I might quit or become inactive.

This is because theres a user that left because of me and I hope that if I leave they can come back.

I'm still deciding  here are some people I'll miss.

I'd like to stay a mod for now. 

I will be on Gf = Gravity Falls


I know it seemed like I hated you but really you're like little sister I never had. x3


You're an amazing person and I'm so glad you made me mod! You are an amazing mod and if I leave I'll miss you lots.


Even though we had some fights in November you're my friend! I hope that you comfort KNK if I leave she'll be super sad.


You where seriously one of the most amazing users and the best pony i've ever met! If I leave I hope you can visit me on Gravity Falls! 


Didn't know you much, but you seemed pretty cool I'll miss you too.


Even though he used to hate each other, we evuntally became friends I guess :3 I hope you get to be admin soon! You'd be great for that role.


You are an amazing user, I hope that you're going to be mod next nominations


Knk..what can I say, so much...


Ryan I'll miss you a lot you where a GREAT user and a GREAT friend and a GREAT mod! 


I'm sorry I couldnt kiss you without getting in trobule! And I died once! 

Remember I haven't choosen yet..

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