' two favorite axe types: Tomahawks and Hatchets. She vowed that once she reached reaping age, (12), she would volunteer and avenge her parents. Cloveismywife
District 8 (Textiles) Male Xavier Thread 15 Traps Traps and Killing No sence of right and wrong. Dark and Reckless Is an assasin for District 13, even though killing peple is wrong. His parents are allies to the capitol and his siter died in the games. Anon....
District 8 (Textiles) Male William Oscar Davidson 13 Spear Surviving, Fighting, Loving Has a strong feeling of love. Charming His parents are children of two warring sides (One is a District 13, one a Capitolite) and they both died together, in District 8, leaving him an only child, and an orphan. He was adopted by the butcher and he was in love with another girl, until she was shot. Since then, he has secretly joined District 13's side and is waging war on the Capitol. Anon....
District 8 (Textiles) Male Lumex Albane 16 Spears, Tomahawks, Sickle swords, Strength. Tall, Athletic, Good at running. Climbing Lumex always had a hard life in District 8, he began working for his father at the age of 7 and almost never had a break. Even though his father worked him a lot, Lumex loved and respected his father. When Lumex was 10 his father died in a fire, lumex was depressed and even suicidal for a time, but his sister Jenny(14) and his mom

Mindy (43) talked him out of killing himself. When Lumex was 13 his family was struggling to get by money wise so his mom re-married a horrible man named Dexter Matrix. He was fat and smelled like elephant crap, he also drank and smoke all the time. he was very mean to Lumex he called him names and punched him, But him and his mom and sister agreed they had to stay with him if they wanted to keep out of poverty, Jenny and Mindy adopted Dexter's last name "Matrix" but Lumex kept the last name "Albane" to remember and honor his origional father. One day Dexter was making Lumex make dinner and he said that his father was a crack addict, Lumex warned him but he said it again and he chucked a tomahawk at his head, it would have been a killshot but Dexter ducked just in time, Lumex still 13 stormed out of the house and sat alone crying for a long time until he saw a tomahawk stuck in a tree, he pulled it out and practiced with it, he found out he had a natural talent and everytime he fought with Dexter he would come out to the same spot in the woods and practice. Lumex is now 16 and ready for the games.

District 8 (Textiles) Female Sophia Alekson 17 Bat, Razor and Metal Pipe Strong, Fast, Hand to Hand Combat, Plant Recognition Accuracy, Camoflauge, Hiding Nice, Caring, Defensive, Friendly to Humans and Animals, Brave Trained since she was six. Collected crap loads of tessarae so she can get into the Games so she could win for her family. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 8 (Textiles) Female Lucinia Peirce 15 Spear She's a cold-blooded killer, it's almost as if she's a robot. She doesn't have mercy or hestitate when it comes to hurting others. She's ruthless, and strong. Her spear is like an extension of her arm, practically. She's, sort of, well, dumb. She may have no heart, but that in itself isn't an amazing skill. She barely thinks before acting, and is quite rash in all of her decisions.
Fears: Losing, Death, Mice
She's, as mentioned before, a tad sociopathic. Suprisingly enough, though, she's quite shy. She doesn't trust others easily, because she thinks everyone has the same motives as her. She grew up with a mother and father who worked too much, forcing her to fend for herself. She's independent and although she enjoys being around others, she needs her alone time. Asfbn
District 8 (Textiles) Female Awolta Ricodd 13 Sword Awolta is really good to make traps because she used to help her uncle with rabbit-traps when she was young. She is also is used to be outside. Awolta is very talk-active and a lot of people doesen't like her bacause of her way to behave. She makes enemies really quick and she is also a very bad fighter. Awolta is very kind but also a little dumb, and she trusts almost anyone. Awolta was raised by her uncle and he learned her everything he knew about hunting and wildlife. Awolta was reaped for the Games. SuperTomato
District 9 (Grain) Male Elder Thorn 16 Sword is good at plants and bow and arrow. etc. Stupid Is very dumb. He has a sister. When they were drawn they sobbed and cried. Parents abonded them to a previous winner who trained them. Anon....
District 9 (Grain) Male Spike Hill 17 Spear, Sword and Knife speed, strength, lethal, hot-headed, good swimmer, good hunter claustraphobic He is very tough and strong willed

he's a gang member and leader, no family (known of), was captured and imprisoned by the capitol for murder and theft, escaped the capitol.

The Hunger Gamer
District 9 (Grain) Male Xavier Zero 16 Axe, Sword Fast, Agile, Strong, Smart, Sly, Plant Recognition, Trap Making, Coming Up with different strategies. Hand-to-Hand Combat, Accuracy, Oblivious Nice, Caring, Witty, Oblivious, Logical, Thinks A lot, Brave, Helpful, Cocky Comes from a large poor family. Volunteered for his 12 year old brother. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 9 (Grain) Female Katelyn Wish 16 Bow and Arrow Blackmailing people. Weak, not the strongest. Katelyn is a very popular girl. She is cute and sweet and kind, except if she was gonna die. Katelyn lives in District 9 with her mother, her three little sisters and one little brother. Her only older siblings were killed in the games. Katelyn and her family bake bread for a living. Tiaraaaa
District 9 (Grain) Female Allison Kate 16 Sickle, Crowbar and Bat Strong, Agile, Plant Recognition, Camoflauge, Hiding, Sly, Sneaky, Smart, Hand to Hand Combat Slow, Swimming, Accuracy Kind Hearted Came from a severly poor family. Volunteered to win for them. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 9 (Grain) Female Argentum Lunatis 18 Whips Very brutal, very manipulative. Has a broken heart, is strangely afraid of bears Argent is not a girl you want to meet. She is kind, sweet, and gentle... on the outside. Inside she is a wicked, twisted, manipulative girl. She hates all men. The rest have been left broken-hearten and unsure of what to do. She doesn't have any friends because she will reveal any secrets they got. Argentum was born on December 5th. Her family was an incredibly rich and Argent was incredibly beautiful. She was once a kind and innocent girl, but when she was 16 she fell in love with a boy named Henry. Argentum was truly in love and wanted to spend every minute of her life with Henry. He proposed to her and then, stood her up on the altar. Ever since then Argentum will no longer trusted anyone. She revealed a dark side in her innocent face, she tormented all her friends by blackmailing them with their secrets. Her older sister's face was hideously scarred when a fire started in her room, and almost all of Argentum's 10 past boyfriends have broken hearts and a few have "gone missing". Moviepopcorn123
District 10 (Livestock) Male Satan Lockwood 16 Knives Good with knives and poision Won't listen to people. Crazy, murderous Orphaned and lived on the streets killed 20 people including the mayor. Worships the Devil Anon....
District 10 (Livestock) Male Pedro Evans 17 Sickle Running, knot-tying, strength Hand to hand combat, most weapons Calm and Confident Pedro is legitimately liked for his personality back home. His job is to chase after runaway cattle and haul them back; this is where he gained his strength and speed. Beetee19

District 10 (Livestock) Male

Ristowan Sippelbom 14 Spear, bow and arrows or throwing knives Ristowan has always been smart and shy at the same time making him a very good at seeing what kind of persons his dealing with. He is also incredible fast He is not a big guy and he can easily become a target. He's also a very bad fighter and knows that he needs to practice weapon he can use from a distance (bow and arrows, spear or throwing knives) Ristowan is a thinker. His mind is his home and he knows how to outsmart tributes and is very good at making strategies. He is very shy but also kind of funny when you get to know him. Kind of socially awkward Ristowan was one of many kids back home in District (3, 10 or 4). He had a lot of siblings and his father was dead due to illness and his mother used every penny she earned to keep her children alive. He was reaped as tribute boy for his District and he started to prepare himself for the Games mentally. SuperTomato
District 10 (Livestock) Female Eleanor Greyson 16 Butterfly Swords Climbing, Speed She doesn't know how to hunt, she can't swim very well She is shy but when she knows you she will be your friend. She is very helpful and can adapt to everything Back in District 7 she learned about material arts. She used to work all day but in the evening she went out to train her skills with the material arts. She learned Butterfly Swords here but also good hand to hand combat Wesolini
District 10 (Livestock) Female Aliza Marr 17 Wire, Hand to Hand Combat, Loing range weapons Hiding, Running, Camoflage Water, Heights A sweet girl with a dark side Aliza was brought up in District 3, her mother died from a heart attack and her father commited suicide after her mother's death. Aliza lived with her best friend Alice after that. Alice was then reaped and killed in the games. Aliza swore she would avenge her death. Tiaraaaa
District 10 (Livestock) Female Fleur Renee 13 Sword Intelligence, speed and small strength in arms. Insecure, Can't swim, nor can she trust. Shy, quiet, mysterious but kind and friendly when you earn her trust. Not really anything out of the ordinary for Fleur's life. She is the third born of 5 kids. Her brother was out, trying to kill the cattle on their parent's farm when the cattles trampled him. Fleur then always used a basic bow and arrow to kill cattle. EvilhariboMadness
District 11 (Agriculture) Male Robin Miller 15 Knife Good with plants And Knife. In love with Jay He is tough on the outside but has one weakness, he loves Jay. He was orpaned and brought up by Mr Sparrow. The Only one who knows his secret Has one sister, Lucy (Age 19) Anon....
District 11 (Agriculture) Male Tim De Winter 13 Bow Stealing and Spying Isnt the strongest Funny, Sweet Dangerous Live in 11 his whole life, helping his family make a living. Justafox
District 11 (Agriculture) Male Xerox Roult 18 Throwing Axe and Spears Physical Strength, Aim and Persuasion. Can't climb, can't swin and he's really arrogant. Arrogant, bitter, flirt yet kind and secretly will help the younger tributes. Is part of one of the poorest families in his district. His father went missing when he was 5. He was last seen approaching a peacekeeper. When he was 15, Xerox became a prostitute, in a desperate attempt to help his family's financial issues. He has been training for the games since he was 5, after his father died. EvilhariboMadness
District 11 (Agriculture) Female Felicity Validis 16 Knives She is good at identifiying plants, and setting up traps. She can run and climb. Bad at long distrance weapons and can be very stubborn. Felicity is a very strong minded person. She is brave and a go getter. She doesn't care about others. She does what she believes is correct and isn't afraid to make that clear. At the same time she carries a certain kindness about her. She is strong yet gentle. She cares about others and who they are. Felicity grew up in a motherless home since her mother died when she was 11. Her father worked constantly and was almost never home. When she was 12, Felicity realized that she would need to raise her younger twin siblings, Marley and Marco. She took charge of the house and raised her siblings who were 9 years old at the time. Felicity became very good at cooking, and was soon secretly hunting for food with a knife to feed her family. Moviepopcorn123
District 11 (Agriculture) Female Trexa Axelumber 17 Katana and Whip Has become fast from running away from a murderer She has only one arm, her left was cut off by someone who was trying to murder her A bit too careful, always whatches her back and trusts no one. when she was 15 someone tried to murder her. it was a normal, sunny, day and she was running an erand for her mother, she was almost to the store, where she was suposed to sell some leaves to make a blanket. she stopped by a house, to tie her shoes, and was pulled by a hand, inside. the mysterious man who pulled her in, cut her arm off and prepared to stab her in the stomach, but she losened out of his grasp, and ran, ran and ran, and ran all the way home, to her mother, with the good proof off no arm. Hungergamelover2121
District 11 (Agriculture) Female Jay Sparrow 15 Bow and Arrow Can convert any animal to her side by mimicking their sounds can master anything. Loves Luke and Robin (but the latter only like a brother.) Clever funny cautious Lives in District 11 and has been able to enchant any animal from a young age. Trained by a victor because of her talent. Anon....
District 12 (Mining) Male Jess Kasha 18 Double sided axe, Knifes, Mace Very strong. Terrified of Tracker Jackers Kind, caring, has lots of friends Trained all his life with his sister, he volunteered and she tried to but couldnt. RawrImmaEatYa
District 12 (Mining) Male Nick Lovizio 12 Bow and Knife Hiding and Very Fast Small Very nice but very aggressive and has good stategys Comes from a poor family that has to hunt to get there food but his older brother (Age: 15) hunts and taught him how to hunt and they hunt together for there sick older brother/guardian (Age: 23) and themselves Maybell is AW3OM3
District 12 (Mining) Male Ridge Hillsong 15 Sickle Is very fast and great with a sickle. Isnt the strongest. Has been mute since birth, uses sign-language to effectively communicate. Ridge is a seasoned veteran, and one of the most succesful and widely-known of all time on this Wiki. He gained immense popularity after becoming the only known tribute from District 12 to have multiple Top-3 finishes, finishing 2nd in Ruerose's Games in an epic finish, and 1st in Jabberjay78's popular Modern Games. Is expected to go far in these Games, as usual. Tiki tooki
District 12 (Mining) Female Unity Poweth 18 Bow and Arrows, Throwing Knives. Climbing, Hiding, Speed. Swimming, Being Quiet. Caring to younger tributes, crueler to ones of 15+. Unity was raised in a poorer part of District 6, her father died in a tragic accident and her mother has been grieving since. She hunted in the woods around District 6 and sold some of the items she owned to get money and food, she also took out alot of Teressae. Tiaraaaa
District 12 (Mining) Female Beauty Swann 15 Bow and Arrow Snares plants knife Hates her mum Nice and Bubbly Mayor's daughter, reaped at 15. Even though she is rich, she likes the woods. Anon....
District 12 (Mining) Female Calopy Pierce 18 Throwing Axe and Mace Fast runner,Hand-to-hand combat,never misses her target,and believes in herself. Climbing,Being cocky and rude. Ruthless, Deadly, Sarcastic & Vicious. Calopy has always had a head-start with the hunger games.Her mother became a victor at the age of 18 and Calopy was born when her mother turned 20.Calopy was trained to be just as good as her mother.At the age of 13 Calopy could throw axes better then anyone in her District.At the age of 15 she had mastered the mace and she knew she way ready for the games. AxedFox
District 13 (Graphite) Male Liam Brawley 13 Throwing Knives Screaming and Running like a grl Dodging Weapons, Swimming. Very quiet and acts like a girl Was Born In D13. His parents died soon after he was born. Tiaraaaa
District 13 (Graphite) Male Damien Cruco 18 Sickle, Whip, Razor, Wooden Board Strong, Fast, Agile, Sly, Sneaky, Swift Insane, Stupid, Crazy, REALLY Loud Crazy, Rude, Insane, Murderous, Vengeful Went insane after watching his brother get murdered and his intestines ripped out and eaten in the past Hunger Games Want Seddie 2 Happen98769
District 13 (Graphite) Male Jake Redwood 13 stick, all he knows how to do is hit people with a stick very loyal, pretty smart, very fast afraid of almost everyone, doesn't know how to use many weapons funny, kind, caring, nice, doesn't like killing, falls for girls very easily He only has one family member left: his mom, he never really did much, he never stood out in any way, until he accidentally set one of the factorys on fire. Now no one likes him, and all he wants now is for someone to like him Tiger Lily29
District 13 (Graphite) Female Amethyst Bane 18 Poisoned Scythe Strong, she's super deadly. She's fast, crafty and knows how to kill. She is a master strategist and is a good hunter. She is on the verge of unsanity. She is very unstable and the slightest mention of the her family will set her off. Amethyst has no personality left. The only thing she thinks about is killing. To feel that wonderful warm feeling as she drives her scythe into the back of a tribute's head. She is a complete psycho and a great murderer. Watch your back! Amethyst was born to a respected family in District 2. Her father owned a very popular pub. She had two older siblings and a younger sibling. Her mother died of childbirth when the youngest child was born just a year ago. Amethyst's father went insane and murdered all the kids except Amethyst. Amethyst then killed her father by slitting his throat. She was then sent to live in the orphanage. Tommyboy97
District 13 (Graphite) Female Lindsay Shocks 16 An Electrified Whip She is a certified genius. Her superior intellect was no match for anyone in her district. She is very sneaky and a cold-hearted killer. Lindsay suffers from extreme split personalities. She can go from a calm genius to a raving psychotic in a minute. Her first personality is calm, shy, somewhat snobby and extremley smart. Her second is that of a lunatic. She still maintains her smarts but she uses them for killing not math equations. Lindsay was taken away from her parents at an early age due to her split personalities. At age 7 it was discovered that she had an extremley high IQ. She was then put through numerous tests, both mentally and physically. She was then made into a cold hearted assassin for the Capitol. She tried to back out and for punishment she was put into the Deception Games. Tommyboy97
District 13 (Graphite) Female Alex Chirp 17 Sword and Mace Killing and Running Camouflage Nice, popular, good looking, kind Just lived a normal life. Until she was reaped. RawrImmaEatYa
Capitol (Medicine) Male Didrick Avantu 17 Machete Didrick's strength has always been brute strength, his always been the strongest boy in the class and he was raised by a family filled with training-addicts making him in a very good spot for a career tribute. He is physical fit, strong and fast. Didrick is not good a very good survivor and eats a lot of food and needs a lot of water. He is also not very skilled with any weapons except a little with the machete. Didrick is very nice, yet arrogant. He is really selfish but dosen't like showing it. He was very popular back home in District - and he almost had a new girlfriend every week. Didrick volunteered for the games because his friends and classmates always told him he should. He was raised by training-aditcts and almost everyone likes him. SuperTomato
Capitol (Medicine) Male Onyx Gray 17 knives, axes, swords, fire (strategy, heat weapons in fire then use them) hiding emotions, strength, good at hand to hand combat, can ignore pain very well being reminded of his girlfriend Emily never talks, angry, slightly depressed, he has a family, but he never talks to them, he used to have a girlfriend but she was killed by a bear, was never the same after that Tiger Lily29
Capitol (Medicine) Male Rocco Keene 17/18 Exellent with a whip, great with an axe (prefferably double bladed), good with a sword, and ok with a knife. He's very attractive, strong, and good with people. He's not very flexible, kind of clumsy and overly focused on stuff like revenge. He's pretty lively and energetic, so he can not only stay awake for a long time but also help other people to stay awake for a long period of time. He has never liked the odd fashons of the capitol, maily becausehis brain preffered the natural looking but still cute style. So, to try and set a new trend going through the capitol, instead of going crazy with plastic surgery when he became old enough (around 10 or 11) he only used his newfound privelages to enhance his muscles and clear all of the inperfections on his skin. SlappingSquirrels
Captiol (Medicine) Female Tizella Winks 18 Knives Cares about others and is very social. She has amazingly fast reflexes (Doesn't know that yet) Very stupid. Not good at many things Tizella is incredibly stupid. But beneith her stupidity she is really a kind and loving person. She does care about others but she cant figure out how to make that love into actions. She seems so ditzy on the outside that no one can see who she is on the inside. Tizella grew up in a very wealty home in the Capitol. As a little girl she would always play a princess because of her name. As she grew older she was bathed in riches and was always up todate with the current styles. She became known as the stupid rich girl in school and was picked on by the popular crowd. She didn't understand that everyone was insulting her, so she just went along with it. She never liked the Hunger Games as she thought it was barbaric. She tried to be kind to others but they alway shot her down. She really is a loving girl. Moviepopcorn123
Capitol (Medicine) Female Rosetta "Ros" Wilkinson 17 She is excellent with many weapons, but best with her axes and spears. Mostly with long range weapons that she does not throw. For example, a long sword that is around two foot in length or perhaps a long spear. Nothing up close and personal like a knife. Is one of the fastest girls in school, despite her very luxurious lifestyle as the stylists daughter. Her parents are very rich and live in a big fancy house where she learns all kinds of defensive sports, making her an expert in them. She is quite slow in the mind, not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but that doesn't bother her. She doesn't need to be smart to survive. She is also quite fragile. Kinda an average Capitol girl, cares about vanity over substance and herself over others. She does have SOME qualities that could be lost on the other girls, but she keeps them locked away inside her heart, and never shows them. She was the only daughter of a pair of stylists. Her mum designed for district 9, while her dad designed for district 8. They both secured top place spots last year and made Roz the most popular girl in school. She has it all! Mysims
Capitol (Medicine) Female Artemis Kane 17 Bow and Arrow Shooting, running, endurance, intelligence Close combat, doesn't always like to follow instructions Serious but optimistic. :Artemis has trained at Career Academy from a young age and is the top shooter in her class. Her inability to follow directions can likely be explained by her illegal hunting. She has always had enough food, but sometimes, when she has nothing better to do at night, she will sneak out to go hunting, as she feels it will better prepare her for the Games. Beetee19


Ok, all districts will have a chariot.



Chariot Male:

Chariot Female:

District Stylist Age Chariot Male Chariot Femle User
District 1 (Luxury) Leah Jewel 24 A purple Tuxedo with a crown a long purple silk dress, lots of silver jewelry, and a diamond tiara, Tiger Lily29
District 2 (Masonary) Jasmine Bitter 37 Tuxedo made of tiny overlapping black lightweight stone and a crown of spikes dress made of tiny over lapping blades, crown of fangs Tiger Lily29
District 3 (Technology) Darren Whiter 30 His tux will involve the same concept as the girls except his will be white gems as the base with black lightning. Her dress will be made entirely out of black, grey and white gems. The white gems will form a lightning design on her dress so when she moves it will look like lighting is striking. Moviepopcorn123
District 4 (Fishing) Vienna Monarro 50 Fins covered in sapphires, like a merman. Fins covered in sapphires like a mermaid Angry birds12
District 5 (Power) Alex Collent 27 Black outfit lined with neon green, studded with little lights. He's holding a ray gun and has a large neon green crown placed on his head, he has a neon green cape also, around the edges is studded with little lights. He'll hold the hand of the girl beside him and shoot his ray gun at the crowd, they'll begin to glow. Then once all of the tributes have shot their ray guns their suits light up. Black outfit lined with neon green, studded with little lights. He's holding a ray gun and has a large neon green crown placed on his head, he has a neon green cape also, around the edges is studded with little lights. He'll hold the hand of the girl beside him and shoot his ray gun at the crowd, they'll begin to glow. Then once all of the tributes have shot their ray guns their suits light up. Tiaraaaa
District 6 (Transport) Rose Pumpernickle 29 Blue suit with a train conductors cap. Blue knee skirt, white shirt and trian conductors cap. Tiaraaaa
District 7 (Lumber) Jassie Torant 24 He is wearing a tux that is made completely out of green leaves. They are fake with twigs places to make it look like it is a web holding together the tux. Her dress will be a flowing gown that is made up of orange, yellow and red leaves. When she moves it looks like a breeze it blowing against a tree in autumn. Moviepopcorn123
District 8 (Textiles) Mayla Calico 29 patchwork tuxedo, multicolored contacts patchwork dress, multicolored hair, Tiger Lily29
District 9 (Grain) Sarah Gold 23 tuxedo made of tiny grains of wheat and golden wheat crown, dress made with tiny gold grains of wheat, and golden wheat crown, Tiger Lily29
District 10 (Livestock) Maybel Horn 38 he is wearing a tuxedo that looks like it's made of grass, she is wearing a white dress with black spots, she also has a crown made out of horns, Tiger Lily29
District 11 (Agriculture) Sapphire Goldenwheat 26 starts out wearing typical district 11 outfit. (explosion of sparkles) now he's wearing a tuxedo that seems to be made of dried grass starts out wearing a typical district 11 outfit. (explosion of sparkles) now she's wearing a dress that seems to be made of flowers and vines and a butterfly crown Tiger Lily29
District 12 (Mining) D.T 22

The Male outfit is a pitch black onsie like thing at first. As the chariot runs down the street, the outfit slowly starts to burn, (non lethal flame FYI) until a fire coloured suit appears underneath.

The female wears a fire dress (Like the dress Katniss wore at the interview) and like the male outfit, slowly starts to burn as the chariot runs down the street, until a black dress appears underneath.

District 13 (Graphite)
Capitol (Medicine) Whitney Jamieson 22 The male will be dressed up as a heavily bloodstained surgeon. He will also be wearing a mask like the one surgeons use when they operate on people. He will also carry a large confetti-filled syringe and will wear glasses. The female's dress will be a shot light pink bloodstained nurse dress. She will also wear a matching nurse cap with a red cross sign. She will hold a large syringe filled with confetti which she shoots to the crowd. The shoes she will have will be matching pink flats. IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769


Ok this is just to tell you some stuff about the on coming games. Now we will start tommorow with the reapings. These along with the chariots are done by the POV of Daenerys, she is a 50 year old ex-stylist with no legs. So she cant go into the city to see the reapings. She will watch and describe the reapings. She will then also do the chariots. Each tribute will recive a score out of 20 for both but the chariots will be done in the Districts.

Then it is training. Basically they are ascessed before training and split into 3 groups. The best, then medium and then lowest. They each get 1 day (28 tributes each section) of training which will be POV of the tributes. Then they are scored and that is added to the reapings and chariots to create there final score. That is all to do with Capitol favourites. The training scores are used to make the teams. Top 6 in 1. Next 6 in 2. Next highest 6 in 3. Etc....till there is 14 teams. Simple. Then they enter the arena.

Now it may take a while getting all the info so it may be easier if somepeople re-comment the info to speed up time. Its not compulsary but uit speeds it up.

Last thing is please complain and comment below. Tell me if your tribute is reaped and also if Im going to slow comment telling me so or I will forget.

So Now onto the games.


As I was saying my comments arent showing, well none of the comments so I cant actually copy the last tributes. BUT I am getting help in the morning so Im sure tommoro they will be fixed. But lets not delay and lets start the show. Due to the comments not showing the first few districts may not be the right thing, even if you commented they were reaped, as I cant see it I cant decide so they may be wrong. Also. + these keep coming at random points so that will slow the writing. BUT NOW ON WITH THE SHOW.

Daenerys's (POV)

I watch my children dissapear out into the crowded street. All the people scurrying to the city circle to see who will be reaped. My two kids have to go without me as a few years back I lost my legs in the war. I turn on the TV to see the faces of the victors killed on the front line. Nina Marian, Hebe Syer and Gunner Pann are the amoungst the few faces I recognise. But most are uknown. This war was terrible, it was between these people from above district 12, they called themselves Canadians. We won easily but there was a few casualties. Like a few districts half almost half the population they had before. Its shocking. As usual we see all the districts, each looking....well special.

1 is very glamerous, no snow this year unlike the past 10 or so. They have glorious banners all over the buildings. Most people are beaming, a few look scared but I supposed no matter what district you go to there will be some weaklings, even the career districts.

2 is different, very different. Mountains enclose the small city centre. Despite the altitude I have never seen snow here. If I remember my geography correctly, district 2's city square is the highest of any district, but knowing myself Im probably wrong.

3 is built up to the sky. Like the capitol but not as clean. They were hit hard by the war and it shows. Half of their buildings are gone. Rubbel lies all around. Most streets have to be closed so their is hundereds of tents dotted around the streets.

4 is soft. The beach is glistening in the sun. Shimmering in the rising sun. They were the only place in Panem who werent hit by the war. No destruction. Just perfection, like 4 always is. The kids like gods, all tanned with golden hair. Wow I wish I looked like that.

5 is like 3. Built up but destroyed by the war. No people on the streets but I can see areas where the fence has been destroyed. Gone. When people tried to flee the bombs, tried to reach safety by failed. 5 were jurt the most, 77% of the population died. 23% left.

6 is hideous. Fog settles over the town. Green horrible gasses, that could probably kill you. I hate 6. It is the worst of the worst. They werent that badly damaged in the war, sadly. Maybe if they were destroyed they may have built a nicer place to live. 7. Where there used to be forests there is now ash. No forest left. Incinery bombs destroyed them. 1000's of people were burned. Lets say they knew where to hit and what with. When 7 was hit, we were all terrified. The death count sky rocketed like it hadnt before, and wouldnt again.

8 is fine. A few collapsed buildings but nothing like 5 or 3. They have a light dusting of snow, hiding the ugliest parts, the parts the war caused. Its an old style that is rather appealing to the eye. Stone walls rather than pure white. A welcome change from the capitol.

9 is beautiful. Golden fields and silver barns. It was heavily affected but unlike most they moved swiftly, and are almost done now. A few scratches but the beauty distracts from even those minor efflictions. It is definately the best recovered district.

10 is like normal. In town there is heavy damage but out here in the grassy plains nothing has changed. They lost 100's of animals, but other than that their loss was minor. They will be back to normal in no time, well they are almost done now.

11 used to be like 9. Now its like 7. Ashes and blackness. The golden wheat fields reduced to ash. Destroyed by fire. They have lost over 50% of their population, making them the biggest loss in numbers, but not percentage. Most couldnt escape over the fence.

12 is like usual. They have had these bombs from..well us before so they were protected. A few deaths but hardly any. The forest beside them is ruined. The biggest fight happened in there, down beside the lake. Apparently is still stinks of blood down there.

13 is well....13. Still tacky and destroyed from the war over 100 years ago. Never bothered to fix it for exactly this. Another war. They were our head deffence due to the positioning right next to Canada. Yet no fights occured there, Most came via 12 and 7.

And finally home. The capitol. I scan the crowd for my kids but none can be seen. Well they arent noticable amoungst the blue and red children. With green and yellow hair. I want them to be normal, and they moan a lot. My 12 year old would be so scared....I just wish I was there.

District 1 appears on the screen again and I know what that signals. The reapins are officially beginning. The faces of one are harder than usual. And that is all to do with the jobs each dsitrict was given. 1 was in charge of planning at first, with 2 in charge of training soldiers. But they were bombed early on so the training was given to 1. 3, 5 and 13 were all in charge of weapons. 4 and 6 were filled with boats and planes. Like usual. 7 was out of action, they were the first bombed and all the wood gone. 8 kept making clothing for the soldiers. 9, 10 and 11 were supposed to supply food but 11 and 10 were out of action very soon so 9 was doing it all. 12 was supplying coal and medicine. Captiol was the head of planning. Some were helping the districts, others planned the advances. It was hectic. The kids look happy. I dont know why but the tributes look more scared. Maybe because they actually know what it would be like in the arena. The pain of loss. The lack of food. The normal riff raff is cut out. No speeches just the names. No escorts this year, just a peacekeeper who has the 6 names in his hand.

"The 3 male tributes going into the arena this time are Excel Rose, Liam Jeerson and Bergem Crystal."

There isnt any yells for a while but at long last one feebel I volunteer is yelled. There is some confusing to over who the volunteer is for. After a long debate 3 children walk onto the stage. They all repeat their names and we find out our tributes are called....

"Im Bergem Crystal"

"I am Excel Rose"

"And I am Mitchel Normandy, the only male volunteer"

A small series of applause breaks out but not the usual roar. Its dissapointing. The peacekeeper holds the other 3 names high then begins to read them out.

"The female tributes are Ruby Dence, Prism Winter and Leanna Walll"

A series of volunteers break out this time, from all over the crowd. But 3 figures are more eager, they bolt up to the stage and stand next to the males. A series of cries shake out as they let out the angst that they are not entering the games. Yet again they all say their names, but this time there is none the same as the reaped ones.

"Hi...Im Bryanna Blue"

"I am Bascule Du Fay"

"And I am Vanity Glossamer"

They crowd lets out a more enthusiastic applause this time, more like the old days. All 6 figures enter into the justice building and leave the crowd murmering. As those are the 6 tributes they will never see in person again. Most likely.

The hard faces turn even harder as it shifts to 2. And I swear there is less that 100 kids there. Well thats exagerating but the numbers are cut. A lot were killed in landslides, some were sent to war but most never came back. Other died due to lack of medicine or food. It was like this is most districts. 4, 12 and 13 were the only ones hardly affected. The faces this time are more excited than 1. District 2 was always has been the most enthusiastic career district. Lacking in wins now a days, but enthusiasm. They are number one and have always been. They are muttering about stuff that wont matter in less than a minute, are then the reapings begin. There is no victors on the stage, not because they couldnt be bothered but because they are all dead. 12 victors from 2 had passed in the war. 12 out of 12 that were alive. The most of any district, well thay died, most of the other districts had more victors, none had more die but all other than 6 and 9 had more. Well the capitol and 13 not included. Since they dont partake in all games. I belive the only districts to participate in all games are 1, 2, 4, 10 and 7. So few. Most have missed loads, with 13 and here missing 75 of them.

"Your tributes are.....well lets not bother. Who wants to volunteer."

About 40 hands fly up, and like with the girls from 1 its simply and race to the front. People are being shoved around, left to right. One boy leaps onto the stage, followed swiftly by 2 others. The peacekeeper holds the mic high and instructs them to say their names.

"Well I dont know about these two but Im Brass Sater, your future victor"

"Wow our first one is a liar, as Im your victor, Zacharius Thorne"

"Well I dont think Ill win, but all I want to do is see some hot chicks. Oh By the way Im Kyle Herron"

They settle at the back and the peacekeeper just looks at the crowd and nods. As if on command girls try to get up to the stage. 2 jump on from one side while the other actually climbs over the struggling figures.

"Well hello, Im Marla, Marla Kantoon"

"Ehmm......Hi....Im Sasha Evans"

"And Im Danelle Pink, your future president, no no, Ill settle for victor."

"Well there you have it, your 6 tributes. Brass, Zacharius, Kyle, Danelle, Marla and....ehmm was it Sasha."

The 6 kids walk into thje building, knowing only one of them would make it out those same doors, well a max of one of them.

3 isnt in 3. Its in a small clearing in the forest, apparently there was no space both big enough, and clear, to hold all the kids and parents. They are much much much more frightened than the other districts, being the first of the non career districts. 3 has always done decently well, winning the games on intelligence instead of brawn. I can tell you now we wouldnt have won the war without them. They supplied all the weapons, well why we needed them is obvious, and a lot of the ideas. 3 is by a mile the smartest district. They were the top district, and I mean district. I mean the capitol were the best, we did everything. We were the shining stars. Well when arent we the shining stars, I mean we are the capitol. We do everything right. I mean we made the Hunger games, and look how much fun this is.....but the hunger games may be what kills my kid. I mean they are currently waiting on their fate. And that was due to us, due to the capitol. Were we really the best....did we really need that extra land that started this war....were we really as amazing as we thought. I revert my gaze back to the TV to see the 6 names been drawn.

"Since this isnt a career district I guess volunteers arent really a problem so lets just say all the names at once. Well we may aswell start with the girls, the first name is....Alistarr Sterlin.....see no volunteers at I said, wait there isnt any...right...see no. Ok then the other two names are Newle Harvestmoon and Amity Alerath, now you can come up onto the stage"

Two girls come up to the stage, not really caring. Just wanting to get it over with while the 3rd bounds up, looking absoloutely thrilled. They all line up then the peacekeeper gets straight into the boys.

"Ok then, will there be any volunteers.....wait is that...3" He says with a gasp. The crowd mutters and 3 boys make there way through the crowd. They fight onto the temporary stage, made of wood and planks, only ment to last a few hours. And like in Districts 1 and 2 they say their names 1 after another.

"Hi Im Trey Volts"

"And I am Sackden Seleur"

"And I am the last" he mutters, taking a look at the 5 tributes lined beside him."And the best hope of a victor this year, Flicks Marvel"

The other 5 look at Flicks, hate filling their faces. I can tell they wont be allying, and will kill on instance. They follow eachother into the building and out of sight. I wonder what they will be thinking, will they even be able to keep the tears in till they reach the train. And with that thought it flashes to a perfectly clean distrct, District 4.

Now this is an impressive district, clean beaches. The soft howl of the wind in the jungles, less than 10 metres from the beach. It shows some small towns, some deep in the jungle, surrounded by a green mass that is the endless jungle. Some closer to the beach, all having views of the sea, houses that in any other district you would pay thousands for, but here they are almost the norm here. Well nice houses anywhere in the outer districts cost so much, while in 1, 2, 4 and 5 they are really cheap. Still nothing compared to the houses you get here, in the capitol. We have....well everything you need. I face the TV again, after staring around my room, thinking about my kids, my dear Rosetta, my handsome Gemellus. Would they ever return home, would she ever see this room again, would he ever sleep in his bed after last night. But the worst thing is, would they actually see me again. I mean even if they are reaped Im not going to be able to make it to the centre square, that is almost a mile away. Im never going to see them again, no I will. There must be 1000's of kids there, and even if there is 6 spots. Not like they will get either. Or I hope they dont.

"Well we better get going with the names, well since its 4, the final career district" The peacekeeper yells, slouching, looking wourn down. Probably by the war."I presume we will have a few volunteers. So why dont they come out, THEN, I will just let them come up to the stage, then pull out the names of the tributes we are missing. Does that sound ok"

A murmer of approval breaks out, but movement doesnt. A few people try to push through but they are hidden by the stationary mass. They are only visable when they break out onto the stage from the crowd. 2 boys and a girl. Only 3 volunteers, so far the least of the careers.

"Well what are our volunteers names" The peacekeeper tries to say happily, but even he is dissapointed with the lack of volunteers.

"Well I am the only female volunteer from 4, Tetra Gull" The single girl, with long dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, yells, the glee openly hounest in her voice.

"Well it doesnt matter the number, but the quality. Thats why Im more important. Im Krex Qellibane"

"Well how to match my cocky counterparts, well my name is Antero Lisin" He gets out, over the screams of the girls in the crowd."Yes, father is the Vinea Lisin"

"Well we are running out of time and still need 2 females and a male. And they are Cody Aberholl, Aquamarine Summerton and Imogen Odana"

3 kids struggle to make it to the front, faces hidden by the arms of the thankful kids. But sadly we dont see their faces as just before they break through the camera flashes to 5. Guess we will have to wait till the chariots.

Well look at 5, the actual showing of pity. The buildings are gone, seriously the district is almost flat. The population looks even more deminished than it usually does. The faces covered in the dust of the buildings they just walked by, they have been staying in an ecampment nearer 6 than 5, but this is still the biggest open space for miles. See being married to the chief of defence and district consultant, I know everything there is about the different districts. That two years ago District 7 had the highest execution rate at any district, 1 had the highest production and 6 had the most murders and suicide. I love being so informed. I suppose now its one of the few things that will keep me excited. With my.....problem. I stare down at my legs, or where they would be if I saw them. The only thing that breaks me from my stationary gaze at my missing limbs is the first name being called.

"......Jeni Frost, Adenine "Addy" Boulvie and Wipzee Tork"

Well I missed the intro but Im glad I didnt miss the names. There is a slight pause, as the 3 tributes wait, no hope, for someone to yell those 2 words that would save their lives, I volunteer, but no words are called. Not one soul, and the 3 tributes finally realise it, some would shed a tear but these three dont, all make their way up to the stage, not caring about anything. They have accepted it and are anxious to hide, the tears they want to shed it a few moments, when they are behind the closed doors, away from the eyes of the capitol, away from the eyes of their peers, friends and parents, and away from the eyes of me. I do think its sick but I know its the best, atleast it was when over-population was a problem. Now it seriously wasnt, most districts were highly under-populated. It was wierd.

"....and for the males are Ash Green, Teo Carter and Cytosine Johnston."

And yet again there is a wait, pausing to see if any of the kids are feeling brave, wanting to take their chances in the games. But none appear and the 3 kids appear from the crowd, slowly moving forward, reaching the stage seconds later. Two of them stare at eachother then nod, almost making an alliance despite the difference of the games, or maybe they were just leaning on eachother, looking for a friend in the time of need. They line up and stare at the three girls, the blondes and the red heads clashing but no one cares. As these are the 6 kids who will represent them for the next few weeks. A small clap breaks out but its pathetic, not even loud enough to break through the sobs of the kids families. And then they dissapear into the building, gone forever. All but one could return and would it be one of to district 6. A personal...well personal bore.

District 6 looks like a wreck. Well it always does, but now it is litterally a wreck. They werent that affected, but they seem to have chosen the most damaged place in the whole district to shoot the scene, to show all of pane....ohhh...that is why they chose here. To show how much we were damaged, were they trying to make us rebel and attack Canada again. I mean they have shown pain in all districts, the lack of volunteers in 1, the lack of people in 2, people being forced to the forest in 3 and in 4....well nothing in 4. It is perfect. 5 was just shocking, so few people. Hmm..... Now 6 they show the worst damaged parts, that still compared to some districts look like normal. 6 was not affected, 7 was. They need to get their angles right. I always wanted to be a director, and looking at this trash I dont think it would be hard to beat the best. Another peacekeeper walks up onto the stage, the first female, which Im shocked about. Most people believe most peacekeepers are male but thats a myth, most are actually female. Another perk of having my husband as my husband.

"Well I am hounered to be chosen to reap this years tributes, well not hounered but proud that I am here to support you" The peacekeeper booms into the mic, looking at the crowd of saddened faces. "Well I will start with the girls..and the first, unlucky soul is...Ruby Hyrglass, and joining her is Ally Dramin. And the final tribute is Rosmetia Case. Now I would thank these three girls to com-"

"NO, NO I CANT LET HER GO" A girl with long blonde hair screams as she runs forward, pushing the small girl behind her."I want to take the place of Rosmetia in the games." She forces out through the tears. The camera flashes to the stage but Im sure I see her glance at her sister, and then wink.

"Ok well I recognise that girl, Ill be damned, that is Tiffany Case. Well lets present out 3 female tributes" She says as the three girls take to the stage."Ruby Hyrglass, Ally Dramin and Tiffany Case" The 3 girls all stare straight ahead, none making eye contact with anyone in the crowd."And the boys this year are....Axl Lockhart, Edward Calebs and Braek Carts"

Three boys push through the crowds, not having to struggle like in other districts. The camera focuses on one of the boys, he has pale skin and soft brown eyes. I find out he is Axl as the other two take to the stage and say there names, I dont know why but he reminds me and Gemellus. He would be waiting still, almost 1 hour now, on his own. Rosetta with all her friends. I just hope I see him again. He reaches the stage and the camera does one final pan, showing all 6 tributes. Now we knew 36 of the 84 tributes this year. We werent even half done, but district 7 would pull us to half.

Now bringing us to half way we have district 7, the new district 7. New as it is completely destroyed, where there used to be endless forests but now it is endless darkness. To much ash to be moved by the wind, and not a healthy enough district to clear them and re-plant the trees. How many years would it take to get back those lucious forests, full of vibrant colours. Cherry blossoms trees, trees covered head to toe in fruits, fruits so lucious and soft that they could heal a person. I used to love to visit 7, I spent summers there. They used to have this little lake, with a small cabin an the shore. We used to swim all day, then come home to our parents and eat smores, it used to me so much fun. But now I guess its all gone. That lake would be just a pool of water, surrounded by ash. The cabin would be gone, I guess I would never get to show it to my kids. It would only be a past memory. This war had ruined everything and there was nothing I would do about it. The past was the past and no need to live in it. These games were the future and that was all that matters. It shows a few more parts of the depid district them back to the square, to see the names being removed from the bowl.

"And this years 6 tributes are...for the males....Drey Blake.....Thomas Acorn and......Lucan Rayden, and for the lovely females there is......Leaves Rootforest..........Arvina Emerald and....Sirenia Hatchet. Will those 6 lovely tributes join me up here" The peacekeeper gets out, trying to sound enthusiastic but lacking in the tone. She beckons the tributes up then leaves to the side, forgetting to ask volunteers. But no one seems to care about this, 7 is a district that usually is rather lucky with strong reaped tributes.

The camera focuses on a section of the crowd which shows 3 of the tributes pushing forward, a small looking girl with long brown hair. Deep green eyes, the typical stunning district 7 female. When she takes to the stage she declares her name as Arvina, the other girl is wrather tall but skinny. Though she has a youthful face, looking younger than the other girl. Beautiful brown eyes with pale skin. Not as pretty but elegant. The last tribute to take to the stage is a small boy, Thomas I deduce as the others speak there names. He slowly walks to the centre and takes the mic tentatively before bursting into tears. Arvina places her arm on his back and holds him close, its lovely to see district friendship. But it wont last. As these games arent normal games. They are forced into teams and pit against there planned allies. The 6 tributes follow another peacekeeper into the justic building, Thomas still crying, Arvina still comforting him. All of them silent, all of them knowing it may be the last time they are ever in 7. And that leaves us with 42 tributes still to be seen. But 42 more. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and my home still to go. We are only half way through seeing the tributes that will most likely die.

I love this district, 8 has had some famous peole, most of the stylists now a day are from 8. They are usually kids of 14 or 15, wanting to get away from reaping and using styling as there excuse to not enter the games. But with the war every single stylist was killed. Well the current ones. And 21 of them were from District 8, 17 of them were in the age range of the games. And 3 of them were younger. They were 11 or 10, one was 8 but she was killed. An 8 year old was killed in this war. Hundreds of 8 year olds were killed, thousands of kids younger than that were killed. 1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5, 6 and 7. I look out the window, at the little girl from upstairs, she was running in the garden. She was 11. Next year her parents would deal with the same thing as this. I do not envy them, Rosetta is 17 and next year will be her last . Gemellus is 18 so this is his last, I have 1 year of this after this reaping, she still has 8. Maybe 1 or 2 is she is reaped when she is 12 or 13. I was lucky and this is actually the first year that Rosetta is in the reapings, the other years were taken by the wars. Gemellus had one when he was 12 but he was fine. Everyone knew that guy was gonna volunteer and he did, and he came 7th. Not that bad. In this year that would be equivilent to around 21st. Which in a normal games is one of the first, usually in the bloodbath. This year that will be very wierd, 3 times as many tributes but still not 3 times as many tributes will survive. Still only 1 tribute will be crowned our victor, and there is a 50% chance that person doesnt even know they are entering the arena.

".....will our 6 tributes please join me on the stage", the words wake me out of the trance I was in, showing me the 6 tributes from district 8 before I even know there names. There isnt any volunteers but I cant say Im shocked, district 8 isnt one for volunteers, like 7 it is usually lucky with the tributes that are reaped.

"And now to introduce our 6 tributes, Xavier Thread, William Oscar Davidson, Lumex Albane, Sophia Alekson, Lucinia Peirce and Awolta Ricodd"

Well that answers the questions of the names, sadly they dont say there names so I cant put a name to a face but I suppose thats not that bad. Im probably going to forget half of these anyway. None of them stand out to me so its fine. None like Arvina, Thomas, Brass or Aquamarine. I dont know why those 4 stand out for me. But they just do. Brass looked so tough, Aquamarine is sly and cunning, though still like a career. Those two would be lethal together. Arvina and Thomas looked nice together, with comforting eachother. Its so wierd. I wonder if I know the tributes from the capitol, maybe a neighbor, maybe my own child. But now only 4 reapings till my childrens fate is decided.

Well district 9 is here. I still remember my first ever games I watched, like properly and can remember the victor of. That was the 166th. When Lauren Hill and Allianna Whittle were crowned joint victors. That was a special game, Allianna passed on last year, and Lauren a couple before. And then her kid........well that was tradgic. He was killed in the war. Well a day after it. We had moved out and he was about to reach 9 when there was a last attack. Shot out of the sky and never found again. This war did bring sorrow and misery, if only it had never started. We then wouldnt be forced to hold the games under the earth, but then I suppose we wouldnt have ever had the idea for the Deception games. Well was it amazing if it meant my little kids had a chance to have to enter the games, its so wierd. No one here. Complete silence...........complete silence. If they get reaped it may be like this forever, I mean Aesop is taken away by his job a lot. And usually its filled by the noises of my kids, Rosetta singing at the top of her voice, almost breaking the floor as she stomps about trying to dance but failing misserably. Gemellus studying at the table, jumping up and down as he comes over the ask for help. Me failing to help him at all. I turn up the TV just to fill the house with sound, but even then it just reverberates around the room. Atleast then it alerts me as the cheers die, or what there was that resembled cheers.

"Well here we are at district 9 for the next reapings" The peacekeeper says, no tone at all. People give them such a bad reputation but they are kind, they care about there district no matter how strong they are."Well ladies first, Argentum Lunati, Katelyn Wish and......Alisson Kate"

There is a slight pause while they wait for any yells to follow but none do. Atleast there is no tributes who cry, or make a fuss. All 3 just walk straight to the stage. Katelyn, and I know she is Katelyn as she has it embroidered on her jumper, has long black hair. That flows past her shoulders to her waist, she is keeping her head low. Maybe to hide the tears or maybe to hide the glee in her eyes.

"And the 3 males who will be joining them in the arena are...Xavier Zero....Elder Thorn and.....Pride Joy"

"I VOLUNTEER" yells a small boy from near the back, he pushes forward and reaches the stage at the same time as the other three, they all stop and stare at eachother. Who would go up. The volunteer jumps up onto the stage and stands behind the girls. Now for the remaining spots. One of the guys, the oldest shoves a guy onto a stage then stares at the other. And he jumps onto the terror. A smirk appers on his face as he dissapears into the crowd. We find out he was Pride Joy, as the other 2 state there names. And the volunteer was Spike Hill. They all head in, one after another. Spike standing prowd. Katelyn still hiding her face. Elder wiping a single tear from his face. Argentum smiles as she takes one last look at the golden fields of 9.

District 10, it looks similar to what it did before the war. It wasnt affected in appearence but in population, it was damaged highly. Almost 3 thousand were killed. Still one of the highest death counts of any district, beaten by 11, 5 and 7 I believe. Probably wrong but who cares. Its only me thinking this. There is a couple of thousand still in the square, and since the buildings are all in tact it doesnt look affected by the was at all. More like 4 that like 3 or 5. But as soon as it shows the outskirts it shows the true damage. To the fields. Its saddening, depressing. The fields once filled with animals, grazing around. Some small farms dropped across the open hills, beautiful in its own peaceful kinda way. Calming, and both revitalizing as well. Making you want to carry on but relax, telling us its not all about the pain of work. But I suppose in my condition it will never be like the pain of work again. Well I could do some basic but I would never style again. Apparently my appearence was off putting. I wasnt nice to look at, shoved to the side because of this war. Shoved aside as I was different. Basically out of this city of mad men and chicks I was the normal one. One of the few damaged by the war in this fair city, and I was peanalised. I was shoved aside. Put at the back. Made a laughing stock as they preposed my retirement on live TV. Focing me out under the public eye. Focing me out of the public eye. Shoving me to the back. Along with all the other rejects. Like the people in the games, they are being shoved into the public eye just to be ripped out when the time comes.

"Are there any volunteers...." The calming voice breaks me from my slumber, just to make me find out 6 more kids who will be shoved away in less than a month. Supprisingly from 10, a usually quiet and calm district there is 5 volunteers. The 11 group at the bottom, the 3 girls flee back, knowing they arent needed but there is a slight kerfuffel over which boys. In the end they choose a strong guy with a short cut hair to fill the last space. They each resite their names and we find out the 6 tributes are. Satan Lockwood, the only reaped tribute, Pedro Evans, Ristowan Sippelbo, he looks very young, I wonder why he volunteers, Eleanor Greyson, Aliza Marr and Fleur Renee. 3 female volunteers. So far the only district with 5 volunteers, wait...didnt 2 have 5. Well the first non-career district. They dissapear into the back of the justic building and they are gone. Not out of the public eye yet but one step closer. Even though they just entered it. This set is short lived. Well for 83 of these tributes. 1 will be in the public eye for years but that is 1 out of 84. Smallest chance ever. Its horrible. It shows us one last look, the kids who were saved by Ristowan and Pedro. The ones who had family or friends or relationships with the other tributes. Some are crying but most are sighing. Knowing that one more year has passed. For some this is it. Gone. Done. For some 1 or 2 more years. Some still have 6 years. This is only there 1st time. Still 6 more chances to be forced into the public eyes. And now we will find out who from 11 would be chosen, to see the 4th last districts tributes.

Now this, unlike 10, it is clearly obvious there was a war. Not only in the way the actual districts look. and not in the heavily reduced numbers. And I mean heavily reduced. Its the looks in the faces of the people. The sorry smiles as they pretend to be happy, the worn faces. Damaged by the war. Worn down so that a 20 year old looks 50 and a 40 year old looks 60. Horrible life in 11 since the war. Less food that usual, all destroyed by the bombs. Its scarily deminished. The whole of panem is heavily deminished, and whose fault is it. Who dropped the first bomb. Who killed the first lifes. We did. Panem did. It wasnt Canada. It was Panem. The nation I love caused all this. Its horrible.

"So the final 6 tributes from District 11 are....our 3 reaped tributes Jay Sparrow, Robin Miller and Tim De Winter. And our three Volunteers are Xerox Roult, Felicity Validis and Trexa Axelumber"

Ok now I know there names......but no idea who is who. Great. Well there is a small shy looking girl who is standing at the front. She has a small tear in her eye so Im presuming she didnt volunteer. Making her Jay Sparrow. She is standing directly infront of a tall muscular boy, he has his hand placed on Jay's shoulder and is muttering something in the ear of Jay. I dont know who but I know he isnt Xerox. He doesnt have the confindet look on his face. And Im guessing the other cowering boy trying to hide behind the hulking figure is Tim De Winter. He has pale white skin, despite the blaring sun. He has pain and despair streaked across his face. He will not be the winner. I know that. 100% of that. The others may, Jay looks smart and Robin, Im presuming since the TDW initials on Tim's jacket, looks strong. Now onto the 3 careers. Xerox is standing strong like a tower above the other tributes. And the two girls are looking like bitches. Seriously. Both are maliciously smiling, glee in there eyes. Knowing they are going to be killing in less than a week. Felicity and Trexa, one has lond flowing straight jet black hair. Falling down to the small of her back. While the other has short curly black hair, with soft brown eyes filled with pain and hurt. Both look ready, the taller one has her hands gripped tight. Like they should be carrying a hefty weapon. Like an axe or a hatchet. While the other has her hands swinging at her sides, like they should be whipping something. Propelling through the air, smashing into someones back. A whip. Her weapon is a whip. How can I tell I dont know. But its a whip. Im guessing Tim's weapon is a bow or throwing knives. Jay maybe a blowgun, and a club, mace or sword for Xerox. What could Robin's weapon be. Im presuming nothing. His hands look ferocious enough but maybe a simple tool like a spear or even a knife. And as for the other female career an axe, mace or knife. These are so easy to judge. 11 is a wide spread but so easy to judge. 12 is not going to be as easy, I mean Ive read about Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. And no one thought they would win. No one, lets see if any of them this year would win. A lot of rumours had been going on that under district 12 was where a large chunk of the tunnels were settled. So really most of the tributes from 12 would just be going home. There had been a lot of rumours about these, a few like there was a single cave filled with weapons. Like the cornucopia. Or one with waterfalls made a tiny bloodcucking mutts. I know half of these would turn out fake, most were made up bt little children or bored housewives like myself. The games being the only things most of us have. Kids at school. Husbands at work, helping repair each district at a time. One thing I did hear that sounded pretty true is that each group has sensors and if they arent within eachothers radar for more than 1 day all the remaining alive tributes would be killed in that group. An easy way to weed out the weaklings, those that cant keep up with their groups or storm ahead. Will make themselves and all their team member go boom. Im sure these games will be riddled with tricks and traps. I bet this year, in the tunnels, most of the deaths will be caused by the gamemaker trap, and not tribute combat. Im sure there will be a few career kills and other tributes would get a few career deaths. Wait....... There wouldnt be any careers would there. Maybe the top few groups would team up. And call themselves the careers. Otherwise it would be every team for themselves. No alliances with no other groups. These games would have comepletely different odds than usual.

"Now do we have any volunteers" the peacekeeper questions the crowd, but only one hand enters the sky. One yell. And no others.

"And who will you be volunteering for my dear" He asks in a patheticly sweet voice.

"I will volunteer for...." the girl tries to get out, no idea who to take the place off."Jorda Seam" And with those 2 words one of the girl bounds off the stage, leaving a path for the girl to follow.

"And what is you name my honey"

"Calopy Pierce, and I can do this. I will do this."

"So now for the first time introducing the 6 tributes representing 12 in the Deception Games, for the females, Calopy Pierce, Unity Poweth and Beauty Swann, and for the males, Jess Kasha, Nick Lovizio and Ridge Hillsong. For the last time is there any volunteers" She begs hopefully, 1 isnt that bad but compared to 11 is pathetic. But as no replies they accept it. They are the 6 volunteers.

The 6 tributes wave their last waves, then leave to the train station. Knowing in less that an hour they would be on their way to the capitol. And now only two districts left. 13 and my home. The two new aditons to the games.

There is some wierd problems with the TV before district 13 finally appears. Well the top, the ruined, destroyed district 13. But below there is a full civilisation. Built from the ashes of nothing. Built to be the new, the improved, the place we now know as district 13. This is the only place Ive known as district 13. My husband was there just last week, trying to convince them to help with the recovery of the other districts. 4 had agreed to help, but 13 said no. Since they were underground they were protected, and overall not hurt by the bombs. But they arent helping. They say they need to help their own district but its like fine. Nothing like 5 or 7 or 3. They say the capitol is selfish, the most selfish but we arent. We have spent thousands on the repairs. Ignored the capitols problems and helped them. 13 thought. They just look after themselves. I only know one thing. And one thing only. And Im 100% sure. 13 wont have a victor. When the names are reaped I will be seeing 6 tributes who will die. Not even having a chance. As the gamemakers wont let them. They will blow them up. Set mutts on them, crush them with boulders. I know this and so does everyone. Everyone in the capitol atleast. Maybe some in thye districts. But I also know none of them know. None of these scared faces. None of them know. But I dont care. They werent killed. They didnt have to see loved ones die. They were safe. Safe underground.

"The tributes, both our 3 volunteers and our 3 reaped, are.....Liam Brawley, Damien Cruco and Jake Redwoon, for the males and Amthyst Bane, Lindsay Shock and Alex Chirp. For our females."

Well there they are. All of them would die. Some are smiling but others are crying. Some have tears streamed across there faces. Others have glee. Some are hurt. Others are glad. But why. Maybe they know something. Maybe it isnt so kind in 13. Maybe they are happy to escape. If they are underground. Wouldnt they cave in when a bomb hits. They are not pushing us away as they are selfish. They are pushing us away cause they are selfless. They dont want us to know, as they dont want to draw our attenntions. But the thing was. No one knew that. And now they hated 13. They thought they were foul and selfish. They did this even know they knew it would hurt them. 6 kids wanted to get away, maybe if they won they may draw attention to 13. Get it help. Is that why they volunteered. To draw attention. Or maybe they are just sick. I have no idea. And I cant focus on that. As only one place remains. And that involes my children. It was time to see if Gemellus and Rosetta were entering the arena, was I ever going to see my kids again. Or were they going to die. No matter what happens, I have no control. And it pains me inside.

I had stood there. 6 long and painful years ago. I had stood in that spot. Told there was a war coming. I remember Rosetta barelling thorugh the crowd and diving into my arms. Then the first bombs came, they struck the city and I ran. Her hand tight in mine, pulling us both along. I remember seeing Gemellus and his friends ahead. Knowing both my kids were safe, or atleast I could protect them. Now they were alone. And I couldnt do anything. This was the realisation every parent had to face. Every person in the reaping. Now all the other 13 districts knew. They knew if they were safe. If they were to cry tonight, or to celebrate. Everyone in Panem except the people in the capitol. And that was the truth. But now we would know. Now I would know if they were both safe. As the president just took his place infront of the shimmering glass bowls, as the names were about to be drawn.

"On this fair day, though filled with sorrow we should rejoice. As after 6 years the games have returned to our fair country. They will yet again entetain us and yet teach us a great lesson. And now the time has come to draw the final 6 names. To complete the final piece of the jigsaw in the list of tributes who would be entering these fair games." He rambles on, not stopping to the series of boos from the capitol. Or to the shuddering silence as he places his old hand into the bowl. And retrieves the first of the 6 names. Always start with the boys in the capitol."The first tributes is......Onyx Gray"

I didnt know him. And that was good. I want to stay as detatched to the games as I can. When you know someone in the arena it makes the experience even harder. A tall but slim boy makes his way to the front. He has pale gray skin and dark violet hair. Striking, but I guess in the dank tunnels it will conceal him better than shimmering blonde or blue. He slowly plods onto the stage and takes the first of the 6 seats.

"And now the first female" Alternating genders are we, now the first chance for Rosetta's name to be called. God hopes its not. Gemellus had missed his first, but he still had two but I know he could compete and win the games. He is strong. He could do this."Tizella Winks"

Oh no. Not Tizella. She was Rosetta's best friend, the camera locates a small girl with luminous pink hair and heavy make-up. And standing right next to her, grasping her arm is Rosetta. She is yelling a screaming but Tizella is trying to shake her clear. She manages to break free and slowly ascends the stairs. Taking the seat at the other end to Onyx. Two now known. 4 spots left.

"Rocco Keane"

I dont know him again, but he is normal. Dark brown shaggy hair, deep brown eyes. Soft like the trees of 7. He sits beside Onyx and interlinks his fingers with Onyx. Not a show of affection but a show of valor. They were in this together. Tizella moves up seats and places her hand on Rocco's. They need eachother, and they are just realising this.

"Artemis Kane"

Now she is stunning, and I do recognise her. I dont know her but she is a model. She was in the paper only yesterday, some kerfuffel with a handsie director and then a law suit. Apparently she represented herself and...well she won. So she is smart. She sits beside Tizella and like the others links her hand. She doesnt look at them, I think fearing she woul;d cry. She keeps her eyes set on a point in the distance. Out of sight, out of mind.

"And the final male tribute is...." This was it, the last chance for Gemellus. One in thousands of chance but it doesnt feel like that. It feels like one out of 2."Didrick Avantu"

He was safe, I recognise the name but I dont care. Gemellus was safe. He strolls up, not actually looking sad or pained. But he still links hands with Artemis. Leaving one chair. Right at the end. No volunteers yet but it doesnt matter. 1 spot left and 1 name to be called.

"Imperiosa Casca"

...she was safe. Neither of my kids were reape-"I VOLUNTEER"

The camera slowly zooms in on the face of the volunteer. Flowing blonda hair. Silky white eyes. A smile that could kill a thousand kids. Rosetta Wilkinson. My daughter....had volunteered.


Well the reapings are finall over so now onto the chariots. These will not take long at all. I will probably be done in 2-4 days time. So these will be short but sweet.

Reyna's (POV)

Now its time for the chariots. I really cant wait, I mean 84 tributes, you really need to stand out and this is the way to do it. If you stand out in chariots. Reapings. Or get a high score the sponsors will be strong. So far only 7 tributes stand out. Rosetta from here, I mean she is the only capitol volunteer. Strong much. That Brass and Aquamarine look so gooood. Like proper careers. Strong and sassy. Arvina from 7, I mean hot much. And so caring. That Xerox from 12, I mean HEART THROB. And Artemis and Onyx from here. Artemis is so smart, yeh she will win. I mean she beat like lawyers. And they are like smart. And Onyx is like mega hunk. Ok, calm down Rey Rey, as here comes chariot number 1, District 1.

Oooh so sparkley. On the first chariot are the girls, then the boys. The girls look so elegant in long silk purple gowns, laced in small purple gems. They are layden down in diamond jewlerry, with the tiara sitting on the thick lucious blonde curls. Flowing down their backs. Bascule's hitting the floor. They really shine as the lights strike them, sending them into a swirl. The boys come soon after in basically the same, suits with a pale platinum crown embedded with multiple gems. Like totally hot. All 3 look well fit. 1 as usual is amaze. They totally should win this. Oh here comes two.

2 come out sharpened and ready to fight, They are all dressed in blades. They seem to be overlapping to form a dress for the girls, and a suit for the boys. No shock there. They are like well nice though. Like they could kill with fashion. Oh my god that could be a title. District 2 kill with Fashion. And there is Brass. He is like so hot. Stands out a mile. Way nicer that anyone so far. I still prefer 1 overall though. This is to bland, it makes me feel sad and that makes me cry and that makes my make-up run. So thats not good. So go district 1 so far, lets see if 3 makes me happy or sad.

Now this makes me happy. The girls are well decked out. The dresses are made of small stones, grey, white and black. So good. I love it. When they move it looks like lightning is striking. But it isnt. So smart. 3 is like so so smart. I like love it, like more than 1. 1 is like pretty but this is like....well like epic. Its so smart. The boys look like just as nice. But not as nice. They move and then it looks nice. As the bolts again. Its like so good. I like love it, seriously. Like love it. I like love fashion, its all I talk like with all my girl pals. Im like the most fashionable of them. Like by a mile.

And the last district is......smelly fishy people. Mermaid and like mermen. Aqua is like totally hot but the others look so bland. They are like not like 4 is usually like. They arent shining like. They usually shine like. Well they dont but still. I dont mind it like. But if their was more pazaz I would like like it better. Its just the blue is so plain. There isnt much sparkle and there is no fishies. Its a fishy district, atleast let there be fish. Ugh. 4 is a massive let down. I like no one other than Aquamarine as she is sassy, and this is only 1 bad stage. She will shine from now on, and has in the past.

Well 3 green. Very....different. Why are they fiering at the crowd. Isnt that unsafe. Oh and why are their suits glowing. It looks like scary. They shouldnt be glowing, it looks like they are radio-active. Its very like high tech but really not like nice to look at. If they had made it more like appealing I would have like prefered it. But since its not that pretty it really isnt my favourite. I much prefer 2, 3 and 1. 4 is like the same. Really unoriginal and ugly. Atleast this one was like original. And not like the same costume like every year, for the past ages.

Now speaking of like unoriginal look at like district 6. All they are wearing is like train conductor outfits. Like the boys all look fit but still. This is all about the outfits. I cant even remember any of their names. Same with the females. Their hair and make-up is nice but other than that....they just dont look nice, they look like well bland. And I aint happy. I wanted to see 14 original costumes and so far Ive seen 4 original and 2 that suck. I am like so gonna complain, we deserve something better. Lets hope that 7 is like nicer much. Oh then we will have seen half of the tributes. Thats like nice.

Now seven look elegant. Well nice. Like so pretty. Arvina and the other two are wearing long ballgown dresses, made of tiny leaves of red, brown and yellow. Whereas the 3 dudes are wearing suits made of green leaves. These are like so nice. Like proper nice. I am like loving their costumes, seriously nice. The branches are holding them together so its like a web. And I love spiders. They are like so nice. Its so smart, and so detailed. It must have taken like hours to make. I am like loving it. It is by a mile my fav, with 2 close behind. Will 8 be able to take 1st place or fail.

And I can instantly see like that District 8 would be the later. A complete and utter like failure. The common usual patchwork like outfits. Tack. That is all I can say. I mean its not like they even tried to make the tributes stand out, I mean they all have boring hair and like no make-up at all. No wonder I cant remember their names. If they are dressed like this Ill never remember them. And no one will remember them. I want like something big to happen but nope. Boring boring boring. By a mile the worst so far, I absoulotly hate them. And I will be shocked if 9 does any worse.

And they arent. They arent paticularly like good but they arent like bad. They are just bland. The colour is bland. The material is bland. And overall like unoriginal. But atleast they have nice hair and make-up, pale gold to make the colours of the wheat shine. Like their hair is braded with strands of wheat which is like well nice. Its a very pretty if bland piece. I think they will be remembered, the girls more as they seem to be shining. But still. I cant remember their names, but at this stage who could remember all 84 names. I mean that is a lot of names to remember. Now onto 10.

10 is a lot like 9, its pretty but its not like original. The girls are wearing cow skin dresses which are like flattering but not the nicest. I could like make a few minor changes and it would be well better. I like the hair being made into like horns. That is well smart, unlike the boys. They are wearing suits made of grass. And Im sure like there is tiny brown splodges, that look like, well like poo. I like love the girls but like the boys outfit well brings it down. I like wish they had just done like the same for the boys than they did with like the girl. It would be well one of my favs then. Hopefully 11 do better.

But they dont, they are wearing th usual wheat stalk outfits. Swaying in the wind. Looking stupid. I am getting really bored of like this, and Im about to look away when there is a band and spakrs cover all 6 of the tributes from 11. When the sparks like stop sparkling they are all wearing dresses and suits made of what looks like dry grass. Its not the most appealing but its nice to see the like change. And the fanciness of the explosion. I am like well jel. I wish I owned that dress, why do the filthy tributes get all the best fashion. It is really unfair. The people in the capitol get nothing.

Only 3 left, and here comes 12. They are stunning. And I mean stunning. Fire. One word to describe it. Fire. Hot. Sexy. Beautiful. Elegant. But which one. They are glowing. They started of black but now they are illuminating the night. They wipe all the others out of my mine, easily the best. Stunning. The fire is flickering, giving off heat even to the back rows where I am situated. And this is amazing. The detail that I can see is stunning. It is by a mile the best. And I am sure it wont be caught. As I know it will be the one to win this years chariots competiotion.

Now 13, I wonder what they will come up wi-THEY ARE NAKED. Oh My God. Humilitation at its highest. I can see the pain on the faces of like all the tributes. No matter what they say or do they will always be like the person who like was naked at the chariots. Even if they get like a 12 this will not be forgotten. This is them from now on, the girl and guys who were naked. Even when they die this wont be lived down. This is them forever. No matter what happens. They are failing.

Now last but not least. The capitol. They are all dressed in bloody surgeon like clothes. It is very effective, it like strikes us where it like hurts. And I like love it. Seriously like love it. Its not like the best but it represents our creation of medicine and training like doctors. They are like carrying giant syringes, which they like shove out sending confetti into the crowd. Very nice, will get support. They begin to line up with the other chariots and slowly halt. The last chariot. Wherte there it was. Like amazing. This years they were like amazing. I cant wait for like the training scores. Maybe in this time Ill learn some more tributes names.

Chariot Appeals

Placing District
1st 12
2nd 3
3rd 7
4th Capitol
5th 2
6th 1
7th 11
8th 5
9th 10
10th 9
11th 4
12th 6
13th 8
14th 13

Pre-Training Line Ups

This is basically which tributes come on which days. Its two tributes per day from each district. Basically they are each to split them into their top two, middle two and lowest two (in skill) then they are put with their peers. Strongest on day 1. Middle Day 2. Lowest day 3. Gender doesnt mater, its just the strongest.

Tributes in Bold have had a main role in training.

Strongest Tributes (Day 1)

District Tributes
1 Bascule Du Fey
1 Bryanna Blue
2 Brass Sater
2 Marla Kantoon
3 Amity Alerath
3 Trey Volts
4 Aquamarine Summerton
4 Krex Qellibane
5 Cytosine Johnston
5 Jeni Frost
6 Axl Lockhart
6 Tiffany Case
7 Leaves Rootforest
7 Arvina Emerald
8 Xavier Thread
8 Lucinia Peirce
9 Elder Thorn
9 Spike Hill
10 Satan Lockwood

Fleur Renee

11 Jay Sparrow
11 Xerox Roult
12 Ridge Hillsong
12 Beauty Swann
13 Damien Cruco
13 Amtehyst Bane
Cap Rosetta "Ros" Wilkinson
Cap Artemis Kane

Middle Tributes (Day 2)

District Tribute
1 Mitchel Normandy
1 Excel Rose
2 Zacharius Thorne
2 Danelle Pink
3 Sackden Seleur
3 Flicks Marvel
4 Antero Lisin
4 Tetra Gull
5 Teo Carter
5 Ash Green
6 Braek Carts
6 Edward Calebs
7 Thomas Acorn
7 Sirenia Hatchet
8 Lumex Albane
8 Sophia Alekson
9 Xavier Zero
9 Katelyn Wish
10 Pedro Evans
10 Eleanor Greyson
11 Robin Miller
11 Felicity Validis
12 Jess Kasha
12 Nick Lovizio
13 Liam Brawley
13 Jake Redwood
Cap Rocco Keane
Cap Tizella Winks

Lowest Tributes (Day 3)

District Tribute
1 Bergem Crystal
1 Vanity Glossamer
2 Sasha Evans
2 Kyle Herron
3 Newle Harvestmoon
3 Alistarr Sterling
4 Cody Aberholl
4 Imogen Odana
5 Wipzee York
5 Adenine "Addy" Boulvie
6 Ally Dramin
6 Ruby Hyrglass
7 Drey Blake
7 Lucan Rayden
8 William Oscar Davidson
8 Awolta Ricodd
9 Argentum Lunatis
9 Allison Kate
10 Ristowan Sippelbom
10 Aliza Marr
11 Trexa Axelumber
11 Tim De Winter
12 Calopy Pierce
12 Unity Poweth
13 Lindsay Shock
13 Alex Chirp
Cap Didrick Avantu
Cap Onyx Grey


Each group with have 6 to 8 POV's. They will be chosen by a random user (Asfbn) but all tributes will be mentioned. There will be around 13 POV's in each training day.

Day 1 (Highest)

Elder Thorne

It was the first day of training and all of us, mentors, escorts and stylists has decided that me and Spike were the top. The strongest from 9 this year, and to be truely hounest I agree. I mean what a bunch of weaklings. Im in the elevator with Spike, and the two tributes from 4. Aquamarine and Krex I think. Im not 100% sure, she seems all nicey nicey but he isnt even saying a work. Silent wonder. I mean you have to be strong to be chosen as the top two in a career district.

"Well it was a hard descision but Krex and I stuck up for eachother, and we got it........well back at 4 I am quite famous. I mean who hasnt heard about Aquamarine the stunning swimmer........well I think that the guy from 2 is quite cute, Brass I think" She rambles on, all the way from when she gets on till she leaves. Slightly ahead. I pull Spike back as Krex slips out.

"What a bitch" He mutters as we enter the crown, I think we are one of the last here. I cant see anyone from 12 but that is it.

"I know, but we need to make friends and not enemies." I murmer back as I push past Arvina, according to our mentor her, Brass and Aquamarine were the top 3 in the odds. Well after training that would all change.

Since the lack of time we have there isnt any intro, we just and to split up and have a go at everything. Well we are supposed to. But its not our fault if we want to show off, its the human instinct. Its what I did basically. I walked...well ran to the swords. And lets just say so did the guy from 2. And like in the movies, slow motion. We lock eyes and know we wont stop but we try. We then accept it and crash right into eachother. Shit is all I can think as I clamber to my feet. I had just crashed into the brute from 2. Most people would run but the idiot I am what do I do. I put out my hand.

Yes I reached out to Brass Sater. I knew this would probably kill me in the arena but I had to. I close my eyes, knowing all of the trainers and each of the 26 tributes was staring at me. I wait for the pain as he crushes my fingers, then passes it off with "I didnt know my own strength". But no pain comes. A strong grasp but no pain. I open one eye slightly to see him standing. His hand in mine, smiling. He release my arm and turns to the swords but I cant. Some may say bullying hurts the most. But I believe one thing.

Kindness is always the killer.........

Aquamarine Summerton

Doofus. Oh my god Im such a bitch and I love it. the 6 pair are there and I dont like the looks of them. Brass and the 9 boys and practising the swords. Hmmmm no. I dont want to look too bessoted. Nets and knots. Bryanna is the only one there so why not. Im decent with them so I may aswell hone my skills.

I wander over and rest my hand next to the pile of knots Bryanna keeps churning out. 1 after another. I just watch her work for a while and she doesnt even notice me. Just working away. Slowly but steadily. Shit. I must have wasted atleast 20 minutes just sitting watching her work. I grab a length of rope and begin to tie some basic knows. Im not the best but it will do.

"You were wise to come here" A voice comes from no where. My eyes flash around before they finally settle on a man resting on the floor. Well not a man. A tribute. That guy from 10, Seth........Devil......Sapam. Well I dont care.

"Why was I wise coming here" I sneer as I revert my gaze to the knot in my hand. But I fail. All he does is laugh. And laugh. I turn to Bryanna to find an empty spot, where she should have been and a small but perfect pile of knots.

"Wow, your soooo good at this" I hear that boy chiuckle.

"IF YOUR SO FUCKING GOOD WHY DONT YOU EXPLAIN" I yell, snapping after his constant ramble.

"Well I would have rather you said Satan can you please help, but its not everyday a career asks for your help" So his name is Satan. He grabs my hands and begins to slowly move them to create swift movements. Under then over. Through the gap. Under then over. I really have no clue but his hands are so soft.

"And that is a simple knot" He finishes, laying my hand on the table.

"So....ok. I think I got it. Wait. So what did you mean when you said You were wise coming here" I say, placing the knot away from Bryanna's pile. It may be small but it means a lot. I made it with only a bit of help.

"Well if we are underground I presume there will be caverns, cliffs and drops" I pick up a second know and follow to movements he is making with his hands."I am presuming using rope as support would make sense."

"Wow...I guess you right." I mutter failing again.

"Let me help" He says as he places his hands on mine again, then looks up into my eyes. And I into his. No. Brass. But Satan. I dont even know if either like me, but still. What if I go for the wrong one.

Leaves Rootforest

I really dont like this, I am surrounded by 26 tributes who I have never met before. And the only one I do know, Arvina, is off talking to the girl from 10. Fleur. In this games there is no allies, since we are forced in groups and not given the choice. I may aswell keep to myself.

For the past hour I have been giving the bow a go. Im not bad but compared to others I suck. Jay from 11 has been shooting arrow after arrow, hitting target after target. And I can maybe hit one after 10 minutes of preparing. 26 tributes, running around, getting taught stuff. Most knowing what they are best at but me......I am useless. Obviously the bow isnt my thing so I dont know why I am continuing with it. I place it down as the girl from 1 comes up. Bascule I think her name is.

"I guess you dont like meeting other people either" She mutters as she rests har ass on the table next to the bows.

"No....what about you" I sit beside her and look up, suprised how nice she is being.

"Oh no. I like to stick with my own, I wanted to come with Excel but everyone wanted me in the first....and Excel not"

"I dont really know anyone in my district" I murmer, ashamed.

"I only really know Excel. I mean he has been my brothers friend for so long" She begins to wander over to the azes and I follow in toe. Not wanting to lose the new friend I had made.

"An Axe....?" I mutters as I lift the heavy object, lying in a row.

"I dont think they are your style..." She observes the rack before removing two small blades. Each inlayed with small green gems."Throwing axes? I thought you would have used them before"

"No...In my district I live miles away from the forest....or used too" I remove the blades from her hands, they feel right. I look at the target, about 50 metres away. I raise the axe, blocking out all Bascule says. Something about the war I think. I raise back the axe and focus on the point. Just above the bullseye. A small black mark in the blue zone. If the top of the blade hits there it will smash right down the centre.

I hold the axe back then push it forward. Spinning round and round and round, making its way through the air. Then is hits the board. For two seconds before it keeps going. Straight into the wall. I can hear someone shout but I dont care. I had found my weapon. I can feel Bascule's hand on my back as she laughs rauchusly. I raise the second ong and throw it again. It sails in the same path until it strikes the handle of the blade in the wall. And embeds in that. Straight through the tiny glittering emeralds. That strikeds breaks me into reality as I turn to see most people staring at me. The pair from 9 and 2. Bryanna and Aquamarine. Arvina and Fleur. The pairs from 3, 6 and 12. Few arent but those are dont have pride in their eyes anymore, they have fear. And I like it.

Ridge Hillsong

Wow........she And I thought I could rule her out. I turn back to the row of bows, piles of arrows. To me they all look the same, but to Beauty each one is used in a completely different occasion. One for long distance. One for accuracy. One for hunting birds. Others for hunting animals. It is really annoying. Why cant it be one arrow and one bow. She keeps rambling on as she shoots one after an another. Hitting the target, but when I try. I miss one after another.

After 10 minutes I cant take anymore, she is talking about the strength of bow string I slip off to go and try with the nets. The girl from 7, Arvina I think and Spike are tossing away. I grab a net and look around at the targets. Some dummies, one is trapped in the retreating net of Arvina. There is also a line of guns shooting out spears, weaights and other objects.

"I wouldnt try that one" Blerts out Spike.

I turn to face him and see him wiping a white cloth over a small patch of blood."What happened there"

"He let the spear hit his arm" Arvina turns to face us, after placing the dummie back beside it fellows.

"DID NOT" Spike yells, attracting the attention of Beauty.

"Oh why are you over here, we need to learn" She pipes, in her shrill voice. That annoys me to the core.

"I am now learning to throw a net" I say, grabbing one from the basket."With Spike and Arvina"

"Oh......I guess that is useful" I can see a tear appear in her eye, I guess she had enjoyed helping me. I feel a twinge of pain as I stoop my head to face the floor.

"Why dont you show me how to use them, Beauty isnt it." Arvina, gives me a quick wink then leads Beauty back over to the bows. Beauty seems to perk up as she sets a hand on a bow. I turn back to the dummies and am about to strike when Spike lets out a pained scream.

"Are you sure its ok, I mean maybe you should get it healed here. Rather than it infect in the arena." I say as I lay the net back in the bucket.

"No...its fine" I walk over and take a look at the wound.

" its not" Despite the fact it couldnt have happened more than 40 minutes ago it is already slightly green. I can see the skin begin to yellow. "What happened, what hit you"

"A small.....knife thing" He mutters, hesitating and avoiding my gaze. I guess he is lying again so I place my hand on his arm. He looks up and our eyes meet. I dont know what happens but I feel relaxed. He begins to open his mouth then reverts his gaze back to the floor. "I dont know....its been like this for....days"

"Days....but..." I remove my arm and place them in my pocket. What happened. What did that. Why did it do it.

"It was.......well....I was wandering the forest. Around 9. Well it wasnt hard, I mean most of the fences were either flattened or destroyed." He stands up and begins to walk, I follow without thinking, wanting to know what happened. "And I got hit. By something. I dont know what. It was a small dart, coated in a pale green liquid. I yanked it out and after that I ran. Thinking it was the Capitol"

"But didnt you tell anyone" I stop abructly and stare at the infected wound.

"No....well I couldnt. I have nobody"

"So no one knows"

"No one"

"No one....but you"

Bryanna Blue

I jog over to the plant identification booth and take a seat next to Marla and Krex. The only other two sensible careers. Brass is off talking to the guy from 9. Aquamarine is with that Satan, and has been for ages. And Bascule is talking to Leaves about....something.

"This is pathetic, we are supposed to be intimadating them" I moan as I begin to type.

"I know. But I suppose these are the top so........well some cant be intimadated" Marla says, trying to choose between a small rounded black berry and a more mis-shapen black berry. Krex looks at her then points at the rounded one.

"Other...poison" He mutters before reverting his gaze to the small leaves he is decapitating to tell apart.

"Ok....." She places the dark berry with the rest of the poisonous stuff and beckons over the instructor. He checks it over then shakes his head.

He points at the berry, the one she had asked Krex to place and shakes his head. "Dead, other than that you did well". He takes a quick look at me and gives a curt nod, then onto Krex and smiles. He actually smiles. I can see the glee on his face, against the fury on the face.

She stare daggers at Krex as he gaffauls with laughter as I continue. We continue on with that then head over to meet Aquamarine and Brass, both who were at the tridents. She is tossing while he laughs about something.

"......then the man says....oh you are gonna love this....the man says Ill pee you later" Brass colapses to the floor in laughter, Aquamarine gives out a false snort then focuses her eye back on the target.

"Got enough of the common crap that is the rest of the tributes" Marla says as she sits down beside the writhing with laughter figure of Brass.

"I guess not, since here we are with you" Aquamarine mutters as she hits a bullseye with the trident.

"I wouldnt insult that guy from 10, I mean Aqua has a HUGE crush on him" Brass chokes out as he clambers to his feet.

"SHUT UP YOU FUCKTART" She yells, dropping the trident and turning to face Brass."I DO NOT FANCY SATAN".

I can tell she regrets it, her hands whips to her mouth and she slowly turns to the rest of the room. The silent room. The room that now knows Aqua fancies Satan. This is such an eventful day.

Trey Volts

I hated this, I bash open the stall door to find Amity in floods of tears. Finally. Atleast I had located her. I place my hand on her shoulder and....well thats it. I mean Ive only known her for 2 days, and I have never been good with girls. What am I supposed to say. I mean yeh that girl from 6 was a bitch but still...... I rest my ass down beside hers then begin to talk.

"I know what she said was mean but still........she is a career" I try to convince her, but to no responce.

"I dont care, she insulted my family. She" She chokes out as tears flow down her soft and supple cheeks.

"Wait.....has she been saying stuff like this all day" I realise that what I know about the incident was not all there was to know. I mean I know she was being a bitch, and Amity wasnt sticking up for herself, but thats all I know.

"There is something she overheard....I was talking to Fleur about things....and she started to tease. Im really not sure how but" She glances at the floor, avoiding my gaze.

"What is it, tell me" I raise to my feet and look down on her.

She copies me, and gets to her feet then looks deep into my eyes. "She found out I was a....a....a....lesbian" She flees from the bathroom, out into the hall but I dont follow. In the games sadly gays arent accepted. I know what that girl from 6 would have done, she seems like a bitch and Im sure if she saw anyone who was the slightest competition she would tear them apart. Maybe I should take that role, and if I do I think I better pay a trip to the careers table at lunch.

Tiffany Case

Oh no, there's that little lesbian. Running out of the toilets, floods of tears. Poor ickle bickle thing. Well if she is in my group I may have to trim out numbers. I cant let just anyone into my group, I am with the careers now. I have to limit my numbers. That boy from 3, Troy or Ray or something, storms out just after her. He shoots looks at everyone, then locks eyes with me. Then starts moving over at a rapid pace, and scarily rapid pace. Oh shit. He is definately coming at me. Shit shit shit.

"YOU LITTLE BITCH" He screams as he grabs the front of my jumper and lifts me two inches of the floor. Holding his other hand round my neck. I can feel my life ebbing away as it gets tighter and tighter.

"WHY DID YOU.......LITTLE FUCKER......GO DIE......I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL" His words all flow into one, why is no one doing anything. Then something happens, I am sent flying to the floor as Trey crumples. Xerox standing behind him, with a long thin metal rod.

"YOU KILLED HIM" I try to catch a breath, but the words keep coming in. I can see Trey isnt moving, and Im scared. Had I actually caused the death of the first tribute....or had I. I can see the looming figure of Xerox, why had he saved me.

He is carried out on a stretcher, and I have some simple tests. I have some slight bruising to the neck but nothing to serious, no broken bones which was lucky. Nothing of the sort of can be said for Tray, he has damaged spine and dented head. They reckon he wont make it. But I cant fret. I mean its one tribute down. Just 82 left. I turn back to the careers, all the tributes from 1, 2 and 4. And Xerox. But this is only a third of the tributes most likely there will be more in other districts. I admit Bascule hasnt been talking. She insisted on allowing Leaves but she isnt a career, as you have to be special to get in. Special like me. But not special like Trey, who is walking out of the door. A look of pain in his eyes, but other than that. He is healthy. Oh shit. There is still 83 competitors left, and one of them wants me dead.

Amethyst Bane

I grab a single roll then a slice of cheese. I quickly pace over to where Damien is resting with a couple of other males. The guys from 5, 6 and 8. I know Cytosine is the 5 male but thats it. I slide up beside him, and begin to eat my lunch. Not wanting to ruin the debate he was having with the 6 male and Cytosine.

".....seriously, you cant even compare district 6's defence technology to 13's. It will be light years before you catch up with us." Damien laughs, and even I chuckle. No one other than the capitol can even joke about having better defence than us, we win by a mile.

"Light years isnt a term of time, its a distance. Despite the use of the word year" Cytosine, is obviously very smart. But still, why have years in a distance. That is the thing that is stupid.

"Shut up Cyto, but still, 6 is pretty good. We have planes, boats. We could kill kill kill." The 6 guy blerts out as he shoves Cytosine off the bench.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR, THANKS AXL, YOU WILL HAVE WISHED YOU DIDNT DO THAT WHEN WE MEET IN THE ARENA" He screams as he clambers to his feet. It goes quiet for a moment, then a smile breaks onto his face, easing the tension. I mean you really need to know when to joke and when not to. Especially about the games. I dont think Axl, I presume thats the 6 guys, Cytosine and Damien know what that meant. I mean what if Cytosine killed Axl. These friends would turn on eachother in less than a week. And the sad thing would I.

I turn to the only one in the group whome the statement seem to truly hit. Xavier. Fear fills his eyes as this hits him. He gazes at a point in the distance, the career table. All the tributes for 1, 2, 4 and the females from 7 and 6. male from 11. Most likely one of them would kill us, and this was only the 1st day. A third of the careers. Only 1 small third. A minute number. And Im sure Xavier knows that aswell. I place my hand on his, then gllare into his eyes.

"It will be ok" I murmer, wanting to comfort him.

"It wont....only one can live." He stares into my eyes then a tears exits his eye. "As I cant fight.....I wont win. As I would always let the pretty ones win instead" He grabs his hand to his mouth and backs away, then leaps up and flees to the bathroom. Leaving a smashed plate, and a stunned girl from 13.

A man comes in once we all finish eating, to explain how the private sessions would go. We would have 15 minutes, and we could do whatever we wanted. And it went Capitol, 1, 2, 3 and so on. Meaning I was dead last. I slowly see the careers and capitol folk drift in. Artermis, Rosetta, Bryanna, Bascule, Brass then Marla.

Marla Kantoon

I enter the hall to find it completely empty, and completely different. Where the weapons upon weapons there was now a climbing wall atleast 50 metres tall. Where the stations used to line up, now rests a frozen lake. This wasnt to test our weapons skills. Or our survival skills. They wanted to see how we would cope. Im sure through one of the doors must be other climates.

There is also weapons but I want to try the new stuff. I race up the wall. in like seconds flat. I can see some blood at the bottom meaning someone must have fallen and damaged or cut themselves but that doesnt bother me. I practise on the lake. Running across. Then sliding, it is like so much fun. Then I decide to veture through the first door, of 4 doors.

When I step out I am blasted with heat, surging though my bones. I can see something over the other side so I run. Straight through the sand pummeling my skin. Through the heat. As I know this is part of it, they want to see us in action so I show action. I admit I did fall over a bit but I still got out not to affected. Im sure it was atleast 100 metres long, not that far but in the heat it felt like a couple of miles. I look up to see Im back in the training hall. No idea how that worked but I decide not to tackle any of the other doors. 3 tasks are enough.

I show some skills with a spear, and then a sword. I think they were impressed as I was good. I break my personal record with the poisonous plants test, and then make a few knots. I think I did well, if it was up to me I would give me an 11. I wasnt perfect but I was damn good. Like smoking, I had done myself proud.

Jeni Frost

Ok.....this was different. I was just going to show my skills with some weapons but I suppose Ive got to try.....other stuff. Ok. So he said there was 6 other activities, weapon training and survival skills. But I have no fucking clue what I should show them. Weapon skills is a clear one but everything else.....I have no clue.

After like 5 minutes I decide to tackle the wall. Minutes later I wished I hadnt. I lie, breath knocked out of me, crashed on the floor. Lets just say when I got a quarter of the way up I realised I had vertigo......and that led to things, like me screaming for my mum and then plummeting to the ground. I raise to my feet and take a deep breath. That was only of the activities.

"Only 5 minutes left, please select one more activity to show your skills" A soft voice booms from the speakers lining the ceiling and walls.

Ok. I avoid the ice lake, not my style. I take a chance at the door in the middle, the first one was luminous orange. And this one is a pale blue, I really hope something nice. Well I was wrong. I am standing on a small pier, surrounded by a small laker. I try to back through the door but find it has vanished. I am stuck, I have to swim. The bad thing is though....I never learned.

I leap into the icy depths and begin to thrash about, doing anything I can to keep my head above the water. And everything isnt enough. I keep dipping under, seeing swarms of fishes. Miles of sand. But where does it end. And the thing is, im not concious for long enough to work that out.

I wake up, chilled to the bone. Back in my bed in the room. I can see a flurry of colour around me. My escort, stylists and style team. And a few I dont recognise. Doctors probably. I try to sit up but a soft hand pushed me down. I look up to see the face of Cytosine as I drift off to sleep. A pleasant sight to see just as sleep entangles you.

Lucinia Peirce

I clatter to the floor, using a simple forward roll to take the force. A simple manouver that would show a lot to the gamemakers.....well that was the plan. I twisted my ankle when I hit. I try to hide it but it isnt working, the pain shoots up my leg and I crumple to the floor. I need to get through this. All I had shown was my skill of climbing, and how I could fall flat on my face. When dealing with ice. Not good so far.

I hobble over to the 4 doors. No idea what lies between any of them. So which one to have a go at, this is more wanting to know how we react with suprises. As in the arena they arent going to give us a warning, we have to just do it. Never stop trying. And it is going to be hell oh hard. After remembering a coin only has 2 sides, and would be useless to decide between 4 things I shove open the door closest the lake. Revealing a long thin bridge, in the middle of blistering wind.

I colapse to my knees, not due to pain but due to the fact if I didnt I would fall to my fucking death. I can see another door across the other side of a bottomless gap. The only way across was this tiny, flimsy bridge. So I run. The wind slaps me in the face, knocking me over the edge of the bridge. Luckily adrenaline fills my body and I use the momentum to flip me over onto the other side. Didnt die. Has to count for something. My ankle twinges but I dont care, I cant care. I struggle though the pains, and through the winds to reach the door. Easy....ish. Well the ish part is because I dont walk through the door, I fall through unconcious. With what I now know is a broken ankle.

Fleur Renee

I can do this. I can do this. All I have to do is follow my mentors instructions the the dollar. I have to make sure to leave them wanting more, show them skills but leave them wanting more. Dont show them everything, show them enough to get a good score. Then stop. Ok. But what the fuck do I show them.

Well I have no fucking clue, I mean I could show them weapons but what if I fail. And I have no clue what is behind any of the doors, what if I get swimming. I mean then I would fail. And I mean major fail. I hate this, well the one thing I could do is the wall. And I do clean it. To the top and straight down in seconds, I mean its not that hard but I hope it shows some skills. But what next.

Weapons. I need to show weapons. They are the main thing in the arena, a knife. If you can use a knife you can survive. In the bloodbath you can get better weapons but you need to get to them. And the one weapon they put around the cornucopia is a knife. Then you can use a knife to get a sword, or a mace, or a spear. So I show the skills with a knife. And these skills I have, I decide to show it while climbing the wall, multi-task. I begin to climb, then when I reach a ledge I hang and grab a knife. I aim at the centre of the lake. And throw it. Concise clean throw. That misses by about 10 metres. So I try one more. And another. Each time getting close to the centre. Then on my 23rd throw I strike the centre. BULLSEYE. Go me........but what do I do now.

"Your time is up, please enter the elevator and adjurn to your floor" I slowly walk to the elevator, kind off glad as it means I dont have to waste time, showing skills that dont exist.

Jay Sparrow

I stare around at the few tributes left. Just Beauty, Ridge, Amethyst and Damien. And I am next. I wait, and I wait. Either Xavier is wowing them, or he has caused a mess which is taking ages to repair. Knowing Xavier like I do, which is like not at all, I think he has caused the mess. After what seems like a month my name is finally called.

"District 11, Sparrow, Jay. Would this tribute please enter for her training session" The calm voice breaks me from my thoughts. I gain my feet, give a short and curt nod to where the tributes from both 12 and 13 rest then enter the hall. And I do not like what I see, as I wanted to show my basic skills, but what I see is tough skills. Looming cliffs, a frozen lake. Well that is blocked off. I can see sheets of cracks across it. I guess some tribute did that, and that would show skills. I dont want to go with the cliff so I turn to the 4 doors. 1, 2, 3 and 4. I decide my fate, and step through door number 3.

And I am so glad I did. I am faced with a series of thick trees, branches hanging down. I dont even look at the ground as I leap to the air. Swinging from branch to branch, the wing whipping my hair. Like it should be. This is the only thing that feels natural. And I know, I know it will be no use in the tunnels underground. But still. It must count for something, otherwise they wouldnt have placed it. I really did wish this went on forever but I knew it had to come to an end, but that didnt stop me feeling an slight jet of pain as I step through the door back into the hall. Knowing that I would probably never fly through the trees again, like I just did. And this hits me fully in the stomach. Sending me to the floor. I was dead. No way could I overcome the giants like Brass or even Aquamarine. I was gone. And it was better if I realised it now, so that my next few days I wouldnt waste all my energy fighting for something I could never have. My life.

Artemis Kane

This was it, I mean this is what would make it or break it in means of sponserships. And it had all happened. I stare at Rosetta, she looks calm but I know inside she is mad. I mean we may get seen first in training, but our scores are last. Our stylists, styling teams and escorts and mentors are all around. Along with Tizelle, Rocco, Didrick and Onyx. I stand up and walk over to Rosetta.

"It will be Ok, we will get good scores" I rest next to her as the first face shows up.

The face of Bascule, with a glowing 11. Then Bryanna with another 11. Ofcoarse the tributes from 1 would do well, they always do well. I expect they will be one of the few districts to both get this good a score. Bryanna's face vanishes, then appear the tributes from 2.

Brass first, with a solid 12. Now that is impressive, I mean what the hell did he do to get a 12. Marla then with a 12. Now that is amazing, two 12's. I know district 2 is a great district but a 12. No one gets a 12. Maybe one or two, but not from the same district. Its just not right.

As for district 3, well they did well. Troy's face appears along with a 9, followed swiftly by Amity's with a luminous 8. They did pretty well for a non career district. I mean a 9 for district 3 is actually amazing, it wouldnt be as good in a career district. But for any others, it is a very good score.

Now to the last career district, and I am expecting atleast one 12. Krex's face appears first with an 11, followed by, no suprises for this one, that 4 girl with another 12. So now 3 careers have recieved full marks. Meaning 3 careers a considered perfectly vicious.

Now no more careers, district 5. They had looked kind of tough. Cytosine's face comes with an 8, followed by Jeni with a tiny 6. Seriously, a 6. I thought these were supposed to be the toughest of the district. A 6 is really bad, I wonder what the others from 5 will get.

Oh great, I bet the bitch gets high. I do not like.....crap I cant remember her name. Anyways the male comes up with a 9, followed by the bitch with an 11. Ofcoarse she had to do well, I mean the careers only let 2 people in from this section. They will have to be strong.

District 7, I hope they do well. Both were very nice, and skilled. And both do well, as the two girls faces appear, both followed by 10's. That is very strong, I think if I could ally with any of the people it would be with Arvina, she was the only one I actually talked to today.

Wait, was district 8 even at training. As I did not see any of them today, well they obviously did well. The girl got a 9, while the boy an 8. Pretty good for an outlying district, I mean so far all the tributes have done well, ok maybe the 5 girl didnt do the best.

And district 9 continue the streak of amazing scores, with another two 11's. The same as district 1. I did see the second guy, Elder I think, talking to Brass. Maybe he was considering the careers as possible allies. All I can say is I hope not, so far the lowest of a career is 11. Not good at all.

I have high hopes for the next two, Rosetta had talked to both Jay and Satan so she was routing for 11 and 10, and sadly she was to be dissapointed. The male gets a 5, while the girl an 8. Not the best scores compared to the others, actually the worst so far.

District 11 does slightly better than 10, well a hell of a lot better. An 8 for Jay, while the guy who allied with the careers got a 10. The lowest of the careers, but still an amazing score. And now only 4 more tributes till me and Rosetta find out our scores.

12 do very well, another pair of 11's. I had expected it from the male but in no way did I expect to female to do this good, she look like a girly girly. One who would have gotten a 2. But she did well, maybe I should have talked to more people. I think I would have liked her.

This is the last district till me and Rosetta. They do well with Amethyst getting a 10, and Damien a solid 11. One of the most common scores. I breath in, waiting for the next two faces to be shown. Amethyst's face dissapears and the captitol's seal fills the screen. Then the first face, my face.

I got an 11, I did it. I hadnt made a fool of myself. I keep my eyes attatched to the screen though, waiting to find out what Rosetta recieved. After a second of waiting her face appeared with a glowing 10. I cant believe we had done so well, I mean a 10 and an 11. I think we actually have a chance, capitol may get a victor this year.

Day 2 (Middle)

Excel Rose

"Doo Doo Doo Doo....." Why wont Mitchel stop this, he has been doing this all the times we have stopped, and all the times we have been moving. Our elevator now has 6 people in it, including me. Mitchel is standing next to me, swinging back and forward. The pair from 12, and the females from both 4 and 2. Pretty cramped.

As they open Mitchel finally stops humming, and I step out. Stretching my legs. I count 23 tributes, and I know the boys from 4 and 2 are in the next elevator. That means 3 are still missing. We are told not to wait, and just to get straight into it. The tributes fan out, most going to the weapons but a few head to the survival skills, Bascule told me to be one of these people. Dont know why but she is like a sister to me, so I follow her instructions. The pair from 6 come out, followed by the guy from 8. Making an even 28. So everyone is here, lets get down to business.

I decide to begin at the knots, along with the tributes from 8. We make polite small talk but I dont really care, all I want to do is focus. I learn some basics, and I can see that the pair from 8 are handy with a piece of string. With both performing the toughest knots.

"Well......this isnt awkward" I mutter after another minute of nothing being said, not a single word.

They both look up at me, then shrug."We dont mind it being awkward." The boy says, "We know all you are thinking about is 10 ways to kill us" The girl finishes. I turn back to my knot, thinking they know exactly what Im thinking. Well not exactly. I just hit 34 ways.

As the akwardness continues, I move onto somemore tricky knots. The ones the pair from 8, I now know they are called Sophia and Lumex, were making before the instructor helped. I know I may not be the best here but I would shine when I got my hand on a sword, but I had to be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

I make one last knot before turning to Lumex and Sophia. Though at the start I had no erning to be with them, now I think they were ok. And I could stand to be around them. The male decides to do his own thing, but Sophia follows me to the sword station. This is where I shine. Or I would is she wasnt so damn good. I admit she has a different style, more bludgering than cutting. If only she was 5 years younger........Well I cant think of that, I had just reached 85 ways to kill them. And the last one was push them of a cliff, onto a hive of tracker jackers, causing them to run into a lake filled with sharks. One of my more imaginative ones I think.

Lumex Albane

I reach the weapons.....sort of section. Every weapon you could imadgine, I decide to head over to the tridents. A weapon I have never encountered, well the only weapon I have encountered is a needle. And Im not going to being sewing someone to death any time soon. There is two other tributes at the stand, sadly both careers. And sadly both doing amazingly. Antero and.......Mitchell I think. They are kind off like robots, each trident takes the exact same path. And strikes the exact same place. It is not right. Well there is no use doddling, I better give it a shot.

My first problem hits when I see the tridents. So many tridents. Sharp ones, blunt ones. Ones that were to be used with thick nets, ones to be used with thin nets. Just so fucking many, why why why. Why can there be one weapon of each, so 10 to use overall. Rather than 10 per type of weapon. I mean I can use hardly any of these, and giving almost 10 of each is just making it 100 times harder.

Well I decide to get started, and decide to go with the one I should use when in close range. Not when throwing, not with nets. Not in water or moving. Standing stock still, Im to use this one. Just a few requirements.

"Look at that weakling" Mutters Antero, as his trident decapitates the dummy.

"Dont be harsh, its not his fault he sucks" Mitchell responds with a vicious smirk. As his strikes the centre circle, why the fuck werent these two in the top of their groups. Seeing what they do scares me, if they are this good. How amazing must the others from their districts.

This is where I need to do amazing shot, strike the centre. Show them I am amazing, do the best I can. Make them fear Xavier and Lucinia. But I dont. It hits the target, but about a foot from the centre. Better than I expected but still. They arent saying I suck but....."He can hit a fatty then" and "Lady luck must be sleeping with him, as he got to much luck" isnt much of an improvement.

Braek Carts

I have no clue what to do, this is absoloutly terrible. Everyone else has found there area's, they are all making great friends. Learing skills while I still stand in the same spot I started in. I dont know what to do, if I go to weapons, what if I fail. And make a fool of myself. But if I go to the stations, the other tributes will think I am weak. And cant handle the weapons. Which is onehundered percent true.

"You can join us" A soft calm voice calls me towards a pair of girls.

"Yeh, we dont care what filth we collect" I dont like this girl as much, and Im not even sure if she is kidding. Then a roar of laughter breaks out and they stroll over to the spears. I quickly follow them, and meet them as they grab a pair of spears.

"Are you sure you want me" I ask tensiously, I place my hand on another spear and am about to pick it up when the first on throws, the bitch. Jess Kasha I believe. Luckily she doesnt hit the target, meaning I wont look that bad. I know the other girl is Eleanor.

I throw my spear, as Eleanor throws hers. Sadly she didnt throw first, as hers hits directly the bullseye while mine is almost a metre away. I hate to sound sexist but I hate it when girls show me up, though when they do is sexily its fine. So in the tight top she was wearing, I was pretty fine.

"Wow, hate to see a girl do better than you" She sneers as she grabs another spear, Im not that sure I really like these two anymore. I drop the spear and begin to walk away.

"Awww dont go" They both burst into laughter, so I grab my spear and face them.

"Say it again" I screech, my voice dangerously high.

"Awwww......dont.......go" Jess mutters. At the exact moment I throw the spear, which misses.

Zacharius Thorne

I cant do this, Im being shown up by a guy from district 3. He is laughing away with Danelle, making me look poor and horrible. Im being shown up by a non career, this is like pathetic. A career is ok but not a non-career. Ahhh this is madening. I place the bow back on the table.

"I hope your not giving up" Sackden sneers, its such a stupid name. I hope he dies, I HOPE I KILL HIM.

"Oh you.......bitch" I respond, struggling to think of the last word.

"Such a snappy retort" This guy is really wanting me to punch him, but I cant. I dont want to kill him now. Just in 4 or 5 days.

Danelle looks up and places her hand on mine, so nice. So soft. "Dont go, I would miss you". This makes me go weak at the knees and clatter to the floor.

Sadly this sends Sackden into a flood of laughter. I cant believe I am making a fool of myself. And in front of the girl I love. Well that is the first time I have admitted it, even if it was in my head.

"Sackden, please dont bully Zacharius" She pushes Sackden in the shoulder then turns to me."And you, get here" She grabs the front of my shirt and drags me into a kiss. The most suculent kiss, soft lips with a rosey taste. I can feel the lipstick melting of her lips and onto mine. I grab her waste as she raps her hands around my neck, we embrace for what seems like an hour and I dont care. I dont care if we do this for days. I am in heaven, her hair cascdes down my back, and my stubble rubs against her soft cheeks. I cant believe it, for 5 years I have fancied her and all it took was entering the arena. Meaning we could never have a future, but did I care. I was kissing the girl I loved, and Sackden was laughing.

Flicks Marvel

I had talked to everyone in the room and the only one who wants to be friends is Edward Calebs, perfect. I am not going to do well in these games, I cant even impress a couple of weak kids, how am I going to impress a group of trained adults. I am expecting a 3 or 4 tommrow. I cant believe I am here though, I am entering the games. And you cant have a negative personality when entering the games. If you do have a negative personality, you die. If you have a great personality thouhg, you are most likely to die aswell. Most options lead to death in these games, being nice equals death. Being mean equals death. Winning the hunger games most likely equals death. Prostitution is the only career for a victor of the hunger games, the president forces it upon them. So maybe not winning isnt the worst option.

And by the looks of things I wasnt going to be winning, so this was a good thing. And I really dont think Edward will win either. He is fumbling with the simplest of knots, he identified 0 of the 10 poisonous plants. He couldnt hit the target with any of the weapons. And I know this is almost impossiblem, but I think he is worse than me. And that is saying something.

We move from table to table. Station to station. Failure at it to failure at it. Basically whatever we touch we fail at. And I mean fail. Edward stabs the instructor when using the swords and knives. I almost setfire to the fire making station, sending the girls from 4 and 2 fleeing. We end up slumping in the lunch chairs, almost an hour before lunch begins. This is the place of the dead, the place where the soon to be dead rest, well after they have made complete fools of themselves. Sadly no one else joins us.

Tetra Gull

I can feel the earth beggining to shake, and all I can think is fuck. Is this planned or something, as it is beggining to freak me out. Seconds later we find out it definately isnt planned, as we are all sent scrapping back to our floors. I just see Antero dissapear into a lift with the other careers as I enter another one with the 11 pair. He reaches the floor before me, and is talking to our mentor.

Apparently this was to do with the tunnels being created for the Deception games. And training had been called off for the next two days, and we would be evaluated on what we had done before. And tommorows tributes would have a quick session, and would be highly evaluated. I guess now I have to wait to see if I did enough in training to get the score I wanted.


Here we were, the scores. I so hoped I could do well. And do better than district 1 had just done, Excel recieved an amazing 11 while Mitch did decent and gained a 10. Decent but not the best a career has done, two careers got 12's yesterday.

2 and 3 both do decent. Zacharius and Sackden both gained 11's, amazing scores while Flick and Danelle recieved 8's. All good scores, supprisingly good. Like amazingly good. Now we were next, and I was pretty sure we could win easily. We could get 12's or atleast 11's.

Well neither of us do well. And we get flipping 10's and 7's. And I got the 7. I turn the TV off and storm out the room, I wasnt that bad. I hate this, I would show them in the arena. I could do well. I dont care what the rest of the tributes got, as within a few days. They would be dead.

Training Scores

Day 1 (Highest)

District Tributes Score Odds
1 Bascule Du Fey 11 4-1
1 Bryanna Blue 11 4-1
2 Brass Sater 12 3-1
2 Marla Kantoon 12 3-1
3 Amity Alerath 8 14-1
3 Trey Volts 9 9-1
4 Aquamarine Summerton 12 3-1
4 Krex Qellibane 11 4-1
5 Cytosine Johnston 8 11-1
5 Jeni Frost 6 22-1
6 Axl Lockhart 9 8-1
6 Tiffany Case 11 5-1
7 Leaves Rootforest 10 6-1
7 Arvina Emerald 10 6-1
8 Xavier Thread 8 12-1
8 Lucinia Peirce 9 9-1
9 Elder Thorn 11 4-1
9 Spike Hill 11 3-1
10 Satan Lockwood 5 29-1

Fleur Renee

8 12-1
11 Jay Sparrow 8 14-1
11 Xerox Roult 10 8-1
12 Ridge Hillsong 11 5-1
12 Beauty Swann 11 6-1
13 Damien Cruco 11 4-1
13 Amtehyst Bane 10 7-1
Cap Rosetta "Ros" Wilkinson 10 8-1
Cap Artemis Kane 11 5-1

Day 2 (Middle)

District Tribute Score Odds
1 Mitchel Normandy 10 7-1
1 Excel Rose 11 6-1
2 Zacharius Thorne 11 5-1
2 Danelle Pink 8 11-1
3 Sackden Seleur 11 9-1
3 Flicks Marvel 8 10-1
4 Antero Lisin 10 10-1
4 Tetra Gull 7 20-1
5 Teo Carter 8 19-1
5 Ash Green 5 27-1
6 Braek Carts 8 15-1
6 Edward Calebs 2 92-1
7 Thomas Acorn 4 65-21
7 Sirenia Hatchet 11 9-2
8 Lumex Albane 9 9-1
8 Sophia Alekson 11 9-2
9 Xavier Zero 9 10-1
9 Katelyn Wish 8 19-1
10 Pedro Evans 6 34-1
10 Eleanor Greyson 8 16-1
11 Robin Miller 7 18-1
11 Felicity Validis 5 35-1
12 Jess Kasha 4 59-1
12 Nick Lovizio 10 12-1
13 Liam Brawley 4 49-1
13 Jake Redwood 8 9-1
Cap Rocco Keane 11 12-1
Cap Tizella Winks 10 19-1

Day 3 (Lowest)

District Tribute Score Odds
1 Bergem Crystal 10 9-1
1 Vanity Glossamer 11 8-1
2 Sasha Evans 8 13-1
2 Kyle Herron 9 11-1
3 Newle Harvestmoon 6 29-1
3 Alistarr Sterling 7 27-1
4 Cody Aberholl 9 10-1
4 Imogen Odana 9 11-1
5 Wipzee York 6 23-1
5 Adenine "Addy" Boulvie 11 10-1
6 Ally Dramin 5 35-1
6 Ruby Hyrglass 7 30-1
7 Drey Blake 6 34-1
7 Lucan Rayden 3 50-1
8 William Oscar Davidson 2 69-1
8 Awolta Ricodd 6 32-1
9 Argentum Lunatis 8 4-1
9 Allison Kate 6 28-1
10 Ristowan Sippelbom 9 12-1
10 Aliza Marr 3 63-1
11 Trexa Axelumber 5 42-1
11 Tim De Winter 1 100-1
12 Calopy Pierce 11 10-1
12 Unity Poweth 3 50-1
13 Lindsay Shock 7 28-1
13 Alex Chirp 9 15-1
Cap Didrick Avantu 5 93-1
Cap Onyx Grey 6 87-1

The Teams

This is the basic teams, each has a name and the 6 members. These are decided at random.

italics mean the tribute has escaped

bold means the full team is dead

striked means they are dead

bold and italics mean the team is either dead or escaped

Team A

Aquamarine Summerton from District 4

Onyx Grey from the Capitol

Xavier Zero from District 9

Ruby Hyrglass from District 6

Satan Lockwood from District 10

Nick Lovizio from District 12

Team B

Calopy Pierce from District 12

Brass Sater from District 2

Lucinia Peirce from District 8

Tim De Winter from District 11

Pedro Evans from District 10

Eleanor Greyson from District 10

Team C

Argentum Lunatis from District 9

Sasha Evans from District 2

Kyle Herron from District 2

Amity Alerath from District 3

Trey Volts from District 3

Rosetta 'Ros' Wilkinson from the Capitol

Team D

Wipzee York from District 5

Robin Miller from District 11

Marla Kantoon from District 2

Spike Hill from District 9

Drey Blake from District 7

Tetra Gull from District 4

Team E

Teo Carter from District 5

Allison Kate from District 9

Aliza Mar from District 10

Bergem Crystal from District 1

Lindsay Shock from District 13

Rocco Keane from the Capitol

Team F

William Oscar Davidson from District 8

Lucan Rayden from District 7

Adenine "Addy" Boulvie from District 5

Bascule Du Fey from District 1

Excel Rose from District 1

Flicks Marvel from District 3

Team G

Zacharius Thorne from District 2

Danelle Pink from District 2

Newle Harvestmood from District 3

Imogen Odana from District 4

Thomas Acorn from District 7

Jay Sparrow from District 11

Team H

Didrick Avantu from the Capitol

Braek Carts from District 6

Amethyst Bane from District 13

Unity Poweth from District 12

Ally Dramin from District 6

Vanity Glossamer from District 1

Team I

Alex Chirp from District 13

Awolta Riccod from District 8

Trexa Axelumber from District 11

Ristowan Sippleborn from District 10

Cody Aberholl from District 4

Alistarr Sterling from District 3

Team J

Tizella Winks from the Capitol

Katelyn Wish from District 9

Leaves Rootforest from District 7

Ridge Hillsong from District 12

Beauty Swann from District 12

Liam Brawley from District 13

Team K

Jake Redwood from District 13

Ash Green from District 5

Elder Thorne from District 9

Fleur Renee from District 10

Mitchel Normandy from District 1

Sackden Seleur from District 3

Team L

Felicity Validus from District 11

Jess Kasha from District 12

Serenia Hatchet from District 7

Sophia Alekson from District 8

Artemis Kane from the Capitol

Bryanna Blue from District 1

Team M

Lumex Albane from District 8

Edward Calebs from District 6

Antero Lisin from District 4

Damien Cruco from District 13

Xerox Roult from District 11

Arvina Emerald from District 7

Team N

Krex Qellibane from District 4

Cytosine Johnston from District 5

Jeni Frost from District 5

Axl Lockhart from District 6

Xavier Thread from District 8

Tiffany Case from District 6

Death Chart

Placing Tribute Team District Killer Team District Method
84th Edward Calebs M 6 Antero Lisin M 4 Knife across his throat
83rd Katelyn Wish J 9 Beauty Swann J 12 Dragged off cliff, broken back
82nd Beauty Swann J 12 Beauty Swann J 12 Fell of cliff, broken neck and head damage
81st Liam Brawley J 13 Beauty Swann J 12 Pulled of cliff, head smashed in
80th Alistarr Sterling I 3 Aquamarine Summerton A 4 Trident embeded in neck
79th Xavier Zero A 9 Cody Aberholl I 4 Stragling and Suffocation
78th Cody Aberholl I 4 Aquamarine Summerton A 4 Trident to the heart
77th Alex Chirp I 13 Ruby Hyrglass A 6 Plunging the sword through her stomach
76th Trexa Axelumber I 11 Satan Lockwood A 10 Knife through the throat
75th Nick Lovizio A 12 Ristowan Sippleborn I 10 Throat slit with spear
74th Onyx Grey A Capitol Awolta Ricodd I 8 Head smashed in with stone
73rd Awolta Ricodd I 8 Aquamarine Summerton A 4 Trident to the back
72nd Ristowan Sippleborn I 10 Ruby Hyrglass A 6 Throat slit with knife
71st Rosetta Wilkinson C Capitol Argentum Lunatis C Capitol Smashed over the head
70th Ally Dramin H 6 Arena Arena Arena Crushed by rocks
69th Vanity Glossamer H 1 Arena Arena Arena Crushed by rocks
68th Tim De Winter B 11 Brass Sater B 2 Knife to the head
67th Lucinia Peirce B 8 Calopy Pierce B 12 Knife to the chest

Escaped Tributes

These are the tributes who exited the arena, the order they left is vital. As it has to do with the solo rounds

Placing Tribute District Group
1st Amethyst Bane 13 H
2nd Unity Poweth 12 H
3rd Didrick Avantu Capitol H
4th Braek Carts 6 H
5th Brass Sater 2 B
6th Calopy Pierce 12 B
7th Pedro Evans 10 B
8th Eleanor Greyson 10 B

Slight Note

The order in which the tributes escape matters, the 1st to escape will be placed against the last to escape, and so forth in the solo rounds. I dont know how they are going to go around, like this team escaped on the 2nd day. Doesnt mean the others are even near escaping. I am just trying to slim the crowd, so I can get more detailed writing. For the first few days it will be vaugue but when about 20 have died, and 20 have escaped it will get longer. And a lot more detailed, these are no where near over.


Well after over a month the games are finally beginning, the teams have been decided. They will start as soon as I get up tommrow, so. Well give advice and I will begin them soon.

Day 1- Let The Deception Games Finally Begin

Arvina Emerald's POV

I had been told 3 things before entering the tunnel.

  1. Dont kill the first 5 people I see, as they would probably be my team.
  2. I would be stocked up on food and water everyday, so starving wouldnt be a problem.
  3. My weapon was my life, dont lose it. Dont lost it. Dont break it. As that is the only weapon I would get.

I shift my javelin onto the other shoulder and begin to walk. Not knowing where, but I was told to walk. And not stop. I run my hands along the wall, yep. I am now in the tunnels. I am in the arena, there is no way out. Unless I find.....well unless I find the exit. But for the next, well Im guessing week I was trapped in here with 5 people I may have never talked to. That I may not even know the name of. All I was told was, that I was in team M. 14 teams, the tributes from 7 were spread across. I would be there rivals, I had to kill them.

There they were. My team, and I only recognise 2 of them. The guy from 11, Xerox I think. And the 13 male, Damien Cruco. A 10 and an 11. Pretty good. The guy from 4, he also got a 10. Lumex gained a 9. He is the 8 male, but the 6 male. Edwin.....Edard or something. A 2. Seriously, a 2. My team was pretty good, but obviously the 4 male doesnt think so. He wips out a knife and drags it across the neck of the 6 male.


"I cant take weaklings, he had to go" He looked around the rest of us, all of us shivering in our shoes. He had killed her without mercy. "You guys.....your ok. You can stay.......for now" With that he storms out of our cavern, along the only corridor. And we follow within seconds. I kinda wanted to be the leader, but that position had already been taken. And I wasnt complaining.

Beauty Song's POV

I was with Ridge, we could do this. Leaves was clearly the leader, and I didnt care. Katelyn, Tizelle and Liam fell back. I didnt trust them, nor did anyone. Well anyone in our group, they thought we were to strong. They thought we were going to kill them. We werent that bitchy.

The arena was full to bursting with suprises but we needed to keep a straight face. I push through a patch of thick reeds, hanging down from the ceiling, I dont really care if it ruins my appearance. I couldnt care anymore. This arena would be the death of me, and I know it. Only one cannon has sounded since we entered the arena, and its been about 2 hours. Usually about 8 tributes had passed on at this point, and thats when there isnt 84 of us. This was gonne be a wierd games.


I place my foot on what I think is a rock, but turns out to be Ridge's head.

"WET VOUR MOOT OF MY MACE" He snuffle out, his face still squished by my walking shoes. I swiftly removed it, almost breaking his nose in the process.

"I cant climb, its really hard" I try to swing my hand to the next ledge but it falls short. It catchest on the leg of Katelyn, removing her legs from the cliff.

"SHIT" She tries to swing her legs back on, but doesnt have enough energy. She is about to drag herself onto a small ledge, just above her when her hands give in. She sails past me as she clatters to the floor, her limbs dying and flattering anywhere and everywhere.


I am about to turn my attention back to the ceiling when I see it. A small rock, shifted by Katelyn's struggles. It is teetering on the edge of the small ledge. Then it falls. Making a small whistleing noise as it sails, smashing me on the head. sending me into a spiral. My legs slip, and my hands break. I was done, I about to die. I see Ridge's petrified face as I smash into the floor, just beside the body of Katelyn. My head crashes down, hitting a small sharp rock. Denting my skull, dooming me. I can see Ridge and Liam still on the cliff face, while Tizelle cries from top. Liam tries to shift his sight but fails, releasing one arm. My vision blacks as his body also topples to the ground. 3 deaths in one incident. We must be the worst team ever.


Aquamarine Summerton's POV


The 3rd one within 10 minutes, 4 cannons. Decent but still a failure. Our group was doing pretty well, Nick, Onyx, Ruby, Xavier and...........and Satan. Why did I have to be in his team. Any of the teams, and I was with him. The only guy I truly hated in the whole of the arena, and I couldnt kill him. Well I could. I dont think my team would mind, I was the leader. So they couldnt mind, anyway. I was the one who got the 12. I could take them all. I could kill them all. Going solo, may be a good idea. I cant go solo if they arent dead. But that doesnt matter. Its a done deal. Im in it with all of them.

We have had a pretty easy deal so far, almost flat. And the non-flat bits are all decently flat hills, no cliffs or anything that could pose a problem. I guess we got one of the easier roads. We were told that some would face terrors in the arena, while some would walk for 2 days, have no trouble at all then be out the arena by day 3. I so hope we are one of the later. But I was wrong. We were one of the groups that was in the same section as another group, and lets just say. All....hell....broke....lose.

I really dont recognise the group by name, but I can tell all the districts. Its the the 13 female, 8 female, 11 female, 10 male, 4 male and 3 female. None really that strong, Basically. We could easily take them. So we try. I decide to avoid the career, and go for the 3 female. Swinging my trident. She has a long thin knife, useless in a close place like this. She dives at my chest with the knife, but I easily bring my trident down to shatter the blade in 2. Now she has no weapon, and I still have my trident. I back her up against a wall, ignoring all the fighting around. I would get a kill, and it would be this girl. The fear in her eyes is clear, tears flow down her face. Falling to the floor. Her bag held infront of her, as if it would protect her from my trident. Now to finish, I hold my trident to her face, no. I am not that mean. I want her to be recognisable. Her chest. Not fast enough. Then I locate on the space inbetween. One of the most fragile places in the human anatomy. I hold the blade to the soft skin, poking it in. Drawing a trickle of blood. Then I drive it straight in. Blood splutters everywhere. Soaking my trident, easy kill though. She lets out a single moan before she is cut short. Seconds from now she would be dead. And I would have made my first kill.


Woot, one down. Just 5 to go. My team is doing tributes well apart from Xavier, he chose to take on Cody and is not doing well. He is suffocating in a head lock while Cody scrambles trying to find his knife. Blood poors from his eyes, both of them. He is blind. I can see more blood on the tips of Xavier's fingers, has he gouged Cody's eyes out in a fit of rage. I raise my trident, ready to attack. Defend my team but I know its to late. Xavier has gone still, and I can see the tension going out of Cody's hands.


I raise my trident and get ready to attack, he may be from my district but I dont care. He would never know I killed him, but the whole of district 4 would. Would I be forgiven even if I win. I must. We are in teams, we cant see our district partners as allies. They are enemies like any other tribute, and I need to win.


And I had now eliminated 2 competitors for that, I didnt want to kill but I needed. I stare around, there was still 9 of us here. And I was sure one team would be completely gone by the end of this fight, and I was hoping it was us. I stare back around, my 4 remaining team mates each had a single tribute to fight. I decide to dive in and help Ruby, her hair is dancing about as she tries to slay the girl from 13. A long thin staff, made of what looks like gold is the weapon of the girl, while Ruby has a thin sword. The clash of metal echoes, and isnt helped when I inject my trident into the fray. I try to trap the staff inbetween the prongs but it is moving to fast, so I resort to smashing it out of her hand. I collide my aqua blue trident into the glimmering metal pole, sending it to the side. Crashing into Nick and his chosen victim. But allowing enough time for Ruby to slip the sword through the girls side.


I send Ruby round the corner, hidden so she doesnt get killed. With us still having 5 left and them 3 I presume we will be victorious. This fact is only comforted when I see Trexa crash to the floor, she must be one of the two on that team I could have named. She looked strong, but this is obviously false. As our weakest team member is standing over her with a knife, Satan. I decide he can handle this himself, but I cant help myself, so I stop and watch over. Some observor may see this as me protecting my team mates, standing over. Ready to leap in at a moments glance. But to me its to see him work, how he handles the knife. He is holding it like how a murderer holds it, which if he takes over this girl he will. Will that weaken my lust for him, if he is a cold hearted killer. No. As I am one myself, I glance at the two bodies. Cody, who I had known the longest out of the figures in this cave. And the 3 female, so petite. And small. She couldnt be older than 15. And I had slayn her easily. With one move of my trident. Now Satan was going to be the same, as he had just struck the knife below her chin. Over her throat. Blood spurts out, flowing from the wound like a river. Also from her mouth heat waves of spewing blood. She was about to go. Her eyes are filled with hate, she tries to grab the axe that lays 10 centimetres from her hand but she cant. The energy is flowing out as easily as the blood is. Anyway. Satan has rolled into the corner, leaving the knife to finish. A look of hatrid on his face, and the hatrid was for himself. BOOM. Another one bites the dust. I walk over to Satan and lie beside him, not caring about the other two. Ruby was still in the passage, so she was safe. I was sure me and Satan could take the two even if they killed our team mates. And then 3 isnt that bad a number. I place my hand in his then watch the fight.

We arent doing well, the other pair work as a team. But my life wasnt in danger, it was just Nick and Onyx. I dont care about them, Nick tries to hit his mace over the head of the 10 male but misses. It keep the same momentum though, crashing into the wall. I can feel the tunnel rumbling, I fear it may collapse but Satan isnt moving. Fear is still pulsing through his body. He still needs time. I can see rocks fall from the ceiling, one smashes the head of Nick, clattering him to the floor. Allowing the 10 male to line up his spear. Then slash it over his neck, easy kill. BOOM. Onyx is now facing the two. Maybe we should help but I cant be bothered. I had killed. One thing I promised myself was I wouldnt kill. That was the worse, and now I was the worse. I grab my trident and am about to defend Onyx when its to late. The girl grabs the stone that knocked Nick unconcious and charges at him. He avoids the spear of the male, but sending him crashing into the girl. 3 swift arm movements crush his skull, closing his fate. She stands up and turns to me and Satan, as if deciding whether to kill us, or to let us go. I had no such descision. BOOM. Onyx had gone, and now it was the girls turn. I grab the trident and raise it high. I aim at her face and she begins to run, the guy leaps to the side, down the same tunnel as Ruby. Just to witness my trident sink into his remaining team mates back, she smashes into the wall. Limp. Not dead yet, the back wasnt the most vital place but she was going to die. They shaking and sounds finally break Satan from his trance, face pale. Hands cold. But he still has that shine in his eyes, beautiful shine. BOOM. One team member left, we turn to the guy. Wierdly he was like us, he was a killer. I may have killed 3, but what is the difference of taking one life and taking three. The only difference between the first kill and the third is the face, killing your third person doesnt make you a killer. But killing your first does. Then he is gone, round the corner......round the corner to. To Ruby. BOOM.

"RUBY" I yell violently, not caring who hears. She could be dead. Was it just me and Satan. I turn the corner to see blood, Ruby covered head to toe. But she was looking good compared to the male. He is lying on the floor, blood hiding him. Head to toe with slashes, a knife. Ruby had done this. I no longer though of her as an equal, she was beaming. She was glad she had killed him. And in such a brutal way. She is no longer scared of me. I am scared of her.

Day 2- The Trials Begin

Argentum Lunatis's POV

I cant do this, my team is full of complete fucking dickheads. The capitol female is a spoilt brat, she expects she is the best but she is terrible. All through this she has expected me and the others to pull her along. The 3 pair and the 2 pair are to themselves, only talking with the others from there district. I am a complete loner in this group, and aparently the leaded. Forced upon me, but I hate this. It was only day 2 and 13 dead. We were all sent messages with our food supplies last night of those dead, and Onyx was with them. I cant believe he is gone. That is already 1 of our home, Tizella's alliance has lost half of its team. While I have heard nothing about the other two guys. I really wish we were in our districts, our district really seemed to click, well all of us other than Rosetta. She just went and cried. Tizella was ok, but she seemed to be always comforting Rosetta. But the boys, they were hilarious. We could have won this if we were in our districts. But I guess we cant be that lucky.

We have been moving as a steady pace all day. I am in the lead, with the 3 pair and Rosetta just behind. While Sasha and Kyle way back, almost out of view. We dont say a word, well no one says a work to me. And I say none to them, but the 3 pair are nattering away. And I bet the 2 lot are talking, but I have no clue to as what they are truly doing. I need to sort this out, I withdraw the map from my bag and call them all around. Apparently the 2 pair were further behind that we thought, and they join us after 10 minutes of waiting. We study it and easily find where we are, it shows us a basic concept but never shows us the exit. So we need to find that ourself, but this can help. We are located around the centre, near a large lake, and the tunnels go on for miles. We decide just to head out, there is a small river that flows down, and off the map. It would give us a clear marker to follow, and simple easy route to the edge of the map. And hopefully an exit.


I was sick of her, she wouldnt stop nipping. I pretended to like her at first but I cant complain. I cant. But I need to. I need to take her down, I need to. We cant go much further with her, she is slowing us down. And I am like paired with her, great. I would rather go solo. Wait.....I pat her on the shoulder and tell the others to go on. Some may think Im a git and a little tramp for doing this but I dont care. I want to win. I am no longer a girl. I need to be a leader. Look out for my team. I grab a rock off the floor as she rambles about her brother, and then make-up. A beeping breaks me from my silence, wait. How long had I taken to grab the rock. Rosetta has shut up, the beeping overiding even her. That means we are to far from our team. 1 day to reach them or the exit, I grab the rock and finish the dead, slamming it on the head of the girl. She clatters to the ground, limp but alive. So I turn. I turn and run. 1 day. Let the countdown begin. BOOM

Amethyst Bane's POV

I pick up and rock and throw it behind me. Then repeat, over and over again. Not stopping. My team was buried under there, but no cannons. I could save them. I could be the hero. Reapeating, repeating. I drag myself on and on. Not caring about the pain shooting up my arms. Its only a small pile now, and I can here moving. But I cant let them die. BOOM. Was it one of them, or was it a coincidence. I need to find out, and I cant stop. My legs are beginning to weaken but I dont care. I want the face of one of them to break through, Didrick, Braek or even Vanity. Aslong as its breathing I dont care, they may be broken but I wouldnt be alone. I cant be alone. My tears flow down my cheeks, blurring my vision. But really all its stopping me seeing is the sight that is the downfall of me. Other teams will be full, all 6 left and within minutes, I could have none of them left. I could be alone. I cant stop. I just cant, or I will die.

BOOM, another cannon. And now I am sure its atleast one of mine. The wall of rocks has shrunk dramatically, but still no tributes. None at all. I cant do it, but I must. Wait. I saw something. I begin to dig through a pile of smaller rocks, I see a nose. Then a mouth. Then a head. Its Didrick, I begin to pull, his face is pale. But I can see his breathing. I stuggle for minutes, removing him from the pile. Atleast I know Im not alone, I wrestle in my supplies, getting medicine out. Healing him. I know I should get the others out but its a hope. Its the only hope in this labyrinth, and I need to grab hold of it.


He sits up, he is alive. I call over Didrick, and he stumbles over. I now have two of them back, Braek stares around, like he is back from the dead. I hand him the bottle of water, then turn my attention to Unity. Her body is still limp, but she didnt die. Nothing good can be said for Ally and Vanity though. The two cannons, both my team. Both gone. And if something didnt happen Unity would follow them, I would be with two guys. And I didnt want that, Didrick had a broken arm, while we think Braek's leg in damaged. We are not moving anytime soon. I gain my feet and begin to walk, I turn the corner to see a blinding light. The pain surges through my eyes, I walk forward five more steps and I see grass. 2 days. And I was out. I run back, grabbing Didrick and Braek, they help me grab Unity. We were out, we had done it. I cant help but smile, and I can hear them laughing there heads off, we had escaped. I can feel figures grab Unity, they drag her into a stretcher, and wisked her away but I didnt care. I was 1st out. The pain was over, and I could have 10 days or something. Free to heal. I could train. I could win.

Calopy Pierce's POV

My heart slowly thuds as we pace round this room. Completly trapped. Before the earthquake there had been 3 ways in and out of this room. This cavern. Now every single one was trapped. Filled in with stones the size of Brass. Brass.....what to say about Brass......he is just.....Brass....the strong powerful leader. Who had been attacking the wall for around 20 minutes. Eleanor and Pedro are resting in the corner, we all dumped our supplies with them while we search the walls for anything....anything remotely useful. Luciania and Tim are scanning the tunnel entrances on the other side, while Brass and I tackle these ones.

" you think we can do this" I whisper, this conversation just between us.

"Do what"

"Well work with this team"

"Not you think we can"

"Your the leader..."

"Yeh but you got an 11....thats good"

"Yeh but you got a 12"

"Ok we are straying off topic, so ever thought of.....slimming the crowd..."

Brass turns to the room at large, removing a knife from my pocket. He looks up to the other tributes, focusses on Tim before letting the knife flow from his hand. I remove a second one, and throw it in almost the exact same pattern, just to the left.


Lucinia and Tim drop to the ground, while the tributes from 10 stare up at me. Fear in their eyes, I take a look at Brass and he shakes his head and turns back to the wall. Raising his mace. Sending it flying into the rock, smashing a hole. A hole out of here...

Excel Rose's POV

Jeni Frost's POV