Male Creator Female Creator
1 Lucifer Shivers AxedFox Cyrilla Dusk AxedFox
2 Cygnus Black AxedFox Astoria Lovelace AxedFox
3 Digit Starr TheMysteriousGeek Lucky Dawn TheMysteriousGeek
4 Blitzen Parchok Shadow Elizabeth Seafoam Shadow
5 Yuma Ivory EHKNight Ophelia Bourderax EHKNight
6 Silver Sunlight Jabberjay78 Mystic Moonlight Jabberjay78
7 Beech Aspen TDR97 Ficusi Galpa TDR97
8 Maximus Strongwell Everjay Mellita Wonder Everjay
9 Jet Miller Beetee19 Scarlet Teabella VDA1999
10 Carson Anderberg RossInSA Aleyen Meyer RossInSA
11 Forrest Shadows Jabberjay78 Terra Earth Jabberjay78
12 Birch Saunders TheMysteriousGeek Beauty Swann TheMysteriousGeek
13 Lance Nobel MistyMolla Violetta Nobel MistyMolla
? ? Me ? Me

Starting These Back Up!

So, as you know, I haven't been on this website in a long, long time. I'm going to try start these games up again because I feel terrible for abandoning them. Barely of these users are active by the looks of it, but this is for my entertainment (and yours if you're still following). So enjoy!

Death Chart!

Part 1

28. Aleyen Meyer (D10): fell into the needle pit (Day 1)

27. Elizabeth Seafoam (D4): fell into the needle pit (Day 1)

26. Carson Anderberg (D10): throat slit open by Cyrilla Dusk (Day 1)

25. Yuma Ivory (D5): stabbed in the temple by Cygnus Black (Day 1)

24. Scarlet Teabella (D9): stabbed in the back repeatedly by Lucifer Shivers (Day 1)

23. Cyrilla Dusk (D1): pushed into needle pit by Ophelia Bourderax (Day 1)

22. Astoria Lovelace (D2): forehead skewered with axe by Lucifer Shivers (Day 1)

Part 2

21. Lance Nobel (D13): dagger to the heart by Beauty Swann (Day 1)

20. Beauty Swann (D12): beaten to death by Violetta Nobel (Day 1)

After The Bloodbath: 10:42 A.M.

Cygnus Black, District 2, Cornucopia:

So, we literally lost the lion's share of our career pack. We're down to three. "I can't believe this is happening," Lucifer stutters with panic. "You slayed most of them, Lucifer. I witnessed Scarlet's death," I declare, calling him out infront of Blitzen, "and I think we all know how Elizabeth died." He snorts. "Whatever. Can we really afford dying because we have to haul a bunch of fairies through these games? Getting rid of those invalids did us all a favor. Now zip your mouth, because I'll turn on you as easily as I turned on them." That seems to shut me up. "Come on, we're not making progress arguing, let's go kill!" Blitzen clamors, somewhat ignoring the fact Lucifer killed his friend. "I guess." I say, and we take our loot before heading south.

Beauty Swann, District 12, Field:

Ew, this place is grotesque. The outdoors have never been my thing. I wish the arena this year was indoors, that would suit my needs one hundred percent. But things don't always go my way, especially in these games. Hearing my name being declared that horrifying day was the scariest, most traumatic day of my life. I suppose I'm doing alright though, as I managed to get food, water and a couple daggers. Now the next thing I need is water, because I only got a puny amount in the bottle and have also been sipping it from bordeom. But before I get the chance to go search for a water source, I hear the chime of a blade being unsheathed behind me.

Violetta Nobel, District 13, Field:

Before she can even backfire, Lance has pounced. My brother. KIlling. Simply disgusted, I take a few steps back and close my eyes. After hearing blood splatter, shrieks, grunts and the cannon, I leisurely remove my hands from my face and sigh with relief. "Is it over?" I whisper, close to tears. I'm still appalled. All we did was sight the girl sitting in the field. We easily could have ignored her, but no, we just had to go kill her.

Lance doesn't answer me.

Wiping away the tears, I'm able to see clearly. A sight so ghastly I wail with misery. Lance reclines in a pond of crimson blood, dagger inhumed in his chest. The view totally sets me off. Beauty tries to scramble, but there's no way I'm letting that happen. Hurling the spear in her back, I jerk her backwards and slam her into the ground. Screaming like a wounded banshee, I begin to bash her skull in, hard. With every punch, she lets out a raw, achy screech. Even when she's unresponsive and her cannon has blasted, I still pummel her. Choking on my tears, I fall backwards and just lay in the blossoms, weeping. 

Beech Aspen, District 7, Rainforest:

A couple cannons blow. I really hope Ficusi hasn't fallen. I highly doubt that she has though, she's athletic, stealthy and wise. She's out there somewhere, I know it. Taking an earned sip of crystal clear water, I try clear my mind. I've observed a hefty amount of gore today. I was lucky to get out of there alive, but unfortunately I did escape the bloodbath with a gash in my hip. It doesn't throb or anything, but I should definitely get it patched up before an infection appears.

Night is approaching slowly. I need to find shelter, a source of water, and most importantly, Ficusi. That can wait until tomorrow. Right now, I need to focus on my own life.

Gently nibbling on an apple, I try to be quiet as possible as I trek through the mystical rainforest. I find a somewhat safe cave, concealed with colossal pink ferns. I head into the grotto and begin to sort out my supplies. Tomorrow's going to be very critical.

Blitzen Parchok, District 4, Woods:

"Alright. I think we should assemble our camp here," Lucifer announces, releasing his bag. We're in a forest I think, something like that. I've never seen one before face-to-face. Back in District 4, everything was glamorous, elegant and tidy. "Who's taking first watch?" "I can." I say. After setting up our base, Cygnus and Lucifer lay down, weapons at the ready incase of attack.

Night creeps in with an evil vibe. People will be hiding, trying their absolute hardest to veil in with the wildlife. But no one's safe, especially when I'm lurking. Adorned with a harpoon and sword, I leave Cygnus and Lucifer, then pace deep into the murky woods. 

Still trekking, I know I'm ready for a fight. My District must be outraged, firstly because we lost Elizabeth, and secondly because I haven't been involved in any action. Well as soon as I spot a tribute, I'll show them what I'm made of, and show the other districts who the real antagonist is.

Then as if on cue with my thoughts, I encounter a tribute, roaming aimlessly. Prepare the cannon.

Lucky Dawn, District 3, Woods:

I curse under my breath as the boy from 4 charges me, bloodthirst surging inside of him. If I engage in duel with him, there's no way I'll be successful. Whirling around, I begin to dart through the dark woods, when suddenly, it begins bucketing down. Thunder. Hail. Everything's turned to chaos within seconds, but that doesn't stop his evergrowing appetite to kill me.

He must think I'm going to run for ages, but he's wrong. With a pirouette, I face his direction and rush him. I'm fortunate enough to get the first hit on him, a cut to the stomach. Stunned, he sways his sword at me, and it connects with my side. He's hostile, landing another blow with a harpoon. Now it's time to get going.

Oozing blood, I race away with all my strength and might, and luckily I'm able to outrun him. He's still pursuing me though, I can hear the cadence of his sword slash as he swipes away foliage behind me. Rain pours down hard, slowing us both down. 

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