Okay I know I know! I don't finsh my games but they get boring this one will not get boring!

It's a school with 346 kids.

Grades 5 - 12.

The school is taken over.

Principal and Vice Principal are killed. The Students are forced to fight to the death or they will blow up. 346 kids. One Winner. One Week. No escape. (But I'm only doing 10 main students) (There where tunnels made linking the students to houses) They fight in the school and houses.

No Lunaii's I want real peolpe!

Give me Gender, Name, Grade. that's it! PROVIDE YOUR REAL NAME

You can only make one.

You can also be a supporting person (But they will most likely die)

This is mix of the Hunger Games and Battle Royale
File:Battle Royale - Trailer (English Subs)
Main Students
Name Grade Gender Tyler 9 Male
Troy 5 Male
Kiersten 8 Female
Jackson 9 Male
Hunter 8 Male
Ivan 8 Male
Danielle 8 Female
John 7 Male
Suki 9 Female
The Hunger Games Offical Trailer04:11

The Hunger Games Offical Trailer

The Hunger Games


Suki, Class.

It's hard now that our school has shrunk...I'm in a class with grade 8,7,6,5's I don't mind them. Some of the boys are hot but the girls... they are just idiots. If only it was a classroom with me and all the bo-

"Okay Class" Mrs. Reen says loudly breaking the silence "Our Principle has made us some special lemonade!" I look around...not one of us jumps in the air but some have smiles on there face. I bet the grade 5's are jumping with joy at the moment. Mrs.Reen hands out all of the Lemonade in cups when one comes to my desk Mrs.Reen flashes me a look my whole body freezes, It's that kind of look you never want to see. A look of sadness more than that...Mrs.Reen looks like shes about to slit her throat. I look Troy he was done the drink and he was leaning down to get his math text book. Suddenly he fell on the ground. I got up and screamed

"Troy's dead!" everyone got up most started screaming than another boy fell then 5 seconds later a girl fell all 39 of us went wild. Person after person kept falling then I realized it was the lemonade and I looked at my cup..

I drank all of it.

Suddenly I fell and blacked out.

Troy, Assembly

I wake up. Where all sitting on the floor at our first Gym we have two. Our principle comes up to the stage.. I notice that I must have been the last one to wake up so I pretend I've been awake for hours. Suddenly our principle begins crying... Whispers spread across the gym. Then an army dude goes up on the stage and takes away the microphone. In the pit of my stomach I know somethings wrong. Then he begins speaking... "Your task today" he says calmly "Is to fight" Everyone gasps and then the next part he says makes me cry "You shall all fight to the death till' one of you is left" Screams burst out everywhere and some people just sit in shock. "And all start!" says the army man and takes out a knife and slits the principle's throat!. All the people on the left side of the gym get up and run to the door and begin attacking the army. Then there legs all go red then normal then red.. Then there's a noise that get louder and louder. All the people on the right side begin pointing at there legs some of them look down and begin screaming one Runs and grabs onto me I try to push her off but she keeps a tight grip then there's an explosion and her legs go flying off her body and she falls on the ground dead. Everyone starts screaming as they start to explode. I look around Kierstin hangs onto Ivan crying. Everyone else seems to be in shock... Once all the people on the left side of the gym are dead the army man begins to talk. "You guy's should be happy! less people means higher chances!, Now. Come to me" We all slowly walk towards him My school uniform is covered in blood. "Now" The army man says "This is how it's going to work in your legs there is a bomb" Everyone gasps "It will explode if you try to take it off and If there isn't a winner in 7 days they will all go boom!" All the girls begin to cry. Their are 207 of you alive, good job. Now there are some rules one: If no one dies in 30 hours you will all explode, there are danger zones if you are on a danger zone you will explode, danger zones last 1 hour. you'll all leave the room 5 at a time. I want you all to line up in what grade your in! Grade 5's over here" I run over to the grade 5 line I know I'm going to I go to the front of the line. Our army dude keeps talking "You will all get a bag, inside it there will be a weapon, food, water, and map. The weapons are all different! one bag has a straw as a weapon, another bag has a machine gun as the weapon. Now you will all begin leaving!" Boy 4# Division 6 Noal you are first up!" The poor boy grabs a bag andleaves first heading out of the door. Our line begins moving and then it's my turn I grab a bag and run our of the room. The room's dark there's lockers everywhere I hear a noise and turn to see a girl being shot with a pistol the guy looks at me it was Hunter!. I run into the science lab and hide under a table in the far corner I make sure to turn the lights off. I open my bag and look at my weapon, A Stun gun. Disappointing then suddenly the door opens and I move further into the dark the girl looks to be in about grade 7 or 8 she is skinny with light brown hair her eyes look hazel. She goes to one of the front desk's and lays down and opens her bag. I'm able to make out the weapon, a golden machete if we fought she would win. So I dicide to hide, I still back and look at my weapon.

Day 1


I decide to play this damn game to do whatever it takes to win i'm hiding in our school library, It's freaking scary then suddenly the lights go out and I grab my flashlight which is my weapon which really sucks but I guess there's worse, I wonder who got the machine gun. Suddenly I hear footsteps and the loudest freakin' scream ever! "No don't!" the voice says I'm able to move a couple books to see Suki with a pistol when she shoots the voice turns into a moan then there's a second shot and Suki runs away. I crawl quietly to the body; It was girl. On her shoulder it said her name was "Anna girl 10# Div.9" I was division 6, Division 9 was a grade 6 and 5 class. I open the girls pocket to find her weapon; One metal ninja star. I take it in case I need it and then slowly leave the room into the 2nd floor hallway.


I hide under the table in the science lab and hold my golden machete the hours past theirs screams every once and a while I've heard gun shots and one time I heard a machine gun then suddenly the loud speakers go one "Hello, hello! it's me again" It's the voice of the man who made us fight "Six hours have past" he goes on "Now I shall read out you're dead classmates" The list goes on and on "......Keira Girl 13# Div. 2 and that's it! 47 where killed in six hours keep up the pace!" I did the math and figured out that 160 of us are still alive. that's a lot...a little to much.


I shoot again I'm on the second floor hallway the boy their keeps running and finally I shoot him in the back of the head, there's an explosion of blood. I run over and check the dead body "John, Boy 17# Div. 10" "Fifth grader" I muttered feeling disappointing to finally become popular and for people to like me I gotta kill some tenth graders, this boy was my fifth kill 3 girls 2 boys, 3 where in fifth grade and 1 was in eight the other in ninth. "It's time for revenge' I think and walk towards my classroom in hopes to find some of my dear loving classmates.


I'm in my classoom underthe ground I hear someone else no, two peolpe. I move towars them using the desks trying to make me go unnoticed. Then the door swings open and Hunter walks in! holding a Machine Gun!!! Gun sohts go flying though the air I grab my pistol quickly and a chair falls. I hear Kiersten's bloody murder scream Troy screams. "You *censored moment* Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he runs up on the desks and is shot about 13 times before he falls dead. I shot and hit Ivan in the back. he Screams in pain and shoots back but then leavs the room in a hurry. I move towards Kierstin her body lays there he seems to have about 2 bullet wounds one in her chest somewhere the other one her right arm. She was still alive.


Make Out, Make Out, Make Out, STAB! I launch my sickle into the boys chest and push it out he falls dead.

"Now students 12 hours have past!" "Good job!" I hear the anncouments say They begin listing names of the dead. and It soon ends "114 Of you are left and the playground is now open!" I walk towaes I play ground grining.

"It's time to play dirty"


My vision goes blurry "Hey it's alright' a female voice says, her long black long hair falls down off her shoulders.

"Hey!" I hear a voice the girl leaves me then suddenly there are some gun shots and an scream. Then I see the girl look into his backpack and pull out a kit.

"Bingo" The girl whispers and runs over towards me leaning down she opens the kit and begins treating my wounds. I flinch "It's okay!" I'm helping you.

In the bottom of my hear I know who it is I hated her..

"W..who are y..ou?" I ask

"I'm Suki, if you like it, or not"

(18th hour passed 101 alive)


Hunter is in the playground.

Jackson hasn't been mentioned yet.

Ivan got a gun from killing a student (wasn't seen)

Suki hates everyone but Kierstin.

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