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Tributes I Want In My Games

This is just a list of all the tributes I want In My Games

Kezaiah Bianca- District 1- TheEmoticon24 Gotten 171st

Calculum Infinity- District 3- Prezziesnow9704:)! Gotten 171st

Jeremy Al- District 4- Italicos Gotten 172nd

Nina Marian- District 4- Rainfacestar Gotten 171st

Fire Colson- District 10- Firecatcher3

Matilda Mir- District 2- Rainbow Shifter

Halo Zee- District 4- Justafox 172nd

Mako Chance- District 7- Georgy23

Excel Rose- District 1- Prezziesnow9704:)! Deception Games

Carrietium Downstreet- District 1- QuinnQuinn

Ssithesis Profane- District 5- Prezziesnow9704:)! Gotten 171st

Quinn Sparkles- District 4- QuinnQuinn

Benjamin Woodrew- District 2- KEWLBEN Gotten 171st

Cassy Coolridge- District 9- Cloveismywife

Kalita Jerona- District 3- Cloveismywife

Calina Rosette- District 7- Cloveismywife

Kole Roch- District 12- Henryjh98 Gotten 625th

Eucy Collier- District 12- Henryjh98 Getton 625th

Rose Juna Ice- District 4- Polinarose

Marla Kantoon- District 2- Thena.airice14 Deception Games

Spike Hill- District 9- The hunger games

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