It's time, Dominos must have one couple will it be Knk? or ed? 


Day 1: bloodbath


Our plates rise from and I look around seeing Ed only a couple feet away. "60... 59...58...57" I look at cornucpia and see in it there is some cat nip, a throwing axe, a bow, and a first aid kit. Knk smiled at Ed who was across from her, "25... 24...23...22" Then Ed croutchs and we get ready to battle. Up in the mountians is Dominos in his kingdom awaiting the winner.

"5...4...3...2..1..GO!". We both dash for cornucpia and Ed grabs the cat nip and I grab a thorwing axe. I run around of cornucpia in search of water but I'm quickly knocked over by Ed who ate the cat nip. I kicked her and Ed went flying across Cornucpia screaming. 


I get to the ground, I cant believe her! Animal abuse. Luckily this cat nip allowed the feline inside of me to start a real cat fight.

I run at Knk full speed and she screams turning the last secound. "I'm not a dog" I think to myself "I'm not going to go flying down that hill because you turned the last secound! Dominos is mine!"

I run at Knk digging my claws into her and she falls over thorwing the throwing axe down onto my tail, cutting it off. I scream in pain and go onto her head pulling off some of her hair and she screamed.

I rammed into her again until she was able to get up and push me across Cornucpia. 


I look at Ed, she's bleeding but I look at my foot and see that I'm also bleeding bad. I run at Ed and she jumps right in the hair meaning buisniss and digs her claws into my face and attacks me blood flies everywhere. I fall to the ground kicking and screaming and I try to grab Ed by the neck but she's the fattest cat ever.

I kick her where her tail was as she screams in pain, I try to grab my throwing axe but she sees what I'm doing and digs her claws into my eyes and I fall down again bleeding and she takes a look at me. 

"Wow"she says "You're really fighting for Dominos?". I look at her "You talk?" I say confused. She grins "No, you just ate the capnip! Idiot!" She is putting catnip in my mouth. I take my axe trying to hit her but I miss and I fall down again she she bites my neck open.

Place Name
2nd KNKHungerGames
1st Ed

Day 2

There is no day 2 sucka!



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