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The Name Game

This game is (sort of stupid) But whatever!

There will be 50 names! 

you vote! 

And 1 name will be left! 

(If I leave these games will stop)

You can enter 6 tributes 

May the best name win! 


Name, age, gender,

Names Age/Gender Mask 18/male
Herpy M/13
Peeta M/17
Kaniss F/17
Falcon  M/16
Cinder F/15
Sparkle Rose.  F/18
Soilitaire M/17
Poop M/53
Ball Of Wool M/16
Derpherpmerpsherp F/12
Blaine M/17
Jake  M/16
Chincy B/12
Quinn F/18
Banana F/104
Cinnabar F/2
Yannelli  F/16
Paint F/2
 Ifyoudontlikemynamedamnyou B/19
Justin F/17
Onyx F/32
Alice F/23
Name M/12
Maxime M/12
Manass F/16
Orange M/69
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a F/50
Hugh M/17
Unicorn M/5
Percy M/21
Beca F/16
Glenn Coco M/16
Comment M/0
Sebastian M/18
Finn M/17
Honey F/7
Ivana F/31
Ivysaur F/16
London M/39
Aurora F/18 
 Mymilkshakeisbetterthenyours  U/1
IIIuminate F/16
Jesus M/20
Anna F/16
Marton M/21
Fantine F/29
Eponine F/19
Once U/U
The U/U

User's that used up tributes:




Round 1

Voting on a name is the name you don't like, VOTE FOR THE NAME YOU WANT OUT!!!! 

<poll> Round 1 15 will be voted out, 35 will be left. |Mask |Herpy |Peeta |Kaniss |Falcon  |Cinder |Sparkle Rose.  |Soilitaire |Poop |Ball Of Wool |Derpherpmerpsherp |Blaine |Jake  |Chincy |Quinn |Banana |Cinnabar |Yannelli  |Paint |Ifyoudontlikemynamedamnyou |Justin |Onyx |Alice |Name |Maxime |Manass |Orange |Humuhumunukunukuapua' |Hugh |Unicorn |Percy |Beca |Glenn Coco |Comment |Sebastian |Finn |Honey |Ivana |Ivysaur |London |Aurora |Mymilkshakeisbetterthenyours  |IIIuminate |Jesus |Anna |Marton |Fantine |EponineOnce |Once |The </poll>

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