Hi everybody! Girl with black arrow, here! So these are the games called TRIBUTES GOT TALENT. Basically, this is like America's got Talent. Tributes will have to sing, dance, show off their sport, just show some talent. Please join guys!!!!! I'll appreciate it.

Just to let you know

  • You can make all the tributes you want
  • More details will be released when i have my tributes and lunaiis
  • Sabotage is allowed


Only three rules:

  • Give tributes advice
  • Have fun
  • Follow Template

Tribute Template





Appearence: If you can't provide a lunaii, describe the tribute and i'll try to make it as best as i can




Name Of Tribute District Age Gender User
Sky Indigo 1 17 Female SourCandy
Jason Grace 1 16 Male SourCandy
Katerina Mist 2 16 Female SourCandy
Alec Hunter 2 17 Male SourCandy
Auralee Mason 3 18 Female SourCandy
Andrew Ryder 3 12 Male Ducky35
Summer Frings 4 16 Female HGClatoLover
Philip Silva 4 17 Male SourCandy
Lauren Meyers 5 18 Female Ducky35
Kole Lovett 5 18 Male Ducky35

Killigan Isselli

Kinsley Tinder (Special Guest surprise)







Davis Fronto 6 17 male HGClatoLover
Mystique Darkbloom 7 16 Female Kaaitlyn
Roxern Yetti 7 18 Male HGClatoLover
Rita Patches 8 16 Female PeaceLoveGir
Zil Sow 8 15 Male Moviepopcorn123
Delia Underliss 9 15 Female Clove the best
Connor Stylvia 9 13 Male SourCandy
Charlotte Oakly 10 15 Female QueenColleen
Anthony Cortez 10 15 Male SourCandy
Mae Torres 11 14 Female Ducky35
Luke Torres 11 17 Male Ducky35
Sherry Woods 12 17 Female HGClatoLover
Austin Mitchell 12 14 Male EpicnezzEmily

Tribute Gallery


As i said i would post more details about the games when i had the tributes and gallery done and here they are.

  • We will start with the tributes showing off their skill and getting a score. Almost like the training score but we can't have these in here and i wanted to add a score and that's how i'll add it.
  • There will be three judges. The nice judge, the mean one and the quiet judge.
  • SABOTAGE IS ALLOWED, just to let you know
  • After the scores we'll start immediaetly with round one. The tributes will show their skills and will get a score.
  • If you do not post advice for your tribute or tell them what to do, they could be eliminated.
  • Killing: the tribute with the lowest score at the end of a round will be killed with the tribute with the highest score.
  • One round per day.
  • I will inform you if your tribute wins, loses and if he/she is dead.

That's it. Round One starts tomarrow.

Initial Performances

"Hello tributes and welcome to Tributes Got Talent" Ceaser Flickerman announces. The crowd cheers wildly. "Let me explain this round's rules" he continues. The crowd quiets down but you can still hear an occasional shout. "Our tributes will perform and the judges will give them a score out of 10. these are your initial scores so sponsers can bet on who's going to win. Now i am going to explain how tributes will die. In each round the person with the lowest score will be killed by the person with the highest score. It will keep on going until one tribute remains. Thet tribute is our victor" he says. The crowd claps wildly. "Now to introduce our judges" he says.

"Our first judge is Silver Newmon" Ceasar says. A woman with silver hair walks onto the stage and takes her place. "Alexander Aber". A man with a  scowl on his face takes his place next to Silver. "And Alec Andrimosa". A timid man walks towards his spot quickly trying to ignore the people but with a  crazy smile on his face. "Let the show begin" he screams.

Sky (District One)

In a matter of minutes i will go on stage. I can barely stop my shaking. For a minute i wish these would be normal games with the twenty four tributes in an arena. I take the thought back and shake my head. Why would i want to go back to killing!?! I take a few deep breaths and walk out of the bathroom stall. The laughter and voices stop immediately as the tributes take in the umbrella in my hand and my black dress. One of the girls look at me envioulsy. I flash a tricky smile at her and she glares at me. Instantly, i know we won't be friends. After the voices resume i fix my hair and apply some red lipstick.the blue highlightes on my hair don't match my outfit and i frown. I apply some blue eyeshadow and that works. I sigh in relief.

"From District One, we have Sky Indigo dancing to Umbrella by Rihanna" Ceasar announces. I put a shaky hand on my umbrella and walk towards the exit. The same girl as before shoots me a truimphant smile. she knows i'm scared out of my mind. I walk towards the stage and stand there nervoulsy and a little bit confident. "Hello Sky, i'm silver Newmon" a judge with silver hair says. I nod. The music starts blaring over the stage and i start dancing

Katerina (District Two)

The girl's good obviously. i watch as she spins on her heel and slams the umbrella with a lot of strength. she's good. Maybe too good and she certainly impresses two of the judges. The last one (Alexander i think?) just sits there and frowns. I smile wickedly. At least she didn't impress him. "Wow, Sky. That was really great" Silver says. Great?!? What's so great about slamming an umbrella on the floor and a lot of spinning. "I liked that you appeared confident and you looked like you were having the time of your life" Silver continues. "Can i interrupt, Silver?" a man asks. "Sure Alec" Silver responds. "The performance was good sky. But i don't think you felt it. And there was a lot of spinning and slamming the umbrella"Alec says and i smile coldly. "I agree, Alec that she spun too much but i think she certainly looked like she felt the dance" Alexander says. "Well yes but now we have to think of your score"Silver says and the judges huddle together. i glance at sky and feel happy that she's nervous. the judges trun back to her. "We all came to the agreement that the score you deserve is a 10." silver says and i feel like spitting out a bunch of unlady like words. A ten!?! That girl will pay.......

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