Basic Structure

Its the games, BUT with all of us. We use names we are known by. This is mine and CallamD97's games, his idea my writing.


District User/Tribute Strengths Weapon Weaknesses Age User
D1 Male Callam Climbing, Speed, Throwing, Charm, Stealth and Camouflage Spear and Axe Insects and Plants 15 CallamD97
D1 Female Cassandra Seduction, Speed, Accuracy Throwing Knives/Axes Ego, Strength and Climbing 14


D2 Male Joseph Hand to Hand combat Club Plant Identification 14 TheCoCoPuffsGuy
D2 Female Dani Killing, hiding, climbing Katana and Sword Bugs and Spiders 13 RawrImmaEatYa
D3 Male Samuel Running and Climbing Axe, Spear, Kana Spiders 14 AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
D3 Female Anna Very fast, climbing, stealthy, smart (It's kinda hard to tell cause I am writing second language but home people consider me to be smart) Crossbow and Karate Has a hard time killing (especially younger tributes), insecure, not very good at making allies, doesen't trust anyone, having to leave an ally behind to save myself, 15
D4 Male Peter Fast Axe and Knife Plant Identification 14 Grimreaper8080
D4 Female Alice Being pervy, being a pedo, awkwardness, flirtiness Banana Gun and Trident Callams hair, good looking girls, bewbs 15 ColdSurrender
D5 Male Alex Speed, Adaptivity and Awesomenss Hammer Not the Strongest 13 Dannoh403
D5 Female Emily Yo Mama...Okay Jokes. Eletrical Chizz,Climbing and Speed oh and whats it called oh yeah SHE IS INTELLIGENT! (Debatable) Throwing Knives Combat Knives Swimming (Well she is okay I guess...) (Another of my bad district 5 jokes) Strength 15 PeetaPancakes
D6 Male Robin running, hiding, throwing the spear, nature lover, so knows a lot about plants and animals Sword and Spear not very strong, clumpsy 15 Robin040197
D6 Female Scarlett Fast Daggers and spear Spider 14 Scarlett123
D7 Male Charlie Very Strong and Great At Hand to Hand Combat Axe Isnt the Fastest 16 The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D7 Female Rose Intelligence and is good at gymnastics. Hand to Hand and Throwing Knives Is kinda shy and hates killing, even for Defence. 12 Polinarose
D8 Male Dave Weaving, Speed, Swimming, Running Axe, Throwing Axes Too loyal 14 Daveforeva
D8 Female Abby Nothing Stick Lily 13 Asfbn
D9 Male Andy Very......good at throwing Slinky Not Strong, Fast, Good Aim, Stealthy or Smart 17 Mysims
D9 Female Lily Speed Slingshot Strength 14 Flowers101
D10 Male Vinny Stealthy and Smart Throwing Knives Strength 13 ViniciusDeAssis1999
D10 Female Caylin Charismatic, jumping, running short distances, support Halberd and Fighting Daggers Callam's hair 13 ~PoundtheAlarm~
D11 Male Asher Fast Knife Climbing 13 AsherMizzou
D11 Female Lauren Fat Moobs EVERYTHING 13 Lauren x3
D12 Male Tommy Intelligent, crafty and sly. Also pretty strong and a fast runner. Knows hot to hunt. He is always 3 steps ahead of his enemies. Axe Not Trustworthy 15 Tommyboy97
D12 Female Mia Sprinting, Swimming and Aim Blowgun and Dagger Bad at climbing and long distance running. 13 66mc
D13 Male Wesley Flirting with Alice, Running and climbing Butterfly swords, Katana Blonde Girls and Swimming 16
D13 Female Daisy

Climbing, Being a freak

Knives Normal People (List of them on this wiki- Me) 16 Tiaraaaa
Cap Male John Tree Climbing and Hunting Javelin and Spear Physical Strength and Balance 13 Jsm13athome
Cap Female Tara Talking, throwing things - like knives, rocks and tantrums - and shouting. Knife and Chatterbozness Good target for sharp objects not wielded by her. 16 TaraEverdeen

Training Scores

Tribute and District Score Odds
Callam D1 11 2-1
Cass D1 10 5-1
Joseph D2 8 7-1
Dani D2 5 12-1
Sam D3 3 24-1
Anna D3 8 9-1
Petar D4 9 6-1
Alice D4 11 3-1
Alex D5 7 10-1
Emily D5 11 2-1
Robin D6 6 11-1
Scarlett D6 12 2-1
Charlie D7 10 6-1
Rose D7 9 7-1
Dave D8 2 33-1
Abby D8 5 16-1
Andy D9 8 10-1
Lily D9 9 7-1
Vinny D10 7 12-1
Caylin D10 8 10-1
Asher D11 4 23-1
Lauren D11 6 22-1
Tommy D12 9 3-1
Mia D12 8 8-1
Wesley D13 5 15-1
Daisy D13 6 13-1
John C 7 9-1
Tara C 10 4-1

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Means of Death
28th Tara Capitol Callam 1 Beheaded with Sword
27th Sam 3 Alice 4 Axe in the Back
26th Dani 2 Dani 2 Drowned in Boat
25th Wesley 13 Wesley 13 Drowned in Boat
24th Peter 4 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
23rd Asher 11 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
22nd Robin 6 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
21st Andy 9 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
20th Lauren 11 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
19th Alice 4 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
18th Scarlett 6 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
17th Charlie 7 Scarlett 6 Blown up By Bomb
16th Dave 8 Starved N/A Starved to Death
15th Abby 8 Starved N/A Starved to Death
14th Lily 9 Starved N/A Starved to Death
13th Mia 12 Starved N/A Starved to Death
12th John Capitol Callam 1 Stabbed in Back
11th Cass 1 Cass 1 Childbirth
10th Emily 5 Emily 5 Childbirth
9th Joseph 2 Baby 1/1 and 5 Baby to the chest
8th Daisy 13 Tommy 12 Knife to The Head
7th Tommy 12 Anna 3 Beheaded
6th Alex 5 Starved N/A Starved to Death
5th Rose 7 Callam 1 Stabbed to Death
4th Anna 3 Anna 3 Childbirth
3rd Callam 1 Kids 1/5/3 SUCKED TO DEATH
2nd Caylin 10 Caylin 10 Died of Old Age
1st Vinny 10 Vinny 10 Died of Old Age

The Games

Day 1

The tributes rise into the arena....the arena that is a lake resort. Assorted cabins dot the shoreline, with crystal clear water. Beautiful green trees, and a perfect sky. They are circled on the centre island of the lake. A good 500 metres from the shore. Loads of little boats surround the island, the only way of without swimming.


All tributes run in, most wanting something. Callam grabs a sword and looks for people to kill. He sees Tara running to a boat with John, he dives after them and swings the blade, crashing it into the side of her neck, and slicing through her neck. BOOM, John stares at Callam and is about to dive at him when he sees Tara's body. He leaps into the boat and begins to row, leaving the island behind.

Cass and Alice are fighting with Dave and Sam. Sam ducks to miss the knife but recieves an axe to the back from Alice. BOOM. Dave stares at the two careers then flees into the lake, not bothering to get a boat to flee. As he swims he passes the struggling figures of Wesley and Dani. Whose boat is capsizing. Wesley has his foot stuck inbetween the planks and cant remove it. Dani is trying to unfix it by diving under the water. But after the 3rd dive she doesnt come back up. BOOM. Wesley isnt able to remove the foot and is dragged under by the boat. BOOM.

Scarlett is rumaging through the supplies, looking for something when she finds a silver sphere. She tosses it from hand to hand, wondering what it is. Then she drops it, she drops the bomb. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Scarlett, Asher, Lauren, Charlie, Andy, Robin, Peter and Alice were all destroyed. Leaving only 16 alive.

Current Alliances

Careers- Emily, Cassandra, Callam

Leauge of Awesome- Joseph, Rose

Girl Power- Anna, Daisy, Lily, Abby, Mia

District 10- Caylin, Vinny

Alone- John, Alex, Dave, Tommy

Tribute Summary's

The careers got no supplies, as that was up to Alice and Andy. They are still on the island but in the wooded section of the island. All the supplies were destroyed along with the 8 tributes. Callam took seconds to get over Alice's death and has been in a bush with the other two careers for almost 30 minutes.

What has Happened In The 9 Months

Well Emily and Cass are PREGO, Dave, Abby, Lily and Mia all starved. John also died when Callam stabbed him in the heart. Other than that, ITS FINE.

9 Months Later


"SHUT IT YO BITCH" Cass yells throughout her screams.

"NO COZ ME WHIP UR ASS" Emily yells.

Emily grabs a whip and smacks it across Cass's ass.

"ME PREGO U BIATCH" Cass yells, stabbing Emily in the hair.

"SO AM I" Emily yells, bringing the whip down again.

Both girls stare at Callam, then in unison 10 babies pop out of each woments area.

"U WILL DIE" Both girls say in unison.


Callam stares at the 20 kids arround him. ALL WITH EPIC HAIR. THen a plan sprouts in his head. THE ULTIMATE ARMY, THE HAIR ARMY.

FINALLY AN 11TH BABY ERUPTS OUT AND FLIES INTO THE WOOD. BOOM. Callam runs to get his 21st kid and finds it in the arms of Rose. And Joseph on the floor, dead, the baby hitting him in the chest then killing him. He shares a look at Rose then dives at her and.....well we will see you in another 9 months.

BTW Anna and Daisy fought with Tommy. Tommy threw a knife which killed Daisy. BOOM. And then Anna beheaded Tommy. Alex died of starvation later dat night. LEAVING 5 LEFT. Anna from 3. Callam from 1. Rose from 7. Caylin and Vinny from 10.

ANOTHER 9 Monts Later

"SHIT A DOODLE DOO" Callam yells as the 793rd kid pops out of Rose's.....area..

"WELL ITS NO EASY JOB FOR MEH" Rose screams. About to pop 794.

"NO U DONT" He yells as he holds the knife and hacks Rose to pieces. BOOM. No more babies, leaving him with 813. WOW DATS A LOT. Anna strolls round the corner and....FUCK THIS...THIS IS JUST TO MUCH...NO PRIZES FOR GUESSING WHAT HAPPENS NOW.


OK ANNA HAD 1186 kids with callam bringing his total to 2000. NOW SHE DEED. BOOM. AND CALLAM IS SCARED




LEAVING THE FINAL 2...DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

88 Years Later

WELL THEY HAD A NICE LIFE ON DA SIDE OF THE LAKE, THEY RAISED CALLAMS KIDS AND HAS A HAPPY FAMILY. Sadly They died on the same day of old age and now Callam and Emily, Cass, Anna and Rose's kids own the lake. SO NICE.


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