Hi this my first hunger games there are 24 peolpe trapped in a arena aged 12 to 18 they must fight to the death until one remains!!!! thanks plz read and comment!!

Offical poster :D

Anyone can sponsor a tribute. If you didn't submit anyone, you have 300 dollars.

Sponsering gifts!

Also you can now send a note for 10 coins the note must be under ten words or under! peolpe with out an account can only get things from food that are under 25 coins.

Sword: 80 dollars

Spear: 60 dollars

Bow and Arrow: 80 dollars

3 Knives: 40 dollars

6 Knives: 65 dollars

Axe: 60 dollars

Tomahawk: 60 dollars

Trident: 130 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 50 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars plus 5 dollars for each small stone and 10 dollars for each large stone

Nunchuks: 30 dollars

Machete: 45 dollars

Javelin: 70 dollars

Blowgun & Poison (8 darts): 40 dollars


Burn Medicine: 75 dollars

Cut Medicine: 60 dollars

Fire Ant Medicine: 60 dollars

Fever Medicine: 90 dollars

Antipoison/Antivenom: 100 dollars

First Aid Kit (Cut and Burn Medicines, Bandage, Sling): 125 dollars

Bandage: 30 dollars

Cast: 70 dollars

Sling: 25 dollars

Fire Healer: 90 dollars


1 Fruit (Apple, Banana, Grapefruit, Orange, Mango, Plum): 30 dollars

2 Chicken Legs: 35 dollars

Corn on the Cob: 20 dollars

Gallon of Milk: 10 dollars

Gallon of Water : 20 dollars (add ice for 5)

District 1 =

Summer is Extermly good with Knife's and good at climbling tree's well she's also fast

Steam Looks like he could do some damage hes good with Slingshots and is fast

District 2=

Bolivia is only 13 but she is great with spears is super fast but is not a good climber

Broswer is over 200 pounds 18 years old and is really good with Throwing knifes

District 3=

Lyinda is smart but not a good climber is also slow and is okay with an bow and arrow

Samie is not good with any weapons but is a great tree climber

District 4=

Monikcy is really good with a spear and is very fast

Rainz is only 14 but wieghts over 175 saldy hes slow but good with trident

District 5=

Xamie is okay with a slingshot but bad with melee weapons and sorta fast.

Joen is fast and not good at climbing but okay with swords bow and arrows and blowguns.

District 6=

Emila is slow but a good climber and okay with long ranged weapons and good at camofalug

Joen is smart fast and good at climbing but bad at all weapons but blowgun hes okay at that.

District 7=

Rala is fast but only 90 pounds and 13 years old but good with bow and arrow and great with axe.

Freakel is good with blow gun knifes fast and a good climber and perfect with axe.

District 8=

Finara thinks fast but is not good at any weapons is slow and is not good at climbin

Savla is nice okay with sword but slow and not good at climbing and not good with long range weapons

District 9=

Orza is good with slingshot and smart but is slow and okay at climbing.

Maze is good with a dagger hes kinda slow and very bad at climbing.

District 10=

Pebble thinks fast but moves slow shes okay with an bow and arrow.

Azlo is smart fast good with sword and dagger and bad at climbing.

District 11=

Aero is very good runner good with a bow and arrow great at climbing also very good with swords..

Mervlea is small and sneaky is one of the fastest tributes of the games but fine with spear.

District 12=

Angela is slow and doesnt think fast bad at all weapons but okay with climbing trees.

Bola is fast and okay with a dagger

Tribute Parade

Steam (District 1)

I Get my costume on Im sitting on the chairot i'm waiting for Summer seems like two hours i stare at other tributes

District 3 has lame costume's Same as 5 and 6 also 8 and 11's look horrible 11 is covered in leafs the boy from 11 looks like hes 11 years old

I grin.

Too Easy. Just too Easy

Xamie (District 5)

Im a power plant worker my head has a hat with light coming into the air i feel

I Smile.

I Know its strange but i almost wanted to talk to the chairot behind me

The District 6's

Im about to turn around when suddenly i hear them talking the boy says

Wanna Allie?

the girl slaps him across the face his makeup on her hands

I Close my eyes.

how mean of her... like who does that!?!he was asking a question!!! i swear to god if i ever see her in the Arena i will kill her. i here crying the boys stilyst comes right away. He puts the makeup back on and he stops crying finally. then joen finally comes

sorry for the wait he says its fine i reply it may be fine but i know im not if all peolpe are going to be as rude as her then i wont be albe to survive these games.....These horrible unfair games

Summer (District 1)

everyone is one there chairots! suddenly hear on a loudspeaker in the distance and now our tributes for the 68th hunger games!!! i hear the crowd go wild i turn to steam his long blond hair and bright blue eyes are eager to get the games started you ready i say shyly yea...lets do this he says

then suddenly the door open down a long hallway at the bottom you see a crowd of peolpe ugly peolpe from captiol the chariot starts to move

time for the summer smile i do the girlest grin ever and start waving before the crowd can even see us. &nbsp Im about to be seen by the crowd im nervous and exitced district 1 2 and 3 are almost at the end of the crowd 4 5 6 and 7 our near the middle and front of the crowd and 8 9 10 11 and 12 is still unseen.

Maze (District 9)

District 8 is now seen District 1 is at the end

im all golden because of grain im all spray painted golden then smeared with makeup.

not fun.

suddenly the chariot goes out of the hall and into were the crowd is my ear drums bang it is REALLY loud the crowd screams even more when i wave! i wave over and over and over.

im having so much fun that i dont even notice the chariot stopped and it was time for snow to read his annual peace

Me and orza Exhanged Smirks

this was gunna get boring. &nbsp

Browser (District 2)

my Distrist Partner is only 13! thats stupid if she thinks she's going to become a career she gotta earn it

Snow begins talking... not that i look up i just keep looking at my chariot horses im extremly bored i look at the district 1's the girl's name is summer shes hot but then again most district 1 girls are..... she is over 5 and a half feet and could easliy weight over 130 meanwhile Bolivia most likley fails to even hit 100 its not that i dont like her its just the fact shes going to make my district look like its lame and weak. i turn around to look at both district 4's there underwater sea animals coverd in star fish. i feel eyes laying on me i turn and Bolivia is looking at me once i look at her she quickly turns away like she was never looking at me

i hope Snow's almost done i want to get this dumb golden makeup off and go to sleep i cant wait for traning tomorrow someone not from district 1 or 2 or 4 may prove that they could be a career. both district 8's look under 15 and weak so they have no chance what so ever.

Snow is still shut up already im so bored of you...does anyone else agree that his days are over like way over!!!! i look at bolivia i notice she has tear's in her eyes like she did when we were on the train she was one step from totally breaking down and crying. i felt bad about what i said before she doesnt have to prove it she is from 2 and always from 2 she's going to be a career is she likes it or not!.

Emila (District 6)

Blah Blah Blah! like i care what some old fart called snow has to stay hes so boring like go die already im not going to my chance's at winning are high im just gunna tell you that. that foolish boy from my district asked me to allie when i slapped him across the face he starts crying what a baby im going to kill him. well if steam or summer or browser or even bolivia doesnt first maybe someone else will well anyways snows almost done becuase the crowd cheers again. like whats up with them they cheer at every freakin thing that we do what the hell! Cana and my chairot start moving and we go though a door the crowd roaring cana waves good bye im the spot light not you! i mutter and do a way better wave he looks at me sacred i laugh you better be i say and we go though the doors then i look in front of be i notice the girl from 5 is looking at me.

shes looking at me with haterd she says to me back off! i reply with a why dont you make me they boy from her district grabs her hand and she looks away i love peolpe like that everything isnt fair in this world and these games do not even come close!

Training Day I

Rala (District 7)

&nbsp im running though the woods as fast as i can screaming i see cornucpia i wont make it i know i wont suddenly pain hits my leg as summer stabs me again i fall on the ground trying to move shes laughing her head off im dieing.........dieing.........dieing.......Dead. i wake up screaming

Shhh Summer shhh its goning to be okay Its Freakel i notice sweat all over my blanket wait thats not sweat........I Wet the bed. how embarrsing the even worse thing is freakel knows that he gets up you ok? he says Yeah. i reply i look at my watch 4:15 Am Captiol time traning starts in 3 hours see you at traning not if i see you frist i reply back grinning he grins back but walks away. i lay there thinking of whats going to happen in traning i cant acted like a weakling because i really do need to train if i could get my hand on an axe. i could do some damage.

Pebble (District 10)

&nbsp Me and azlo are the first one there we came early so we could come before the careers Azlo goes to the good berries bad berries section and i go to slingshot section the guy there helped me a lot but i wasnt good at it i tried sword traning but i wasnt good ethier i go to bow and arrow traning i shoot at miss this time i really try to hit the bulls eye when i shoot the arrow it fly's into the bull's eye!! just then i hear the elevator beep i turn around

Both district 11's are looking at me in amazement i smile they smile back...i turn around and keep shooting... they keep a close eye on me right now 20 peolpe are not at traning i wonder what they will think of me not a strong player but i am a smart one.

Bolivia (District 2)

Me and browser step off the elevtor and into the traning center some peolpe are already here both peolp from 5 7 9 10 and 11 now 2.... so half of the polep here almost everyones looking at us i head to the spear section the boy from 11 is there two. he's trying to shoot it but he cant i walk over to him hey i say he looks up at me im way taller ....hes scard hi he says shyly i show him how to shoot the spear Browser looks at me mad so i stop showing him i shoot the spear with full power it hits the middle of the bull's eye your good i turn around and there is steam and summer grining.

maybe i will be a career if i am going to be one ill be so happy it will make my day the elevetor beeps and out comes district 4's 16 peolpe are here and 8 arent ive heard of tributes that dont go to traning i think thats stupid of them that boy from 11 is going to the good and bad berries section. go join Summer and browser and Monicky at the bow and arrow section they are better than me but i dont notice. there being mean though taking bout the other tributes badly ill never do that even i kill one of them and i know...i will....

Savla (District 8)

I Arrive at training me and Finaria aka. Finark are the 21st and 22nd peolpe the district 12's are still not here i look around the girl from 9 is at the spear section followed by the boy from 6 and girl from 5 all the careers but the boy from 2 are over at bow and arrow section the boy from 2 is awsome hes slicing dummy's heads like crazy i need to do something about him in the arena. i whipser to finara we need t- shes already gone to the spear section i walk to the berry section girl from 6 is there and both 7's also the boy from 3 is there to...ill tell finara my plan later becuase if it works there goes a careers

i smile.

It will work.

Bola (District 12)

I Arrive Angliea we are the last ones our head tranier Nia. gets us all in a circle and talks about survival. then a buzzer goes and we are all free all the careers are showing off there skills.

I go to dagger station i throw the dagger it hits 1 cm away from bull's eye.

Good enough i think

Just then i see summer throw and knife it hits the dummy in the eye. oh god she already scares me i throw the dagger about 20 more times still i hit bulls eye the girl from 11 looks at me she quickly looks away a throws the dagger it hits bullseye.

Guess im not the only good one in the games i think... Monikcy (District 4) Nia calls us all in for lunch i sit with a careers all 6 of us theres 4 tables 1 has all the careers inculding me the 2nd had the girl from 3 the boy from 6 both from 7 the girl from 10 both from 11. Steam threw a paper ball at the girl from 3 it hit her head

We all laughed

it was so funny....the table behind us was almost empty with only girl from 6 boy from 8 and girl from 9 the table i in front of us had boy from 3 both from 5 girl from 8 boy from 9 boy from 10 and both from 12 the girl from 3 was looking at us...for lunch i ate seaweed bread from home rain ate fish the other careers thought the seaweed bread was werid but after i gave them a bit they fell in love with it everyone but steam so picky!

I Hate Him.

I just hope he doesnt win becuase that was my goal to outlast Steam...

Merveil (District 11)

i sit at the table with Aero i eat veggies and extioc sushi

i know im not going to win these games but ill try my best id give anything to see my sister one final time... I knew Aero she is great she is fast and always had plently to eat she was popular at school but mean to others.

Lunch is over the loudspeaker goes off theres a buzzing sound everyone gets up and goes into the traning room again. i see the district 2 girl the one that helped me being yelled at by browser i hear my name but keep walking.

I go back to the spear section i hit bulls eye twice

Thank You Bolivia i whisper under my breath your welcome i turn around shes right there my eyes go wide just becuase i helped you doesnt mean im not a career she says Yea. i know that' but thanks' i say 'your welcome 11. Then she walkes away i feel lonly almost.

then the buzzer goes and traning is over.

Training Day II

Samie (District 3)

i go into traning everyone is traning me and Lyindia the last one's tommrow is relay racing so im nervous... just dont wanna die thats all.......the careers hate Lyindia they made that clear yesterday at lunch i see her wander to the spear station the girl from 11 is there.

I Here them talking more and more and more

Then they laugh ugh i wanted to be allies with her i stare at them in anger and madness well i guess ill just have to be a loner. i walk over to the bow and arrow section beside the spear section shoot the arrow but its not working. they keep talking more and i hear the word okay i need to hear more so i go into the climbing section i climb all they way to the roof i see peolpe looking at me.

The boy from 4 a career was staring the girl from 5 the boy from 6 the boy from 7 the girl from 9 girl from 10 and boy from 12 thats 7 peolpe!!! but im not here to show-off im here to find out what there saying. i climb right above the spear section i cant hear anything then i hear the word of all word oh no...

Allies? the girl from 11 says Allies! Lyindia says then they shake hands.

Its all over my crush is no longer my allie imma kill that girl i think

Cana (District 6)

&nbsp i go to the new blowgun station its only going to last a couple of years so i use it well. im okay at it i turn around..

Xamies at bow and arrow station

Shes really bad...she shoots the blow it its the metal wall then gos back into the air

Everyone screams and ducks then the arrow hits someone and youll never beleive who...

Emila!! Xamie gasps then emlia screams in pain and runs at Xamie then emila yells i hate little- she swears after that so im not gunna say what she said.

She jumps on Xamie clawing her face i run at her hey! i scream i grab Emila's neck she

punchs me in the nose blood spills out.the boy from 11 comes to break them up but gets slapped by emila.

Then the boy from 7 followed by the girl from 7 her name is rala i think... she helps emila but gets hit by Xamie

The girl from 4 comes over to try's and get me out but then she gets hit in the face by the girl from 7 i cant get out....then the boy from 11 pushes me out and Boiliva pulls me out only to be hit in the face by Emilia. that triggers all the careers. Summer and rainz come first followed by Browser Steam then Monicky.

12 peolpe are fighting both from 3 both from 8 and 9 and 10 the girl from 11 and both from 12 are watching in horror.

i feel my nose its bleeding...then then a ton of training guards come out and pull us away. steams lip is cut summer is also hurt.

Bolivia lip is cut but browser is okay

Monicky is fine but rainz brusied xamie is bleeding a ton of medics are around her. then theres Emila shes bruised and cut some medic's are with her to. both 7's are okay the boy from 11 is hurt

a medic comes and helps me...

Rainz (District 4)

Nia blows her whistle and its time for relay's

We split into two group after the fight im brusied i was trying to get the boy from 11 to stop punching the girl from 7 but he hit me i know he didnt mean to.

the two groups are

Group 1: both from 1 girl from 3 girl from 4 monicky both from 5 boy from 6 boy from 7 both from 9 and girl from 10 and girl from 12

group 2 (im in this one) both from 2. boy from 3 boy from 4 (me) girl from 6 girl from 7 both from 8 boy from 10 both from 11 boy from 12

i line up im 2nd the girl from 8 is first. its a jungle gym bars. theres 16 if you make it to the end to advance.

the girl from 8 falls at the 5th bar. Brower laughs. i run up on the bar's and hang im 15 but its still pretty on the 12th bar only for more then im on the 14th and i jump to the end. behind be bolivia..she makes it then the girl from 7 falls at 10th bar girl from 8 falls at 6th bar but the boy from 8 makes it then Browser makes it across easily. boy from 11 is tiny way under 5 feet but i guess it helps him he swings and swings...we all sit there in shock when he makes to the end bolivia claps.

Browser whispers something in her ear and she stops.

Lyindia (District 3) (Group 1)

That fight was crazy!! im beside areo we talk a lot about how worried we are its the balance beam it gets harder as you go along everyone is falling then the boy from 7 goes up he walks across the first one easy like most peolpe have so far.

the second bar is what got half of the peolpe its curvy and you have to jump platform to platform the third one is even harder thats where all the careers messed up. the platfroms are tiny little strips the size of ruler. then he jumps across and lands it! the 3rd one....

he jumps across the one

lands it. everyone looks at him in pure shock steam and monicky fell on that one... then he lands the second one where summer fell only 2 more! summer monicky and steam look in rage its kinda funny actully then i turn around and he makes the landing the girl from 5 starts to clap then areo claps so i clap. the boy from 5 is about to clap when summer screams SHUT UP!! and grabs steam and monicky and walks away.

the boy from 7 watchs them walk away with a evil grin on his face i laugh a little so does areo everyone else walks away scared.

its lunch. again.

Alzo (District 10)

i eat chciken fingers it reminds me of home i sit beside the girl from 9 she smells like sweat...i guess the relay got the best of all of us...i see the careers sitting there having the time of there lives how can they think its funny its not...its horrible its just ugh! i throw down my chciken finger down in anger you...okay? the girl from 9 asks me yeah im fine the girl looks at me do you want to be..allies? my face goes pink sure!!! i'd love to we shake hands and that makes my day

I Have an Allie!

Freakel (District 7)

i go back to traning with rala i throw my axe it hits bull's eye i turn around and there is the careers well some of them bolivia and rainz...rainz speaks first you put on a good show i say would you like to join us? bolivia asked ok i perk up i forget about about rala... shes 14 im 16 anyway...

i walk over the careers there all there smiling at me but summer shes got something aginst me

i turn around and see rala throw an axe and hit bulls eye i almost want to ask them if she can join but stop myslef freakle this is steam says bolivia steam starts talking to me like where best buds but really i just met him. then i met summer who still doesnt like me then browser who's 18 and stronger than me times 2 then monicky shes sweet and 16 like me. we all head to the throwing knife station thw girl from 9 is there.

But when she sees us she looks at us confused but then runs away. we are all good at throwing knifes Summer Browser Monicky Rainz and me all got bulls eye when i got bulls eye steam patted me on the back and said you where born to be a career i just nodded

Maybe i was...but then a thought struck me maybe i wasn't

Aero (District 11)

I go to the edible plant's section theres rows of plants all show you differnt kinds and good ones and bad one's i stay there for about 30 min when i finally notice lyindia over at the bow and arrow section trying it out. i go over there and say whats up? nothing much she reply's she shoots a bow and it doesnt even hit the circle UGH! she screams I HATE THIS I SUCK AT EVERYTHING she falls on the ground i quickly go on the ground to she cries like crazy i..its ok i say weakly....truth is its not okay none of it is 23 of us are going to die and i know that im not going to be that 1...

Finally shes done crying so i run over and grab a trainer to help her and he does help her a lot. she actully gets pretty good at it. she smiles that makes me smile...i look outside the sun's set already so its dark a hear car's beeping and peolpe on the streets yelling HUNGER GAMES HUNGER GAMES HUNGER GAMES!!! Wow. im dieing so i make captiol happy. i hear a noise and a cheer and i turn around and see the arrow Lyindia shot it the bulls eye

the middle of the bullseye the buzzer rings and training is over i hug lyindia good bye and promise to see her tommrow

tommrow is the 2nd last day of my life

Training Day III (Also Training scores)

Joen (District 5)

i walk in there being the last one's we all have a running compiton today were split into 4 teams

team one was = district 1-3

team two was = district 4-6

team three was = district 7-10

team four was = district 11 and 12

im one team two we have to run a far distance while being shot at by blowguns....everyone watchs team one they start in three...two...One Go! there all off its looks closes at first but then you see lyindia and samie and browser fall behind. steam falls behind then bolivia goes so fast her legs are blurrs summer falls down and bolivia wins. summer and bolivia were going to next round... i wait at starting line then the loud speaker goes in five four go rainz and monicky that was summer yelling two...Go! im off running at full speed i only look in front Emila and monicky are in front of me emilia trys to cut me off

i knew she didnt like me because of xamie. Not my problem anger filled up in me and i pushed her away she tried to push back but it was too late i was alredy in front and heading for monicky i see the end monicky passes then i do then emila then cana then rainz then xamie yes i am going to the next round veruses 3 careers

dang. i cant bet them i know it xamie knows it and the careers know it.

Orza (District 9)

i go to the starting line before i know it the speaker says go right away maze passes me so does the girl from 7 then the boy from 8 then boy from 7 and there goes girl from 8 last i run as fast as i can but i cant

a blowgun hits my chest Oww! i scream in pain but keep running this is unfair

a race dumb race i try to pass the boy from 7 but he goes in front of boy from 8 so i go in front of the girl from 8 before i know it the race is over rala the girl from 7 and maze the boy from 9 are advancing i came 2nd last...well i say thats good for me i guess i dont care about the rest of the racing so i leave the underground race track only used this year.... and go to training room i throw a slingshot and it hits bullseye

this is how i will win i say under my breath

Angliea (District 12)

Im advancing!!! me and the boy from 10 theres 2 groups

Group 1= Summer Rala Azlo Angilea (me!)

Group 2= Bolivia Monicky Joen Maze

im exicted i mean no im not im versing summer who will push us all off then suddenly i hear Go! i=and where off all of us are fast but the girl from 7 starts to fall behind then summer pushes me

Ow! i hit the wall and a blow gun hits my leg with that i fall behind and i see the boy from 9 behind her

he passed me. my vision was blurry then it cleared up and i was running again

run run run i said to myslef over and over trying to pas him the end was 20 meters away i almost passed him when my traning shoe's lace untied and tripped me i fell face first.....summmer laughed and with that i was out of the race Azlo and summer moving on.

Summer (District 1)

i pushed that girl into the wall it was so funny..anyways the race is about to begin joen was super fast and i wonder if bolivia was able to win but then the race started and the boy from 9 and even monicky falled behind right at the end bolivia did a super jump and i say under my breath shes so fast... the reace is about to start this is finals winner is the winner! then its lunch...i think of salad yum i say laughing a little so the racers are

Me Bolivia Joen And azlo so i go to the starting line 10....9....8....7.....6....5 run i say to myslef ..4...3...2...GO! and were off all of us speeding down the ally way i hear distance cheers and i keep running i see Azlo fall behind just a little though bolivia's legs dont even look like there touching the ground

My god how can you run that fast i keep running in 2nd place for what seems like a long time then Joen who's 14 and im 18....passes me! little runt i say undermy breath and try to run faster but i cant a blow gun hits my shoulder and i shake it off....the end is 100 meters away when Azlo falls behind and im so close to Joen i could grab him with my hand when suddenly he speeds off to where bolivia is his legs a blur im able to run a little faster the end 20 meters i dive for the end almost passing Joen but i dont i land short but im happy i came 3rd out of 14 peolpe bolivia came 1st lunch time the loudspeaker goes off and me and bolivia shake hands and find the rest.

Browser (District 2)

We all sit eating lunch no one talks to nervous.

Training scores today.

bolivia's the most nervous you can tell by the way shes looking at us. i know shes going to get a lower score than all of us. but thats okay shes 13 the next youngest career is monikcy and freakel at 16.

what score would be happy with! freakel randomly blurts out.

if you get a 7 that be okay me and summer say rainz monikcy and steam say an 8. freakel turns to bolivia....huh bolivia says oh um a good score maybe a....4 i laugh bolivia blushes and before you know it where all killing out slefs laughing im serious she says ok i can do that says freakel

then the girl from 7 is glaring at us uh...freakel i think your girlfriend wants to talk to you i say cracking up freakel turns around and looks at her i guess she didnt know bout him being on the careers you never told her says summer freakel gulps no i think ill go to talk to her you better summer says to freakel and freakle walks over to her and talks then the buzzer goes and its time for traning scores summer and steam are the first to line up in the big room.

Finara (District 8)

So slavla has a plan to kill bolivia Im in! i mean shes to dangrious so we are going to kill her the first day if she likes it or not im guessing not Summer district 1 the loud speaker goes summer shakes hands with steam and monicky and goes into the takes 10 min a person so ill be wating a good 2 hours or more

Poor District 12's. they must be waiting a while i look around beside me is Salva i hope he never leaves my side. then across from me is the Devil her-slef Bolivia. shes playing to sweet card acting like nothing's her fault but it is and it always will be just becuase she's 13 doesnt make her all cute 14 and im not getting and speical treatment!

I look at the girl from 9 shes nervous Steam District 1 steam gets up a little nervous but is a master at slingshooting so im sure he will do just fine...he closes the door i doze off a little and dream of killing bolivia im grinning in my sleep and snoring when i am woken up by slavla the boy from 3 is laughing and everyones looking at me but the boy from 11 and bolivia there distrtracted by the loudspeaker Bolivia District 2 I just doze off...

Steam (District 1)

so i walk out of the training score place.....i did good. i was slingshooting and i hit the slingshot right at the bulls eye at least 90% of the time the slingsoht i use are differnt an most peolpe's mine have little darts intsead of rocks i aim for the eye where i usally hit. then when they said to leave i did.....thats about it

so i take the elevator to my floor which is only one floor up. Summer's already there hey she says hello i say i turn on the T.V in my room and watch a replay of the tribute parade and to the lef on the screen says countdown till training scores 100:03 100 more mintues... thats a long time i think to my self a really long time....i get up and go to the dining hall i try extioc sushi from district 4 but i dont like it. then i try veggies from 11 and there good. pumkin pie from 9 is great! then i hear my mentor xas who won 2 years ago and is 18 now...he yells TRAINING SCORES me and summer rush down to see Ceaser Flickerman talking then getting ready he goes District one

the screen shows number 1 then it shows summer's face summer a score of 10 summer blushes then i see my face Steam a score of 9 my jaw's drop thats not enough!

Bolivia a score of 8 Broswer a score of 10 then it goes to three Lyindia a score of 5 then i look around everyones waiting fo district 4. Monicky a score of 9 Rainz a score of 9 no one notices i got a lower score than summer!

Xamie (District 5)

Xamie a score of 6 thats good enough for me Joen a score of 4 joen doesnt look very happy then we go to the devil Emilia Emilia a score of 7 WHAT! i scream joen grabs my hand and then Cana a score of 8 i laugh Rala a score of 6 hmmm...the 7's Freakel a score of 9 my jaw drops a non career getting a 9 is rare then i remeber seeing him with all the careers nevermind its not rare.....Finara a 2 thats low i say district 8 usally gets low socres replys raile my mentor oh i reply Salvla a 3 poor 8's Orza a 5 Maze a 6 then they go to 10....Pebble a 5 and then the male...Azlo a 5 then a 11 alost over Aero a 8 wow thats pretty good to....Merveil a 4 12 is last Angeila a 2 Bola a 4 then im tired and tomrrow is interviews than the next day is the games...

I lay in bed thinking about these peolpe all of them

Not doing interviews!

Journey To The Arena!

Monicky (District 4)

Me and rainz go down the elevator its really fast then when it opens are mentor says goodbye. and theres rush of air the last real fresh air sense i was reaped then i see two hovercrafts that holds 12 peolpe so the first one has the names of peolpe going on it

Hovercraft I = male 1 female 2 .... then i see my name but not rainz..... me and rainz hug each other good bye and then where taken away by the hover craft i bored the hovercraft the girl from 11 is there but thats it i sit beside side her on the chair. then male from 5 gets on beside me followed by the girl from 8 then boy from 12 gets on afrid of all of us he sits on the metal chair in the corner.

Then steam comes in grinning and stis across from me. Freakel comes in a sit's beside him they talk when a peacekeeper comes in to tell them to be quiet. the gril from 10 comes in she sits beside freakel she doesnt dare look at him. then bolivia comes in a sits beside the boy from 5. then that girl from 6 Emila coems in a sits beside Steam. then the boy from 3 and boy from 9 get on and take the last 2 seats. then the door closes and i feel us go up its a little ruff then i see the peacekeepers putting something in a needle. what are they doing bolivia whispers to me putting in the tracker i reply that makes her nervous.

Mintues pass when they start coming around

they tell the boy from 3 to give them there hand and he does then a need goes into his arm and he cover's his otherb hand then she comes to the boy from 9 beside bolivia he seemed fine with it then bolivia took a deep breath and gave them her arm she yelped a little i quickly grabbed her arm. then the boy from 5 i saw a tear drop from is face i knew it wasnt from the needle.

Give Me Your Arm Please said the peacekeeper okay i said and gave her my arm she quickly stabbed the needle in my arm there was a slight pain that quickly went away. then i felt the hover craft begin to fall and theres a loud noise and where below ground. then the girl from 10 gets the needle in her arm and thats everyone.

Pebble (Under Ground)

the hover craft stops and we all get off i walk down an underground hall that is in a circle im passing door's D2f then theres D4m followed by D5m then D10f i run to it fast breaking away from the Peacekeeper's before they can think to grab me i hope the door there is a bench a coat hanger an a tube at the far end. i run to my stlyist Evin he gives me my Arena Jacket its a Cream Colour with darkish cream strips around it. I put it on

Truth is Im nervous. Very Nervous then a Compturezied voice goes 1 minute i grab Evin's hand hey its ok he says then he grabs me and we hug then i hear 30 Seconds its time. says Evin i walk toward the horrible tube. it opens and i go in i stand there for a couple seconds.

When suddenly the door shuts quickly like ill never escape whats coming next. i bang on the glass as it goes up then all i see is black i stand there i could see anything.

Then it moves up again suddenly the top of the tube is gone the light blinds me but then i see what this map is its a jungly forest with puddles everywhere its muddy but corncupia is grass its sunny out with no clouds. then i hear 59...58...57.. Oh God.

Summer (District 1)

40....39...38 theres a bag 3 long curved knife's the same one's i used in the training center ill have to go into the middle for them to my left is the boy from 9 and to my right the girl from 6. 20...19...18..17...16 peolpe start crouching preparing to sprint for cornucpia i see rainz steam and browser....i guess the rest are blocked by corncupia 10...9...8.....7.....6 ok i say to my slef its time...time to kill i grin 3...2...1.. Laidies And Gentlemen let the 68th hunger games begin!

The Games Day I (Cornucpia Blood Bath) A Battle For Blood And One For Loss...

Samie (Cronucpia)

Go! more than half of us dash more Cornucpia. Some peolpe just stand there. i even see the girl from 9 hop into the bush behind her plate.

I run as fast as my legs can go. i grab an axe which i never trained with.

i see summer fighting with the boy from 9 over a back of curved knifes. she pushes him into corncupia he tries to make a run for it when she stabs him with on of the curved knifes. she walks away.

I walk over there his cannon hasn't fired but he's bleeding a lot. suddenly summer runs over to me i throw my axe which barley misses her head. so i run i still have 2 more axe's then i turn around to see her stabbing that boy from 9 maze i think his name is...then she stabs him a thrid time right into his rib cage.


23 of us left. i see Areo Its go time i think

only a 7 of the tributes have weapons at this point including me. i run pass Rainz stabbing the girl from 10 repetedly with a trident.


Then i see the boy from 12 trying to flee but having two throwing knifs in his back was slowing him down suprised he's not dead yet. then i see browser let another knife fly it hits the boy from 12 right in the back of the head. he drops to the ground.


Aero (Corncupia)

comeone areo lets go scream lyindia from far away im grabbing two back backs and a sword when suddenly the boy from 3 jumps on my back stabbing my foot with his axe...a terrible pain ripple's though my body.

going anywhere he says grinning i kick im in the face he screams with rage then he throws the axe down trying to hit me but i move the last second i slash the sword at him but he ducks. then im kicked two the ground

This is how i die...i think to myslef im on the grass face to face with samie i think his name is..... then when the axe is about to implae my face i move at the last second stop moving he mutters angerily the i turn around the axe skins the back of my legs i scream in pain. he's laughing about to slit my thorat.

goodbye 11. he says and right when he's about to slit his thoart a sword to right though his chest he drops on top of me.


Thanks i say hey..thats what friends are for says Lyindia he and me leave Cornucpia with 2 backpacks a medi kit from my leg and foot also 2 swords i got a bow too. i think about what Lyindia said thats what friends are for yea i think friends are for killing. Other Friends.

Savla (Cornucpia)

me and finara grab 2 swords and a back pack we look for bolivia the girl from 12 runs passed us then the girl from 6 follows her. girl from 12 swings the spear she has hit her but lightly. then the girl from 6 slits her throat with the sword she falls on the ground and me and Finara walk away quickly...then..


Azlo (Corncupia)

i grab a slingshot and a backpack i pass the girl from 12's lifless body floating up to the hovercraft. i runside corncupia i see the boy from 11 trying to grab supplies when the girl from 2 goes in after him he quickly grabs a spear and gets out of there.

i see the girl from 7 fleeing then i hear a sound and when i turn around. out comes the girl from 9 she was in a bush! she grabs a backpack and a slingshot like mine. both 8's are togther after someone. i cant see the boy from 5 girl from 3 and 11 all the careers are roaming around looking for prey and they find there next target.

The girl from 5. xamie i think her name is...anyway they run after her she tries to out run them her long blonde hair flying though the wind.

then suddenly im knocked to my side onto the grass in pain the boy from 7 who i never saw ill make it quick he says but what suprises me is he's not saying it in a joking voice the axe goes over my head sweat runs down my face followed by tears.

The Axe Rises Up. Then it is fully powered into my skull you know he's right it was was my fault next time i should be more careful i say to myslef then i let the darkness carry me away.


Finara (Cornucpia)

me and salva are running as fas tas we can cramps says savla ok we will stop running where in cornucpia and we cant just walk like its a sunday stroll or whatever. so we jog the girl from 6 leaves with a bloody sword i wonder who she killed.

Most peolpe other than the careers dont kill in cornucpia unless in danger or there getting supplies she runs right infront of us not even looking. we need to find that girl mutters salvla in anger her names bolivia i reply im in a snotty mood......then something grabs my eye i see the district 2 arena jacket its bolivia!. the jackets and orange red with dark red strips around it. salvla sees it two and we run. she's ng a spear the back of there hood is up i have to kill her i just have to. its not that i have anything aginst her but i gotta...i just gotta. me and savla have a sword. we are 20 meters away she still has her back to us she's trying to find somthing but that stops because me and salvla both dig are swords right into her spine breaking it in half.


she's dead then salva says woo- then bolivia's body falls backwards Oh my god! we both Gasp.

We Didnt Kill Bolivia

We Killed Browser. I..Killed Broswer

Steam (Cornucpia)

we hear a boom!. we all stop all of the careers and start running toward browser he is dead his body making its way to the hovercraft. bolivia which by the way liked him. started crying both 8's are the killers the girl tries to get the boy to run but he just stand there watchign to body. some peolpe recat faster than others. Monicky threw her spear hitting to boy from 8 eye. he girl from 8 gasped but ran. the boy fell and monicky ran over there and stabbed him with the spear twice.


The girl keeps running only to be knocked over by summer who is able to stab her leg. then i girl falls tears streaming down her cheek. she punchs summer so hard in the face one of summers tooth's falls off and blood comes out of her mouth. the girl tries to get up only to be raged by summer and stabbed in the back she lay there with very little life left.

then the girl from 8 is able to smile. then summer tosses her over and stabs her right in the heart i close my eyes.

Boom!. i'd always want to die smiling the girls body and the boys body float away.

Bolivia's a trainwreck crying like theres no tomrrow. monicky and me and freakel dont know what to do...and summer is grabbing some other stuff from cornucpia. when the boy from 11 comes out of nowhere i guess he was hiding in there....summer throws her knie at him it just misses his head. then he's gone into the mucky grass leading to the jungle and then the boreal forest. lets go says summer we all follow her.

2 hours later the sky falls we have a camp set up and the east side of the boreal forest. bolivia is already asleep monicky sang her to sleep becuase she was crying so loud summer was getting mad . i wouldnty blame her it was quite annyoing but she's only 13 and she's with old 16 17 and 18 year olds.

Then the Face's show in the face as that dumb anthem play's i see the faces. i count...theres 15 of us left...

Death Chart

24th: Maze (D9M)

23rd: Pebble (D10F)

22nd: Bola (D12M)

21st: Samie (D3M)

20th: Angilea (D12F)

19th: Alzo (D10M)

18th: Browser (D2M)

17th: Salva (D8M)

16th: Finara (D8F)

Day 2: If look's could kill

Lyindia (East Tropical Forest)

i wake up to the birds singing Aero's already awake. ww open the 2nd backpack and both eat an engrey bars. i have a bright green sleeping bag we are in between 8 bushes when suddenly i hear a noise that bolts us up.

about 50 meters away is the boy from 11 she stops running and rest's on a the side on a tree. we both dont make a noise im take out my bow and im about to shoot when areo whispers dont wait he might help i look at her how? i say Aero points and i turn back to him. he's eating tree bark edible tree bark! we never knew about... how stupid can we be i tihkn to myslef...

so we should kill him now right? says areo

what if he finds more edible stuff that we dont know about i reply Aero nods and puts down her sword. the boy is way under 5 feet maybe 4 feet and 8 inchs he has one backpack which is rare for a twelve year old to escape bloodbath. its only around nine in the morning but in thirty mintues he has a whole camp set up beside the tree! he has a mini tent and a lot of food and some water i saw him get the backpack inside cornucpia whispers Aero he must have he has a ton of stuff the tent can collapse easily in case someone comes. he takes out a chicken drum stick and my mouth waters. he makes the tinest fire ever and warms up the chicken and digs in. Plump. Juicy. and tender. oh how i wish i could just kill him.

Bolivia (Mixed Forest (Tropical and Boreal)

i wake up to have this huge wieght on me ugh! what is it my brain yells at me. I open my eyes and notice Rainz is on top of me asleep he must wiegh at least 150 and im maybe 110! he's asleep so he must have rolled over on me when he was sleeping. i bet you like it huh? i turn to my left and see summer eating cooked rabbit. i roll my eyes whatever summer i reply in a nasty tone she looks away. Monicky wakes up and pushes rainz off me finally i can breath again Rainz wakes up a little embarssed quickly says sorry and wakes away then i hear a beeping noise and get up. out first sponcer gifts says steam who is awake now leaving only freakel sleeping at the far end. we all get up freakel wakes up by the beeping sound it lands on the ground. i grab it and untie the knot and open it up. theres a First Aid Kit and a spear everyone know's who its for....


the thing is at cornucpia i couldnt find a spear so i asked browser to help me find it. he later did and was trying to find me when the district 8's stab him right through his belly button.

its for you says monicky handing it to me i take it in pleasure i hold the spear and ill never let it go.

Rainz (North Of Boreal Forest)

me and freakel are on hunting patrol lets go that way toward the canyon says Freakel ok ill follow i reply and walk behind him. then i hear a beeping sound i know its for me. Freakel hears it too but doesnt say a word i guess he's nice enough not to ask if he can have some of the sponser gift two. i know summer would ask so would monicky and bolivia and steam maybe would. i walk toward it and find it sitting in a bush i grab it and open it up inside i find a tomahawk and a medi kit yes! but i knew that i couldnt bring it back to camp like the rest would im not to same.

i never will be.

i dig a hold a drop it in then i cover it with leaves and make it look natural. i run back to freakel a little giddy Freakel's Grining what i say wanna see what i killed with my axe what i say follow me so i follow him and there lays a dead deer its huge. my jaw drops we pick it up and take it back to camp.

Rala (Top of Tropical tree)

i sit up on the tree with my backpack its around twelve o clock so i take out a chcolate bar and eat it.

i hear a noise like laughing i see Summer Rainz Steam and Freakel....wait why is freakel there.

my jaw drops. we where supposed to have and allience and i just thought he never found me i felt offended like i wasnt good enough. then the boy from 5 comes into view hes running when he trips on a rock and then Steam shoots his slingshot it hits the boy from 5 right in the back. he tumbles down again and crosses the lake but the careers have already grabbed him. summer is about to stab him when steam shoots him again with the slingshot the spike hits the back of his head. the boy from 5 screams then blood spills out of his mouth so instead he falls to the ground.


Steam grins as his body goes into the air and dissapers into the hovercraft. wooo! yells steam 9 left! screams summer and they walk away. i feel relived they didnt find me i climb higher then i follow the career's swinging tree to tree they dont notice. i have a plan i need. Tree. Freakel. Other Careers. thats it so easy almost to easy.

Cana (East Canyon)

i heat its so hot its about 4 o clock and im dying i have no water when i see someone coming if its Emila im dead she wants to kill for a reason i dont know or understand i most likly never will. i see that she has blonde hair.


then shes running to me as my eyes begin to close Cana! i open my eyes to see her face to face with me he shoves a big thing of water in my mouth instatly refreshing my allies i say allies! she says we talk a little bit then we see the sun begin to set i know that if she didnt come i would have been long dead. we sit there watching the sun set when i feel her lips touch my cheek i blush a little.

then ihear something someones coming get down i hiss we hide under our sleeping bags with our eyes poking out. then i see the girl from 9. she goes into cornucpia which isnt very far away and i see her grab the last backpack. then the anthem plays and the boy from 5 face lights up the sky. i wonder who killed him right before i doze off.

Death Chart

15th: Joen (District 5)

Day 3: Its time to play Dirty

Orza (middle tropical forest)

i sit up on the ground its still dark out i see a fire in the distance careers i mutter i sleep in a bush there far away maybe one mile this arena is quite big which i like.

i lay back down and close my eyes humming peacefully suddenly theres a huge sound i quicky hide again and i see the girl from 6 walking. she's holding sword and has a backpack. i walk around the bush not making a sound she looks around at the tree in anger for some reason!. I'LL FIND YOU XAMIE!!! she screams DO YOU HEAR ME I'LL RIP YOUR THORT OUT!!!!!! this girls gone nutso... i cover my mouth she swears some more than walks away i have a little grin i think that everyone's changed everyone but me. then she keeps walking and when she's out of sight i leave the bush i grab the bow i got from cornucpia and hide it behind a tree. the sun or should i say the fake sun is starting to rise i take off my arena jacket its light sliver. its already getting hot its gunna be a hot day.

I turn my head toward the Canyon. Its warm already i lay down and notice i have no food crap i mutter and take my bow. i walk toward the career camp not daring to go close. i shoot a rabbit roast it and eat in pleasure.

Mervlea (East Tropical Forest)

I sit on the tree i look around theres a place with serveal bushes anyone could hide in there. i would check but what if someone's in there then ill be dead in 4 seconds or less. im getting thirsty . so i leave the tree i walk though the jungle toward the boreal forest im taking the risk of getting near the career camp. its early morning i head north away from cornucpia and the canyon im sure not many peolpe are camping there becuase in the afternoon it but be boiling hot. i see water in the distance and and run even faster i have a canteen in my hand and a spear in the other. then i hear laughter and panic i hid behind a bush. Some of the careers pass i count them Summer Bolivia Monicky i guess all the girl careers where hunting and the boys stayed at camp. so bolivia did you that rainz likes monicky whispers summer when monicky gone.

Boring gossip. anyways.... then they head south and i walk right passed them i take my water canteen open the lid and put a ton of water in it. then close the lid and sip some of the water. i decide the best thing to do right now is to head north somemore and wait for the careers to go back to camp. i follow to stream as it goes north and i find myslef in a mix of the boreal and tropical forests. then i hear a noise and a huge snake it behind me i stab in the the head and it quickly falls. that was a close one i cant eat it becuase it's most likly is poisoness so i throw it into the stream forgetting that i might have just poisoned the water. then later the careers walk back and i walk south this time i find that a lot of my tree has a lot of bark bittin of strange i say almost has if someone's here. then a distubing thought hits me...Someone is here.

Rainz (Mixed forest Boreal and tropical)

we all sit around when i hear a beeping sound it the distance and i get up and say ill be right back summer bolivia and steam look curious but freakel and monicky know whats going on.. i run though the woods and find it i open it up and i find fire ant medicene which seems pointless and theres a gallon of water which ill save for when i really need it i find the whole where my tomahawk is and stuff them in there then in about to walk away when i see a little piece of paper i pick it up and it says 'you like you're stuff? ....yea! i shout laughing hoping that this sponser can hear me i know they will...i walk pack the piece of paper hidden in my arena jacket then i go back and right before im about to go into career camp i look up and see a girl in a tree she's maybe 5 feet and shes under 100 pounds i might throw the trident but it wont hit her i dont want to tell the careers because if she ran away when i was telling them i would like a werido.

so she looks down at me finally she panicks climbing another 20 feet she must be 90 feet up there. so i let it go and walk back to camp i eat an apple yummy!

Xamie (East Canyon)

Me and cana are walking in the canyon when we hear a beeping sound we run to find a sponcer's gift we open it and find a slingshot with a ton of rocks and what we need most water i pick it up and we drink like kings. then we keep walking when cana grabs my hand. you would think it was a exotic walk in heaven but really where fighting to the death. the sun heats up some more then i see the boy from 11 run by i shoot the slingshot hitting him in the back he limps but keeps running. Me and cana walk back with the 5 gallons of water in our backpack the wieght is pulling us down a little.

when we get back to camp we sit down and cana wants to go into the forest... but 12 peolpe are there i say so its safer there he says how i say he looks at me...what ever he says and lays down. Cana's been acting starange latly i dont know whats going on. i look in my back pack and take out a vanilla bar i eat it quickly. so cana you do yo- i look at him he's sleeping peacefully. i lean down and kiss him on the lips.

then i see the sun starting to set as cool air rushs it will take another hour for the sky to go fully black i dont think anyone is going to die today. Which will not happen tomrrow. I Promise.

Rala (Tree Near Career Camp)

i sit there eating a banana in peace. i stare at them all having fun around the camp fire they think its fun killing.

Well its not. A sponser gift drops in there camp it has a mace and 3 slingshot's. the boy from 1 looks happy as he takes the slingshot a poor little bunny hops by when the boy from 1 shoots the slingshot hitting the bunny in the head. the boy from 4 saw me today but let it go.

did he trust me? or did he leave me for later? i cant tell my goal is for me not to hurt the boy from 4 and freakel freakel becuase i love him and the boy from 4 becuase he saved my life....kinda.... the sun sets and its dark now the boy from 4 and the girl from 4 hold hand's i have one goal one person i want to i need to kill....her blonde hair and green eyes glow in the dark...her name is summer...i dont have much information about the boy from 1 and girl from 2. everyone goes to bed finally i need to do this now its time. I Hate Killing anything but i have too this is for the boy from 9 and girl from 8. becuase she killed them so i drop the nest and on the ground it explodes they dont wake up. it should take them 8 hours to get to the career but when it does.

All Hell Shall Break Loose.

Death Chart

No Deaths Today.

Day 4: when cold teeth meets warm flesh

Rainz (Career Camp)

Im Sleeping peacefully when suddenly a powerful bit hits my leg. then another and trhen more and more and more till summer talks.

RUN!! screams summer my eyes open and fire ants are all over me. monicky has tons on her bitting her up as she screams in pain. Bolivia and Steam are trying to wack them off. i scream as the ants starting going into my mouth i run past the career camp falling and wacking them off. Freakel rolls on the ground following me knowing im going to get something. I Remeber about the medicene i have i have to find it. i trip on the ground rolling. i cant scream anymore as the ants go down my neck i dig and dig. i have to save monicky she's going to die i grab the medicene ignoring the tohawk. lots of the ants die from the smell of the medicene. when i rub the medicene on my face the others all die tons come out of my mouth. i have over 200 tiny bits on my face. i give freakel some of itand he gives it back to me. i keep running going to the career camp when i get back i see monicky on the ground. bolivia and summer are running and steam lays dumbstruck on the ground. I put the medicene on monicky's face im crying. i throw the medicene and bolivia grabs it and puts it on her then steam does then summer. monickey's eyes are lifeless.

please dont die on me i whipser bits are all over her over 1000 on her face. i kiss her for the first time ever her eyes come back to life only from two seconds. Bolivia summer and steam and frakelstand behind me not making a sound. you have to wi- i shake her win...rainz you have to win i freak out NO I CAN STILL SAVE YOU!!! monikcy's face ever so slightly smiles im sorry rainz and her eyes close NO! i scream my mind goes blank.

suddenly im in another word im flahing back to 9 years ago when i i couldn't use a rod my dad screams at me becuase im not good enough and leaves the dock when monicky comes. i didnt know her then she asked me if i needed help i said Yea. and she taught me how to fish then im flashing back to 6 years ago when im 11 and me and monickey have a date on her dad's boat candles hang around us. then 5 years ago when we tied for first in a fishing compition then. i go to when we have our first kiss 3 years ago then i go to 2 years ago when monicky laughs at my old granma voice i can do. then last year when i buy us a boat to use for the rest of our lives. then to 3 weeks ago when we got reaped her face sad mine even sadder. then suddenly i go to now....monicky lay lifeless. good bye rainz... tears stream down my face and i whimper good bye then i kiss her a final time and lay back. Thats when her body goes still.


Emilia (Cornucpia)

i hear a boom and grin 13 of us left i keep walking with a bow in my hand...i sip some water and feel better. i take out a piece of bread from my backpack and enjoy. then suddenly there's a swift movement i hope its Xamie or even better Cana. But Instead i find the girl from 9 i take out my bow and shoot it hits her leg but she's already gone in the swamp before i can shoot again i go inside cornucpia there blood on the grass.

i drop down and eat lunch a stale piece of bread. then i choose that i should leave cornucpia so i walk toward the swamp. and find my way into the jungle i rest on a tree.i doze off then i have a dream of the girl from 12 the one i killed. she stabs me over and over and i scream my scream helpless suddenly she turns into xamie and then stabs me right in the throat.

I wake up Panting and sweating. I Can't let that happen. I wont let that happen.

Bolivia (Career camp)

I Open my sponser Gift i eat one of the chicken wings while it's still hot summer's mad she doesnt have any sponser's yet. We all have fire bits all around us Rainz saved our life's it seems right now he doesn't really care but he keeps crying well he hasn't stopped yet. We all have to take turns watching him making sure he wont kill himself. it was my idea.

I think Rainz is the only person left i can trust Freakel and Steam i dont know about and summer well summer no one but steam trusts her. Steams watching him right now steam look's extermly annyoed which is some what funny. The Next Hour we all sit around looking at our ant bits they hurt so much it felt Fire was bitting at my flesh. Then its my turn to watch Rainz i watch him for fifteen mintues when he falls asleep even in his sleep he wimpers. Its A Miracle! says summer Steam Laughs and then Freakel say's so we should have a hunting patrol? becuase i always hunt with rainz steam look and him a say's ill hunt with you Freakel nods and steam grabs his slingshot. we will be back in two hours says steam you better be replys summer harshly and they leave.

So Bolivia hows the games for you summers voice fills my eardrums with annyoiniss i reply Good you? then summers all Better than ever so bolivia you like steam huh? i blush a little but lie and say No. where you get that idea from? summer comes closer to me im five feet and she's almost six feet so i step back. you lay your hands off steam he hisses or else ill kill you then Rainz then freakel you got it? i nod she walks away that when i relize that Rainz and Freakel's lives are in my hand's and to keep them alive i need to play summer's little game. Play her game till the game runs out of Battries.

Steam (District 1)

Me And Freakel Diecide to explore the map we look every where but cant find anyone which is werid...we go south till we hit cornucpia No Body's there We pass Cornucpia and back into the southern swamp and then find the Canyon its extermly hot here. so we go back into the swamp and head for the stream. you know where the stream is right? says freakel breaking the long silence yea. i reply and we go north passing the woods looking for the stream.

30 Mintues Pass. when we finally find the nearest Stream and we drink so much that i almost throw up. we should get back says freakel but we gotta kill something i say Freakel grins and takes out of his 3 axe's then a bunny hops over the river only to be sliced in half. wow your good. i say thanks he reply's and when we get back rainz done crying his tears are dried and he's eating bread. Bolivia and Summer are staying an icy distance from each other. There Are 5 Of Us Careers left. and i have a feeling that number's about to get a lot less.

Aero (Boreal Forest)

Me and lyindia sit on a branch and drink juice when we hear Merevel coming we quickly hide. He walks around right where we where sitting we've been camping beside him for two days. I dont want to kill him becuase he's from my District but then again Lyindia could just kill him like she killed samie the boy from her district. he climbs up a tree and finds mint leaf's he eat's one and settle's down for the night. Once he's alseep its already dark out. should we garb the leaf's now whisper's Lyindia says.

I Think about that then diecide No. we will take a risk of grabbing it tomrrow i sit down and go to sleep before the athem plays.

Death Chart

14th: Monicky (District 4)

Day 5 : Blood Is Like Water becuase when you lose a lot it kills you....

Summer (Career Camp)

I Sit there pissed off at Bolivia and Rainz for always having sponser's me and steam sit side by side when i hear a beeping noise and a smile forms on my face. everyone rushes over to see what i got i open it and there's 3 knifes that are curved and long.

I have 5 knifes now everyone goes back and rainz goes back to making a trap. Then steam gets up and says im gonna go thank rainz what! i hiss at him stema give's me The Look. its the hunger games not the thank other tributes for saving your life games!....and you should thank him to steam just told me that really!!!.

The Little Rainz sits there rocking back and forth with pale skin Bolivia walks over to and says thanks you he mostly just nods then freakel comes over and that bring's him back to life a little more he ask's if he wants to go hunting and rainz nods. I'll come! yells bolivia becuase she doesnt wanna be near me and then they get up and leave. Sister what sohuld we do says steam i give him a erie look and he nod's becuase he knows what i want to do but right now its not time for that. ill have to wait. but when its time. there wil be 3 less peolep to worry about.

Bolivia (West Jungle)

I'm faster than rainz and freakel we head south but one thing goes though my mind they have a secert allience they do they do they do! Rainz hold monicky's spear which is better than mine by the way. as we head south more Freakel finally says lets go north so we do we've never hunted north before so as an hour passes we need to find water. i can't go on much longer says rainz and we diecide that we should go tribute hunting so we do passing hills. when theres a low vally near the end of the map.

I look around. Nothing much to see.

Then Suddenly the girl from 9 comes running by the back of her leg as a huge wound in it. here! says Rainz giving me monicky's spear i cant mess this up. shoot good says rainz before i think of how the poor girl is feeling i let the spear go it hits her right in the back of the neck she falls down right away and starts trying to walk but falls her body lay there we all run to her. were about 25 meter's away when we hear it.


i killed someone. we walk over to her body before the hovercraft comes Freakel grabs her backpack. Opens it and we find two gallons of water. without a word we all drink. then we walk back to camp i blurt out summer and steam are having a secert allience Freakel and Rainz jaw's drop. Rainz says are you sure I Nod. well then we will have to have an secert alliance brusts out freakel.

Its takes awhile for rainz to agree to it but he finalyl comes around i always wanted this. To Kill Summer I Mean.

Xamie (Canyon)

Me and Cana stay at camp the air warms up as the day goes on cana suggests that we leave and go into the forest.

Again. i tell him no. He complains. I Win..i always do. In the end we lay back fine ill make a deal with you Cana says what? i reply then cana says about the swamp there's a dry place in there i think about it for a while until i finally agree we pick up are stuff and keep walking. so cana for dinner do you want a chcolate bar or a-....Cana? his face suddenly is pale un able to talk Cana! he opens up to scream but i turn around in time to see Emilia about to stab my with a knife she threw.

I weakly dodge the knife and it hits the ground i pick it up and let it fly into emilia's foot she screams in pain and jumps on me. Kicking me in the face just when she takes out the knife to stab me Cana Punches her in the face. really hard blood comes out of her nose and she hits cana. When he tries to get up she stab's him in the foot he falls in pain i cant see my vision's blurry. Emilia was winning when she stabbed him in the hip XAMIE!! He screamed.

I Grab my sling soht with a extermly pointy rock and shoot it it hits Emilia in the back of the neck diging into her upper back and cutting into some flesh. She quickly got off of and retreated. i ran to Cana xamie! he cried it okay im here i tell him and rub cut medicene on his hip the cut is extermly deep. I can tell emilia planned to attack. i open up my sleeping bag and wrap him in it blood still comes out i need sling to wrap him in please. Someone. please.

Steam ( Career camp)

When Bolivia Freakel and Rainz get back to camp to sponser gifts fall from the sky.

One for me. And One for Rainz. we both get matchete's 1 each. i slid it in my pocket but Rainz leaves to i have no idea where...but it has something to do with his matchete he just got. We killed the Girl from 9. Bolivia says good job i say smiling a little. Summer gives me the look if i weren't her brother i'd hate her oh did i forget to tell you and summer.

Steam + Summer = Brother and Sister. Wow.. i just did math...Anyways. there was an Akward slience around the campfire while the sun set ever so slowly. when after what felt like 494349 hours summer said so did you kill any animals Bolivia and rainz looked at her and said almost at the same time No. Just the girl from 9 summer looked at them with some serious hate. well you should have caught more she snorted rainz said well we didn't then Bolivia said what you gunna do about it? you want to have some meat go hunting summer stood up Bolivia i suggest you shut that little mouth of your's Bolivia stood up to she growled to summer what if i dont want to Summer was about to run at her when i grabbed her arms. Rainz grabbed bolivia arms bolivia screamed Let me go!....i settled summer down and we went into our sleeping bags. As night passed Freakel and rainz went to sleep but bolivia lay there. she was nervous and trust me. She had every right to be.

Areo (Tree near career camp)

After spying on the careers for 8 hours we where getting tired and we were almost fast asleep in the tree we spied in when lyindia says.

why do the careers want to kill non-Careers so bad Aero? i thought about that question for a while but then said all the careers want is fun thats what they live off of having fun killing us Lyindia nods slowly and i say so should we go to sleep lyindia reply's after about ten mintues no lets eat then sleep so i find our backpack open it up and take out a Energy Bar the label reads captiol engrey proud sponser of the 68th hunger games Lame. a energy bar sponser? Really? Anyways i look at lyindia to find she's fast asleep.

Tomrrow we need to go back to camp my district partner could have found out where we live. and if he did im dead like ham....Eww...Ham... Anyways the careers fall asleep and so do we i wonder what holds in store for the last final 12 of us.

Death Chart

13th: Orza (District 9)

Good job to our remaining 12 tributes!

Summer Steam Bolivia Rainz Lyindia Emilia Rala Xamie Cana Merveil Freakel and Aero!!!!

Day 6: Danger Is always closer than it seems.

Cana (Canyon)

I Stay on the ground Xamie cries she wont stop tears sobbing fall on my head when she says theres theres....noth....nothing...i..i I smile i cant talk very well and weakly say thanks okay she cries no it's not! i nod and close my eyes getting away from the sun.

When i open them again my visions all blurry the sun comes up Xamie's screams are blocked out .all i hear is I KILL EMILIA ILL KILL HER! a smile forms on my lips Xamie stops crying and says Cana don't leave me i cant to this by myslef i look at her blurry face and say Xamie....You have no idea what you'r capable of.

Then i close my eyes for the final time and let it qall soak in i hear Xamie scream louder than ever before my hearing goes and im gone forever gone my cannon hasn't gone but that doesn't matter.

Im going to die so what i do to make it quick is i choke my slef i wonder what Xamie's doing it doesn't matter because i know what she's going to do. Kill her xamie kill her kill her for me kill her for you kill her for us kill her for that girl from 12.

Kill That Emilia.


Summer ( Near lake)

me and steam head toward the lake its time for the careers to get wiped out its time to put posion in the lake we get water from. Down the hill we go going suoper fast when we see the girl from 6 pop out of a bush and run down the hill screaming. Following her is the girl from 5 screaming in anger suddenly the girl from 5 jumps at least 3 feet in the air and digs her knife into the girl from 6's back.

The girl from 6 falls screaming as the girl from 5 screames with rage stabbing her right in the stomach she falls. then the girl from 5 makes a fire and ties the girl from 6 to a rope and begins to roast her on fire the girl from 5 walks away. me and steam begin clapping Good show good show he say's as we walk toward the girl from 6's body the fire hasnt caught on her yet but she's screaming. her screames are loud and annyoing.

When we get to her she's on fire and she stops crying i see her mouths make a sorry and she closes her eyes.


Oooooh Nine left! me and steam dont have time to put the posion in the lake so we decide to go tomrrow instead.

Merevel (Boreal Forest)

I sit on a tree thinking maybe i should move my camp 10 of us are left it could be anything then suddenly i wear whispering its Aero and the girl from 3!. I Turn around and look at them in a bush Aero whispers to her where is he! then the girl from 3 i think her names Lyindia say's maybe he moved his camp it doesnt take sherlock homles to find out there talking about me.

Before my dumb little brain makes up it's mind what to do i pop out of the bush im here i say before i could say hunger games Areo aimed the bow and me and Lyindia said how do you know? i play dumb know what Aero walks over to me sizing me up how do you know where all that food is? i look at her Aero you know me i lived on a farm meanwhile you lived in a little house with you'r dog what was his name ....Repper? Aero snarles at me his name is pepper i doubt youv'e ever ate one before anyway you poor peolpe make me sick

I know she's going to kill me now and when im pushed to the ground Lyindia screams NO AREO DONT! suddenly lyindia knocks Areo off sending her flying Areo screams what the hell! Lyindia says he is going to help us get food remeber!

I never agreed to that but becuase im having a 'life or death moment im okay with doing that for them but i know that i can't show them all of the food at once becuase then they will kill me off so i plan it out and before i know it. Im in an allience.

Xamie (Swamp)

I...i he's gone it comes to me im beyond tears still i left canyon to go for a walk. i hope i die but im not giving up on Cana ever i killed emilia so i decide to go back to the fire to see her . her body before the hover craft takes it away as i make it back i see her body her skin's black soon it will fall off i see the hover craft ting to get her but becuase she's tied to a pole in the ground they can't i dont want to ever see her again so i take the pole and dig it out of the ground.

Then her brunt body goes into the air and then dissapeers into the hover craft so i satnd there for a while. Then i go back to the swamp its about half an hour walk but it takes half the time when you run.

So I run. But when i get back to my new camp i see a first aid kit there. A Sponser! well i guess at least someone believe's in me more than i do. Way More than i do.

Rala (Boreal Forest)

So...I Didn't kill summer with those little fire ant's but i got better plan's for her well no i don't i ran out of idea's i just hope she bug's the other careers so much they kill her off. if they dont then i'll wait it out i walk up the stream getting closer to the career camp but i dont even care. when suddenly the boy from 4 pop's out i scream but fall back.

He throws the trident and i dodge i get up only to be knocked down again then he jumps on me and puts the trident to my neck So....9? I smirk no 7...District 7 his face goes red beucase he knows Freakel is from 7 and if he kills me Freakel will kill him or at least try. Rainz i think his name not gunna let me go so quickly Give me all you're food and i won't kill you he says.

I Blush a little and say what if i brought no food with me he smiles and picks me up and tear's my backpack open to find no food. and i thought you where lieing now i feel stupid he mutterd i giggled and he says Okay 7! show me to your camp so i grab his hand and run though the woods his feet scrape along the forest floor c'mon slow poke i say Rainz looks at me and i swear for a second he was about to lean into kiss me but really i stopped running and he ran right into me. He Quickly says sorry and i say its okay and we keep walking till we get to my camp and i give him 4 bunnies. Bye i say he blushs and says bye and is gone.

Great. I'm in love with a career. Good mighty job Rala! i say to myslef and the anthem plays and i see both district 6's face's in the sky.

Death Chart

12th: Cana (District 6)

11th: Emilia (District 6)

Hoorah to our last 10 tributes!

Rala Rainz Mereviel Lyindia Bolivia Freakel Summer Steam Xamie and Aero!!!

Day 7 : Its Time For A Change

Rainz (Career Camp)

So i let the girl from 7 go. How does that make me a bad person. Yeah imma Career but still freakel would shop me up with his axe which by the way is an awsome axe. Everyone is still asleep but me i look up and my eyes go wide.

It's been a week i've been in these games one full week and it was always sunny without a cloud in site. Now i see totally blakc clouds begin to move in quickly there maybe in the canyon then cornucpia then Swamp then Jungle and before i knew it those clouds where over my head. I get up to hear a loud crash of lighting and jump back into my sleeping back. Steam and Bolivia's eye's open summer and freakel stay asleep. I remeber about 5 years ago i heard district 1 and 7 had a lot of these storms. Steam most likly woke up from me running into my sleeping bag. Bolivia mutters something about death that is warm and hide's in her purple sleeping bag. Summer being Summer....lays peacfully on the ground like nothing in the last 48 hours have happend.

Then The lighting gets closer and rain begin's to pour with wakes up summer she goes into girly mode Ugh! my hair! she yells like she's anout to do some kind of fashion walk but wet hair mean she cant do it. she quickly goes under her sleeping bag. BAM!!! lighting hits the top of a tree about 40 meters away from us the tree catchs on fire and falls. Freakel is somehow still asleep which is werid becuase he was the first one to warn us about the fire ant' maybe that was summer....i forget and dont want to remeber.

after a while the lighting chooses to stop and we get up and walk around. Like the dumb little human thing we are.

Lyindia (Boreal Forest)

It's sorta akward with merveil around well....merveil around has in merveil tied up to a tree with paper blindfold and tape around his mouth....i dont really know how Areo got her hand's on tape but i don't ask anyways aero and we feed merveil twice a day i go over to him and rip off his tape. Ow! he screams Shhhh! i say he nods and i feed im 10 blue berries and a banana. And he shows us where a food source is...i dont think he like's ethier of us but he clearly likes me more. I have that effect on peolpe i guess.

Suddenly it begins to rain and aero comes back and says we should go into our sleeping first i say no but then suddenly the rain becomes very cold. ice cold rain! cmon! screams Aero i head toward the bush when i hear a crying sound i turn around to see merveil already soaking wet with no cover. LYINDIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Dont you dar untie him! but i do dare. i un tie merveil half expecting him to run and half expecting him to slap me. He juts grabs my hand his hands are ice cold Lyindia! why! whines Aero as i put him in my sleeping bag becuase- beucase i can thats why! i say Aero rolls her's eyes. i wonder why she hates Little Merveil so much i guess i soon find out. but for now i must wait and wait and wait till BOOM! this whole game unfolds.

Summer (Near Career Camp)

Awww. Look who got more knives..Me. This is perfect Bolivia Freakel and Rainz should be dead before feast and Steam well he's my little brother so...i can't kill him. Me and Steam know that it's time to posion the stream so we pass were the girl from 5 killed the girl from 6 we head down the forest and into the jungle and see the stream only to see the girl from 5 having a nice tea time i throw my knife and sher blocks it with her sword. she's got my knife i say and after i say that she goes running toward the swamp like a horse on fire. So me and Steam get to the river and open the bottle of Pesticides ...yummy. Then we pour it into the stream and it all comes out and kills some of the fish other's wim away fast but it's faster so it almost grabs them and kills them.Then we head back up.

Good Day. Good Day.

Aero (Boreal Forest)

Me and lyindia and merv....yes my new nick name for the guy is merv. anyways me and lyindia and merv are standing around a camp fire when we hear a noise whats what! says lyindia i turn my heads to see all the careers but the boy from 7. RUN!!! screams merv and we all take off. i run though the forest when i hear a thumping noise go into the soil near me and turn around to noice that rainz is throwing his trident and me. i duck in time and keep running.

Lyindia is getting tired then Bolivia comes up behind her and grabs her. I take out my bow and arrow and shoot a arow at her she ducks right in time and throws a spear at me. It hits my foot. i try to run but fall over Summer grabs my arm and drags me back stop fighting 11! she hisses. Lyindia on the other hand is putting up a big fight she brusied Steam and dug her nails into Rainz arm. So when we get back to career camp they have 2 poles that are face to face. quickly they tie us up. We prisoners. prisoners that will die.

Steam (Career Camp)

Me and Bolivia have to go back to find the boy from 11 who escaped we walk down the forest and see its dark out to late to hunt well...if lyindia and areo are still alive by the end of day 8 then we will hunt. I highly doubt they will be Summer is going to kill them tommrow. So there should be 8 tribues left by day 9 if not less becuase if we find boy from 11 then 7. More less we hope.

When we get back to camp Lyindia and Aero our making a campfire they have think strings of rope wrapped around there neck. Like though's Doggies! i laugh. Bolivia's face is sad but whatever this is funny. Summer's grining like crazy look at this she says and takes out a wip and starts hitting Lyindia with it ow! ow! ow! says lyindia.

Summer walks over to her and grabs her by the neck and says evily Shut Up! and throws her on the ground Now Listin to me! she screams and wips Lyindia 5 times Lyindia begin to cry and then Rainz and Freakel pick them up and tie them around the 2 poles. and says ok that's good...time for sleep! then the anthem plays and no faces show up in the night sky...shouldnt Feast be soon?...

Death Chart

No Death's Today

Day 8 : It's All Fun And Games 'Till The Alliance Breaks.

Lyindia ( Career camp)

Me and Areo plan a escape we were tied up again and Aero got her hands on Summer's knife. it goes take a genuis to know that the girl from 2 rainz, freakel, and the boy from 1 like aero more. there all still sleeping but summer is gone i have no idea where..

Aero throws me the knife ans i cut it and im free i throw it to Areo she beings cutting it when i see Freakel stand there What the A- Aero was almost free i ran to help her when suddenly there it was Going somewhere says Summer behind areo. She grabs Areo by the neck No Nooo HELP LYINDIA!! I Ran At her. Summer throws the knife at me hitting me in the shoulder i spin backwards onto the ground LYINDIA G- Summer is chocking her harder and banging her head agenist the pole. Areo making chocking sounds as summer grabs another knife.

A scream escapes from Areo's dry throat Oh SHUT UP screams summer and grabs the knife and slowly slits Aero's throat!


I Begin to cry when a hand grabs me. Its merv Hey! he says and grabs me and we take off to the swamp.

Death Chart Tribute and Distirct Cause of Death
Killed: Killed by:
24th Maze (9) Stabbed By Summer
23rd Pebble (10) Rainz Trident
22nd Bola (12) Browser's throwing knifes
21st Samie (3) Stabbed with sword by Lyindia
20th Angilea (12) Slit Throat By Emila's Sword.
19th Alzo (10) Freakel's Axe
18th Browser (2) Finara's sword
17th Salva (8) Monicky's Spear
16th Finara (8) Stabbed By Summer
15th Joen (5) Steam's Slingshot
14th Monicky (4) Fire Ant's
13th Orza (9) Bolivia's Spear
12th Cana (6) Stabbed By Emilia
11th Emilia (6) Stabbed and Roasted by Xamie
10th Aero (11) Slit Throat By Summer
1st (Victor)
Tributes Still Alive (in slide show) *Finally Done*
  • Summer (District 1)
  • Steam (District 1)
  • Bolivia (District 2)
  • Lyindia (District 3)
  • Rainz (District 4)
  • Xamie (District 5)
  • Rala (District 7)
  • Freakel (District 7)
  • Merevel (District 11)

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