Welcome and The Idea

Hi, welcome to the first and last Hunter Games. These will be a stand alone games, they are like most others exept from the tributes. 14 tributes were taken at the age of 8. They were bullied and trained for 10 years. They are now elite hunters, they will be put in the arena with 28 normal tributes. They then have the task of killing their district partners, if they do so. They win. And are removed from the arena. The normal tributes are just trying to do a normal games, survive while avoiding the hunters. Tributes can fight the hunters, but will they be able to take down the monsters.


To make it fair you can have 1 hunter tribute, an 1 normal tribute. Or. 2 normal tributes. No one is allowed 2 hunter tributes.

Hunter Tribute Info




Age: (Has to be 18)

Weapons: (Give 4)

Strengths: (Give 3)

Weakness: (Give 1)

Normal Tribute Info








District Name (Gender) Age Weapons Strengths Weakness
1 Sano Kao 18 Ninja Stars, Knifes, Spear, Arrows Ninja Pro, Stalker, and Hiding. Memories of Family Deaths.
2 Ore "Snake" Cole 18 Swords Clever, Agile, and Swordsmanship. Unable to trust and arrogant
3 Yuki Yubari 18 Chain Mace Agility, Gymnastics Fire
4 Cordelia Maci Estelle 18 Trident Sword strong, sneaky, stealthy, flexible Fire
5 Connor Quinnary 18 Sword and Spear Strong, Fast and good Swimmer Not the smartest
6 LeAnn Icronium 18 Knives, Axes, Slingshots, Bow and Arrows Tree Climbing, Hand-to-Hand, Swimming Plant Identification
7 Mayumi Oshima 18 Sword, bow and arrow, throwing knives, and spear. Dodging attacks, throwing knives, and also her hearing. she screams super loud if she breaks an nail
8 Lisa Richards 18 knife, bow and arrow, clubs, and martial arts agility, endurance, and strategic Overconfidence
9 Morgana Wolff 18 Mace, Sword. Excellent with a spear and is adequte with knives Fast and strong, has a good sense of character Is blind in the left eye
10 Alice Marsop 18 wooden pole, blowgun, slingshot, bow and arrow climbing, running, blowgun Fire
11 Lisa Richards 18 Bow and Arrow Fast, Archery, Minipulitive Too trusting and fragile
12 Sienna Goldsmith 18 Anything but mainly Knives Charming people to thinking she is an innocent girl then attaking them viciously Swimming and being Alone
13 Haku Sakura 18 Anything He Can Snipe With Sniping, He Learned it From His Sister His Connection To His Sister, Suki Sakura
C Dustin Rider 18 Sword, throwing knifes, martial arts, and snares Strength, speed, and enhanced senses No Left Hand

District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1f Aurora Gold 14 Halberd or sword Fast an Quiet Not the strongest
D1m Eros Lujano 14 Axe, Thwoing Axe Running, Swimming. Losing a Loved One or Friend.
D2f Hanna Marquin 17 Nightlock Lipstick Being the Queen bee Being Strong
D2m Andrew Stone 16 Spears Engineer, Strength Snores while sleeping, gets hungry quick
D3f Marina Kingston 17 Blowgun, Bow and Arrow Camouflage, Plant Idenification and Swimming In love with Callam
D3m Clark Westover 17 Blowgun and Throwing Knives/Throwing Axes He is very fast and has very quick reflexes Arachnophobia
D4f Quiley Glade 16 Trident Throwing Knives Great Swimmer and Fast Not the strongest or greatest climber
D4m Callam Delaney 17 Trident and Net Speed, Cimbing and Wrestling In love with Marina
D5f Jaquelin "Jackie" Amhdal 16 Knife Her Looks She isnt the fastest
D5m Jason Green 14 Sword Smart, strong, and swordsmanship Impatient and unkind
D6f Lexi Hart 16 Throwing Knives Fast and Smart Not the strongest
D6m Aaron Coin 18 Strength, Axe, Sword He's very strong and is good at making shelter He has major trust issues
D7f Paisley Tara Woodsworth 17 Axe, spear, rope, camoflauge. Growing up in the Lumber District, Paisley grew talented with an axe and rope especially- as she used them a lot throughout her life. She is strong, fast, and very clever. She is extremely talented with camoflauge. She is very liked and seen as beautiful- especially by boys- but she tends to not care a lot. Swimming
D7m Hwan Kwa-joon 14 Throwing Knives Good eyesight and fast. Doesnt have great hearing
D8f River Caliente 16 Spears Camouflage, Speed, Climbing Being alone in the dark
D8m Mike Konks 16 Bow and arrow, rocks, daggers Running, climbing, hearing, seeing Gets tired from running fast, and might crack under pressure
D9f Hopeabelle "Hope" Whittle 13 Good with a bow and throwing knives Fast and cunning, really smart. Not good with big decisions, easily overpowered
D9m Finxander "Fin" Whittle 14 Good with a spear and a sword, sucks at long range. Strongish, really fast and cunning, good with his hands. Sucks at talking to others, painfully shy.
D10f Myristal Haze 14 Halberd Fast and strong Terrible Swimmer
D10m Dylan Crows 15 Axe and Spear Hand-to-Hand, Running Swimming, Plant Identification
D11f Sarah Backmon 16 Knives Camping, seduction, and knives ADD and temper
D11m Larz Williams 18 Hand to Hand Combat Strategic,Intimidating, and hand to hand combat Slow and Stubborn
D12f Katy Powers 15 Knifes Strong Not fast or a good swimmer
D12m Hearth Fire 16 Ice Pick Coal Mining Sleeps to much
D13f Kira Malone 14 Dagger Intelligence, Inuitive Heights, Can't swim, not very fast
D13m Dento Granga 18 Scythe, Sickle and Kama Very fast and strong Cant Swim or Climb
Cf Rosemelrose Divage 12 Bow Fast and great climber Not very strong
Cm Ivory Denim 16 Bow and Sword Fast and Strong Not a good swimmer or climber

Training Scores


District Tribute Score Odds
1 Sano Kao 11 4-1
2 Ore "Snake" Cole 12 2-1
3 Yuki Yubari 10 4-1
4 Cordelia Maci Estelle 11 4-1
5 Connor Quinnary 10 5-1
6 LeAnn Incronium 11 3-1
7 Mayumi Oshima 10 5-1
8 Lisa Richards 11 5-1
9 Morgana Wolff 12 2-1
10 Alice Marsop 11 4-1
11 Lisa Richard 12 2-1
12 Sienna Goldsmith 10 6-1
13 Haku Sakura 11 5-1
C Dustin Rider 11 4-1


District Tribute Score Odds
1f Aurora Gold 11 3-1
1m Eros Lujano 7 12-1
2f Hanna Marquin 10 5-1
2m Andrew Stone 11 3-1
3f Marina Kingston 2 50-1
3m Clark Westover 7 13-1
4f Quiley Glade 8 10-1
4m Callam Delaney 9 7-1
5f Jaquelin "Jackie" Amhdal 3 30-1
5m Jason Green 5 16-1
6f Lexi Hart 6 15-1
6m Aaron Coin 9 7-1
7f Paisley Tara Woodsworth 11 3-1
7m Hwan Kwa-joon 10 5-1
8f River Caliente 5 16-1
8m Mile Konks 8 10-1
9f Hopeabelle "Hope" Whittle 4 20-1
9m Fixander "Fix" Whittle 6 15-1
10f Myristal Haze 9 7-1
10m Dylan Crows 3 30-1
11f Sarah Backmon 11 3-1
11m Larz Williams 6 15-1
12f Katy Powers 3 30-1
12m Hearth Fire 1 100-1
13f Kira Malone 4 20-1
13m Dento Granga 9 7-1
Cf Rosemelrose Divage 8 10-1
Cm Ivory Denim 4 20-1

Death Chart

Place Tribute District
VICTOR Haru Sakura 13


Day 1

28 tributes circle a golden hunk of metal, full of supplies. Golden and glistening. 14 tributes surround them. Bows and swords. A new rule had been added. These games only last a day. The tributes adire the arena. A single field. No bigger than a football pitch. 1 day, atleast 28 deaths. And there off. Both at the same time this year. Hearth is the first to the cornucopia, he is trying to grab a weapon when Ivory is impaled by a spear. Which also hits Hearth. Rosemelrose is shocked, knowing she killed her district partner. Rosemelrose is filled with sadness and grabs a knife. Knowing she did wrong she drags it across her throat. Dustin stares at the dead capitol tributes then laughs before being removed. The screen flashes black. And everyone waits. Waits. And waits. When it finally flashes up only 1 tribute is left standing. Haru Sakura.

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