Welcome and the Idea

Well I was thinking, doing some maths. And thinking some more and I came up with this idea. I know the Greek gods have been played around with but I want to put a new spin on it. This is the idea. Basically its simple, the Greek god have been watching the Hunger Games forever. And this time they decided to join in, each god took a district to sponsor, they would bestow it with one power. That its tributes would use to help in the games. It also has to relate to the gods relation and duties. It will be capitol to district 13:

District Patron God/Godess Power Bestowed
1 Athena Strategy and Intelligence in War
2 Ares Power With Weapons and Hands
3 Hephaestus Skill With Hands, and Power Over Fire
4 Poseidon Power Over Water and Natural Disasters
5 Hera Power in Voice, Persuasion and Cows
6 Hermes Power Over Speed and Healing
7 Demeter Power Over Nature and Edible Plants
8 Aphrodite Power Over Passion and Love
9 Apollo Deadly Accuracy and Power Over Healing
10 Artemis Deadly Accuracy and Power Over Animals


Power Over Vines and Fruit Baring Plants
12 Hestia Power Over Heat and Warmth
13 Hades Power Over Death and Disease
Capitol Zeus Power Over Thunder, Lightning and Wind


  1. I do swear a lot, and I mean a lot. I dont believe in making the games for kids. There will be swearing, mild sexual imagry and violence (Obviously) anyone who complains about this will get there tribute killed.
  2. I will be choosing the cream of the crop, and not everyone will get in. Im sorry if this happens, to insure your tributes get in please do some stuff to your tribute. I love names. There are good names. Illuminate Sensorium, Aquamarine Summerton, Chlorine Nickelson and Melanoi Jet. Bad names are these. John Jacobs, Liam Ridel and Peter Morrice. Boring names. And I wont accept them, there is only 28 spots.
  3. These will be a simple game, just training, chariots and the games. I cant be bothered with the other stuff, as that is the sort of stuff Im doing in my Deception Games. I may do interviews if Im up for it.
  4. Lastly, I will be a while. Please encourage me or I wont continue them. If you dont comment your tribute will die, those who support them and send them advice are more likely to win.


Now I want good tributes, since the format I wont take reservations. But if your tribute is amazing I will take it. Please no on my profile, I do accept links to other wikis since I do that myself, but no on my profile.

Now I cant stress this enough, I wont take rubbish tributes. Enter as many as you want and I will take them. I dont care if someone owns 7 tributes. If they are 7 quality tributes I will put them in. Also these games are like a normal games in terms of the tributes. I dont need fancy Roman names. But nice names, that relate to the district will be needed.

Finally I wont take tributes without all the information, I dont ask for much. A minimum of this:


District (Please list 3 incase you dont get your first choice)-





That is all I 100% need, but add some more stuff so I am more likely to pick them like:






The more likable a character is, or the more indepth they are means they will have a bigger chance to win. I take my games seriously and I want to best I can. No rubbish will be accepted. So let the games begin.

District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses Extra
District 1 Male Cream Donahew 16 Any Weapon Killing using any weapon Scared of the moon

The high priest of the Solar Cult (He worships the Sun and sacrifices animals to the Sun God) Joined when he was 10 and became high priest at 12, when the last High priest died in the Hunger Games.

Religious, bossy, loud, rashful

A sun Mask

Sacrifice a bull to the Sun, along with other tributes

District 1 Female Diamond Celestia 16   Diamond is good, really good with bows and arrows. Her archery skill was learned in the Career Academy of The District One. She is good with other weapons too, mainly with knives (non-throwing and throwing), axes and spears. And she is a good runner. Well, she is great with fast races like 100m, but she can't run 400m with ease. The big problem is the 800m. She starts to feel her skin dead, and she stops with afraid. Another great skill is how she uses her beautiful look to seduce other peoples, mainly the boys. She is awful with swords or other weapons like sickles or machetes. She prefers small weapons because they are easy to manage. Her other weakness is leading allies. She isn't very good with this, because she gets cofunsed in very hard times. In the most of the times, she needs to be super protected by the Careers.

Diamond is a little rude with the ones that she likes, but she seems like a little unprotected girl with the ones that she doesn't like. She uses her seducing kill to be charming and sexy. All the boys fall on her feet when they see her doing anything.

She grows up in a super rich family with a lot of diamond factories working for them. Her mother, Celestina, gives her this name because when she borns, the diamond factory of her family was chosen the favorite district 1 building. When she turns seven years old, her father wrote her name in the sign-ups of CAODO (Career Academy Of District One) and she was forced to join the academy. There, she finds her love of kills and mainly, her relationship with the bow and arrow. She loves her mother, but she is in a confuse friendship with her father, that works everyday.

Diamond, as a District 1 tribute, will ally with the careers for the entire Games, but everyone knows that she can work alone as well.

She will volunteer with pleasure.

She will use her seducing skills. The interviewer will be surprised with her glory and her beautiful talk.

Diamond, as a career tribute, will atack the tributes, but with warning. She won't attack big or fat tributes, because them are hard to kill.

Stick with the Careers, kill them and the other tributes.

District 2 Male Blaine East 18 Bow and Arrow Very Accurate and Stealthy Not the strongest N/A
District 2 Female Geneive Terrion 15 Mace Wants to be a career, good a throwing just about anything, good at bows and crossbows, running, climbing, hunting, likes killing. Her district partner (they are not in love, she just feels sorry for him and wants to protect him)

Career strategy

Token is a plastic Lemon

District 3 Male Charlie Ryder 14 Explosives Blowing up stuff, speed, cackling like a maniac Close combat, strength

Blow up a bunch of stuff.

Mischievous, sarcastic, hyper

Wooden block to start fire with.

Charlie likes to blow stuff up. At age 8, he made his first bomb and set it off in a local power plant. While the plant was closed for 3 years due to radiation leakage, nobody was killed in the accident. Eventually, Charlie's friend Zac Watt, a member of District 5 rock band High Amplitude, hired Charlie to coordinate the pyrotechnics for his shows. He now knows a gazillion different ways to make stuff explode. He hopes the Capitol has Mexican food so he can light one of his farts on fire during his private training session.

District 3 Female Emerald Infinity 17 Throwing Knives, Axe, Combat knives or a Trident. Smart, Attractive, Good with all of the above weapons but especially with the throwing knives, Fast runner, Good climber, will do ANYTHING to make sure Sparks is Ok. Athletic. Good Gymnast. Her Brother, Calculum, and Sparks who she is very protective of. She once ran onto a football pitch in the middle of a game and knoced out the Referee because he gave Sparks an unfair Yellow Card.

Try to ally with the Careers if not then make an alliance with 2 other people so that if it comes to it then they can overpower them. Will do anything to make sure Sparks Lives but ultimately want both to win.

A pendant full of Pictures of Sparks.

District 4 Male Dondo Grouge 18 Trident and net Dondo is extremly muscular/strong and can beat almsost any tribute in hand-to-hand and wrestling. Dondo is also a great swimmer and can wield tridents and manipulate nets. Dondo's also used to being hurt and can handle pain pretty well. Cocky and Anger management

Join the Careers and become their leader, put Ronda in second in charge. Lead the pack with an ironfist, if her ven doubts for a second another member's loyalty, he'll kill them on the spot. Kill the beiggest threats first, the weaklings second. At the final 8 or so he will kill the remaining Careers except his sister.

Ruthless, struts around like he owns the place, bitter, angry, mean, cruel, treats the games likea joke.

No token

Dondo was born to Dareel and Heather Grouge on a stormy day in District 4, the weather foretold his future. At the age of 2 his Mother gave birth to his little sister, Ronda Grouge, but his Mom died two days afterwards. His Dad turned to drink to dull the pain and became abusive. Dondo and Ronda were forced to train vigrously with tridents and nets to prepare themselves for the games, their father wanted both of them to enter, and win. With Dareel wasting all the money on drinks, Dondo had to fish in this free time while Ronda learned to set snares. The whipping made Dondo's heart crummble and he became brutal to every child at his school. The only on he loved with his sister. Finaly at his last reaping, Dondo was sure he wanted to vouleenter. But then, his sister was reaped. He didn't care though, he still entered the games to join her.

District 4 Female Ronda Grouge 16 tridents, can catch tributes with nets and snares she is strong, great with Nets and tridents, fast, smart, great swimmer, calm under spressure, used to being hurt (because of her father's beatings) and handy with snares, she can use her snares as traps to catch tributes and to protect the conrucopia from thiefs. Can't kill Dondo. Is known to thorw panick attacks when scared.

In training try to pick u psurvival skills, act strong and confident during her interviews, try to gain sponsers, during the games ally Dondo and careers but whenever Dondo betrays the others, act with him, be second in charge of the Career pack, kill and try not to focus on waht would happen if she and Dondo got in the final two.

a neckless with a seashell attacthed

strong, brave, smart, nice (To people she likes) but can have break downs when really scared.

She is very strong because of years of hauling fish, she has one brother, Dondo who she loves. She has a dad that is very competitive/abbusive so if Ronda or Dondo looses a competition or just angry/drunk he beats them. The dad is also an acloholic so Ronda thinks as Dondo as the provider for the faimly, she is very attached to him, she has few freinds at school because she seems to never have time to for freinds because of her father's rigorous Career training and spending very free hour catching fish and setting up snartes in the woods for food.

District 5 Male Torrent Wave 17 Knife and Bow Manipulating, Killing Hydrophobia

Cute on the outside. ruthless on the inside

Ally with people using her cutness, then kill them!!

Lives on the street and tricks people to come to her, then she kills them and loots them with a guy called Alex Blue

A lighter

District 5 Female Thyra Sarin 17 Composite Bow Her aim and sight are terrific. She is also a very fast runner, in special sprinting. She is not climber, she is used to being well fed every day.

She is very cold and harsh. She is very arrogant and can be very cocky. She is often jealous and doesn't know how to give in. She doesn't fear other people.

Her family belonged to one of the richest families in the whole district two. Her father trains the peacekeepers which pays good. Her family has several victors. Her father won the Hunger Games when he was 16, her aunt won a hunger games at the age of 17. She is in the same bloodline as Enobaria. Her parents allowed her to train for the Hunger Games at a very young age. She is determined to volunteer for the games. At the academy they saw that she is pretty good at aiming and using bows. As soon as she started to train she became interested in athletics, especially sprinting. In the training she also met her current boyfriend. Then finally in the year she turned 17 she volunteered for the games.

Since she is one of the careers, she will ally with the careers. Sprint to the cornucopia, she'll be her as one of the first tributes since she is a very fast sprinter. She will grab a bow and will kill other tributes, especially the tribute who try to flee. When the bloodbath is over she will collect the bags of supplies.

The careers. If it is necessary she will betray the careers in their sleep but she will do this when there are only two more careers left (she and two other). She will shoot those careers with a bow and arrow in the head.

Her boyfriend always wears an earring. Her boyfriends earring is her token.

She will smile and smile and smile. The capitol will melt by her beautiful appearance. She will answer all the questions and tries to flatter all of the capitol men for her sponsors. She tells them that she will win these games and that's she will see all of the capitol citizens in a few weeks, after she won the games.

District 6 Male Revenus "Chase" Locke 17 He has 2 Hook Swords and 5 knives. His tactical brilliance, precision, and overall knowledge may help him win the Games. He is also very skilled with swords and knives. As good as Cato in fact. He is very fast, as he is used to hit and run. However, he is only mildly muscular. He is deathly afraid of heights because his brother once knocked him off a cliff, sending him tumbling into the fields below. He is also very selfless. He is overly modest as well.

Chase is brilliant, crafty and kind. He is also too selfless for his own good. He is also a dreamer. He is shy and quiet, but that may change during the games.

After his parents were slaughtered, Chase moved into the woods of District 6, where he learned which plants were edible and which weren't. He later came back to District 6, where he was reaped.

Chase will first analyze the situation, then he'll get the weapons easiest to get and use them to his advantage.

He chose a lapis lazuli necklace given to him by his deceased mother.

Chase's strategy is to hit and run.

Chase is on good terms with Districts 3 and 10, so he may forge an alliance with those tributes.

Chase's plan is to just be himself.

Chase's First Name and nickname were made up, but his last name, Locke, is a corruption of Hemlock.

District 6 Female Claire Marino 15 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow Persuasion, Physical Strength Swimming, Gullible

Sarcasticbut Sweet, Can be Bossy, A bit wild, Jokes a lot

Claire was born into a family of servants for the mayor. She had been housekeeping since the age of two. When she was five, she was bored, and got a painting off the wall of the mayor's house. She began painting on it with paints she stole from a storage room. The mayor made her sleep outside for two nights. On the second night, a man walked up and noticed that her painting over the original was actually really good. He bought it from her, and she took them money. She was able to ask the mayor to buy more canvas for her to paint on, and he finally gave in. She sold enough paintings to buy her family a new house by the time she was seven. Her parents both managed to get employed, and she gained a bit of fame around District 1. She's been painting to this day, and loves it a lot. She lives in a very wealthy home now, with her parents. She is an only child.

District 7 Male Drey Blake 17 Axe and Saw Strong, hand to hand combat, and stamina. Completely untrustworthy, and long distance fighting.

Drey is very kind and caring. Unfortunately he doesn't let that show, he hides most of his emotions behind a stoney face. There are few people he trust but those who he does trust see a completely different Drey.

He grew up with just his mother and his brother. When he was 7 years old his father abandoned the family. He became more and more angry at his father for abandoning him and became less and less trusting of everyone. He began to work in the lumber field at age 12 and had to drop out of school. The few people he trusts are his brother, mother and his girlfriend.

Show off strength and axes.


A necklace with a carved star on it.

Grab some back packs and then run away.

District 7 Female Felicity Valdius 16 Knives She is good at identifying plants, and setting up traps. She can run and climb. Bad at long distance weapons and can be very stubborn.

Felicity is a very strong minded person. She is brave and a go getter. She doesn't care about others. She does what she believes is correct and isn't afraid to make that clear. At the same time she carries a certain kindness about her. She is strong yet gentle. She cares about others and who they are.

Felicity grew up in a motherless home since her mother died when she was 11. Her father worked constantly and was almost never home. When she was 12, Felicity realized that she would need to raise her younger twin siblings, Marley and Marco. She took charge of the house and raised her siblings who were 9 years old at the time. Felicity became very good at cooking, and was soon secretly hunting for food with a knife to feed her family.

Losing her family, losing a battle.

District 8 Male Down Smith 12 Knife Down can wield a knife and wil ltry to learn to thorw them during training. Down is also a fas trunner and can climb trees. Down can also weave and is a hard worker. He's nice so he can probably earn some sponsers and can make allies. Used to being hungry. Not that strong of a fighter.

Ally with one or two trustworthy people and break it off at final 5. Be carefull to avoid Careers and his District partner (not because she's a threat, just because he thinks she's a freak). Be resoucreful and make as much supplies by hand as possible.

No token

Nice, trustworthy, kind. Smart, witty. Funny.

Down has worked at a textile factory since he was at age 5. He has a mom and a dad who work must of the day, so Down is often lonely. He has a few good friends who work a lot too. He tries to be nice to everyone. Down works in a factory himself and is ahrad worker. He secretly ahtes the Capitol.

District 8 Female Raquel Numez 17 Sword Not much really. She knows how to use a sword fencing style. Fashion and make-up. Can weave. Will earn sponsers thanks to her personality. Ditz. Has no real skills.

Join the Careers (they probably won't let her) and parasiticly eat their supplies and a bunch of sponser gifts.

Stuck-up, uptight. Good lier, spoiled rotten. Knows how to come on as a nice person though. (Will use this to trick the Capital into sponsering her).

Her family came from Mexico to tour the textile facotries that supplied fabric to her FAther's clothing store chain. The were not allowed to leave and have lived in district 8 ever since. She's still very rich though as her Dad still owns his masssive clothing store chain and there fore Raquel is very spoiled, she has no real friends and bullies girls at school.

District 9 Male Lucas Rayden 17 Preferably bow but is good with hunting knives if it comes to close combat. sometimes uses a blowgun but not often.. Alway keeps control over the situation even in the most stressing circumstances, has really good eyes and ears. Is really good at manipulating, and making people trust him. A really good hider. Is not a very fast swimmer, bad at open fields/terretories.

Ruthless, manipulating, smart, knows how to make people trust him. He has no problem backstabbing people, even if they are sleeping. He does not trust anyone but people around him feels trusted. Is kind of a sniper-type, likes to have everything under control and prefers high places where you can hide but still have a view, like mountain caves.

Lucas grew up with no brothers or sisters, his mother died when she gave birth to Lucas, and his father blames Lucas for her death. Lucas used most of his time on his own, training his body and mind. Lucas never trusted anyone in his childhood. He once put a boy who was two years older in coma, he manipulated a "friend" into thinking it was his fault and the "friend" took the blame. He used to hide in the woods for days, just to avoid his father. When he saw the others who was picked fro his district at the reaping, he immediately tried to figure out their weaknesses.

Is not a very fast swimmer, bad at open fields/terretories.

Getting attacked while sleeping, wisch is nt usually a problem because he always hide in good place.

Being funny with a hint of bragging, but at the same time making people see his strengths and how dangerous he is.

Grab a backpack or (if really easy) a dagger/knife or something but run as fast as he can away so he can go into hiding and making a bow.

a tiny silvery hawk.

Prefers killing to making alliances but if he can't win he joins them and then backstabs then when he gets the chance. does not like alliances because of higher prob of being spotted.

District 9 Female Alleria Senci 18 Knife, or sword. Trickery, and strength Slightly self-concious, and fighting long distance.

Alleria is a very kind and sweet hearted girl. She cares about the feelings of others and wants to make others feel good about themselves. She tries to help the others who don't feel good about themselves through talking and expressing themselves.

She was born during a sunny day in the middle of June. Her parent are kind and loving people who ran a local bookstore in district 9. When she was 12 the bullying began. She was slightly over weight so many girls began to pick on her. When she became extremely fit and strong they finally stopped and moved on to another girl. Alleria became friends with that girl, and was amazed to she her transform form a self conscious girl to a star athlete. She began a support group and has helped dozens of students over come their fears. She read many books about the human mind and learned about psychology. She can trick a student who is severly over wieght into believing that they have the best body in the grade using reverse psychology.

Anyone who can help her.

A friendship bracelet from her support group.


District 10 Male Christian Lorne 16 Almost every weapon incredibly strong, resourceful, good with almost any weapon. he knows many edible items and is good at setting snares. sneaky and sly. not trusting

mysterious (thresh-like)

go alone- dominate the bloodbath and then go off and survive on his own.

No token

no one quite knows how Christian has survived so well all of these years. He was caught stealing from many houses in his district, and somehow always managed to avoid jail or punishment from the peacekeepers. He is sneaky, mysterious and sly and people tend to trust him quite a bit before he steals things from them. (one woman gave him the keys to her house, only later to find christian had looted the place)

District 10 Female Almary Wintes 17 Daggers (Preferably two at a time), blowgun (She is still better with double daggers but blowguns are a nice way to do a silent assassination without ever getting spotted). Going undetected and silent (especially in dark closed areas, but also in open terretories), is really agile and quick both in running and in movement because of her career as a thief. Can't leave a helpless younger person to die, gets to attached if she first gets attached (she can still kill a young person as long as the person is not innocent).

Careers at first, then ditching them and hopefully maybe kill one or two when leaving them.

Lucky glove, used for pickpocketing, and getting a better grip on her daggers since she was seven years old. She also made her first kill wearing those gloves.

Join the careers and ditch them with some supplies two daggers and a blowgun later on. Kill only people that attack you.

Sexy but still dangerous, vigilante style. Fights for the good!

Have innocent blood on her hands, both direct and indirect.

She is a lone child. Her mother was an ordinary middle class woman and her father was a past victor of the hunger games. Her mother died when she was two years old, and Amary killed her father when she was seven years old. Her father had never treated Amary good, he blamed her for his mothers death. He usually beat her up and one day she got enough of it and put a dagger (the same dagger her father had used to win the hunger games earlier) in his chest. She then started to live on the street as a thief. She only had some clothes, her two daggers and the gloves she had worn when she killed her father. Amary lived a long time as a thief and became a master pickpocketer. She only robbed rich fairly rich people that could defend themselves, as she felt it would be wrong to rob someone poor and defenseless of what they had so little of. She developed a strong compassion for protecting defenseless people and she murdered alot of bad people. As her clothes were dark it was easy to hide in the shadows, and as she was swift and silent like a thief it was no problem assassinating threats. One day when Amary was about 13 there was this little girl who was going to get beaten up by some grown men, she killed them and dumped their bodys where noone could find them. The girls name was Lucy and she was just five years old when they met. Lucy became like a little sister to Amary, and she trained her to become a great thief and companion. One day while they were sleeping, some strangers came over to rob them. Amary thought it would be better to just give them what they want and chase them later. (name) however didn't want them to get away, so she attacked one of them. She fought good and Amary joined in. Amary killed four of the seven robbers. (name) had just put a knife into the second one when she fell to the ground, with a dagger in her back. Amary got furious and decapitated the guy with just her daggers. He was totally unrecognizable by the time she was done. She fell to the ground and started crying. She then decided that no child should ever have to die just because they couldn't get any money. She volunteered for the hunger games the next month so that she could win and make place to live for the youth on the street.

Lone wolf, fair, really nice ans caring but keeps an image as cold hearted. She is a survivor but is drawn to helping the innocent and can't leave young innocent people in pain. If you can gain her trust she would do anything to protect you. Does not like to get attached just because it puts her in danger and she feels a responsibility of protecting this person.

District 11 Male Luke Stones 17 Katana, Bow and Knives swimming running theft killing Killing 12 year olds

Luke lives in the slums of two with his sister they steal and hunt Luke is a master of the katana and he loves swimming running is very protective of his sister he is also very smart

he is cocky a leader and doesn't take orders


Allies are careers

Strategy is to kill

District 11 Female Skye Silverguard 13 Bow and Arrow Edible plants, traps, can climb almost anything but fells best in trees Can't svim, size, brute strength, hand-to-hand combat (cause she goes into a minor trauma when she is being hit by others cause of her childhood)

A shy girl who rarely smile. She likes being alone and dosen't say that much. Because of that people usually underestimate her. People think that she's a daydreamer but she's actually very observant. She is very intelligent and always calculate everything. She has a tendensy to underestimate herself just like others use to underistimate her. She also tends to overthink problems to make sure she got all perspectives and motives and possible plans figured out however she can make quick decesions if she has to. She used to care a lot for her looks but when she got the scar the turned from the outgoing and kinda selfish girl to the quiet and shy but very kind girl.

Her parents used to abuse a lot but one time went too far and she got an ugly wound on her chin. The next she walked to school but when the teachers asked she said that she had fallen on spiky ground. They didn't believe it of course and called the peacekeepers. The same night her father was hitting her the peacekeepers came busting in through the door and saw him hit Skye. They arrested them and Skye was moved to live with her 19 years old sister. Her sister didn't have job but she had found an underground tunnel that lead to the forest and she hunted in the forrest to get food and money. From that point on her sister trained Skye and Skye helped her hunt and eventually learned how to make traps, shoot with bow and recornise berries

She gets terrefied if anyone but her sister touches her face

Shy and sweet, humble, impressed by Capitol, smart in her own way, a little nervous about the interview

Take stuff within 5 meters and run to woods for cover

A jewelery from her sister, it's a wooden arrowhead in a string she keeps around her neck

District 12 Male Hudson Rylie 13 Throwing knifes/throwing stars (any small throwing item) Quick, and can run fast. Has good aim. Size, and not very strong.

Hudson's father was a die hard alcoholic with anger issues. He would constantly beat Hudson and his mother, who was bedridden due to sickness. When he was 11 years old his mother died due to his father. Hudson took action when his father came at him. He accidentally stabbed him with a knife. Hudson was taken to an orphanage where he learned how to fight for food. The kids were literally at each others necks for a slice of bread. Hudson decided to find a better way. He snuck away and hunted using throwing knifes. He supported himself and never fought for food again.

Pyrophobia, the fear of fire

Locket with a picture of his mother and him.

Hudson is a very kind boy who lives in a not so kind environment. He is very quiet, but he is very kind to those who are willing to talk to him. He has very few friends, but the few that he is friends with consider themselves very lucky. He is very generous and often gives away as much food as possible without starving himself. That kindness makes many people in awe by him.

District 12 Female Aurora Wilde 12 Blowgun dainty, quick and agile. She is very good with a blowgun. She knows a good deal of medicine and can also identify many edible items. She has a quick wit and is decent at camoflague. frail, not trusting.

not afraid to kill, but will pretend to be a sweet little girl

go alone (not to the bloodbath) and survive on her wits, or maybe join an alliance and when her alliance member's guards are down- kill 'em.

Aurora lives in the least populated part of her district. Her mother and brother died a few years ago, so she lives with her dad. She is very protective of him and because he is ill, she learned some medecine to help him. In order to gather the necesary ingredients for the medecine, she had to venture into the forest, where many animals are. She learned to protect herself and camoflague because of this.

a silver moon necklace

District 13 Male John Madrick 17 Machete, Club Strong and Fast Careers and Axes

Mean to people he doesn't like.

grab what's close and run!

Grew up in the very rough part of D9. he is very streetsmart and tough.

District 13 Female Zara Lancaster 17 Vareity of Weapons fairly talented with a wide variety of weapons, but mostly is incredible at knife throwing. She knows a good deal of medicine and is very fast and a good swimmer. She can also identify many edible items and is good at camoflague, and as well she is very smart. too cocky and is not very adaptable

Zara grew up in the richest part of her district. Her parents are incredibly overprotective, and just in case she got picked for the hunger games, they trained her in all sorts of useful survival tasks. Because her overbearing parents spoil her, she is rude and thinks she can get away with anything.

ruthless and mean but will pretend to be charming to the capitol

a small, dainty glass ball

if she is from a career district, dominate the bloodbath and join the careers. if she isn't, she will steer clear of the bloodbath and survive on her own.

Capitol Male Blizzard Axe 18 Spear Accurate with weapons Not the fastest N/A
Capitol Female Shay Cobberstone 17 Dagger and Throwing Knives Stealth ,escaping, very quick, sneaking (I wasn't sure if sneaking and stealth was the same thing) People tend to stay away from her, she isn't strong at all (there was no need in her job), is easily beaten in hand-to-hand combat (cause no one ever came in direct combat with her)

Ever wondered why the presidents of Panems enemys would just for no appearent reason drop dead? Well, a lot of these deaths was caused by Shay. As a 5-year-old she lived in district 2 with her mother and father. the family got into extreme dept but her parents knew that Shay had a special talent for sneaking. They made an illegal deal with one of the presidents trusted allies and "sold" Shay to the presidents care. Here she was trained from the age of 5 to be one of the presidents most deadly weapons, his own personal assasin. After reaching the age of 15 her missions began. She would easily sneak inside the house of her victim, slit there throat in the middle of the nigth and be out of the house in less than 10 minuets. Since she was sold her feelings and personality was closed off and she became cold and hostile, more like a robot than a person. Living in the capitol she still had to attent the reapings. The president was mad that his own little personal weapon had been reaped but couldn't do a thing about it.

She used to be a really sweet girl who would always go out of her way to help others. She was a social butterfly in her younger days, but the training and the first time she had to murder someone made her extremely coldhearted. Now she is hostile towards everyone and hates to talk more than nessecary. She never had any friends after she was sold and can't really do good social. She seems very intimadating and mysterious to others and many people in the presidents palace where she is when she has some days off are scared of her. She's almost fearless, and only fear death. Most natrual human feelings has left her and she has become more like a calculating assasin robot rather than a teenage girl.

She has none as she really doesen't care to get any. She doesen't care for anything to remind her of home cause she had been sold a long time ago.

She won't ally, she doesen't like to have others around as she thinks they will come in her way. Even if she wanted allies, no one would have probaly wanted to ally with her.

She is very quick on her feet so in the bloodbath she will go in, get some knives and maybe some backpacks and then she will get out of there. As for the games, she will work at night, where she will track down lone tributes and slit their throat as they sleep.

Training Scores

District Name Training Score Odds
District 1 Male Cream Donahew 8 6-1
District 1 Female Diamond Celestia 9 7-1
District 2 Male Blaine East 10 5-1
District 2 Female Geneive Terrion 11 4-1
District 3 Male Charlie Ryder 7 9-1
District 3 Female Emerald Infinity 6 13-1
District 4 Male Dondo Grouge 9 7-1
District 4 Female Ronda Grouge 10 6-1
District 5 Male Torrent Wave 8 10-1
District 5 Female Thyra Sarin 6 18-1
District 6 Male Revenus "Chase" Locke 7 11-1
District 6 Female Claire Marino 6 13-1
District 7 Male Drey Blake 5 23-1
District 7 Female Felicity Valdius 7 15-1
District 8 Male Down Smith 5 28-1
District 8 Female Raquel Numez 9 9-1
District 9 Male Lucas Rayden 11 3-1
District 9 Female Alleria Senci 6 29-1
District 10 Male Christian Lorne 8 10-1
District 10 Female Almary Wintes 7 19-1
District 11 Male Luke Stones 4 32-1
District 11 Female Skye Silverguard 6 29-1
District 12 Male Hudson Rylie 8 10-1
District 12 Female Aurora Wilde 9 5-1
District 13 Male John Madrick 9 7-1
District 13 Female Zara Lancaster 11 2-1
Capitol Male Blizzard Axe 5 56-1
Capitol Female Shay Cobberstone 7 89-1


I had an amazing arena idea, CallamD97 showed me a photo and it hit me. Well here it is.

Arena for the Sponsio Games

The Arena


The main idea is life versus death, half the arena will be fire and heat. Raging heat. The other is life, lakes filled with mystery and forests full of life.

Fire Half

This is a single volcano, surrounded by a burnt forest. Perfect for hiding, not much water supplies but no mutts. The only mutt in this side is the fire bird. Or more simply the pheonix. It rests at the top of the volcano, protecting the only water in this side. Every day it causes the volcano to erupt, and sends fire raging down the mountain. This hits the whole valley except a the small mountain on the opposite side of it. This has risen above the sea of lava and will protect you.

The only way to cross to the other side is to cross the river, using the bridge. Or go via the cornucopia. This involves a 3 hour hike up the hill to the other side.

Life Half

This half is full of life, water is available every 10 metres. There is no lack of food or water on this half, but there is an abundance of mutts. They fill each lake and each pond, if you stand in the forest, you will never be less than 5 metres from a mutt. They are all fast and brutal, but will only attack if prevoked. There is not much else going on, this half is filled with shelter but its very easy to manouver around. Easy to be followed, but easy to hide. There is no traps here, its basic.

Like with the fire half, the only ways across are the bridge and the hike to the cornucopia, which rests on the split. The only land connection.

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Method
28th Raquel Numez 8 Blaine East 2 Arrow to the head
27th John Madrick 13 Zara Lancaster 13 Sword implanted in the head
26th Blizzard Axe Cap Geneive Terrion 2 Beheaded with Axe
25th Dondo Grouge 4 Torrent Wave 5 Axe base smashed over head
24th Drey Blake 7 Cream Donahew 1 Throat slit with knife
23rd Skye Silverguard 11 Cream Donahew 1 Stomach slashed open with knife
22nd Lucas Rayden 9 Diamond Celestia 1 Blood loss
21st Christian Lorne 10 Torrent Wave 5 Knife plunged into heart
20th Felcity Valdius 7 Volcano Arena Burned by lava
19th Genieve Terrion 2 Ant Mutts Arena Eaten from the inside out
18th Luke Stones 11 Luke Stones 11 Fell out of tree, lodging knife deep into side.
17th Down Smith 8 Volcano Arena Leapt into lava, suicide
16th Claire Morino 6 Dondo, Blizzard and Zara 4, Capitol and 13 Hacked to pieces
15th Aurora Wilde 12 Bomb Capitol Blown up with cornucopia
14th Torrent Wave 5 Emerald Infinity 3 Burned to death with forest fire
13th Hudson Rylie 12 Emerald Infinity 3 Burned to death with Forest fire
12th Blaine East 2 Cream Donahew 1 Thrown into fire below
11th Almary Wintes 10 Volcano Arena Burned to death
10th Shay Cobberstone Capitol Cream Donahew 1 Broken Neck
9th Ronda Grouge 4 Spider Mutts Arena Strangled in web
8th Revenus "Chase" Locke 6  Zara Lancaster 13 Sword in the stomach
7th Thyra Sarin 5 Alleria Senci 9 Knife to the back/ Falling from a height
6th Diamond Celestia 1 Capitol Peacekeeper Capitol Wounds
5th Charlie Ryder 3 Arena Arena Bruned by Oncoming Lava
4th Zara Lancaster 13 Arena Arena Crushed under rocks of collapsing tunnels
1st Alleria Senci 9 N/A N/A N/A

Cream Donahew

 1 N/A N/A N/A
1st Emerald Infinity  3 N/A N/A N/A

The Games

Day 1

Blizzard's POV

I place my hand on the thick blinding glass, blocking me from the last adult I will probably ever see. He is resting on the bed. A single tear in his eye, and a single one on his cheek. 2 tears, and do I care. He isnt the one who is about to enter.......well I dont even know that. I am clueless. I place my hand beside my token. A small engraved silver dove. My last link to my former self, Ive been stripped of everything else. But they wont strip me of this. I close my eyes as it slowly begins to rise. Up, up, up. Not stopping to give me a breath, to take one last look at myself before I enter the arena.

And thats it. I have entered the arena. There is no going back, no way at all. I raise my head, and slowly open my eyes. And take my first look at the place I would be living for the next 10 days or so, and where I would probably die. I take a short look around and I see amazing things. Most arenas are supposed to be places of horror, that kids have nightmares about. But this.....this is To my imediate left I see a flowing waterfall, leading down to a river. That splits the valley clean in two. One side vivacious and full of life, the other filled with fire. The furthest landmark is a small hill, that peaks above the trees. The arena, the place was there. Metres from me. And metres from me in the other direction was the cornucopia, and a countdown. A countdown that had just hit 10.









I take one deep breath then focus my gaze on a plain silver spear.



The games had begun, and I was destined to either kill.......or die.

Down's POV

I reach the cornucopia just before the others. Well not the 6 pair. They were gone in a flash, out of here. Other than them no one seems to have discovered there....well gifts. We were all told our gods last night, district 8 ofcoarse got Aphrodite. The godess of love. Fucking love. I bet me and Raquel will be dead in seconds, I grab anything I can see. A knife. An axe. Anything. No need to be picky. I dont care about what is happening around me, I grab one last bag then turn. Turn to see that 2 male. Bearing a single bow, with a single arrow, pointed in a single direction. Which when released will hit a single target. And that target is Raquel. BOOM.

She was gone, and so was I. I tear down the hill, towards the volcano. I didnt really have a choice, after the arrow entered Raquel's head I had to leave. He saw me. And I think he wanted the District 8 set. But I wouldnt let him, sadly I had left all my supplies. But I didnt care. Well I couldnt care. If I cared I would die. And if I die......well it would be bad. No supprise there. I dont know if they are following me, but I havent heard anymore cannons. Which means they are still fighting, or Raquel is the only death of the bloodbath. And I hope it isnt the second one, we cant suck that badly.

Zara's POV

I dont want to die, but all I can feel is death. Death here and death there. And it is not good. I have been standing by the cornucopia for 10 minutes and no one seems to be coming near me, they will run at me with a weapon, or shoot me with a bow. And all I need to do is look at them or the weapon and it stops. It is really creeping me out. I grab a sword and decide to leave, to the fire. Not the water. Water means danger, and I have a bad of supplies. Im sure it will have water. I am about to reach the edge when I hear a scream, and piercing horrible aching scream. But no one is screaming. Then I see it. The girl from 8. Its her. She is lying there dead, but she is screaming. No one else seems to be hurting, they continue fighting. No one other than John. He is resting at her side muttering something, and it isnt good. The screams are getting louder. And louder. My ears are aching. What is he doing, I need to make it stop. BOOM. And I do. I withdraw the sword from his head then turn. Its stopped now. But I know this is the one of the pains of being blessed by Hades.

I reach the bottom, and have two options. In the zone there seems to be 3 sections. The volcano emerges above the skyline, the most prominant thing in the arena. And would make an amazing place to see, but I wasnt sight seeing. Then there is the forests. Lots of places to hide. But lots of places for stuff to hide. Thats an obvious no. I needed to be out of the way, away from dying people. I need to go to the hill, its atleast 10 miles but its a target. Its where I need to go. Its where I will go. Its where I will win from. Its where the dead will haunt me for possibly the rest of my life.

Geneive's POV

I am loving this, so far only two have died but more would be on the way. Now all the careers have the desired weapon. Let the true fun begin, and it doesnt start out fun. I decide to go for an easy target, and hit the capitol female. I mean 89-1 odds. I would expect her to be first dead but she was still standing. With a long thin dagger, I want her dead. I swing my axe at her head but she easily ducks. Plunging the dagger into my thigh, pain beyond belief but I dont care. A career is taught to only kill, not to be killed. And she was a bitch from the capitol, not a career. I can see tributes pouring beside me, no cannons but significant blood loss. Wait. That isnt other tributes. That is just the blood from me and Shay. Blood was all around. And I was beginning to feel light headed, and I know if Im feeling light headed. Shay will be losing Ok now. Now. SEE. I was right. 3rd time is the charm.

I stand above the figure of the capitol sissy, she deserved to die. I raise my axe, wanting to finish this swiftly. 3...2...1. The axe comes through the air, cutting all in its way. Then it strikes the side of the neck of......the male from the capitol. BOOM. Wait....the male. What happened to.....I slowly turn around. Not wanting to see, what I already know will be. But I do. Fleeing down the cliff. I stare at the still body of the male, was I always fighting him. Or did I knock him over, or was it a trick. I lay the axe on the floor then begin to back away, what was happening. Nothing was going right. Only 3 deaths and almost an hour in. My other careers are fighting, but not winning. I have a feeling I wouldnt be the only career to be freaked by the end of this first chapter.

Drey's POV

I cant untie this fucking knot, I usually can but the fear is causing my hands to shake. I want this axe, I only saw 2 this year and that 2 female got the other. I needed this to survive, and I will survive. Just not for that long apparently. I feel the pain seconds after I detatch the axe. A cold blade, dragged slowly across my soft supple skin. Hot blood pouring over me. And I collapse to the floor, almost dead but one strand holding me to this earth. I can see the looming figure of Cream standing above, about to hit the final blow.

"Dont bother about finishing him off, he will die anyway" This voice seems to be my last choice, it draws Cream back into battle. Away from me. I could make it.

Then the screaming begins. I recognise the voice of the 4 female, then the 5 male. Its fast and short but I get the feeling the careers are against him. BOOM. Was it the 5 Thats his voice. It begins to fade away. Then the screams begin, the 4 female. And that gives me the only clue. The clue that points to one person who would have passed on. And it is the last thought I think before Cream returns with the knife, and drags it across my throat over and over. The one thought is Dondo Grouge is dead.


Blaine's POV

5 deaths and one career, pretty good. I observe the field, Genieve is at the mouth, rumaging through the supplies, Ronda is still weeping over her brothers body. And the 1 pair is battleing tributes. The 3 remaining tributes. The 9 guy and 11 male are fighting Diamond and eaily losing, she is a skilled one. While the 11 female is at the mercy of Cream. A knife to her throat, it seems to be his style. He is about to drag it across her throat when she roles out the way, not avoiding the blade. But causing it to rip her stomach open. BOOM. 1 more down, he regains his footing, and is about to jump into the fight with Diamond when she finished them herself.

A scissor kick sends them both flying, the 11 male topples off the cliff into the river below, Im presuming he is wounded but no cannon sounds so he must have made it. Meanwhile the 9 male, Lucas, hits the cornucopia with a thud, sending Genieve into the supplies. The last non career. Well not for long. Diamond pounces with a stilleto blade, and begins to rip his skin apart. No elegance needed, as to the correct eye this looks beautiful enough, to any other it looks savage. Despicable, and Im not sure which one I am. After minutes of this brutal sport, blood pouring from all spots, he finally gives up. And lets the vicious killer from 1 finish him off. The last slash to the leg, finally ends his pain. And ends the bloodbath. BOOM.

We are about to survey our supplies when we here a scream, two screams. I dont know who but they must be close. We dont do anything, all tired or wounded from the fight. All just let it go on. No idea who it involves, or why it is happening. The screams last a few minutes before they turn to sobs. But only one sobs, and none of wonder why. And we all wait for we know what will happen. And the true end of the bloodbath commences.


Almary's POV

He was gone, Christian was dead. That fucking retard from 5 came and plunged a knive into his heart, Christian tackled him off the cliff but it was to late, he was already dying. I sat with him for a while, but I had to let him go. That guy would know where I was, and I was less than 20 metres from the careers. Not a good place to go. But I cant take Christian with me. I have to let him go. And I need to do it sooner than later. I place a single finger on each of his eyelids then pull them closed. He will never see again. But I am glad he got to see a place of beauty before he died, as where we are right now. Is a once in a lifetime chance. And if only we didnt have to kill eachother.

I grab my bow and arrows, and the pack of throwing knives Christian managed to save from the cornucopia, it may not be a lot. But if I truly had the gift of my god. I should be pretty damn accurate. I need to reach flatter land, this is way to steep. I still have 2 choices. Both sides have vicious tributes, Zara went to the fire. While Christian threw Torrent into the forest below. I know he wants me dead, but.......that is a big fall. Would he really be up to fighting me. Anyway, I would have long distance weaponry. In a forest that isnt as effective. In the open space of the fire, I could kill tributes miles away. That would be my real triumph. So it was decided. I was going to the volcano......well that half. I was going no where near the volcano.


I need water. It is sweltering, I cant feel my legs. My bow is burnt to a crisp, some steam shot up. Decintegrating the bow, and most of the arrows. But also giving me a burn wound on my arm. Ive been stromping up the side of the river for hours, aiming to hit the bridge miles in the distant. Night has just fallen, but I need water. And I know the other side has it. 5 miles. 4 miles. 3 miles. 2 miles. So close, but I can hardly move. I can see the water below me, almost glowing. I wish I could touch it but there must be something in the water to stop us crossing. And I wasnt going to jump right in. I would go one more mile.

It has cooled down considerably but I am still hardly walking. Atleast 1 mile still to go, and I cant go any further. And rest my head on the soil. Soft and calming, I love it. Wait. I have great accuracy, but what was the other talent. Something about animals. Control, or friendship. Does that include aqua animals. Well there is only one way to find out, so I roll straight into the river.

Hudson's POV

I can do this, I can do this. I grab my bag and get to my feet again. I need to keep moving, I left near the end, and only 2 cannons sounded after I left. That meant that there was atleast 3 careers were left. Which meant that they would all be hunting me, and I needed to keep going. I have to move, I cant die. I place the knife in the empty bag then sling it over my shoulder, I had risked my life for this. And all it had in it was a single knife. Not really useful, why couldnt it have any throwing knives, this knife is flat. Its no use for throwing. Combat. Im no good at that.

The forests are thick, full of animals. And thrilling cool spreads over the forest, chilling me to the bone. I rest in a small ditch, below the eyeline of other tributes. Away from the camera. I close my eyes and begin to think, what did my powers mean. I controlled warmth and heat. The 2 tributes have increased power with weapons and their bare hands. The 4 pair, well girl, can control natural disasters and water. Even districts 10 and 9 have better powers than me. Control over animals and healing. Like wow. The only ones we beat, me and Aurora, is district 8. Power of love. Seriously. Love. I know in the past there has been faults with love, but the girl is dead. And the boy is as ugly as can be. My thoughts are interupted when the faces appear in the sky.

District 1, 2 and 3 are all clear. And the first face is the boy from 4. The only career to die, I kind off feel sorry for the 4 female, they were brother and sister, losing people in the arena is hard enough. But to be directly there is worse. 5 and 6 are safe aswell, the 6 pair was out of their in a flash. And 5 seemed strong, I guess. Hera is a pretty powerful goddess, I guess she helped. The 7 male, the last one I saw die appears next. The 8 female, first casualty of these games. The 9 male, I am pretty suprised. He seemed quite strong. I guess one of the careers killed him. The 10 male though is the biggest shock, I saw him flee with the girl from his district. I guess even when you leave you are never safe. 3 more faces to appear. And they are......Skye I think. The 13 male and the capitol male. None of them really stood out. There is only one thing that really shocks me and that is that the capitol female survived. She seemed so......well weak.

Chase's POV

I lean back against the boulder, almost 20 miles from the cornucopia. No one was going to get us here. When I heard we were sponsored by Hermes I was terrified, I thought we were gone. Then I worked it out, and well we got lots of supplies and away for all other tributes. Claire is resting at the top of the hill, and I really should go and meet her. But I really cant think, I saw the 8 tributes who passed on, none I really knew but still. Claire and me could be in the sky tomorrow. We could be next, we could easily be next. I am about to start moving when I see it.

Its the waterfall beside the cornucopia, I only saw it briefly but it was there. Very beautiful but still. Now it is rising, no longer flowing down the hill but now it rises and seems to protect the What is that. There is a small figure. It is rising, and rising, and rising. I dont know what it means but still. That 4 female, she must be doing something. I stare at it for another 10 minutes but nothing else happens, it is covering the camp. A sort of defece. I bet it is a strategy from the 1 pair, they are going to have some killer strategies, and I was terrified. But I cant care, Im about to turn up towards the top when the second suprise happens, the volcano erupts.

Charlie's POV

I prowl through the forest at an alarming rate. Emerald and Thyra close behind. I blast the leaves in my way with small but powerful jets of flame. I am seriously loving this power, Emerald hasnt got the hang of it but I am amazing at it, this could be the way I win. All 3 of us decided to keep moving through the night, and stop during the day. The careers may be moving and I dont want them to catch us.

"SHIT" I can here the voice of Emerald from behind, and one thing comes to mind. Careers.

Well I was completely wrong, it wasnt the careers. It was just a volcano. I can see it rising above the treeline, lava flowing over, meteors fired out. It is miles and miles away, with a river atleast half a mile long seperating us. We were as safe as can be but I was still terrified. That amount of lava could cover the whole of the fire half, and I saw atleast 5 tributes head along there. The 8 male, 13 female. I think the 10, 9 and 7 females. Anyone of them could be trapped.


1 more dead. I take a quick glance at the sky, kind off expecting the face to appear and it does. I dont recognise it but Emerald wispers a name.

"Felicity Valdius" I look at her, still no idea who that is but Emerald isnt the one to answer.

"Its the 7 female" Thyra turns after muttering the words and begins to move. I wait two seconds before grabbing Emerald's hand and continuing through the forest.


I dive into the soft pool, Emerald recoils, just avoiding the splashes. I begin to swim back a forwards, cooling myself down. This is what I would love, just to be doing this. Not having to think about that in just over a week, I would never see either of these girls again. As either I would be dead, or they would. Only one of us could win, and I couldnt handle it. Thyra left to try and find some food but I really hope she doesnt come back. I dont want to get to know her, to find it even harder when she dies. I submerge under the water and look around, tiny fishes dart around. The water is ice cold but I dont care, the life under the water would never be this active during the scorching days they would be in the reeds. And I wanted to get a glance, I needed to take a glance.

"We need to......river is to close.....lava is flowing" I only catch snipets of the conversation between Thyra and Emerald. But I get the general idea. We are to close to the river, really near a bridge. Thyra doesnt think we should move any closer, I agree but why care. I need to relax. The careers wouldnt catch us, we are too close to the river, they would believe we would be sensible enough to go close to the river. So really with our idiocy we out-smarted the careers. Well we are district 3.

I drag myself out of the water, after many complaints from Emerald and Thyra, both wanting to get on the move. I put on my clothes and grab the bag. I dry myself with my fire power then sling my bag over the shoulder. We have enough food to survive 3 days. I hoped with Thyra's knowledge she would be able to get us some more food. But we had 3 days to think that over. This was only day 1 well, actually maybe day 2.

Summary of Day 1

  • 9 tributes died, Dondo Grouge, Felicity Valdius, Drey Blake, Raquel Numez, Lucas Rayden, Christian Lorne, Skye Silverguard, John Madrick and Blizzard Axe.
  • Only 1 died due to natural causes, Felicity, the others were all killed by tributes. And in the bloodbath.
  • With Blaine East, Diamond Celestia, Genieve Terrion and Zara Lancaster all getting a single kill. And Torrent Wave and Cream Donahew getting 2.
  • The careers are still residing at the cornucoia, with a water shield created by Ronda. They have all the supplies they need and have only lost 1 member.
  • The next biggest alliance, the district 3 alliance and Thyra, have enough food for a ferw days, and are moving at a persistant rate through the life half of the arena. They have no weapons.
  • The 6 pair alliance are on the hill at the far end of the arena, with great supplies. Probably that will last them 5 days. They both have their chosen weapon.
  • Torrent is in the life section, also making a fast pace, but more into the centre not along the river. He is close to no tributes. He has a decently swore leg and arm from his fall after killing Christian.
  • Hudson has recieved a food bag, with enough food to last him 2 weeks. He has a single knife aswell and is in the life half, very near the 3/5 alliance.
  • John is still unconsious from his fall after Diamond fought him. He has no supplies, and has a dented head, he isnt doing well. He needs medicine within the day or he will pass on.
  • Zara is actually also on the hill at the far side of the fire half, he is on the opposite side to the 6 pair, but still in very close range. She has decent supplies, enough food and water for 2 days and a sword.
  • Aurora is on the very edge of the cornucopia, hidden in a small crevice hidden by a bush. She has no supplies and is planning on sneaking out to grab some stuff.
  • Shay has a backpack with a set of 5 knives, and not much food. 1 days worth at the most, though she does have enough water to last her a week. She actually made it across the bridge before the lava hit. She is camping very near the 5/3 alliance and is considering asking them for an alliance.
  • Almary is resting in an underwater cave almost at the end of the arena. She is unconcious and is being looked after by a family of shark mutts. They have no urge to kill her, sadly she has no supplies but has enough water.
  • Alleria is swiftly moving through the forest, she just passed a small lake where she got a lot of water, she also managed to catch and kill a deer. She got a wound but managed to heal it. She is one of the strongest tributes in the arena, with a bow and her accuracy skills she is deadly.
  • Down is still running for the impending lava, he is getting tired and has lost all his supplies, though he did only have a bottle or water and a few mushrooms he found. He is going to be losing himself to the lava very soon.

Day 2

Diamond's POV

5 careers left, we can do this. Cream and Ronda were back at the camp, Genieve and Blaine headed down to the volcano. And I was left to explore the forest alone. All I had with me was a single knife. This is not good. The guy who killed the only dead career is in this forest, he could be stalking me. He could be getting ready to kill me. A chill runs down my back, was it the wind. Or was it the breath of my killer, I spin around expecting to see a blade, or a swarm of tracker jackers but nothing. This was seriouisly creeping my buzz. My hair is all tangeled from this section a while back, vines hung low. Coated in tiny razor blades. I have cuts all over my arms and legs, its like the gamemakers dont even care about my beauty.

3 hours I have been walking, 3 hours. And no one. Not a single other tribute. I am almost out of water so I think I need to head home. 3 hours of walking, nothing achieved. And by the fact there is no cannons, I presume the other team didnt do so well either. Now. Which way is home. I stare to the sky, but it is already almost pitch black. Despite being no later than 3 in the afternoon. I guess its another plan of the gamemakers. And this is pissing me off, with the sky so dark I cant see anything. No volcano, or the cornucopia. I have no idea where I am, or which way to go. And with the impending darkness, I was really getting pissed off.


5 hours. Probably more. I have been walking for so long, I am out of food. And I just wanna get back to camp, but I have no idea where it is. I need to find the river, as if I find the river I can get back to camp. Though despite exploring what feels like the whole arena, I have found no water. None at all. And I cant take anymore. I have to do something, and I cant bare it anymore. I keep walking for another hour, and it begins to brighted. Well enough to allow me to see the volcano. Its not that far, meaning I cant be far from the river.

"Emerald, we need to keep moving" A voice paralyzes me, stops me moving any further. I scan the bushes to see the 5 girl, and the pair from 3. The boy doesnt look well, I drop to the floor, allowing the grass to cover me.

The guy collapses to the floor and the 3 female dashes to his side."He needs rest" She says, placing his head an a small bush of moss.

"Fine, but I am scared. No cannons have sounded. Tha careers could be on us in seconds." The other girl paces back and forward, getting scarily close to where I am hidden. "We have been moving at a constant pace all day, but now we have stopped". So they think we are close, well I am. But I couldnt take all 3 of them.........or could I.

Alleria 's POV

I had a very close call with the careers, I admit I had gone up to their camp to steal most stuff. Wasnt the smartest thing, but very very easy. Now I have a second bow, and a full quiver of arrows, atleast 30. And a full bag of food and water. I cant believe this, I was actually doing well in the games. I had never done well before. I admit maybe I should have headed back to the jungle, and not to the fire. It is boiling, and I can hardly move. I dont want to give up my water now. I really know Im going to need it.

I decide I better head to the hill at the other side of the valley. Or should I go to the bridge. I would love to get out of here, but thats almost an extra 4 miles. But I could then use my water, cause I know I can get more over the river. I was there, you can hardly walk 10 metres without a pool of ice clear water coming into view. Its so refreshing, and I so wish I could be there. Resting in the cool pools. But I cant. Atleast not for another couple of hours. Maybe 2. I crack open my bottle and take a massive swig. The exact refreshmen I needed, I take a deep breath before darting over to the bridge. Maybe I would get there within the hour if I kept at this pace.


I was completely wrong, within 3 hours I was only slightly closer. And the sky was beginning to darken. And the volcano was starting to to rumble, basically I think I have around 30 minutes, wait. No. That would be 0 minutes before it errupts. My pace begins to increase, for an obvious reason. And that reason is the impending flow of lava, heading directly towards me.

I made it. I had made it. And with almost 10 seconds to spare. The bridge is placed on a slight rise, so that the lava flows directly into the river. Rather than burning the bridge to pieces. Now I do have two options, both rather safe. I could cross the bridge into the life half, faced with possible other tributes and mutts. Or let the lava die down, cool off and vanish like it did last night. Then head back out, into the safer but riskier of the two. Why am I always faced with dilemas.

Down's POV

I stare around at the impending wave of lava, I had just escaped from it yesterday and here it was again. But I was almost at the hill, I could see the trees dotted allover it now. I could make it, I could survive. All I needed to do was make it before the lava swallows me whole. I bow my head low and put all my energy left, which is not much, into running full force towards the looming black mass. Closer and closer. The lava, and the hill both coming closer. Though the thing is, which would I hit first. And to my greatest luck it was the hill. Cool soil brushes my face as I lie down on the earth. I can hear the lava smash into the hill. The heat blasts me, giving me the idea the lava has overcome me. But would that be such a bad descision.

I wander the side of the hill, a lot bigger than it looked. It is covered in rocks, and burnt out trees. Trees that cast shadows across the hill floor, that sends a shiver up my back. Making me want to turn around and dart down the hill and leap into the lava. But is that the worse thing that can happen. In a few days I could meet the careers. I could be torn apart, leaping into the lava would hurt for seconds. Maybe the most blistering pain but short. It would be over and done with. But if I met the careers they could make it last. Two seconds of blistering pain or a few days of drawn out, excrutiating pain. But then. I could win. I may be giving up my life if I jump off the lava. Not letting it play out. I mean what if the careers pick on a bigger alliance. Stronger. There numbers could be slashed, destroyed. Then they could slowly die out, one by one. I could do this. I could win. But I could also die painfully, and slowly. 2 choices. If I jump I would know I would die peicefully. With my morals. But if I dont. I could go onto win this. Even with my stupid love powers. But the question was, which one.

Genieve's POV

I hate being a career, today we found no one in the fiery planes. And got a burn mark all the way down my leg. Shit was happening in this arena, and none of it was good for the careers. I mean in the bloodbath we only got 7 kills I think, and one of our own died. Then this morning the girl from 9 came in a stole all our good stuff. Plus then Destiny hasnt been back, and Cream is terrified. This is horrible. Blaine and Ronda have been setting up traps, simple but effective. But still. What if Diamond comes back when we are asleep, and falls into one of them. Are we seriously going to check who we caught. Or are we just gonna kill them.

After asking them all, we are just going to kill them. We couldnt trust them. I couldnt trust them. I could get trapped, and then I could be killed. I was nothing to these guys, nothing at all. I was filth. Just to be used to win, when it got down to low numbers we would turn on our own. And we would kill. And I wanted out. I needed out. I place my axe on the ground and begin to fill a pack, simple stuff. A few boxes of medicine. A bottle of water. And a bunch of food. Then a single thing knife. Elegant but deadly. Stuff I could say was incase we were attacked, to have supplies. Simple stuff. A tent would be harder to disguise. But I needed to go. It was much easier to leave now, than leave later.

Should I leave, or should I stay. Should I take Blaine, I know I cant trust Cream or Ronda, but Blaine. We are from the same home. We lived in the same city. I am sure I can trust him, 100% sure. I will invite him. If I leave. But thats only if I leave. A small chance, I cant trust it. But can I, and can I leave. This arena is full of deadly tributes, and dangers I cant even think of. I would be safer in the beginning with the careers, but later alone is the better option. But later we wont be able to escape, so its now. Or never. But I have no clue what to do. And I cant ask Blaine to leave now, as if he doesnt want to leave. He will kill me in the spot, and I know he wont care at all. Shit this is hard.


4 tributes, each have a terribly hard descision. And each will make a descision tommorow. And one will end in death. Meaning there could be 2 deaths tommrow.

Summary of Day 2

  • No tributes died today, and the capitol is anxious for death and blood. And they will do anything to get it, and I mean anything.
  • The careers are still at the cornucopia, though Diamond hasnt returned. They all have plenty supplies, and are protected by the water shield and various traps.
  • The second biggest alliance, the 5 and 3, have ground to a halt. They have enough food for 4 days, but still have no weapons. Charlie has been stung by a plant, and needs medicine in 2 days.
  • Diamond has been watching the 3/5 alliance all day. She has enough supplies for 5 days, and has great weapons.
  • The 6 pair are still doing fine, they have enough food for 4 days, along with their chosen weapon. Though they are getting scarily close to both Down and Zara.
  • Torrent is currently in the middle of the life section, he has generous supplies. Enough for 8 days. Also has a selection of weapons, and his arm has healed but the wound on his leg isnt looking good. He has no one at all near him, and is very safe.
  • Hudson still has 13 days worth of food, along with his knife. He is very close to Diamond, and the 3/5 alliance. So close that if he stood up, they could see him.
  • John is in terrible shape, and will die before midday tommorow if he hasnt got any medicine. He has no other supplies, and is hanging from a tree with some vines. If they broke and he fell, the impact would kill him.
  • Zara is doing very well, she is near Down and the 6 pair, she has enough supplies for 1 day. And still has a single sword.
  • Aurora is still in her crevice, she saw the traps put out so she knows where they are. She didnt get a chance today to steal some stuff, but she did find a couple of rats which she has sadly hat to eat.
  • Shay has moved from the 5/3 alliance, and is now out of food. But still 6 days worth of water. She has weapons, and a backpack, she is now closer to Torrent than Hudson, but she is still a while from him.
  • Almary still hasnt woken up, and is getting hungry. She is pretty safe, as the shark mutts would defend her from any attacking forces. And to reach her they would have to dive 30 feet under water, then swim through a 10 metre tunnel.
  • Alleria still hasnt decided which side to go onto, but she has refreshed on water, and has enough food. She is 100% safe, and if hardly in any chance to die. She has weapons, and is fit as a fiddle. And could take on any tribute.
  • Down is still considering jumping, he has lost his chance today as the lava has vanished. But he is considering leaping into it tommorow when the lava strikes. He is rather close to Zara and the 6 alliance and has nothing to eat or drink.

Day 3

Ronda's POV

I finally managed to get some sleep last night, Dondo was in all my dreams. But this time he is happy, last night he was hurting me. Blaming me for his death, its not likes its my fault the guy from 5 smashed the butt of Genieve's axe over his head. He could have defended himself. I wasnt to blame......was I. I mean I was rumaging through the supplies, trying to get a trident. I have to get the weapons I wanted. I could have used a sword or spear. Or even a knife. I could have defended him with any weapon. But I needed the right one. The best one. That was my fault. I could have saved him, but he could ha-. A piercing scream breaks my train of thought, breaks me from my sleep. Alerting me to the world, alerting me to the writhing figure of Genieve.

I burst to my feet, Blaine and Cream are already standing over her. She is covered from head to toe in a moving black substance. Like tar but simpler. Like....................bugs. She is covered her from toes in ants, I can see them funnleing into her throat. Entering her body. Her gorgeous hair has be eaten away, leaving bunches of hair. Supposed to cover her whole bald head. Blood trickles down as the ants nibble away as the crawl up her limbs. She is trying to say something but I have no clue, no ideas. Then it stops. The ants freeze. Genieve's face is shaking, like the skin is wavering up and down. In perfect waves. Wait. Its not just her face, its all over. Then the blood appears. From her ears, her mouth anywhere that is open. I avert my eyes, but the pained words of Blaine and Cream tell me the tale. She is gone.


Another career gone, I summon some of the water to remove the body and the remaining ants. It carries them high up where they are removed by the hovercraft. I relax, and walk back over to the cornucopia. She was gone, Destiny still hasnt returned. 18 tributes were left in this arena, and our alliance was only one sixth of that. We needed to either get them to join us, or kill them. And this was simple. We needed to go hunting, all 3 of us.

Luke's POV

My head hurts like hell. And I am hanging 14 metres above the floor. My day is not starting out good. I can feel the knife dig further into my leg. This is crap. I remember I was fighting the 1 female, with the 9 male. Then she pushed me.....was I dead. I jam open my eyes to see a pale blue sky. Nope. I was alive, but I can tell I wasnt in the best of shape. The knife I was using to fight Diamond is now lodged in my side, I can see a small pool of blood on the ground. Meaning this wasnt day 1, or probably 2. I am guessing day 3 or 4. Then who was dead, which tribute. I heard 6 cannons before I was knocked out. I saw the 8 female, 4 male, 13 male and Skye all die. Meaning I dont know 2 tributes who are dead, but wait. Its day 3. There is going to more deaths. And unless I made an alliance I was never going to know. I needed medical help aswell. But how do I get down.

I raise my hand and grab the tree, if I shimmy up this vine. I can get into the branches of that tree and climb down. What I do when I hit the floor is a mystery, but I need to get down first. I place my legs tightly rapped around the vine and place my hands further up. Then slide. Then place the legs and hands. Then slide. I move about 2 centimeters every slide but I dont care, I cant care. Slow but steady. I am about to clamber into the maze of branches when pain seizers over me. I turn to my wound to see it covered in ants. Climbing in. Eating at the flesh. Pain beyond believe. I remove one hand to swat them away but I fail, digging the dagger deeper in. Pain is all I feel. I need help, I need help. But I wont get it. My arms give into the pain and I let go of the vine, retracting my legs. Sending me plummeting. Down, to the floor. Landing directly on the dagger, sending in into my body. Hitting my heart.


Thyra's POV

He hasnt got long left, Emerald and I tried to fix it, but we must of shortened his lifespan as over night his face has gone white, his lips are blue. His heartbeat is hardly detectable. Emerald hasnt stopped crying since she woke up, I need to stay strong. For her, and for Charlie. I place my hand on his head, ice cold. He is already wearing both mine and Emerald's jackets. And we have used leaves to creat a barrier but it isnt helping. We need medicine. But even on day 3 that medicine will be expencive. Hundreds, if not thousands. I have considered invading the careers camp, I am sure they will have medicine that will fix this in seconds. But like I would ever manage to do that, and not come back missing a limb and my head.

Emerald went searching for water about half an hour ago, and I hope she will be back soon. Charlie is weezing, he needs medicine, and if he cant get that water would give us more time. But we have neither. I cant leave him alone but I need to go find her. What if she is trapped by careers, I would lose both of them. But then I would have to leave Charlie, and I would have that on my concious for the rest of my life. And that could only be a few days, there was only one word to describe how I feel at this exact moment. Scared.


I force water down Charlie's throat, Emerald has finally returned with a pouch of water. Apparently she has got lost, but I wasnt listening. Despite being no later than 3 pm the sky was a stunning navy. Pale and dark. So beautiful. Like everything else in this arena. It is stunning. Charlie has been a miniscule bit better since we got water in him. I have no idea what to do next though, we have nothing. Then I see her. A glint of pale brown, standing out from the vibrant greens of the forest. The 9 female......

"I can see you" I say this calmly, letting her know I can see her. But not to shock or suprise Charlie or Emerald.

"Crap, I dont want to hurt you. I want to help, I can heal him" She slowly walks over, retrieving some flowers and leaves from the forest floor. She crushes them in her hand then places then in a small bowl, adding some water in the process. I am confused how she knows this, but then I remember. The tributes from 9 had skills in healing. Within seconds she has a pale green paste. She dabs it onto the rashes over his leg, where the plant hit him. And then feeds him about 5 tablespoons of it. We wait, and wait. I can see the look on Emeralds face turn from happy, to suspicious. She doesnt trust her, Alleria I think her name is. She thinks maybe the medicine is actually a poison. That will kill Charlie, but it isnt. As minutes after it entered his body he looks normal. He skin is still paler than usual, but his lips are a soft pink. His heartrate has bounded up and he is talking. I stare at the 9 female, our new ally. I am so glad she decided to come and join us, otherwise we wouldnt have just not had her. We would have also lost Charlie.

Clarie's POV

We need to escape this hill now, its not the nicest place to be. Judging on the timing of the last two eruptions it is scheduled for a time late tonight. So I have agreed with Chase that after the lava goes we will move. Towards the bridge. To safety. We could have made it with speed, but it really hurts. And I mean what if we overshot and fell in the water. I am more sure than anything else that there is mutts in there. We decided to wait. We could do that, anyways. We needed to explore the other side of this hill. I am also pretty sure there is other tributes here. I wouldnt mind picking off one or two of them, and I am sure me and Chase could manage a short sprint to the top. I climb to my feet and tap him on the side, I mutter my plan and he nods. Then he is gone. Not leaving a trail of smoke like in the movies, just gone. If I couldnt also do it I would be shocked, but I know where he had gone. So I followed.

We reached the top in less than a minute. I survey the side, looking for others but none I can see. I guess if there was any they would be resting in the forest, it is too cramp for us to use our speed so we have to go at a steady pace. A normal persons pace. So far 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 12 have all their tributes left. With 7 being completely out. That could all change tonight, another district could be fully dead. I just had to wait to see who died. It was both saddening and slightly exhilerating. I mean the numbers were deteareating. The game was moving on. And me and Chase hadnt been touched. In the bloodbath we were gone in seconds, so we had no part. We havent seen other tributes in days. This morning we had woken to a swarm of birds at our food, now we had nothing. So we kinda have to go to the other half.

We reach the forest after about 30 minutes. A nice calm stroll that ended here, the trees are tight. Once we entered I doubt we could escape using our speed, and naturally we werent fast or strong. In here we were normal tributes, as I doubt healing will help us much during battle. We get pretty deep, and with a dark scary forest comes one thing. Getting lost. We do this in about 2 seconds. We spend the next 2 hours looking for a way out before we see her, Zara.


We have been chasing her for the past almost hour, she keeps just ahead so that she cant hear us, so I doubt she knows we are on her tail. She appears to be chasing something. With a long glistening blade, about half my height. It makes my puny throwing knives pale in comparison, I dont know why we were chasing her. Even if we do catch her, we have no chance in taking her. The only good thing about this is she seems to be taking us out of the forest, the trees have began to thin. The sky has poked through. To allow us to see the volcano in all its glory, errupting with vibrant reds, glowing oranges. A beautiful sight. We break into a clearing, allowing us to see the impending lava. We are at the base of the hill, and I can see what Zara was following. That guy from 8 is stading right at the bottom. Where the lava stops, but still. The heat would burn him. Kill him. But thats not a bad thing. He is our opponent.

We stop just in the forest, so Zara couldnt see us if she turned. Hidden in the shadows we watch patiently, but not for long. The lava doesnt wait. And apparently the lava burning him isnt a problem, as when it crashes no more than 10 metres from him he takes a step forward, then leaps into the blazing inferno. I can feel the pain he must feel, blisters would cover his body. But he would only feel it for seconds. BOOM. District 8 is now another one of the completely wiped out districts. I wipe a tear from my eye, I never knew him but I just saw a kid. Only a few years differing from my age. Leap into lava, giving up his life, even if it was only for 2 seconds he should have had it. I place my hand in Chase's then go to turn. Standing on a long thin twig in the process.


Zara whirls around, at the same speed we do. A thin wicked smile creeps onto her face. She unsheaths the blade then drags in to the front, it definately isnt half the height of her. She is atleast 6 feet tall, and definately one of the most raging competitors. I expect her to charge but she doesnt, instead she plunges the sword into a small dent in the floor. Causing a crack to open. Only small, about the size a human would need. And apparantly that is the perfect size. As two human hands reach out, not like the zombies in movies. Like real people. Then two heads. Two necks. Four arms. Two chests. Four legs. And then Zara isnt alone, she has allies. She has allies with the dead.

I recognise there faces from the night they shone in the sky, not less than 2 days ago. I take a look at the sky just as the first face appears. The 2 female. That lowers the perfect districts to 5. Then 8 male, Down, who I just saw perish. And the 11 male. 3 district fully gone. I take my glare of the sky, and place it back on the 3 figures, Zara and her two accomplaces. The capitol male, Blizzard, and the 4 male, Dondo.

One of my knives lands in the shoulder of Dondo, I expect him to pull it out and laugh but he doesnt. He winces and yanks it out, throwing it to the floor. He could feel pain. It was like they were alive, but they werent. They could feel pain. I turn to call for the back-up of Chase but he isnt there. I stare into the forest but nothing. no one. Had he gone. Yes. I can see him now. Not in the forest.........he was at the bridge. This revelation makes the next 5 minutes painless. Zara and her 2 henchmen easily overcome me, they use rope to tie my hands tight together then begin to hack my limbs. Slowly letting my blood flow out, killing me softly. I dont really mind. Chase had betrayed me, and I had fully trusted him. I didnt care I was dying. Zara heald her sword high, above my head. Then she drops it. A silver bolt. Like I would be if I hadnt been caught. They say your life flashes before your eyes but only one thing comes to mine. The face of Chase. The guy I loved, no. The guy I used to love. BOOM.

Summary of Day 3

  • 4 tributes died today, Down and Luke who both killed themselves. Claire who was killed by Zara, and Genieve who was killed by mutts.
  • Zara now joins Cream and Torrent for having 2 kills.
  • Districts 8, 11 and 7 have all died. While 1, 3, 5 and 12 have all their tributes left. The females from 4, 9, 10, 13 and the capitol remain. While the males from 2 and 6 remain. 15 tributes left.
  • The now 5/9/3 alliance are the joint biggest, equaling the careers, they each have a single throwing knife, and have enough food for 2 days.
  • The careers have regained Diamond, who decided not to attack the alliance as there was 4. They have enough supplies for weeks, still have weapons and medicine. District 1 is the only one to have all its tributes left.
  • Chase is now on his own, he doesnt care he has lost Claire and has no food. He still has a long thin sword, but no other supplies. He is on the edge of the river, moving at a constant rate.
  • Torrent is moving back towards the river, wanting to find tributes. He managed to convince a cow to help him with medicine, and his leg is now healed. He is moving with the cow, with enough food for 7 days and enough weapons for 3 tributes.
  • Hudson hasnt moved since the 1st day, has enough food for 12 days and has a knife. He is scarily close to the tributes from 3, 5 and 9. Also Chase, is close also.
  • Zara is now alone on the hill, with no food. She has her sword, and still has her bodyguards of Dondo and Blizzard. She has no food and is getting peckish, she has found the tributes from 6's water supplies and has enough for 2 days.
  • Aurora snuck out today, but sadly didnt get back to her cave. She is in the very back of the cornucopia and has enough food for 2 days, but no weapons. She is just in the shadows and out of view, but in the day will there be darkness there.
  • Shay managed to get some good long lasting food, and has enough for 5 days. And enough water for 5. She has weapons and a backpack, and is close to no tributes. Though she is close to the edge, and the forcefield.
  • Almary woke today, and has made it out the cave. She is on the side of the river, life side, with good food. She has a pack of wolves surrounding her keeping her warm. Though she has no weapons, and is still a bit shaky.
  • The capitol are happy now, loving the 5/3/9 alliance and wanting more fighting with them and the careers. And the gamemakers have a plan to make this happen.

Day 4

Cream's POV

I watch the sun come up this morning. Diamond is resting on the top of the cornucopia, while Ronda and Blaine are sleeping beside the supplies. I was supposed to be on watch but seriously, what were we supposed to fear. We are the strongest in the arena, there is still 4 of us. None have any injuries and we are all relaxed. None of us care that in a few days only one of us could be left, what if we were the final 4. Technically I got the lowest training, Ronda and Blaine both got 10's while Diamond a 9. But that didnt matter, I also had 2 kills. Diamond and Blaine only 1. While Ronda had still yet to kill. I was sitting high in that department.

Diamond had told us all about the other alliance, the one with the tributes from 3 and the 5 female. And now the 9 female. We needed to wipe them out, or atleast scatter them. The best thing to do was attack in one clump. They didnt have many weapons, and by the sound of it the only guy isnt doing well. Some sickness. He would be easy to kill, and then even if he isnt. Its one on one. All those girls got 6's, while the male a 7. Easy. We all thrashed them, and I would want to take on the male. Diamond leaps down from her vantage point and walks over to the supplies. Blaine is stiring, and Ronda is climbing to her feet. Her red hair in a small knot. Shimmering in the sun, she had lost her brother. Yet she was still going. In an arena with 15 tributes. I respect her, but respect means nothing here I guess. I decide to move over to them, get the plan for today sorted out. But I notice something in the corner of my eye, something we wouldnt have seen last night. In the darkness, but now in the light is clear. Its the girl from 12. I am about to move, grab my knife when I here the whistleing. Then I turn to see a single white torpedo going straight towards the cornucopia. I dont know what I thought but I run. I can see the girls and Blaine fleeing aswell. I roll over the edge. Into the waterfall. Grabbing a small rock and pulling onto it. Just in time to here it strike, then the gold metal flies. Glittering in the sun it falls around, ruining our pile of supplies. Making this place no safer than any other.


I isntantly know that isnt one of my fellow careers, the got far enough away to escape life threatening wounds. But the small girl. Who was directly in the mouth, in the centre. Well she had no where to go, I doubt she saw it. She was gone though. That meant one thing. There was only 14 left in the arena. And 10 I knew wanted to kill me now, and 3 wanted to kill me later.

Emerald's POV

What the fuck was that, I stare around. Alleria is still in her tree. Charlie is lying beside me while Thyra is resting on the rock. I can see each of them shudder awake, awoken by the same bang that woke me. I am sure there was also a cannon, I look to Alleria and she mouths on word. Careers. She leaps down and fills us in a bit more, apparently there was a lot of smoke coming from the cornucopia, but there was noc ornucopia. She said it had been blown up, which makes me guess another career is dead. But I seem to be the only one to think this. The others have a grim look, which takes me a couple of minutes to realise why. If the careers base was destroyed, they wouldnt have a home. Meaning they would now be looking for a new place. Or for tributes. Basically they would be hunting for us, and I am sure the careers could take us.


We had been preparing for a career attack for the last hour, Alleria now has all 5 knives. We figure she will have to best use for them, she has amazing accuracy so I presume she could take a few out before the fight begins. Alleria said when she invaded camp it was just the 4 female and 1 male. We know the 2 female is out, but the 1 female and 2 male were probably searching. They would be back now. Our biggest fear was what if they recruited more people in the heat of the battle. If it was just those 4 Alleria could kill 2 with knives. Then Thyra, Charlie and I could easily take them. Yes. We had made a quick run through of the remaining tributes, the 1 pair, 2 male, Charlie and I, 4 female, Thyra and her district partner. He was a worry. If he was with the careers we could be done for, I had personally seen him take the 4 male, and Allera saw him take the 10 male. Both were supposed to be strong competitors. Then there was the 6 male, the female had passed on last night. Her face appeared slightly after the others, I guess speed isnt the best. Fire and healing were amazing to have. Though I dont know what persuasion and power over cows is supposed to do. I guess Thyra was yet to figger that out. So then both 7 and 8 were wiped out. Alleria was with us, the 10 female had been seen by Alleria after the bloodbath, just in the distance. Apparently she had fallen into the river, but wasnt dead. Shame that. Then the 12 pair, and 13 female. 13 female was definately the 2nd biggest problem, she had slayed her district partner. So she was pure evil, I do not want to meet her. Oh and the capitol female. None of them other than the 13 female seemed likely to join the careers, and I had seen the 13 female flee the bloodbath. Unless she had headed back during the day we were safe. We could do this. All we needed now was the careers, and they didnt seem to be coming.

Torrent's POV

I suppose power over cows isnt that bad, I mean its a decent mod of transport. I swing my backpack onto my back and begin to move. Steps at a time. I can win this easily, only.....wait. How many people remain. Ehmmm, 1...2...3...4....oh. Well a lot of people. I have to leave my cow behind, as I can feel myself getting closer to others. I know sensing other people isnt in my list of supplies but I think maybe its an extra one. I cant wait to meet the next tributes I will kill them. And make soup out of there bodies. Not really but its something to think about. I have multiple weapons, but I think I need to dispence some. I hide 3 knives and a think sword under a bush. Leaving me with 1 knife and a mace. I feel that is enough. I move through the jungle, keeping low to the ground. There is about 20 metres till I reach other members of life. Not sure if its humans, or if its animals. But one side of me wants other humans, another wants animals. Atleast they would give food. But sadly only one side of me gets what it wants....wait theres a mouse. Both sides win.

3 figures appear in the clearing, and one in the tree above. The careers I think. They have the correct number, the 2 male, 1 pair and 4 female. It could be them. Then I know its not, I recognise the quiet but piercing voice of Thyra. She is beckoning on the other figures to join her, such a covincing voice. I can feel the icy chill drawing me in, Like a venus flytrap. The voice of Hera, I recognise the hint of magic in the voice, as it was the same magic that forced me through the past days. I wouldnt have done half aswell if I hadnt convinced myself to go into the cornucopia, to take on the pair from 10 or to keep moving. And stay solo. But now it was leading me to my death. My feet are slwoly moving forward. Making me take each step, and I cant do anything. I step into the clearing, and to the floor. I can feel the looming figures above me. Not the careers, the 3 pair. And the girl in the tree.....I really dont recognise her. Maybe the 13 female.......guess Ill dont have time to ponder. As the fight begins.

I draw my mace and push up, breaking through the cloud of tributes. The horror. Neither of the 3 pair have weapons, but both are carrying balls of flames. While the girl from 13 think bears throwing knives. One whizzes past my head, and I just raise my mace to delfect it. I dive behind the trees, to see the flames entangle me. Swirling around the trees. Setting them a blaze, the swift clashing of feet, fleeing from the flames. But they will catch them. I graple to my feet then begin to flee the flames. I stumble over the logs, knowing I cant escape. I snag my foot under a branch, and topple to the ground. Heat surges over my body, and I know the end is near. But how many would die from this. But how many, it wasnt a gamemaker trap. I think the girl from 3 started this, how many would she kill.


Hudson's POV

I cant escape the fire, so far 2 cannons have gone today. One way earlier, before the fire. But the other must have been the cause of the fire. I tare through the trees, the complete opposite way to the river, sadly the flames came from that side. But I know there is a lake close, if I can reach that. I can survive. This fire must have an end. Or does it. If its gamemaker it will, if its tribute caused. It could swallow the whole of the forest. Meaning I need to get to the river. Cross it. Then.....well this fire could take another few victims. Meaning we could be down to the top 10, maybe even 5. Anyway this half will be out. Fire half will be where all the tributes lie, and I was hoping to be one of them.

I smash my way through low hanging vines, I have been retreating from this for almost 3 hours, and I need water. All I have found is dry lake beds, and ponds that are long gone. I recieve my knife and start to hack. The fire was less than 10 metres behind me, but I needed to keep moving. I had made a circle, and was hoping to break into the river any second now. But no. That had been my plan for almost 20 minutes. And nothing, ok. I need a new plan. My water was almost gone, despite this morning I had enough for more than a week. And food is all gone. I have a knife, and my pack isnt here. I must have lost it in the vines, if I survive this I wont care. But I care now. I rest against a tree, then begin to climb. No idea why I am doing this but still, I manage to break through the canopy and see the blaze. The whole forest is yellow and red, and I am no where near the river. I can see a few figures breaking onto the plains. They are safe, and I wasnt. I decide to end it now, I turn to the flames about to swallow my tree, and I laugh.


Cream's POV


The fire is gaining on us, why the hell did I make us come to the forest, we had spent hours fleeing. Ronda had tried to summon water, but she had only fallen behind, I presumed that cannon was her. Diamond has been leading us back into the flames. She had a plan. Well she does have perfect strategy, so I guess that helped. Then why didnt I have a plan. She briefly explained it but I was slightly confused. If we looped around the flames, we could reach the mountain up to the cornucopia, then we climb that. And go via the cornucopia to the other section. It seems slightly tricky but I dont care. Its the best chance we have of survival. Blaine is leading us, using his strength with weapons to break through the logs and branches. He is doing pretty well.


We clash into the wall, here we were. Now the climbing part. The fire is about 100 metres behind, so we have time to think. Well time to let Diamond think. She is pacing along, and back. As if looking at the wall. Hoping it would spring out a ladder. But no such luck. It stays flat and boring. While the fire stays, well it doesnt stay. It gets closer. Blaine is getting mad, he grabs Diamonds hand and begins to climb. Why didnt I think of that. I follow swiftly, and easily overtake the figures. I dont know why Blaine isnt letting Diamond climb herself, he seems to want to pull her up.....wait. I stop and stare down. 50 feet below me I can see the fire colliding with the wall, luckily it stops. No plants to help it scale, but if we fall.....I take a swift glance at Blaine. They have reached a small ledge...or we are pushed. Blaine grabs the flowing silky blonde hair of my district partner and begins to laugh, they are no closer than 10 feet but I can feel the pain of Diamond. She is sobbing uncontrolably, but I cant do anything. But I need to try. He is pushing her towards the edge when I hit the floor. I tap him on the shoulder, making him turn to face me. Then I sink a punch to his nose. Toppling him and Diamond into the fiery field below, but Diamond is smart. And I cant explain what she does but she doesnt fall, I take one blink and Blaine is still falling, but Diamond is hanging from the ledge. BOOM. I pull her up and kiss her straight on the lips. I dont care that if we fall we would both die, I dont care that today we lost both our allies. As both of district 1 were in the final 9.


The faces had just shown, Blaine first. I still dont understand why he tried to kill us, I mean he could of overpowered us in weapon combat. But he chose physical. Both district 1 and 2 got a boost in that. Also strategy was heavily in play, and we thrashed him. I place my hand in Diamond as we rest in the ruins of the cornucopia. Ronda is next, meaning both of district 3 were in the final. Then the 5 male. 5 female with us aswell, 6 male is also safe. So is the 9 female, 10 female as the final faces are the 12 pair. Meaning the final 10 were us, the 3's, 5, 9, 13 and the capitol females. And the 6 male. Not much competition there.

Day 5

Shay's POV

It was only day 5 and 18 tributes were dead. Even now that was a fast pace game, with only 10 of us left. And by the looks of it we were all in either the fire half, or the cornucopia. Two careers and the ally of 4. I managed to avoid them after we fled over the bridge, but I believe they saw me. They easily could be following me. The girl with the powers in her voice, the 2 with fire and the girl with........deadly accuracy. And power over healing. Not that good. Then somewhere else in the arena there were a pair with strategy to slay a country, a girl who could control the dead, a guy with speed better than anyone and someone with accuracy and power over animals. A girl who had no idea what her power was supposed to do. Zeus. The kind of the gods. Power over the sky and thunder. Perfect for anyone who didnt hate thunder and lightning.

The hill on the distant side of the valley seems to be the space everyone is heading towards. And I am not falling for it, I decide maybe the cornucopia is a good place. I reckon only the careers could be there and two of them. I could take them, or maybe I could ally. I hate to say it but maybe the careers were the safest options. With there strategy not only could I win but they could help me sus out my powers. I need to win. And allying with the careers is ok, aslong as I dont kill.


It would be fine. I rest at the bottom of the hill to the cornucopia, I look across the valley. I can see a clumb of red and black just at the base of the hill in the distance, that is probably the other main alliance. The fires in the forest have died down completely, and I am also sure I can see a single tribute crossing back over into the forest, After what happened I would never step foot in there, I wouldnt trust it for fire. Even if this was the fire half. That side was worse.

Diamond's POV

The girl appears in sight, breaking mine and Cream's concentration. The capitol female. I recognise her, her hair is singed but still flows to her waist easily. Cream and I had been rummaging through the cornucopia wreck for a while, looking for anything useful. But nothing, it was all gone. The gamemakers had planned to move us down to the same level as everyone else. And they had done it with a bang. Literally. I reach for a fragment of steel but Cream grabs my hand. And gives me a single look that explains all, she might want to ally. Then we could take her down without a fight.

We raise to our feet and walk towards her, Cream has a dagger in his backpocket, the only weapon we had after the fire. Well other than Blaine's sword and Ronda's trident but they are both gone. Lost with there owner. She has nothing aswell, atleast on view. She could be hiding a weapon like Cream, or defencless. I personally hope the latter. Then she would be easy to kill, her face is hidden under her hair, and her leg has a small gash. Blood spurts out, maybe another tribute was following. We could get a two for one deal then.

Cream takes another few steps forward, less than 3 metres from the figure now. Within easy distance of killing, I cautiously step forward. Not wanting to be left behind, she could have a plan. Maybe ninjas would leap from the river bed and strangle me. But no. No ninjas. Just one girl. I scan her body quickly, no weapons. She has no bag or anything. The fire must have taken it, it hurt almost everyone. It hurt us terribley. I was hung over the fire, so close to death. I would have died if Cream hadnt saved me. I feel something at my feet and take a glance. A blade. A darkened soot covered blade, but still a blade. I bend down to pick it up when it happens. That girl whips her head up, slamming her foot into the chest of Cream. He clatters to the floor, face down. She dashes to his side and unsheaths the dagger. I expect her to turn it on him but she doesnt, she turns it on me.

I begin to run, I admit not the most heroic thing to do but I hadnt reached the blade in time, so I was defenceless. And she had the weapon. I knew it was over from the moment I tripped. I clashed with the floor, gravel entering my mouth. Stunning me, but also choking me. I couldnt move and she was seconds behind me. I can hear Cream scream, then the pain flows through my body as the knife enters my head. It is over. Shay doesnt even withdraw the blade, she just runs. I can see her dissapear over the edge of the cliff and Cream climb to his feet. His head covered in blood. I instantly fear the worse, but I then see the gash on his arm. The blood must have leaked onto his head. Better condition than I am by the look on his face. The pain has dulled but I can feel my feelings leaving. My vision blurs and when it clears he is beside me. I stare at him and smile. BOOM.

Alleria's POV

We had lost them, Charlie and Thyra were gone. I walk beside Emerald, she is not happy. About 20 minutes ago we ran into the capitol female and the 10 female. They split us, Emerald and I going one way, Thyra and Charlie the other. The10 female chased us to the volcano before dissapearing, and we decided we werent going to find her. She had a think blade, that looked like a sharks tooth. But much bigger than any shark that could be in the river, maybe dinosaurs. Ive seen them on the Hunger Games before. Anyway. We need to focus on now, there was only 9 of us left. An alliance of 4 would be strong, but what happens when we hit final 5 or so. We would have to turn on eachother. We needed to focus on winning now. That had come to me and Thyra days ago, but Charlie and Emerald were like brother in sister. Maybe taking one of them down would make us realise how little time left. Some days I have seen 5 people go like that, and what if this was one of them. I need to focus, I need to win.

We explore the base, wanting to find a cave. A chill lies over the fire plains, and I want shelter. I need shelter. Emerald has recieved some gun powder but what could that help with. We could explode a tribute. Ill stick with my knives. I do only have one left, the rest taken by the fire. Gone. Well Thyra has one, and if we meet up with her. I will get it back.


I take a rest on the boulder, we had been walking for hours. And we had just realised what happens everyday. That had yet to happen now. The volcano had errupted. How you may ask did we find out that the volcano was yet the errupt, well that question was easily answered when we saw the lava flowing down the mountain. Barreling straight towards me. This boulder was about 5 feet above the ground, and was the safest place I could see. And still Emerald wasnt much help, I scan the side of the mountain, anything. A cave would be safer than here, ironic that this is still the safest though.

I see it, I nudge Emerald down and bolt to the crack in the otherwise flawless wall. Just big enough the fit through, I squeeze in and Emerald follows. But sadly. So does someone else. Almary, the girl who had chased us here, then vanished. I could see her hair as she tore towards us, fear across her face. The heat surges up and I know the lava is close. Her knife is raise, pushing us back as she squeezes in. The powder. I dont know how it works but I throw the pot at her, I expect it to explode but it just gets in her eyes. Sending her sprawling backwards, out of the cave. Into where the lava waterfall has been created by the ridge, burning her skin. The screams are non exsistent but the pain is. I force Emerald to the wall at the lava is leeking through. BOOM. 8 are left, and if something doesnt save us it would be 6 very soon. It reaches the edge when the powder kicks in, the sends sparks everywhere. And clouds of smoke, adn finally a simple rumbling. The walls begin the crumble so I do the one thing that comes naturally. Run. Luckily the cave isnt small, it leads into a tunnel under the volcano, sweltering hot but safe-ish. Atleast tributes couldnt get to us. But then we couldnt get to Charlie.

Summary of Day 5

  • 2 tributes died today, Diamond who Shay killed and Almary who Alleira forced into the lava.
  • District 10 has now joined 2, 4, 7, 8, 11 and 12 with losing all there tributes.
  • Districts 1 and 6 still have there males left. The capitol and districts 9, 5 and 13 have there females. District 3 has both tributes.
  • 8 tributes remain.
  • Day 6 has been given as a day of rest, all tributes have been told to relax. And have been given enough supplies for exactly a day, to allow the Final 8 Interviews to commence.
  • The only allied tributes are Emerald and Alleria, they are in the volcano and safe for tributes, but dont know how to escape. And have no food.
  • Charlie lost Thyra when they split from being chased by Chase, he has almost no supplies and is needing to rest. He is almost at the hill.
  • Thyra lost charlie, and is heading towards the forest. She wants protection, and is still being chase by Chase. She has a bit of supplies, maybe enough for 2 days and a single knife.
  • Zara is still on the hill, she has summoned more dead. Currently having Ronda and Dondo, Blizzard and Blaine. She has a bit of food and her sword. She is very near Charlie.
  • Chase is following Thyra into the forest, he is probably doing the best of any tribute, easily escaping the fire. He has food and weapons.
  • Cream has moved from the cornucopia, he found the blade but left the one in Diamond. He cried for hours but is now more eager to win. He has some food but not much.
  • Shay is the only tribute in the forest, it is a wasteland but safer. No other tributes will bother her, but the mutts will bite. She has no weapons, but supplies.

The Final 8 Interviews / Day 6

Chase Locke

Ceaser Flickerman: Welcome to the final 8 interviews, in the Sponsio Games. Today we will be talking to the family members of our remaining tributes, and then a quick word with the mentors. Well lets not delay, and dive straight in. With our first member, Chase Locke's sister Hazelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hazelle: Ehmm, Hello Ceaser....I suppose I am honoured to be here.

Ceaser: Well, whats with the hesitaion....arent you exilerated your brother has made it this far.

Hazelle: Ofcoarse I am, he is still alive....and that is more than I could have ever hoped for, but still....he is in an arena with some of the most deadly tributes I have ever seen.

Ceaser: Well he is amoungst him, he has done amazingly so well. Lets take a look back, the bloodbath begun and he was off.

Hazelle: The speed is an amazing ability, probably one of the best.

Ceaser: I know, it would atleast help me. Getting ready could be shrunk from 2 hours to two minutes, yes so. He got lots of supplies. And was out with Claire within seconds. And at the mountain in minutes. Aaa-may-zing. Away and out.

Hazelle: He will never be caught, running was one of his weak spots and now its his strongest.

Ceaser: Haha, yes. Well not much happened with him and Claire until day 3. When they decided to leave. They sadly ventured into the hill, searching for Zara. And well.....they found her. And they still couldnt kill her. He was smart though, he got away. Unlike Claire, how do you think he felt with loosing her.

Hazelle: I am sure he was devestated. I have never seen him like that with anyone else. And she was taken away from him within seconds.

Ceaser: So on day 4 the fire struck, but it didnt really damage Chase. Like the bloodbath he was....well gone.

Hazelle: Well as I say intelligence is only good in the right situations. Speed is helpful anywhere.

Ceaser: Well it is, now yesterday. He and Almary managed to break the alliance of the 3 pair and the 5 and 9 females. He then took down split Thyra and Charlie, while, sadly, Almary was taken out by Alleria. Why do you think he chose Thyra, and not Charlie.

Hazelle: Obviously he was using his mind, Thyra only got a 6 in training while Charlie a 7, it was the easier target.

Ceaser: Well this is the last question, if Chase was watching this, what advice would you give him.

Hazelle: Wow....well its easy. He knows how much he is loved in 6, and he needs to focus. Avoid trouble. It isnt that hard, keep up on supplies. Aslong as he doesnt fall for a trap he should win. I want him home. I need him home.

Ceaser: Well thank you Hazelle, now revealing his odds of winning. Chase did pretty well throughout the games so far, and has been given odds of 5-1. But these are only odds, now lets drop in with his mentor to see what she thinks so far, welcome Swift Mage, only two years ago I was interviewing her as she had well won. And now she is a mentor in the final 8, so Hello Swift, and really welcome back.

Swift: I am so glad I am back, but I must get back to the operation room, I still have to sort a few sponsors.

Ceaser: Dont worry, I wont keep you long. I just need to ask how it has been being his mentor.

Swift: Well, I havent been his mentor the whole way, only since day 4. Asper had to leave and since Claire had passed I took over. But even since then I have signed more sponsors than with Claire, or last year. He hit the right spot with the sponsors, and I have a big plan for him. But thats all I can say.

Ceaser: Oooh leaving us wanting more, well I know you are busy. So that is all I want, thank you Swift, now I will be interviewing Zara's mother, see you on Basement 1.

Zara Lancaster

Ceaser: Well here I am, in the floor below all others. On 13's floor, to talk to the lovely, Lisa Lancaster. The mother of the stunning, and skilled Zara.

Lisa: Well I am both sad to be here, and happy.

Ceaser: Well arent we all....wait what.

Lisa: Well my daughter is in the arena, with 7 others. I really cant be happy.

Ceaser: 7....wait. Ohhhh. Yes only.....7 tributes.

Lisa: Wait what do you mean by 7......

Ceaser: Doesnt matter....well lets look at how Zara has done in the games.

Lisa: Well, lets do that.

Ceaser: Zara started off very well, and she got the second kill. Sadly her district partner, but still. She then left with supplies, and made it to the hill. Very important. She spent a few days there, learning to use her gods gift.

Lisa: I am sure she learned her power first, and it is very useful.

Ceaser: It definately is, and she learned it fast. Gaining bodyguards. Of Dondo and Blizzard, very good idea. So nothing happened until district 6 tried to attack, and she easily took down Clarie. Gaining her 2nd kill, I believe she was the 3rd one to get 2 kills, after Cream and Torrent.

Lisa: I was so proud of this, it made me actually smile.

Ceaser: Well that is perfect, so you were happy.

Lisa: Well it made me realise I had a chance of getting her back.

Ceaser: Well after that, not much happened. She stayed on the island, so wasnt affected by the fire. And none of the other tributes ventured there, so it wasnt that harsh.

Lisa: Yeh, hopefully this stays the same. She avoids them, and survives. I need her back, I want her home. I need her home.

Ceaser: Well hopefully you do get her home, and do it fast. Well I am so glad we had this chat, but I need to be talking to her mentor, Dyle Piston.

Lisa: Well this was great. Thanks for this chat, I hope she can come homo.

Ceaser: Well I now must be welcoming Dyle, the mentor of Zara.

Dyle: Well hello, glad to be back.

Ceaser: Well I didnt get to speak to you last time, we didnt have the interviews due to 84 tributes. But I was still watching.

Dyle: many died. But I made it home.

Ceaser: Yeh, so quickly. What advice do you want to give to Zara, anything she should do.

Dyle: Well its easy. I won it through working alone, the same as she did. She needs to take them down one by one, Charlie is heading towards her. If she can take him out, she can then take out Emerald easily, she will be distraught. Then picking on the weaker men, she can take them out. 1 by 1. Alleria, then Thyra and Chase. Finally Cream, and then Shay. She has the power, she can do this. She just needs to think.

Ceaser: Well thank you so much for your time, now lastly lets see her betting odds. Zara did very well, with 6-1. Now onto Alleria's floor now, to see Alleria's mother June.

Alleria Senci

Ceaser: Well for the third time today, lets welcome the relative of one of our tributes. Alleria's mother, June Senci.

June: Well hello, I love this room. So bright, I cant wait to stay here tonight.

Ceaser: Ok then, lets dive straight into this, I still have 5 of these to do after you. A lot of work, but not as much as Alleria will have to go through to win, can she do it.

June: I hope she can, Alleria is a strong one.

Ceaser: Well Alleria has had a basic journey, fighting is not much of her time. Really just allying and moving. She is the last set of allies with Emerald. She allied most of the games with Charlie and Thyra, but that was ruined. How do you think she felt about that.

June: I know she didnt mind, she is a tough one. Thats all I can say.

Ceaser: Yeh, she has had one of the highest averaged odd if the whole games. It is pretty impressive.

June: Well yes, I cant wait to see what she does next.

Ceaser: Nor can we, her current betting odds, well it is still pretty high. At 4-1. So far our highest.

June: Really, this is amazing. I can actually have my daughter home.

Ceaser: Well there are many people hoping for this. I have spoken to another 2 of them today, though so far Alleria does have the best chance.

June: Its one of the few details that makes me smile, I know she can do this. I can feel it.

Ceaser: Well lets hope so, now....can you tell us about how you know Alleria, when she was a kid. Her family, her friends. We want to know Alleria.

June: Well she was the kindest kid, I love her. And she loved everyone she met, her smile could open doors for people. She was focused at school....oh and her monkey. She loved little Bobo. They were always together, since from the age of 9. I could never seperate them.

Ceaser: I was like that as a kid, I could never be seperated from my food.

June: Well, Alleria was healthy. Always foccusing on getting us fit, making us eat correct. I loved her little habits. They were what made my day.

Ceaser: I cant wait to see more of her, now I must say goodbye. And now move onto the mentor of Alleria, Pamline Falcone.

June: Well thanks a lot for the time, I will hopefully see you soon.

Ceaser: And you too. Well lets all welcome Pamline to the......well floor.

Pamline: Hello, so many times I have been here. I think this makes 23.

Ceaser: Oh boy it does, that is a shocker. I have never had a mentor this long.

Pamline: Well now, dont you want to ask me anything.

Ceaser: Oh what advice would you give to Alleria.

Pamline: Well this is simple, she has the accuracy. We are so close to affording a bow and arrows, just a little more and we can send her that. Then she can take down Emerald, make her way out of the volcano and slowly pick off the others. Stay far away, and shoot in. Simple and precise. I know she can do this, she had been a strong player since the games began. And she can get even stronger. She needs to keep hydrated, and keep healthy. I need this win, I may have been here 23 times, but I have never won. The whole of district 9 wants this, and all her family.

Ceaser: Well thanks for that, now I must move on to floor 3, for two interviews.

Charlie Ryder

Ceaser: Well now to the only district with both its tributes left, District 3. So lets talk to the male first, so first of all we have the woderful Celeste Ryder, the sister of Charlie.

Celeste: Well, I know I am wonderful, Joke joke. Im not that cocky, my brother is the wonderful one.

Ceaser: Well that he is, he has been amazing so far.

Celeste: Cant say Im suprised.

Ceaser: Why, has he always been wonderful.

Celeste: Ever since I was born, he has been a wonderful brother. Always protecting me.

Ceaser: Ahhh, so your 2 years younger than him.

Celeste: Yes, I am only 12, I know I look so much older.

Ceaser: You do, I thought you were atleast 16.

Celeste: Oh, its just the make-up. AND THE DRESSES.

Ceaser: Oh that dress....It is amazing. Really flatters you.

Celeste: It is so beautiful, I wish I could keep it.

Ceaser: I am sure that could be arranged.

Celeste: REALLY, I would love that. Back in District 3 I dont have much nice clothes.

Ceaser: Well that will all change if Charlie wins.

Celeste: We need to put a big emphasis on the "If".

Ceaser: No, Im sure he can do it. I mean he has had a basic game so far, no kills. But that isnt bad. He is in a strong alliance. Or was.

Celeste: I know, I just hope they can meet again. They were an amazing alliance.

Ceaser: Very strong, his odds were 12-1 before the alliance split, but now they have increased to 8-1. Why do you think that.

Celeste: Well, they may have broken up but they all survived an attack from the 10 female, Almary I think and Chase. Both were very vicious tributes.

Ceaser: They are, very vicious. Chase is still one of the favourites. Well finally, what would you buy if Charlie did win. Briging so much money back.

Celeste: I dont know, I cant say I would be bothered. All I would care about is the face I have my brother home. As I miss him. Not having him to see at night, its been horrible. I want him home so badly.

Ceaser: Well lets hope that happens, that was Celeste. Now we need a quick word with Minitel before we move onto Emeralds brother, Calculum.

Minitel: Hello, its great to be back.

Ceaser: Well you are actually our oldest mentor, but this is the first time you have mentored.

Minitel: I know, I never really saw it as a desirable job. But Im coming to a close in my life, so I wanted to give something back to District 3.

Ceaser: So quickly, what advice would you give to Charlie.

Minitel: There isnt much I can say, he is strong. And he needs to keep moving. But aslong as he believes in himself, he can win. I know he can. Fire powers is handy, its what caused the forest fire. Killing 4 tributes I believe.

Ceaser: Wow, I suppose it did. But it wont be much help in the fire half.

Minitel: Dont be so sure, the trees in the forest will be drier. And will catch flame much easier. He just needs to realise that.

Ceaser: Well thank you Minitel Drone, and Ill see you lot in a few minutes when I talk to Calculum Infinity.

Emerald Infinity

Ceaser: Well, well, well. Here we are. Not moving a floor, just moving a room. To talk to the brother of our firestarter, Calculum Infinity.

Calculum: Ehmm...hello.

Ceaser: Oh, why so quiet. Im not that scary, am I?

Calculum: No....Im just a quiet person.

Ceaser: Oh, its ok. Pretend its just me. And not the whole of Panem.

Calculum: Ehmm.............

Ceaser: Come on, we just want to talk about your sister.

Calculum: Ill do anything for my sister.

Ceaser: Ok then, so Emerald is the most vicious tribute in the arena so far.

Calculum: I guessed that, the fire killed 4 people. Three Emerald was accounted for. Torrent, Ronda and Hudson. Pretty cool, but I hate to think of my sister as a killed.

Ceaser: Ooh, it must be hard. But atleast she is doing all she can to come home.

Calculum: I know.......but it was an accident. She isnt smart enough to do that on purpose.

Ceaser: Haha.....well still. She has the highest female odds, and the highest odds of all tributes at 2-1. Some of the best odds I have seen in the game so far. It is the best.

Calculum: Wow......just wow. Gives us hope.

Ceaser: Well she is a fighter.

Calculum: She is....and I had to grow up with that.

Ceaser: Well, see. Now your coming out of your shell.

Calculum: I love her, and I need to do anything I can to get her home.

Ceaser: Do you think she has a chance.

Calculum: Simply yes.

Ceaser: Concise and straight to the point. Now. Thank you for coming here today, now I must be talking to Cyber Bytes, Emeralds mentor.

Cyber: So many C's today.

Ceaser: What do you mean.

Cyber: Well Im a C, Cyber, then there is you, Ceaser, Celeste and Charlie. And to finish it of, Calculum. So many C's.

Ceaser: I guess you are right. Hopefully that doesnt happen again.

Cyber: Yes...hopefully.

Ceaser: Ok then, same question as always. What would you tell them.

Cyber: Well its simple. Emerald is a strong girl. And she should not trust Alleria, Alleria will stab her in the back. Maybe burn her hair off, that would reduce the sponsors. Then slowly take her out, then escape the volcano. Then take out a few tributes. Then its simple, win.

Ceaser: Well......what wonderful advice.

Cyber: Quite bitchy I know, but I want her to win.

Ceaser: Well dont we all, dont we all.

Cyber: Haha, well shouldnt you be off inteviewing Shay's relatives.

Ceaser: Oh yes, well off we go.

Shay Cobberstone

Ceaser: Ok then, sorry for the break. We had to come out to this lovely salon to interview Shay's lovely mother, Zealla.

Zealla: Im only 21 you know.

Ceaser: But if your had Shay when you were 6.

Zealla: Ehmm.....I was a fast learner.

Ceaser: Ok.....then what do you think of your daughter.

Zealla: I am wonderful...........oh and so is she.

Ceaser: This isnt about you, its about your daughter.

Zealla: Who cares about her, she is as good as dead.

Ceaser: Dont you want her home.

Zealla: Wait....if she wins I get money. Right?

Ceaser: Yes....

Zealla: Oh then ofcoarse I want her to win. I want my ickle baby home.

Ceaser: Ok...........

Zealla: I would by mysel-I mean her whatever she wants.

Ceaser: Thats good.......

Zealla: And I coul-we could do whatever we wanted.

Ceaser: Thats nice.

Zealla: I know, my lif-our life will be so much better.

Ceaser: So what would you say to Shay if she was here.

Zealla: I would say come home, so I can be rich....woops. I mean I can hug you till the end of time.

Ceaser: So any advice.

Zealla: Nope....

Ceaser: So her odds are 7-1.

Zealla: Why would I want to know that.

Ceaser: Ok then, maybe Ill go to Imperiosa. The mentor.

Zealla: Ok, byezzzzz!!!

Ceaser: Ok then......that was.....supportive. Now lets introduce Imperiosa Casca, the healing victor.

Imperiosa: Its great to be here, always love it when I get this far. Means I have helped a tribute.

Ceaser: Oh, and we all love talking to you. You are by a mile the smartest mentor.

Imperiosa: Well this is simple, Shay so far hasnt mastered her gift. And she needs to overide this. This can help her win, with the power over wind she can move miles at a time, and can destroy tributes with the thunder and lightning. I know this is almost suicide but she needs to climb the volcano. If she reaches the top she can get a clear view over the valley, create a storm which could clear the valley. Forcing them to high places, and out of forests. Into your trap. Its the easiest victory I have seen.

Ceaser: Wow.....just wow as usual. So lets let that woderful advice lead us into the 2nd last interview. So we better head to the 1st floor.

Cream Donahew

Ceaser: Well well our only remaining career.....well for now, we are currently on the district 1 floor, with the beautiful Nepolia Donahew.

Nepolia: Oh laying on the flattery thick are we...

Ceaser: You know me so well.

Nepolia: Well this isnt the first time we have talked.

Ceaser: I know, that was almost 20 years ago though.

Nepolia: When my very own sister was in the games.

Ceaser: Not only in the games, but the victor.

Nepolia: Ahh yes, I remember.

Ceaser: Well we will be talking to her in a few minutes, but now we want to talk to you.

Nepolia: Wow....when your sister is a victor no one ever wants to talk to you.

Ceaser: Well very soon, you could also be overshadowed by your son.

Nepolia: Well 2 victors in the family, that would be impressive.

Ceaser: It would. Very impressive. So do you think you Cream has a chance.

Nepolia: I like to think so, but there are some other strong contendors. Shay and Zara are both strong. Well they all are, to get to the final 8 it must be hard.

Ceaser: Well the odds are also in his favour, at 4-1 he is one of the strongest.

Nepolia: He has always been a strong boy, very quiet though. I dont know much about his life.

Ceaser: Well he is the last career, the others dying over the course. Lets talk about that.

Nepolia: Okay then, District 1 has been the best so far.

Ceaser: Yes, technically 4 is the worst. With the only career bloodbath death. And then Ronda dying trying to save you, Diamond and Blaine.

Nepolia: Yes, Diamond was a tragic death. She was so strong, and her and Cream were so tight. Even I could tell that.

Ceaser: Wow, your very observant.

Nepolia: I am, my sister is fast, strong and beautiful. And Im observant.

Ceaser: Haha, equal share then.

Nepolia: I know, but I cant be mad. I missed her when she was in the games. Like I am missing Cream.

Ceaser: Well thank you for this lovely talk, but I need to move onto your sister now. Just a swift bit of advice.

Nepolia: Its no problem, hope my sister just doesnt eclipse me.

Ceaser: Well no point putting it off, lets let in Rashala Donahew.

Rashala: Well, I really must rush. I have a party in the city that I just must get to. So advice, Cream is intelligent. Well atleast with this gift he is. He needs to devise a strategy, I cant help him with this, as even now I am not as smart as him. So I cant say much, but he can do it. The others are all simple minded, have technical gifts but his is strategy. By a mile the best. He already has strength. And now he has the brawn. NOW I MUST DASH.

Nepolia: Told you she was different.

Ceaser: Guess she is, so only one interview left.

Nepolia: Well from me and my sister, who is probably leaving the building right now, we wish all the other tributes the best of luck.

Ceaser: Ahah, nice to see sportsman-ship there. So now I will see you on District 5 floor, to talk to the father of Thyra.

Thyra Sarin

Ceaser: Well finally we have come to the final interview. To the floor of district 5 to interview Firiro Sarin, the father of the wonderful Thyra Sarin.

Firiro: Hi Ceaser, great to finally meet you.

Ceaser: Well its great to meet you.

Firiro: I never though Id be being interviewed by you. As usually it would mean I would be going into the games. But I guess knowing my daughter is in there right now, its well worse. By a mile its worse.

Ceaser: I cant say I know how you feel but I will try to help.

Firiro: I believe that, thank you.

Ceaser: Well lets get down the business. Thyra has been with District 3 since the games began, only splitting recently.

Firiro: Yes, she made a smart choice. I told her to choose someone she trusts. And she did.

Ceaser: Yes, but now they have all split up. With Emerald and Alleria in the volcano. And Charlie heading towards the mountain, and Thyra towards the forest, Being chased by Chase. Does this scare you.

Firiro: No. I know she can handle it. She can be very persuasive. I am not so sure they wont be allies by day 7.

Ceaser: Really, never thought that.

Firiro: Yes. I admit the ones with weaker powers are gone, but that leaves 7 different powers to observe. Fire can be taken down by water. Speed con be countered by obsticals. And so can accuracy. Electricity can be taken by metal. A sword or knife. Simple as that and your safe from Shay. But the other 3 are different. Death is a thing we all fear, and its something we cant fight. Thats the same with Zara. We cant fight it. We need to let it come. As for Cream. Intelligence is the most prized gift. I believe that best of the gifts. Followed by Thyra's. She can make others do what she says. How wonderful it that, she can make them kill themselves. She can make them kill eachother. She is in control. And aslong as she focuses she can win.

Ceaser: Wow....I never really thought of it that way. But you are 100 percent correct. I love how devoted all the parents and siblings are. I think its what we need.

Firiro: We want our kids home. Simple.

Ceaser: Wow, its almost 10. We must get on. Thank you for your deep opinion, but I must be moving onto the mentor step. Now I must welcome Illuminate Sensorium.

Illuminate: Its lovely to be here as usual. And lovely to be talking to you.

Ceaser: Oh you have always been a charmer.

Illuminate: Well I only charm those who deserve to be.

Ceaser: What fun we have, but we are on a schedule. We must be chatting about Thyra.

Illuminate: Yes, a wonderful girl. I am not good at giving advice, and I dont want to give my plans away but I can say this much. If all goes my way on day 7 Thyra will be top of the odds.

Ceaser: Oh talking about the odds. Thyra got a decent 7-1. Not the best but pretty good. So no little give aways.

Illuminate: Oh no, no no no. I am not that stupid. But dont you have something to reveal...........

Ceaser: Oh yes, thank you. Lovely to talk to you but now the big suprise is to be revealed. It is simple. We are bringing 2 tributes back. To take revenge, and thank those who helped them. They will have the same gifts, and be like usual. But the only difference is this. They will be......wait. There is no difference. That just makes them tributes. So.....there is no point of them coming. Just to add numbers.....sometimes I never understand the gamemakers. WELL now I must say goodbye, and tommorow the games will be back. With two new....well old. Well returning tributes.

The Betting Odds

District Tribute Odds
D1 Male Cream Donahew 7-1
D1 Female Diamond Celestia 5-1
D3 Male Charlie Ryder 11-1
D3 Female Emerald Infinity 4-1
D5 Female Thyra Sarin 2-1
D9 Female Alleria Senci 4-1
D13 Female Zara Lancaster 3-1

Day 7

Diamond's POV

I rise back into the arena. The wreck of the cornucopia to my left, I remember that. The valley to my right. I remember that. much pain. Then darkness, the neverending darkness. I take my first step off the plate, I can see Ronda standing less than 10 metres behind me. I dont know whether we are allies, or whether we are against eachother. The knife. I can feel the cool blade against my side, so I swiftly remove it. Before facing my former ally again, we share a single un-flinching stare. Her aqua trident is slung over her back, three prongs coated in small blue stones. We make a silent agreement, before both taking off down the hill. We were allies again, we had never really stopped being allies, just....well Ronda had died. What had actually happened since I died. Was Cream still alive. I fill Ronda in about what happened after she died, about Blaine and then Shay. How the 12 male and 5 male also died in the fire. Nothing much, just really to break the silence. To break the tension. I needed to know if Cream had passed, I dont care who I found. I needed to ask them, what if it was Shay though. Would she be shocked. Wait.....would Cream be shocked. I died, he saw me died. I was ripped from him, I had crushed his heart. Why did I want to confuse him, by showing myself.

I ground to a halt. 20 metres from the dark figure, lying in the bush. Cream. His cocoa skin glistening in the sun, so soft. Ronda rests beside me, and I make my final choice. I cant be back with him. If I am. One of us will see the other die. And I cant have that pain, and I cant make him feel the pain. I take one last look at the boy I called my first love before dissapearing into the vast emptiness. Alone as usual. Well with Ronda. I needed win. If I couldnt have Cream, I wanted my freedom. I wanted my home.


We decided to stay near the river, it was where Ronda was strongest. And I was fine anywhere. It was quite awkard, I mean I had let Ronda die. I had let her fall back to try and quench the flames. I hadnt gone with her. And now here we were again, back from the dead. Flames, flames has taken everyone. Cream. Gone. I crash to the floor, panting. My face flushed red. Palms sweating. Eyes focusing on nothing. Cream was smart. He would find it out. He would know I deserted him, and he would want revenge. He would be after us. I feel a cool wash ovey my face, ice cool water. But it doesnt matter. I had already realised what I had given up.

As in the sky. Were 2 faces. Mine and Ronda's. With one single sentence spread across the slowly fading image. These tributes have returned.

Cream's POV

She was back..........Diamond was back. And she hadnt tried to find me. 2 tracks of footprints lead down from the cornucopia, to my side then off down the side of the river. All the clues were there. And they werent that hard to put together. Only one tribute wouldnt kill me on sight, well two I suppose. There was two of them, which fits it. Finally they went via the water. And only one set of tributes, who woudlnt kill me and who would want to go via the water. Ronda Grouge and Diamond Celestia. The pain was horrible, I mean she left me. She saw me, and chose not to talk to me. Not to ally. The gloves were off now, and I was going to take them down. They had died once before, dying again wouldnt be that hard.

I raise to my feet before making a desicion, Ronda wanted water. This half had none of that, so they would probably be making there way to the bridge as other than that, the only way over to the other side is via the cornucopia. And the footprints lead this way, lets just hope I dont run into anyone else. And as usual, I may have intelligence. But I always seem to be wrong. Shay is less than 20 metres infront of me, studying the ground below her. A small smile across her face, I dont think she has seen me but I know I need to be quick. I bolt up, grabbing the scruff of her neck. One sharp twist, her screams are cut short. BOOM. As she clatters to the floor the electricity shocks up my arm. My heart stops, the pain surgest. But it begins again. I cant do this without her. I almost black out, but I manage to hold off. I needed to find her. My life flashed before my eyes. Well what my life will be, I see Diamond. And me. We are surrounded by all my family, a few kids I dont know. A few kids I will never know. They are mine and Diamonds. And only one of us can make it out. Unless......well there is only one thing I know now. I need to find Diamond.

Thyra's POV

The darkness swallows me, as I break into the forest. I was safer here, Chase had stopped following me. Instead turning to the mountain, the one where Charlie was based. But I could not care about him now. I had bigger things to worry about, two more careers had returned to the arena. Ronda and Diamond. Both were strong, and if they allied with Cream a third of the tributes would be careers. Well presuming that cannon wasnt one of them, but I think it wasnt. No way would any of them die this soon. The gamemakers wouldnt let it. This would be a gamechanger. Until now I thought I had a chance. all tributes other than Alleria and Emerald were on there own, but now I was the one with the broken leg, metaphorically. I was the one with the disadvantage. And I would just have to change it.

This forest is massive, I knew that from the moment I saw it though. It wraps right around the base of the volcano, and all along what I presume is the edge of the arena. So I dont want to head that way, around 5 tributes were killed by the forcefield last year, and I dont want to be one of them, but this year. I decide Alleria and Emerald had headed towards the volcano, maybe I could meet up with them. And ally again, be as strong as the careers. Break the careers. Shouldnt be that hard. Should it?


The only thing I hadnt thought of when moving through the forest, was losing the volcano. But hidden by the night sky, I had nothing to go by. I was lost. And I was cold. And hungry. And defended by a kn-FUCK. Where had I left my knife. So now Im defenceless. Just flippin perfect. I stromp through the pillars of darkness, each just a replica of the one I passed before. And before that. And that. And that, well you get the picture. A lot of trees. And suprisingly, no mutts or traps. I suddenly expect the trees to burst into flames, or a giant spider to bound from below, scooping me in its web, ending my life. But nothing. And its making me even more tense. Were the gamemakers holding the mutts back, wanting me to come this way. Wanting me to reach the volcano. I have no clue, but lets hope Im wrong.

Well. I was actually wrong. And correct. As I can see the volcan now, but I can only see it because its cloaked in the daily dosage of burning hot lava. Run. Crap. Im going to die. Those were the first three things that came to my head, as the lava entered the forest. Not burning the trees though, they remained perfect. Obviously built to withstand the lava. Wait.....the lava couldnt be much higher than 4 metres above the ground, and well all of these trees were taller than that. In one moment my plan changed from run, to climb. And I act fast, and within seconds I am about 10 metres up a tree on the edge of a small clearing. The lava flows below, but the heat reaches here. My body sweats like mad, my fingers begin to get wet. Slowly the climbing gets harder. I have to reach for each branch three times before I get a firm grasp. My feet just dont want to move, but I cant stop. I am almost at the top when I make a fatal mistake. I reach for a brance, no less than 2 centimetres from my grasp, but overshoot. My hand cracks the brance, shoving all my weight to the branches below. And they arent much stronger. I begin to fall, hitting all branches, praying one with catch me but none do. And all I can think, and say is....



The pain is excrutiating. But not burning, more, aw fuck all the bones in my body are broken kinda way. I try to it up, but my arm sends a message to the rest of my body, move and I will kill you. My legs dont seem to be complaining so I just lie, my eyes shut. am I alive. I flash my eyes open to see an amazing sight. There is about a 2 metres gap around me and a wall of lava. It was like it was avoiding m-wait......could I command the lava. I had told it to get out the way, and it had. Maybe I should.......

"Heal me"

The words exit my mouth before I can think, I dont know how lava is supposed to do that but it does. A small arm shoots out. And touches my arms and legs, burning them senseless. But I dont care, as the achey pain is evaporating. Fanishing. I was free, I try to sit up again and find no problems. I groan to my feet, and again. No problems. The lava had healed my bones, and if it could do that. What else could it do. Then again, the words leave before I can even think.

"Take me to the top of the volcano."

Summary of Day 7

  • Only 9 tributes remain, with Shay dying today. That means that there is 7 Districts left in the running, with 1 and 3 both having both two tributes left. And Districts 4, 5, 6, 9 and 13 left with one. 3 males and 6 females.
  • The tributes are split into 3 sections, Zara and the boys from 6 and 3 are at the mountain. The 3 careers are along with river. And the girls from 3, 5 and 9 are all in the Volcano.
  • Emerald and Alleria are still both terrified. They are now in ranger with Thyra, but with minimal supplies. They are both scared, and both considering leaving eachother.
  • Diamond and Ronda are both near the bridge. They are resting up now, and have amazing amounts of supplies. They made a fire, and Ronda used her powers to freshen the water, and catch some fish.
  • Cream is eating the last of his food, but has decided he doesnt want to stop moving. He wants to catch up with Diamond, to well he doesnt know what he wants to do yet.
  • Zara has still got her bodyguards, Dondo, Blizzard and Blaine. She has enough food and her sword. And is doing amazingly well.
  • Charlie has just made it to the hill, and is going to enter the forest soon, Chase is very close though and is about to strike.
  • Thyra has made it to the top, to discover the secret. She is shocked, and has made it into the volcano. And is now exploring the caves, she has no supplies other than some plants she found in a small cave.
  • Chase is doing well, he is stalking Charlie. Has both food and weapons, and is ready to win. He is also close to Zara, who is ready to go hunting.

Day 8

Ronda's POV

Idiot, we had been moving along the river. Trying to cross. When I could have just helped us across. Within seconds, we made it to the life side. And we set off, Diamond had told me the fire hadnt really damaged it, and I was glad. It left us free. Free to explore. And I guessed most other tributes wouldnt brave the crossing, incase the fire blazed again. And they shouldnt care. I was the one to die. Not them. And I didnt care. But I now couldnt trust water, it had deserted me then. And it could desert me again. In a second. In a pinch. The times I need it, it wouldnt be here.

We stalk through the forests, not talking. Silent. Well what was there to talk about. We had both died. And that was it. But only one of us could possibly not face that again. The wood seems to be darker than I remember. More concealing. It seems to drag over the sky, entagle the sky. Wait.....the forest was different and there was only one reason it would be so thick. It isnt the leaves, its webbing. The moment I realise this the spiders begin to pour from the skies, all on tiny threads. Each landing on my body. Scuttling up my arms. By the shrill calls coming from Diamond, the power wasnt all she gained from Athena. Arachne....spiders. Flashes of the tale come to me, and all I can say is I am glad in District 4.

I smash the spiders of my body, killing a few, stunning others. But no matter how many vanish of me, more pile on. Each has a silver spot in its abdomen, each is jet black. About the size of my hand, maybe a bit smaller. But its hard to check when hundereds of them are attacking you. My vision vanishes, as they take over my head. Wrapping it in web....and then my throat. The webs wind around, slowly wrapping. Stealing my last breaths. And I know its over again. This forest had been the place I died less than 3 days ago, and it would be it again. I crumple to the floor, just surviving. But the spiders envelope me. Stealing the last bit of energy I have. I look up, to see where Diamond was. Two figures wrapped from head to toe, except one small crack. The mouth. Why did they get to survive. And I didnt. BOOM.

Chase's POV

This was where.....this....where I left her. The small patch on the ground......her blood. I know its her blood. Zara stood less than a metre from here when I fled. Why didnt I make her follow, we could have still been together. We could have been together forever. We could have No we couldnt have. The games dont work that way. I needed to get ride of her, I had to. Not my choice. Like my reason to be here, not my choice. I couldnt catch that girl from 5, maybe the boy from 3 would be easier. Or maybe I could take revenge for Claire, kill Zara. Well it would all depend on who I met first, wouldnt it.

Walking through the forests, alone, feels less than perfect. I keep expecting to turn, turn to face Claire. But no, she is gone. Ronda and the girl from 1 got a 2nd chance at life. Claire didnt. Fuck the world. Claire was so innocent, and the games tore her. Ridding her of the last hope she had. I want to win. I want to make sure, make sure the world never forgets that Claire Morino walked its surface. As she deserved to be remembered.


I break into a small clearing, filled with the only sun light I had seen in miles. Journeying for ages, my feet ache. And I still hadnt seen either of them. Had they fanished, or had they allied. Deciding to take me on as a pair, but I could take them. Or atleast outrun them. I keep moving, swiftly, keeping low. Snapping twigs as I move, through the brittle trees. Moving at a steady pace as I can, but I begin to slow. As anyone does after hours of travel. And as soon as I wish I could sleep, everything goes to hell.

The first thing is the falling trees. About a group of 20 begin to clatter, tip slowly. Not that hard, but a small outstretched brach catches the back of my leg, grazing it. Not the worst wound I have had, but up there with the best. Then the daily lava comes down, at the exact moment I break out, into the valley. And back in I go. Back into the dark forest.

But even that wasnt the worst, that came in the shape of a dark blade. My shoulder bursts into pain, as Zara raises her sword for a second shot, but I am gone by the time it comes smashing down, leaving a gash the size of my leg in the ground. I am up before she can yank it out, and I slip my knife out of my belt, just in time to deflect the blade. Bringing the 2nd up, ready to attack. Her black hair has fallen over her eyes but she doesnt care, she swings the blade at my legs, and I try to jump but she anticipates it, and raises the swing. Smashing the cold black metal rod into my ass. I land awkwardly on my arm, twisting it around, dropping my knife. Causing it to impale in my other hand, but I need to hold on. I can do this, I swing my knife at her face but she backs off easily. She is skilled, and I know its over. I keep trying though, I swing my blade around 50 times, before she finally slams it from my hand, sending it spinning into the darkness. I fumbel around for the 2nd blade, the one I dropped earlier but I cant locate it. I know its over. I stare up and mutter 5 words.

"Make sure Claire isnt forgotten"

The blade stops, and Zara lowers the blade.

"I will make sure none of the tributes who die in this arena will be forgotten, but I need to win. I need to go home"

The blade begins to move again, and strikes me in the stomach before I can even respond, before I can even smile.


Diamond's POV

The pain tingles up my body, the cuts not healed. I open my eyes, and darkness welcomes me. Echoing silence, but I know we are in a cavern. And I can see Cream less than 3 metres away. Well....not see. As much as feel. The echoes seem to radiate, just from my breathing. Slow but contant. Thats good, I guess. I try to sit up, but my body is still entangled in fine strings of silk. Bounding me tight, keeping my from acessing my dagger. Other than the fact I am in a cave, and that Cream is here. This is all shrouded in mystery.

"Cream.......are you here" I wait for a responce, rolling over, to face the endless darkness.

A brisk hoarse voice reponds, filled with fear. "DIAMOND, We need to get out" I see his figure roll into sight, his face covered. But his legs free.

"Why, and what happened" All I remember is the webs, then darkness swallowed me. Wait...I saw Cream. He tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned. "RONDA, what happened to Ronda"

Even with his face covered, I know the answer wont be good."There was a cannon.....I think it was hers" Cream is smart, and even if I want him to be wrong, I know he isnt. As it was the same conclusion I came to.

A tear falls from my eye, but I dont really care. I had lost her again, but all I can think about is her family. They saw Ronda die once before, and now they had to go through it again. The pain must be unimadginable. But I cant focus for to long, I need to focus on getting out. And now that me and Cream were working together, we could do it without any trouble.


Ok, so maybe I lied. About 2 hours later, and no change. Other than finding that we werent surrounded by walls. But instead surrounded by a ditch. Something else we found out, which was more useful was the light switch. Well....not a light switch as much. But a wierd stone, that we pressed, that turned the lights on. That was both good and bad, as it alerted us to the hundereds of spiders above us. Cream had sussed out that due to us being blessed by Athena, we were also cursed by Athena. And spiders would hate us, some story about a girl, who weaved, and then Athena, making her a spider. the details are foggy, but the basis is all we need. I roll over to where Cream is peering over the cliff, staring into the darkness.

"There has to be a way out" His calm tone breaks the silence of the cavern, causing a few of the spiders to move. Scuttling, almost revealing the secrets they hid. "We got here somehow, and now we need to get out"

"We could jump" I add to the thought process, knowing its a wild thought.

"Nah, to risky." His eyes flash over to the corner, the only place that was connected by land to a wall. Then to us. "We make a rope......"

"Wait what, how....." Then it hits me, the string. The silk. It was so strong, it could support us easily. But how did we unthread it, without being able to escape.

"WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS, its all so simple now...." His eyes pass towards me, we had been able to get our heads free but the rest of our body was trapped....well mine was. A small pin appears in the thread, and slowly slices down. His token, he had shown me it. A small pin. He was free, and seconds later. So was I.

Summary of Day 8

  • Only 7 tributes remain, with both Chase and Ronda passing on today.
  • District 3 and 1 still have both their tributes left, while the females from 13, 5 and 9 are left.
  • Zara has found some mushrooms, and a small pond and is resting, planning on moving off the mountain tommorow. She has left her bodyguards, and is all alone. With her sword.
  • Charlie is not good, he just managed to esape Chase seeing him, and hasnt had food for two days. He has a small amount of water, but is rather slow.
  • Diamond and Cream managed to escape, by creating string. They are actually in the same tunnels as Emerald and Alleria now, and have no supplies other than the knife. Cream has hurt his leg, as he fell off the rope.
  • Emerald and Alleria are still not that close, they arent talking but staying together for the sake of it, and are rather close to the centre of the volcano, with minimum supplies.
  • Thyra has been exploring the centre of the volcano, still checking and solving things. She found a bunch of food and water, and has multiple things that could be used as weapons.
  • The gamemakers are getting scared, as nearly 3 of the tributes will have discovered the secret.

Day 9

Alleria's POV

It has been nothing but tense since we entered the volcano. Emerald isnt talking, but seems to be practising with her fire. This terrifies me. She could use that against me, she could take me down. My thowing knives arent much use in a cramped space like this, if I want to stand a chance I need to either get in a larger cavern, or get out. I prefer the 2nd option, this place just scares me. Like that any second, these caverns could fill with lava. But that isnt even my biggest fear. I am not sure we are even supposed to be in here, meaning what if the gamemakers take us out. I have seen it in the past. A tributes strays somewhere, so the gamemakers send in a mutt, a mutt that cant be killed.

Luckily, I think we have been here long enough to make sure this didnt happen. I bet they would have killed us at the begginig, or made it impossible for us to acess this area. But it was really easy to do so, which makes me sure we wouldnt get in trouble. We continue to explore, rising at a steady rate. Slow work, Emerald is still weaping about Charlie. She is determined to think that one of the two cannons was Charlie, and I kinda think it is. Of the tributes left, he is the weakest. We managed to see that the careers gained 2 more tributes, upping them to 3. And I bet they wouldnt lose anyone, Zara and Thyra are both strong. Doubt they would die. And the Chase dude could just flee from anything. He is safe....wait. Then who was the other cannon. Crap. Even my plan is flawed. Then I have no fucking clue who died.


My jaw drops. I can hear Emerald's gasp, as it echoes around the biggest cavern in the volcano, about 400 metres the sky poors through the crater. We were at the centre of the volcano, where the lava appears. But all I see.....all I see is machinary. Towers, filling most of the gaps. I can hardly see the walls, as they are coated in layers and layers of thick lead pipes. There is no natural lava, it is all man made. Something the gamemakers can control. Emerald has began to circle, interwinding through the base. To her there must be millions of oppertunities. And I cant see a single one. But something I do Thyra. We are in the Final 6. I cant ally with everyone, and now that we are here, I think Emerald is the better option. I slowly withdraw one of the knives. And aim it to where Thyra is slowly abseiling down the pipes. My knife leaves my hand before I can think, it slashes through the air. Before it strikes her directly in the small of the back, her scream fills the cavern, causing Emerald to come fleeing through the base. She plummets to the ground, before smashing onto a set of open pipes. One goes directly through her head, the others pierce her body. Her pained gasps slowly die down, a painful death. But entertaining. BOOM.

Zara's POV

I toss the apple from hand to hand, round and soft. I throw it to the sky, before slashing straight through its centre. 2 sections clatter to the floor, seeping water, like blood flows from a broken tribute. I had been stuck in this dark forest since the games began, and I was ready to get out. I didnt trust entering the plains, but that was really my only option. Or atleast I thought it was. I had not seen a single cave on this hill, at any point in the games. Other than now. Where there is 6, sitting directly infront of me. I bet 5 will lead me to traps, but I bet one will get me off this hill, and I would rather take the risk. Than send another second on this fucking hill. I was not going to be trapped, I was a beast. And you know what happens with beasts get contained, they get mad.

I decide to take the smallest, just big enough for me to squeeze through, but roomy enough when I entered. As I guessed, there is a one way tunnel leading down, taking me under the plains. I begin to crawl, some webs get in my way but I dont care. I have felt safer now than ever in my life. I am almost home, I suppose its another thing I get with being blessed by Hades. His domain is underground, and well here I am. Like a corpse, I am trapped. Just two ways to go, and I am guessing that those caves appeared like magic, now I presume. They have vanished like magic.


The tunnel has evened out, and well its slightly more spacious. I can stand. Woohoo. My blade has grown much heavier since I entered this tunnel. As if it is pulling me to the ground, dragging me under the crust. I consider dropping it, and continuing unarmed, but after seconds of thinking, that would just leave as practise for the other tributes. I guess I will be dragging that for hours, but as I said. I feel strangly safe.

Now this is just getting fucking annoying. I keep slipping back down the hill, making it slow progress. After around 20 minutes of walking, then falling, then walking, then falling, then eating, then falling. I end up around 3 metres from where I was standing before. And the terrible thing is, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My face is burning, my arms and legs are aching. But I dont stop. Digging my sword into the earth, then pulling me close. Then sword up. Pulling to meet it. Slow work as always, but I never give in. I have dropped my bag, taken of my jacket and lost my shoes. All I have left, is my top, my trousers and my sword. But nothing has changed, my position is clear. I need to lose the sword. I place my feet against a small bolder, holding me in the spot I sit in, letting me take one last look at the blade. The same blade that killed both the girl and boy from 6. And I cant do it. I swing the blade around, and it smashes into the wall. And small echo rises around the caver, some dust flows into the air. One more strike, and small rocks fall from the ceiling. The third strike finishes the job. Boulders clatter to the ground. I put all my energy into pushing both the sword and I up. And up, the tunnel below my begins to collapse. Giving me a reason to move, but also maybe, sealing my fate. I dont stop moving, until my head breaks into the light. I clamber out, and stare into the crater of the volcano. The mechanical centre.....and all I can think is wow.

Cream's POV

The package smashes through rock, sending pellets of rock dancing through the air. I duck for cover, dragging Diamond behind me. My leg aching, being slashed by the pellets. We cower under a small ridge of rock, proctecting ourselves from the rain of shrapnel. Diamond is close on my arms, but I pull her closer. Tighter than ever, I cant let her go. After around 20 minutes, of waiting out the waterfall of damage. I can see a silver bag less than 10 metres away, the gift that almost caused my death. Great. I dive from my cover, darting across the cavern, grabbing the bag before diving under a ridge on the other side. I can see Diamond, hiding in the shadows. Fear spreading across her face. I know if I was there I could comfort her, but I guess we can do that in two seconds. I rip open the bag, spilling two short swords, and a medical kit into the fray. I grab the kit and rip it open, downing a few pills. Within seconds my leg is painless, all gone. I tuck it into my jacket pocket before staring up, Diamond is just climbing out of the hole, this cavern is suprisingly low. I raise to my feet, and luckily it holds. I brace myself, and begin to pull, easily moving out of the small cavern. And into a much bigger one......

The volcano centre is crowded with steam, filling the space. But not blocking out the most beautiful sight in the room. The thing that may mean I could sepdn the rest of my life with Diamond. It is basically a giant steam powered engine. It would heat up the water, causing steam to flow. Powering well everything. Which heats the rocks to thousands of degrees, crumbling them. Making them lava, it then takes it through the pipes, sending it down the side of the volcano. No natural causes, all machine made. But the good thing about this is, we could re-program it. All I need is someone good with machines, someone strong, a lot of helpers. We could escape the arena. I stare around the hall, looking for anything that could help. And then I see it. Well them. Fighting, sword to knife and pipe. The girl from 13 against the 3 female and 9 female. A smile creeps across my face, then passes onto Diamonds.

We crash into the fight, I smash the blade out of Zara's hands while Diamond attacks Alleria and Emerald. I chuck it far, and hold Zara down. Then I say the plan. With every word her struggling lessens, and I can hear by the lessen thudding of the others, that they feel the same way. My hands loosen, and I raise to my feet. Holding my blade high, ready to take down anyone if they revolt. I lower my blade and explain the plan in more detail, making sure each of them knows there place. We are about to break when a crack opens in the wall next to us, Charlie pouring out. A swarm of bees close on his trails, Emerald dives infront of him, sending a jet of flames down the tunnel. Destroying them all, seconds later Charlie clatters into Emeralds arms. Tears streaming from all places. We all wait as they finish their 'touching' scene before repeating the plan again. We all nod before darting into the hole I appeared from minutes before, ready for the plan to begin.

Charlie's POV

We all hide in the tunnels below the generator. Waiting for the volcano to spew todays batch of fiery broth. Spilling into a completely tribute free arena. As all 6 of us are in here....Zara on one side, with a dead tribute I dont recognise While Diamond and Cream take the others. Alleria is covering the hole, making sure nothing gets out. While Cream and I work slowly away. From just looking at something, I can tell everything about it. How it works, what it needs to work, and even why it works. And that was the main idea. With knowing how something works, I could tell how to make it go wrong. While the others rest, taking less than 10 minutes to sort themselves out, Emerald and I talk.

"Do you think we should trust them" Emeralds soft voice, no more than a whisper travels straight from her mouth, to my ear. Not even touching the others.

I turn to her, and mutter my reply. Keeping it as quiet as hers. "I....I think we can" I rest my hand in hers, and stare into her soft emerald eyes. "We are in this together...."

"I suppose, ok then" She removes her hand with a sudden jerk, the softness in her eyes dissapearing, replaced with tears. "Well then, we better get focussed on this job, shouldnt we then".

The bitterness in her voice is clear, her body language almost repells me, giving me the idea I should leave. But I stand strong, we need to focus. We have less than 24 hours, as I just heard the signal that we had been waiting on. The volcano had errupted. I could not care about anything else, as I need to focus. In less than an hour I needed to be up in the engine room, sorting out stuff. But I still had no fucking clue, what we needed to sort.

Summary of Day 9

  • Thyra passed on today, meaning all tributes from District 5 are dead. While Districts 1 and 3 still have both their tributes, with the females from 13 and 9 also alive.
  • All tributes are in the main tunnel under the volcano, resting for the big finale tommorow.
  • All tributes have food and water, with Diamond, Zara and Cream all carrying swords, and Emerald and Charlie armed with screwdrivers. And finally Alleria has 4 Throwing knives.
  • The capitol are getting anxious, and the head gamemaker knows his head is on the chopping block if anything happens.

Day 10

Alleria's POV

I retrieve a thin silver bow, from a small creat. My hard thuds, as this is the weapon I always needed. With this I can do it. I sling a quiver of arrows over my back, 14 in total. And turn to the others. Considering showing them the box filled from head to toe with weapons, the same ones from the cornucopia. I sneak a 2nd sheath of Throwing knives into my backpack, and sling a second quiver onto my back before yelling to the others. They swarm like raving lunatics. Raking through the weapons. Cream doesnt take any, but takes his sword off of Diamond, who replaces it with 3 long thin knives. Zara grabs a white marble sword, that must have weighed a ton, but she lifts it with ease. She adds that to her black one, before heading off. Charlie and Emerald take a look, but both leave empty handed. Returning their attention to the mechanical wonder that lies before us.

The steam pours from the pipes, boiling our faces as we climb. Zara and I had been located on the rim, protecting the workers. Incase of mutts or other things, such as capitol warriors. I leave Zara to whip up a series of zombies, while I study the rim. There is some plants, that I guess are all fake. As they have withstoop 9 flows of lava. One for each night we have been in the arena....over a week. I have been away from my family for over 2 weeks. But my life could be gone in a day. I turn to see about 60 tributes, past ones, from games I just remember and the ones that died in the past 10 days....I can see just from scanning both the Grouge's, the girl from 2, and......and Lucas. Lucas....his face is mangeled, neck covered in small scratches. But its him. I know it.

I wonder over, Zara beaming with pride. And she should be. She had brought back tributes from the past 50 games or so. My face must show my joy as she laughs. A cold booming laugh, but I can tell it doesnt mean anything. Her face has a pleasent glow, but her laugh just sends a pain through my arm. I turn away but feel a cold hand on my shoulder. I turn expecting to see the smiling face of Zara, but instead I see the grimming face of my former District partner. I see Lucas.

I take an aburct step backwards, sending me tumbling into the void. My arms flailing, grasping for anything. I see Zara's horrified face above, and can hear the screams of the others. I catch onto a thin pipe, saving me from making me nothing but a grease spot on the floor below. My arms tense as I swing slowly from left to right. I am less than 3 metres from the main set of pipes. Charlie is hidden inside, his face peeking through a crack. I know I am safe, I can leap but my heart continues to beat. I begin to swing more forcefully, making my way to the main pipes. Grasping them, then beginning climbing down. I can see the pipe far above now but I dont care. When I hit the floor I am greeted by the smiling face of Emerald. She points at the pipe, making me focus more detaily. Now I see it is broken, unsocketed. Then it clicks. There is a set of white gas pouring from it, and I can already hear its reaction. Somesort of cooling gas, a gas that cools the Cools the machine. If it isnt cooled, it will be more wont just send the lava smashing down the hill, it will send it straight into the forcefield....

Zara's POV

My hands brush over the soft ground. I had been round the edge for almost three hours, and nothing. No mutts. No army. Nothing to stop us from carrying out the plan. And this scared me. It was almost as if the Capitol knew we would fail, and didnt want to waste anything on us. Or maybe it was just my soilders were keeping them busy. I had only brought back the best. And the best in the games, were basically the ones I had seen. I raise to my feet before turning to the crater. I can see Emerald resting on top. Fiddling about with a set of pipes. I walk over the gangplank, and lower myself down beside her. Charlie is deep in the depths of this machinary, along with Cream. Diamond was guarding the tunnel, while Alleria covered the rim with me. This is all miles to complicated for me, but they all seem to know what they are talking about. So I guess I need to trust them. My sword lies against the one of the pipes. Just beside Emerald.

"So what are you doing" I murmer, breaking the akward silence.

She finishes the thing before turning to face me, a black smudge right across her face. "Just altering the pipes. We need them to flow straight, not curve. So it will blast into the forcefield."

None of that made sense, but I just nod politely before dashing back over the gangplank. And over to my spot I go. My heart thuds as I cross the thin pipes. Just over a foot wide. And hovering over a 100 or so metre drop. Great. I hop back over before realising my sword is over the other side. Of the void. Fearing my life if I cross again, I call to Emerald. She heaves my sword, and gets to the edge. I just becon for her to throw it, which is a descision I regret now. It falls far short, and tumbles into the volcanos mouth. I can see its progress, as I can also see the figure of Cream appear from the pipes. The pain. My yells are to late, he looks up as Charlie darts out, Diamonds head appears. The sword strikes.

Charlie's POV

I catch the bloodstained body of the boy from 1, the sword smashed into his arm. Tearing it from its socket. Spreading blood all over the cavern. Diamond joins me within seconds, Zara and Emerald just after. I dont know where Alleria is, but I dont care. We need Cream. Without him this wont work. Diamond would not be able to think, we would not have a plan. Emerald and I know what to do till a certain extent. But after that we know as much as the gamemakers do. Diamond and Cream refuse to tell us. I guess its a sensible idea. If we knew, we may just leave them. Atleast now they are valuable. I rip my jacket of my back, pressing it hard against the blood soaked wound. Diamond is fumbeling in Creams pocket, looking for something. Maybe just shock, but knowing Diamond I am sure its for some reason. Some idea. Something that may safe Cream. Zara and Emerald are standing around a metre away, standing tall, no idea what to do. They could help for a start. I withdraw my screwdrive, and do the unimaginable. I plunge it straight into the vein. And the blood stops. Diamond draws out a small pack, and gets to cleaning the wound. Not even noticing the screwdriver. I sit up, no idea how I did that. I had not seen Cream, I had seen a machine. Not a boy dying. But a machine slowly losing power. I dont care if it had saved Creams life, but it creeped me out. I gain to my feet and head into the mass of pipes, slowly climbing. I find a small cove, the pipes would block the sound. I curl into a boy and the tears begin to flow. Down my cheeks, onto the pipes. Then down. Far down. Falling away.


When I get back down, Cream is fine. He is lying in the corner while Diamond holds a wet cloth to his head. It had been a close call twice now......Alleria had nearly fallen to his death.....and Cream had nearly been chopped in half Zara's sword...What if this hadnt been an accident. What if Zara had meant to kill Cream. And pushed Alleria. She had never told us what happened. I turn to Diamond, beckoning her towards us. If she was slowly picking us off, one by one, either Diamond or I would be next. I explain my theory to her, I can see the face slowly paleing, calming down. Her brow becomes forrowed. Then she begins to talk.

"Why is it you or I next" Her hand releases from Creams, and picks a small grape from the stalk, before placing it in her mouth.

"Wait.....what do you mean" I turn to the pipes, tapping them, checking them.

She turns to face me, looking deep into my eyes. Releasing her hand from the cloth of Cream. "Emerald hasnt been attacked, and she is the one who is up there with Zara"

Cream's POV

When I wake the pain explodes. Shooting up my arm, down my legs, into my brain. Ceasing my body, using it to command my body. Take control. And I dont care. As when my eyes open, I see her...I see Diamond. The pain leeks out, replaced by a warmth that only one thing can create. Love. I try to sit up, but when I try to use my arms to push me up, I topple on my side. Where my arm should have been. After this discovery it all comes back. Walking from the shelter of the pipes, the screams. The blade falling, smashing me in the shoulder. Popping it from its socket. I grab my sword, and use it to get my back against the wall. Diamond just sitting, watching. A look of determination streaked across her face. When I try to speak, nothing comes out but a cold breath. I try to speak again but nothing. Yet again pain fills me, can I talk. Is it just temporary. Or will I never be able to talk again. I slowly look around, nothing new. The same cavern. But with a dark sky. I guess we have less than 12 hours, but I will be no help. My first instinct is to help, but what use will I be. I only have one hand. One arm for that matter. I tell Diamond to get to work, that I can look after myself, and she dissapears back into the tunnel. Guarding us from any mutts they send that way.

I raise to my feet, using my sword as a crutch, I do not know how I will get to the top later today, but I am sure we can help it. My feet move me into the labirynthine pipes. Using the walls as support. I want to find Charlie, 100% sure he would have some smart way to get me up. But finding him may be slightly harder. I fumbel about, searching for around an hour. Before I find anything that could help. A small room, with a lot of buttons. And I recognise it, its an elevator. I hobble in, using a small bar on the side to hold me up, placing my sword back in the sheath. Attatched to my belt. I check the buttons, only 2 seem to be working. One saying up. The other saying down. My curiousity manages to be subdued, and I slam the up button. Sending me flying up, reaching the top in less than a minute. I stumble into the centre of the volcano, Emerald just to my left, working away. She doesnt seem shocked when she sees me, just gives me a subtle glance. Then reverts her attention to a tiny box, just the size of my hand, with buttons the size of pin points.

"We only have 3 hours...." This confuses me, as I hadnt asked anything. But horrifies me.

I turn to her, her soft long blonde hair. "Wait....seriously".

"Yep....Alleria and Zara have gone. Its just us 4. We should be able to head, just before it errupts." This information horrorfies me. I just thought we had hours upon hours. Not a measly 3. I cross the pipes, with suprising ease, staring down the hill. I can just see, in the distance, two figures almost hitting the forest. They needed to reach the forcefield, so they could escape. I would never see them again. And all I can say is....good luck.

Alleria's POV

My heart thuds. Sending a nerve through my spine. It was just Zara and I. I stare back at the top of the volcano. Almost a mile away now. But it was in my past. We needed to escape here. Get to the edge, and get away. 2 hours now till the volcano erupts. That should give us enough time to reach the edge, and wait. I do feel sorry for the others, Diamond and Cream. I doubt they would make it out. This game would probably only have 2 survivors. Zara and I. My feet keep running, but my mind wants to stop. I want to stop, soak in this arena. This place was filled with death. But this place was filled with life. And beauty. I would never forget it. As it was the place my life changed. My life used to be normal. And I liked it. I put up with it. But this...this...once you get passed all the death. The Hunger Games are really just a way to make people happy, the families may be sad. But the Districts know once a game was over. They were safe for a year. Two kids a year is a welcome change for thousands a day. The victors can help others also. They can help their Districts. If only I was a victor. I could help my Districts. But now...I was on the run. I wasnt gonna help anyone but myself.

Zara's POV

I stare down at my feet, I was a wimp. I had left the four guys who had spent the last day working to save us, and I had left them. Left them to rot. Alleria and I were selfish, I slowly stand to my feet. I could still make it right. It only took us an hour and a half to reach the edge, we could make it back in two hours. We could help them. And maybe, the Capitol would shut down the volcano, stopping us from escaping. I walk over to where Alleria is resting. Fumbling with the bow, stretching the tightened string. I could not do this. I grab my sword and turn to Alleria.

"We can not just sit around. We need to help them, they are our friends. We need to help." I lock into her eyes, deep blue, like minature sapphires.

She raises to her feet, removing the bandana from her hair. The blonde locks flow to her shoulders, bouncing like curls of a spring. "I know but.....but we could be free..." A small ball of sorrow flows down her cheek, hitting the ground within a second. An onslaught of them follow, pouring onto the floor. I want to help her, but nothing could help. I am about to move when a whirring noise fills my ears. Strong but almost silent. Like it should make a noise that would kill me, but doesnt. I slowly adress the sky, seeing a looming shadow. A hovercraft. Alleria stares up, withdrawing a arrow. With one pulls, she sends the arrow straight up. Out of sight, I wait a few seconds before anything happens. There is a small cling, before it all explodes. I look to Alleria and she replies.

"I...I dont know. I just saw it....and...and fired. It must have been a weaklink"

We have a moments rest before around twenty more appear off the horizon. I instantly know where they are heading, the volcano. We would never make it there fast enough, and once they found us. We would be dead. I am about to turn to Alleria when something catches my eye. A small hole in the ground. The underground. And then it hits me. I close my eyes, thinking of a passage to there, to the others. My eyes fly open, revealing the formaly small hole to have grown into a full sized tunnel. I dive in, and around 20 metres to my left I see a familiar figure. Ronda. Alleria appears at my side, and Ronda smiles. This is when the torrent of water, shoves me through the tunnel. Hurteling to the mountain at thousands of miles a minute, and we didnt even have that to travel.

Diamond's POV

I am about to enter a small cave that just appeared, to check? for anything suspicious when a jet of water fires out, crashing into the main system. Steam pours off as the fire crashes with the ice cold water. I turn into the cave, protecting my eyes from the stinging gas that flies off. When I turn back to the room at large, I see two more figures than there should be. Zara and Alleria. Each has a flash of terror across their face. I look expectantly, and they ablige.

"Well......" Zara tries to begin, but stops after two seconds.

Alleria continues, only to be taken over by Zara. "I took down a ship with a single arrow.."

"And well....we are being attacked"

"They will be there within seconds"

"So we better defend"

Alleria then Zara. Over and over. Explaining every little detail. "Yeh so, well.....what are we going to do."

We all stare at Cream, knowing he is the clear leader. Even if he doesnt want to be. He instantly sends Alleria, Zara and I up to the top. I was in charge, while he helped Charlie and Emerald finish up down here. I knew it was the right idea but I still was scared. We were against the Capitol. Alleria only managed to locate a few more arrows, taking her total to 30. While Zara and I had weapons at a close range. When we break into the cold air, the sun almost set. We can see the battalion of ships on the horizon. Ready to swoop in and attack.

"You ready" I wisper to the others.

"Yes" Zara replies, a smile on her face.

"Not in a million years" Alleria buts in.

"Well we have around 2 minutes" I reply.

"That will do" I know she was trying to stand strong, and I respect her. She was the main idea. I quickly count 28 ships. Two extra arrows. We could do this. I link my hand in Alleria's, who grabs onto Zara's. We were a team. A team against the strongest army in the world.

Charlie's POV

My heart thuds as I zoom around the pipes. This added pressure of the attack had sent me into a frenzy. I hate this. Plus the thudding of the machines drown out the echoing sound that Cream's voice creates. I whir around, striking pipes and boilers with my spanner, injecting my water filled syringe. I still have around 100 tasks to complete, and just over an hour to go. I leap around the pipes, attatched only by a single rope. My arm slams into a pole supporting the structure of the contraption. Our plan had completly changed, Zara had told us the time it took to reach the edge was way to long for us to escape now, so we were still to send the lava into the forcefield, but instead of fleeing above ground.....we were taking this underground.

Yep....underground. Zara said that she had discovered she had a way with finding, creating and even chaging tunnels. Well undergroudn ones. She ensures us that she can get us out of here, get us out alive. Alive and away from the Capitol. And I trust her. I lower myself to the floor where Emerald and Cream are talking away. All about the next hour. But I wanted to know. I walk over, shaking out the pain in my leg, listening to the converstaion but not contributing.

"Emerald, how is it going...." Cream stares at Emerald, her hair riddeled in oil, singed bits at all ends. Her eyes still like pools of tepid water, green in the morning sun. Turquoise in the late night.

"Its fine, I think we can get it done....I just am scared about the others.." She shares the look again, before turning back to the floor.

"I know...we  need Zara to escape here...and if she is captured or.....or dead.."

I finally decide to cut in, show I am here. "We will be dead aswell...." Both the tributes stare at me, neither smilling. Neither even showing any passion. Any repore. To be honest, none of them like me. I am just a tool to them. But I felt the same about them, Cream and Diamond were the only ones who even ever cared about eachother. I turn away, over to the machine. I loved my work....but I hate them more than anything. Less than a week ago they were my enemies.....and right now. They are still the same....

Alleria's POV

My heart thuds as I retrieve another arrow from my quiver, sending it flying up at the oncoming hovercraft. I had already taken down 4, but there was still so many to go. Sadly, the troupe had been sent down to the base of the hill, they stormed up, and Zara and Diamond were fighting them back, with the aid of all the zombies. That left me alone, to tackle around about half of the Capitols army. Without this accuracy I would have died ages ago, but this also gave me the confidence to trust myself. Also a bit of speed, every arrow I tried to fire went straight. I never could not find an arrow. Even the heat, that should have been burning me up was fine. It had increased like crazy though, I did not think we had any more than 10 minutes. So close to getting out of here. I leap onto the boulder, peforming a sommersault as I sent another volley of arrows into the sky, taking down three more ships. I can hear the screams of the fighting down the hill, but I can not even take a glance. Fearing that split second will result in my death, result in me losing.

5 minutes....has to be. I can hear a soft rumbling as Zara and Diamond appears, the screams from below secure this fact. This was not a war against the Capitol. This was a war against the volcano. I leap onto the pipe, into the centre. The lift is already there, but I can see no Zara nor Diamond. I leap in, about to push the button when I see them appear. Not Diamond and Zara, Cream and Charlie. A small hatch opens and they pop out, covered in brown something. Oil...or was it just burns. I do not care, I can not care. They join me in, as we all scan for the others. I can see a sea of figures, but I can not seem to lock onto those two. We need Zara. Charlie keeps pushing around, I know he is stressed but this is just affecting us. He is urging us to go. Slam the button. And we need to, and I do. But not before Cream leaps out, seconds later to be cut from our vision as we are sent hurteling down at an anormous speed. Down down down.....stop.

The lift shudders, not at the bottom. It cant be that fast can it. No. No its not. We are stuck in the centre of this thing, this thing that is about to blow with much power. We are going to be ripped to shreads. We can not have 3 minutes. And I know its over. Game over. Charlie opens a small hatch in the floor, and begins to shimmy down the roap, even if we reach the bottom there is no escape from here. We are stuck. But I follow. Hoping Zara is down there. Maybe she found another way. She was smart. And she had both of the one tributes. We could still survive.

My feet slam into the ground, for around two seconds. I enter the cavern just after Charlie does, to see only Emerald. We were doomed. She is pacing back and forwards, staring at anything she can. Not stopping. And I do not blame her. This was torture. We wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. For anything. For something. Then I hear the scuffle of footsteps. Then figures...3 appear in the centre. Down. One is still. But the others....the others are fine. I take one step forward, past the veil of dust hiding see............


Cream's POV

My hands hover over her lifeless face....shaking as I brush the blonde hair from her eyes. She was gone....tears flow down. And all I can say is I want to die. Zara and Alleria stand above me, while Emerald rests beside Charlie. A small splash of lava had been caught before Zara closed the caverns entrance to this cavern of death. Burning his chest, and like Diamond. He was gone. No chance of coming back. We were just waiting for the cannons. Slowly waiting. I retrieve a cloth from my bag, soaking a small bit of it in clear water. Wiping off the dust that covers her head. I loved her. I loved her so much. As I slowly dampen her face, cleaning it down. Making her look pretty. I take off her jacket, folding it up, placing it under her head. I feel for her family. But I hate myself. I remember it all. From me leaping out the lift, tearing through the crowd. I found them both, Zara defending Diamonds body, a small wound. A peacekeeper. After that it went blurry....and I was down here. I ask Zara and Alleria to give us a minute....why I am saying us I do not know. Its just me now. I am alone. I close her eyelids, and say the last words I ever will say to my true love.

"Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, Of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft starlight at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die"


Emerald's POV


He was gone....I collapse into the arms of Cream. He had lost Diamond. Alleria and Zara stand in the corner, not saying a single word as I let it all pour out. He was like a brother....others may not have seen but....I....he saved my life. He pushed me out the way, revealing his chest to be scolded down the centre. Removing his life. Removing the last person who could help me. We were cut off from the rest of the world now....we could never go back. We were stuck....alone. I stand up, knowing we needed to get moving. Cream....he is holding it in. He is doing this for us. I link my hand in his, and we share a look. We were together now. Just us two and a Alleria and Zara. And even now. We could not be fully safe. We could never know....we...

I stare around at the other four. Luckily I had shoved some food in here before diving in. We were safe now. Aslong as we kept thinking...we could do this. We could win. We could escape the Capitol. I know does everyone who watched us. 6 kids had outsmarted the Capitol...and I was waiting for the punishment. They had managed to take Charlie and Diamond but...but it didnt seem like enough. Why were they letting us relax. As if knowing what is going to happen before it does, I tackle Cream. I roll us both down the tunnel, Alleria straight after us. My heard pounding. Fists sweating. I raise to my feet and run. Run down this tunnel. Hundereds of feet pour after us. BOOM. I dont look around, not wanting to know who is dead. 3....they had killed half of us. Cream and Alleria break into my sight as we reach a small passage, I can see a dot of light at the end. Zara was dead. I know it now. The others are already in this room, and I follow. Almost as soon as I enter it, it snaps shut. Was this Zara's last effort.. had she died to save us. I slow to a walking pace as we break into the sunshine. Surrounded by a golden field. No sign of anything but us. Alleria to my left. Cream to my right. We were gone. We were the three victors of the Sponsio Games.

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