Quack, moo, neigh. The Hunger Games lived on. No killing. Just decapacitate your enemies. Third person narrator.

Part I: The First Quell


The Quarter Quell

"In this Quarter Quell, each district will provide two victor's children only." says President Craine.

Moans from the crowd.

Chapter 2

Reaping of District 1

"Hello District 1! The time has come to reap the victor's children!" says Nettie Linkset. She sticks her hand into the bowl. "This year's female tribute will be..................................Angel Crank!" she says. She walks to the stage with her father, who is obviously Velvet Crank, victor of the 84th Hunger Games. "Our male tribute will be......................Shiny Framer!" says Linkset. The Shiny walks up onto the stage with two parents, Diamond Framer, victor of the 93rd Hunger Games and Slice Tanker, victor of 85th Hunger Game.

Reaping of District 11

"Combine Nextel will be this year's male tribute!" says Avie Paterson.


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