The Arena

The 1st Hunger Games arena takes the form of a flawless tropical paradise, and is the very picture of heaven. Everything in the arena appears to be perfect, from it's beaches of pure, fine white sand, cloudless blue skies and sparkling, crystal clear oceans and lagoons. The Cornucopia sits upon a tiny island in the very center of the arena, which tributes must swim to if they wish to retreive any supplies during the bloodbath. In edition to the items inside the Cornucopia itself, there is also a large amount of surplus floating in the water surrounding it. The most valuable items, however lie on the oceans floor. The Cornucopia is also the only source of drinking water apart from rainfall. There is no iodine with which to purify the seawater, and any tribute who drinks water from the lagoons will experiance extreme thirst, leading to dehydration, insanity, and, ultimately, death.

The size of the arena is truly staggering, and it would take a tribute weeks to travel it's entire length. The arena is comprised of hundreads of islands of different sizes. The nothernmost island includes a dense sprawling rainforest, which despite being one of the only places of shelter in the arena, is also a place of extreme danger, as it is regularly struck by monsoon like floods, which can easily drown an unwary tribute. growing in the rainforest's vines are large sumptous fruits in many bright colors. These fruits, while visually appealing can be deadly. Each variety induces a different adverse effect in the consumer. Some fruits may be highly addictive, and will cause a tribute to gorge themselves until they vomit. Others may cause a tribute to experiance hallucinations, making the Hunger Games even more terrifying. These, however, are the least harmfull. There are those whose juices contain a deadly poison, which can kill with a single mouthfull. Despite these words of caution, the fruits are among the only food in the arena, so, unless a tribute wishes to starve, they must be prepared to take a bite.

The arena is also home to a number of dangerous muttations including a flock of poisonous green parots. These cunning birds were genetically engineered by the Gamemakers to track tributes across the arena, and to steal whatever supplies they may have managed to gather for themselves. Dotted along the shores are a number of large, smooth white rocks. Don't be fooled! These are actually crab-like muttations that have been cleverly designed to blend in with the rest of the beach. They can sense movement in the sand, and will not reveal themselves until they feel a tribute draw within striking distance, at which point they will sever his or her feet with their razor sharp pincers.

The ocean is swimming with bloodthirsty lifeforms, including giant azure blue sharks, glowing pink jellyfish that can electricute tributes with their tendrils, bright red seaweed that will wrap itself tighly around a tributes ankles, and attempt to hold them beneath the water until they drown. Tributes seeking to fish in shallow water should watch out for the coral. This spiky variety secrets tiny poisinous barbs that will paralyze any part of the body they come into contact with, leaving the victim helpless.

As always the entire arena is enclosed by a force field, and is escape proof. The Gamemakers control every aspect of the arena's enviroment, and can raise the tempreture of the beaches until the sand becomes too hot to walk on, or lower the tempreture of the water until any tribute bathing in it freezes to death.

The Tributes

District 1

  • Sheen - Male
  • Gemerald - Female

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

The Outfits

The outfit for each tribute is the same. A pair of loose fitting, plain black trunks that fall just below the knees, and plain black tanktop.

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