You can have 3 tributes

There will be 6 stages

Stage 1 (Building) (3 will die) 21 left (10 will not take part)

Stage 2 (Park) (5 will die)16 Left (11 will not take part)

Stage 3 (Haunted House) (5 will die) 11 Left (7 will not take part)

Stage 4 (City street) 7 Left (4 will die) (1 will not take part)

Stage 5. (Resteruant Kitchen) 3 Left (4 will die)

Stage 6. (Steel cage (13 meters above lava) ) (3 will die)


Nu Lunaii

Nu Profiles

Reservations last lee 6 hours..

Sequel: Dead museum.







If all there are all boys or all girls near finales when they will kill each other off

Name Age/place Gender Morolith 18 male
Ivory 18 male
Patrick 18 male
Raven 21st male
Vincent 17 male
Fertua 22nd male
Grant 16 male
Edilio 15 male
Tad 15 male
Bobby 14 male
Isaac 23rd. male
Richard 13 male
Shae 17 female
Diamond 17 female
Celeste 16 female
Ella 15 female
Jarnee 15 female
Marina 15 female
Orianna 15 female
Jillian 14 female
Anna 14 female
Lelia 13 female
Manunava 13 female

NOTICE: if you see yours/ or one of your's tributes names below they will NOT be taking part in round 1; they will be safe.











If you didn't see yours of one of your tributes names they WILL be taking part in round one you will vote for who dies for the first 3 rounds! <poll> Who do you want to die in round 1? Manunava Morolith Celia Jarnee Grant Vincent Marina Patrick Raven Shae Fertua Ella Bobby </poll>

Round 1


"You will kill each other off" "In rounds" Gasps spread across the room as our mentor says it. "First off all there is an unequal number of boys and girls so that's not going to work." all the boys take a step back, suddenly our trainer takes out a knife.

Screams burst out everywhere.

I look around I'm in a room the walls a glass. and down below I see a city, a park, and cage, and a kitchen. Suddenly I here a crunch and turn around to see Issac being stabbed in the face by our trainer. All of us run to the other room. And screams get louder. Now 10 of you wont be in round 1. 14 of you will get to sit out of a round by the 3rd round 11 will be left. "So who wants to be out round 1?" Ella looks at me and whispers "Go; Anna I'll be fine"

I nod slowly and give her a huge hug, then I walked towards the platform 8 of us want to be out of round 1.

"I need one more!" I look at Ella "go!"

Ella runs up only to be pushed down by Tad she falls down the steps. Tad goes beside me.

Okay the rest of the glass go into on of the glass tubes. They all walk in one nervously.

"Now one weapon will drop beside you" All the weapons dropped I see that Bobby got a twig. I turn towards Ella seeing she got some type of gun!

Relief goes over me.


I don't want ot fight; I really don't my tube come out into a building a large room with a front desk. All 13 of us then we see the contdown 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1..


We all run out of are tubes Fertua is stabbed in the face by accident.

"Fertua!" I scream and run over to him "Edilio...I don't want to..di.." His eyes pop open and I turn around to see Raven!

"Raven!" I gasp

"Hello" he says holding the gun "What happened to Fertua"

"h..he was stabbed" I push the words out "By someone"

Raven smiled and reloaded the gun. I paniced and ran into the cafe'.

"Raven, no!" I scream as gun shots brust into the cafe.

I'm shot in the back and fall backwards screaming I play dead clutching onto my knife. Then once he walks pass me I scream grab him by the neck and begin strangling him he pushs me off of him but I'm able to dig my knife into his leg.

He screams in pain and falls over. I go ontpp of him.

I lean down and whisper into his ear.


(Round 1 is over! :3)

Note: Females are winning.

Isaac Male Fertua Male

NOTE: If you see your tributes name they will NOT be round 2











<poll> Who do you want to die in round 2? Ella Marina Celeste Ivan Edilio Diamond Shae Orianna Jillian Patrick </poll>

Round 2


We all walk into our tube and begin lowering down.

Females are winning, I smile at that.

Our tubes make a loud noise and we rise into a park...

Trees are all over.

10, 9, 8,

I grab my Machete

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO!

All the girls move out wating for the males then I hear a whistle and turn around.

Too late as a knife digs into my head.


I run and climb up a tree I see the rest of them all 10 of them the girl cirle the guys I hear two screams and cannons they move away and I see the two dead bodies of Edilio and Patrick.

I turn around and see Shae and Diamond climbing up a tree, Shea and I were great friends until last year when it happened.

I drop down and run to her Then suddenly I hear a scream and Shaes body falls 20 feet! I run over to her; dead. I look up to see Diamonds sickle all bloody and look closer to see tht Sheas thorat was slit. I heard another scream and knew.

This is hell.

(Round 2 over)

NOTE: Females are winning though Males beat them in round 2

Deaths round 2
Marina Female Edilio Male
Patrick Male
Shae Female
Elle Female

Note: If You see your tributes name they will NOT be in round 3. And will be 100% safe.








<poll> Who Do you want to die in round 3? Richard (m) Grant (m) Celia (f) Vincent (m) Jarnee (f) Jillian (f) Tad (m) Anna (f) </poll>

4 of the 8 will be voted out (m) stands for male and (f) stands for female

Round 3


I clutch my Hammer

I know I know, bad weapon.

All fro of us males Tad, Vincent, Grant, and me, spawn together. In the creepist Haunted house ever.. The room was all dark. Suddenly I walked out of the room with Grant.

"So Gran-"

Suddenly the floor collasped and me and Grant went a floor under us; we where in one of those mine carts that was moving.

I heard gun shots and turned around to see all 4 of the girls shooting at us. I grabbed Grants grenade I saw Anna shot and it deflected on the metal hitting Jarnee in the face.

My mouth dropped and Anna screamed and shot Grant in the neck.

"Grant!" I gasped and I suddenly got shot in the waist I threw the grenades and all the girls tried to climb out of the mine cart.


THE smoke cleared. There bodies where laying on the ground. I saw Jillian move at least 3 of her bones where broken. She looked at Celia's body ; her head wasn't even attached to her body.

She screamed as I pushed her down onto the hard ground. I leaned down and whispered into her ear..

"The guys are so going to win this"

Deaths Gender Jarnee Female
Grant Male
Anna Female
Celia Female

NOTE: Males are winning, females work harder to win!

Note: If you see your tributes name they will NOT be in round 4






<poll> Who do you want to die in round 4? Ivory (m) Diamond (f) Bobby (m) Celeste (f) Morolith (m) Manunava (f) </poll>

3 of 6 will be voted out.

Round 4


"And know" says our trainer

"We shall now begin round 4!"

My heart froze.

"And we have a twist"?

Uh Oh? I thought.?

"One person who is safe shall take part in round 4!" The traner said putting her hand in the bowl.

And the student that will not be safe is...


Tad walked down the safe zone in a hurry and glanced at me.?

I walked into my tube.

Beside Tad's.?

The Tube began to lower.?

and Lower.

And soon..

We were in a...

city street..

I spawned with all 3 girls.

Diamond threw her sickle at Bobby's back.

He fell to the ground!

I ran to the edge of the street and went inside a car hiding in the front.

I hide... and heard another scream.

Suddelny a hand grabbed my neck.

I screamed as I was pushed to the back seat.

I turned to see Morolith..

He raised his axe in the air I closed my eyes.

This is the end I thought.

I heared a slash and opened my eyes..?

Morolith had a throwing axe in the front of his head.

I turned around.

TAD! he saved me!

I smiled at him he reached though the window and grabbed my hand pushing me out of the car. I didnt speak instead I was lifted into the air?

Round 4 was over.?

Deaths Gender Bobby Male
Manunava Female
Morolith? Male

Note:? Its A tie!?

4 males

4 females


Round 4

(Jillian Had a Heart attack pre round right after Round 4) 


"Okay" Whispers Celeste in a low voice.

"You can allie with me and Tad" "Then we'll all survive to final 3"

Her whisper got lower and more quiet "Them we'll escape we have a plan to escape"

"What is it?" I ask

"Well" She says Whispering in a lowe voice "EVery round there is a box located on a roof or in a tree"

"Inside the box is a tunnel" She whispers again

"Me and Tad saw it in round 4.

"At the end of the tunnel I saw..."

"Saw what?" I asked

"Light!" She excalmed!

My jaw dropped

There was a way out

"Okay" yelled our trainer "Let round 5 begin" 

"5 of you will die"

We looked around everyone looked nervous, expect for Diamond.

Who was grinning at me and bitting her lower lip, so sexy...

We walked into our tubs and they where lowerd 

Soon we all teleported to spawns in a Kitchen a huge one out side the kitchen there was some tables. I grabbed my gun. We all moved out. Ivory screamed! "I'm gunna Die!" "DIEEE!!!!!!! HE RAN RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE! He got shot about 6 times blood splattered everywhere. Lelia stepped infront of him and dropped the gun. "I'm so s-" she said in shock "I didn-" All the guys stepped back as Diamond came out of nowhere stabbing her in the back.

"Die *****" She sneered

She grabbed Lila's gun. And ran off but grinned at me first.

I ran under a pot and Saw Celeste she motioned me over.

I ran over to her. 'Till I heard a gun shot and backed up me, Tad and Celeste looked up to see,


Vincent ran behind her.

She turned around and shot him 4 times in the back he fell over and groaned. 

Then Orianna came and she did the exact same.

Me and Tad looked at each other in shock. 

"What the hell do you think you're doing with my man Celeste?" 

"He's mine!" She picked me up.

and then began making out with me! 

She started dragging me behind some losed doors! 

I looked over to Celeste and Tad they got up! 

I tried to scream up I couldn't.

Then she took off my shirt, I grabbed my gun!

I shot her in the back.,

She screamed in pain and sneered at me! 

I tried to move towards Celeste and Tad they where running for me. 

My legs got all tied up and I was dragged across the floor, my legs tied up. 

Suddenly I went behind closed doors, and don't remember what happened next. 

- - - - 

I opened my eyes. 

"ugh" I moaned 

"Hello Richard" I turned to see Diamond smiling. "Yes, I drugged you" She said smiling I looked down to see I was wearing no clothes. 

I looked over to the door..


There had to be a way out.

I saw the gun shot wound on Diamonds back...

"So Richard.." Said Diamond. "Where's your brother?" 

"I'm not doing this" I grinned "You'll never know where he is because he is NOTHING to you!" 

She grinned "He was everything to me" 

"Save it" I said. I looked over to see my knife... 

The door started banging!

"RICHARD, RICHARD!" it was Celeste and Tad.

I panicked 

I screamed and fell over tied up and was able to grab the gun I shot wildly. 

I must of hit Diamond because she fell over. I hopped to the door..

But I never made it.

A knife went though my head..

Diamonds eyes popped open.

I knew she didn't mean to kill me...

Blood trickled down my cheek.

Tears trickled down my cheek. 

"Diamond won this round" 

"But in so many ways this is just Round 1"

"Just round 1" 

My eyes rolled to the back of my head.

Name  Gender Ivory Male
Lelia Female
Vincent Male
Orianna Female
Richard Male

3 Left

2 females 

1 male 

Round, 6!


"Are you ready?" asks Tad

"Game. On" I grin 

We go into our tube's not knowing if this plan was going to work. 

We all spawn in the metal cage.

Below us there is lava..

"Where is Diamond?" I ask

"Maybe sh-" 

I'm suddenly bolted to the ground my face its the bottom of the metal cage. 

"You thought you could beat me" Sneared Diamond in my face

"Well this bit-" She was bolted into the wall by Tad, he swung at her and missed has she punched the crap out of him. 

I looked, got up and ran for the metal box, I took out the screw we stole and and un screwed it and it fell open,

Only for Diamond to coem running over and start chocking me my I struggled unable to breath. She dragged me across the ground. Tad screamed something I cant say and bolted into her making her fall over he stabbed her in the shoulder just as he cut his chest. 

He fell back screaming.

I grabbed onto Diamond we rolled punching when she took out her knife I tried to get away but she kept a good grip . Tad pushed her over and I did a awesome backflip hitting Diamond in the face making her all ugly. She grabbed my hair pulling me into the cage slamming my face so close to the lava. My nose was so broken. Tad stabbed her in the side making her fall over I got a close look at her

Half of her hair was pulled off.

Her eye lids where gone!

She was bleeding all around just like me.

I felt my feet burn from Lava I screamed and fell over Tad grabbed my just as Diamond took her sickle and slammed it into my stomach, Tad stabbed her check hard she fell over scared and ran for the box, then ran into it and was gone.  

He pulled me up. And pushed me into the box and he saw sunlight..

At the end of the box was a city beautiful

I looked around..

No Diamond in sight

she probably  died from blood loss.

Tad leaned over and kissed me.

"We played, we played well"


Squel comes January 2nd 2013 

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