The New Dan

  • I live in Skyrim, eating TACOZ AND MAKING ROBOTS
  • My occupation is Being the best at space.
  • I am so freakin' epical.
  • The New Dan

    Hello there, I'm Dan, and I'm a n00b here. I've had a wiki account for a while, but... HUNGER GAMES IS AWSUM! This is the fourth Quarter Quell.

    This time, the normal 2 tributes are chosen normally. The catch is that the tributes only have 48 hours for the whole Hunger Game! If the 48 hours are up and there are still Tributes, random destructive things happen every hour, called Over-Time, changing the whole arena.

    The Arena is very small, about five miles wide and long. It is a circle arena, and bleachers are all around it. There is a forcefield around the arena, but Sponsers may drop stuff for their Tributes. The Cornucopia is located in the center of the circle, and surounding it is a moat. The landscape is very rocky, and not many animals …

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