Welcome, I am sorry that all my games have failed in the past. And I cannot promise these will be any different...but I hope they are. As they mix two of my favorite things, Survivor and the Hunger Games.


This is nearly 100 years after the end of the 75th Hunger Games, and the games have been re-istated for almost 40 years. However the Capitol is getting bored when the Games are not on. So they decided to make a second set of games, which will take place between Hunger Games. It took inspiration from a historic TV show, and instead of having the tributes fight to the death, it had them form tribes and try to Survive.

They took the usual 2 tributes per district, and had a short bloodbath, where a certain number of tributes died. Once there were a certain amount of tributes they were split into tribes, where they would compete in challenges. The losing tribe would go to Tribal Council where they would fight, until one was dead. Before returnig to camp.

When the tribes shrunk, the two would merge into one. Where the challenges would be for individual immunity, which would be full body armour, to save you from death.

They did not hold the glamour of the other games, and were just training scores and the games. But filled the void.

They decided to start at basics, and base if off the first season. Survivor: Borneo. 16 would survive the bloodbath, 2 tribes of 8 and a merge of 10. Once only 2 are left, they will commit to the final fight. The last 7 who had died would have their thoughts read by a new Capitol device, to show who they would back in this fight. For each vote you get, in the final battle you get an extra item. Then its the strongest who win.

Tribute Template

These 3 are compulsary, as I kinda need them.




The next few though, are optional. I do not care about them at all.

Other Weapons:






District Gender Name Original Tribe Final Placing Survivor Based On
District 1 Male

Lustre Lyrisser

District 1 Female Evaine Mejai Pagong
District 2 Male

Karkat Vantas

N/A 21st N/A
District 2 Female

Kanani Alsia

N/A 18th N/A
District 3 Male Odin Amarth N/A 23rd N/A
District 3 Female Petra Mines Pagong 15th Eliza Orlins
District 4 Male

Drayden Hax

District 4 Female Amelia Steeltoe Tagi
District 5 Male Wyatt Wolfman Pagong
District 5 Female Madrigal Cyrelle Tagi
District 6 Male Jayson Huff Pagong
District 6 Female Lana Khloros Pagong
District 7 Male Nathaniel Chrip N/A 20th N/A
District 7 Female Katherine Marble Tagi
District 8 Male Burgundy Anthrocloth Tagi
District 8 Female Silver Croft Tagi
District 9 Male Drago Fire Tagi
District 9 Female Anala Henderson N/A 22nd N/A
District 10 Male Aviticus Oxen N/A 17th N/A
District 10 Female Clementine Everett Pagong 16th Tammy Leitner
District 11 Male Paradiax Kjellhive Pagong
District 11 Female

Lexi Greenway

N/A 19th N/A
District 12 Male Crimson Typhoon Tagi
District 12 Female Charity Thatch N/A 24th N/A

Training Scores

District Gender Tribute Training Score Betting Odds
District 1 Male Lustre Lyrisser


District 1 Female Evaine Mejai


District 2 Male Karkat Vantas


District 2 Female Kanani Alsia


District 3 Male Odin Amarth


District 3 Female Petra Mines


District 4 Male Drayden Hax


District 4 Female Amelia Steeltoe


District 5 Male Wyatt Wolfman


District 5 Female Madrigal Cyrelle


District 6 Male Jayson Huff


District 6 Female Lana Khloros


District 7 Male Nathaniel Chrip


District 7 Female Katherine Marble


District 8 Male Burgundy Anthrocloth


District 8 Female Silver Croft


District 9 Male Drago Fire


District 9 Female Anala Henderson


District 10 Male Aviticus Oxen


District 10 Female Clementine Everett 11


District 11 Male Paradiax Kjellhive


District 11 Female Lexi Greenway


District 12 Male Crimson Typhoon 3


District 12 Female Charity Thatch 5


Challenge Chart

Type of Challenge Number of Sitouts Sitting out from Pagong Sitting out from Tagi Winner(s) Reward
Reward 0 N/A N/A Tagi Flint, Spices, Fishing Equipment
Immunity 4 Petra, Lana Katherine, Madrigal Tagi N/A
Reward 1 N/A Silver Tagi Tarp
Immunity 1 N/A Drago Tagi N/A
Reward 2 N/A Silver, Burgundy Tagi Camp Raid
Immunity 2 N/A Amelia, Drayden Pagong N/A

Death Chart

Placing Tribute Tribe when Killed Killer Number of Challenges Won Jury Vote
24th Charity Thatch N/A Lustre Lyrisser N/A N/A
23rd Odin Amarth N/A Silver Croft N/A N/A
22nd Anala Henderson N/A Silver Croft N/A N/A
21st Karkat Vantas N/A Lustre Lyrisser N/A N/A
20th Nathaniel Chirp N/A Evaine Mejai N/A N/A
19th Lexi Greenway N/A Clementine Everett N/A N/A
18th Kanani Alsia N/A Clementine Everett N/A N/A
17th Aviticus Oxen N/A Amelia Steeltoe N/A N/A
16th Clementine Everett Pagong Lustre Lyrisser 0 N/A
15th Petra Mines Pagong Jayson Huff 0 N/A
14th N/A
13th N/A
12th N/A
11th N/A
10th N/A
2nd N/A
1st N/A N/A

Relations Table


Tribute Trust No Feelings Do Not Trust
Lustre Lyrisser Evaine Mejai, Jayson Huff, Paradiax Kjellhive Lana Khloros Wyatt Wolfman
Evaine Mejai Lustre Lyrisser Lana Khloros, Jayson Huff, Paradiax Kjellhive Wyatt Wolfman
Lana Khloros Jayson Huff, Paradiax Kjellhive Lustre Lyrisser Wyatt Wolfman, Evaine Mejai
Jayson Huff

Lustre Lyrisser, Lana Khloros, Paradiax Kjellhive

Evaine Mejai Wyatt Wolfman
Wyatt Wolfman N/A Lana Khloros, Jayson Huff Lustre Lyrisser, Evaine Mejai, Paradiax Kjellhive
Paradiax Kjellhive Lustre Lyrisser, Jayson Huff Lana Khloros, Evaine Mejai Wyatt Wolfman


Tribute Trust No Feelings Do Not Trust
Amelia Steeltoe Drayden Hax, Silver Croft Katherine Marble, Madrigal Cyrelle Drago Fire, Crimson Typhoon, Burgundy Anthrocloth
Drayden Hax Amelia Steeltoe Katherine Marble, Madrigal Cyrelle, Silver Croft Drago Fire, Crimson Typhoon, Burgundy Anthrocloth
Madrigal Cyrelle Katherine Marble, Drago Fire, Crimson Typhoon Burgundy Anthrocloth Amelia Steeltoe, Drayden Hax, Silver Croft
Katherine Marble Madrigal Cyrelle, Drago Fire, Crimson Typhoon Burgundy Anthrocloth Amelia Steeltoe, Drayden Hax, Silver Croft
Silver Croft Amelia Steeltoe, Drayden Hax Katherine Marble, Madrigal Cyrelle Drago Fire, Crimson Typhoon, Burgundy Anthrocloth
Burgundy Anthrocloth Katherine Marble, Madrigal Cyrelle Drago Fire, Crimson Typhoon Amelia Steeltoe, Drayden Hax, Silver Croft
Drago Fire Madrigal Cyrelle, Katherine Marble, Crimson Typhoon Burgundy Anthrocloth Amelia Steeltoe, Drayden Hax, Silver Croft
Crimson Typhoon Madrigal Cyrelle, Katherine Marble, Drago Fire Burgundy Anthrocloth Amelia Steeltoe, Drayden Hax, Silver Croft

The Games

The Bloodbath - Day 1

The camera pans around. Catching the faces of all the tributes. The arena was small. A glass dome covered about a dozen trees, 24 tributes and a small pile of weapons. Clementine had her hair tied back, a weird look on her face. Maybe horror, maybe lust for the bloodshed about to take place. Everyone knew that 8 tributes had to die, and only 8. This was no normal game, and here it was all about alliances. Those who had formed bonds in training knew who they wanted to survive, and others had no clue. Some planned to hide, try and survive by not being killed, while others were taking a more forward approach. Go for the kill, take out the tributes they find more threatening.

The countdown had begun, and the stress was building on the faces of the tributes. Some preparing to run in, towards the pile of weapons, others going away. To the woods. Preparing to hide. The countdown reaches its climax, and the tension rises. No tribute is making a single sound, staying silent. This was there last chance to breath, to plan, to relax. As the game was about to begin in...5...4...3...2...1...

The first tributes to leap are Lustre, Clementine and Kanani. They all hit the pile at the same time, and seem to collide. Clementine just manages to miss a swing of Lustre's sword, before rolling backwards. Sadly for Charity, she trips over Clementines body. Face planting directly in the soil at the feet of Lustre. And with one swift movement, there is only 7 people left to deal with. BOOM.

About 10 of the tributes had ran and hidden, but for some this was not enough. Anala and Silver were both running together, having formed a small alliance for the bloodbath during training. They darted behind a bush only to be faced with the face of Odin Amarth. Without thinking Silver shoves him backwards, behind Anala locks her hands around his neck. She hold him down as Silver struggles around, yanking a short, sharp stick from beneath the bush and plunging it into Odin's chest. Not once, but over and over. Making sure the job was done. BOOM. Anala quickly removes her hands from his cold body, and starts to shriek, swinging backwards and forwards. Trying to surpress it, but Silver knew this would just attract others. And neihter of them would make it to the actual tribes. She holds the stick in her hand, shaking his head, begging for her to stop but nothing. So she raises the stick, and with one swift blow to her head she stops. She hopes it is just enough to knock her out cold, but that she would not die. But an echo around the arena fills her with pain. BOOM.

A ground of about 6 had formed around the Cornucopia, the pairs from District 1, 2 and 4. No one else was in sight. Meaning that the Careers knew they had to enter the forest. They had only seen about 4 other tributes escape with weapons, meaning they knew a lot of tributes would be unarmed. They talked for a minute, before deciding to split. Lustre and Evaine, along with Karkat would enter the forest to hunt. While Kanani, Drayden and Amelia would guard the weapons, and make sure no one else became armed.

When the trio entered the forest, they knew it would be easy to find the 5 they needed. It was not a lot of ground to cover, with very few hiding places. Only a couple of bushes, and trees to climb. No real obstacles. But this was not what Lustre and Evaine were thinking. They wanted less strong people in the actual game, and not just take out the weaker ones now. And they knew they had one person they could easily wipe out, but they needed an oppertunity. They keep walking for about 2 or 3 minutes, before stumbling upon a figure. They easily distinguish the face of Madrigal, but with Lustre rememebering her score of 3, he lets her escape. Tripping Karkat to keep him from killing. From above them a figure stood attached to a branch, hidden in the trees. Nathaniel, used to wooden landscapes knew he needed to use it to his advantage, and with a club in hand he leaps down.

Nathaniel bashes out, but misses Lustre, who quickly spins. But not quick enough, Evaine already had her knife in his chest. Digging it deeper, a cruel smile on her face. And with a quick nod, Lustre spins. And with one clean strike, he cuts directly through the neck of Karkat. BOOM. BOOM. A smile creeps on both of their faces, now one of their biggest threats was down. And the only needed 3 more deaths till they entered the games. But a small figure, hidden high in the trees had a bigger grin on her face. She had seem someone kill their ally, and a bargaining chip had just fallen into the palm of Petra.

Elsewhere in the arena, Jayson and Lana hid together. Their mentor had told them the one thing they should never do is kill eachother, and it meant that when they crashed into eachother they hid rather than fought. Despite this they knew they had to do something. Hidden across from them was Lexi Greenway, she could see them clearly, but was just managing to avoid being caught. She thought about the 5 cannons that had already been fired, and thought that if she could kill those two, they would be down to 1 person to die left. She shifted a bit, preparing to attack, when a knife drives into her skull from above. BOOM. Clementine drops down, using her hand to stableise her, before looking at the pair from 6. They lock eyes for a few seconds, before Clementine shakes her head, and darts off into the forest. 

The pair from 1 continued to move, they knew only 2 cannons were left. And were hoping both were from their weapons. They had been tracking someone for a while, and knew they were getting closer. Their plan was to trap them, and hope they would go down without much of a fight. Silver was about 20 metres ahead of the pair, making quick strides, she knew that the pair were behind her. She had seen them and had to make a quick getaway, and not a very discrete one. She had two options, keep moving in hopes two more cannons sounded, or just take her place and fight. Hoping she could take them both down. But when she looked down at her hand, and the pathetic stick in it she knew her option.

Clementine dived from the bushes, Aviticus and Paradiax right behind her. All three of them had gotten weapons from the bloodbath, and had agreed to attack the Careers together. Aviticus throws himself at Amelia, who ducks out, smashing him in the ribcage with her elbow before darting into the forest, Drayden quick behind him, having smashed Paradiax in the face with his fist. They make it out just as Clementine drops the blade she had just dragged across the throat of Kanani. BOOM. Clementine stands for a moment, breathing in and out. Paradiax beside her stemming the blood from his nose, and Aviticus lying on the floor, rapid clutched breathing. Clementine drops beside him, and feels his chest. The moment her hand touches his stomach she knows something is not right. His ribs are mangled, and stabbing in different directions. She had seen this before, and knew that beneath his skin a rib had punctured the lung of Aviticus, slowly suffocating him. Clementine knew the pain he was in, and knew the right thing to do. One quick slip with her knife, and Aviticus was relaxed. BOOM.

"Congratulations to the remaining 16 of you. All of you will be entering the actual games, and competing as tribes for the title of Sole Survivor. This will not be easy, but now it is time to find out your tribes. On Pagong, the yellow tribe, shall be from District 1 Evaine Mejai and Lustre Lyrisser. From District 3 Petra Mines. From District 5 Wytatt Wolfman. From District 6 Jayson Huff and Lana Khloros. From District 10 Clementine Everett. From District 11 Paradiax Kjellhive. On Tagi, the orange tribe, shall be from District 4 Amelia Steeltoe and Drayden Hax. From District 5 Madrigal Cyrelle. From District 7 Katherine Marble. From District 8 Silver Croft and Burgundy Anthrocloth. From District 12 Crimson Typhoon. There will be your tribes until we merge, 6 of you will not make it to then. I shall see you at your first challenge. Please make your way towards the centre of the area to be given your buffs, and transported to your camps."

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"Well, I survived. And I have Lustre, we managed to take out Karkat. I feel our tribe is stronger, I mean there are threats. Clementine is a big one, Lustre tried and failed to kill her in the bloodbath...I think it would be our best bet to target her first. Though really I need to focus on me...we have allies on the other tribe, Amelia and Drayden. They think we were loyal, and when we reach the merge we will just say Karkat died in the fight. They never need know"

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Petra

"Our camp seems okay, though there is a clear divide. Clementine and Paradiax seem close, and then the 6 pair. And finally the 1 pair. That leaves me and that guy from 5. Luckily we have a stronger tribe, I reckon we will do pretty well in challenges...and if not, well I am sure I have something that can get me in with the Careers"

Day 1 - Pagong Camp

"Well...I guess this is us". Evaine drops her bag onto the ground, down beside the flag. Tying her hair back into a ponytail, with a band that was around her risk. She looked like the alpha female in the ground, with Lustre standing behind her, those two talking about the game.

Petra walked down to the beach, staring out. "The view is beautiful". Behind her the others were dumping their stuff, crashing onto the beach. "But we cannot spend all night looking at the view, we need to get stuff ready. Shelter, food, water".

"Why do we need to do that now". The voice of Clementine game from a lump on the ground, Clementine was curled up. Her head on the lap of Paradiax. "Cant we just relax".

Petra looks at Evaine and Lustre who then look at eachother. "Yeh, Petra is right". Lustre mumbled, before clearing his throat. "We could be here for 39 days, it is best we set up fast".

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Clementine

"Petra scares me, I came to this camp reckoning Evaine and Lustre would be the worst for me to deal with...but Petra just has something about her. She seems to be able to manipulate anyone...I think I am gonna have to watch out for her. At least I have Paradiax to back me up".

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Paradiax

"I like Clementine...but...she seems to be drumming up stuff at camp. I really cannot be seen with someone who grabs attention. She is strong, and I think the tribe could want to keep her around...and just cut her supply line. So I need to watch out. Showing the others I am not with her may be better...".

Day 1 - Pagong Camp

"I agree with Evaine and Lustre, Ill go look for some food. Petra, wanna join me?". Paradiax speaks up, pushing Clementine away, a confused look appearing on her face.

"Sure, Evaine, Lustre, why dont you guys use the map to try and find water. And you 4 maybe try and start with the shelter". Everyone nodded, and set off in different directions. The pair from 1 heading along the beach, while Petra and Paradiax followed a small path along to a grove. "So...why did you take me aside...obviously.". Petras face was filled with pure honesty.

"I just wanted to talk to you...about Clementine. She scares me, she is strong. Really strong". Paradiax put a strong voice on, but it quivered a bit.

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Petra

"Who does he think he is kidding, its obvious he is with her. He may not know it, but Clementine does, I do and Evaine and Lustre do. I guess he is just trying to scramble, he knows Clementine is of more use to us than he is. He should be scared, there is already a target on his back".

Day 1 - Tagi Camp

The group from Tagi collapse into their camp. Their flag lay beneath a group of towering trees, providing them with shelter from the blistering sun. They had walked for about 4 miles, and were all tired. But they knew there would be a challenge later today, so decided to start to work.

Amelia seemed eager to head out fishing, and grabbed a sling that was leaned against the net. "Okay, I am gonna go try and catch us some fish. Someone should start on a fire".

Day 1 - Confessional - Tagi - Amelia

"I love this place. It reminds me of home, and with Drayden here, I really think I could go the whole way. No one here scares me, and I know I can fish. I think if I prove to them how much they need me, Ill be sticking around for a bit longer than a lot of people will expect".

Day 1 - Confessional - Tagi - Crimson

"Amelia seems too...fiesty. That is the kind of person who will go to the end alone, and I have a feeling she will not need anyone to go with her. And I am fine with that, someone like that is just asking to be targetted. And when she is being targetted, I am not".

Day 1 - Tagi Camp

Burgundy and Silver move through the forest, both carrying a pile of firewood. Everyone had been sent out on little jobs. Amelia and Drayden were fishing, the pair from 8 getting fire wood, Katherine and Drago were trying to start a fire, and Crimson and Madrigal out to find the water.

Silver bends down to grab another log, placing it on top of the pile. "So, what do you think of our tribe". She casually begins a conversation, holding back a branch, allowing Burgundy to walk ahead.

"Well...I have no clue about the rest of them, but there is one thing I am glad about". Burgundy turns to look at Silver and smiles. "I have you on my tribe".

Day 1 - Confessional - Tagi - Silver

"This game has crushed me already...I came into this game with 2 allies, Burgundy and Anala, and...well Anala is already gone. I really just dont trust myself allying with just seems that I am not the best person at this game, and I dont want to hurt anyone other than myself..."

Day 1 - Pagong Camp

"Guys, everyone come down". Lustre stood, a scroll in his hands. Everyone else gathered around, looking at the scroll expectantly. "Its the first tree mail".

"Read it out them". Evaine muttered, wanting to move on.

"Fine then, just relax". He cleared his throat, and began to read. "Select your strongest, smartest, and quickest. Race from beach to shore, to secure your galore. A selection of treats, some to eat, some to use, some to lose.".

"What the hell does that mean". Clementine yelled from her place in the sand.

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"Clementine annoys me, she acts like this strong brute force, that she is our biggest asset...but what does she do. We have been around camp for about 3 hours now, and I have not seen her help in the slightest. When we do go to tribal, I know the person I will be targetting". 

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"This challenge sounds interesting, selecting our strongest, smartest and quickest. It seems like there will be some race with the two quickest, and that the smartest has to make some choice over what we get. But I suppose they have to fit strongest into it somehow. All I know is I am so excited to be going to a around here is just tense. No one is relaxing...some forget though all but one of us is gonna die, we are still in such a beautiful location. Life a little guys".

Day 1 - Reward Challenge

"Come on in guys, and welcome to your first challenge". Jeff Guant stood in front of two mats, one yellow and one orange, and watched as the two tribes entered in single file, two flags flying proud. "Today you will be competing for reward, but more on that later. Today you will be split into two groups of 3, and one pair. One group of 3 will perform a relay. One running from the starting line here to the beach, carrying a set of keys. The second person will run from the beach to the ocean, carrying the same keys. The third person will then swim from the beach to a bouy, where they will hand the key to the next trio. That triio will dive down, unlock a barrel, then drag the barrel back to shore. It is heavy, and will take a lot of work. They will drag it to the final pair, who will open the barrel revealing 3 bags. Each has a map attached to it, that shows a path to be followed. You must choose one bag, and carry it through the selected path. Each bag has different items, some better, some worse. But the ones with better supplies have a longer route. Once you get to the end of the route, you must solve a small puzzle to reveal a final key, that will allow you to open your bag. The first tribe to do so...wins. Decide who is doing what, and we will begin."

The tribes group together, discussing the strategies before standing up. "So Pagong, who is doing what for your tribe".

Evaine steps forward, and begins. "The three running and swimming will be myself, Petra and Lana. On the barrel will be Lustre, Jayson and Paradiax. And Clementine and Wyatt will be doing the bag".

Jeff nods, before turning to face Tagi. Drayden lists off the names. "Running and swimming will be Crimson, Katherine and Silver. Dragging the barrel will be myself, Burgundy and Amelia. And finally on the puzzle part will be Drago and Madrigal".

Day 1 - Confessional - Tagi - Drayden

"Our theory for splitting our tribes was to have our best swimmers on the barrel, our fastest on the puzzle stage and the others doing the running. The distances to run are short, but we want to better supplies, we need the quicker people there. We agreed to do the longest route, and I think with Amelia and I on the barrel we can get ahead of Pagong. We are both strong swimmers, and strong people. This challenge is made for us".

Day 1 - Reward Challenge

Lana and Crimson are lined up on the mat, waiting for the sound. Their route to the beach is simple and flat, and both clasp the keys in their hands.

Jeff is standing near them, preparing to start. "On your marks, get set...go". Crimson and Lana both start at the same time, but it is clear Crimson is not as fast. Lana darts ahead, and easily gets quite a few metres of Crimson. Her feet pound against the sand, sending it flying up. She crashes onto the beach, crashing into Evaine, throwing her the keys. Evaine begins, just as Crimson hands the key onto Katherine. Who again is not able to keep up with Evaine, making the gap even bigger. Evaine makes it to the water, and passes it to Petra, who dives straight into the water. She gets a solid 30 second head start before Katherine gives the key to Silver. Petra is unable though to keep the lead. She struggles to move through the water, and Silver who is mainly swimming beneath the surface easily catches Petra, and overtakes. She throws herself onto the platform, handing the key to Amelia, allowing the 3 from Tagi to dive down. A few seconds later Petra follows their actions, and Lustre, Jayson and Paadiax dive down.

Amelia seems to fly through the water, with the locks falling off quickly. Their barrel is free before Lustre even makes it down. Amelia is the first to move it, despite being the only girl in the part of the challenge she is easily the best. She pushes the barrel onto its side, allowing it to be rolled by Drayden, who appears seconds later by her side. They each take turns diving down, and rolling. While behind them, Pagong continue to struggle. They had dropped their key, and were unable to find it on the sandy base. Amelia and Drayden both seem to be pushing hard, and begin to build up momentum in the barrel. Without much struggle they shove it onto the shore, before Pagong even have their barrel free.

Dragon and Madrigal dive in, tearing off the lid of the barrel and looking at the 3 bags, and a slip of paper. It lists the items in each bag, and they easily make their choice. Grabbing the heaviest bag. Drago throws it on his shoulder, and they follow the map into the forest. As they dissappear, Lustre finally breaks the last lock, and Pagong begin to roll the barrel. They are not as fast, but do not give up, and make it onto the shore. Clementine and Wyatt grab it from them, and make a snap decision.

"Wyatt, we need to go the shortest route, grab the smallest bag and lets go". They nod to eachother, and grab a pathetic brown bag, that is not big enough to fit on their shoulders, without even looking at what it contains. They race through the jungle, knowing they need to make up this time.

Meanwhile Drago and Madrigal are making swift time, both are quick on their feet and despite the weight on Dragos back they seem to be doing well. They make it to the clearing first, and instantly spot the orange puzzle. Its a series of plans, leading up to a small platform with a key. They spot 5 planks lying around, each with a different end. They know what to do, and dive in. They try to spot similar patterns to slip into place, but as Clementine and Wyatt enter the clearing they begin to get hustled. The remaining members of the tribe all enter the clearing, and watch as the two from Tagi slip in their second piece, while Pagong search for theirs. It is a close race, as Tagi and Pagong both place their 3rd piece almost at the same time. Madrigal slides in the 4th, before realizing it was not right. This gave Pagong a chance to take over.

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Clementine

"I knew when that girl from Tagi made that mistake, victory was in our hands. We just had to put in the pieces, they had to work a piece free and then put in two. As long as we made no mistakes, we were home free".

Day 1 - Reward Challenge

Clementine plugs in the 4th, and Wyatt slides in the final one. They dart up the path, and grab the key. They begin to cheer before realizing their mistake. The bag lay about 20 metres away, and Tagi had just made it to the platform, bag in hand. Drago grabs the key, and quickly unlocks the bag, just as Clementine grabs theirs.

"TAGI WIN REWARD". Jeff yells, as Amelia and Drayden jump with joy. The members of Tagi all group together, leaping up and down, while Pagong all look at disgust at Clemetine and Wyatt. "Tagi, congratulations. You have won what is in your bag, which is flint for the fire, spices for your food and a set of fishing equipment. Pagong, I have nothing for you. Head back to camp."

Pagong follow the cheering Tagi, and the friction seems to build almost instantaniously, as blame begins to be delivered.

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"There are certain people to blame in this challenge...really there is only 2 of us who are not to blame, Lana and I were the only ones who did our part. The rest mucked up, we could have won if Petra had not been too slow, she is dead weight. She does nothing, I hope we lose immunity so I can stick a knife in that little brats neck."

Day 1 - Confessional - Tagi - Amelia

"Ahhh, we won. I cannot believe it. I am just so happy, we showed them who was boss. I am feeling good about being on Tagi, we seem to be quite strong, and there is no fighting yet. If we keep this up, I think immunity could be in our hands".

Day 1 - Pagong Camp

"So...are we just gonna put the blame where it should be put, or are we gonna just ignore it". Evaine crashes into the sand, and looks around at everyone else. Expecting them to respond.

"...what do you want us to say...isnt it obvious...". Clementine stares at the three guys, all of them still dripping water, grouped together.

The three guys looked confronted, and Lustre instantly replies. "Hey, we were not the problem here. It is not our fault that the other team had Amelia and Drayden, they were like mermaids and merman. We went at a normal speed, and they were just really fast. If there want anyone too blame tonight, it was definately you and Wyatt. You guys were useless".

Lana storms into the middle, and stamps her feet. "Guys, just calm down. It was just one single mistake. A mistake any of us can make. We need to stay unified, we have an immunity challenge tomorrow and we need to focus on that, and not on this. Tagi will be expecting us to self destruct, we need to beat them, for Pagong".

Day 1 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"I just lied to my whole camp. It was just one mistake, but that one mistake cost us the challenge, its their fault. And I know for certain, if this was an immunity challenge, I would be together with Jayson, Paradiax, Evaine, Lustre and Petra, deciding which one of those guys would be going. But Clementine scares me...and I know if I ever make a mistake, I want someone to be reasonable with me, so hopefully Clementine will remember this, and if I ever need back up, she will be there."

Day 2 - Tagi Camp

The sun rises over the beach, as Amelia bounds out of the water, about 15 fish in her basket. "Guys I brought breakfast". She crashes into camp, flinging the bucket on the ground, and ducking to where the others lie. Drayden was already up, fixing a bit of the shelter, but the rest of them were still lying around.

Day 2 - Confessional - Tagi - Drago

"I am so glad to be on a tribe with Amelia and Drayden, they are both really strong...but their biggest problem is that. They are always up before the rest of us, and I mean it is annoying being woke up at the crack of dawn, carrying fish. We already have hundereds. We dont need anymore."

Day 2 - Confessional - Tagi - Amelia

"The rest of the tribe is...well, lazy. None of them are helping, Drayden and I are doing the best that we can. I provide food, he gets water and wood. But the two of us are keeping this camp alive, my only hope is that the other 6 see that, and it gives us a solid reason why we should stay over others".

Day 2 - Pagong Camp

"Guys, we have a message". Evaine comes walking into camp, Lustre right behind her. They walk into the centre of camp, and open the roll of cloth. "Waiting is key to succeed in the end, the first one gone is around the bend, to win this challenge you must be focused, or your body could be cremated".

"Well that sounds like some sort of patience thing". Clementine chirps in, from her spot in the shelter.

Jayson and Paradiax share a look, before Jayson chimes in. "My bet is we will have to hold something as a team, the first one bit gives me the idea its team work".

"I think you are reading too much into it. These clues never mean that much". Evaine throws the piece on the ground, and takes a seat, Lustre moving over to sit by the 2 guys.

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"I am getting a bit more scared about my position in the tribe. There are obvious groups, Lana, Jayson and Paradiax are close...and Lustre seems to be with them a lot. Then Clementine is a complete loner as usual, and Wyatt and Petra are always together. That leaves me. I am really not sure where I sit, but I hope its not at the bottom".

Day 2 - Tagi Camp

The others had finally gotten up, and were helping about. Amelia was out swimming, while Drayden was out chopping wood. Meanwhile the other six were out collecting food, while talking about other events.

"Amelia is really driving me mad". Drago slams his fist into a tree as they move further into the jungle. "She is constantly...just so...ugh, you know".

"Yeh...we do". Silver chimes in. "But she is such a help, without her I think we would starve".

Katherine leans down a picks up a coconut. "What if we lose today" she mutters "Wouldnt it just be best to go for her".

"Depends...she is much more help here, finding water and wood is easier than fishing. Drayden is more expendible". Burgundy wipes his forehead with a piece of cloth, before turning to the others. "Amelia is just as strong in challenges as him, I think he is much more expendable...I say we would target him".

Silver breathes in, hesitating. "I suppose...but what if she sort of...rebels. I mean she would have no one...why would she help us".

They all think for a second, but no one comes up with an idea. "I doubt Drayden would be much more reasonable". Crimson shakes his head, and begins to scale a palm tree, Burgundy supporting him from below. "And anyways, who is to say we will lose. Pagong seems like a mess, I think we will win by a landslide".

Day 2 - Immunity Challenge

"Come on in guys, get ready for your first immunity challenge". Tagi is the first tribe to walk in, their is clear division in the line, Drayden and Amelia in first, the others a few metres behind. Pagong follows in, more unified looking. Evaine, with her shimmering blonde hair, flowing down her back. Lustre, his muscles rippling, coated in sweat. "Today you will be competing for immunity, something that will keep you alive for longer in the game. Todays challenge is simple. Behind me is two canoes, each weighing in at 400 kilograms. 6 of you will compete in this challenge, and you will hoist the canoe over your head, where you must hold it for as long as possible, the last tribe to fall will win immunity. Simple, now decide who is sitting out".

The tribes each seem to easily deicde the sitouts, and both only take a few seconds to decide. Jeff steps forward, and turns to Clementine. "So, who is sitting out of Pagong".

Clementine replies quickly. "Petra and Lana".

"And from Tagi".

"That would be myself and Madrigal". Katherines firm voice carries, and they walk off, followed by Petra and Lana to a bench on the side.

"Okay then, the rest of you, take your positions". The 6 from each tribe line up, and heave the canoe over their head, and as they place their footing, the challenge begins. "I must remind you, anyone can drop out of this challenge at any time, but that will just mean their is more weight on the rest of your tribe".

All 12 of the contestants seem fine at first, but signs begin to set in about 20 minutes in. Tagi is standing strong, but some from Pagong are beginning to move. Clementines arms were shaking constantly, while behind her Evaine had tears of pain down her cheeks, but despite this neither of them gave up.

"We are now half an hour in, and no one is moving. Some show signs of hesitation, Clementine sweating away, Amelia clenching her fists". Lets see who is the first to drop.

The sitouts watch adgitated from the side, biting their lips. Madrigal and Katherine locked in a conversation, Lana on the edge of her seat. The sun was beginning to set, as the time hits an hour. But still no one was budging. The two tribes seemed locked, but as it began to cool some were shaking worse. Clementines arms were flailing now, but this was not only a problem for her, it was making the whole canoe shake. Lustre looked over his shoulders and muttered a few words. "Drop out, you are making it worse".

Clementine looks offended at first, but quickly moves away. "Im out, sorry". She walks over, pushing her hair back, adjusting her buff, before sitting down, cross legged beside Petra and Lana.

After Clementine dropping out, within the next half hour a few more dropped. Silver was next, quickly followed by Wyatt and Evaine. And finally Drago. Leaving for Tagi, Amelia, Drayden, Burgundy and Crimson, and for Pagong, Lustre, Paradiax and Jayson. The three guys seem to be struggling alot, with the canoe now resting on their shoulders, rather than their arms. While the 4 from Tagi seemed set, Amelia astounding everyone as she stood strong. Around about two and a half hours in, Crimson is the next to drop, followed by Jayson. Leaving only Paradiax and Lustre for Pagong.

"This is now coming up to three hours, and Paradiax and Lustre have been carrying 200 kilograms for half an hour, while the Tagi seem to be standing like statues. Is their any point in continuing". As he mutters these words, Lustre seems to shake his head, before him and Paradiax simeltaniously collapse.

"TAGI WIN IMMUNITY". For the second time, Tagi all leap up, and dart over to the three left, as they throw the canoe to the ground. They leap up and down for a few seconds, before grouping together. "Congratulations, for your second challenge win. This idol is yours, Amelia, I think you deserve it". A smile streaks across Amelias face, as she walks forward, her flowing giner hair trapped in a knot behind her head. She grabs the idol, and throws it above her head, issuing another volley of cheers from Tagi. "As for you Pagong, I have nothing for you, other than a date with me at tribal tonight, where one of you will be the first person eliminated from your tribe. Off you go".

Day 2 - Confessional - Tagi - Silver

"After that challenge, my attitude on Amelia has flipped. She is the hardest working person on our tribe, and I have no clue why we even considered letting her go. Her and Drayden are the reasons we are winning, we need to keep them about. But that means I need to start turning on my allies".

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"We failed, but there is no doubt in my mind who should be going. Clementine has failed us time and time again, and I want her out. And I know I am not the only one".

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Clementine

"We need to cut lose the weak links, and I see three, but since Lana is in that boys alliance I see no chance of her going, and that leaves Wyatt and Petra. One of them is gonna go, I am sure of that."

Day 2- Pagong Camp

"We sucked...we were beaten by a girl". Lustre throws his face into his fists, and shakes his head back and forward. "How did this happen".

"There is no point on lookig back, its tribal next. And we need to cut the weak links". Evaine rests on a rock, and looks over at the group of boys. "Right guys".

The three boys nod, before getting up. Lana follows them, and begins to talk. "We are gonna go grab some wood". The three boys walk off, and she begins to before turning back. "You coming Evaine".

Evaine lets off a small smile, and darts after them.

Clementine shakes her head, and yells at their backs. "Thanks for making your strategizing so not obvious. Idiots..". She turns back to the other two, and slows her head shaking. "Guess its one of us...".

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Petra

"They did make it obvious, and I knew it wouldnt be Wyatt. It would make no sense, he is still a strong person, who is smart. He can help them. And that leaves me and Clementine, and she is strong. I have a feeling I may need to withdraw my bargaining chip from my pocket, and talk to private".

Day 2 - Pagong Camp

The group of 5 walk into a small cove, and each rest on a rock. Lustre is the first to talk, taking a leadership role. "So what are we gonna do at tribal, I think us 5 should just work together, we are the strongest on the tribe, we better get one of them out".

"But which one, they all have their flaws". Evaines voice is reasonable, but she seems to be building to a greater point. "Wyatt is still strong,, but just a bit fishy, Petra is not the strongest, but could help later in puzzles maybe...and Clementine is strong, but her attitude is foul".

"So thats one vote Clementine I guess". Lustre lets out a little smirk, and Evaine nods. "What about you two, I presume you two lovebirds will have the same opinion".

Jayson looks down at Lana, who nods. "Yeh, we know Clementine is a bit off, but we can cut her later. She is stronger than Petra, and could really help us in challenges, she did well at catching up in the reward. One mistake. So yeh, we both vote Petra".

"I am voting Clementine, Petra is nice. She helps around camp more than Clementine, she just lies around, doing nothing, eating everything. We are low on supplies, we really dont need her.".

"So thats 2 for Petra, 2 for Clementine. Guess I am the deciding vote". Lustre lets out a breath, and shifts his eyes between Evaine, and the pair from 6. He wipes the sweat from his brow before clearing his throat. "I gotta go with Clementine, She is too much of a wildcard. We have no clue what this game could throw at us, but she is not with us. I hate to say it, but I want her gone".

The group seem to all nod, before heading back to camp, all their heads low. When they arrive, only Petra is their to greet them, her face over the fire, trying to keep the small ember they have alight. "Hey guys, Evaine can I talk to you in private".

Evaine looks confused at first, but quickly agrees. She follows Petra off into the jungle, looking back at the others and just shrugging to their confused looks. "Petra, what is this about, tonights vote is no-".

"No, wait a second. I need to tell you something. In the bloodbath...I saw you kill him". The colour pours out of Evaines face, and she drops the stickshe had in her hand. "And if you guys go after Wyatt or I, I will tell everyone. Imagine if the pair from 4 found out you broke their alliance before the games even began. You and Lustre would lose your two strongest alies"/

Evaine just continues to stare at her, before realizing what she needed to do. "Fine...Clementine goes tonight. Your safe, just dont...dont tell anyone. As if I find out you do...we may not be waiting until tribal for you to be killed". Evaine flips her long golden locks, and heads back to camp. Leaving Petra with her smirked face.

She crashes into Lustre, who has his bag on his back. She starts to talk, but he shakes his head. Saying they needed to go, but Evaine knew she had to tell him what she had just heard, but knew that she would need to tell him at tribal.

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Clementine

"I am not too sure what is going down at tribal, but I hope its not me. They would be idiots to get rid of me, over Petra or Lana. Neither of them helped at the immunity challenge, they would have been out long before me. I hope my tribe realizes how strong I am".

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Petra

"I am confident Clementine is going, her attitude stinks, and Evaine is terrified. She wouldnt want her little secret gone. She cant kill the whole of our tribe before we make the merge, Amelia and Drayden will find out, and I know she does not want to risk it".

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"I am conflicted right now. I want Clementine out, but now Petra has said this...I know she needs to go too. But can I risk going after her, and having her blab my secret right at the end of her life. But then again...she could just keep using this. She is not an idiot, and I am just beginning to see how threatening she could be in this game...but do I want her gone...or as an ally".

Day 2 - Tribal Council

"Come on in guys, behind you is a torch. Please take one and dip it into the flame. In this game, fire takes you at the end. Once you have been killed by your tribe, you will be placed in the flames". Jeff looks around, as all the tibes lower their wooden sticks down into the flickering red flames. They creep onto the tips, as the 8 stick them in holes behind them. They all turn to face Jeff, looking at him expectantly. "So before we get in the fight, I have a few questions to ask you guys. So Lana, why did you guys in the end decide to sit you and Petra out of the challenge".

"It was an easy decision, we knew all 4 boys would be going in, and Evaine and Clementine were just stronger girls in general. Petra is much younger, I am more fit for running than holding weights". Lana mutters on, behind her, Evaine was nodding.

Jeff notices this, and turns to look at Evaine. "So Evaine, would you agree with this. Do you think overall yourself and Clementine are the stronger females on this tribe".

Evaine thinks for a second, making sure not to stumble over her words. "Stronger...yes. But only physically. All of us have our weaknesses, some may be better in challenges, but sometimes that is not all you want in a tribe mate".

"Jayson, what is wanted in someone on your tribe". Jeff can feel the tension rising, so begins to push it along.

"You want someone loyal, someone you can trust. When we enter the merge, it will probably be Pagong versus Tagi at first, so you want someone who will stay with you, and not flip to the other side when things get bad". Jaysons voice is calm, but the faces of others are getting a bit more frustrated.

"Clementine, I saw your face sort of cringe for a second, do you have anything to say about this".

"It wasnt as much cringing Jeff, as it was confusion". Clementine clears her throat, shaking her head, almost letting out a snigger of laughter. "We want a tribe that can win, not one that will be loyal as 3 of us enter the merge. We need to make sure our stronger people make it futher, that is the way to win".

"So your tribe is divided on this issue, but what about the fight tonight. Lustre, do you think it will be quick, or a long fight". Jeff stares at Lustre, sensing the answer before it is said.

"I think it will be quick, I think most fights will be quick. But this one especially so, I agree with Evaine, we need a strong tribe not only in challenges, but in trust". He sends a fleeting glance to Petra, for only a second, but not quick enough for Jeff to not see.

"Wait, why did you just look at Petra there something you do not trust about her". Jeff has a menacing grin across his face.

Lustre quickly looks at Evaine, who slowly nods. Lustre takes a deep breath, before proceeding. "Petra knows something, which she is using as bait for Evaine and I, but we know it means nothing. Like usual we had a Careers alliance, us, Amelia and Drayden and the pair from 2. But Evaine and I, wanting to make sure we were safe in the bloodbath...killed Karkat...and Petra saw. She was using that to threaten us, to get us to work with her. But the problem was...we werent gonna target her. But now she has nothing on us, and has proved how deceitful she is. She threw herself to the wolves".

The look on Petras face is horrified, she begins to squirm on her chair, just in time for Jeff to ask her a question. "So Petra, you have been caught in the act, does this make you fearful over your position in the game".

"No. I know my tribe had a reason to keep me, and I believe that they will stick to this". The words she says have no force behind them, and everyone knows how scared she is.

"So, that is it. It is now time to fight. Everyone may enter the arena". Jeff stands up, and beckons to the place behind him. A large, 10 metre wide, ditch. An arena to fight. The tribes lower themselves down, climbing down the ladder, each standing on a small cross on the ground, Preparing to fight. "The rules are clear. One person may die, and only one. You may each take a weapon, and prepare yourself".

Everyone grabs a weapon off of the wall. Lana a small golden knife, Clementine a long thin sword, and Lustre a bow with 3 arrows. They stand strong, ready to fight. Waiting for the countdown to begin.

"Lustre...who do we go for..". Evaine mutters to Lustre, who is standing beside her. "Do we go know".

Lustre turns to her, and they share a look for a few seconds. Then he nods, and only says one word. "Her".

Jeff stands above them, watching down. A creeped smile on his twisted face. "Prepare your weapons, as it is time to fight".

Nothing happens at first, everyone just stays still. On one side, Lana, Lustre, Evaine, Jayson and Paradiax stand, the other, Petra, Wyatt and Clementine stand, as if they are waiting to see who is targetted. None of them even fight back, just waiting. The group of 5 just look at eachother, before Lustre loads his bow with a single arrow. He points it at Wyatt, who stood between the girls, and begins to move it back and forth, one second at Clementine, the next at Petra. A cruel smile on his face, and despite their amount of chances, Petra and Clementine stand still. Both having faith in the alliance to kill the other. Lustre tightens his bow string, holding it back for a second, before letting it fly. It crashes into the side of Clementines head, sending blood flying everywhere. Digging right in. Petra and Wyatt quickly duck, shielding them from the blood that is pouring from the wound.

Clementines body drops to the ground, her bottom lip quivering, her eyes locked on Lustre's, as if asking him why he did it. She plants her face in the ground, before finally her body stills. Above them a screen flips on, and the ceremonious last words play, taken from the brain of Clementine in her last seconds of life.

"Why was it me, I had so much more to offer than Petra did. It was the wrong choice, my tribe made the wrong choice. But they have to accept it now, and they need to realize they basically cost them the next challenges". The screen shuts off, and Clementines last words echo around the arena. The tributes climb up the ladders, and take their places back on the chairs. As they watch as Clementines freshly cold body is layed on a layer of cloth.

"As is done, Lustre should retrieve Clementine's torch, and light the cloth. Allowing Clementine to fall into the fire". Lustre stands up, and grips the handle of Clementines torch, using it to light the corner of the cloth. It glows bright for a second, before spreading, burning up, and allowing the girl from 11 to fall into the flames. Her body is swallowed by the yellow and orange curls, as she is cremated slowly. The tribe all watch, as Lustre places the torch against the back of the wall, where all the dead tributes torches would stand. "You guys have made your choice, you decided to risk your tribes strength for a more harmonious camp life. Lets hope it pays off, head back to camp".

They all file out, one by one, carrying away their torches, whose flames were now quenched by the frigid droplets of water, tumbling from the heavens above. They walk away, all hoping that they had made the right choice. Petra gripping her torch, trying to hide the smile she wanted to let lose. She had been spared, but knew in her heart, her tribe had made a foolish error letting her get out of there alive. She knew where she stood, and she was willing to do survive.

Day 2 - Pagong Camp

"So that was not that hard...". Jayson walks towards the fire, bending down to check it was still going. "We better get to sleep, tomorrow we will be fighting for reward again. We need to prove we made the right decision".

The group all nod, and they all group together, hiding under the shelter. The rain was still pouring down, raining over the fire. Jayson stood beside it, covering it with his jacket, trying to keep it alight. Lustre across from him, his arm wrapped around Lana, the other over Evaine. Paradiax stood a few metres away, under the shelter, fixing a small leek. Petra and Wyatt hugging in a corner, both fast asleep.

"Do you think we made the right decision". Evaine fidgits on the log, swatting a fly that was crawling up her leg. "Was taking out the stronger one a smart decision".

Lustre quickly nods, defending his position. "Yes, Petra may not be the strongest, but she needs us. Clementine could have easily made her own way in this game. She was a hazard to have around".

"I agree with Lustre, not all challenges will be about brute force, and Petra is fast at running, and good at puzzles. I am sure we can find a place for her somewhere".

Day 2 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"I am really regretting this decision...Petra is the weakest female, Lana just behind her. Clementine should not have gone...I just cannot believe we chose to get rid of her because she was annoying. I cant believe I lead that argument...and I mean, if they get rid of her...what is to stop them getting rid of me. I thought cause I was strong I was safe...but it is probably just Lustre keeping me alive in this game".

Day 3 - Tagi Camp

The sun rises over the beach, and the crashing waves hit the shells, where Amelia and Drayden sit. Watching the glistening view, while the others rest at camp

"So, who do you reckon they killed". Amelia moves her hands through the sand, backwards and forwards, waiting for Draydens response.

He hesitates for a second before responding. "I reckon that they will go after either that girl from 3, or that girl from 6. Both of them seem like the weakest".

"See, I thought that. But...I noticed that girl from 11, Clementine I think...she seemed like an outsider". Amelia looks at the sunrise, watching for something to happen.

"You do know we are the outsiders on this tribe". Draydens voice is calm, but clear. He looks at her, grabbing her hand. "But I need you to know, no matter what, it is you and me. We can take on any of them".

"I know the tribe thinks I am a bit odd. But you know, its what I am. And anyways, without us two, there is no way they could have won either of those last challenges.

They hear a rustle from behind, and both turn to see Silver and Burgundy walking down the beach, coming to join them. They rest on the beach, and turn to face them. Silver talks first, talking quietly, but clearly. "Guys, we wanna make something clear. We know this tribe needs you, and we dont want either of you going. But everyone else does. I think it should be us 4 together, it makes sense". Burgundy nods, agreeing to everything she is saying.

Amelia and Drayden share a look, before responding. "We knew everyone was targetting us...but why would you want to work with us. Wont it just mean everyone else on the tribe targets you guys". Amelia looks at the pair, not quite trusting them.

"We know it sounds weird...but they wont know. The arena is where everything matters, and we will defend you there. Lets face us, without us, our tribe is useless. Katherine and Madrigal cannot fight for their life, and I know we can fight Crimson and Drago". Burgundy has a deeper voice, but as he talks he avoids the eyes of Amelia.

Day 3 - Confessional - Tagi - Drayden

"I dont trust the pair from 8...Silver seems okay, and she is smart enough. Its just Burgundy...whenever we talk to him, he avoids our eyes. The eyes always tell you if someone is lying or not, and I just get the feeling that he is using us. But the problem is...what other option do we have".

Day 3 - Confessional - Tagi - Burgundy

"I like Silver, but this arrangement just does not sit right with me. We had an agreement with the rest of the tribe, to target Drayden at the first tribal. But now Silver is saying we should go with them...I am just so confused...I dont know who to trust...but all I know is Silver is my closest ally, and I should stick with her...I really trust her..."

Day 3 - Reward Challenge

"Come on in guys, Tagi getting your first look at the new Pagong tribe. Clementine killed at last tribal". Amelia takes a quick look at Drayden, her eyes widened. The tribes line up, and waited for Jeff to start. "Well then, today you will be competing for reward. Since the weather has been getting a bit worse, the rain pouring, today you will be competing for a tarp. This will cover your shelter, helping you keep dry on these rainy nights." The tribes mutter with content, knowing that this reward would really help them. "Now, todays challenge is again a simple one. Scattered across this field is 5 bags of puzzle pieces. One at a time, you will run out, grab a bag, then come back. The remaining two people will then quickly assemble a staircase out of the pieces. First tribe all to the top, and ring the bell will win the reward. Tagi, since you have an extra member you will have to sit someone out, and remember you cannot sit the same people out in back to back challenges, so Madrigal and Katherine will be competing".

The tribes group together, and have a quick decision. Deciding who is sitting out, and who is doing what. They line back up, and wait for Jeff to ask. "So, who is sitting out of Tagi". Silver raises her hand, and walks over to the bench. "Okay then, everyone in your places".

Everyone splits off, getting in their places. They lock their eyes on where the bags are dotted about, and prepare themselves by the podium. The bell is on a small platform about 2 metres off of the ground, with 5 slots in the ground, each in the place for a pole to be inserted, allowing them to climb up. "On searching for Tagi its Amelia, Burgundy, Crimson, Drago and Drayden. For Pagong its Evaine, Lana, Paradiax, Lustre and Jayson. And on puzzle for Tagi its Katherine and Madrigal, and for Pagong its Wyatt and Petra". He walks onto the platform, standing beside the two podiums. Pointing outwards, towards the bags. "On your marks, get set...GO".

Amelia and Evaine are the first two off, they dart across the hard packed ground, both going for the same back. Evaine is just the bit quicker than Amelia, and manages to grab her back first, from the branch of the tree. She grabs it, throws it over her shoulder, darting back past Amelia, who grabs her bag a second later. They race back to the platform, and in this time Amelia makes up the precious ground. They throw down the first bag at the feet of their puzzlers, before watching as their next team makes head out.

Burgundy and Lustre both head for the same bag, one far away, lying in the middle of a log, that was laid across a pond. They were making equal strides, but when they reach a small patch with a few rocks, Burgundy leaps over, while Lustre lands face first, his leg smashed up on contact with the rocks. His yells of pain cross the field, while Burgundy passes him, on his way back to start. He gives Lustre a quick look, before wincing away. The wound was bloody, a gash deep in the skin.

He begins to get up to his feet, backed by the sounds of his tribe yelling, as they watch Tagi's second bag land in the pile. The third member for Tagi heads out, in the form of Drago. He heads for the one furthest away, but seems to take little time. Lustre finally clambers to his feet, and stumbles to Pagong's second bag, watching as Drago makes his way back to the tribes with their third bag. Pain shoots up Lustre's leg, but he stumbles by, passing Crimson as he heads for the fourth bag. Time is passing, and as Lustre finally throws his bag down, dropping into the open arms of Evaine, they know they need a miracle. Lana tries to run as fast as she can, but she is passed again by Crimson, as he hands in the fourth bag, allowing Drayden to head out for the closest bag.

Lana puts down the third bag for Tagi, allowing Jayson to head out. He shakes his head as he passes by Drayden grabbing the last bag for his tribe from beneath a tribe. Jayson dives into the mud, grabbing the bag from beneath a layer, and moving back, his body coated in the brown muck, but he does not care. Drayden hands the final bag for Tagi, and stands back, watching as Katherine and Madrigal rip open the bag, spewing the pieces everywhere.

Meanwhile Jayson crashes into the podium, smashing his ankle on the end, as he face plants the wood. He chucks the bag over, while Lana bends over him, helping him sit up straight. Paradiax jumps over him, going for their last bag while Tagi struggle with the puzzle. Despite this, Katherine and Madrigal are standing strong, piecing it together, one step at a time. They plug in their third step, and watch as Paradiax finally throws the last bag to Petra and Wyatt. And despite them going as fast as they can, they are unable to catch up. Katherine pushes the fourth step, while Madrigal throws together the last one. They turn to face Petra and Wyatt, smiling as Katherine shoves in the last part, and hops up the stairs, slapping her hand onto the bell.

“TAGI WIN REWARD”. A smile brims on the face of Katherine, as she hops down, running into the arms of her tribe. They all celebrate, as Pagong all group together, sighing, beginning to get used to losing. Evaine shakes her head, Lustre using her to support himself. His wound covered in blood, a slit of cloth from Evaine's top tied around the wound, trying to hold back the blood. “Congratulations to Tagi, for the third time you have won. Come and collect your tarp”. Katherine steps forward, taking the tarp from Jeff, and heading back to her tribe. “As for Pagong, for the third time, I have nothing for you”. They shake their heads, Evaine and Lustre muttering about the challenge, Jayson still hobbling on his ankle as he makes his way out. Tagi ahead of them, all their spirits high, as they realize the challenge streak they had begun.

Day 3 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"Its no surprise that we lose. I mean seriously, we were terrible. It is not like they are an amazing tribe...its the fact we are a terrible tribe. We just do not work together, and its not like Petra and Wyatt are the only weak links. Everyone has their faults, even our supposed gods the Careers arent as strong as the pair from 4. I really think there is no chance we recover...I could see 2 of us entering the merge".

Day 3 - Confessional - Tagi - Katherine

"I am really surprised we won, I mean we are not all that strong. We have our insanely positive people like Amelia, Drago and Drayden, but you have other weaker people like Madrigal and Crimson. I think its just we have a bond Pagong lacks, and I am really hoping this trend does not stop".

Day 3 - Confessional - Pagong - Lustre

"I really think I was the reason we lose the challenge, and I am a bit scared now. I mean not only because I fell, but because I have a massive gash in my leg, with a pathetic bandage. And even Jayson has damaged his ankle. If his wound does not recover, we could be screwed as hell no matter what".

Day 3 - Pagong Camp

The tribe walk back to camp, throwing down their bags. Evaine rips off her buff from her head, and throws it onto the ground. Lustre hobbles, Paradiax and Wyatt doing their best to support him, while Lana assists Jayson. Petra walking behind, her head down, hair covering her face. She knows she needs some sort of miracle, and as the sun begins to set she knows she has to hurry, as tomorrow could be the last day she has a chance.

The group make it to the fire, and start to collapse down. Petra looks around, and watches as Lana stands over Jayson. She knew who were the leaders in the alliance, and knew Lana and Jayson were close. A plan formed in her head, try to get out Evaine or Lustre, by using the fault in Lana. Petra walks up, and starts talking to the camp. "We should start collecting some wood and water, looks like its gonna get dark soon". The tribe nod, and get up. "Ill get wood with Lana, and Paradiax, Wyatt and Evaine can go get some water, and any food if they can find it. Its best of Jayson and Lustre rest, and get their legs better for tomorrow".

Everyone nods, and begins to split off. Evaine and Paradiax heading for water, Wyatt for food, and Petra and Lana for wood. Lana takes the lead, walking a bit ahead of Petra, while Petra tries to f ind the right words to say. She waits until they are a distance from the camp, before tapping Lana on the shoulder.

"Hey Lana, can we talk about something..". Petra stumbles a bit, but Lana catches her.

"Yeah, sure. Whats it about?". Lana has a jovility to her voice, as she continues to walk, a bit slower now, allowing Petra to walk by her side.

Petra summons up all her strength, before letting the words flow out. "Well, I know Wyatt and I are in trouble. Neither of us are in the main group, and we have not performed the best at challenge. But I was thinking, if we lose tomorrow, why get rid of me or him". Lana looks at her, her brow furrowed. Not sure where this was going. "In your alliance of 5 it is you and Jayson, Evaine and Lustre, and then Paradiax sitting in the middle".

"Yeh, that is the 5 who are in the group...why does that matter. I kinda already spotted that". Lana speeds up her walking, grabbing a small log from the ground.

"But the thing is, if Paradiax is the swing vote, what happens when the fight is between you five. The one who has Paradiax would win, its a fight for him". Lana continues to nod, still not sure how this related to her situation. "And if he doesnt choose you and Jayson, you are screwed. Why not...take out someone now. When they still trust you, than wait till everyone is expecting it".

Lana already knew the answer to the question she was about to ask, but continued anyways. "Who do you think we should take out...".

"...there are two choices, taking out Paradiax would mean it would be a straigt forward 2 versus 2 fight in the end, but taking out Evaine would mean Lustre is backed by no one". Petra watches as a smile furrows on the face of Lana, before dissappearing. She nods for a second, before shaking her head. They continue through the forest, Lana and Petra not saying a word to eachother, as Lana considers the options.

Day 3 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"I really do not trust Petra, but she does have a point. What happens with the 5. But her two options both seemed flawed. If we take out Paradiax...I doubt Jayson and I could take on Lustre and Evaine, it would not be a fair fight. But then if we take out Evaine, why would Paradiax choose to side with us. When he could go with Lustre, and secure final 2, rather than final 3 with us. It makes no sense in the slightest...but there are no other of them is probably gonna will be me going...and Paradiax and Jayson verus Lustre and Evaine. Which would be even worse".

Day 3 - Confessional - Tagi - Madrigal

"Camp life has been hectic here. And I am not sure why. Everyone is getting more nervous, especially Burgundy and Silver. I have seen them slink off with Amelia and Drayden a few times, and it makes me really scared. I thought us six were tight, but I guess its just the four of us now".

Day 3 - Tagi Camp

Katherine stands in the water, using a coconut shell to pour water over her head, while Madrigal floats in the water. On the beach, Burgundy, Drago and Crimson sit. Watching the girls laughing, while behind them in the camp, Silver is cooking some rice, and Amelia and Drayden sorting the shelter, which had been damanged by a falling log while they were at the challenge.

Silver sighs, shaking her head at the 5 peope on the beach. "Why are they all sitting on their asses, they should be helping. We are down on fire wood, our water supply is low. Its so stupid".

"Lets face it, for them they only care about the challenges and the fighting. Its only us 3 who realize its about surviving". Drayden spits out these words, as he grabs a thin branch, shoving it under the lining of leaves".

Amelia was staying quiet in this conversation, allowing Silver and Drayden to complain together. She holds up the leaves, as Drayden fights to shove the branches to support the roof. The tarp was lying in the pile, on the ground, slightly covered in sand.

"So guys, have you thought anymore about Burgundy and I's offer, you wanna go after Katherine or Madrigal if we lose the next challenge". Drayden shakes his head, which surprises Silver.

Amelia stands up, patting the newly repaired shelter. "We dont want to go after either of them. Neither of them are weak at puzzles, they are easily two of our stronger people in that part, our tribe is mainly strength. I say we trim some weak links there".

"I agree with Amelia, we were talking, and we think to make the message clear that we are not to be taken lightly of, we go after Drago". Drayden began unfolding the tarp.

Silver got up, walking over, and grabbing a corner of the tarp, helping them pull if over their shelter. "Why him, he is our third strongest person. Why not Crimson".

"The reason we think Drago is that he is strong, but he is thick as mince. I am sorry, but he is a pure retard". Amelia chuckles at Drayden's comment, and uses strips of bamboo to begin to attach the tarp to the edges. "I have no who how he became the leader of the other alliance".

"It is because he is the strongest". Silver mutters, slightly insulted by Drayden's remark.

"Well, chances are we will win the next challenge. Lustre slashed his leg open, and Jayson looked like he broke his ankle. And they are two of their strongest, my hopes is the next challenge is something to do with strength". Amelia smiled, hooking the final part of the tarp. "I say we just get some sleep, and prepare for tomorrow".

Day 3 - Confessional - Tagi - Amelia

"I found out something interesting about Lustre and Evaine at the challenge today, it was when Lustre had just come back, and Evaine was helping him. That guy from their tribe, small, short, kinda muscley, was on the puzzle, came up and said something. He said that at tribal, Evaine and Lustre had admitted to killing Karkat...which surprises me. As I thought there was a Careers alliance...but the fact it seems there means my more relaxed approach to what my tribe thought of me was the wrong apporach. I was sure I would have two allies when we made the merge, it seems that I have none".

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Madrigal

"Our tarp did not work. It is so early, the sun has not even risen, but we were all waken when our shelter crashed below us...the tarp had filled with water, which had torn down the posts, soaking us, our supplies, drenching the fire, spilling the rice into the fire. It feels like hell. And the rain is still going, I just want it to stop....why wont it stop".

Day 4 - Tagi Camp

"Guys we just need to calm down, its not too bad. We managed to salvage some rice, the tarp is not ripped, most of the shelter is fine. Everyone just needs to calm down". Drayden tries to calm everone, but was not suceeding.

Madrigal and Katherine were both standing, doing nothing as usual. Tears down their faces, while Drago stood beside them. Comforting them. Crimson, Silver and Burgundy were trying to remove their supplies from the wreckage, but struggling. The person struck worst by the disaster was Amelia, she was standing, using her buff as a sling. Her arm had been struck directly by a log, and everyone knew it was damaged worse than everyone thought. But even she was doing her part, hauling logs out of they way with her good arm.

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Crimson

"You have to be insane not to respect Amelia, she looks like one of the frailest on our tribe, but she is a fighter. She has a probably broken arm, but is still doing more than Madrigal and Katherine, standing their crying is not gonna do anything. Helping us move stuff is".

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Drago

"This shelter may have looked like a disaster, but it seems like it was a blessing in disguise, with Amelia wounded she will not be as strong in challenges, and I will have a much easier time persuading Silver and Burgundy that she needs to go".

Day 4 - Tagi Camp

Most of the tribe had moved from their shelter, while Amelia, Silver, Drayden and Crimson tried to fix it. Drago and Burgundy were off searching for food, to replace the rice they had lost. While Katherine and Madrigal sat in the ocean, cleaning off the tribes supplies, most of which were coated in a thick layer of grime.

"Do you really trust Drago and Crimson...". Katherine wiped a small clay pot, getting the gritted sand from deep in the cracks. "Like if we went to tribal, would you be 100% sure you were safe".

Madrigal sits up, and looks at Katherine. "I dont think so, but thats just because I never think we are safe. A twist could be thrown at us at any second. But if it is just about our tribe, I feel decently safe, yeah."

"But...I mean, what if Silver and Burgundy have flipped, like we thought. That is a 4 versus 4 fight. And both Amelia and Silver are stronger than you and I, and Drayden is definately stronger than Drago and Crimson. I really think we need to keep our options open".

"What do you mean Kath, like go and talk to Amelia and Drayden and do something with them?". Madrigal throws another pot onto a cloth that lay on the beach, allowing it to dry.

Katherine shakes her head. "No, not them. Why would they trust us. We need to get closer to Silver and Burgundy I say, they will be the swing. And hopefully we can go with them, and form a strong 4. Then try and bring them back to our side".

"But what if they say no". The water strikes the beach, and Madrigal continues to grab another supply, dunking it beneath the tide.

"Then hopefully we are close enough with them, that they will go after Drago and Crimson over us". Katherine finished this part of the convincing point, giving something for Madrigal to think about.

Day 4 - Confessional - Pagong - Wyatt

"Last night the rain was crap, it poured for ages and drenched us all. Luckily our shelter held up, but our fire was put out. All the wood we collected got soaked, so we have to start from scratch. I think this is when we are realizing the pain of not winning the reward. But hopefully wewill get rid of our losing streak".

Day 4 - Confessional - Pagong - Jayson

"Lana and I had a talk last night...and she did make some nice points. But it seems too foolish, and up until now I saw her as a massive strategical threat, but this move made her look childish. And it makes me think, why are we scared of her. And when I thought that, it made me think of Wyatt. He is a threat, he is a silent scheming person, who I bet is using Petra as a front. And he is not bad in challenges, he can swim, he is strong, fast and great in puzzles. I think Petra succeeded in sparing herself...but she threw her ally under the bus".

Day 4 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"Our camp morale is really suffering. Jayson is walking fine now, but Lustre's leg is still bashed up. My hope is the next challenge has some sort of puzzle part, so we can throw Lustre on that with Petra, and Wyatt can replace whatever strength or running part Lustre would have done, despite his appearence Wyatt seems pretty strong when it comes to challenges".

Day 4 - Pagong Camp

The camp all grouped on the beach. Despite the state of their camp, they were all laughing together. Lustre propped up on a rock, while the rest lay on the ground. Lana with her head in Jayson's lap, Evaine on her back, trying to soak up the sun, in her small jewel studded bikini, Petra and Wyatt in the shade of a tree, surprised to be included in the discussion.

"What is it like in District 1?". Jayson yawns after asking his question to Evaine, who props herself up before replying.

"Its amazing. I am from a different part from Lustre, we live in a small house on a mountain road. Less than 5 minutes from my house is a massive diamond mine. It dives down hundereds of miles, and then a few minutes from that is a grand lake, in the middle of that a massive shopping centre. Its so great, but each part is different". The tribe smile in wonder, imagining the places Evaine told tales of.

Lustre lets out a little laugh, and shakes his head. "See, Evaine lives in the posh part. Where I lived it was much smaller, houses in lines of streets, hundereds of houses, each the same. A small set of shops where you could buy the bare essentials. I am sure District 1 is like any other district, what about 6. Lana, Jayson, you must be able to show how varied 6 is".

Lana shakes her head. "Nope, Jayson and I are actually from the same street back home". Jayson nods, running his hands through Lana's silken hair. "He lives 3 doors down from me, but it seems like you live in a similar sort of area to us Lustre, its built up, spreading for miles. Spotted around are a few sets of buildings, a school, a few shops and a garage where we build stuff".

"Yeh, I worked at our nearest garage for a while before I was selected". Jayson closed his eyes, as if remembering his home. "It was a great place, we got payed decently, I loved it".

Day 4 - Confessional - Pagong - Jayson

"I must admit, it was more painful than I thought talking about home. Remembering the little details that made you happy, and thinking about what you are probably never gonna see again. But all of us are from such different backgrounds, our homes are one of the few things all of us can talk about, it is really bringing our tribe together".

Day 4 - Pagong Camp

"What about you two, you got any stories about home". Jayson was looking at Wyatt and Petra, while Paradiax walked up to the fire they had managed to relight, above it a boiling pot of rice.

Wyatt looked at Petra, before starting. "My childhood was kinda rough, when I was young my mum and dad were hung for thieving. I was placed in an orphanage...about 6 months after they died I got a letter from the Capital...basically saying that it had been found out my parents didnt do it, and they caught the real people. And that they were sorry...and you know...they thought that was enough. A piece of paper with words typed on it, probably by some corporate employee who was not sitting at home, watching us. And they thought that good make me feel better...I had lost both my parents because the Capital had made a mistake, a massive, blundering mistake. And they thought a letter was enough...".

The tribe was silent instantly, Wyatt staring down in the sand, tears rolling down his cheeks. Lana was now sitting up, scooting over a bit to give Wyatt a hug, but before she could reach him Wyatt clambered to his feet, and walked off. Disappearing over into the forest.

Day 4 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"I feel so bad for Evaine, I mean it must be hellish to have to sit on that day after day, and then to have this. I mean you would think the Capital would ignore you or something. But I guess this is a game, and his little story is not gonna drive up any sympathy from me. Will it make me feel bad when I stand over him, with a blade to his neck? Yeh. Will it make me drop the blade, and let him live? Hell no".

Day 4 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"I really think our tribe is improving, it seems there is nothing important today so, we are all just relaxing. It has allowed our tribe to just talk, and be people. At first everyone was just mad about being safe, but we forgot this is still an amazing beach, and I think with Jayson back to fighting health, and Lustre's leg getting a bit etter, by tomorrow we should be reading to go".

Day 4 - Tagi Camp

Burgundy and Katherine walked round the edge of the beach, chatting about their home districts. The two tribe mates had decided to check tree mail, to see if anything had arrived, but as the sun began to set their hopes were low.

"So, not to be intrusive, but what have you and the pair from four been talking about recently". As they reach the box, Katherine turns to Burgundy, wiping some hair out of her eyes.

He hesitates, looking at the box for a few seconds, before turning round to answer the question. "Stuff". His blunt answer is not enough for Katherine who pushes a bit further.

"What kind of stuff, anything about the deal we had as a group". Katherine raises her eyebrows, waiting for a responce

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Burgundy

"I knew something was up when Katherine came with me to the box, doesnt take two people to check for a piece of paper. And I knew that Silver's deal with Amelia and Drayden would come back to bite me on the ass, I knew at that moment I had two options, lie and just hope I dont get found out...or abandon Silver, and go with my original deal. And it was an easy decision for me".

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Katherine

"I really was not sure what Burgundy was gonna say, but I knew it would just be best to get it over and done. He is a reasonable guy, he understands its a game, I think it was better to approach him without Silver, than them as a pair".

Day 4 - Tagi Camp

"It was about a possible alliance. Silver wanted to abandone you guys, and go with Amelia and Drayden, try and go overall offensive". As he says his final word, Silver slows down her walk. She had hurried her footsteps as she had watched Katherine and Burgundy head for the box, wanting to make sure he said nothing stupid, but now from her hiding place in the bushes, she listened.

"So what are you gonna do?". Neither of them noticed her, and as Katherine began to question Burgundy, Silver hoped that he would do something right, she was wrong.

"I made a promise to you, Madrigal, Drago and Crimson. Silver is only one person, I am with you guys". Silver struggles to hold back the tears as she watches her closest ally throw her to the wolves.

"Are you sure, why not go with her". Katherines final question seems to the most daunting to Burgundy, but he answers honestly.

"I am more threatened by Silver than I am anyone else, and I want her dead". This is the last blow to Silver, she is unable to quiet her tears, so turns on her heels and darts away before the pair realize she was there. Katherine smiles at Burgundy, and walks back, leaving the boy to realize he had thrown someone from his own district under the bus.

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Katherine

"People will underestimate me. I am not someone who is going to sit around, and watch as my game crumbles around me. I take actions, I am going to be the person who is returning home to their district. And if I have to crush relationships, and stab a knife in the wounds, I will do this. I may not be the strongest, but I will play with anyones minds, and anyones heads. Trust me, I am going to be more vicious than anyone".

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Burgundy

"Katherine cleared my head, I really did not want to accept what I needed to. But Silver is throwing her game away, and I do not want to be part of this. She is not going to drag all of District 8 chances down the drain. I need to put my foot down, and play my own game. And if that means targetting Silver, Ill do that".

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Silver

"If he thinks that he will get away with this, he can dream on. I have Amelia and Drayden, both of them are miles more threatening than any of his little gang. I will make sure that I am the one driving my knife into his head, and not the other way round. Numbers are not important in this game, strength is. And I have the strength, he has nothing but a girl with a grudge".

Day 4 - Tagi Camp

Amelia and Drayden sat on the beach, watching as the sun finally kissed the sky goodbye, setting beneath the glazed layer of water that stretched for miles. The silence embraced them, as they listened to the quiet brushing of the waves. Only for this to be broken by the tear stricking footsteps behind them. They spin around, and watch as Silver, tears stroking her golden sun kissed cheeks, collapses behind them.

"Burgundy is done, screw Drago. We kill Burgundy". She says it with such force and vigour, that all Amelia and Drayden can do is nod their heads, and accept what had just happened. Silver continues to sob into her hands, and joins the pair on the beach. Waiting for the next day to come.

Day 4 - Confessional - Tagi - Amelia

"This is a massive turn of events. I love Silver, we have become really close recently, but now we are in the minority. And it seems that that alliance have a new target. This could be Drayden and I's chance to become more hidden in this tribe, and hopefully allow us to survive".

Day 5 - Confessional - Tagi - Drago

"This morning has been peaceful, Amelia, Drayden and Silver went off to explore the island, so it has just been us 5. Burgundy is still a bit quiet, I think he is not sure if he made the right decision, but our camp feels good. I have hope for us at immunity today".

Day 5 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"We got tree mail early this morning, basically telling us that tonight, there would be a challenge involving balance. It made us a bit wary, Lustre is gonna be no help in this, but Lana and I are pretty sure we can help our tribes odds".

Day 5 - Immunity Challenge

"Come on in guys, take place at your mats". Jeff watches as Pagong file in, followed by Tagi. Lustre was still limping, but his leg seemed better. They stood on the beach, watching as Jeff stood on the shore, behind him a series of 14 poles, 7 orange and 7 yellow. "I will take that back Tagi". He walked forward, and took the idol from the hands of Katherine, who seemed less than willing to hand it back. "Today we are fighting for immunity, and this challenge is about balance. All of the tribe will stand on the poles, but these poles are not rigid. They will move about as the sea gets rougher, so it could be a long challenge, or a short one. It is simple, the first tribe to lose all its members will be the losers, the others will win immunity. You are only allowed to touch the poles with your feet, so no bottoms, no hands and no other parts. It is all about balance. Tagi, as you have one ext-"

"Ehm Jeff, I will be unable to compete in this challenge". Lustre stepped out of line, hobbling forward. "Can I drop out before I enter the game, my bandage is best not to get damanged by the water".

Jeff contemplated the device in his ear before nodding. "Yes you can, but this means that Pagong start with 6, while Tagi will still compete with all 7". All of Pagong nod, and then Jeff turns back to Tagi. "So yes, Tagi as you have 8 members one of you must sit out, and as no one can sit out in back to back challenges, Silver must compete".

Tagi group together, talking about it, before coming to a conclusion. "I will be sitting out for Tagi". Drago steps forward, before being directed to a bench on the edge of the shore, where beside him sat Lustre.

"For the rest of you, lets get you on your podiums". The tribes nodded, then walked to the shore. Using small rowboats to make their way to the group of pillars.

Day 5 - Confessional - Tagi - Madrigal

"This challenge was a lot harder than it looked. The poles could just fit both of our feet, and were already wet, they swayed in the wind, you were cold. It was horrible from the get go".

Day 5 - Immunity Challenge

The wind poured across the sea, as Evaine, the last person, finally stood up right on her pole. Jeff yells from the beach, trying to get his voice heard, as the rain poured down. "THE CHALLENGE HAS NOW BEGUN".

It was only a few seconds in before people began to struggle, from the beginning Jayson was waving back and forward, trying to steady himself. Drayden and Crimson were not having much luck either, but some were doing better. Amelia and Evaine were both standing strong, both had their eyes tight shut, and were moving with the flow of the water, trying to counteract the movements below their feet. Lana had a different approach, that seemed to be working well for her. She was croched down, grasping her knees, her head down, her hood up, in a tight ball.

It slowly began to get better, as people began to adapt to the movement. Jeff yelled across, trying to cut the silence. "So, Amelia, how is it up there".

"Its good, a bit damp. Kinda wish I had brought a jacket". She smiles, and opens her eyes, removing her buff from around her wrist, and using it to keep her hair out of her eyes.

Jeff shakes his head, raising the umbrella above his head. "What about you Drayden, who dya reckon will be the first one gone".

Drayden chuckles, as he waves his arm about, trying to keep his balance. "If you keep chatting to me, I am gonna be going soon".

Time passes quicker, and about half an hour in is the first casualty. Crimson finally buckles, his legs crumpling as he slips on his podium, into the crashing waves. He quickly recovers and clambers back up the ladder, resting on his podium.

"And that is the first person down. Now it is equal, 6 for Pagong and 6 for Tagi".

The next few people fall quickly in sequence, Jayson finally gives up, not wanting to fall into the ocean, so just sits down. Watching around. Soon after him, virtually at the same time Drayden and Burgundy go, followed by the first girl, as Petra is hit by a vicious gust, and topples face first off.

"And with that we are down to Evaine, Lana, Paradiax and Wyatt for Pagong, and Amelia, Katherine, Madreigal and Silver for Tagi". Jeff yells across the ocean, despite the fact all of the remaining people were in deep concentration, Lana had not moved since they started, and Madreigal had her buff over her eyes, trying to block out all distractions.

The sun began to set, and darkness fell, and none of the 7 even moved. They just continued to focus, but the tiredness easily fell quickly, and dropped off speedily. Madrigal went 2 hours later, with Paradiax and Wyatt agreeing to go about half an hour after that, and Silver a few minutes later.

Day 6 - Confessional - Tagi - Silver

"I tried as hard as I could, but after about 7 hours I had to give in. I knew Amelia and Katherine would do fine, but it had crossed over into Day 6. This was way too long for me".

Day 6 - Immunity Challenge

"We have now officially crossed into another day. 9 hours ago we begun this challenge, and I did not think it would last longer than 3 or 4 hours". Jeff walked back and forward. Behind him Drago and Lustre both lay asleep on the ground. The people on the podiums were drifting off, trying to stay perch still, but the 4 left were not giving in. "Evaine, in there any real point in all 4 of you being left. Why not one per tribe give in?".

Evaine looks up, needing to think for a second, before realizing what she had been asked. "Ehmm...well...I guess if one person quits, who quits. What if we make the wrong person quit...its stupid to risk it".

"So Katherine, is there any particular reason you are still standing, when someone like Silver quit hours ago".

Katherine answers almost immediately, as if she had been expecting this exact question. "No, there is not. someone like Silver should be hoping that we do last much...much longer".

"Hmm...". Jeff sits back down. "We have now hit 10 hours. Your legs must be beginning to hurt a lot".

Katherine tries to bend down, moving down into the position that Lana had sat in for hours, and hours. But this was a wrong move, she instantly began to move back and forth, swinging around. Katherine tried to stand up, but her hand touched the base.

"And Katherine is gone". She stamped her feet, groaning away. Crashing down, stretching her legs. "And with that, Amelia is the only one left for Tagi.

The three watch as the sun begins to rise, as they hit the 14 hour mark. The rest of the tributes had all slowly migrated back to the beach, where some were now lying, sleeping away. While others, like Silver, Drayden, Jayson and Lustre were cheering on the people left.

Evaine swayed, struggling to keep her eyes open. She watched as Lana finally began to move, emerging from her ball, stretching her arms. Evaine stares at her, enquisitive. "Did you just sleep...".

Lana looks at her, smiling away. "Just a quick nap". The two laugh, before Lana gets serious. "Evaine, I can outlast Amelia, take a rest, Ill win it for Pagong, for us".

Evaine smiles, then nods. "I know you will". Evaine stretches, then begins to clamber down her ladder, swimming back to the shore.

"And Evaine is now out, that leaves us with the final 2. The next person out will determine who wins immunity, and who joins me at tribal...well tonight". Jeff stood, dark circles beneath his eyes, as he watches his watch whirr by, passing 15 hours, onto the final, 16th hour.

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"Yeh, I wanted to be the last person out for Pagong, but there was no chance it was happening. Lana was strong, she could probably go till tribal, but the problem is, so could Amelia".

Day 6 - Immunity Challenge

Amelia sways back and forth, her eyes fluttering open, and shut. She looks across at Lana, and calls at her. "Hey Lana, Lana".

Lana looks up, pushing down her hood and looking across at Amelia. "What do you want?"

"Are you sick of this, neither of us are gonna give in, and we are both strongly balanced, it could be days before we finish". Amelia keeps yawning in between her breaths.

"So what are you thinking". Lana has her arms crossed, pushing her hair back, her soaking wet hair.

Amelia removes her buff from her head, and puts it back around her wrist before answering. "I say we make it harder, we are using our arms to balance, and two feet is too easy".

"What, so you want us to go no arms and one footed?". Lana listens intently, wanting this to finally be over.

"Yeh, if we use our buffs like this". Amelia raises her buff, and twists it around both of her wrists, before throwing them over her back. "Our hands cant move, and then one foot, it will make it finish a lot quicker".

"Meh, I am getting too tired to care, sure why not". Lana nods, and unzips her hoodie, removing her buff from around her chest, using her hoodie to hide her bare chest from the camera. "Okay, on the count of three, we take off the foot".

Day 6 - Confessional - Tagi - Amelia

"We were both tired, neither of us wanted to continue, so yeah I think we made the right choice. It was gonna cut this challenge down, and it made it a lot quicker. Could have gone on all day, there may have been no tribal tonight if we had not done this".

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"I knew it was a risk, I would be blamed if we lost, but that was a risk I had to take. Everyone else bar Jayson and Evaine, and that guy from 4, was on the shore sleeping, I had to finish it. I could trust those guys not to blame me, well at least I could trust Jayson".

Day 6 - Immunity Challenge

"One". Amelia swings, her arms behind her back. "Two". Lana shakes her hair out of her eyes, before throwing her hood over her head. "Three". Just as they yell three, a huge gust of wind strikes the pair. Both of the girls instantly struggle.

Lana tries to throw her arms out, but cant due to the restraints, while Amelia seems to be bending right over to regain balance. It is not long before they realize one of them would be done in a few minutes.

Swaying back and forward, toppling down. The wind picks up, and the sea comes to life. Water spraying everywhere. The world seems to turn into slow motion, as a wave crashes against the pole of Lana, sending waves up the wood, toppling the girl. A few seconds later the same wave catches Amelia's pole, but those few seconds save her the loss.

"And Lana is out, and TAGI WIN IMMUNITY". Lana and Amelia instantly swim for eachother, trying to grab onto something amoungst the crashing waves. That drenched everything around them. They slowly make their way onto the beach, where they see their tribes being knocked awake, forced up onto their mats, where the two girls join them. "Congratulations to Tagi, and for the fourth time you have won. Amelia, I think you should come and grab this". Amelia, drenched head to toe, steps forward, taking the immunity idol, and walks back to her tribe. No one celebrated as they filed out, all too tired to even talk. "As for you Pagong, again I will be seeing you at tribal tonight. Where one of you will be the second one, killed". They all nod, Evaine and Lana heading out first, both of them wanting to get to sleep, while Petra and Wyatt hung back, knowing that one of their time was coming to an end.

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Lustre

"Yes, it was annoying that we lost. But it just means we can trim the fat a bit earlier. I doubt there is gonna be much discussion tonight, the moment we got back to the camp Evaine and Lana just dropped dead basically, so camp has been wierdly quiet without them. Not much has happened".

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Jayson

"I am not sure what we are doing, I think our best plan would be to get rid of Petra, she is just not proving herself, but I really think our safest plan is to get rid of Wyatt right now. He is a solid person, great in challenges, but he is not in our alliance. And that makes him a threat".

Day 6 - Pagong Camp

The tribe is spread across the beach. Lana and Evaine both lie in the shelter, both fast asleep, drifting away, while Petra and Wyatt are talking beside the fire. The three guys are all out collecting supplies. Wyatt moves a bit, pushing some sand away from his feet.

"So, Petra, what do you reckon we are gonna do". Wyatt lays back. Reclining his head onto the log.

Petra looks down at him, fiddling with her feet, one of her toenails had fallen off, damaged by the water in one of the challenges. "I think our best bet is to fight".

"So do you not believe that Jayson and Lana are really with us". Wyatt's eyes are tight shut, as he soaks in the sun, sure that he is not the one going.

Petra shakes her head, laughing a bit. "Jayson is under Lustre's control, and Lana is definately not smart enough to have a new thought in her head". She stretches out again, looking up at the darkening sky. "There is no way they are betraying their alliance".

The challenge had taken most of the day already, and despite them only having been at camp for about 2 hours, the sky was already beginning to darken. And as the sun set, this made Wyatt and Petra even more scared, as their fate was drawing closer and closer.

Day 6 - Tagi Camp

The whole tribe was sat around the fire, Amelia fast asleep in the shelter, while Drayden sat, stroking her hair. Katherine was drifting, not wanting to miss the conversation, while Madrigal sat across from her. Drago, Crimson and Burgundy were all in deep conversation, while Silver sat in the shadows, staring daggers at Burgundy.

"So, who do you reckon will be on the chopping block tonight". Burgundy lies back, not even noticing where Silver was.

Crimson crams a bit of rice in his mouth, before answering. "If I was on their tribe, I would cut the cripple. That guy will be no help for them"

Drago nods his head. "Yeh, but I doubt any of them would do that. He is a Career, I can bet those lot are fawning over them. Plus, he still looks more useful than that little girl".

Magridal lets out a laugh. "I was talking to her after we both fell, some of the stuff she was saying, it painted a clear picture of their camp". Everyone looked at her, before she continued. "Well, she was saying about how you had 3 groups. Her and one of the boys, a small one, who were the complete outsiders, then you had Evaine and Lustre, thats the cripple, who are the fighters, and could kill anyone on their tribe, which means they are safe. And the final group is Lana, Jayson and their little servant Paradiax, who just obeys their every word".

"So do you reckon that the cripple is safe". Drago sat up, and looked across at Madrigal.

"I think he is definately safe". Madrigal nods slowly.

The tribe is quiet for a second, before they burst out laughing. "Just makes winning challenges easier for us".

Day 6 - Confessional - Tagi - Drayden

"Listening to Petra's description of their tribe really reminded me of this tribe. You have the outsiders, me, Amelia, Silver. The main power hungry people, Drago and Crimson, and then the band of followers, Katherine, Madrigal and Burgundy. The only difference between our two tribes is, our outsiders are probably our strongest competitors".

Day 6 - Confessional - Tagi - Madrigal

"Their tribe really brought some prospective into our own tribe. It seems they have a solid 5 who are working together, and thats the same as ours. But theirs is stronger...if both our tribes enter the merge as the sets of 5, we are screwed. Their Careers are in the group, I reckon we would be screwed...I am beginning to regret siding with Drago and Crimson, over Amelia and Drayden".

Day 6 - Confessional - Tagi - Crimson

"I am feeling good about our tribe, I reckon we have a stronger dynamic than Pagong, I admit this was not our best performence as a tribe, but we can improve. I am sure that the final 2 will both be Tagi".

Day 6 - Pagong Camp

The three boys sat in a small cove, hidden from sight, they perched on the edge of a set of rocks, slightly in a small cave, a bit damp, but safe. They were chatting about their vote tonight, putting the final details to the plan.

"Okay, so lets re-cap". Lustre puts his hands out at Jayson. "You think we should not go after Petra, but instead go after the stronger, better asset to our camp...Wyatt".

Jayson nods, before explanining. "Petra is not a threat...if we merge with us 6, her going to the other means nothing, they are just as weak, but Wyatt flipping could do something. He is a threat, he is strong and could kill us".

Paradiax sits at the back, not really participating, watching as Lustre fights back. "But what if we are hit with another strength challenge, we dont sit anyone out, we will have to have Petra".

"Yes, and we can make up for that. And if we lose again, we chop her off". Jayson stands up, kicking a rock over the edge, into the cove of water below. "I just think this is a better choice".

Lustre shakes his head again. "Well, we need to head back to camp anyways. We will talk about it on the way to tribal, and get Evaine and Lana's opinions, but I think it is stupid".

Paradiax finally throws his hat into the ring, cutting off Lustre. "Okay, but can we agree, the moment we start fighting we disarm them both, then decide. It makes more sense, and it means they cannot fight back".

Both of the boys nod, and with that they head back to camp, clambering back up the rocks, Lustre needing the assistance of both of his allies to make his way up to the top. Heading back to camp, ready for tribal.

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Petra

"I am going into this tribal with no hope, I will need to fight to survive in this game, but one stab could save me for god knows how long. I will not give up until I am being placed in that fire to burn away".

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Wyatt

"This tribal is gonna be a special one, its gonna be a fight between 5 and 2, either Petra or Lana is gonna be dead at the end of this tribal, and I am definately glad it is not gonna be me".

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Paradiax

"We are still not sure who to go for, but our alliance is still tight. We are gonna fight till one person is dead, so goodbye Wyatt or Petra".

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Lustre

"I stand by my remark, getting rid of Wyatt would be stupid. Petra needs to go, and if I have anything to say about what happens this tribal, our tribe will be very male orientated next week".

Day 6 - Tribal Council

"Come on in guys, and sit down". Pagong walk in slowly, all placing their lit torches behind them, before resting on the seat. They all stared at Jeff epectantly, waiting for it to begin. "Well, before we get to the fight, I have a few questions I would like to ask you". He looks around, before his eyes focus on Lustre. "So Lustre, you have a wound in your leg, do you feel this has created any problems for you in this game?"

"Yeh, I think it has. I mean there are things I cannot do, that others will be able to, so it could mean I am targetted for being weaker, but then again I can stand, I just dont have the best balance and cant run, thats only 2 real things". Lustre nods, after finishing his answer, waiting for Jeff to take control.

"Okay, so Lana, you were the last up for your tribe, do you feel a bit annoyed there were seconds between you falling, and Amelia falling".

Lana thinks for a second, making sure to think about what she was saying. "Yeh, I mean who wouldnt be. Being that close to winning but not making it, its hard. And I truly think I could have gone for hours, but our agreement was a quicker way. I bet if we had not done that, Amelia and I still would have been standing right now. But a lot more tired, and a lot weaker".

"So that brings up something, Amelia. Evaine, as a Career do you feel a bit of animosity towards Amelia, who seems to be succeeding in almost all the challenges".

"I really do. She is a strong girl, in the last immunity challenge she was there at the end, in the first reward she was the fastest with the barrell, with everything she is the reason they win. And it is annoying, specially for Lustre and I".

"Why specially for you and Lustre". Jeff rests his head on his fist, beginning to get sucked into the debate about Amelia.

"Because we are the other Careers. Her and Drayden succeeding looks bad on Lustre and I, it creates an idealistic vision of a Career that we cannot live up to". Evaine was beginning to quiver, realizing she had put herself into a weak light.

Jeff turned to look at Paradiax, continuing on with this theme. "Paradiax, does Amelia and Drayden's success make you feel that Tagi got the better side of the Careers".

He instantly shakes his head, linking his hand with Evaine's. "No, we got the ones we got, they may not be as strong, but they are better people I feel to have, both of them just bring a connection to the group. They are great".

Jeff nods, content with what he was hearing, before changing topics. "Petra, last tribal we had an issue about trust. Lustre and Evaine brought up a topic, which did not shine greatly on you, has anything changed since last time in regards to this?".

Petra breathes in, before quickly replying. "No. I am still an outsider, there are 5 of them, and then 2 of us, we are still divided, and I do think that trust is the reason my tribe wont accept me".

Jayson and Lustre share a quick look, before both mouthing something at the same time, something that the camera does not pick up. Jeff just notices, but decides to ignore.

"Okay then, I guess it is time for us to enter the arena". The tribe all make their way down, standing in a group. Petra and Wyatt are seperated, with Lana and Evaine on one side, and Jayson and Lustre on the other, Paradiax in between. The tribe quickly prepare, all grabbing their weapons, before preparing their stances. People mutter a few last words to eachother, share a few last looks.

Jeff stands outside, watching as they make their last arrangements. He waits for a seconds, before muttering the starting words. "Guys, prepare your weapons, as it is time to fight".

The moment the words are muttered people begin to move, Evaine slashes out, her short silver blade crashes into the axe of Wyatt, sending it flying across the arena. Lana darts behind him, holding her double bladed sword to his throat, while across the arena Petra lies down, her face in the dirt. Lustre holding a knife to the back of her head, and Jayson pushes the blade of his scythe against her back.

The speed of the battle was too quick, and Paradiax still stood, waiting for something to happen. Both of the people were held, it was just up to them to decide who was going. The first thing to happen is Lana drops her blade, allowing Wyatt to crash to the floor, and with one sharp bash, he blacks out. Evaine drops the blade, the blunt side she had used to knock out Wyatt. Before muttering a few words.

"Sorry Petra, we just did not want him to see this". Despite the situation, Evaine has tears rolling down her cheeks, as she feels the pain explode in his back, as Jayson drives down the tip, tearing the skin, causing blood to roll melodically down her skin. The dirt kicks up as she struggles, hiding her crying face from the camera. This murder was not swift as Clementine's had been, but drawn out, Jayson just pushes down harder. Waiting for the cries to stop, Lana and Evaine in an embrace, both have tears pouring down their cheeks, Paradiax's face a picture of horror, as his eyes widen as he stares, entranced at the vicious scene.

It goes on for a while, before finally Petra is silenced. Jayson removes his blade, and walks over to where the group of 4 already stand. They watch, and wait for Jeff to claim the death had been final. The screene flashes on above them, sealing the fate, as they watch as Petra mutters her last words.

"I am not surprised at the decision they made, it was obvious. My only hope was too fight, but even that failed. Now all I hope is that Jayson and Lana realize the position they are in, that they could flip the game...and I just hope they do. The decision is theres...theres to take". As the screens disappears, an awkward situation form. Evaine and Lustre stare at the pair of 6, as Paradiax clambers up the ladder. They follow, as medics run in, healing Wyatt, drawing him back to life. The group all hit the chairs, and watch as Wyatt finally sees the body of Petra.

Horror files into his face. He backs up, and claws at the walls, panting away. He swiftly looks up at his remaining tribe mates, and yells. "You monsters...she was just a child...".

He finally clambers out of the pit, and rests on the seats. Watching as Petra's body is layed onto the fire, only a cloth holding her up, and watches as Jayson grabs Petra's torch, and sending her falling into the flames. He places the torch beside Clementine's, before resting back on his seat, and watches Jeff.

"You have killed your second tribute, and if this tribe does not pull itself together, I can see you guys filing out of here one by one, head back to camp".

Day 6 - Pagong Camp

"Well guys, we are down to 6...". Paradiax throws down his bag, and collapses into the shelter. "I think its best if we all just hit the deck, we need a win tomorrow".

Everyone groups together, apart from Wyatt who collapses under a tree, away from the rest of his tribe members. Tears still running down his face, he continues to stare disgracefully at his tribe.

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Wyatt

"I am sick of this tribe. They all act like chums, but they are a bunch of back stabbing twats. At least Lustre and Evaine accept who they are, Jayson and Lana just lie to your face, and dont even care. They have no heart, and all they want to bring is pain".

Day 6 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"I understand Wyatt is hurt, but this is his chance to take control. Though it may not look like it, he is in a powerful position, one side of our alliance has to be the more powerful side, and we need to decide that soon. If I was him I would not be giving up so quickly".

Day 7 - Tagi Camp

The night had settled across the beach, and snores echoed from the different figures, lying in bundles across their floor. The only person not lying down is Madrigal who is resting on the edge of the shelter, staring out at the ocean.

Day 7 - Confessional - Tagi - Madrigal

"I think now is when we are really feeling the pain. We are beginning to get hungry, we all have cuts and bruises, and the whole experience is just becoming annoying. And I am really missing home, I mean it is hard enough but to know I will probably never see my family again is hard. I do sometimes wish I could just end it here and now, but its not gonna happen...".

Day 7 - Tagi Camp

Madrigal pushes herself up, and heads off towards the edge of the beach. She wades into the cold dark ocean, and begins kicking around in the water. Watching the ripples spread off into the horizon. It was a calmer night than they had seen, a few dark menacing clouds around the edges of the sky, surrounding the opal that lay right above them.

She watched in wonder, as behind her Katherine groaned to her feet, spotting Katherine down on the shore. She gets up, and walks down, joining Katherine down their.

"Hey, why you down here in the cold". Katherine walks by, dropping her arm around her shoulder. Wiping the hair out of Madrigal's eye.

Madrigal just looks up at the girl standing above her, her bottom lip quivering, and without saying a word breaks down. Tears stream down her face as she crashes into the arms of Katherine, her mind flitting about other things. Shocked Katherine just hovers there, unsure what to do with this girl, so she just sits there, waiting for the crying to end.

Day 7 - Confessional - Tagi - Katherine

"It is hard to remember what we are dealing with. Specially since Madrigal is so much younger, I think she is 12 or 13. Being here, and surviving with people you just met, and who in the end are trying to kill is a hard situation, and I feel Madrigal is just not coping with it".

Day 7 - Pagong Camp

The sun hits the edge of the ocean, and as if on queue, Evaine leaps up, extending her arms, before walking out onto the beach. Just behind her is Paradiax, carrying a bottle of water. He hands the bottle to Evaine. They stand and watch the sunset, waiting for one of them to say something.

"What happens now". Evaine takes a massive gulp, before carrying on. "Wyatt is only one person...we could still lose 2, 3 challenges".

Paradiax nods his head, before responding. "You know what it is gonna be, its gonna be a fight between you and Lustre, and Jayson and Lana".

Evaine chuckles, nodding. "Yeah, that is what I guessed. But I was more wondering what your sitation would be".

"What do you mean". For the first time, they actually turn to look at eachother.

Evaine breathes in, not sure how to put her words. "Like...I mean, where you stand, with Lustre and I, or Jayson and Lana".

He crosses his arms, and waits to respond, trying to calculate an accurate response. "Its hard to say, I mean you and Lustre would definately be better are defending us, giving us a chance if we do need to fight to survive".

"We probably would, we would either be entering the merge with 4 or 3 if that did happen". Evaine nods. Looking at Paradiax, trying to get more information.

Day 7 - Confessional - Pagong - Paradiax

"I am beginning to realize how screwed I have made myself. Ever since the girls joined the alliance, I made myself number 3. I will never be able to break the bond between Lana and Jayson, they have known eachother for so long. But Lustre and Evaine...they are not as tight. I think I would work my way with Lustre, to get Evaine out at number 3".

Day 7 - Pagong Camp

"Guys, gather around, we have tree mail". Evaine walks back to camp, waving a small slip of paper.

She walked back to the fire, smiling away. While Wyatt walks over from his place in the shadows of the trees.

"Read it then, what are you waiting on". Lana smiles, and pats on the log, beckoning for Evaine to sit down.

Evaine walks over, and collapses in between Lana and Lustre. "One throws down for all to see, the others catch and then flee, hide the pieces across the land, for the other tribe to take in hand".

The tribe just stare at Evaine, none of them sure what was even happening. Lustre finally opens his mouth, but still nothing comes out for about a minute. " is like...well, like hide and seek".

The tribe burst out laughing, despite it not seeming much, after 6 days of problems, and trials, the idea of a simple game of hide and seek seemed too much. "So, it seems someone is throwing pieces of a puzzle down, while the others...well...hide them...". Even though everyone knew what Lana is saying was true, they just kept laughing. All of them except Wyatt.

Day 7 - Confessional - Pagong - Wyatt

"I really just cannot relate to the rest of my tribe, they are just...well, different. Its hard to talk to them, and they are just not accepting. Its those five, and then me. We are not a group, we are just a bunch of people who are forced to live together. Its literally hellish".

Day 7 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"Going into this challenge I am not hopeful, Wyatt is just completely away from the challenge, he knows he is next and is just giving up. Its not a good way to work, he is throwing any chance he has away. Never give up until you are burned in that fire".

Day 7 - Reward Challenge

The tribes walk into a clearing by the beach. A pair of towers stood next to eachother, each with a circular puzzle on the top. A set of poles were around the are, marking off a section with rope.

The tribes file on, and back up after eachother standing in a line. "Tagi, getting your first look at the new Pagong. Petra killed at last tribal council". No one on Tagi seems that surprised, and they watch as Jeff continues. "Well then, today we have a reward challenge. You will split into two teams of 3, the hiders, and the seekers. The hiders will go to the other tribes tower, and as one of them throws down the pieces, the others have 3 minutes to hide the 10 pieces across the marked area. Once they are done, the other teams who would be blindfolded for the first part must find all 10 pieces, before reconstructing their puzzle. The first team to do so will win reward. Want to know what you are fighting for?". He is met by a sound rally of responces, before continuing. "Todays reward will allow two people from the winning camp to take three items from the other camp. A list of allowable items will be given, so take heed, as this challenge could mean alot". The tribes both shake their heads, before he wraps up the brief. "Tagi, as you have two extra, two of you have to sit out of this challenge".

Tagi group together, talking for a bit before finally they come to a conclusion as a tribe. "The people sitting out of our tribe will be Silver and Burgundy". Amelia, Drayden and Crimson stand at the back, now the only three never to have sat out of a challenge for Tagi.

"Okay then, decide your teams and lets begin". Both tribes chat for a bit, while the pair from 8 head over to sit on the bench. The tribes both seem quite quick to decide, so turn back to face Jeff. Everyone quickly gets into place, the 6 seekers all clad in blindfolds, while 2 are at the top of the towers, the remaining 4 waiting to catch the pieces. "On the hiders for Tagi we have Crimson, Madrigal and Drago, and on Pagong its Lustre, Jayson and Wyatt, and the seekers for Tagi are Amelia, Drayden and Katherine, and from Pagong its Evaine, Lana and Paradiax".

Lustre and Drago stand at the top of the two towers, both preparing to throw down the pieces, to the two waiting below. Around the area, there were logs across ponds, and a few mounds of dirt. Plenty of places to hide the wooden pieces.

"Okay then, let the challenge begin". Lustre and Drago instantly begin, grabbing the pieces and throwing them down to their tribe mates below. They quickly spread out, and hide them in numerous places. Both tribes take a different approach, Tagi seeming to try to hide the pieces better, but Pagong spreading them across the area, meaning it takes longer to reach them all. Despite them having 3 minutes, this time sails by, and by the end 2 pieces of Tagi's puzzle and 3 of Pagong's still lie unhidden, at the base of each of the towers.

Dissappointed, the trio from Tagi quickly head off back towards Jeff, while Wyatt and Jayson help Lustre down the ladder, his leg still hurting him. Once they make their way back, the other 6 are led by a team up to the top of the tower, preparing for the second part of the challenge.

Jeff yells out across the area. "On my count, remove your blindfolds, and begin". The 6 on top of the towers nod, and wait for a few moments. "Get ready...and go". Instantly the 6 remove their blinds. Both had issued one of their people to stay at the tower, collecting the pieces and bringing them to the top, Paradiax for Pagong, and Drayden for Tagi. The pair instantly get to carrying the pieces that the tribes had left. Tagi had two of their pieces already, while Pagong had three. The two boys waited at the base of the tower, for their tribe mates to return.

Amelia and Evaine are both scrounging over beside the pond, digging through holes, while they look for the pieces. Lana finds the first piece, hidden below and rock, and races back to the tower, throwing the piece to Paradiax, who instantly leaps up the ladder, throwing the piece into the pile, hitting 4 pieces. Amelia finally finds a piece, hidden in a shallow grave at the bottom of the pond, and races back followed quickly by Katherine, who both pass Drayden their pieces at the same time. He throws both of the slabs up, and they both land perfectly in the pile, tying the two tribes.

Evaine had finally given up on the pond, concluding that the 6 remaining parts of Pagong's puzzle were hidden elsewhere, and wandered to a tree, where in the bark was a piece. She heaved it out, but the orange colour instantly forced her to drop it. Amelia came darting over, already carrying another piece, and grabbed it from the ground. Racing back with 2 more bits. She passes them to Drayden, who laughs at Evaine's face, as she stands their in horror, realizing she had assisted the other tribe.

Katherine, Lana and Evaine all bring in pieces soon after Amelia, bringing the total to 6 for Pagong and 7 for Tagi. The remaining pieces seemed to be haunting the four girls, as finally after about 10 minutes of no pieces being found, Drayden and Paradiax come out to help. They spread themselves across the plain, searching through trees, ponds and rock formations, to find nothing. Finally the silence is broken when Amelia throws her head up, and darts back to the tower, bringing both the 8th and 9th pieces for Tagi, both of which had been hidden in a small set of plants.

Pagong instantly feel a bit of pressure, as Drayden, Katherine and Amelia search for the final piece, while they still only have 6. Evaine, filled with angst, realizing that if they lose this their tribe will lose all hope begins taring up the earth, sending gravel flying everywhere. Lana and Paradiax follow in her footsteps, taking no prisoners, and sending dirt all over the place. The plan seems to be working, as a glint of yellow crashes into a pool for Evaine to grab, but when an orange piece flies basically into the arms of Amelia, they realize they are screwed. Amelia flies back, Katherine and Drayden right behind her, as they charge up the ladder.

They stare down at the puzzle, which is a thin orange spiral. They instantly start grabbing puzzle pieces, and slam them into the shape. Shooting through the challenge. Below them Pagong still only has 7 of their pieces, and they watch in horror as Tagi throw in the last piece.

Jeff instantly stops the challenge, with his signature screech by now. "TAGI WIN REWARD". No one is even in the slightest bit surprises, as the 6 doing the challenge walk over, joining their tribes. Pagong stand, decimated as they realize their already pathetic amount of supplies was about to be reduced even further.As the tribe groups, Jeff just stares at Pagong, shaking his head. He lets out a sigh, before continuing. "Okay then, Tagi you need to choose two people to go to Pagong camp with them".

Tagi do not take long to decide, before responding. Amelia is the one to talk for the tribe. "It will be myself and Katherine".

Jeff nods, and then jestures for Katherine and Amelia to go over to the other tribe. "Well, Amelia here is a note instructing you. When you get to camp please read this in private with Katherine". The pair nod, and then follow Pagong out of camp. Tagi soon after.

Day 7 - Confessional - Pagong - Paradiax

"This is getting annoying, we are a weak tribe, and we have now lost 5 challenges in a row. Its pathetic, completely and utterly pathetic, and now we are losing stuff that we need to survive. If this keeps going, we are just gonna be wiped out one by one".

Day 7 - Confessional - Tagi - Katherine

"There was a bit of an ulterior motive for my decision to come to this camp. Madrigal and I have been talking a bit about our other options lately, and I really want a chance to talk to Amelia. Not to create a plan to take out anyone, but just to tell her there is another option, and that if we did go to tribal, we could be swayed".

Day 7 - Pagong Camp

"So this is our...I guess you would call it a camp". Katherine and Amelia walk in after the remaining Pagong members, and watch as they instantly spread off. Wyatt heading out to grab some logs, Evaine and Lustre to fill the water bottles, Jayson to try and find some coconuts, and Lana fishing around the fire, making rice.

Amelia stares in wonder, as she watches everyone carry their weight, despite the fractures in the tribe. She stands in awe, not even remembering why she was there.

Day 7 - Confessional - Tagi - Amelia

"It is amazing to see that on this tribe people actually do stuff. Back at Tagi its only myself, Drayden and Silver who do anything. The rest just lay about, expecting us to wait on them hand and foot. I really feel this tribe is much more...well, hard working. But is that their problem, is that the reason they are not as strong in challenges. It could be".

Day 7 - Pagong Camp

Amelia and Katherine head down to the beach, unravelling the small scroll, that had a small paragraph scrawled on it, instructing them on what to do. Katherine took hold of it, reading what it said. "Congratulations on winning reward, you may select 3 of the items on the back of this paper to take back to your camp. You must select them before collecting them yourself, once this is done a boat will carry you back to camp. Be careful on what you pick, Pagong will still need to survive, so choose whether to be kind to them, or kind to your camp".

She looks up, making eye contact with Lana, who was still resting by the fire, before looking up at Amelia, who said what she was thinking. "I say we take the most useless things, I mean we dont them starving, if we were in their situation, we would want the people taking the least wouldnt we?".

Katherine nods, turning the list over, revealing the items, a very very short list. "Rice. Small cooking pot. Large cooking pot. Frying pan. Small blade. Large blade". She looks up, shaking her head. "Is this really all that we can take". The pair waited for a second, thinking about it.

Amelia rested on the beach, sighing. "We could take the small blade and small cooking pot, they still have the big ones". She let out a sigh, as Katherine rested beside her. "And then maybe the pan, we cant take the rice, that would ruin them".

"So do you wanna just grab that stuff and go". Katherine begins moving, ready to head over the Lana to get the stuff, and grab the boat, but notices Amelia not moving.

"Are you safe in your alliance". Katherine stops, and just waits for a second, not saying anything. "Are you and Madrigal sure that those 3 guys wont throw you under the bus, the moment they need strength". Still nothing is said by Katherine, as she contines to listen to Amelia. "I can promise you the end, you and Madrigal can come to final 5 with me, Burgundy and Silver. Its a better chance of survival, those guys will not keep you".

"But why would you be any different, I know Madrigal and I are useless, but...but we have just as good a chance of bea-". She stops midway in her sentence, and pushes to her feet. Looking down at Amelia. "You are too strong Amelia, lets face it, even if we did go against you, could we really beat you". She walks up the beach, heading for Lana to grab their items.

Amelia shakes her head, pulling her buff over her eyes, thinking about what they were gonna do now. Katherine had been her chance at survival, and if she was not gonna budge, maybe she was screwed. She gets up, and follows Katherine's footsteps, walking up to where Lana was rumaging around, handing over the three items.

Amelia and Katherine head down the beach, and watched as a boat glided in. They hopped on, dumping the items, and a small thought began to form in the head of Amelia. About something Katherine had said...the words "could we really beat you". A smile formed on her face, as she realized why Katherine and the others were not willing to negotiate, the reason the tribe always put 110% at challenges. They were scared that if they went to tribal, even if they were up in numbers, that one of them would be going home.

Day 7 - Confessional - Pagong - Lana

"I am not sure if Tagi were just being nice to us, but they seemed to take the most useless things. Then again, the list may have just had those three things, I mean we do not exactly have a lot of stuff, I mean half a bag of rice, a few pots and pans and a knife. No covers, no tarps, no pillows. Nothing of importance".

Day 7 - Tagi Camp

Drayden and Silver sat in their shelter, watching the beach as the others waded in the ocean, probably discussing some rubbish. They shook their heads, not sure what to say to eachother, not sure how to apporach the situation they were in.

Silver decided just to leap in, end the silence. "How do you think Amelia is doing with Katherine, think theirs any chance they will flip".

Drayden instantly shakes his head. "That was never the plan, Katherine and Madrigal are useless. They wont contribute to the fight, we need to create friction in their alliance, and that means approaching the weakest part".

"Wait what, since when was this the plan". Silver was instantly confused, realizing that despite feeling closer to the 4 pair, that she was still the 3rd wheel.

"Amelia and I had this plan from the start, we knew we were out right at the start, and we started working". He brushed his hand through his dark hair, wiping some sand onto the ground.

Silver nods her head, not sure how to react to realizing this momentous fact, realizing what a bond she had with Burgundy, and how that would have helped her later. They watch as a boat appears on the horizon, its figure highlighted by the setting sun, as it speeds towards them, Amelia and Katherine heading home.

Day 7 - Confessional - Tagi - Silver

"I have been an idiot, I have been thinking about now, and not the future. Amelia and Drayden will never choose me over the other one, but Burgundy would have. I made the wrong choice twice, and now I am not sure how I am really gonna recover from this mistake".

Day 8 - Pagong Camp

A low hesitant glow lay around the fire, as the pitch black lay across the earth. Jayson crouched beside it, huddle up, his jumper tight around his body. Behind him in the shelter, the rest of his tribe lay fast asleep, huddled together to keep the warmth.

There was a steady menotomous drip of rain, that struck the ground in a schedule. Following a distinct pattern. The brushing gale slapping the trees, as the weather harshened. Jayson fidgeted, perching on a log, trying to keep his eyes open as the darkness spread further.

After about an hour of sitting in a solitary position, there was a stir behind him. Paradiax shifting, moving the arm of Lana, and coming down to join Jayson, pure intentions on his face. As he sat down, Jayson nodded, shiverring in his rain soaked jacket.

Paradiax speaks in a whisper, like he is expecting someone from behind him to overhear. "Have you thought about what is gonna happen next. Like with our alliance".

"No, not really. Why?". Jayson keeps his eyes fixed on the dancing flames in the mouth of the fire, sending glowing embers cascading through the sky.

"Right now we have 1 safe tribal left, then its just us 5". A small stir from behind them, caused Paradiax to go quiet for a minute, before regaining his words. "What would happen then?".

Jayson thinks for a second, staring ahead. "I guess we would need to get out Evaine, well Evaine or Lustre".

Paradiax nods, hiding the smile he wanted to express, keeping his face straight. "So you would be willing to turn on them?".

"We wouldnt really have a choice, would we?". Paradiax shakes his head, before Jayson continues. "So, would you be willing to side with us?".

"Why else do you think I am talking to you, and who else would I go with". Paradiax claps his hand on Jayson's back, who nods, smiling away.

Day 8 - Confessional - Pagong - Paradiax

"I have put thoughts in both Evaine and Jayson's heads, and I hope they go running to their partners in crime. I am running this tribe, I decide who goes out, and I decide when. They may think they have a choice, but I will be the one who seals everyones fate. And I like it".

Day 8 - Immunity Challenge

The two tribes follow eachother in. Amelia holding the immunity idol under her arm. They are in the middle of a jungle, with two sets of seats. They file in, and Jeff gestures for them to sit down. They all line up, equal on both rows, and wait for Jeff to say something. He has a weird smile on his face, and waits for a second. The jungle around them teeming with life.

Just behind him is a cabinet, on top a blender and a series of glasses. "Welcome to your third immunity challenge. Today we will be seeing who can really stomach this game. Its the food challenge". The smiles disappear off the faces of the tributes, and they stare in horror. "But first is first, Amelia I will take back the idol, which is now up for grabs". Amelia shimmys off of the seat, and walks down, handing it to Jeff. He takes it back, and stands in on a small podium. "Well, this challenge is as simple as it gets. It will be first to 6 points, eating or drinking...different foods. You must drink or eat a full glass for your tribe, then hold it down until the end of the challenge, any of it falls out your mouth your point will be removed, or not given". Both tribes are nodding along, Pagong waiting, hoping this is their challenge. "Okay, Tagi you have to sit two people out, and they cannot be the same as before, so Silver and Burgundy, you guys are doing it. Who is it gonna be?".

They all group together, and take a while, each fighting their corner. Amelia being the first to go. "Guys, I really think it should be Drayden and I to sit out, neither of us have starved before, we have always had good food, we eat what we want".

"Yes, and how does that change anything. Why does it mean you guys should sit out over anyone else". Katherine replies, knowing this challenge would be hell.

Drayden shakes his head, letting out a small laugh. "It means we could choose not to eat food that maybe was a bit different, you guys all ate what you were given, no matter its quality, or quantity. It makes sense".

Drago murmers something under his breath, before starting. "So myself, Burgundy, Silver and Crimson are all you for it". Those 4 nod, before looking at the others. "Madrigal, you okay with doing it".

She hesitates for a second, before nodding. "I see Amelia's point, I ate what was put on my plate, and did not complain. I shoved it down my throat". She looks at Katherine, before continuing. "Katherine, they should be the two to sit out. Are you telling me you never ate something you didnt want to?".

"Ugh fine, let them sit out". Katherine flips her hair out of her eyes, and turns around. "But I am not confident I can keep down that crap, and do not want to be at blame if we lose".

Amelia and Drayden both share a look, before turning around to Jeff. "Its gonna be Amelia and I who are sitting out".

Jeff nods, letting out a smile. "Then lets begin this challenge, with our first pair who will be drinking...well, lets find out who is drinking it first. One person from each tribe, decide between yourselves".

The tribes take a quick conversation, before both turning around. Katherine and Lana are the two to step forward, both standing next to eachother. They wait a second, both not wanting to see what he was about to draw out of the cuboard.

"So...want to find out what is going in the blender". Both of them slowly nod their heads, while the tribes watch. "We are starting out easy. So you guys must both drink a full cup of...". He has a smile on his face, and hesitates. Watching Lana cover her eyes, hopping one foot to the other. Katherine breathing slowly. "Blended rice". The anti-climatic moment seems to sweep the tribe, and the two girls filled with relief, before realizing he was not finished. "...and Aji peppers". The smiles drop off the faces, as they realize what they are about to feel. "Yes, both of you will consume a full glass of a mixture of rice and one of the spiciest peppers on the earth. You may not drink the water until I clear you, so be warned". The two nod, and watch as Jeff turns, to create the concoction.

The tribes are silent, as Lana and Katherine stand, waiting for their throats to be burned. Katherine quickly turns to Lana, deciding to be kind. "Hey Lana, dont drink the water. It will only make it worse".

Lana nods, and puts on a smile. "Thanks. Good luck, I hope we can both get through this". They link hands, standing as Jeff finally turns around, holding two smallish glasses, each only able to hold about 250 mililitres.

He hands them to the girls, and they study them. A pale pinkish colour, with floating chunks of red, or brown seeds. "Now you must drink it all, but you may hold the seeds in your mouth and spit them out after. You can begin whenever, and there is no time limit. You just have to hold it down to get the point".

Both of the girls hesitated at first, before taking completely different approaches. Lana threw her glass back, allowing it all too flow down her throat smoothly. While Katherine took tiny sips, swirling it around her mouth too try and dilute the strong, overpowering sear that would strike the throat.

And that had just happened to Lana. She buckles over, scratching her throat, as it expands. Her airways closing, in a state of panic she grabs her glass of water, and throws it down her throat. Trying to keep it down, not wanting to lose her team a point.

Meanwhile Katherine was still taking it down, sip by sip by sip. Her face was insanely red, but she seemed okay. Her face calmed slowly, and took the final slow gulp. Placing the glass down, and watched as Lana kept panting on the ground, slamming her forehead, trying to get the pain out of her throat. She finally stood up, sweat pouring from her head, as she stands next to Katherine.

"Well I guess that is 1 point for each team, so now its gonna be two more eat something". Lana and Katherine both join their tribes, while they quickly dicuss who was doing what. After a few seconds, this time two guys step forward. Drago for Tagi, and Jayson for Pagong. "Before I reveal what you guys are going to be tucking into, is there anything you really would not want to see...".

The boys shake their heads, standing up straight, trying to tower over eachother, seem like the bigger man for the camera.

Day 8 - Confessional - Tagi - Drago

"Hell yes was their stuff I was scared to see come up, but there was no way I was gonna tell Jeff those. He would probably put in a special order and make us wait till it arrived, just so he could make us eat it. I was keeping my mouth shut, and I was just glad so did Jayson".

Day 8 - Immunity Challenge

Jeff nods, and turns away, turning back with a small glazed black pot, with a small lid, concealing the items inside. "This one is simple, inside here there is 2 of an item, you must both eat one, and I suggest you get this down quick". The two boys stare down at the bowl, eagerly awaiting what was in it. With one smooth movement, Jeff whips off the top, revealing two spherical eggs, that instantly become recognisable.

In unison, the pair of boys mutter the word that they had been dreading to here. "Balut...".

"Yes, balut. Or as known by most, a developing duck embryo that was boiled alive, and is eaten still in its shell". A smile creeps onto his face. "An interesting snack".

Despite the gross item that lay before them, they both took Jeff's earlier advice, and force the balut down quickly. Throwing it down their throats, choaking a tiny bit, before dowing a lot of water, washing the putrid red colour from their faces. Much quicker than the girls before them, they both stand, breathing heavily, while they let it settle in their stomachs.

"Another impressive round, and now it is 2 points to both teams". Jayson tries to get a smile on his face, but it does not work, and he just buckles over. Keeping his breaths short. "But remember, you gotta keep it down to keep the point".

The next few rounds fly past, the first being Silver for Tagi versus Paradiax for Pagong, trying to eat 10 live spiders. The pair quickly come to an agreement, to both skip on the point, knowing those creatures would not go down easy, but Jeff wanted to see them eaten, and carried them onto the next round, where Burgundy manages to choke down all of them, winning his team a point, and an early lead as Wyatt fails to meet his standards, bowing out at a measly 3 spiders.

Crimson and Evaine come to the plate next, and both score a point eating a tasty, but nasty native delight, that looked like puke. Evaine covers her eyes while eating, taking a more relaxed approach, while Crimson licks his plate clean, comparing it to his mothers cooking back in 12. The pair both sit down, but Pagong realise quickly that they were in a state. Having Wyatt and Paradiax turn down their points, meant that they were down a point, at only 3.

Lustre and Madrigal both walk forward, knowing they were the last people to come to the plate for their tribes. The boy from 1 looked confident, his sweat gleaming off his body, not wearing a short, short swim trunks were only covering the minimum, while beside him Madrigal just faded into his shadow, in her soft blue sun dress, her dark hair hiding her eyes, being held in place by her orange buff. She stepped forward, not wanting to look Jeff in the eyes, while he explained what they were up against.

"This is the item you must eat". He reveals a plate, that has a cloth cover over it, but even before it is revealed the pair know it is alive, as the cloth writhes as something moves it. He whisks off the cloth, revealing 2 large, bloated larvae. Each was the size of a small apple, with yellow puss seeping from beneath the surface of the skin. Madrigal begins to buckle over, just the sight causing physical pain to the girl. "This item is a Capitol modified larvae. It was the beginning of the development of a muttation that was scrapped for this year games, they have no damage, their size is really the only distressing part about them. Usually you would eat them in one bite...but as you can see, that will not be happening. Eat when you want, good luck".

Lustre leaves no time to think, and just grabs the bug and takes a massive bite out of its side, allowing yellow gloop to seep down his face. He hardly breathes as he forces the bug down, stuff pouring across his body, getting mixed with his sweat causing it to run down his chest, and drip to the floor. Lustre hardly even winces though, as he keeps chowing down, throwing bite after bite down his throat. Once he was almost finished, Madrigal begins. She takes a hesitant bite at first, but the moment her teeth break the surface, and the puss rolls out, streaking her tounge with the bitter, strong, violent taste, she realizes it is too late.

She turns to the side, where Lustre stood, and let her puke lose. It was not a long strek, and came up in a few brief spatters, but what came out struck across the chest of Lustre, rolling down his legs, through his toes. He gulped down his last mouthful then stared at Madrigal, at the girl who had just puked on him. Swaying back and forward, his eyes tight shut. Not wanting to look at it, his tribe staring in awe. Before Evaine finally realizes what Lustre was trying to do. She darted forward, removing her buff, using it to wipe off the stains of puke, knowing if Lustre looked at it, he would do the exact same.

Back on the bench, where Madrigal had just rested, the rest of the Tagi tribe were struggling to keep their laughs down, while Lustre was lead back to sit with his tribe. When they were all sitting, Jeff stepped forward and began talking. "So, Lustre managed it, but Madrigal did not so now the points are standing at 4 for both tribes. Everyone has now gone once, so people will start to go again. But no one can do 3 challenges until everyone has done 2, so choose your next pick". As the tribes talked, Jeff interfered once more. "Though, something to consider is that if someone has previous won a point, and pukes this time. Not only do they not get this point, they also lose their last point. So consider that".

The tribes group together, rapidly firing back ideas. Pagong on one side, Evaine leads their conversation. "I feel completely fine with going up again, but I think first we should go with Paradiax and Wyatt first".

Jayson and Lustre nods, and Paradiax begins to talk. "Ill go first, then Wyatt. Of you four who feels...the least sick".

"I feel perfectly fine". Evaine raises her hand. "Mine just looked bad, tasted half decent. Ill go third". The group nods, and turns back to Jeff, hoping that 3 would be enough. Meanwhile though, Tagi seemed to be set as well.

"Okay then, who is doing this one". Jeff claps his hands together, rubbing them as Paradiax and Silver step forward. "Okay, so its a re-match, and maybe this time one of you will score".

They both laugh, before Paradiax chimes in. "Lets hope we do". They both seem prepared, but as Jeff turns to the side, allowing 3 guys to roll in a small cart. Something lay on top of it, covered with a cloth, but for a moment that was not the central moment. The group were focused on those dragging it in. Peacekeepers. The group all recognised the figures clad in white, and the realization hit them.

Day 8 - Confessional - Tagi - Silver

"That was when we realized where we were. For a moment, I think we were all just lost in the challenge, it was a laugh. You know, just some fun. But seeing them, in full gear it made us realize we were not in the middle of a jungle, we were probably somewhere in Panem, near one of our homes. This was not a game, it was a punishment. And it made us realize we need to fight, if I want to see my family again, I have to watch every single one of these people...die".

Day 8 - Immunity Challenge

"So, as you can see this is an alive one". He gestures to the shaking cabinet, incase someone had missed it, before continuing. "This will involve not only eating something, but killing it to get to eat it". Paradiax does not seem too disgusted by this revelation, but beside him Silver takes a small step back, holding her face in her hands.

She keeps shaking her head, almost in tears. "You cannot be serious...we have to kill something". She is welcomed with the nodding head of Jeff, confirming what she had to do. She turns around, tears flowing down her cheeks. "I am sorry, but I cant do that". She turns to the guys in her tribe. "I am sorry...but I cant".

"At least see what it is before you give in, it wont be as hard as you think". Amelia yells comforting words from the back of the bench, knowing how much Silver would get blamed if they did lose now.

Silver wipes a few tears from her face, and turns back. "Okay, show me what it is". Paradiax places his hand on her shoulder, and mutters a few words of encouragement. "Thanks". Silver swiftly replies, before they both face Jeff, waiting for the reveal.

"Okay then, so you know you have to kill it, but lets find out what it is". He slowly peels back the cloth, and allows it to fall to the ground. Beneath it is a small aquarium, but instead of fish swimming about, there were two large turtles, with soft lucious black shells, and a regal green skin that shimmered as the sun struck the water.  "These are two leatherback turtles, and you must hack their heads off, then eat their eyes, by prying them out with your own hands".

"No, I cannot do this. I am sorry". Silver turns around, and storms back to where she had been sitting before. Around her, her tribe sighs, a few of them seem to understand, but others, specially Drago and Burgundy have a look of disgust on their face.

Paradiax smiles for a second, before remembering what he had to do. "Lets not delay it, give me the knife". Jeff hands him a knife, and one of the Peacekeepers emerges again, removing the turtle from the tank, and placing it onto a table in front of Paradiax. He does not even hesitate, knowing it would just get harder the longer he waited, so he slams the machete into the neck of the beast, slicing clean through it.

The body is swiftly removed, leaving just the head, and a mixture of salt water and blood oozing over around. "Now you must use this spoon..". Jeff hands Paradiax a spoon. "...and remove both the eyes, before eating them".

He nods, and instantly gets in there, not even looking at the juice pouring over his fingers, and the pained screams from the girls behind him. He manages to remove one, and just chucks it back, swallowing it whole, knowing it was better than sinking his teeth into it. Once he chokes that down, he does the same to the other eye, not even caring, quickly sealing the point for Pagong. "It wasnt even that bad once you got past the whole...murdering a turtle thing" he mutters as he walks back to his seat.

"Now then, the score stands at 4 points for Tagi, and 5 for Pagong. If Pagong win this point, they have won immunity. Next person come forward".

Wyatt steps up, his hands shaking, knowing the pressure that lay on his back. For the other team, Burgundy stepped up. Knowing this could be the end of the challenge, back on the bench Silver could not remove her face from her hands, knowing if they lost this point she would be to blame, and possibly gone tonight.

"Now, for this one we are going back to the blender. But lets see what is going inside it...". He draws out a duffle bag, and from inside takes out a medium sized flask, with something inside it, and a wooden box. "You are going to be drinking a combination of...". He opens the flask, and pours in a think molten red liquid into the blender, a dry consistensy as it sloshes about. "...blood of a monkey, and...". He breaks open the seal of the box, and reveals a blob of pink, with crevases all over it. "...monkey brains.".

The tribes watch as both ingredients are placed together, and churned up, forming a pink slush like liquid, with lumps of brain floating about. Amelia bends forward, and whispers into Silver's ear. "Its okay, no way is that Wyatt kid gonna be able to down that entire glass, we will still win this challenge". Silver seems to be cheered up by this, and shows her face, her eyes swollen and red. Clear tear tracks streak down her cheeks.

Jeff pours out two glasses, much larger than the ones used earlier. These just under a pint. Neither of the guys look pleased by it, and Burgundy seems to be waiting. Wyatt picks up his glass and begins to drink, taking tiny sips, each time a look on his face appearing, showing his disgust. But all this time, Burgundy continues to just stand there. "Burgundy, why are you keeping still?". Jeff turns to Burgundy while Wyatt continues to drink, wanting to know about why this guy was not doing the challenge.

"Well I really dont see any point of me starting just for Wyatt to finish and be declared victorious. Ill wait until either Wyatt pukes or finishes it. If he pukes Ill start, if he wins, I dont have to drink something made of blood and brains". Jeff nods, seeing the point of Burgundy's plan, but as Wyatt hits the half way mark, it seems like Burgundy will not be chowing down.

After a few more minutes, Wyatt shows what he is made off. Dowing the last bit of the smoothie, he throws the glass down onto the table, raising his hands, watching as Jeff says the words all his tribe had been waiting to hear. "Pagong win immunity". The celebration is quick, Burgundy walks back, shrugging his shoulders, joining his tribe, while Wyatt grabs the idol off of Jeff, and storms back to his tribe. "Congratulations guys, you will have a peaceful few days, but as for Tagi. I will be seeing you guys tomorrow, where you will vote off your first person, and the third of the game, head back to camp".

The groups file out, Pagong still exstatic as they realize they had set the board straight, and had a chance of still beating Tagi, while Tagi themselves begin to think, who were they going to let go.

Day 8 - Confessional - Pagong - Wyatt

"It felt great to get a win under our belts, but I think it was best for me. I am saved for another 3 days, and can hopefully find a chink in that alliance of 5. They are not as tight as they look, its obvious that Jayson and Lana are a strong duo, and the same with Evaine and Lustre. I am unsure how to approach it though, one wrong move could throw me out of this game, but one good move could save me".

Day 8 - Pagong Camp

The tribe walk in one after another. Setting down their things, and spreading around the camp. Jayson tends to the fire, while Wyatt places the idol beside the fire, and rests down beside it. After a few minutes the tribe all gathered round, all still smiling.

"We are safe". Evaine can hardly control her glee, as she throws her arms around Lustre. "I cannot believe we actually did it..". She watches as Jayson places a pot of water over the fire, and throws in some rice.

Lana wraps her arms around her knees, still looking a bit queezy. "Oh god, I dont know if I can stomach rice after what I had to eat".

"Oh yeh, yours was the pepper and rice". Paradiax nods, while he was fixing part of the shelter, that had been damaged since they were away. "It didnt look that bad".

Lana just stares at him, horror on her face. "It was horrible, it literally felt like someone poured lava down my throat. I could hardly breath after it, I have no clue how I held it down".

The tribe continues talking about the challenge, everyone talking about the horrors they had to take, each trying to make it seem worse than everyone elses, but after the talk dies down, they move onto an issue that seems much more interesting to most of the people.

Luste finishes off his bowl of rice, throwing it into a pile with the rest. "Who do you reckon Tagi is gonna throw out then, I mean its their first tribal".

"They would be stupid not to get rid of that girl, Silver I think her name is" Lana muttered. "She blew the challenge for them, they could have easily won".

Paradiax shakes his head. "In her defence, the spiders were gross". Wyatt nods in agreement. "And I have never felt more sick killing that turtle, it was horrible. I could hardly do it".

"You seemed to choke the eyeballs back pretty damn well, for something you could hardly do". As Jayson talked, he let out a little laugh, only to be met by Paradiax's glare.

"That was the easy part, once it was dead it was dead, but its the fact you had to kill it...but back to the point, I reckon the tribe may spare her". Paradiax has an honesty to his voice.

Evaine nods, throwing her opinion into the ring. "She has been stronger in other challenges as well, I think its gonna be one of the other girls, the ones from 5 or 7, not Amelia".

"Madrigal or Katherine". Wyatt speaks up, having gone quiet for the past while. "There names are Madrigal and Katherine, Madrigal is 5, Katherine is 7".

After this, the group seems to break up. Each of the people heading off to do a few chores, fix somethings. Paradiax and Wyatt however stay by the fire, allowing them to have a quick talk.

"Wyatt, you and I are the outsiders now". Paradiax gets up, and moves over to sit beside Wyatt, lowering his voice. "We need to stick together".

The boy from 5 lets out a small chuckle before replying. "You are not an outsider, you are in tight with that group. We all know I am gonna be the next to go".

"Not if I can help it, if you go next, I will follow quickly, but if I am going to help you, you have to help me. Do we have a deal". Paradiax sticks out his hand, and Wyatt hesitates.

He looks at the hand, asking one more quick question. "Who would it be...".

"Who would what be?". Paradiax has a confused expression plastered on his face, as he lowers his hand slightly. Unsure how to respond.

"If its not me, who would it be. Which of the four would you target". This question seems to stump Paradiax, and he hesitates for a moment. "If its that hard of a choice, why not just make it m-"

"Evaine. It would be Evaine". As the words fall out of Paradiax's mouth a figure walks into camp, her blonde hair flowing down her back as she stares at the guys.

They both look at the girl from 1, her face covered in confusion as she tries to compensate what she just heard. Tear swelling up in her eyes as she turns on her heels, and runs into the forest, going to find Lustre.

Day 8 - Confessional - Pagong - Evaine

"I cannot believe he would say that. Is he an idiot, why me. Why not try and take out one of the bigger threats, Jayson and Lustre are the two strongest members of our tribe, if he wanted to break up the alliance, he could have at least done it well, and made a bang. I wasnt a threat to him, but now. Now that he has declared war, I will fight right back".

Day 8 - Confessional - Pagong - Paradiax

"What did I do...what the hell did I do. I was an idiot, we were alone, well I thought we were alone, I should have stayed silent. Wyatt isnt that much of a valuable ally, he doesnt trust anyone. I have now blown it with two of my allies...the only plus is now I dont have to pick a side. Jayson and Lana are all I have"

Day 8 - Pagong Camp

Evaine charges through the forest, tears in her eyes, searching for Lustre in the jungle around her. Behind her she could hear Paradiax making chase behind her. Yelling his apolagies, making excuses for what he had said. But Evaine was much faster, and she quickly lost him.

She never made it to where Lustre was, but instead broke down in a grove of trees, huddling in a gap between looming roots, forming a small cavern for Evaine to rest in. Her mind whirring away. She had no clue what to think, and just waited there. Watching the sun slowly sinking. Not heading back to camp.

Day 9 - Tagi Camp

The camp had been quiet since they had lost the immunity challenge, and despite the impeding tribal council drawing even closer, the tribe were hardly talking. Each group remaining in isolation.

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