Hey there it's me Eli! So the 71st hunger games is at it's final five and it was a blast! There's been a 50 states Hunger games and A United Kingdom games. So as a Canadian i'm making a Canadian games. So there's 13 provinces and territories in Canada, each will have 1 boy and 1 girl from it. I will not make the girl/boy from bc win just because I am from there it will all be fair. Career Provinces are Onterio and Quebec, and sometimes British Columbia.

Tributes from these Provinces or Territories are usually..

British Columbia - Tributes from BC could go anywhere! They could Ally with the careers or with a random loner tribute.

Alberta - Shy and avoids problems, doesn't usually team up with tributes. 

Yukon- Up for adventure but at the same time they are shy and easy going. 

Northwest Territories- Doesn't like to allie, is really good on there own and super smart.

Saskatchewan- Super strong (even females) and good with nature, usually allies with Manitoba or Alberta.

Manitoba- A lot like Alberta usually shy and sometimes allies with careers (usually as a butler to them) 

Onterio- The strong tributes that everyone fears are from here, so you better watch out. (Career province) 

Nunavut- Amazing survival skills and super smart. Can survive exterme weather and is prepared for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Quebec- Usually Attractive and speaks french sometimes cubby but good with weapons of all kinds and an amazing career! 

Newfoundland and Labrador- Not easily noticed but is usually swift and smart, but really shy. 

Prince Edward Island- Is almost never noticed with there amazing sly skills. 

New Brunswick- Usually a career wannabe, really good but not good enough to be a career. This creates envy and revenge. 

Nova Soctia- Loves Adventure and is as brave as Onterio's! Is a little foolish at times but has good survival skills and a good heart. 







Note: You may have up to 3 tributes

Other Note: You do NOT have to be CANADIAN to join

The Tributes.
Province Gender/Age Name User/Mentor
British Columbia Female Grace Lewis
British Columbia Male Donald Buck Hybrid Shadows
Yukon Female Alica Rose Misytmolla
Yukon Male Bradley Kohamschberger District1 Obessed
Northwest Territories Female  Kaiden Glory berry
Northwest Territories Male Titus Pullo Roma
Alberta Female Jaeda Reinhardt 66mc
Alberta Male Albert Brown LeGruff
Saskatchewan Female Suzy Beaver Midgetinabikini
Saskatchewan Male Kole Lovett Duck35
Manitoba Female Sally Gulk hungryteen
Manitoba Male Zealot Midnight Tehonly.
Nunavut Female Everest Caldwell Epicnezzemily
Nunavut Male Ryan O'Leary District1 Obessed
Ontario Female Bessy Lascot Misytmolla
Ontario Male Mark Matthews Ducky35
Quebec Female Glenna Evanna Andy
Quebec Male Tommy Gold Misytmolla
Newfoundland and Labrador Female Myristal Haze PoundTheAlarm
Newfoundland and Labrador Male Trent Vehn PoundTheAlarm
Prince Edward Island Female Alice Rose Theonly. 
Prince Edward Island Male Summen Mitling Atelda1001
New Brunswick Female Claudia Anderson EHKnight
New Brunswick Male Terry Evans Wiki Contributor
Nova Scotia Female Regina Scotia andy1854
Nova Scotia  Male Zane Julipiquie ViniciusDeAssis1999

Pre - Games (and training)

Zane Julipiquie

So evey year they have each of us teenagers put our names in a huge bowl. Each province, yesterday at school I gave my teacher my slip not thinking anything of it. The girls and boy where seperated... whoever got picked got to go to a far north town. There all the 26 picked got to talk about how they live and they can share there differences, it was pretty cool. Living in Nova Scotia I didn't really think anything about getting picked... I didnt think it would happened. I was in my room playing on my saxophone looking out at the water, Halifax looks amazing at night. When suddenly my door slammed open and my mom came out. "Zane!" she screamed, I put my saxophone on the bed. "What?" I said. Her face is all red "YOU WON! YOU'RE PICKED!" she throws the envelop at me and I open it on the paper it reads "Zane, you have been picked to go to the far north town of Alert Nunavut where you and 25 others will learn about each other.". I smile

Two days later a car comes to take me  away.

Alica Rose

I sat in the car as I drove away from Dawson City to the airport in Whitehorse. I honestly wasnt thrilled to go, but I was happy to be out of Dawson city and it's population of 2000. The car made some bumps as it was heading out on the highway towards Whitehorse. I put my hand on the leather feeling it, it felt nice and soft. I was so tried I honestly didn't expect to be picked. There's like 5000 names in there well probably about 2500 for girls, but still someone has to get picked. I was sipping a cup of hot choclate that was given to me in the car. I looked at the driver who had his eyes on the road. My eyes glued to the bottle of vodka that was sitting there with three glass cups around it. So what I was like 14 I still drinked, I live in the far north and me and my friends do this all the time. I had nothing better to do. So I snuck the vodka bottle under my jacket and I began drinking. I didn't really have an exit plan for when to stop. Turns out the driver wasn't turning around, and arriving at the airport drunk wasn't a good thing. 

Donald Buck

I was sitting in the Vancouver airport. There I would go to Edmonton where everyone will meet up all 26 of us... I see the girl who lived in Surrey right outside of Vancouver. I lived in Victoria on Vancouver Island but took the ferry here. I get up and go get some coffee from Tim hortons. I sat at my gate, the girl came and sat beside me. "Hi." she said, I turned my head to her "Hello." I say. There was a cold silence for awhile as they where borading some of the peolpe off the plane. She breaks the slience "So are you exicted???", I turn to her "Sort of" I say "But a little nervous, I don't really have anything so special about me.". She looks at me "Everyone does." "I'm sure you do too.". I shrug, "I don't know"... I say looking at her. She leans back into her seat smiling and soon we have to get onto the plane. We sit beside each other, it made me feel better to have a friend before I met the other 24 of them.

 Tommy Gold 

I sit in the plane that is going to edmonton from Monteral. I felt bad for the peolpe from Alberta who have to go on a small plane to Edmonton unless one or two of them live there already. It is like the biggest city in all of Alberta... maybe Calgary actually.... I honeslty dont know. The girl from Quebec is from a town so she's not on the same plane as me, I think she's going to Edmonton right now. I look at me seat it was soft and nice. A little small though I see the little screen on the the seat of the person in front of me. I click it and it turns on, I see a video of plane saftey and how to prepare if a plane crashes. Since I have a phobia on these things I was really scared. Suddenly I feel the plane jerk and it began leaving the gate about ot take off. "Prepare for take off, please but your seatbelt on." The annoucement says. I begin trembling and lock the seat belt into my seat and the plane begins moving faster. It moves super fast and I lean back in my seat and soon it goes up into the air, I look over Monteral. "I'll miss you Monteral." I whisper to myself. 

Albert Brown

I sit at the gate going to Alert, it was a small plane that fits 30 peolpe. I sit and drink a little bit of my coffee. I turn my head and see both of the peolpe from British Columbia. They where talking and laughing and once they saw me they smiled. I smiled back at them and the sat down a row from me. Later The boy from Nunvaut came then the girl from Yukon and boy from Yukon. The girl from Yukon was walking awkwardly sitting at the nearest chair to her. The places closer to Alberta would get here first, Saskatchewan was next followed by the two from Northwest territories. Then the girl from Nunavut came, after that Ontario boy came then Quebec boy then Quebec girl. After that both from Ne foundland and Labardor and then Ontario girl. Prince edward Island boy and girl both came and just 10 min behind them was New brunswick and 30 minutes later both from Halifax. I looked at my seat seeing was going to sit beside the girl from Newfoundland and Labardor. She stood out to me pretty and had long blonde hair wearing few clothes. Jeada sees what im looking at and whispers in my ear "and I thought it was cold in newfoundland and labarador". I chuckle a little. Me and Jeada had been talking since I saw her but once everyone else came the talking stopped. Soon we had to boread onto the plane I go beside the girl who is from newfoundland and Labarador smiling a little. Soon we get onto the plane and I wonder what is going to happen. 

Kaiden Glory 

I walk though the gate and walk into the plane, it's small 2 seaters which was going to Aleart. I looked around looking at the ticket. Suddenly I get pushed over by the girl from newfoundland and labrador "Move it." she snarles walking passed me. I take my seat at the front still shocked at what that girl did to me. The boy from Ontario sits beside me and smiles a little. He looked about 18 and was strong, he got the window seat. I looked around a little suprised most of them ended up sitting beside there province partner all 6 of the Territories had ended up doing this. I only saw a couple provinces mixed, I looked down. Each person had a shirt that had there Province flag and name on it making each province stand out. I feel the plane about to move noticing that everyone is in there seat. Suddenly I get a feeling in my stomech that something is going to go wrong. 

Trent Vehn 

I sat beside the girl from Manitoba, we didn't talk at all. I just sat on my seat eating my peanuts enjoying them, the plane ride was 3 hours long and we've been in the air for a good 15 minutes. I look out the window seat and see snow, "Where are we?" I whisper, "Northwest Territories" a voice says and I turn around seeing the girl from Mantioba. "Oh" I say "how did you know that?". She points her finger to the wall it had a tracker from a GPS on it. It looked like we where getting close to Yellowknife, "oh" I say and then turn back to the window. I looked out the window and noticed that we where over a lake. Yellowknife was only like 15 min away, I was pretty nervous about where we were going. 

Alice Rose 

I feel the planbe shake a little, turblance. We've been in the air for over an hour and we where nearing the tip of Northwest Territories and would be in Nunavut within' 10 min. The turblane was off and on for awhile. I look to the boy beside me to see that he was fast asleep. After looking around I can see 5 of them asleep. I munch on some peanuts that I got and it was nice. I closed my eyes resting my head and pushed my hair back behind my shoulders. 

Ryan O'Leary

I feel the plane shake a little a put my seat belt on nervous and look out the window and see the snow. Nunvaut was famous for that. I wondered if I was going to see my town, I see a small village with a couple houses far into the distance. The plane moves up and down and I go flying up in my seat, I turn around and see a shadow at the back. Concern goes on my face and I get up i'm told to sit down because there is a turblance but I resist and walk to the back with them following me. I see the door that has the storage seeing the person had gone in there and I slowly open the door. I scream as I fall into the storage area and suddenly I am grabbed. The man has gloves and covers my mouth pointing. I look to the storage and make out a box that has a countdown and a ticking nois... "BOMB!" I try to scream and suddenly the man pushes me out of the storage room and the land in the allyway. 


The plane suddenly goes down ward and the door goes flying open, everyone starts screaming right away the first thing I can notice is that. A cart comes flying at me and I duck just in time and scream and run. The plane goes straight down and I try to hang on but go flying down the ally. I grab onto an empty chair with one hand and hang on. Then I get onto the chair my legs shove on the back of the other seat. I put my seatbelt on and the air mouth thingies come out. I scream and put one it on getting air, my stomch feels sick. I scream as I see the women who gave us peanuts getting hit by a cart and her body goes flying blood sparys everywhere. She was dead. Suddenly the plane stops and I lose my vison 

Part 2: The Landing 

Mark Matthews 

I slowly open my eyes, my vision blures and I look around trying to run my eyes but my hands wont move. It's like they are... tied. I look down as my vision gets clearer and I see my hand are tied to a chair. I try to scream then notice I have ducktape on me. I struggle but notice all other 25 of them are also all tied to the chair. After my mumbling scream I see the girl from Northwest territories wake up and the girl from Alberta wake up. Once they look at me and notice whats going on they start trying to scream. The noise got louder and everyone started waking up. Suddenly the lights turned on and the door slammed wide open. Out came about 20 army men with shotguns and a man. Everyone was awake by now, the man was balding with blue eyes and looked to be in his mid 40's. He smiled "Welcome." he says "You're all probably wondering what happened, well the plane exploded and the program has been taken over by me, So here is what is going to happen. You guys are all going to stay in this large buillding, It has a swimming pool, rec center, a courtyard, mini forest, its full of washrooms lockers and many things. It's a highschool that we built to put you guys in to fight to the death". My eyes open wide "And your goal is to survive, the point is you have to kill each other until only one of you is left" he smiles. "These games will start in exactly 24 hours". I am breathless the army comes untieing me and carries me away as I am worried. I'm thrown in a room with a nice bed a shower and bath". 

Regina Soctia 

I sit on my bed closing my eyes, taking in all that just happened. "I'm going to die, i'm going to die" I think to myself. Suddenly the door swings open and a man comes out I open my eyes and sit up on the bed. "Follow me." he snarles and I come out of my room in a hurry. I look around seeing the dark hallway the man who is a lot taller than me leads me down the hallway. Then he throws me in a room I look around seeing all other 25 tributes. They are all sitting on the floor I turn my head and see the boy from Ontario girl from Ontario both from Quebec and the girl from British Columbia all siting togethere laughing and talking. I see boy from Newfoundland and girl from Manitoba sitting together and the boy from British Columbia boy from yukon and both from Alberta sitting together. Both from Nunavut sit together and the girl from New Brunswick sitting with the boy from Sask. "If you want to survive you must have an ally" I mumble to myself and choose to walk over the girl from Prince Edward Island. I sit beside her "Hi." I say she turns her head looking at me "Hi.". She was really pretty blonde hair and blue eyes, "This is crazy, huh?" I say she smiles a little "You can say that again, I aint killing anybody!". I smile a little "Me ethie-" Suddenly a voice booms and I look up along with the girl from Prince Edward Islands. It was was same man who told us we where going to die "Hello again!" he says "You will all be wearing a uniform to represent your district!" suddenly the wal lto the right opens scaring some of the tributes. I walk over and put on the uniform.

Everest Caldwell

I fully put my uniform on and see my province colour was pure white.  I was trembling still scared of dieing. The man spoke "If you look on the clock behind you it says the games start in 21 hours 48 minutes and 57 secounds" I turn around and see the countdown clock". he talks again "You will stay here for 11 hours, you may sleep, eat and train training will be in there" his finger points to the door "The last 10 hours private, you may be alone with an ally or allies and if you're by yourself you travel alone. At the starting of the games you will all be put together in main hallway of the school it is huge and round in the center will be backpacks, food water and medical supplies. You will need this to survive, you have to stay in the main hallway for atleast 2 minutes so you guys can kill each other" I gulp at this. "You may begin now." I cast my head to the three doors each has a word on it one says "Training" the other says "Sleeping & eating" and the other says "private disussing". I was hungry so I walk toward the eat and sleep door seeing only 3 others will doing the same. I guess the other 22 wanted to train, I did want to train but not yet." I walk into the door and see each room that has the province colour on it and the gender letter there was 26 doors. I choose to open my door to check it out, I open the door and inside I see a nice bed, shower, toilet, and bathtub. I shut my door and turn my head to the last door at the end of the hallway that reads "Cafteria" I walk in there and see 5 rows of tables and some peolpe working at food. I walk over to them, and they give me Bacon, Pie, Mashed potatoes gravey and poutine. I sit down and eat a LOT of food. 

Myristal Haze

I throw a knife and see hit hits bulleyes. Of course it does. I've trained all my life I have great exprience in these things. I'm exprienced with a showgun and knives, I see some eyes looking at me. Mostly boys, I was blonde, tall, I had a very large chest area. So what do you expect. I even saw the careers looking as me as I threw the next knife hitting the bummy inbetween the eyes. "Whatever" I think to myself "I'm better than them, all of them." I throw another knife and another hitting bull's eye each time. I was not going to have any allies thats the not the way I roll. The girl from Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Quebec were also very attractive but nunavut female and nove scotia female just looked weak. Whatever, I walk out of the training room choosing not to work on any other weapons other than knives because I have really good exprience with those weapons. I walk into the sleep and eat section and go into my room seeing the games start 21 hours 04 min and 43 secs. 

Sally Gulk

I walk around training looking at the careers, the loners, looks like everyone had picked out what they wanted to be. Allies or loners. I hadn't I still didn't know. Which one was safer? like really. I've watched many hunger games in my life time since i was 2. Lots of them they win with having an ally for help but others just get backstabbed by there ally. With all my confusion I walk over to axe's section, there's to types of axes in this game, battle axe and throwing axe. I take the throwing axe which was a lot lighter and swing it at the bulls eye. The pressure makes the axe go flying it hits the wall going into the wall. I lok around everyone looks at me and the careers laugh.

"What a fool!" The girl from Quebec says and my cheeks go red and I feel my face getting hot. I feel tears come to my eyes as everyone begins laughing even on careers. I sprint for the door swinging it open going to the lobby and I head to the sleep and eating dorms and go on my bed and cry. "Nobody would ally with me, i'm a joke" I think to myself. 

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