Welcome to the 50 states hunger games! at the 50 states hunger games there is 50 states that will battle to the death! If you want to sign up remeber this : I will not go to your profile to pick a tribute, Tribute 4 max. Also there is 1 person per. State not 2.

To sign up you must include State, Gender, Appernance, Sterngths, Weaknesses, Backstory (Opional) ill but up table soon!

what does it mean when i say..

Reserved - Reserved me someone took the spot to later make the trib.

Saved - saved is when am really tired and dont feel like putting in my tribs and i save it for tommrow

The State Tributes!
State Gender Strenghts Weakness Appernce



Good with swords


scard of almost anything

black hair, tall, green eyes,

Oregon Micky, Male Fast and Strong Falls for girls easy 63 Short black hair, Attractive, deep green eyes,
California Amanda, Female Hiding and being sneaky, Pretty, smart and a good climber and swimmer.

Lack of knowledge to weapons

Long black hair, Peach Skin, Green Eyes,
Idaho Jack,Male Good With Knives, Only Good with Knives, Tan, Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes,
Montana Hannah, Female Smart, Pretty, Seductive, Bossy & Mean Tan skin, Blonde hair, Bright blue eyes,
Wyoming Lauren, Female Plant Identifaction, Climbing, Swimming,Hand-to - hand combat Long Brown hair, Green Eyes,Tan Skin,5'1
Alaska Miku, Female


Used to cold weather,

Bad Temper, Hates Fire Colourful Hair, Golden Eyes, Tan Skin, Beautiful
Utah Mike, Male good with blowgun, machete Scared Of Dieing Blone Hair, Blue eyes, Tall, Tan Skin
Colorado Derrick, Male n/a doesnt know if they have any strenghts, brown hair, blue eyes
Nevada Jacob, Male Good With Throwing Knifes Short Skinny Long blonde Hair, Peach Skin
Arizona Gavin, Male Brute Strenght Temper mental

Brown Hair, BrownEyes, PaleSkin,

New Mexico Peter, Male Good hider, good runner, Knows Plants Can not adapt to eviorments quickly, Shoert, brown hair, hazel eyes,
Texas Thalia, Female If Someone angers her about family she will try and kill them. Her Family
Oklahoma Amber, Female Good Climber, good runner, Very smart, Good at hiding, Bad swimmer, Light brown hair
Kansas Shannon, Female Good hider, good with plants, Afraid of tornadoes tall, blonde hair, muddy eyes
Nebraska Justin, Male Good with weapons, good climber, bad swimmer, Brown Hair, Blue eyes, Peach Skin,
North Dakota Saraia, Female Good Swimmer, Good with Sling Shot, Good Aim, Strong Thrower, Can't Climb Dark Hair, Brown Eyes, Small,
South Dakota Katie, Female Good with throwing weapons, Fast. Weak, Bad with swords Black Hair, Dark eyes, Two pony tails
Iowa Allan, Male Knows His Envirmont, fast Easily Catchs a cold, Cannot Swim Blonde Hair, Small, Freckels
Missouri Lila, Female Good Hider, Smart, Good with plants, Gets Scared Easily Brown hair, Hazel Eyes,
Minnisota Lee, Male Javelin, Swimming Bad Tree Climber, Doesn't know about plants, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin,
lllinois Eden, Female Great with bow&arrow also very fit. Not strong Curly Blonde Hair, Green eyes, Pretty
Indiana Pheboe, Female good with bow and arrow, good with nature, good swimmer, Falls for guys easily, is afraid of spiders and snakes, Reddish curly hair, green eyes, pale skin,
Ohio Payton, Female Rock Climbing, Knives, Bad Swimmer, Bad at hand - to - hand Pale Skin, Freckles, Long curly Blond Hair, Blue Eyes,
Michigan Liam, Male Fast, Strong Bad Swimmer Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Small
Wisconsion Cassidy, Female Quick runner, Great aim, good at making friends, Very weak, cant swim, clumsy, Brown hair, Hazel eyes, olive skin,
North Carolina Van, Female Amazing Climber, Very Slow Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Tall,
Mississippi Helen, Female Swords, tree climbing, weak, bad hunter, Dark skin, tall, long hair, Blue Eyes,
South Carolina Reed, Male Axe, Agility, Bad Hunter, Weak, Red Hair, Green Eyes, Tanned Skin,

Caroline, Female

Making traps, Hiding, Smart, Edurance, Kills easy, Makes weapons, Very short temper, Long curly Red hair, Green eyes, Freckles
Georgia Jacob, Male Strong, Smart, Sweet, Knows Plants Bad Runner Tall, Strong, Black Hair, Blue eyes,
Florida Caylin, Female Great Tree Climber, Sneaky and great liar Hates Vomit and Bad Smells Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Tan Skin,
Arkansas Bronze, Male



Not Very smart Bronze Hair, Green Eyes, Peach Skin
Louisiana Reana, Female Plant Identifaction, fast swimmer, charismatic, Afraid of tight spaces, Weak, Small, Short, Black Hair, Green Eyes,
Kentucky Storie, Female Confusing Peolpe also good with nature. Hates Killing Long blonde hair.
Alabama Gunner, Male Small, Fast, Strong, He is crazy, wants to advenge his brothers, Six pack, Musuclar, messy black hair,
Pennsylvania Nikki,Female Smart, Fast, Strong, Good with nature Afraid of spiders, Dark drown hair, dark eyes, tannish skin, wavy hair,
Virginia Derrick, Male good with trident bow and arrow also good swimmer and sneaky, Too loud, falls for girls easily, Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin,
New York Dexter,Male Good With Sleuth Being Alone Black Hair, Brown Eyes. Ashen Skin
West Virginia Navy,Male Attractive, Muscular, Fast & Strong, Nose Bleeds, Falls for girls to easy, 62 Stock, Green eyes, Perfect teeth, Short black hair.
Maryland Gabriel, Male Small, Fast, Strong, Trustable Falls for girls easy, will do almost anything for someone,
New Jersey Carly, Female great in cold weather, amazing builder, good with nature, not afraid to get her hands dirty, very fast, strong, good aim cant swim, heals really slowly long dark hair, green eyes, tall, musular
Delawear Mark, Male Knives, Fast, Strong, Can't Swim Tall Brown Hair, Beatiful Blue Eyes,
Maine Twilight, Female Karate Allergic to nuts Purple Hair, Pale skin
New Hampshire Wyatt, Male extermly strong, fast swimmer, awsome at hand - to - hand Bam aim, afraid of dark, truts others to much, Blone Hair, Blue eyes, tan skin,
Vermont Bobby, Male Good with all weapons Scared Of Dieing Light Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Tan Skin,
Connecticut Charlie, Male He's ruthless doesnt hesitate to kill he's an idiot, makes dicisions without thinking, Clumsy Shaggy Black Hair, Tallish, Tanned, Snooby
Massaschusette Ella, Female Fast, Good Hunter, Hand - to - hand Combat Small, Dirty Blonde Hair, Pale, Blue eyes,
Rhode Island Demetria, Female good with axe, N/A Tan skin, blue eyes, Blonde Hair
Hawaii Lunaii, Female Charismatic,Flirty,Beauty



being turned down

Blonde Hair, Dark Eyes, Tann Skin, Pretty, Curvy body,

Dont ask about what happend to hawaii and Washington..I failed

The training building has 11 floors the 1st is for training and the others are the tribute's drooms

Careers: Arkansas, Kansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Georiga,

Alliance 1 : Califorinia, North Dakota, South Dakota

Alliance 2 : Washington, Flordia


Pre Training


Stupid Make up'. I think the tribute parade is over, that's the bright side for now. All 50 of us walk down a long hall where there are 13 elevetors, 1 peacekeeper is to my left. I look around and i see Rhode Island her costume is a small area with water all around it. Rhode Island's a Island? Funny.

Rhode Island's makeup is smearing,she's crying I look around more and see at least 5 peolpe crying, i'm not crying for some reason I just don't feel sad. I walk into the 5th elevator theres 3 other peolpe in there, The crying Rhode Island, Montana, who is dressed in sexy a red cow boy out fit,she must feel awkward, then theres Vermont. I'm not going to lie, he's pretty hot but the look in his eyes tell me to stay away, and so I will. Then the elevator beeps and Montana is pushed out of the Elevator at first she looks shocked but before the Elevator's close a tear begins to form.


Ow! I scream as peackeepers push me out of an Elevator Rude, Much. I mutter and stand up another elevator opens and Delawear is pushed out of the elevator, he stands up and looks at me. Our eye's lock for 3 seconds but I walk into the hall theres 10 doors all have names on them. Theres Kentucky, then theres Delawear, then Me! Iowa, I open it up and see the most beautiful place ever.

Wow. i gasp my bed is at least 7 feet long and like 5 feet wide with over 10 pillows and my own personal shower!. I look around some more and see a window I pull open the window and look out ''Oh my god. I scream theres at least 1000 peolpe out there. I shut the window, it's way to loud for me. I turn around and hear a noise, a girl crying her footsteps pound with anger and fear. I wonder who it is I wanna go home! she screams, I cover my ears so I don't need to hear her. Turns out her bed is the room beside mine, Crap. I mutter my perfect room is ruined with the sound of crying. My life will never be perfect, Huh.

Training Day 1


Aww,I say My wonderful bed.When suddenly my door opens wide scaring me half to death Morning!. My Escort says. Her face is hidden by 5 inchs of makeup, Oh god.. i mutter under my breath

What? she says

Nothing... I say

Now honey get up, get up! I weakly get up and yawn, Suddenly the Escort tells me to get into the shower. I stare at the shower and shake my head I hate showers. Fine! snorts my stupid Escort rolling her eyes come, come. she says and i follow her out of the room. I turn to see Maine eating egg's and toast i take a seat beside her. She looks at me and says.

Hi. I look at her about, 4 seconds later i shyly say back What's Up?

Well, she says I'm in the State games and I'm going to verus 49 other peolpe I'm not sure why but I giggle a little. What? says Maine, Nothing, i reply But I'm also in the state games! she laughs and says see you around Indiana and walks away. Towards the elevator

I can't believe it Someone kinda likes me!


Beep! says the Elevator and the door opens and out I come out I see 7 other peolpe I don't know what state's but I saw one in the tribute parade, Maryland. Then i see a girl i think she's from California I turn around and 20 peolpe get out of the elevators! wow I say. I walk over to the spear section and the Next time I turn around 49 of us are all here it's huge. lots of sections lots of-

The elevator beeps and someone walks out and all 24 boys inculding me stop and stare, out steps Hawaii her blonde hair goes past her shoulders. It was like she was walking in slow motion, In other words she was the hottest girl ever. Now all the girls where staring most in Envy others just becuase everyone one else was.

She stared at us and when to the spear section beside me her lips only meters away, aww. her lips I could already taste them. She threw the spear and it hit the bulls eye. To my suprise at least 20 of the guys clapped and whistled. She flipped her hair backwards to show off and gave a half smile 3 mintues later we all went back to throwing spears and other stuff.


Hmmm I look around there's lots of stuff even a Blow Gun station I see the A throwing knife station 5 peolpe are there by the names of Washington, Massaschusette, Minnisota, Louisiana, and Arkansas they where all really good. I look over my right and saw Hawaii with Kansas then Louisana and Arkansas walked over to her. They shook hands and got down to buisness.

These where this year's careers


Lunch Time! rung a bell and I looked at the Careers talking really loud and laughing I find a table and walk over to it. Beside me sits Oregon, then Arizona, and about 6 other states. I eat salad I'm eating when a sandwich hits my head and explodes on the side of my face. I turn to see Hawaii laughing You look so funny yells Kansas Oh - No I think, tears are begining to fall on my face. I run away to the bathrooms to hide.


We all walk back are head trainer, Nautia wants to talk to us. We all sit around while she talks to us In 13 - 17 days 49 of you will be dead 1 will not I look around Hawaii...all the guys are staring at her, I'm not sure why but I envy her so much!. Then there was California, beatuiful black hair and peach skin.

Then there was me I cared about this a lot, Hawaii's hair was blonder than mine. Her skin is more tanned than mine- I need to stop who care's about Hawaii she's a career and she's looking at me.. I stand there our eyes are locked. She's Glaring I quickly look towards the bow & arrow section instead.


After Nautia stops talking I go over to the bow and arrow section i'm not good or anything...but i'll do it anyways. The shoot the first arrow... it hits about 40 inchs away from the bullseye, Ouch. I say That's not very good then I shoot again.. it hits about 30 to 35 inchs away! i'm getting better! I think. And take the bow and shoot the arrow goes flying the other way and hits a metal bar. Duck! screams someone.

I turn around in shock and see the arrow slide right into Kansas's foot. Oh My God! screams Kansas in pain You Stupid Idiot!. screams Hawaii. Wow, that was nice of her. Kansas is bleeding, Nautia quickly rushes over and says I'll get Kansas over for today! and then peacekeepers broke though the doors and took Kansas away. As i walk towards the elevator looks of hate go my way I go on an Elevator fake crying then when i get to floor 8 i run into my room and grin, I nearly killed a Career. Yes!

Training Day 2


"we need a new member." I say

"like...a new career?" whispers Kansas I look down at her foot it's all in bandages. "yes." i say. we look around theres some good peolpe there's Pennsylvaina, Then there's...Bingo. Georgia is amazing he holds a mace in his hand and slashes a dummy into little bits.

"Ark?" says Hawaii

"yea.." i say

"Who are you looking at?." says Hawaii and Lousiana

"Georgia." i say "i think he should be a career"

"Okay," says Hawaii and Lousiana and Kansas. There all girls so it's good that there can be 3 girls and 2 guys maybe there will be 3 guys but we don't want to look like we let anyone join us. So Kansas walks up to him and asks whispers to him "Hey, i was wondering if you wanted to be a career? this is a one time question" He said okay and walked over to the rest of us.

And just like that the careers got more dangrous.


I throw my spear it almost hits the bullseye

"yes!." i say way to loud North dakota goes beside me and throws.

"wasn't it crazy yesterday when Ohio nearly killed Kansas?" she whispers

"Yea." i say

"I hear kansas is a career" say says whispering again. I stop and turn around to see 5 careers Lousiana, Kansas, Hawaii, and Arkansas, and Georiga. Then an idea pops into my head, no one else are allies and I need allies!.

"North Dakota?" I say

"yes?" she replys

"um..want to be allies?" for a moment theres slience then she grins


"Good!" I say really loud it was almost a scream... we shake hands and go over to the bow and arrow section.


"Dammit!" i threw my sword only to get Close! to the bullseye to me close is not enough it is never enough I get up and walk towards the careers but instead pass them i'll save my anger for later. Later as in the games when i begin ripping throats out and stabbing as many peolpe as i can get becuase I don't care who i kill this is how i'll win.

Texas throws a axe and misses.

Wiscoinsion shoots with a blow gun and does horrible.

so many peolpe but very few mean any threat to me.

New York

Apperntly, we only have 2 days of training which means we have private training now we all stand up and get into a lined and begin walking down a hall it was a little scary. Then we where in a dark hall when we all had to stand behind a glass wall away from everyone else but there was 3 peace keepers with us. I looked down at the cracked ground. Before i knew it i was next to go up i stood up and walked in.


State: Score: Note:

Place   State  Score          Gamemakers Note
  1. Arkansas 11/12 There was not thing left in the room
  2. Hawaii 11/12 One word : Amazing
  3. Georgia 10/12 He broke a wall
  4. Louisana 10/12 Killed 2 peacekeepers
  5. California 10/12 -Bull's eye!
  6. Vermont 10/12 - He got mad at me if he was nice he would get an 11.
  7. Kansas 9/12 - Pure Skill, but a little dull.
  8. Phili 9/12 - Wow...that was so great!
  9. New Mexico 9/12 - they brought the heat
  10. Illoins 9/12 - Super Smart
  11. Alabma 9/12 - He got Spunk!
  12. Delawear 9/12 - They wow'd us!
  13. New Jersey 9/12 - So swift you can't even see her run by.
  14. North Dakota 8/12 - Did good camo work
  15. Missouri 8/12 - Strong and fast but not the sharpst tool in the shed.
  16. Virginia 8/12 - Bulls eye was hit a LOT
  17. Kentucky 8/12 - swung that sword like crazy
  18. Alaska 8/12 - could survive the cold and make it look liek childs play.
  19. Ohio 8/12- Swift but strong, unbreakable
  20. Nebraska 7/12 - Good but not anything speical
  21. Montana 7/12 - Swing her axe with power but not with good aim.
  22. Idiana 7/12 - Run everyone!
  23. Flordia 7/12 - Okay but not a huge threat
  24. South Dakota 7/12 - Good aim but throws weakly.
  25. Oregon 7/12 - Showed the game makers he is in the running for victor.
  26. North Carolina 7/12 - Did okay..
  27. Wyoming 7/12 - Swung the whip fast but the aim was off.
  28. Texas 6/12 Threw her axe but missed but did good with camo.
  29. Maryland 6/12 - Fell on rope climbing and did okay with camo
  30. Connecticut 6/12 - only did good with swords and stealth
  31. Arizona 6/12 - Did okay with bow and arrow
  32. Iowa 6/12 - Fast but sturggled with good aim
  33. Oklahoma 6/12 - Didn't know nature at all but was good with a lot of weapons
  34. New York 6/12 - Small and a little weak but had good aim
  35. Nevada 5/12 - Low score and not really a threat
  36. New Hampshire 5/12 - Seemed Really weak.
  37. Wisconsin 5/12 - Normal State.
  38. Rhode Island 5/12 - Was dull and not amazing at anything but not to shabby.
  39. Maine 5/12 - Okay, but was bad with aim almost got a 4.
  40. Utah 4/12 - Broke bow and arrow was extermly dull but was pretty fast.
  41. Massachusetts 4/12 - doesnt know when to run away and has bad aim.
  42. Washington 4/12 - Was smart but didnt use weapons.
  43. Minnesota 4/12 - tried to use sling shot but it hit the wall.
  44. Mississippi 3/12 - Fell a lot and asked if there are any rats here.
  45. South Carolina 3/12 - Shot self in the eye with slingshot
  46. West Virginia 3/12 - almost ate nightlock
  47. Idaho 3/12 - Almost got 1 but they stood but after a while at shot bow and arrow it did hit the target.
  48. Tennesse 3/12 - Nearly got 2 but climbed fake tree kinda quickly.
  49. Colorado 2/12 - fell around a lot and knocked over bow and arrows
  50. Michigan 2/12 - punched self in face then layed on ground and said i hate this

Before The Games


were eating lunch and theres a countdown on the wall the games start in 1 hour and two mintues now one mintue.

Then the scores pop up Arkansas coems first it reachs 20 were the scores are 7/12 and my name is still not there. then it's a 30 by now all the good states are in. over 30 it keeps going then when it hits 5/12 im the first name. "Ugh!" i think i turn to see alliences South dakota walks over to North Dakota and California. Then the scores hit the 40's and the careers start laughing at these bad scores 4/12 and then last three did really bad. one layed on the ground. At least i got a 5 i think not a 2 and im in the middle 35th not making me a target like the first 10 or last 10. The worst career, Kansas came 7th and she looked so mad it was scary. then the countdown came back on the television 50 mintues left.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.


26 Mintues left. "All 50 states stand up please" says a voice we all stop eating and stand up. suddenly and wall breaks open!! a couple peolpe scream and over 30 peace keepers come out. They begin taking us im grabbed i try to struggle but it's no use

"Let me go!" i scream we are all grabbed and put into a room it looks like a cut off airport gate. Theres 2 hovercrafts that will be bording in 10 mintues. The games start in 24 mintues so the arena is 11 or 12 mintues away. Theres two washrooms and a lot of chairs I sit down when flordia sits beside me. she looks at me and says.

"Don't go in the girls washroom, I swear to god a Junkyard is cleaner that that place"

I laugh a little "Wasn't thinking about it" I said

"Good" she whispers I look around when she whispers again.

"Don't the Careers look full of it"

"Yeah, Isn't that there job" i say

"I guess....Hey, do you want to be allies i mean i sorta feel like having an allie" She said the words i hoped for!

"Sure!" I say

We shake hands and then we hear the words "Now Bording!" we both go into the hovercraft god knows what will await us.

The Games

Day 1 : Blood & Tears

West Virginia

The tubes come above ground theres cornucpia and a huge screen the timer starts "60..59...58..57..56..55..54" I look around beside me is New Hampshire and Utah both looking fit. "48..47...46...45..44" I had the right to be scared.

I was scared i look at the careers there grinning ready to kill, Hawaii the freakin hottest thing ever looking at her makes time stop. Time maybe stopping but the countdown surely wasn't "37...36...35...34....33" about 20 states take the places getting ready. No one has jumped off there plate maybe i should it would be a lot quicker and a nicer death.... "20...19...18..." everyone is ready now Theres a red backpack near me but Utah might try to get it also. "13...12....11....10" Oh no final 10 I maybe i should take part in blood bath! "8...7....6....5...4..3...2...1"

"Ladies and Gentlemen Let the State Games Begin!"

Death Chart
Place State Killed Killed By Death Day 50th Kentucky Stabbed Wildly Arkansas 1
49th Delawear Hit in head with axe. Kansas 1
48th Michigan Stabbed in the back. Vermont 1
47th Kansas




Hawaii 1
46th Maine

Stabbed &Bleeds to death

Vermont 1
45th New York Stabbed in Mouth Louisana 1
44th Arizona Stabbed twice then bleeds to death Texas 1
43rd West Virgina Slit Throat Flordia 1
42nd Missouri Shot with bow &arrow Washington 1




in back

Pennslyvainia 1
40th Oregon


to death

Vermont 1
39th Louisana


and bleed to death

Hawaii 1
38th Arkansas


to death

Hawaii 1
37th Vermont Quick sand Quick Sand 1
36th Washington


to death

North Dakota 2
35th North Carolina


and Kicked to death

Hawaii 2
34th Alabama



New Hampshire 2
33nd North Dakota Stabbed and later Infected Partly Flordia 2
32st Idaho Died of nightlock Nightlock 3
31th New Hampshire Explosion Bomb 3
30th West Virginia Explosion Bomb 3
6th (Victor?)
5th (Victor?)
4rd (Victor?)
3rd (Victor?)
2nd (Victor?)



A good 40 of us run to Cornucpia Arkansas grabs a back back when Kentucky grabs it they wrestle for it when Arkansas picks up a knife from the ground. He then begins stabbing Kentucky wildly the knife then hits Kentucky's heart.


I run into Delawear a really hot guy but this isnt the hot games this is the state games i punch him in the face he falls to the ground. He punchs me and grabs for a spear I grab an axe and strike it right into his temple.


"Yes!" i say my first kill, it felt good. Michigan the dumbest person on earth runs right into Cornucpia he comes out with Vermont grabbing his neck and stabbing him in the back Then Michigan falls on the ground and bleeds it out.


It's only been 40 secounds and peolpe are totally dieing.


I've killed 1 person I grab my bloody Knife and choose tributes to kill Massachusettes stands on her plate in fear, I don't like fear. I dont know why i do it but i grab her and being chocking her. She doesn't struggle but makes noises i see her face slightly go purple and she lets out a dry scream. the scream slowly fades away She punches me then then her hand goes on the grass.


When i move my hand away i can see my hand marks on her neck. I go back to cornucpia.


My plan is set do they really think i'm going to be allies with them, Idoits speaking of Idiots ill start with the stupidest one, Kansas. She's fighting with Wisconsin almost about to kill her when I turn her over and stab her in the heart the look on her face is shock.


looks like Lousiana, Arkansas, and Georgia are to busy to see that I feel a little nice so i let Wisconsin go she runs away. Maine was about to leave cornucpia when Vermont grabbed her by the neck and stabbed her in the back of the leg, She fell on the ground he then stabbed her in the back. Lousiana is fighting with New york Georgia is getting supplies and Arkansas is running around with a blood knife.


I turn around and see Maine dead her body floats away New york is quickly dies when Lousiana drives her sword into his mouth.



I grab a yellow pack and turn to see West Virginia is about to kill washington when Flordia come's behind him and grabs his head and smahes it into the ground he still holds Washington by the neck. I and grabbed and thrown into the ground by texas.

"Hello!" she says

"Hi" i say

"Allies.?" she says

"Not with you ugly hag" i snort

By my suprise her knife digs into my leg i grab her neck and attempt to snap it but i can't because my leg is in so much pain! She stabs me again

"Yea, im the ugly one" she says and walks away my blood pours out before i can replace it i shouldnt have said that i guess. Then the darkness takes me away.



Flordia is fighting with West Virginia when Missouri jumps on me her knife almost digs into my flesh but i turn the last secound Flordia is still fighting with him when she grabs the knife and slits his throat.


Missouri sees this and runs away when she is running i grab my bow & arrow and shoot it hits her in the back of the head. she falls on the ground.


My first kill didnt feel very nice.


Most peolpe have left only a couple are dead this was a bad bloodbath, Mississipi ran right into Pennslyvania she stabs him deep in the neck.


Oregon runs and and Vermont is able to grab him and throw him onto the ground Oregon struggles but after 4 stabs he gives up.


Vermont, Pennslylvainia, and all of the carrers are here.

Hawaii walks up to me and says "Look Georgia come look!" we walk over Louisana and Arkansas are already there Kansas is dead her body lays there all cut up.

"Who did this!" Cries Hawaii

"Who Knows..maybe vermont" says Louisana

"Yeah." i say Vermont killed like 3 peolpe

"Okay..." says Louisana "Lets go south"

"No," replys Hawaii "I want to go North"

"Shut up Hawaii south is way better" she says

"What did you just tell me to do" she yells grabbing her knife


Suddenly Hawaii hits Louisana in the back and she falls to the ground "What the heck!" yells Arkansas and then Hawaii stabs her in the back. "Louisana!" yells Arkansas and Hawaii grabs her knife and implants it into Arkansas's Shoulder and stabs him again the the Chest. Then she delievers Lousiana i final blow in the back of the head.


I step back and begin to run away. Then i hear

"Hawaii.. you stuck up little bi-" Then there was a scream and the slashing noise of blood then Silence


I keep running Hawaii throws a knife at me but misses i run into the forest away from her, I can't Believe what just happend. hawaii must have killed Kansas also and shes after me.


I walk deep into the forest with my bloody knife I killed 3 peolpe and i felt happy about that. i'm walking when i notice im sinking..IM IN QUICK SAND i panic and thrash around the sand goes up to my waist..then my chest!.

"Help!" i scream and try to grab a stick the sand gets up to my neck. I begin to break down and cry when it goes into my mouth i can't breath I go under. It's all black and i feel like im drowning. I struggle i can't move my hands. Finally i run out of Air.



Day 2: you can run but you cant hide...


I New Hampshire carefully, he doesn't even notice me. I'm in thw abandoned town there is about 10 other states here but its a big town. Some of the buildings are really worn down. New Hampshire keeps looking around thinking about which house to go into. Suddenly he turns and are eyes lock right away!.

"Hey!" he screams and takes out his bow & arrow. I run into a rally abandoned house he runs in after me when suddenly the roof begins to fall. "Open the door!" I scream.

"I can't, It's Jammed!" he yells then a brick falls on his head and he drops.

"New Hampshire!?!" I yell and run over to him, That's when a brick falls on me.


We walk into the forest

"Flordia?" said Washington

"Yes" i reply

"I think i hear something!" he screams I turn around and there stand California, South Dakota, and North Dakota. California rams into me and i scream and fall backwards hitting the ground. South Dakota and North Dakota hit Washington with a sword.

"No!" i scream

Then Washington is stabbed twice.

I punch California twice in the face and run at North Dakota who pushes South Dakota the last secound so instead my Sword digs into his thiegh. He falls to the ground in pain i begin kicking her this girl power alliance is going to come to and end right now.


I turn around to see Washingtons body stabbed about seven times north Dakota keeps stabbing.

"YOU IDIOT!" i scream and run at her with my sword she screams and I stab her. When California grabs me and runs im being dragged when we hit a river she throws me onto the ground beside it and runs away.

Now he's dead, and I never told him that I loved him.

North Carolina

Hawaii is so hot, and getting her to make out with me was pretty easy.

"Your so hot" i say

"you to" she replys in a deeper voice.

Then we start kissing again my hands are about to go to her waist. When suddenly Im pushed onto the ground and stabbed twice then she kicks me in the face.

"Your so Foolish" she sneers and kicks me again and again. I start crying "why was i so stupid" i think

she leans down and puts her hand though my hair.

"Aww, your crying" she says "Do you want me to get you a crib also"

Oh how i wish someone kills her. Then before i'm able to say anything else im stabbed again.


New Hampshire

These idiots don't know to play this game right, I walk into Cornucpia Alabama and Iowa sitting there enjoying themselves 'till they see me.

"Hey!" Lowa screams and grabs a sword and runs towards me.

I felt trapped I has no where to go well behind me there was the forest but i didnt want to go running like a little wimp, so I attack and ramp into Alabama I hear a scream and Iowa runs off.

Alabama has a stabbing wound and is shaking on the ground until i stab him again.


My first kill woo! this is becoming a little fun.


North Dakota is in serious pain South Dakota also, North Dakota is clearly infected he's sleeping.

South Dakota walks over to to south dakota and puts there hand over North Dakota's heart.

"It's slowing" says South Dakota

"there nothing left we can do" I whisper and tear up

"He's dieing?" whispers South Dakota and i nod

I cry and walk over towards the edge of are camp South Dakota pats my back and whipsers in my ear a pretty scary thing.

"At least it's not you."

I took that as a theart for some reaso-


Tears began to fall faster.

Day 3: Tick..Tock..


I clutch low in the forest and hear footsteps, with the state flag on there back i knew it ws Idhao he was a small figure looked about 15 but only going over 5 feet. He clutch low taking out a knife, and began climbing up a tree way way up....I got out of the bush... Ony to hear a scream it was bloody and then a cannon went off.


Idaho fell from the tree landing on the ground, I crawled over to his body, a small tear dropped on my face. I never wanted to see this happen have random peolpe killings other random peolpe. I had to stop this game. 


I run though the forest, she's after me.  Hawaii was goin to make sure my heart was not beating by the time these games end. She could be anywhere, I look around. No one seems to be here so I choose to go down to the lake and get some water... Ugh i'm so tired and hungry, no sponsers yet. Suddenly I hear a movement and a huge explosion.



I see a girl's body going flying into the hair and she lands on the ground about 60 feet away from me, I begin runing over to her but I'm so tired and worn out, I choose not to... she's dead so it doesn't matter. I'm walking to the lake when I began hearing a moan, coming from the girl? I walk towards her body, she was alive. Burnt with scars on her body. I lean down and take out my firs aid kit and wrap some cloth around her cut in her leg.

"What's your name" I ask

She smiles "My names Hannah, I'm from the state of Montana"

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