This, that, them, they, then. This is a thing. I decided this is a sort-of crossover between PJO and THG.


The people predicted too early. 2012 was the wrong year. The correct year was 2059. The end of the World started there. One day, December 21, 2059, Zeus was angered. Angered enough to make war on one of his fellow Olympians: Poseidon. The two began an all-out war which condensed into a world war for mortals. In World War Three. The Olympians split with most on Poseidon's side except Athena, Ares, Hera, and Sky and Air/Wind Gods. Hades, Persephone, Demeter, and Underworld Gods stayed out of the War.

The Mortal War

Precedent to the Mortal War, the Godly War damaged Earth. Poseidon sunk or flooded coasts and islands favored by Zeus. This meant submergence of every Hawaiian island and Ireland. More than 70% of the Irish people were killed along with 90% of the Hawaiians. Then, Poseidon, with Hades, sent California sliding into the sea by moving the Juan de Fuca plate. Poseidon also flooded the Gulf of Mexico.

One part of the Mortal War began with the dispute over the border between Canada and Alaska. The United States won and annexed parts of Canada along borders to create the 50th State of Canamerica. In Asia, China began an embargo to the West because the people were starting to defy the Communist government. Soon, a revolution erupted in China which grew into a Continental War in Asia. Communist Countries all sided with the Chinese government and the mojority of the remaining countries sided with the revolutionaries, who occupied most of Western China and declared their new nation to be "Ziyouzhonggou," more commonly reffered to as Ziyou. Eventually, The Ziyouans won out and defeated the Old People's Republic of China and setting up a democratic country in its place. Vietnamese revolution soon followed, but it became a Civil War where the seceders won.

Due to the state of Asia and the weakening government in America, German soldier Meinreich Freihurer overthrew the German government and attempted to start making Germany a world power. However, this became the World War when neighboring countries and US allies began to wage war on New Germany.


By the end of the war, the African plate was almost nearly underwater with the exception of some areas in Sudan and the Dem. Rep. of Congo. Three American states were lost; these being: Hawaii, sunken beneath the sea; California, which slided into the Pacific with the major movement of the Juan de Fuca; and most of Florida, which was flooded with the exception of a small part of Southern Florida which was now the Carribean Island and Free Country of New Florida. Most cities were destroyed all around America, with New York and Seattle-Vancouver being the last survivors. Bombings of Eurasia left almost the entire supercontinent uninhabitable. The Indian plate crashed with the Asian plate with so much power that the Himalayas rose almost 13,000 feet more, bringing Everest to a towering height of 39,642.6 feet tall and K2 being 32,930 feet tall. Australia had moved northwards, which resulted in a huge earthquake which destroyed Australia and the remains of Zealandia. Antarctica moved as far North as the Southern tip of South America. The Isthmus of Panama and other countries connecting North and South America vanished with Cuba and parts of Lower Mexico and Baja California. The entire area of Alaska was an island seperated from the ruins of Canada by a wide expanse of water. By 2090, the remaining people, which numbered around 550, settled in North America and began a new nation entitled The Lost Union of America.


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