Welcome and The Idea

Hi, welcome to the first and last Hunter Games. These will be a stand alone games, they are like most others exept from the tributes. 14 tributes were taken at the age of 8. They were bullied and trained for 10 years. They are now elite hunters, they will be put in the arena with 28 normal tributes. They then have the task of killing their district partners, if they do so. They win. And are removed from the arena. The normal tributes are just trying to do a normal games, survive while avoiding the hunters. Tributes can fight the hunters, but will they be able to take down the monsters.


To make it fair you can have 1 hunter tribute, an 1 normal tribute. Or. 2 normal tributes. No one is allowed 2 hunter tributes.

Hunter Tribute Info




Age: (Has to be 18)

Weapons: (Give 4)

Strengths: (Give 3)

Weakness: (Give 1)

Normal Tribute Info








District Name (Gender) Age Weapons Strengths Weakness
D1 Bentley Emmerson- Odair (Male) 18 Axe, Mace, Sword, Knives and Spear Strengths: Seductive, older brother and parents previous victors of Hunger Games, strong, good at climbing, loves swimming [great at it], headstrong, smart, trusting, fast, stealthy Doesnt cope well with idiots
D2 Amanda Kelly (Female) 18 Hand to Hand Combat, Spears, Katana, Numchucks Running, Swimming an Speed Noisy
D3 Xola Medhanie (Male) 18 Knives, Swords, Axes, Blowguns Tree Climbing, Swimming, Running Plant Identfication
D4 Danielle Cambell (Female) 18 Trident, Throwing Knives, Net and Sword Running, Hand to Hand Cobat and Swimming Short Tempered
D5 Mizuko Mori (Female) 18 Scythe, Sickle, Trident and Kama Fast, Stealthy, Great Swimmer and Climber Arachnophobia
D6 Jasmine Richards (Female) 18 Trident, Axes, Throwing Knives, Mace and Sword strength, running , climbing , hand to hand combat Fire
D7 Nestor Petrov (Male) 18 Throwing Knives, Axe, Dagger and Spear Strong, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Aim Ophiophobia
D8 Juva Akinshosa (Male) 18 Knife, Axe, Spear and Mace Hiding/ Camouflage, Speed, Martial Arts Building Shelter
D9 Havannah "Hanna" Whittle (Female) 18 Throwing Knives and Bow Very Fast and Cunning She, like her sister, isn't good with big decisions.
D10 Gavin Linfire (Male) 18 Anything that can be thrown Throwing, Climbing, Animal Identification and Swimming Gets Tired Easily
D11 Josh Cress (Male) 18 Sword, Mace, Trident and Knives Strength, Hand to Hand Combat Camoflage and Hiding
D12 Kayla Remarrow 18 Fire(setting thing on fire, etc.), Pick axe, knives, and rope(Snares, traps, etc.) Climbing, fast, and smart Arachnophobia
D13 Suki Sakura (Female) 18 Anything she can snipe with Sniping Her connection to her brother, Haru Sakura
CAP Marcie Firecrest (Female) 18 Throwing Knives, Blowgun, Mace, Sword. Sprinting, Stealth, Camouflage. Climbing and Swimming
District (Gender) Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1m Nick Firehart 13 Scythe and Sword Strong and fast Hand to hand Combat
D1f Melissa Riche 15 Katana Speed, Accuracy and Friendliness
D2m Jeff Fury 18 Sword, Spear, Knife. Strong, Fast, Killing. Swimming, Gets Angry Easily.
D2f Nichole List 17 Throwing Knives and Bow Running, Strength, Swimming and Hand to Hand Combat Bossy, Short Tempered
D3m Dexter Fin 16 Wire, Bow And Arrows, Dagger. Great Aim And Eyesight, Very Smart, Fast. Strength, Extreme Heat, When He Messes Up
D3f Saleetra Pandeel 12 Technology and Knife She is very smart and handy with a knife Isnt that strong or fast
D4m Eclipse Dobson 17 Trident and Net Swimming and Speed Strength and Climbing
D4f Jane Roberts 16 Throwing Knives, Trident and Net Running, Swimming and Hand to Hand Combat Camoflage and Falls for boys
D5m Spencer Knight 16 Spear and Sword Running, Climbing, Smart, Survival skills Camoflage and Hand to hand Combat
D5f Miranda Knight 14 Katana and Throwing Knives Strength, Speed, Hand to hand Combat and Survival tributes Camoflage and Climbing
D6m Vroom Rouge 15 Spear and Sword Charisma, Public Speaking and Swords Charisma, Public Speaking and Swords
D6f Lauren Jones 16 Axes, Sword and Throwing Knives Running, Climbing and Hiding Trusts people to easily
D7m Jacquelle "Jack" Artah 17 Axe, Blowgun and Throwing Knifes Physical Strength, tree climbing, plant identification Deserts
D7f Peyton Krei 16 Axe, Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives Running, Climbing, Survival Skills, Hans to hand Combat She trusts to easily
D8m Liam Charned 18 Sword, Knife and Mace Strong and Fast Climbing and Swimming
D8f Veronica Moon 15 Blowgun With Poison Darts, Knife Great Aim, Fast, Climbing, Hiding. Strength, Swimming, Gets Scared Easily.
D9m Alex Donaque 12 Sword and Bow His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal.
D9f Evelyn Mackena Rae 16 Knives, Rope and Sickle Smart, hand-to-hand combat, strong, doesn't trust anyone. Great hider. Has mild depression, can't swim well. Untrustworthy. Hostile.
D10m Even Trester 14 Butcher Knife Smart, knives, knows who to hunt, is a really good hider, and is fast Lack of knowledge for weapons, and is afraid of heights
D10f Fallon Marsop 14 Blowgun, Wooden Pole and Slingshot Speed and Climbing Noisy, Arrogant and Always goes for the bloodbath
D11m Jona Vert 18 Sword, Spear and Scythe Very strong and great Swimmer Not very fast or a good climber
D11f Debbie Rye 16 Whip and Blowgun Plants, Climbing and Running Swimming and Trust Issues
D12m Ryker Septune 17 Pick axe, and ok with a spear Strong, Smart, fast, quick thinker, can go without food for a while, can make a fire out of anything, and handy with a knife Hiding, can be loud, camo, can get frustrated easily when provoked, and climbing
D12f Dacey Mariah Hawthorne 16 Bow and Spear Hunts in the wilderness of 12 often and has grown very talented at it; stealthy and agile, clever. Being insulted or her family being put down, not the best swimmer.
D13m Richt Leet 16 Sword, Spear and Axe Fast, Strong and Great Accuracy Not a good Climber or Swimmer
D13f Sydney Campell 16 Spear Speed and Climbing Fire or Eerie Places
CAPm Julius Namatcha 17 Swor, Spear and Trident Speed and Climbing Swimming and Accuracy
CAPf Yasmine Rain 15 Throwing Knives Throwing knives, Hiding, Stealth. Afraid of Ducks

Tribute Gallery

Hunter Tributes

Normal Tributes

The Announcement

"Welcome to the first and last Hunter Games" President Monsoon booms "10 years ago we took 14 tributes, each of the 8, This year they will be placed in an arena"

A collective gasp echoes all across the whole of Panem.

"And we will also place 1 boy and 1 girl from each district, will also e put in the arena" He continues ignoring the gasps "The Hunter tribute, the 18 year old trained tribute, will hunt the tributes from their district. If they kill both of the tributes, or are the last standing from their district they shall be removed and treasured. For the tributes the last standing shall be named victor"

This news destroys the capitol and the surrounding district. What hope will 2 un-trained tributes kill a tribute who has trained for 10 years. Basically there will be 14 victors this year, and they will all be 18.

Training Scores

District Tribute Score Odds of Escaping
1 Bentley Emmerson-Odair (Male) 11 4-1
2 Amanda Kelly (Female) 11 4-1
3 Xola Medhanie (Male) 10 7-1
4 Danielle Cambell (Female) 10 5-1
5 Mizuko Mori (Female) 11 3-1
6 Jasmine Richards (Female) 11 3-1
7 Nestor Petrov (Male) 12 2-1
8 Juva Akinshosa (Male) 11 6-1
9 Havannah "Hanna" Whittle (Female) 10 7-1
10 Gavin Linfire (Male) 11 5-1
11 John Cress (Male) 10 7-1
12 Kayla Remarrow (Female) 11 4-1
13 Suki Sakura (Female) 12 2-1
C Marcie Firecrest (Female) 10 9-1
District Tribute Score Odds of Winning
1m Nick Firehart 10 6-1
1f Melissa Richie 8 9-1
2m Jeff Fury 9 8-1
2f Nichole List 9 8-1
3m Dexter Fin 6 18-1
3f Saleetra Pandeel 4 40-1
4m Eclipse Dobson 10 6-1
4f Jane Roberts 9 8-1
5m Spencer Knight 7 18-1
5f Miranda Knight 6 25-1
6m Vroom Rouge 9 5-1
6f Lauren Jones 7 20-1
7m Jacquelle "Jack" Artah 6 25-1
7f Peyton Krei 9 10-1
8m Liam Charned 7 12-1
8f Veronica Moon 5 20-1
9m Alex Donaque 3 50-1

Evelyn Makenna Rae

8 12-1
10m Even Trester 4 12-1
10f Fallon Marsop 10 6-1
11m Jona Vert 7 7-1
11f Debbie Rye 8 12-1
12m Ryker Septune 7 12-1
12f Dacey Mariah Hawthorne 10 7-1
13m Richt Leet 6 12-1
13f Sydney Cambell 11 4-1
Cm Julius Namatcha 4 30-1
Cf Yasmine Rain 7 14-1

Capitol Favourites

These are just in order of scores, betting odds and district.

Placing Tribute District Score Betting Odds
1st Sydney Cambell 13 F 11 4-1
2nd Vroom Rouge 6 M 9 5-1
3rd Nick Firehart 1 M 10 6-1

Fallon Marsop 10F 10 6-1
5th Eclipse Dobson 4 M 10 6-1
6th Dacey Mariah Hawthorne 12 F 10 7-1
7th Jona Vert 11 M 7 7-1
8th Nichole List 2 F 9 8-1
9th Jeff Fury 2 M 9 8-1
10th Jane Roberts 4 F 9 8-1
11th Melissa Richie 1 F 8 9-1
12th Payton Krei 7 F 9 10-1

Debbie Rye 11 F 8 12-1
14th Evelyn Mackena Rae 9 F 8 12-1
15th Ryker Septune 12 M 7 12-1
16th Liam Charned 8 M 7 12-1
17th Richter Leet 13 M 6 12-1

Even Trester 10 M 4 12-1
19th Yasmine Rain C F 7 14-1
20th Spencer Knight 5 M 7 18-1
21st Dexter Fin 3 M 6 18-1
22nd Lauren Jones 6 F 7 20-1
23rd Veronica Moon 8 F 5 20-1
24th Miranda Knight 5 F 6 25-1

Jacquelle "Jack" Artah 7 M 6 25-1
26th Julius Namatcha C M 4 30-1
27th Saleetra Pandeel 3 F 4 40-1
28th Alex Donaque 9 M 3 50-1
Placing Tribute District Score Betting Odds
1st Saki Sakura 13 F 12 2-1
2nd Nestor Petrov 7 M 12 2-1
3rd Mizuko Mori 5 F 11 3-1
4th Jasmine Richards 6 F 11 3-1
5th Amanda Kelly 2 F 11 4-1
6th Bentley Emmerson-Odair 1 M 11 4-1
7th Kayla Remarrow 12 F 11 4-1
8th Danielle Cambell 4 F 10 5-1
9th Gavin Linfire 10 M 11 5-1
10th Juva Akinshosa 8 M 11 6-1

Havannah "Hanna" Whittle 9 F 10 7-1
12th John Crest 11 M 10 7-1
13th Xola Medhanie 3 M 10 7-1
14th Marcie Firecrest C F 10 9-1

The Arena

I will quickly summarise it. It is 3 different forests and a small field with the cornucopia. There is a rainforest, normal forest and distortion forest. Each has mutts, traps and water and food sources. There is also a mountain rainforest, at the very rear of the arena.


This is in order of leaving the arena, if a hunter kills both there triute they will be in the list as if they died at that point.

Placing Tribute District Killer District Cause of Death
42nd Melissa Richie 1 Bentley Emmerson-Odair 1 Mace to the Head
41st Richter Leet 13 Suki Sakura 13 Gun shot to the head
40th Eclipse Dobson 4 Danielle Cambell 4 Knife in heart
39th Jane Roberts 4 Danielle Cambell 4 Knife in head
38th Amanda Kelly 2 Danielle Cambell 4 Knife in head
37th Danielle Cambell 4 N/A 4 Removed as she killed both the 4 tributes
36th Evelyn Mackena Rae 9 Havanna "Hanna" Whittle 9 Knife in throat
35th Lauren Jones 6 Jasmine Richards 6 Knife in stomach
34th Miranda Knight 5 Nichole List 2 Beheaded
33rd Jeff Fury 2 Suki Sakura 13 Shot to the head
32nd Nick Firehart 1 Saki Sakura 13 Shot to the lung
31st Jasmine Richards 6 Saki Sakure 13 Shot to the Heart
30th Xola Medhanie 3 Nestor Petrov 7 Axe in chest
29th Juva Akinshosa 8 Nestor Petrov 7 Axe in chest
28th Josh Cress 11 Nestor Petrov 7 Beheaded
27th Peyton Krei 7 Nestor Petrov 7 Axe in chest
26th Spencer Knight 5 Kayla Remarrow 12 Throat Slit
25th Mizuko Mori 5 N/A 5 Removed as both the 5 tributes are dead
24th Kayla Remarrow 12 Nestor Petrov 7 Beheaded
23rd Bentley Emmerson-Odair 1 N/A 1 Removed as both the 1 tributes are dead
22nd Veronica Moon 8 Nichole List 2 Knife to the heart
21st Nichole List 2 Veronica Moon 8 Knife to the throat
20th Liam Charned 8 Havannah "Hanna" Whittle 9 Knife to the stomach
19th Julius Namatcha C Nestor Petrov 7 Axe in chest
18th Yasmine Rain C Nestor Petrov 7 Axe in chest
17th Marcie Firecrest C Nestor Petrov 7 Axe in chest
16th Jona Vert 11 Suki Sakura 13 Knife to the head
15th Dacey Mariah Hawthorne 12 Nestor Petrov 7 Axe in chest
14th Ryker Septune 12 Suki Sakura 13 Knife in heart
13th Dexter Fin 3 Saki Sakura 13 Knife to the throat
12th Vroom Rouge 6 Saki Sakura 13 Knife to the heart
11th Saleetra Pandeel 3 Tree N/A Crushed by tree
10th Gavin Linfire 10 Fire N/A Burned to death
9th Fallon Marsop 10 Fire N/A Burned to death
8th Even Trester 10 Fire N/A Burned to death
7th Nestor Petrov 7 Sydney Campell 13 Scythe in the head
6th Suki Sakura 13 Sydney Campell 13 Scythe in head
5th Sydney Campell 13 Suki Sakura 13 Bullet to the eye
4th Havannah "Hanna" Whittle 9 Havannah "Hanna" Whittle 9 Knife in skull
3rd Jacquelle "Jack" Artah 7 Alex Donaque 9 Bullet to the head
2nd Debbie Rye 11 Jacquelle "Jack" Artah 7 Knife to the head

The Games

Day 1

Spencer's (POV)

I stand on my podium, waiting for it to rise. Thinking it all over in my head. When we get up we will wait the usual 60 seconds. Then we were off. A normal bloodbath for the first minute. Then the hunters are released. We were told to run. Straight away. According to the capitol favourites Mizuko, our hunter, came 3rd. Not good for us. We are then to find a food source, he will send us weapons and then we are to defend. Dont go and find Mizuko, let her find us. And I know she will.

I feel a shudder then I rise. I share a knowing glance with my stylist, the last adult I will see before I am cut of from the rest of the world. All I see is dirt, I can feel the by heart beating, faster and faster. Rising into the arena, rising into the place where I will die.

Nick's (POV)

The light blinds me at first, taking almost 20 seconds of my time to observe. We are in a small field, surrounded by trees. Behind me in a long vicious line of people. Infront of me a glistening pile of hope. The cornucopia. I need to go in and then get out. I can see Bentley carrying a huge mace. A mace that wants my blood covering. BANG. I leap of my plate and reach the cornucopia. I see no battle between the normal tributes. No tribute beat there hunter in training. Sydney who got the highest was still beaten. Everyone wants to get in and out. I grab a sword and backpack when BANG. I turn to see all the hunters tearing towards me. I just manage to reach the forest before the hunters hit us. But thats not the same for Melissa as seconds later Bentley brings the mace down on her head. BOOM.

Suki's (POV)

I tackle Sydney to the floor and raise my gun. It may only have three bullets but I only need two. One for this bitch and one for that other guy. I raise the gun to her head, wiping away her pretty hair with the head of the gun. I can see the fear course through her body, burning bright in her eyes. Im about to shoot when something smashes into me, sending me flying.

I quicly reagain my footing to see the other excuse for a tribute 13 sent. He is carrying a knife, nothing compared to my gun. I sniker then slowly raise the gun, then pull the trigger. BOOM. 1 down, just Sydney. I turn to see her dissapear into the forest. I grab a bag then follow, following the only thing that stands between me and victory.

Nichole's (POV)

Im deflect the next blow wit my sword but Im getting tired. Jeff is on the floor with a broken leg, and Eclipse and Jane are in combat with Danielle. We are the only ones left, only two have died so far but I have a feeling more will come. BOOM, BOOM. I spin to see Danielle standing over the bodies of the other tributes from 4. She gives me a smile then throws a knife, I just dodge it but it continues sailing, straight into the head of Amanda Kelly. BOOM. I turn to thank her but when I turn, I see her rising on a ladder. Leaving the arena. WHIZZ. I guess that symbols a tribute escaping, a tribute going home.

Summary Tributes

The tributes from 2 are still at the cornucopia, Nick came back and joined them. The district 2 tributes are the only ones to have the safety of no hunter.

Bentley is exploring the rainforest, looking for Nick even though he is walking in the completely wrong direction.

Saleetra, Dexter, Vroom and Mizuko had formed an alliance. They agreed Mizuko would protect them aslong as they help them find the Knight sibligs.

Xola, Nestor and Juva have formed an alliance. They are hot on the trail of Mizuko's alliance.

Jasmine and Peyton are both in the distortion forest, they are together and are trying to find Lauren and Nestor, Lauren is just ahead in the forest.

Sydney is hiking up a mountain in the rainforest section. She is currently resting in an abondened hut. Suki is just behind. She is resting in the trees.

The Knight siblings are resting on the edge of the field. They are considering going an asking for an alliance with the careers.

District 11 and district 12 are allying in the rainforest. Josh and Kayla are following them, waiting to attack.

District 8, Jack and district 9 are resting in a small hut in the rainforest.

No cameras can find the tributes from 10. The hunter is really confused as he was following them and then they vanished.

Havannah is in the rainforest, very rich with supplies.

The capitol tributes are all in the normal forest, but all alone.

Day 2

Evelyn's (POV)

I run through the forest, I had planned on making a great escape. Well not get killed but while escaping I ran into my hunter. Havannah. She was throwing knives, bows and swords. I have a knife. I flee through the trees but then I trip. I spin onto my back to see the girl standing on my chest. Tears are rolling down her face, tearing tracks down the mud cloaking her face. She is holding a knife, she slowly bends down an holds it to my neck. She meets my eyes and mouths the words. "Im sorry" Then plunges the knife through my neck. BOOM.

Vroom's (POV)

Im terrified. Even though I was placed second on the betting odds for the non-hunters. Its horrible. I feel slightly safer with Mizuko, she was strong. I saw Jasmine enter the forest on the other side, following Lauren. We need to kill Xola, when he is dead we can go after Jasmine. Then the Knight siblings. Only Danielle had killed both her tributes. Last night her face had appeared after the others with a red R in the corner of her picture. It feels sad to think that that could never happen to me. i had to fight till the end. And looking at the sky the only tributes that had a clean sailing till the end was district 2. There hunter is dead. And I wish Jasmine was dead. BOOM.

Jasmine's (POV)

I pull my knife out of the girls stomach. Easy kill. I can see the shock in Peyton's eyes. But I dont care. I havent seen my family in 10 years, she saw hers less than two weeks ago. I was going home and the only thing standing in my way was Vroom. I grab the bag she had an turn. We walk for ages and finally reach the cornucopia, and see a fight. We run right in as the first casualtie occurs. BOOM. I see that 5 girls head roll across the field, landing metres fro her body. I think abut jumping in and I do. Who doesnt love a little fighting.

Nichole's (POV)

1 down 1 to go. Oh no, theres that girl from 7 and the 6 hunter. No. I stop stabbing an yell. Everyone stops and stares at me. Even the hunter. A smirk passes over her face, she knows what Im doing and respects me. I quickly tell everyone to stop fighting, and be quiet. After 2 minutes of talking we form a giant alliance. None of us need to kill any of us now. We decide to move to the mountains and walk at a steady pace until we meet Suki. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Jasmine, Jeff and Nick all crumple to the floor. A single bullet wound on each body. I look at her then flee, Peyton close on my heel. Spencer also running just ahead. I expect her to follow but she has her own race. To kill Sydney.

Nestor's (POV)

BOOM, BOOM. I remove my axe from the chests of Xola and Juva. They were good allies but I need to win. And they are slowing me down. Im sure I heard other tributes, near and I need to rack up kills. I trek through the forest looking for something, someone. I have 4 axes and a pack so Im fine. I reach what looks like a barrier between two areas. A rainforest. I wander through and encounter a most pleasured scene. That 13 girl killed the 6 hunter, 1 male and 2 male. She may have let the 7 female, 2 female and 5 male escape but now they are mine. Ill deal with that Suki later. Now its the 7 girl and her little allies. I tear through the forest at a close pace behind them but then I run into two more huters.

Kayla's (POV)

I tear through the forest, Josh stopped to fight that Nestor but he wont last long. BOOM. That was his cannon. Obviously. I crash into a clearing filled with 3 tributes. Peyton, Spencer and Nichole. As soon as Nichole sees me she darts off but I want to kill them. BOOM. Peyton collpases with an axe in her chest. Secons later Nestor appears with 3 axes. I quickly say alliance and we start to gang on Spencer. Not very hard. I quickly slit his throat with my knife. BOOM. WHIZZ. That signals that Mizuko obviously is being removed. Not so good. WHIZZ. What the hell. Why the firework, wait. Bentley was never removed. Why not. That was his, they must have just founf him.

Nestor's (POV)

I stalk through the forest looking for Jack, but no sign. I dropped Kayla way back. She was good in that fight but she was weak. But despite trying to lose her, I find her again. And in one movement BOOM. Kayla is dead. WHIZZ. What the hell. Why the firework, wait. Bentley was never removed. Why not. That was his, they must have just found him. That leaves like 4 hunters. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are all gone. 7, 9 and 10 are still in here. 11 and 12 just died. And Suki and Marie are still here. 5 left, not many.

Summary of Tributes

Nestor and Suki, as predicted, are the most deadly tributes. Nestor is heading towards the 11 12 alliance. Suki is heading to the 3, 6 alliance.

The 3 6 alliance is resting in a tree in the rainforest. They are running out of supplies.

The 11 12 alliance are on the move, heading towards Nestor.

The 7, 8, 9 alliance are resting and are being spied onby Havannah and Nichole.

Gavin has now gone missing along with the other tributes from 10.

The capitol tributes have seen no other tributes and are all low on supplies.

Day 3

Nichole's (POV)

I dive into the fight. Havannah dived in a minute ago. She was aiming for the 9 boy but he is gone. Along with the 7 male. I slash and hack at the girl and her scream fills the air. Not dead but nearly. The boy is on the floor already and Havannah is....FLEEING. Why. I turn to the girl and she smiles. At the same time we throw our knifes, mine strikes the heart, BOOM. Dead. and hers strikes my throat. BOOM. BOOM.

Nestor's (POV)

BOOM, BOOM, The corpeses of the tributes from 2 clatter to the floor. My axes sticking out of them. I hold my remaining axe above my head, then I slam it down on the chest of the capitol hunter. BOOM. Easy. That leaves district 11, 12 tributes. Suki and Sydney. The 9 hunter and male. District 3 and the 6 male. All of 10. And Jack. My last obstical. I grab the three axes and continue on passing back into the rainforest and seeing what I presume is the biggest alliance in the arena. BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Debbie's (POV)

My 3 allies are all dead. That 7 hunter is running after the 13 hunter and Im alone. I have no food or water and the only weapons are an axe and two knives. Not much. So far 9 cannons had gone today. And I know 3 of them. 13 tributes left. And thats it. 42 entered, 3 have exited alive. 26 have exited dead. Why do they make us do that. Its so horrible. The only career left is Nichole, but she might have died. Anyone could have died. And I may be next.

Suki's (POV)

I run pass the 3 mangled bodies of the tributes I killed yesterday, there still alive but will die. BOOM BOOM. Theres the first two. BOOM. And thats the final one. One was crushed by a tree but the others count. I keep running till Im sure Ive lost him and reach the rainforest. I fall asleep only to be woken by a petrifying scream and see firem encircle the mountain. BOOM BOOM BOOM. I guess that means every reaining tribute was on this mountain. And that meant tommorow was the final day.

Summary of Tributes

Everyone is on the mountain getting ready for the final day.

Day 4

Suki's (POV)

I place my gun on the side and leap into the pond. I found this small abandoned hut with a small pond. It had cuboards stocked with food and a series of knives. Its so cool and nice. I thought there would be a mutt or something but it is shallow enough to know there is nothing. This hut is on the top of the hill so I expected Sydney to be near. I get out of the pool and reach for my clothes when hear a creak and spin, naked from head to toe, to face Nestor.

I grab for my gun but realise its over beside the cuboards. I just manage to leap out the way before his axe spirals past me. I bolt over to my gun and grab it. When I turn back he is charging. I shoot but it smashes into his axe and richochets into the pool. We both stare at the ripples spread by the bullet before resuming combat. I grab a knife and stab at his face and connect with his ear. He swings the axe at my leg but I leap into the pool. I raise my gun to shoot him but see hi no where. Then I feel some hot and ticky trickle down the back of y head. Then I collapse beneath the water to see the figure of Nestor above me. I just manage to raise my gun. And shoot. BOOM.

Sydney's (POV)

I wait for Suki to break through the surface or a second cannon to sound. I yank my blade out of the head of Nestor and wipe the blood off on his clothes. My first kill. And I felt nothing. I keep waiting but nothing happens. Then she dives out the water, knive brimmed. Gun in one hand ready to kill. So I throw my Scythe and it implants square between the eyes and her bullet strikes me in the eye. BOOM BOOM.

Havannah's (POV)

I shove Alex's gun to the floor and stand over him. I need to kill him is all I can think. I need to see my family. My sister. My mum. My dad. But he is 12. I can see the fear course through his eyes. The pain in his voice as he mumbles his pleas for his life. Should I kill him, the young boy who hasnt seen even a quarter of his life. I raise my life and plunge it into a skull, my skull. BOOM.

Debbie's (POV)

I satre around at the 2 tributes facing me. Alex on my left, Jack on my right. Jack has no weapons, I have an axe and knives. Alex has a scythe and gun. A GUN. BOOM. BOOM.


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