These games will have Reapings, chariot rides, Training, Training scores, interviews, bloodbath, feast, and ending!


Can make 3 tributes!



District                                            Name


Cause of death

1m                                     Mason Spartan     
1f                                       Diamond Shimmer
2m                                     Callisto Evergrow
2f                                        Galina Kiltova
3m                                       Noah Kiltova

Lyric Benoit

4m                                    Suzuki Hickey
4f                              Nebraska *Nebby*Adair
5m                                      Buzzy Tee
5f                                        Detria Glace
6m                                Redlow Fexpo                
6f                                   Ella Webster  
7m                               Blaze Woods
7f                                   Diamond Jackson
8m                                 Dusk Storm
8f                                    Kumori Nikko
9m                                 Finch Shadows
9f                                  Emily Hillridge
10m                              Jack Lander
10f                                Forest Green
11m                             Darrel Wension
11f                               Harvest  Orchid        
12m                             Ash Clark
12f                                Firess Hunfro 


Alliance 1 (Careers): Diamond Shimmer, Callisto Evergrow, Galina Kiltova, Suziky Hickey and Nebarska Adiar. 

Alliance 2: Mason Spartan, Blaze Woods and Diamond Jackson.

Alliance 3: Jack Lander and Harvest Orchid. 

Alliance 4: Ash Clark and Firess Hunfro. 

Alliance 5: Noah Kiltova and Lyric Benoit. 



1.Beatiful Mistakes

2.Hybrid Shadow






8.Wiki Contributor

9.Midget In a bikini





District 1 (Mason)

Awww, the little 12 year olds! They look so eager to kill, this made me happy District 1 is getting stronger soon we will just win every single game. 

"Welcome, welcome!" our escort says 

"It's time to choose our one boy and girl for the annual hunger games!" she jumps up and down in exictment. 

"For the boys.... Glen Coco" I follow me eyes and see Glen Coco is a 12 year old, "this is crap!" I hiss "I volunteer!" I yell, District 1 would be nothing with a 12 year old, how pathetic.

"And we have a volunteer!" our escort smiles but it's no suprise District 1 always has volunteers because we actually care about our district unlike those pathetic outer districts! They disgust me!. I walk up to the stage I see the crowd smiling, I am a good strong tribute that will win. 

"What is your name?" The escort asks I lean down to the microphone "Mason Spartan" the crowd cheers. I know I'm going to win these games, some districts will be oh so easy. Are escort giggles "And for the girls.... Diamond Shimmer!" The girl, is tall with dirty blonde hair and very pretty, she walks up and we shake hands, "this is going to be fun" I think.

District 2 (Galiana)

I sit in the crowd "this is boring" I think to myself and our escort walks up, that took awhile. I was wearing my best clothes from Captiol they where the lastest fashion and I looked amazing! So beautiful. 

"And for the girls" I brace myself "Galiana!" 

I grin, this was good. "I volunteer!" I hear a voice in the crowd. I turn around to see a girl who is maybe 14. "No, I re - volunteer!" I hiss at her. Our escort grins "What a twist!" 

I smile and walk up to the stage and wave to the crowd showing off my dress smiling they clap and some of the boys whistle. 

Our escort smilies, "And for the boys... Callisto!" A musular teenage walks towars the stage he's midely attractive with short brown hair. We shake hands and go into the Justice hall, my family comes in all worried, I tell them not to worry because I was going to win. 

District 3 (Noah)

I feel the hot dry ground on my feet nice and warm, our escort comes up and is smiling like usual her captiol out fit was so werid I wanted to puke on her face. That snitch put on a fake smile every year and was all "Happy Hunger Games!" it pisses me off. 

"Happy Hunger Games!" she smiles as usual. "And for the boys" I see her pasty white hand go into the large glass bowl and pull out a name, I was hoping it wasn't mine. "Noah Kiltova" but it was. I stare in shock for a secound knowing that no one would volunteer for me I begin to slowly walk towards the stage, all the other boys are looking at me as I pass, most of them smiling it wasn't them. I walk up the steps knowing I woulds have to touch that ladies ugly skin. I walk up to the stage and put on a fake smile. 

"Now for the girls!" our escort says her hand goes in the bowl. "Lyric Benoit!" a short, thin girl with brown hair, walks slowly towards the stage she is beautiful i instently blush and she looks at me weridly, crap. She can tell I'm blushing. I look away "Now shake hands you too!" our escort says in her high pitched voice. I touch her hand and shake it, it feels hot and warm. I look at her again and she smiles at me, I smile back. We walk into the justice building. 

District 4 (Nebraska)

Everyone huddles in the center of district 4 and our mentor comes out, I hope I get reaped... I live in the poorer side of town and I want to get out of there get more money and become famous. Our escort comes out smiling and says "Okay okay, lets get this over with, for the boys "Suzicky Hicky!" I look and see a lean but tall and had brown hair, he ran up to the stage. "And for the girls.... Nebraska!" I smile and walk up and shake hands with Suzicky and we walk into the Justice Building. 

District 5 (Detria)

We all stand row by row in the square our escort looks tired and she comes up smiling with there captiol make up and fake smile, same thing every year. Our town is a little creepy and I get a cold chill, our District is somewhat rich but its not like District 2 or anything. We are pretty populatied and have grown lots in the last few years. The escort smiles "For the boys.... Buzzy Tee!" A small thin male walked up to the stage nervous and trembling. My stomch aches and I get that feeling like when you eat something moldy. "And for the girls..." "Detria Glace!" I almost threw up but I hold it in. I slowly drag my legs to the stag and shake hands with Buzzy. We walk into the Justice building. 

District 6 (Redlow)

I hate the reapings, its horrible we all look around waiting for our escort to come out. Our escort doesnt seem to like District 6 I think hed rather have a richer district. "And for the boys! Redlow Fexpo" our escort screams! I stand there everyone just looking at me all the boys turn there heads. "Redlow, where are you..." Our escort questions, then he sees me "Oh, there you are! come on up! come come!" I walk though the crowd and step up on the big stage my legs wobble. "And for the girls..... Ella Webster!" I see a girl who looks taller than me with long brown hair and hazel eyes walk though the crowd and onto the stage. "Ladies and Gentleman! Our tributes from District 6! for the 71st Hunger Games!" We shake hands and go into the justice building, im nervous already. 

District 7 (Blaze)

District 7 has always been a poor district, I walk into the crowd beside all the other boys my age they all look around eagerly I look towards the 12 year old, they look really nervous. Makes sense. Nearly peed my pants at my first reaping. I look to the east to see the distant woods and mountians, I wish I could just leave this over crowded area and run off into the woods. It's too late because our escort comes up! "Welcome, welcome!" "It is time to reap the tributes for the 71st hunger games!"  I get nervous I cant do this if I leave everyone will stare at me! "And for the boys!" her hand goes in the bowl... "Blaze Woods!" My throat instantly dries up, my heart stops... I slowly stroll down the crowd. All the people staring at me... I feel sick. I walk up to the stage and put on a fake smile even though I feel so...bad. "And for the girls! Diamond Jackson!" The most popluar girl from District 7...great. She looks depressed and walks up to the stage. "Now, shake hands!" our escort smiles. Suddenly I want to scream. No wait.... puke. I start gaging up but it's too late. My throw up lands right on our escort's face. "OH MY LORD!" She screams and runs into the Justice hall, with many peacekeepers following. Diamond laughs and sees that I feel horrible. She rubs her shoulder and grabs my hand. "Let's go into the Justice Building, get you cleaned up" I nod and we go into the justice Building. 

District 8 (Kumori)

The town square smells from all the factories, District 8 always loses the Hunger games, it's because there's no nature. I go outside the border line though, it's good to get away. I should be thankful though, District 8 isn't exactly the most poor District we are richer than District 7, District 9, District 10, District 11, and District 12, of course. Our escort comes out and I look around at the other girls in my age group, they all look taller than me I'm under 5 feet. Are escort speaks into the microphone "Welcome District 8! it's time to choose our tributes for the 71st Hunger games" he says in his usual loud voice "Time for the boys!" I see his hand go into the big glass bowl. "And the for the boys is.... Dusk Storm!" I see a medium sized somewhat attractive boy emerges from the crowd, he walks up to the stage and gives a shy fake wave. "Time for the girls.."  Our escort yells. "Oh god" I whisper under my breathe. "Kumori Nikko!" I shut my eyes... and open them again. Everyone around me looks right at me and I start moving though the crowd. "Hurry up! hurry up!" the stupid escort yells. I walk up the stage and me and Dusk shake hands. I'm so nervous... 

District 9 (Finch) 

I huddle in the crowd it's freezing out! District 9 gets cold in the winter! I look beyond the crowd... fair off I can see my house. District 9 is spread out since we all have Farms for grain. The central city is full of factories though, I look around all the other boys around me look bored, makes sense like.. who wouldn't be bored!?! Finally are escort "Welcome!" she smiles. I cant understand the whole captiol fashion, it creeps me out. "Time to choose the tributes for the 71st annual Hunger games!" She booms into the microphone. I smirk wondering who will be reaped,  I don't really give a crap about the whole Hunger Games, I haven't really watched it. Last year I went over to my friends house we watched bloodbath live. It freaked me out.. Both male and female from District 9 died at bloodbath, they usually do. I see our escorts hands go into the boy's bowl "And the male tribute will be!..... Finch Shadows!"     It cant be right! I never even thought about being reaped it never came into my mind!!! I begin to move my feet towards the stage step by step...and finally onto the huge stage "And for the girls...  Emily Hillridge! I see a girl with medium blonde hair walk though the crowd and up onto the stage. We shake hands ant walk into the Justice Building. I wonder what Captiol will look like. 

District 10 (Forest)

After I prick my finger I walk into the crowd and go beside the girls in my age group. Our escort comes out and smiles even the guys in captiol wear heavy makeup it seems. There style is strange I guess you could say. Our escort has purple/pink hair. But I have no right to judge, I'm in some crappy poor district killing pigs. "Hello District 10! I'm so happy to be here to day" he says,  "Doubt it" I think. "It is time to reap our Male and Female tributes to take part in the 71st Hunger Games!" They say. I get a little nervous.. "Time for the boys!" Our escort screams really exicted. He puts his hand in the bowl and out comes a name... "Jack Lander!" All of are heads turn and see Jack, he was pretty tall with long blonde hair and green eyes he looked older than me. He walked up to the stage smiling, I guess maybe he was happy to get out of this place. "Time for the girls!" Our escort grins with exictment his hand goes in the bowl. "And the tribute is.... Forest Green!" I gulp, my name... that was me... I slowly walk though the crowd, the ground warm on my feet. And I walk up to the stage. Me and Jack shake hands, he's alot taller than me, but I don't know maybe we will be allies. I hope that we are allies. I'm scared. 

District 11 (Darrel)

District 11 is super overcrowded there's well over 500 kids my age, the escort has to use a huge megaphone for all of us to hear her. And the glass bowl has over 3500 peolpe in there. District 11 is huge! But I guess that's good it lowers my chances of getting reaped. Our escort comes out on the huge stage, its amazing. "Welcome District 11!" she says! "Its time to reap the two tributes one male on female to take part in the annual Hunger games!" and she claps expecting us to clap back. After no one claps she moves on "It is time to reap the male's! Good luck!!!" Her really pale hand (probably because of heavy body makeup) Goes into the huge bowl of names...who will it be... she takes out a name. "Okay" she says "And the male tribute that will be taking part in the 71st hunger games is..... Darrel Wension!" Oh no! Did I hear that right?!? I must have because all the boys around me turn and look at me and soon the escort sees me in the crowd. "Come on up!" She says!!! I'm really scared but I begin walking each step feels like a million steps. I push though the crowd but all the boys back up so I just walk though the line and onto the stage. I feel huge. "And time for the girls!" our escort yells! "And the girl tribute will be... Harvest Orchird!" I see a girl with lond brown hair walk though the crowd and she goes up to the stage. We shake hands and go into the Justice Building. 

District 12 (Firess) 

I stand in my row beside the girls my age, wondering who will be reaped. I look around, I can see some of the 12 year olds looking confused. I feel bad for them, I remember the my first reapings. It was horrible. We had to get are fingers pricked, well we still do. It takes forever for our escort to come out. But after time passes finally our Escort Effie, comes out. "Welcome! it is time to reap one male and female to take part in the annual hunger games!" She says with a grin. Everyone in District 12 didn't like captiol, why should we? They treat us like crap. Most peolpe have Dark black hair and olive skin like me, but there's a couple peolpe with Blonde hair and pale skin. I shiver, it's freezing outside I'm really cold. I wish I could go back home, this reaping will be over with soon. "We shall now choose the female Tribute to take part in the 71st Hunger games!" Effie smiles I look and see her hand push into the huge round glass bowl and take out a enevlope with a name on it. My name is in there 18 times. I close my eyes and I stiffen up. "And the female tribute is!" says Effie opening the envelop "Firess Hunfro!" It was like everyone knows who I am because everyone looks at me, "Dont look at me!!!" I think! Effie sees me "Come up come up!" she smiles. I began moving towards the stage pushing though the crowd keeping my head down so I wont have to see anyone looking at me. I walk up to the stage. I don't even try to put on a fake smile. "And for the boys!" effie says "Ash Clarke!" I almost laugh Ash!?! Ash was some popular kid on the rich side of town. He looks around relizing no one is going to Volunteer for him. Angry. He walks up the stage quickly, I don't even smile at him. "Now now! Shake hands you two!" I put out my hand and he shakes it. Then we walk into the Justice building.  I look behind me to see the crowd is already breaking up. 

Tribute Parade

"Hello! my name is Glen Coco and I will be hosting the tribute parade"

Glen coco turns to the crowd.

"Wow!" "Look how happy they are to be here just waitinf fo-"

Glen coco smiles. "what is that I hear?" "ITS DISTRICT 1!"

The crowd cheers with glee.

"District 1 always comes out with a bang and they did it AGAIN!!!" The girl from district is smiling ad waving and the boy's eyes awkwardly follow nothing but he waves to the crowd. District 1 tributes are spray painted sliver and gold with golden rings at the top of their heads. They are then dressed in gold.

"And right behind them is District 2!" "now keep an eye on this district they are by far the most challening District" The male puffs out his chest to show off to the crowd, the crowd is cheering like crazy. The waves, smiling. District 2 is covered in stone bricks and spray painted silver.

"Here is District 3!" The girl smile and waves but the boy waves shyly, he is probably just feeling left out not getting the appulase the career's got.  District 3 has a complex costume they have long telephone pole's on there heads and they are wearing silver. With a belt.

"And one of everyone's favourite District 4!" The boy looks tough and waves putting on a grin. The girl just puts on a nice inncont smile and waves, the crowd cheers. District 4 is dressed as a fish they have blue skin only their eye's aren't blue. Then at the bottom they have little fins and a net overtop there heads. The crowd looks like they love it!!!

"Here comes District 5!" The girl waves brushing her hair to her side she looks like a beauty in their costume. The male waves to the crowd, and the crowd cheers back! District 5 tributes are wearing a long pole at the top of there head and they are dressed as electrictans. They have sparkle on there faces and look very nice, this could be a good year for District 5!

"And right behind them... District 6!!" The female looks down a little but when she lifts her head up the crowd cheers. She smiles and waves. The male waves to the crowd smiling, the crowd cheers! District 6 is dressed as trains and on to top of there heads they have train tracks and a hovercraft over top. District 6 makes all of that! The crowd likes this fresh idea.

"After district 6 comes District 7!!" both of them are spray painted brown and are dressed up in yes, trees. I guess maybe this costume never gets old? The male looks aroun curiously and waves quickly, he seems to be looking at the carts of District 6. The female just puts on a nice smile with a little bit of hair sticking out of her costume. She looks at the crowd and smiles and waves. The crowd loves it!

"District 8 is in the house!!!" The male tries to buff up and look strong but that's hard to do when you're dressed as a ball of yarn yep, that's right. Both district 8 tributes struggle to wave but they do so, I wonder how they got that on there. But the crowd is laughing and crying and  cheering. Some captiol peolpe are really into this. The balls of yarn just smile and wave.

"All hail District 9!" The male smiles and sort of dances around putting on a show even though he looks goffy the crowd loves this guy! they all stand up and cheer. The female throws glitter to the crowd the crowd rushs down to get some glitter that was once touched by a tribute in the 71st hunger games! They are dressed in bright sliver and a grains on there head, they look amazing. And the crowd loves them!

"here is District 10!" Both of the tributes wave to the crowd and smile brighty. As the crowd claps and cheers. The male waves nice and slowly while the female waves quickly seeming a little nervous, but who wouldn't be nervous!?! Both district 10 tributes are dressed as cowboys. With black cowboy hats on there heads. and it looks like they have a whip, other tributes better watch out. The crowd cheers.

"Looks like the tribute parade is coming to an end but look at District 11!" The girl feels proud and gives a confident smile  while the male doesn't really look like he's waving. Finally he waves and buffs out his chest to look strong!! The crowd cheers. Both of the tributes from District 11 are dressed as many different types of plants and vegtables this is a cool new, fresh idea from District 11 that the crowd loves.

"Our last District, district 12!" The male smiles waving at the crowd and the female just doesnt wave she looks down awkwardly which makes sense. Both district 12 tributes are stripped naked and covered in coal and dust the crowd just stares. The female leans back up and puts on a little smile, the crowd waves and cheers back to and even though District 12 always does this, they admire there courage to smile and wave.

Well looks like tribute parade is over time to grade our districts 1 - 12.

From best to worst. 

1:District 9

2: District 1

3:District 2 

4:District 4

5:District 8

6:District 11

7:District 3

8:District 6

9: District 7 

10:District 5 

11:District 10

12:District 12

Training day 1 (2 days)

Forest Green

I walk into the training room, the careers are all there I see the tributes from 5 and 12 already here. The boy from 5 is trowing spears and the girl from 8 and the tributes from 12 are climbing ropes. I walk over to the plant section staying a distance from Jack who wonder's off to the bow and arrow section. At the plant section a lady gives me facts about the plants and I learn a lot about the plants. I turn around to see the District 3 tributes come out, the girl goes to camoflauge section and the boy see's where she's going and follows. Then I see the district 11 tributes come out followed by district 7, soon all 24 tributes had arrived. Ae trainer comes and talks to us about survival and I look around. Boy from 3 looks.... a little scared, careers glance at each other eager. The rest of us just stand there. After that we go back to training. 

Harvest Orchid 

Its lunch, we all sit at our own tables there's 5 tables. All the careers sit at one....expect for the boy from 1. I sit alone... The boy from 9 sits at the other end of the table he looks up a couple times and smiles at me. The boy from 10 looks at me and walks over. "Is this seat taken?" he says. I look up at him, "No.", He smiles and sits beside me. He looks like the boy from 9 but with lighter hair and a smaller figure. He started talking to me "So... what did you do in training?" I looked at him. "Ropes, and some throwing knives. I'd go to the plants section but I already know that stuff". He smiled "Of course District 11 is like king of the plants!" I laugh a little. He talks again "Hey notice how the boy from 1 is no-" "Yeah" I say cutting him off. "I noticed, he's blind I think" The boy from 9 finishs his sandwich and leaves. "What's your name?" I ask the boy from 10. "Jack, Lander" he says. I smile "My names Harvest Orchid". "Pleased to meet you Harvest" He says "Allies?" I grin. "Allies" 

Diamond Shimmer 

I flip me hair behind my shoulders as we go back to training. And Galina whispers "Should we let Mason be career?" I glare at her. "He's like retarded" "He's blind" I snort. She slowly nods "Okay" "Let's all go to throwing knives" I nod and guester all the other 3 of them over. "Should we have another Career?" says Suziky "Nah" I say.... We talk into the training room and look aroudn at some of the other tributes they all look tired. But I'm not tired. I take a thorwing knife and shoot, bullseye! I grin, this is easy. I shoot a couple more times. I turn around and look at Mason, he takes a thorwing ax.e "Lol! Guys look!" The 4 of them turn around. He thorws the axe and it flies though the air. It hits the bullseye. I look at him angry and we turns towards us, he knows it us so he waves. I walk  away with envy. That idiot.. 

Blaze Woods

Training is almost over, I walk over to Mason. "Hey!" I smile. He turns towards me "Hi?" I whisper in his ear. "I saw the careers looking at you". He gives a sad smile "Yeah..." I nudge him "Well I think they are jealous of you". He opens his mouth "Why would they be jealous, of me?". 'Well you're smart and..." he turns towards me "But i'm blind". He smile weakly "I'm sorry" "Allies?"  He smiles "Allies" I pat him on the back. "Well I better go" I say "Traning is over" peolpe begin to leave the room. He smiles "Bye". I walk away and see diamond Jackson. "Hey Blaze!" she says. "Hi..." I trail. "Blaze" I look up. "Well we have been training a lot together today... and..." She says. "What is it?" I say. She looks at me as we talk into the elevator together "I was wondering if you want to be allies with me.". I smile "Okay." she smiles "Sounds good"

Training (last day)

Dusk storm

"gather around, gather around!" our trainer says, I gather nervous, I look around at all other 24. "You will be split into 4 groups" Our trainer says. "We will be doing full contact running" our trainer says I gulp nervously "Boys from district 1 - 6 go over there" She points to the far corner and I walk over there. then once she has split us all up it is time for my group to go first. I get super nervous. Even though I know captiol isn't watching I get nervous. I walk to the starting line looking at Mason spartan beside me the boy from d2 is going to win....

Callisto Evergrow

I push my legs back at the starting line ready to run, the only one that might be faster than me is one of my allies Suziky.  I begin at the finish line so ready to do this the boy from 3 and 5 are beside me. Our trainer says "ready? get set. GO!" I push my legs as fast as they can go and I push the boy from 3 into the wall and keep running. Boy from 3 is in last, Boy from 5 is a bit ahead of him and boy from 6 was as fast as us boy from 1 was staying behind in 4th. My legs are going so fast I cant even see them I see the finish line and sprint for it. The boy from 6 starts going shead of us so I kick him making him fall backwards. I run as fast as my body will let me. It it's not enough Suziky beats me.

Group 1 standings

1st: Suziky Hicky (d4)

2nd: Callisto Evergrow (d2)

3rd: Mason Spartan (d1)

4th: Buzzy Tee (d5)

5th: Redlow Flexpo (d6)

6th: Noah Kiltova (d3)

Darrel Wension

All the boys from districts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (me) and 12 walked up. None of us were careers but someone still had to win this race I was going to try to win. Everyone is one the starting point, 18 other tributes behind us cheering. I wonder if Harvest was cheering for me, whatever... our trainer speaks into the large round megaphone "are you ready? get set.. GO!" I push my legs off the finish line and begin to run I turn and see the boy from 9 push the boy from 12 making his head hit the wall and he spun backwards. I kept running, the boy from 8 and 10 where fighting for 2nd place, I was ahead of them I couldnt believe it!  The boy from 8 was kicked and fell over, but the boy from 10 fell on his body. They quickly got back up but the boy from 9 and 7 had already passed. The boy from 12 was passing as they got up. I ran and saw the finish line I sprinted and came 1st!! I cant believe it.

Group 2 standings

1st: Darrel Wension (d11)

2nd:  Finch Shadows (d9)

3rd: Blaze Woods (d7)

4th: Jack Lander (d10)

5th: Ash Clarke (d12)

6th: Dusk Storm (d8)

Nebraska Adair

It was time for the girls from Districts 1 - 6 to go. I felt a little pressure because Suziky did really good... We all walk to the starting line. I look at Diamond, she's eager to win. Then I look at Galina she looks angery I feel a little bad for the other 3 girls, they are about to get there asses kicked. Then our escort tells us to get ready and I hear the 2 boys in our alliance cheering us on.  Our escort talks "Ready? get set... GO!" My legs go flying past the starting line. Diamond is a little bit ahead of me and me and Galina are at the same pace. The girl from 5 is passing us. The Girl from 3 is ahead of the girl from 6. The girl from 5 begins passing Diamond, Diamond snarles and pushes her but she keeps running. And instead the girl from 5 pushes Diamond into the wall making her fall over. Diamond screams in rage and runs towards her. I see the finish line and I know that ot's going to be a close one. I pass and then Galina and the girl from 5 at the same time. Then Diamond. Diamond kicks her in the face "Bitch." she snarles "You're going to pay for that" she screams in anger. I grab her arm "C'mon Diamond" I say "Let's go" Galina nods to Diamond. "Just come on" Diamond tries to leap on the girl from 5 she just stares in shock. Me and Galina hold her back and drag her away. While Diamond screams "WHEN THE GAMES START YOU'RE MY FIRST VICTIM LIL' IDIOT". I cool Diamond down and we watch the last group go. 

Group 3 standings

1st: Nebraska Adair (d4) 

2nd & 3rd: Galina Kiltova & Detria Glace (d2, d5) (tie) 

4th: Diamond Shimmer (d1) 

5th: Lyric Beniot (d3)

6th: Ella Webster (d6)

Emily Hillridge

We all walk to the starting line, we are all non careers. We are all nervous most of us are probably going to die in bloodbath, maybe even me. We are the weakest group. Outer Districts and to the males we are weak and pathetic, maybe that's true. But I also knew some girls in this group are going to try and prove themselves they where going to play rough and try to win. Our trainer speaks into the microphone "Are you ready? Get settt........ GO!" everyone cheers as we run. The girl from 8 slams the girl from 10 into the wall but she struggles and pushes her back. The girl from 11 runs scared of getting attacked. Girl from 12 tries to kick me but misses and falls backwards. The girl from 11 sprints for the finish line in the distance fast me and everyone else. The girl from 8 pulls me down and the girl from 7 jumps over me running past. The girl from 8, ontop of me kicks the girl from 10 who falls backwards and begins attacking her. The girl from 12 passes but trips as the girl from 10 grabs her leg and we are all ontop of each other. Girl from 8 Kumori I think her name is.. loses her grip so I slam her face into my fist and she falls backwards screaming. I run fast her and the girl fighting. The girl from 7 is just ahead of me she turns around and her face goes sour i turn to and see the girl from 8 kicking the girl 10 into a wall, even though girl from 10 does fight back. I cross the finish line coming third. 

1st: Harvest Orchid (d11)

2nd: Diamond Jackson (d7)

3rd: Emily Hillridge (d9) 

4th: Firess Hunfro (d12)

5th: Forest Green (d10)

6th: Kumori Nikko (d8) 

Ash Clarke 

Well that sucked... lunch has started and training is almost over. Then we get 30 min of free time then we have to wait for private sessions then training scores I wonder what i'll get I need an ally so I choose the most common person that would be allies. I walk over to Firess and smile. "Hey Firess!" I said. She looked at me smiling "Hey.." I looked down.. "What's wrong". She smiled "Oh nothing, just the fact we are going to die tommrrow." I look down. "Well everyone has to die eventually... and maybe you wont die." I say. She's about to break into tears.. "Hey you know what!" I say. "What?" she says soberly. I grin "Lets be allies!" I say smiling. She puts on a smile "Okay, sounds good" We walk back into training. 

Noah Kiltova 

I walk towards Lyric into training. We have been training for awhile and where good friends "Lyric!" I yell. She turns around "yeah Noah?" I gulp. "Do you want to be allies?" I say she looks at me and smiles "Okay! sounds good!" Lets go to the ropes. So we go to the ropes and I begin climbing. It's really hard but Lyric makes it look so easy.I try to climb up but fall, some of the careers laugh. I climb up again and actually do it.  I walk across and on the roof I almost fall once which is scary. I hang with one hand but Lyric pushes me back up. I have a good ally. Soon training is over and we get our private session. I wonder what my training score will be. 

Training scores

Name:                               Score:           Note:

Mason Spartan                   8/12              He's blind but he was able to do ropes Really good and camo!

Diamond Shimmer           10/12          She shot a knife into the dummies head, nose and inbetween eyes!

Callisto Evergrow             10/12    He broke a wall! He can use arrow, knife, sword. Watch out for him! 

Galina Kiltova             9/12 She's too nice to be a career! But she is really swift smart and good with weapons!

Noah Kiltova            6/12  He was bad with slingshot and crossbow. But he was good with ropes. He has a chance

Lyric Benoit       7/12 She was good with Axe and mines and pretty swift! Good for District 3! 

Suzuki Hicky     9/12 Was smart and skilled with trident he hit the dummy between the eyes! 

Nebraska Adiar  10/12 Smart, skilled, swift. Good with throwing knvies. Not too fat nor skinny, just perfect!

Buzzy Tee    5/12  He was okay, but to slow and bad with weapons.

Detria Glace 6/12 she was fine, a little slow but was okay with most weapons. 

Redlow Fexpo 5/12 he was swift but bad with all weapons he tried. 

Ella Webster 6/12 She was strong but not good with weapons, and was okay with camo but messed up paint

Blaze Woods 7/12 Threw a throwing axe into the dummies shoulder and was okay on ropes. 

Diamond Jackson 8/12 Threw a throwing axe inbetween the dummies eyes, and right on the forehead. 

Dusk Storm  4/12      He threw a spear that never hit the dummy and fell on ropes. 

Kumori Nikko 7/12 Was super good with beating up dummies, she'll do better at fighting with fists! Not weapons.

Finch Shadows 5/12 He threw a spear and hit the leg of a dummy he was bad at camo. 

Emily Hillridge  2/12 She just stood there tried camo but it didn't work well. 

Jack Lander 8/12 Pretty good with throwing knives and axe. He hit a dummy in the chest, but was a little slow.

Forest Green 6/12 She was really good at ropes but bad with all weapons and was clueless at camo and plants.

Darrel Wension 4/12 He was okay with camo but bad with all weapons and ropes. Okay with plants 

Harvest Orchid 7/10 She was bad with most weapons but good with camo, ropes and plants. 

Ash Clarke  6/12 He was all strong but not good with anything but rocks. 

Firess Hunfro 5/12 She was weak but okay with bow & arrow. 


483px-72nd Hunger Games

Made by leapkit

Left side has small pool ragining river. South has Forest, stream and the large desert that makes up lots of the map. East has Small lakes Desert and Cornucpia. North has another forest and mountians and caves. And in the centre the dark forest. 

Games begin: February 10th 2013 at 9 - 10am (Pacific time)  

Day 1: Bloodbath 

Firess Hunfro

It's not as scary as it looks I look around as my plate comes out of the ground. Cornucopia area is all grass land. But in the distance I see a huge river and some far away mountains. To the south I see a Desert, I quickly realize that to get to the forest's and the mountain's I have to cross the Desert. Most tributes will unless they are from District 4. The countdown beings... on the side of cornucopia then have a countdown. "60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54..." Maybe I could swim well no I couldn't. "44' 43, 42, 41, 40, 39," I know what I had to do, I had to get water. I look to my right and see the girl from 6 and boy from 10. I look in cornucopia and see backpacks, I had to get a backpack. "22, 21, 20" Everyone gets into ready position. I lean forward ready to run into Cornucopia and take a water bottle, I needed a water bottle. "11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!"

Nebarska Adair 

Everyone runs into cornucpia, well most peolpe do. Callisto quickly grabs throwing knives and hits the boy from 5 in the forhead. Blood comes out of his head and his eyes roll to the back of his head, he falls over sideways landing on the grass.


23 left

 I grab a knife, I see the girl from 9 grab a arrow and shoot wildy hitting the girl from 3 in the shoulder, she screams in pain and The boy from 3 rushs over to her he drags her away into the forest, they where the first peolpe to leave. about 19 peolpe where still here.. I see the boy from 6 fall on the ground hurt from the arrow. The girl from 9 shoots his eye while its open. His eyeball flungs forward and hits the grass, he bleeds like crazy.


22 left

I see the girl from 10 holding tons of supplies trying to leave. "this ain't happening" I say as her dark hair flyes though the hair she sees me and screams dropping some of the supplies I swing the knife and throw hitting her in the back. Somehow she's still able to run when she turns around again I throw my knife hitting right into her nose cutting it wide open, blood sprays though the air. She falls on the ground and I stab her wildly until I hear her cannon. 


21 left

I run back to the center of the battle Boy from 12 was fighting with Diamond (d1) Who was putting up a fight. She kicked him in the foot but he grabbed his knife trying to stab her but kept missing. I turn and see Suziky chocking the girl from 12 to death. She struggled putting up a fight a fight she even slapped him really hard once, but her body went lifeless. 


20 left

The boy from 12 sees this and runs to her in anger he kicks Suziky in the back making him fall over. An arrow goes passed my face and I notice it was the boy from 8 I shoot my knife and it flies though the air hitting him right in the back of the head. He falls backwards. 


19 left

Only a couple peolpe left in bloodbath I take notice to the boy from 12 who was fighting "You killed her! she was my ally you monster!" he screamed ramming into him. The boy from 12 was really strong but Suziky took his trident hitting him in the leg and Diamond came over and shot him in the back of the head with her slingshot. He screamed as he fell on the ground as she shot again and he grabbed the lifeless body of his district partner as he him self died.


18 left

Diamond walked into cornucpia sad... "We only killed 5 peolpe?" she said I look at her "No, six" I say "I killed the girl from 10.". I hear a noise in the back of cornucpia as we keep talking. "What's that" I say Diamond grins and goes to back. I'm only able to hear a girl pleeding "No please don't hurt me!". I hear Diamond's laugh and a screaming noise and blood splatter. 


17 left

I come into cornucpia, "who was that?" I ask "Girl from 6" she says laughing a little. She was like "No! Don't kill me, blah blah blah! I cut her face open so she could I die ugly" said Diamond I see the bloody knife. Callisto comes in. "Well" he says "Bloodbath is over and 17 of us are left, me and Diamond look at each other smiling. We later set up a camp. 

Darrel Wension 

I wasn't ready for this, the death the screaming, the pain. I needed more time. I was lucky to survive bloodbath 7 peolpe weren't as lucky and it made my sick. I had my knife, I was ready to do this. I wasn't going to be apart of these games unlike all these foolish teens who were. I was smart, but I wasn't doing this, I wasn't killing anyone. It's not right, it's not fair. I tear rolls down my cheek and I whisper to myself "Goodbye Darrel" Just so I can hear my voice on last time. I hope everyone over at District 11 is happy, someone survived day 1 other than me! Harvest could keep District 11 going it would be fine. I take the knife into my trembling hand and hold it up to my neck, soon it creates a line of blood, then a deeper line. And soon blood is pouring out of my neck, put I don't get to see it, because it's my neck. I shut my eyes so I can die with my eye's closed and my eye sight faints and the darkness takes me away, away to see all the other 7 dead in this horrible game. 


16 left

Noah Kiltova

Darkness comes, 8 peolpe have died in 5 hours which is crazy to think about. I look at Lyric her body looks lifeless but her eyes are open and she's talking to herself I look at her... and she looks at me. "Noah.. I think you should just" I know what she's getting at "No!" I yell "I'm not killing you!". She looks at me "Noah, the cut... i'm infected I'm going to die.". "What?!" I say, she looks at me "Well our trainer said that sometimes tributes die from...". She looks to weak to walk and I notice her eyes fading. I walk over to her "Don't die please!" she grips my hand "You can survive Noah, you have all the supplies, you might even win." She says she is able to sort of get up and she kisses my lips. "Bye..." She falls back onto the ground and her eyes roll backwards. I close her eyes and she goes still. 

Boom  15 left I begin crying and take some plants and cover up her wound and the hovercraft takes her away. 


Day 2

Galina Kiltova

I loved this map! I expect atleast 3 peolpe to die today. It's still night but we roam the desert. All 15 remaining have to go across this desert expect the two district 4's who could take the river. But about 5 tributes will stay around corn so they won't risk death in the desert. So far we have seen the boy from 9, he was really far away though and I didn't see any weapons on him. Nature will get him. I hear Diamond scream "I see someone!" and I look. With the sun beginning to come up i'm able to see the girls district jacket. It reads on the back "8" so she's the district 8 female. I recall her in training she was crazy in training. She pushed like 3 girls over.. Kumori I think her name is. Suzuki and Diamond run at her. She throws her thoriwng knife hitting the boy from 4 in the back of the shoulder. falls over in pain and the Diamond grabs his trident and thorws it at her. She turns, but because it's the desert and she has no where to turn Diamond grabs the trident again And screams "Come back here you little runt!" she screams and grabs Kumori by the neck. Kumori grabs her knife skinning Diamonds knee. Diamond pulled her hair and ripped off part of it. They kept fighting, I ran over there and Diamond said she didnt need help. She digged her trident into her leg and pushed it out Kumori and her wight grabbed Diamond and grabbed her  face squeezing it. Diamond's face was all red and she wrapped the trident around Kumori's neck and began dragging her with it. Kumori was a lost cause, she struggled and Diamond un wrapped her digging the trident into the neck and Kumori threw a knife and Diamond hitting her in the arm. Diamond digged the trident right into her neck. 


14 left

"Let's go to sleep guys" I say. They all nod and we helped Suzuki and Diamond who were hurt killing that girl, after 19 hours of the games passed we where almost out of the desert we stopped to rest at the edge of the dark forest near the cave. 

Diamond Shimmer

After 6 hours of sleeping I was done. The game started about 24 hours ago and I killed 3 tributes, more than anyone else. I expect more deaths to come, I push my hand out of my sleeping back seeing that everyone is sleep. I open my eyes and scream! There's a spider on my hand, I wack is off, I scream and notice there's spider's all over, big with long legs and hairy. I scream waking everyone up I run into the bushes and and i'm able to get all the spiders off. I come back out of the bushes and see Nebraska screming wacking them off of her Galina was calm and just rolled on the ground crushing them. Callisto had spiders on his face and he was hitting them wildy. I scream as loud as I can "Suziky!". Down in the cave Suzuki was crawlling with about 200 spiders crawling all over him. He screamed as the spiders began biting and ripping off his flesh Suzuiky fell as we all rn near him. Suzuki's body is still alive the spiders crawled into his mouth and Nebraka was crying grabbing his hand. I was glad he was dead, one less person to worry about. 


13 left

Harvest Orchird 

Me and Jack go into the cave, we where lucky to have crossed the desert and stay alive, we walked a long way tough the dark forest which was scary. Then we where able to move around the Mountian's until we found a cave. No tribute has made it this far away from corn yet. I bet some will soon there's 13 tributes still alive and I wonder who the two today are. Jack lays down "Harvest." he says. I look at him "yes?". "Can I have a nap?" moans Jack, I smile "sure, i'll keep watch" I say. Jack smiles an lays there asleep I know it's a sly rude thing to do... but i take his backpack he got and look though it... Throwing Knives, mace and a water bottle. 1 water bottle!?!, "shit' I mutter. I didn't get any water, we where doomed. 

Diamond Jackson 

I rub my shoulder, it's cold where we camp near the stream he survived the desert but we saw The boy from 9, boy from 10, girl from 11 and we saw the boy from 3. We didn't kill anyone though. "Should we start a fire?" Says Blaze. "No." answers Mason, "they might find us". I look at him "Do you think they will?" "Like if they do wh-". "Dammit Diamond!" screams Blaze "There not going to find us! Were safe!". He turns in anger and walk away... Mason puts his head down "I'm sorry about him" says Mason "We've walked about 30km in 2 days...". I smile "I know." I say. "But sometimes he gives me the cold shoulder..."  I say. "I understand" says Mason. I look into the sky and see the anthem begin playing. Mason says "Who died?" I look up. "Girl from 8, and boy from 4" I say smiling. "Boy from 4? That's good he's a career." grins Mason. "I wish I was a career." says Mason weakly "But i'm a retard." I brush my hair behind my ear and say "You're not a retard, you're better than those idiots. They don't really trust each other. You're good with camo and you are a great tree climber." I say holding his hand "You'll go far, I promise that"

Day 3

Jack Lander 

Me and Harvest need water, it was a known fact. Me and Harvest walk out of the cave. "Oh crap!" I scream falling backwards. Harvest looks at me confused "What?" she says.. I point my finger. The careers where about 300 meters away from our cave at the she looks down. "Now how can we get our water..." she says sadly.. "I don't know I say" walking back into our cave. "We have to make a plan" I say, she looks at me "Like kill them?". I laugh "No way! we'll just have to think of a plan, but for now I am tired... lets go to bed" I say. "Okay" Says Harvest. I take out my sleeping bag I got from bloodbath. It still rushed though my head, seeing Forest's body. I stayed there too long... I lay my head down and choose to go to sleep. 

Callisto Evergrow 

I walk around camp, Diamond is still crying over Suzuki's death by the spiders and Nebraska and Galina comfort her, while I was the only man left of the careers. I watch and look up to the mountians looking at all of those cave. "Guys" I say "I'm going to go look for some water." I say smiling. Nebraska and Galina look up and Galina nods while patting Diamond on the back, no offense to Diamond but I did think that she was overeacting.. her cries sounded fake anyways. But Suzuki and me did get along, I walked though the forest towards the caves and I see a sudden movement looking up at the trees. I see the boy from 9 and I take my Mace throwing it at him. He jumps off the tree and runs towards the Dark forest. "I ain't going there" I think and turn around walking back to camp... but before I stop at the stream, no one was probably going to die today. Everyone was at there resting spot to scraed to move, just wait... soon these games would end. And I would be victor. 

Finch Shadows 

I was so lucky! That boy from 2 nearly killed me, I am just lucky I survived. I swing though the dark forest as fast as I can. It's scary the dark forest is long about 3km long in all. I was heading south to the other forest wondering how many peolpe would be there, probably not many. The desert probably had 0 tributes and at corn or around corn there was probably about 4 tributes. So that leaves about 10 tributes in this area including me. The mountians, two forests and two lakes. I didn't go to all the map though it was only day 3 and I was already been to most of the map, I see the end of the dark forest. I jump off the trees and and leave the outside of the dark forest, seeing a grass meadow like the one at corn but without blood on it. In the distance there's the forest and one the other side there's a nice calm lake... and the other side.. well I don't know. I walk over there hearing a loud noise, the closer I get I see it. It's a huge river, but before i'm able to react i'm pushed in it. I scream as my head goes under it and begin running out of hair. I try to push my head up and scream I struggle and panic. A my head it able to make it above water and I see the boy from 3. He throws a rope "Here!" he screams and throws the rope. I grab onto it and he pulled me out.  

Blaze Woods

It has been 3 days, the sun began to fall slowly and me and Diamond where out hunting for a type of animal to eat. Diamond told me this was like camping, District 7 had forests inside it so we would camp. "It's getting dark" I say, she looks at me "We should go back to camp". "Why" I say "I'm worried about Mason" she whispers. I kiss her on the lips, "He'll be alright" I smile "Don't worry" I say trying to reassure her so she wont freak out. She nods and I sit down, "I wanna rest." I grin "I'm tired". Diamonds smiles "Me too." she sits down beside me and we look up at the sky. The athem plays but no one has died today, I sit beside her I put my hand over her shoulder"It's good no one died today" Diamond said, I roll my eyes. "Whatever" I say "I sort of think that's a bad thing." I say. She looks at me "Blaze, umm I was wondering if uh... you would go out with me, before we die." I look at her. "Yes!" I say grinning and she kisses me, making out with Diamond on the groudn was a good thing I guess.... but it wasn't going to make surviving any easier. 

Day 4

Emily Hillridge 

I really couldn't take this anymore, I walk though the dark forest. I sit down on a fallen over tree. The forest is all dark and now that the sun was rising and day 4 had begun i'd been in the games for about 2 days and 13 hours. I lay on the log and my eyes flicker, i have ran out of water. I didn't want to die of thrist that was too painful. I couldn't slit my thorat because I didn't have a knife so I took some posion berries called nightlock. I think of my family and the memories of District 9, it was an amazing district. Maybe finch would win, I don't know... I couldn't pressure him but I knew that I couldn't live anymore. I lay down looking at the dun rise, it was probably a fake sunrise but it didn't matter... it was so amazing and I closed my eyes brining the nightlock up to my mouth and I cry, cry because Captiol but me in this crap hole, cry for all the dead peolpe. Cry for all the tributes that where going to die, these games sucked. I was done. I lift the nightlock into my mouth and begin slowly chewing, it was quick though. Nice and quick... 


12 left

Noah Kiltova 

I sit beside Finch who was asleep, it was so hard after Lyric's death. I still missed her, i'd always missed her. Feast was probably coming up and 4 careers where still alive and I needed to kill them. I needed to kill Diamond from district 1 she deserved to die. I needed to kill the girl from 9 for killing my Lyric, because I loved her. It pissed me off, I walk away from our camp hoping that Finch would be safe. I walk into the forest if it was the dark forest I would have been scared. This forest was huge! It must have been over 16 km long and was pretty wide, easy to get lost. I walk in and see some berries and I take a cloth out and notice that they are blueberries, I put them in the cloth and wrap them up. I walk back though the forest into the small grass meadow, and I take the berries and lay them down on the grass. Finch is awake now.. he asks me "Anyone died?" I look at him "Not in day 3, but I heard a cannon in the morning, that is what woke me up" I smile sadly. "Oh." he says looking at me "Thanks for the berries.". I smile "No problem." he looks down and I choose to tell him. "Finch." "Yeah?" he says. "I have a plan" I say, and whisper it in his ear. "That sounds great!" Finch says. "Lets do it" 

Harvest Orchird 

We have to get passed them. So we leave the cave packing up all of our supplies and walk down the mountain. "Its so steep!" I say to him, he looks at me "Yeah." he says as we climb down. I look down and realize how dangerous this is, I scream hanging out my one arm and Jack comes over and grabs me to keep me up. I get so scared I throw up, it all falls down the cliff. "Shit" says Jack, "What?" I say. Jack looks at me "Throwing up takes out all the food and water in your body..." he says. I look down "Oh.". We fully climb down the mountian and go across trying to avoid the careers. We pass there camp and go into the forest, it's a smaller forest about 5 km long and passed that is more  mountians and the end of the arena so we choose to go there. I'm walking when suddenly I fall over and look up. "Going anywhere?!?" she says. Oh crap it's Diamond I say, she grabs me and stabs me in the shoulder and a sudden pain goes into my side I scream in pain and suddenly Jack screams at her and runs into her. He pushes her over and she falls on the tree, she tries to grab him but before she can he grabs me and we run off though the forest. Now I have no water in my body and i'm hurt, great. 

Nebraska Adair

Diamond coems back to camp "Damn" she says, I look at her "What?" I say curiously. She looks and my soberly "I almost killed girl from 11, but she got away. Nature will get her" Diamond snorts. "C'mon guys lets go hunting" she says. Callisto looks at me "Okay how about in the morning Diamond and Nebraksa go, and in the evening me and Galina go". Galina smiles "That sounds good", Diamond rolls her eyes "Okay." "C'mon Nebraska lets go!" I get up grabbing my sword. Diamond runs into the forest and I follow her "Where are we heading?" I ask. Diamond smiles "The dark forest, or maybe cornucpia" she says showing no sign of being tired yet after running. We walk though the couple of mountians, and I see the girl from 5. Diamond smiles "Bingo." she says and throws a knife hitting her in the back of the head, she falls over. Diamond walks over and sees the girls body all bloody, she smiles at the girl. "I told you I'd get you" the girl from 5 spits in her face but Diamond responds by stabbing her face open. 


11 left.

Day 5

Jack Lander

I rest Harvest's body on the grass... her eyes are trembling and her lips are all dried up. "I'm going to get you some water!" I yell "It's going to be okay!". She looked at me, her eyes weak. "No.. Jack... you cant. You wont...make it...i - in time".  I brush her hair out of her eyes, I lean down and kiss her cheek. She smiles and lays her head back down, I look down at her shoulder cut. It was probably infected but her lips where all dried because of no water. Sher hadn't had a drink in 3 days.. that's a lot, most tributes would have died by day 3. Harvest was strong though, she wasn't like the other tributes... she closed her eyes and said to me "I want to die.". I look at her "I know" I say... she opened her backpack. "here" she says "there's a little water in here". "I'm going to die anyway!" she say before I can get her to drink it. "Take it and go find a stream, there's one like 30 min away" She says weakly. "Leave me!" she says "Please, I want to die alone." I look at her crying and she looks at me, she leans up kissing me on the lips "Goodbye" she says and lays down. I take a step back and the tears roll down my cheek and I run down though the forest screaming my head off. I don't make it 10 minutes before I hear it.


10 left      

Finch Shadows

Me and Noah walk though the water, we where walking to the huge desert because we knew no one else would go there, and plus if we stayed close to the stream we would be okay. I walk though the water it was up to my neck, super deep. No one swimed in District 9 because there was no where to swim so this made me really nervous. I didn't know if they swimmed in District 3 probably not though because Noah looked just as nervous as me. Then suddenly we heard a sound it was Ceaser "Remaing tributes of the 71st Hunger Games." he says "There will be a feast in under exactly 24 hours." the arena booms. Me and Noah look at each other and keep moving, soon we reach land. There we rest near the lake "Feast already?" says Noah suprised. "Yeah" I say, "It's suprising.." I trail off. "That means we do the plan there right?'" Noah says to me. "Yeah" I say "We'll do the plan at feast." 

Diamond Shimmer

Me and Nebraska have duty again so we walk though the forest the other way this time. We heard a cannon go on this morning so only 10 are left, this made me happy. We walked though the forest near the stream. "The arena ends around here" says Nebraska, look at her "I know, i've been here more". Nebraska looks at me as we keep walking at the edge of the stream "What does that mean?" she says. "Well...i've been out more, killing tributes and stuff, you stay at camp.". She looks at me, i'm ready to kill this bitch. "So you're saying i'm lazy?" she snarles   at me. "I'm saying i'm the best career because I'm the one who hunts more, and kills more and I have a better plans". "I'm the best career" I say proudly. Nebraska snorts back at me "Hell no! You didn't even kill that girl from 11. You call yourself a good career? please!". I scream at he and she tries to run in shock I push her into the stream and she falls over screaming for help. "Bitch!" I scream and I jump on top of her keeping her under the water. She tries to pull up but I push her body down. She kicks and screams and takes the knife out of her pocket stabbing my leg open. She gets some air the way and looks up at me, once her head comes out of the water she screams "Callisto!  Galina!". I shover her head back under the water, "They cant save you now, bitch.". She pushs her head out again screaming and slashing. She tries to kick me but she beings strangling me. I kick her and she goea under the water in pain and her grip loosens and I strangle her underwater. She comes up again screaming blood on my leg drips into the water. I get off the water and she gets out running for Career camp I grab a rock and scream at her "YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY FROM ME!" I jump ontop of her and throw the rock down onto her face. Her body stops moving but her eyes remain open she tries to scream, I drag her back into the water as she struggles. "Bitch thought she could outsmart me, huh?" I say kicking her as she screams again. I take rock and hit her with it. I take her body underwater and grab her neck strangling. She screams for help as she goes back into the water. Once fully underwater I strangle as hard as I can. 


9 left

To bad bitch didn't make it till' bloodbath. 

Mason Spartan 

I put my head down hearing Diamond and Blaze talking "Should we go to feast?" says Diamond, Blaze speaks next "I don't know, we cant just leave Mason... can we?". Diamond speaks "He'll be okay, he's skilled with weapons and is really good in camo." she was right I guess... I was pretty good. I walked too them, "hey!" I say. "Hey!" they both say I can feel them looking at me. I sit on a log beside the fire and smile and I ask "Are we going to feast?". There is a moment of silence then Blaze speaks up "Uh.. yeah we will go and then we will leave camp all 3 of us will go. But me and Diamond will go get our supplies, okay?". I sigh but nod "Okay." I say. Blaze smiles "9 tributes left"  he says "Probably after feast that number will drop to 8 or 7". "Lets hope it's not one of us" says Diamond probably nudging Blaze. "Yep" said Blaze "Lets hope." 

Diamond Jackson

I'm nervous about feast, I walk with Blaze hunting leaning on his shoulder. Both of us carrying our throwing axes but we haven't killed anyone yet. "I don't want to go to feast" I say "I'm scared.", Blaze looks at me "Were all scared Diamond we'll just grab the supplies and go, okay?". I smile "Okay." "So will mason be hiding in like a bush or something?". Blaze laughs a little "That's the plan, I think he wants to be in feast though like so he can prove himself worthy...". I look down "I know, it must suck to be blind." Blaze looked up "But were not leaving him."  he says strongly "I'll die just so he can live.". I look confused "Really?" "If Diamond from district 1 lays a finger on him i'll snap that finger off of her hand" he says joking a bit. I laugh, it's rare to ever hear jokes in the hunger games since we're all going to die but one of us and that isn't really a laughing matter. We sit on stream, are legs in the water. "So Blaze" "We should go back to camp" I say. "Agreed." says Blaze smiling "Please don't be too nervous about feast, I love you and wont let anything happen to you" he says. "Okay" I smile "Thank you". He nudges me "No problem", we walk back to camp and settle down because it's time to sleep but I didn't sleep, I couldn't. 

Galina Kiltova 

Me and Callisto are at camp hanging out when Diamond comes back crying and screaming. "Nebraska!...Shes...", I look up to Diamond "She died?" I say. "Yeah." says Diamond crying her head off "I couldn't save her she was killed, it was.... it was Mason.". "Mason?" I say "The blind kid?", "Is there another Mason in these games?" Diamond snarles "Of course it's the boy from 1!". She begins crying and lays down going into her tent we got from bloodbath. Something told me Diamond was a liar, that it wasn't the boy from 1 that maybe it was her... It was confusing. I'll talk to Callisto about it after feast, something told me that if Diamond did this horrible act... I was her next target. 

Day 6 (Feast)

Blaze Woods

I look around, we were all super close to corn, where feast was going to be hosted. I turned to my left to see Diamond nervously clutching onto her axe and I look to my right to see Mason grabbing onto throwing knives he got in bloodbath, I wondered of he could use them. Also in Mason's backpack he had paint for camo, which we was extermely good at. Corn came into sight, it was large and sliver with the countdown still there from bloodbath at 0:00. We walked further away into the trees there was only about 50 trees a tiny forest. Mason smiled "I'll be in this bush" he says feeling the bush he was going in. "Okay" I say smiling "Stay safe.", he nods and begins putting on his camo. We look at corn, theres a big wooden table that suddenly appares with a full cooked turkey and... I quickly understood what this is, a turkey dinner with a deadly twist.

Finch Shadows

We all take a good look at feast it was a turkey dinner we had many of these back in district 9. I look and see that under a napkin is a bow, in a bottle theres a knife. There was a crossbow inside mashed potatoes, and I quickly wondered what was in the pie. Suddenly the boy from 10.. Jack I think his name is, came into view. He ran towards the turkey dinner, all 3 careers followed him. Galina shot her bow almost hitting him but he ducked rolling onto the ground. Then he grabbed  a wine glass with a knife and water inside and ran out with them all following him. "it's go time." I say to Noah, he smiles and nods.

Callisto Evergrow

Feast had begun, soon after the boy from 10 somehow got away the pair from 7 and the boys from 3 and 9 came into view. The boy from 9 looked suprised just like the boy from 3 did, but they still attacked. The boy from 9 threw a throwing knife at Diamond (d1) hitting her in the leg and she fell in pain but go back up. Meanwhile Galina was fighting the boy from 3 who was trying to kill her by stabbing her but she was pushing the knife away. This scared me, I liked Galina... but I wouldn't let her know these games where not about love, they where about fighting and death.  I look at the pair from 7 they had there hands in all the food and they where digging into the mash potatoes and taking out the crossbow. I looked to my left to see Diamond attacking the boy from 9 he was crying and she was just being Diamond, laughing weridly like this was funny. She held her knife up as then boy from 9 called for the boy from 3 who was attacking the Galina. It was too late though Diamond was stabbing him and he screaming in pain crying his head off, by the third stab the screaming stopped, by the fifth his heart stopped.


8 left

I saw the boy from 7 grab the bross bow and break open a glass, I wasn't going to attack, they where too far away. I was looking at Diamond killing that boy so much I totally forgot about Galina, the boy from 3 was winning this battle. By now they where both on the floor he was on top of her trying to push the knife down onto her head but she fought back making sure she didn't die at feast. She pushed the knife away or tried atleast, I had to kill that boy. I loved killing, heck I'm from District 2 it's what I do. I run to the pair of district 7 who saw me and ran off, I got to the table, it was all messed up. The turkey had blood on it from the boy from 10 and the mashed potatoes where all over the place, the pie was ripped open and a weapon was taken out of it. All the wine bottles were smashed open. I put my hand into the cranberries and out came one arrow and a bow. This would do, I did some bow and arrow things at training. Weapons like Crossbows, thoriwng knives and Bow & arrows weren't really my thing though. As I walk away I see the pair from 7 come rushing back as Diamond attacks the girl from 7 and she falls on the floor screaming. I look over to the edge of corn to see Galina's leg bleeding, he was about to finish her off as she  screamed for me. I took out the one arrow, if i missed Galina was dead if I didn't miss Noah was dead. Ethier way someone was going to die here which sounded good to me. I shot the arrow and it hit Noah in the back of the head. He fell backwards onto the grass off Galina, then he got up holding the bow in his head and turned to me. Blood came pouring out of his mouth and his teeth where all red, he screaming in pain then fell on the grass. Near the boy from 9's body lay.


7 left

Diamond Shimmer

I attack the girl from 7 I was able to control both of them, the boy from 7 was one hot thing so I choose to leave him instead I targeted the girl from 7. I held the crossbow up at the boy from 7. "If you move any closer" I snarl "I'll shoot this knife into your forhead so you and your little love mate both die, go it?". He looks so angry like he's about to explode. I'm on top of the girl from 7 as she struggles screaming "Blaze, don't move!". I cover up her mouth and she bites my hand making it all bloody. The crunching sound is so loud. I scream holding the knife up to her neck, "If  I drop this.." I grin "You die.". The boy from 7 takes the axe out of his back pack and I ai the crossbow at him again. "YOU MOVE DISTRICT 7, YOU DIE!" I scream at him. I look back at the girl from 7 "Now what is a little thing like you doing in the hunger games" I say to her smiling evily I brush her hair behind her as her jaw trembles. "Now first off I think I shold cut you're hair off first.". "NO!" screams the boy from district 7, I shoot the crossbow at the ground beside the boy from 7. "Shut up." I say and look back down to the girl from 7, I raise the knife and begin to cut her lips. She screams at Blaze "Run blaze! please run!" Blaze stays and I stab the girl from 7 in the leg. A tear falls from her cheeck I wipe the tear away. "You know" I say to her "I always wanted your type of hair... so pretty. I take the knife and begin cutting off her hair, the boy from 7 falls on the ground crying as I keep the crossbow aimed at him. I finally cut off all the hair then I look up to see Galina and she hands my a bow & arrow. I take it and aim it into her mouth her eyes wide open. Then, I shoot.


6 left

Galina looks at the boy from 7 ready to attack. "Leave him." I say "BOY FROM DISTRICT 7 RUN NOW BEFORE i CUT YOUR HEAD OFF!" I scream at him. He drops is axe walking away, then running. The remaing  of us careers stay and eat some turkey dinner.

Day 7

Jack Lander

I got water from feast, which was good. After I left feast which was so strange, you would think that I would die. Well... I did. The careers chased me only a little bit before I was able to get away even though it was a grass meadow. If they really wanted to they would have killed me but they probably saw my only weapon was rope so that wouldn't work out. I was left for dead I guess you could say, if anyone attacked me I would probably loose. I had water, food and a first aid kit. I was still carrying Harevst backpack as I walked though the dark forest. I choose to not go to the mountians, the memories of Harvest were there. I walked down to the bigegst forest and stayed in there. I was going to stay in there for as long as I could. If I won these games I was going to win in this forest. I lay down and sit on a log and rest my head on a tree. It hadn't rained in these games and it probably wasn't going to rain. Since 1/4 of the tributes are still alive I expected these games to end soon. Harvest said I could win, was she right? Could I do it?. I had too, for Harvest I had too. I was going to win well I was going to try and win. "If I put my mind to it" I wishper to myself "I can do it." 

Mason Spartan 

"I have a plan" says Finch "Lets kill all the careers!". I look up at him "Finch, you're talking crazy we cant just go into career camp and kill them all. 3 years ago a group tried to do that and they where all hunged by the careers." I said. He looks at me sadly "I just... I really want Diamond back", I hear Finch begin to sob he was holding back the tears this whole time. I took his head and rested it on my shoulder "I'm so sorry." I say as he keeps crying. I run his arm and his sobs get so loud. Eventually he begins to just fall asleep and he was rested on the log. I eventually get up and cook some food that Finch had got in feast. After I cooked I thought about what he said about killing the careers. I was probably going to die, i'd rather die with all the careers dead than them not dead. So when Finch woke up 5 hours later I told him what we need to do, just wait for them to come to us. He agreed and we both smiled, this was such a smart plan. 

Galina Kiltova

I was hurt in feast Diamond kind of was too. I was still on hunting patrol with Callisto though. We walked pretty far out of career camp where Diamond was there. I just noticed that Diamond had killed 6 tributes, i've killed like one. Diamond was dangrous. Half of the tributes left where careers and I knew that soon these games would be over. Finished, done. "Lets go north." Says Callisto "There's a hill down there.". Callisto went ahead of me and I tried to get him to sloiw down. "Callisto wait!" I screamed, suddenly I hit a branch and tripped over. "Ouch." I muttered, "GALINA!" I heared Callisto's scream far off. "Galina!!". I scream and run down the hill "Gallisto!". I don't hear a scream back.


5 left

I run down the hill after hearing the cannon to see Callisto's body. He has and axe in his head, I know it was the boy from 7 he was the only one with a thorwing axe. Callisto's eyes are open and blood trickles down his cheeck. I looked past him and see a camp with a log and some supplies and some footprints running the other way. "Oh crap" I scream. 

Blaze Woods

So I killed the boy from 2 and now me and Mason where running out towards corn. No one is at corn, since the boy from 10 ran south and the other 2 careers left went to the mountians, even though no one is there. It's possible the boy from 10 would be heading north though. But who knows!?!. "Were staying at corn for the night, then we head to mountians in morning." I say to Mason as he nods. We walk though the desert it was dry but we filled are empty bottles with water. We walk slowly, I had a long night I was crying all night and Mason was treating me the whole time. Once I saw the boy from 2 anger went though me, I know it wasn't his fault but he was a career. Maybe I wasn't thinking, well when I saw him I took my throwing axe and it flew right into his head and he started screaming and calling for someone. Once he started calling for someone me and Mason out outta' there, too dangrous. She couls have came and killed us it was ethier Diamond or the girl from 2. I have no mercy anymore if I see ethier of them i'll do anything to stop there hearts from beating anymore. 

Day 8 (Finale) 

Diamond Shimmer

Galina had told me about Callisto's death. It was sad, but now that Callisto was dead I could kill Galina. Couldn't be that hard, she would be easier than Nebraska. I walk though the forest holding my knife, I look around and see an abanadoned camp with blood stains on it. I pass it and I see the sun half way, that means it is noon. I suddenly hear a branch behind me and see The boy from 7 standing there. I scream in shock grabbing my knife and throw in at him, he misses it. He screams at me in rage and pushes me into a try I fight pushing him back. There's a loud thud as i'm being pushed into the tree's and then I push him really hard making him fall over. I jumped ontop of him taking the knife out of my pocket grinning. I opened my mouth and at that exact moment me spit in it, I fell backwards choking on his spit. He gets up "You killed her!" he screams at me and he kicks me and I roll over "She was mine, you took her from me!". He screams and picks me up banging me to the side of the tree and I put up a fight pushing him into a tree only for him to push back. Finally he gets a good grip on me I try and struggle, "Face it" says Blaze "I'm a guy, you're a girl. I win!". He takes the knife out of my pocket, I scream "You monster!". He laughs "Yeah right. Says the girl who killed 6 tributes!". "Galina!" I scream. She cant be that far off...  he beings holding the knife up to my face. Tears drip down his cheek and I smile, I gave him pain how wonderful I want him dead now. "Damn you!" I scream at him, "You cant do this!". He doesn't respond.

Finch Shadows

I told the knife up and I begin slowly putting it in her mouth. "Time for a quick check up, from your friendly denist" I say smiling. "GALINA! GALINA!" screams Diamond. I take the knife and begin cuting her gums open taking out her first tooth. Blood sprays everywhere and her scream is so loud, she begins struggling has hard as she can. I cut the cut more stabbing it open and the first tooth wiggles. I scream and tug on the tooth taking it out, she screams and trys to punch me but it doesnt work. After a while ive cut enough of her teeth off and she's in serious pain. I take the rope and tie her down to the tree. I turn around to see Mason "I heard Diamonds scream" he said. "Yep" I say she's tied up to a tree now." She looks at Mason in rage "Loofk if igt iswnt dje rhetarrrt" she says. "Okay" I say "I don't know what you're saying but whatever". I take the knife out and cut her cheek open and her bloody scream is heard again. "Blaze." says Mason "No, stop it please". I look at him "BUT SHE TOOK DIAMOND FROM US!". Mason looks at me "No, she took Diamond for yo-". Suddenly I heard a rumble far off and look towards the mountians "What's going on!" screamed Mason. I looked towards the mountians and hear them rumbling, what was that. I see almost a redthing.. it comes into view. "Oh crap!" "that is a red wall!" I scream. "Run!" I yell and I grab Mason and tug him away from diamond. She screams "Hwlp!", I'm fallen over my a swift flahs seeing Galina pass us running. She clearly wasn't going to save Diamond. I look and saw it get closer and I knew it was going to box us all into corn. This was going to be a hard core fight. 

Jack Lander

I scream my head off while running, I run jump into the water and begin swimming as hard as I can. It was going to be a hard swim but I could do it, well I couldn't swim really I was more doggy paddling. I turned to see the red wall hitting the forest getting closer and closer. Until suddenly I heard a cannon go off.


4 left

I wondered who that was. I kept swimming as hard as I could, the red wall was going faster than me, I knew what they where doing. We where all going to have to have a death match, fight to the death. I kept swimming some fish passed me and I finally got to shore to the smaller desert and I being to run to cornucpia. In the distance I can see the only girl left, the girl from district 2 ahead of me. I am able to see two figures in the distance also it's the boy from 3 and the boy from 7, "this is going to be a close one.". "I'm going to win for you Harvest." I whisper. 

Mason Spartan

Were almost there I think to myself. Nothing felt like it was happening I was running with Finch holding onto me. Finch started speeding up as I heard the rumbling noise get alot louder. I was scared, it was very scary. I was going to have to kill someone to win. I cant kill tributes though, I mean the boy from 10 has not killed anyone as far as I know. I am sure Galina has killed someone though.. I dont know maybe I could kill her. If it came down to it maybe, and plus Blaze was looking out for me. Well I couldnt fully rely on him, he was a good ally of course but I really didnt know I could trust him. 

Galina Kiltova

I run into corn, looks like I was the first one here, I could have rested but the boy from 7 and 3 where right there. As the red wall got closer I was able to see The boy from 10 aswell. That meant Summer was dead for sure. It took a good two hours to get here and I was so tired. The boy from 7 was ahead of the boy from 1. He his axe at me and it just missed. I fell to the ground and grabbed the throwing knives at throw one at Mason. It hits his leg and he yells in pain. Finally the red wall has all of us only several feet from each other. We all just stood there for a moment and I made the first move. I took my throwing knives at started throwing them all at Mason. Blaze yelled at me knocking my over and I squirmed away and started punching him. The boy from 10 ran over trying to steal a weapon from me but I slapped his hand. Blaze tried to kill me by brining the axe up but instead I kicked the boy from 10 over. He fell screaming grabbing me and throwing my head down. I hear his loud scream that echoed then a crunching sound


3 left

Blaze Woods

I turned to Mason as he screamed in pain seeing the head of the boy from 10 roll away into the red wall, I screamed and started trying to kill Galina. He had a tight grip not letting go, I tried to stab her but she was too swift,. Finally she had a grip on me took out her throwing knives and sliced me in the chest and I fell in pain. She roose the throwing knife up about to finish me off when she is suddenly bolted to the ground by Mason. He grabs anything he can find. I think he thought he grabbed a rock but he actually grabbed the boy from 10's poor head and started hitting her in the face with it. She screamed and grabbed his hair pulling on it and tried to push him into the red wall. She nearly did until I got up and threw her backwards and she landed on the hard ground crying. "I don't even know why I thought I could win." she cried on the ground all bloody. "Just finish me off" she whispered "NOW!". Mason walked towards and I then noticed what she was doing, it was a trap. She threw my axe at him almost chopping his head off like the boy from 10. Suddenly she kicked him backwards but he fought back and stabbed her with the axe. "Don't think i'm some stupid blind guy, THATS ALL YOU GUYS DID! YOU AND DIAMOND AND CALLISTO AND NEBRASKA AND SUZUIKY" he screamed at her crying, She shook her head "I'm sorry." she said crying "YOU HEAR THAT CAPTIOL! I'M SORRY! HOW YOU LIKE THAT!" she screamed. Mason sliced her back open and it ripped open nearly tearing her in half.


2 left

Mason started crying and I grabbed the axe, bringing it to my neck. He turned around and heard what I was doing and flipped on me "NO!!!" HE SCREAMED crying. "Don't do this blaze!". He grabbed the Axe "YOU SHOULD WIN DAMMIT!" he yelled and kept trying to take the axe from me "Let me have it!" he yelled. "No!" I said "I need to die!. Suddenly Mason accidently fell over pushing the axe into my neck. He began crying "Oh my god, Blaze i'm sorry i'm sorry!' He tried to grab something out of his backpack. I closed my eyes as my vision wen blurry. I was happy though, as I closed my eyes I felt myself drifting off and I saw Diamond (d7) there. I was happy again, no more stress I was just happy


1 left


Congradulations to Mason from district 1 has the winner of the 71st annual hunger games.

Death Order
Place D/n/g Type of death/ time
24th d5m Throwing knife  0:25
23rd d6m Arrow             0:43
22nd d10f Knife             1:25
21st  d12f Choking        1:49
20th d8m Knife             2:52
19th d12m Slingshot        3:32
18th d6f Knife               6:54
17th d11m Suicided        4 hours 2:34
16th d3f Infection      5 hours 54:24
15th d8f Trident        17 hours 31:46
14th d4m Spiders    1 day, 1 hour 48:59
13th d9f Nightlock   2 days 13 hours 13:42
12th d5f Knife          3 days  3 hours 46:33
11th d11f Dhightration   4 days 7 hours 06:49
10th d4f Drowining       4 days 19 hours 49:54
9th d9m knife                5 days  14 hours 12:54
8th d3m bow & arrow    5 days  14 hours  30:34
7th d7f Bow & arrow    5 days   15 hours 03:24
6th d2m Throwing Axe    6 days  13 hours 50:56
5th d1f Tourture           7 days 14 hours   13:13
4th d10m Decapation      7 days 16 hours   02:28
3rd d2f Throwing Axe   7 days 16 hours   06:57
2nd d7m Throwing Axe   7 days   16 hours   07:39
Victor!!! d1m survived  7 days 16 hours and 7:40


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