The Rules and Welcome

These are a new type of mentors games, basically you make up a tribute as usual. One male and one femal from each district, including the Capitol and District 13. They will be within the ages of 12 to 18 as usual. I will do training, private training and scores. Interviews, charitos, trains and reaping and ofcoarse the games. These games are different. I have taken inspiration from Tiki Tooki kind off and the Tri Wizard Tournament. Basically I will give you a task and you have to decide how your tribute will do it. You dont write it you just give advice. I will do 5 challenges and then the remaining tributes will be put in an arena and it will be the usual Hunger Games.


Due to the new style I will only be allowing people I think can handle it to have more than 1 tribute. When submitting tributes fill out this. If this isnt filled out I will not let you in and its first come first served and no saying this tribute on my page as that gets confusing, fill out the form or no tribut (but I will do reservations)-








District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
1 Male Callam Delaney 15 Dual Sickles, Knives, Axes and Swords Extremely charming, Very fast runner, Exceptional Strength and Amazing climber Swimming
1 Female Shimmer Cashmere 17 Wide range but mainly bow and Knifes Lures people in with personality and beauty ; trained her whole life for the games by family (Related to President Snow), strong, great with bow and arrows (and prety much all weapons, fantastic swimmer and climber, sneaky, stealthy, flexible, extremely fast runner, seductive Loved ones being hurt
2 Male Bentley Emmerson-Odair 17 Axe, Mace, Knives, Sword and Spear Seductive, trained entire life for games, older brother and parents previous victors of Hunger Games, strong, good at climbing, loves swimming [great at it], headstrong, smart, trusting, fast, stealthy Bad liar, fire
2 Female Faith Haft 16 Throwing Knifes and Bow Speed, Stealth, Climbing and Being Small. Over All Physical Strength As She's Quite Small.
3 Male Dexter 14 Wire Made Into Electric Traps Or A Tazer Hiding, Sleuth, Speed Being Alone
3 Female Candice Bolt 12 Throwing Knifes Is small sly and quiet Not that popular and one of the youngest tributes
4 Male Nicholas Davenport 17 Mace, Sword and Trident Speed, jump tree to tree, hand to hand combat, plants identification Short Tempered
4 Female Misty "Mistia" Calliden 17 Throwing Knife and Bow Misty know everything water related(swimming, fishing, plants), and she has deadly accuracy. Her mom used to be a nurse, so she knows healing, and she can kill viciously. Also, she charms the other tributes into liking her. If she gets too attached to someone, she startes caring for them and loving them. She's claustrophobic, and is afraid of huge snakes
5 Male Dustin Henderson 18 Can use any weapon strong, likable, accurate, deadly, smart, climbing, fast, swimming, persuasive, hunting, survival skills (fishing, gathering, fires, etc), fast reflexes gets embarassed easily, self conscious
5 Female Jennifer Hampton 14 Spears Smart and is good at climbing trees Not that strong
6 Male Luke Debro 17 Sword, Bow and Throwing Knives can throw a knife 70 ft away and get a bullseye (same with bow), very strong, good liar, intelligent, when angry gets unstoppable, fast, swimming Climbing
6 Female Yasmine Haken 15 Bow Hiding, Spying, Archery. None
7 Male Johnathan Hunted 17 Sword, Knive and Axe Good with swords, knives and quite strong Not very fast, and not good at making friends (Alliances)
7 Female Aurora Wilde 12 Blowgun and Axe Dainty, quick and agile. She knows a good deal of medicine and can also identify many edible items. She has a quick wit and is decent at camoflague. Frail and Non Trusting
8 Male Levi Valor 17 Darts, Throwing Knives and Spears like able, accurate, hiding, smart, plants, climbing, swimming, jumping, fast, flexible Afraid of Huge Snakes
8 Female Olivia Newman 13 Throwing Knives Confidence, Speed and Persistence Drawn to pain and hurt
9 Male Alex Donaque 12 Sword and Bow His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal.
9 Female Brianna Rielle 15 Throwing Axes and Combat Knives Brianna's highly skilled with throwing axes and can slice someone to pieces with a knife in a matter of seconds. She is also very good at hiding, running and climbing. Brianna struggles surviving the wild alone, never mind with 23 others trying to kill her.
10 Male Christian Lorne 16 Good with a lot of weapons Incredibly strong, resourceful. He knows many edible items and is good at setting snares. sneaky and sly. Not Trusting
10 Female Quinn Lucinda 17 Throwing Knifes Good Aim, Strong, Can fish and has a knowledge of edible plants Short tempered and Can not hunt.
11 Male Ryker Khan 16 Swords Strong and Swift Fire and Non-Trusting
11 Female Jessica Red 17 Throwing Knives Knot tying, Snares and Plants Trusting people and Swimming
12 Male Josh Peterson 14 Knifes Sword Hand to Hand combat Talking about Jennifer in a bad way.
12 Female Jennifer Andrews 13 Throwing Knifes and Bows Knot tying and Speed Talking about Family, or telling her something very bad has happened to Josh.
13 Male Candence Rivet 15 Gun and Trident He's a good thinker, a sharpshooter. He has bad memories of 4
13 Female Katy Anderson 12 Knife and Blowgun Climbing, Running, Agility, Stealth, Jumping, Finding Food and Acrobatic Combat
C Male Claude Cushy 13 Green Poisonous Lipstick and skin He can survive without water Hydrophobia
C Female Maizi-Angeline Anderson 18 Throwing Knifes and Axes Combat, Killing and Agility Climbing and Surviability
Tribute User
1- Callam Delaney

1- Shimmer Cashmere Katelyn.danita
2- Bentley Emmerson-Odair

2- Faith Haft AnnieCresta4
3- Dexter

3- Candice Bolt Polinarose
4- Nicholas Davenport


4- Mistia Calliden Readwritelivenikki
5- Dustin Henderson Readwritelivenikki
5- Jennifer Hampton Ms.Finnickodair44
6- Luke Debron Readwritelivenikki
6- Yasmine Haken Justafox
7- Johnathan Hunted

7- Aurora Wilde NerdDFTBA
8- Levi Valor


8- Olivia Newman AnnieCresta4
9- Alex Donaque MySims
9- Brianna Rielle SkyTimeGirl
10- Christian Lorne NerdDFTBA
10- Quinn Lucinda

11- Ryker Khan FinnickisBOSS
11- Jessica Red Rue District11
12- Josh Peterson CatchingFire1236
12- Jennifer Andrews CatchingFire1236
13- Candence Rivet HeavyRotation
13- Katy Anderson Madgeical

C- Claude Cushy

C-Maizi-Angeline Anderson Madgeical

Training Scores

District Tribute Score
1M Callam Delaney 10
1F Shimmer Cashmere 10
2M Bentley Emmerson-Odair 11
2F Faith Haft 9
3M Dexter 3
3F Candice Bolt 7
4M Nicholas Davenport 10
4F Misty Calliden 9
5M Dustin Henderson 7
5F Jennifer Hampton 6
6M Luke Deron 9
6F Yasmine Haken 7
7M Johnathan Hunted 8
7F Aurora Wilde 9
8M Levi Valor 8
8F Olivia Newman 4
9M Alex Donaque 6
9F Brianna Rielle 4
10M Christian Lorne 9
10F Quinn Lucinda 11
11M Ryker Khan 8
11F Jessica Red 5
12M Josh Peterson 8
12F Jennifer Andrews 8
13M Candence Rivet 11
13F Katy Anderson 4
CM Claude Cushy 3
CF Maizi-Angeline Anderson 10

The Games

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Task of Death How they Died Who killed them
28th Maizi-Angeline Anderson The Capitol Task 1 Trident in Stomach Nicholas Davenport
27th Yasmine Haken District 6 Task 1 Arrow in head Jennifer Hampton
26th Dustin Henderson District 5 Task 1 Sword in heart Candice Bolt
25th Misty Calliden District 4 Task 1 Eaten by beast after falling from tree Water Mutt
24th Claud Cushy The Capitol Task 1 Axe cut stomah open Dexter
23rd Christian Lorne District 10 Task 1 Bled to death from wound in leg Faith Haft
22nd Josh Peterson District 12 Task 1 Stabbed in stomach Ryker Khan
21st Brianne Rielle District 9 Task 1 Beheaded Jessica Red
20th Shimmer Cashmere District 1 Task 1 Head shoved into spikes Quinn Lucinda
19th Candice Bolt District 3 Task 2 Strangled Vine Mutts
18th Levi Valor District 8 Task 2 Head Smashed in Crad Mutt / Rocks
17th Callam Delaney District 1 Task 2 Head smashed in Jaguar Mutt
16th Nicholas Davenport District 4 Task 2 Head smashed in Bentley Emmerson-Odair
15th Johnathan Hunted District 7 Task 2 Head smashed in Bentley Emmerson-Odair
14th Quinn Lucinda District 10 Task 2 Head smashed in Bentley Emmerson-Odair
13th Dexter Volts District 3 Task 2 Pole drove through chest Bentley Emmerson-Odair
12th Bentley Emmerson-Odair District 2 Task 2 Beaten to death Capitol Guards
11th Alex Donaque District 9 Arena Stabbed Luke Deron
10th Katy Anderson District 13 Arena Stabbed Luke Deron
8th Aurora Wilde District 7 Arena Suicide Aurora Wilde
7th Ryker Khan District 11 Arena beheaded Faith Haft
6th Jennifer Andrew District 12 Arena Stabbed Faith Haft
5th Jennifer Hampton District 5 Arena Stabbed Faith Haft
4th Luke Deron District 6 Arena. Stabbed Faith Haft
3rd Faith Haft District 2 Arena Stabbed Jessica Red
2nd Jessica Red District 11 Arena Stabbed Faith Haft
VICTOR Candence Rivet District 13 N/A N/A N/A

Task 1

Ok so the first task is simple, the tributes will be split into 3 depending on there training score. Due to the numbers the tribute who came out on top (the one with the highest training and lowest age) will be straight through. They will then fight it out till one of then is dead. The rooms will all be different, they may have weapons and they may not. It all depends. Here are the threes.

Going straight through is...Candence Rivet.

Group 1- Quinn Lucinda (10) - Bentley Emmerson-Odair (2) - Shimmer Cashmere (1) - Shimmer Dead

Group 2- Nicholas Davenport (4) - Callam Delaney (1) - Maizi-Angeline Anderson (C) - Maizi-Angeline Dead

Group 3- Christian Lorne (10) - Aurora Wilde (7) - Faith Haft (2) - Christian Dead

Group 4- Misty Calliden (4) - Johnathan Hunted (7) - Luke Deron (6) - Misty Dead

Group 5- Josh Peterson (12) - Ryker Khan (11) - Levi Valor (8) - Josh Dead

Group 6- Jennifer Andrews (12) - Candice Bolt (3) - Dustin Henderson (5) - Dustin Dead

Group 7- Yasmine Haken (6) - Alex Donaque (9) - Jennifer Hampton (5) - Yasmine Dead

Group 8- Jessica Red (11) - Olivia Newman (8) - Brianne Rielle (9) - Brianne Dead

Group 9- Katy Anderson (13) - Claud Cushy (C) - Dexter (3) - Claud Dead

Group 2- Callam's (POV)

We are all sitting in a room waiting, all we know is that we will be fighting in a room with three tributes till one of us is dead. Sounds like fun. A person enters through the door in the right and walks over to a microphone. "Nicholas Davenport, Callam Delaney and Maizi-Angeline Anderson" We all get up and walk through the door. 3 people lead each of us in different room, they position me in front of another door and seconds later tell me to enter. I kick open the door and enter, a desert.

I can see a large room with the floor covered in sand. There are 2 more doors but neither are open which means either Im the first in or the last. There are a few rocks and cacti dotted about the place but very few. I look around for a weapon and finally see a trident placed precairiously on top of a rock about 10 metres from me. I hear a door slam and then see Nicholas enter the room. He instantly spots the trident and runs. I bolt through the sand and grab the trident. Nicholas crashes into the rock but instantly gets up and blocks y first shot with his bare hands. I slam the trident into legs sending him toppling into the sand, sending it flying everywhere. Iam blinded for about a second but by the time I regain sight I see Nicholas standing with the trident.

I leap out of the way, missing the trident by centimetre. I crash into a pile of cacti, sending stuff flying. I see the trident get lodged in a cactus above me. I try to reach it but cant pull the force to move. There is spikes digging into my skin all over my body. The pain is unbearable and I want Nicholas to put me out of my misery. I manage to look up to see Nicholas pull out the trident. I sigh a breath of relief, actually anticipating the moment the trident is plunged into my body. I wait but no pain comes. I sit up to see the trident enter a shocked looking Maizi-Angeline. She collapses to the floor and all three of the doors swing open. Nicholas helps me up and we walk out, together as winners.

Group 7- Yasmine's (POV)

Ok, I have no idea who will win this. All got a 10 in training so there really is no clue who will return. The door blasts open and out hobbles Callam, covered in little spikes and following him, in perfect condition, Nicholas Davenport. 2 careers through to the next round. Great. "Jennifer Hampton, Alex Donaque and Yasmine Hacken". I get up and walk into the hall. Ok so Alex is 12 and Jennifer is 14. I should be able to kill one of them. The lead me into a small room and then give me a backpack and a....bow. Yes, I can do this, I know I can. I have my prefered weapon. I can do this. I stand on the podium thing, waiting for it to rise when it does the opposite. It creaks open and lets me freefall.

I instantly begin to scream. I can hear two other screams echoig around the space. I realise what the backpack must have been, a parachute. I feel for a toggle and find it quickly and yan on it. Nothing happens. I takes me a while to realise what should have come so easily. One of us has to die before they work. I am not the first to relise this as seconds later an arrow comes whizzing past my ear. I do a sort of summersault and dodge another one. I can see Jennifer flailing about and Alex loading another arrow. It misses again but he is getting closer. I raise y bow and shoot. The arrow goes straight forward and enters his shoulder. His squeal of pain is lost in the wind but mine joins it there. I pull the arrow shot by Jennifer out of my arm and shoot one in her direstion. I hear no thud ut that doesnt mean it didnt hit.

another shot from Alex whizzes by me before I know what they are doing. They are trying to take me down, they are ganging up on me, I will not let that happen. I shoot an arrow and it severs the string on Alex's bow. He growls and throws the bow, it soars past my shoulder but clips my back, I raise a hand to feel it when another arrow shoots me. This time it hits me in the head. I know I have lost it. I can see the blood poring out of the wound, I let go of my bow and it soars behind me up into the night. I can feel my eyes shutting, my life ebbing away. And then its gone. Yasmine Haken 27th, I really didnt do that well.

Group 6 - Candice's (POV)

Ok so 3 go in, one 12, one 14 and another 15. I wonder who will die. Alex ofcos..What. Alex and Jennifer just walked out, both looking a bit winswept. A bit of blood here and there but no serious injuries. I have to say I shocked. "Jennifer Andrews, Candice Bolt and Dustin Henderson". Ok so its me and the girl from 12 and boy from 5. This shouldnt be that hard. I follow the two other tributes down the hall and through a door. I wait for a while before Im finally let in. Let in to the lair of a giant spider.

Or thats what I presume it is. Web is draped everywhere, blocking everything from my sight. I push through the wall of web which is actually pretty hard. It is very solid and quite strong. Wait that gives me and idea. I put my foot on one of the vine like webs and it holds. I proceed to climb, avoiding the small and whspy lines and standing on the solid thick ones. Im beggining to feel tired when I break through the surface to see Jennifer and Dustin fighting sword on sword. I qucikly scramble to my feet and grab a 3rd sword that was lying on the ground. I raise it but neither of the 2 tributes had noticed my presence. I decide to run. I slash a gash open in the floor with my sword and leap.

I crash to the floor and then see two face appear at the hole, staring down at me. I get to my feet and begin to hack at the whiteness and slowly make progress. I hear two mor crashes which alerts me to the presence of the girl from 12 and the boy from 5 on my floor. I hear a short agonised scream after the second one and realise one of my competitors ust have landed akwardly. I hack to the noise and find Dusting crumpled on the floor. His sword going through his arm.

"Swiftly, please" He murmers when he finally sees me and I grant his wish.

Group 4 - Johnathans (POV)

Ok so I know Dustin is gonna come throught that door, i mean he is 18 and the others are 12 and 13. And I think Candice will come back aswell. Yep there I Candice and Jennifer. Wait they killed Dustin. They are both covered in a white foam string thing and Jennifer has a few cuts but Candice is fine. "Johnathan Hunted, Misty Calliden and Luke Deron". Ok so its me, the careers girl and that boy from 6. I think I can kill Luke but Im not so sure about Misty. So Ill aim for Luke. We all get seperated into rooms and then Im given a knife. I can use this. Thats fine. The door swings open revealing darkness, I wait for a light to come on but it just stays pitch black. Suddenly a beam of light appears across the room. A torch. I wonder how they got a torch when a secon beam goes, thats when I realise the knife is also a torch.

I stumble in thinking this is typical. Pitch black and fighting to the death. No idea who Im fighting. I put the beam to the floor and see a soft bed of pine needles. So Im in a forest. I smash into a tree which confirms my theory. I turn out my light thinking that will attract trouble when I hear a scream. a girls scream. I flash my light on and point it in the direction of the scream to see a wall of water. Climb. That is all that I can think and I do. I reach a high enough point and wait for the water to clear but doesnt. The lights flicker on and I can see 1 tree. The one Im on. and I and can see two other figures climbing, coming to kill me.

I continue to climb up, up and up. I dont know when this tree will end but it cant last forever, cant it. I contemplate jumping into the water but decide to stay, knowing there is probably some sort of beast down there. I can hear my competitors gaining on me but that just makes me climb faster. And the answer is no, the tree does not go on forever as Im at the top. I sit waiting. Trying to hide in the leaves but they are too thn to cover me. I wait for one of them to come and kill me but that isnt what happens I see Misty clmbing slowly, then I hear a crack and our eyes meet. I can see the pain bulging from them a she falls down, down and down until she smashes into the water. This time I was right a seconds after she hits tha surface a beast swallows her whole and I realise Iam safe.

Group 9 - Dexter's (POV)

Now Im not so sure who will walk through that door. Im sure I will see Misty but the other two Im not so sure. Wait, no Misty. A career is dead. I can see the shock on the tributes from 2 and Shimmer's faces. As they know theu are slightly down in numbers. "Dexter, Claud Cushy and Katy Anderson". That freak from the capitol is the first through the door followed by Katy then me. He stops at the first door then aty at the second. As I pass her I whisper in her ears "Ally" and Im sure she nods. We enter a room that is split in three. I can see at the end of the room a button. I dont know why but there is a glass plane is infront of us. I look at Katy and she keeps mouthing a word. "Run". A clackson goes and the glass wall dissapears, and I do what Katy said I run.

I reach the button first and slam it. A door infront of me opens and I dart in. I can see Claud catching up and Katy slightly behind. I the next room is a sort of puzzle. I quickly solve it the wrench open the door and keep going. Oh crap I can see that Claud is ahead. And the walls have gone. But I keep running as dead ahead is a massive axe. I grab it and get ready to kill Claud when I see he has a long glittering sword. No thats not good. Katy gets to her weapon last, and she only gets a knife. Obviously first gets the best weapon and last the worst. We stand in a triangle waiting for someone to make the frst move, and to hopefully losr their weapon. Im waiting for ages as no one oves so I deide to go. I swing the axe at Claud and he lets it hit.

He collapses to the ground, his stomach split open, blood pouring out, all over the floor. Katy and I rush to his side and duck down beside him. Why hadnt he moved. He is smiling and laughing but why, he is tryingg to say something. Katy is beside e crying and I was trying hard to hold back the tears myself. Why hadnt he moved. "Thank You" he croaks out before his eyes lose their essence, before his body stops quivering- before he dies. I stand up and pull Katy up beside me, she is still in floods of tears. and we walk out, leaving the body of the snake man behind, but keeping the memory of his death. As those will never go away. Ever.

Group 3- Christian's (POV)

I really dont know who will walk through that door, well I know Katy will but the of the 2 boys. I really dont know. The door bashes open and out comes Dexter and Katy, both in floods of tears. What had happened to make them both cry like that. "Christian Lorne, Aurora Wilde and Faith Haft" Ok i could do this. The career will be harder but not impossible and the 12 year old. Well lets say she will be no trouble at all. We are ushered down a corridor and into seperate rooms. Into rooms covered in weapons. The guy tells me to select two weapons then stand on the pad, I pick up a long sharp glistening sword and a big solid axe then proceed onto the pad. I can do this. It begins to rise into a room about 10 metres wide and 20 metres high. I can see Faith and Aurora on two other pads. Its a very plain room, well its a plain empty room. There is nothng other than us and our pads. I know what we are all waiting on, a clackson. I use this time to analyse my opponents, Faith has a bow and a set of long sharp throwing knifes and Aurora the sae axe as me and a blowgun. I dont know why they arent using their weapons to kill me but I guess they dont want to, or cant. While I think of this the clackson goes, and all hell breakes lose.

Faith throws two knives at me, I deflect the first one with my axe and easily dodge the second one. I swing at her but she leaps back. I feel a pain in my arm and turn to see a dart sticking out of it. I yank it out and turn my attention onto Aurora. I dive at her but she leaps out of the way, causing me to crash into the wall. I feel another pain in my bak and this timee have to remove an arrow. I turn and throw the axe and it lodges in Faith's leg. Se collapses and Aurora screams. Faith removes the axe and throws it at me. I sidestep but it catches my leg causing me to buckle. I see Aurora standing, fine with no injuries. I get mad and throw my sword, meaning now I have no weapons. I look up and see that Faith is in no condition to fight, and Aurora is all out of weapons. I have noe aswell.

The sword is lodged in Aurora's leg meaning none of us can walk, none of us can fight. We wait for ages, waiting for someone to die of. Waiting for the first to succumb to their wounds. Or the first to heal and regain their footing and choose a target. Neither happens for a while, for ages then I drift away. The darkness swallows me. Absorbing my life and stealing it away. I know what is coming but dont accept it till it happens. Till I die.

Group 5 - Levi's (POV)

This one have no idea who will come back. All got a 9 in training so they are equal, but if I guessed I would say Christian and Aurora. Or Faith and Aurora. Or Faith and Christian. Actually I have no idea. Ok so it was girl power, Faith and Aurora were both just wheeled out in stretchers, un-concious. Not that nice. "Levi Valor, Ryker Khan and Josh Peterson". Ok so boy power, we all walk through a room into a corridor then down into three seperate rooms. We are told to enter and I run through into a swamp.

Im try to stop but not in time as I go flying into a pond. I feel the dark black murk absorb me, trapping me in its grips. I see two doors swing open and Ryker and Josh storm in. Neither see me but both see eachother. They stare for a while and every second I can hear my body sinking lower. a pond seperates the two rivals and I can see a small island in between piled high with glistening silver weapons. Ryker makes the first move and dives at the island. He lands on it as Josh leaps. Both grab gleaming swords and head back to their original platforms. And continue to stare. I have stopped sinking but am just as tightly squeezed by the mud. I can feel my lungs being crushed but I know I should keep breathing, but I cant.

Luckily Ryker makes a sencible move. He throws the sword. As Josh is avoiding it Ryker leaps onto the weapons grabs another sword and plunges it into Josh's chest. I can see the fear is Josh's eyes as he realises he is going to die. Ryker pulls out the sword allowing Josh to topplt into the swamp. He walks out of the door and slams it shut. I wait for someone to help me but no one comes. I wait and wait until I pass out. I know Im safe but Im still scared. I saw the ease Ryker killed with. And I know he is one of the easier targets.

Group 8 - Olivia's (POV)

Ok, I dont care who comes through. Wait, no I want Levi to come through. Ryker comes through and we all stare at him, waiting. "Josh died" He says before exiting. Ok, Levi made it through. Thats fine. There is only of us left now. "Jessica Red, Olivia Newman and Brianne Rielle" I stan up and go through to the hall. I enter the first door, Jessica the second and Brianne the 3rd. I enter and are given the choice of 4 weapons. An axe, a sword, a bow or a whip. I decide to try the whip so I grab it and stand on the X. Seconds later I am fired upwards.

I flail about, trying not to scream but I can hear two others screaming aswell. I wait for us to groan to a halt but we just keep flying until. SMASH. I am flattened a planet. I stand up and realise I have dropped my whip. I look up, looking for my whip when I see it hurteling towards me at about 100 miles an hour. I dive to the side as the whip slashes at the spot where I was. I grab the whip as I here a second and third smash. I turn to see Brianne and Jessica both scramble to their feet, both carrying the long swords. I look at the arena and see its a planet, spherical, so I run straight. I see that the planet is bare expect from a few craters. I decide to hide in one of the largest craters. And it works as seconds later I hear the clash of metal on metal, then a short and pain filled scream. The I feel my body being removed from the planet. I see Jessica also being removed, I stare down at the planet and see the head of Brianne metres from her body.

Group 1 - Shimmer's (POV)

Ofcoarse group number 1 is going last. Just Quinn, Bentley and I. Im terrified, they both got 11 and I got a 10. Great. So basically Im the weakest but I wont die. The door bangs open and out strolls Jessica and Olivia. Im not suprised at all. That Brianne was weak as. I stand up an so does Bentley and Quinn an we walk to to the door before we are called, but we all know we are next. Why wait. We shove open the door and stroll down the hall. 3, 2 ,1. I break through the door into a small room. The person inside tells me to stand on the podium. I stand on. I get given a long thin poll, about twice my size. The I rise, rise into a room with three pillars. A tribute on each.

I look around when I feel the first beam smashes into me, sending me over the edge. That was a quick battle is all I think as I topple to the floor. Crashing into spikes. I look up to see a poll plumeting and lands on my head, shoving my head into the spikes.

Task 2

Each tribute will be placed in a terrain, with a single weapon, a different weather condition and a mutt. They will have to kill the mutt to pass to the 3rd task.

Callam D1 - Mountain / Axe / Blizzard / Falcoln Mutt

Faith D2 - Forest / Sword / Monsoon / Deer Mutt - Alive

Bentley D2 - Desert / Bow / Sand Storm / Sand Snake Mutt

Candice D3 - Rainforest / Sickle / Fog / Vine Mutt - Died

Dexter D3 - Ice Plain / Knife / Blizzard / Snow Lepeord Mutt

Nicholas D4 - Unerwater Palace / Harpoon Gun / Whirlpools / Octupus Mutt

Jenifer D5 - Farm / Gun / Pelting Rain / Cow Mutt

Luke D6 - Swamp / Lasso / Burning Heat / Fish Mutt

Aurora D7 - Barren Wasteland / Sickle / Monsoon / Wolf Mutt

Johnathan D7 - Space Dimension / Machine Gun / Acid Rain / Space Mutt

Olivia D8 - Theme Park / Grenades / Thunder / Clown Mutt

Levi D8 - Beach / Trident / Storm / Crab Mutt - Dead

Alex D9 - Field / Mace / Searing Heat / Bull Mutt

Quinn D10 - Grassy Plains / Throwing Knives / Normal / Mole Mutt

Jessica D11 - Orchard / Whip / Mist / Monkey Mutt - Alive

Ryker D11 - Rose Fields / Blowgun / Snow / Flower Mutt

Jennifer D12 - High Street / Tazer / Thunder / Manican Mutt

Katy D13 - Giant Tree / Weed Wacker / Hail / Tree Mutt

Candence D13 - Port / Bazooka / Storm / Squid Mutt

D11 Jessica's (POV)

For then second day in the row, we are all sitting in the same room. The only difference is 9 of us arent here. 13, 11, 7, 3 and 2 all still have there tributes left. The capitol are fully dead. The same girl walks in and calls "Jessica Red". I look at Ryker and he nods, I rise to my feet and walk through the door. I look down the hall and see doors every few feet. Each with a number on it, then below a name. I walk past a few, 1 Callam, 5 Jennifer, 9 Alex, before finally 11 Jessica. I push it open and slowly proceed in, and I stare. As Im home.

I stare around to see trees draped in vines. Red glowing apples hanging down. Im back in an orchard, but its not right. There is no breeze on my neck, and there is some smell in the air. Its not right. I grab a whip of the floor and raise it, ready for what ever layed in wait. I hear a ruffle and turn to see the leaves shaking, if there had been a breeze I would have passed over it, but there was no breeze. Something alive had moved it. Something that wanted to kill me.

I decide to take to the trees, knowing I will put up a bigger challenge up there. The only thing that scares me is will they put up a bigger challenge aswell. I cant help but feel relived and calmed as I leap from tree to tree. Its the home advantage. I make a large leap, that only a skilled climber could make. Im about to land when a white fog spreads across the forest, blinding me. I flail wildly and just manage to grasp a brance. I swing the whip and use it to clamber back into the trees. I wait in a Y branch for ages before it happens. I feel a pain in my shoulder, then see blood splatter aross the trees. I almost fall out of the tree when I see it but manage to regain my seating. Then I see it. A monkey thing sitting on a brance, claws covered in blood. Without thinking I flail out with the whip, it smashes into the head of the monkey. Sending it crashing to the floor with a sickening crunch. Less than a second after the beast hits the floor the fog lifts, and I leave. Into round 3.

D2 Faith's (POV)

Ok, I hope she survives. She really reminds me of my little sister. Where is she. She went through about 1 hour ago and hasnt come back. The door opens and out comes the girl. She survived. "Faith Haft". Ok. You survived round one. You can make it through round two. You killed Christian. You can complete whatever is going on. I stroll down the hall and stop at the 3rd door. After the ones marked Callam and Bentley. District 2 was one of the four to have all their tributes, and the only careers. But im the only girl left. Misty and Shimmer both died. So Im doing it for the girls. I open the door and enter a nightmare.

The wing knocks me off my feet and sends me crashing into a tree. So Im in a forest, but in what looks like a monsoon. I struggle to my feet, being suported heavily by the tree. I look around for something to help when I see it. The literal sword in the stone. I get down on my hands and knees and begin to crawl over. Im about to reach it when I hear a soft gentle clopping and then I see it. A silver deer. Its beauty sees to calm the wind which allows me to clamber to my feet and grab the sword. It comes out very easily and I turn to the deer. This time upon looking into its eyes the wids leaps up, sending me sprawling. Sprawling at hundereds of miles an hour, straight towards the thick branches of the tree.

I feel a jolt of pain shoot up my side as a branch digs into my side, not fatal but enough to send me to the floor. I try to regain my footing but its not happening. I see the deer staring. Waiting. I reach for my sworg and luckily can grab it. Then the deer charges straight at me. I swear the wind is pushing the deer. It lowers its horns and I prepare for the pain, but then I remember. Im a career. A female career. The last female career. I cant die. I raise the sword and bring it down on the head of the deer.

D3 Candice's (POV)

This is going to take ages, the first one was about an hour and this one has been away for 30 minutes. Wait, there she is. He side in basically mamed but she is walking ok. I would hate to be the next person, I mean no deaths in the 2nd round. I just hope its a career. "Candice Bolt". Oh no its me. I get to my feet and walk down a hall. I see the door between Bentley and Dexter has my name emblazed on it in luminous yellow letters. I wait for some signal but none comes. I causiously open the door and am welcomed to a white wall.

I feel something being thrusted into my hands and realise its a sickle. I raise it above my head and slowly proceed. I can feel leaves and branches brushing against me which makes me think forest, or rainforest. I see that the fog has lifted slightly allowing me to see vines surrounding me. Hiding and masking the trial, the trial that woul probably be my downfall. Why couldnt I have gone 1st. Or 2nd. But 3rd time, I ca tell you there is no such thing as 3rd time luck. I hear a rustle from above but see nothing. Then I am shoved to the ground by something behind me.

I spin roud to see a vine come tearing down at me, little spikes dotted up and down the stem. I try to roll out the side but it catches me on the back, spilling blood everywhere. I try to regain my footing but the pain keeps shooting down my back. I can see the vines descending down on me, I can feel the vines wrapping around my legs an arms, digging the little spikes deep into my skin. I can feel me being elevated of the floor, the vines stretching my legs and arms. I can see a pool blood forming below me, my blood. Then it hits me. Im going to die. I face the canopy again to see another vine creeping down. Then is wraps round my neck, constricting me. And the last thing I do is choke out the words. Why me.

D8 Levi's (POV)

3 people have gone in. Jessica and Faith have both come out alive. We are still waiting for the girl from 3, Candice I think I heard someone call her. We wait, wait an wait. I know most of us think she is dead but that boy from 3 wont let it go. Then thee girl calls a name. But there has been no girl, and we then know that she is the 1st casualty of the 2nd round. "Levi Valor". They then lead me down a hall, the 2nd door is blown of its hinges. The 5th door has a white mist like thing flowing from under it. That is where Candice went to die. Was I going to my room to die, well its just as likely as Candie dying. She only got 1 point less than me in training, she killed her victim in the combat. I was stuck. I finally stop infront of a red door with my name in blue letters. I enter it to see a place where the district 4 tributes would feel at home, but in a storm.

Rain pelts my face, I can hear the waves crashing against the soft beach floor. I find a piles of rocks which I hide behind, protecting me from the old blistering wind. I see something fall metres from where Im resting, I dart out and grab the trident. Yes a solid weapon. I reagain my place behind the rock and wait. Wait for the trial I have been set against. Suddenly the rocks behind me explode sening me flying into the sea. I duck under the water to avoid the shards of rocks pelting down at me. It works until I nearly pass out.

I break through the surface of the water to see a dark figure emerge from the trees across the beach. Whatever it is it sends another volley of rocks my way and this time they hit their target. I feel my skull collapse in and feel my brain being crushed in. I can feel my limbs lose control and can see the darkness decending on me. I try my best to swim in shore but my limbs arent letting me control them. I can see the figure descending back into the forest, it had done its job. It had killed me.

D1 Callam's (POV)

Ok, I think he can do it. Levi is strong. So far the only career to go in is Faith. She is the only girl career left. Shimmer died. She was up against the two 11 training score tributes. What hope did she have. "Callam Delaney" the girl calls. That guy is dead and Im next. Two deaths in a row. I hope that means I will get an easy task. My door is the first on the left, Bentley after mine. I open the door and what is behind it chills me to the bone. Litterally and figuratively.

I hop from foot to foot trying not to let the cold take over me. But it does easily. II collapse to the floor and then feel blood trickleing down my faces, then I see the cat thing slam its paw onto my head.

D12 Jennifer's (POV)

"I cant do this" Bentley suddenly yells, he stands up and grabs a chair and smashes it over the heads of Nicholas and Johnathan. They both crumple to the floor obviously dead. He then grabs Quinn and throws her to the floor, smashing her head. He finally grabs a pole and shoves it through his chest. The guards poor in and start clubbing him. Clubbing him to death.

"Due to the momentious deaths the rest of the tasks are cancelled and the arena combat will commence. Tommorow" A guard says before removing the remaining bodies.

Only 11 tributes are left. That leaves Faith, Jennifer, Luke, Aurora, Olivia, Alex, Jessica, Ryker, Candence, Katy and me. That gives me pretty good odds.

The Real Games

The tributes are released in seperate places. The first to clash are Luke and Ryker. They form an alliance and then kill Alex and Katy. They all die, Faith kills everyone but Jessica but the kill eachother.. That leaves Candence the victor.

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