The Girl With The Black Arrow

  • I live in I live in a place called Wonderland full of my favorite things including cupcakes
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is school
  • I am Watching Pitch Perfect
  • The Girl With The Black Arrow

    Hi everybody! Girl with black arrow, here! So these are the games called TRIBUTES GOT TALENT. Basically, this is like America's got Talent. Tributes will have to sing, dance, show off their sport, just show some talent. Please join guys!!!!! I'll appreciate it.

    • You can make all the tributes you want
    • More details will be released when i have my tributes and lunaiis
    • Sabotage is allowed

    Only three rules:

    • Give tributes advice
    • Have fun
    • Follow Template





    Appearence: If you can't provide a lunaii, describe the tribute and i'll try to make it as best as i can



    Name Of Tribute District Age Gender User
    Sky Indigo 1 17 Female SourCandy
    Jason Grace 1 16 Male SourCandy
    Katerina Mist 2 16 Female SourCandy
    Alec Hunter 2 17 Mal…

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