Hey, guys! So, my first Games (which was on the HGRP Wiki) got cancelled, so I decided to make a new one! The Slender Games!

I know, a few people have already done this before. But still! It'll be awesome. /)^3^(\ So here are a few basic things, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Rules and Information

  • You can have up to 2 tributes (this may be changed).
  • Please don't whine or complain that your tributes died, because they will.
  • Please be active! If you're not active, your tributes may die soon!
  • If you don't know who Slenderman is, read About the Games below.
  • Fears take an important role here, so please add them if you already haven't!
  • Have fun!

About the Games

In these Games, the tributes will be thrown into an arena where it's always night, with Slenderman after them. Slenderman is an incredibly tall human-like creature with no face and tentacles sprouting out of his back, who is always after you. He can kill you easily if you look at him. To overcome Slenderman, you need to find the eight pages. As you get each page, it'll become harder to avoid Slenderman. When he's nearby, your vision will blur a bit, and the nearer he is, the blurrier it will get. When he is about to kill you, all you will see is his face and your vision blurring so much that soon you won't see anything ever again.

There will be no bloodbath. Killing each other is allowed, but it is not recommended at all. For the first three hours of the Games, no killing is allowed and Slenderman won't come after you. This gives you time to find a place to hide or find things to aid you in the Games. After those three hours are over, Slenderman will be looking for you.


"Welcome to the annual Hunger Games! For the seventh Quarter Quell, the 175th Hunger Games, we have a new twist. Tributes will be thrown into an arena where it is always night, with a new muttation called Slenderman after them. Killing each other is not recommended, although it is allowed. In the first three hours of the Games, you cannot kill each other and Slenderman will not be after you yet. Once those three hours are up,

Slenderman will kill you."

Tributes and Alliances


District Gender Name Strengths/Skills User
Capitol Male This tribute has been reserved for YourFavoriteSalmon
Capitol Female This tribute has been reserved for MarinaTheTenkaiKnight
0 Male
0 Female Armania Alpha Camouflage, fast Meoryou
1 Male Julius Spring Smart, tricky, good with weapons MyWorld
1 Female This tribute has been reserved for Amoline
2 Male
2 Female
3 Male Tommy Harns Intelligent, good with technology HaraiGoshi345
3 Female Janine Taylor Smart, stealthy HaraiGoshi345
4 Male Isaac Blade Strong, fast, good with weapons Pippycat
4 Female This tribute has been reserved by PumPumPumpkin :3
5 Male Oliver Quiad Strong, experienced Summer bee 13
5 Female
6 Male
6 Female
7 Male Kordan Caden Sneaky, smart, good swimmer, survivor Kongaroo5497
7 Female
8 Male Favian Thread Excellent hearing, smart, social Pippycat
8 Female Zoey Proasheck Fast, strong, knows medical things Tehblakdeath
9 Male
9 Female Fay Kariliah Can get into small spaces, fast Meoryou
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female Jessica Wood Strong, good aim MyWorld
12 Male
12 Female Cheyanne Violanta  Stealthy, smart Joey
13 Male Radiant Tayz Knows about plants, fast, smart Tehblakdeath
13 Female Artemis Moonsliver Good hunter, good archer MarinaTheTenkaiKnight
14 Male
14 Female Alex Haines Stealthy, sneaky, agile Summer bee 13

Spots in bold are currently open (with the exception of people already signing up in the comments).

Reserved spots are requested to be filled in within 3 days or they will be given to someone else.


Careers: Julius Spring

Anti-Careers: N/A

Loners: Jessica Wood

Proasliverhaines: Artemis Moonsliver, Zoey Proasheck, Alex Haines

Faviant: Favian Thread, Radiant Tayz, Oliver Quaid requesting to join

3's District Partners: Tommy Harns, Janine Taylor

Undecided: Cheyanne Violanta, Fay Kariliah, Armania Alpha, Oliver Quaid, Kordan Caden

Tributes in italic are requesting to join an alliance.

Undecided tributes are requested to join or make an alliance, or it will be made by me.

The Games

Now that there are enough tributes, I'll start writing the reapings soon!

The Reapings



District Zero


District One


District Two


District Three


District Four


District Five


District Six


District Seven


District Eight - Favian Thread

"Be safe," Fiora said to me before going to the girls' section.

I nodded and left for the boys'.

"Welcome, District 8!" Our escort called out. "Welcome to the annual Hunger Games! But this year is different - it's the 7th Quarter Quell!"

A few people cheered.

"Now." He picked up a paper from the girls' bowl. "Our female tribute for this year is... Zoey Proasheck!"

Nobody cheered. Instead, a girl shouted, "Good luck, homo!" At this, everyone laughed.

Somewhere from the girls' section, a girl walked up to the stage. Although I couldn't see her, I was sure she was disheartened and looking down by that comment.

"And now for the boys!" our escort said. He took a paper from the boys' bowl. "Favian Thread!"

"No!" Fiora shrieked. I could imagine how people were trying to restrain her from running towards me.

I was paralysed by shock. I was reaped. I couldn't believe it.

"Favian?" Our escort called out once more.

I could hear Fiora crying in the distance. Grimly, I walked to the stage. I stumbled on my way and the District murmured. I could hear some snide comments. Trying to ignore them, I got up on the stage.

"Wow! What happened to your eyes? They're pretty stunning!" Our escort said. Although he may had meant it as a compliment, I sulkily thought, Yeah, they stun people since they're hideous.

"Contacts," I said. It was my usual excuse for someone who didn't know about me before.

Our escort nodded and faced the District. "Your tributes for this year - Zoey Proasheck and Favian Thread!"

Only a few people appluaded.

"We're definitely not going to win this year," I could hear someone say, "I mean, look at them! A weak lesbian and a blind dude."

As much as I hated their comment, I knew deep down it was true. I grimly walked into the Justice Building, knowing it was the last time I'd ever be in the District.

District Nine


District Ten


District Eleven


District Twelve


District Thirteen - Radiant Tayz

I woke up in a crate. Then I remembered my last Games - the kid with Down's Syndrome, Santana, all of it. I looked at my watch. It was ten minutes until the reaping! I rushed into the square just in time.

"Welcome to the annual Hunger Games!" our escort said gleefully. "But this is no ordinary Games, no. It's the 7th Quarter Quell, which means there'll be a new twist in these Games!"

The District stood there solemnly.

"Today's reaping is at night to fit the theme of these Games. We have created a special muttation which we call Slenderman. Look at him for too long, and bam! You'll never see the light again."

The District was more quiet than ever. The only person who was ecstatic was our escort.

She continued. "So, let's get on with the reapings! Ladies first, as usual." She picked up a paper from the bowl. "Artemis Moonsliver!"

A thirteen-year-old girl was spotted in the crowd. She didn't seem like she'd move anytime soon.

"Well, come on up!" our escort ushered her.

Slowly, Artemis walked up to the stage.

"And now for the males!" Our escort picked up another paper. "Andrew Oakfield!"

It was the same person with Down's Syndrome who was reaped in my last Games. Without thinking (again), I mustered up the courage to shout, "I volunteer!"

The District turned to me as I ran to the stage. We didn't have many volunteers. Moreover, I never meant to volunteer. But it was too late.

"Ah, a volunteer!" Our escort clapped happily. "What's your name?"

"Radiant Taze," I said.

"Radiant Tayz!" she says. "District 13, your representatives for this year's Hunger Games - Artemis Moonsliver and Radiant Tayz!"

No one in the District cheered.

Our escort concluded her speech with a simple sentence. "May the odds be ever in your favour!"

As Artemis and I walked into the Justice Building, a horrible thought invaded my mind. I had been lucky to be revived after my last Games, but would I be lucky this time?

District Fourteen


The Games


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