Inspired by Game of Thrones

Billie here.

It's been a while since I've hosted a Games on this Wiki. And the Games that I've previously hosted on this Wiki have normally been cancelled early or I've just lost the motivation to continue writing them.

But now that I have a new computer and I'm trying to improve my writing skills constantly (as I'm trying to write stories at the same time), I figured that I should do a Games on here, just for fun and nostalgia and whatnot.

I'm hosting another Games, which can be found on the other Wiki (HGRP). I'll update those Games and these Games on the same day.


  • Capitol to District 13 tributes allowed.
  • 4 tributes to a district.
  • No reservations.
  • There's no limit as to how many tributes you can send.
  • Please be active (but if you can't and have a valid reason, then I'll understand).
  • Sponsoring is optional.
  • Have fun and please don't start arguments/fights.

Arena Information

The Arena is shaped like a square. In each of the four corners are hills, and on top of those hills is a coloured castle (the castles are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green).

In the middle of the Arena is the Cornucopia.


(Similar to my other Games)

There's more to these Games than meets the eye.

There can only be one victor, but how a person must become victor in these Games is different to my other Games (except for Horror House (the Games which I am currently hosting on the HGRP Wiki, which is similar)).

The Arena has a history to it. The person who can figure out the whole history first will escape the Arena and be crowned the victor. Anyone else that is still alive at that point must die.

But this twist will not be revealed until near the end of the Games.


District Male Female Male Female


Rade Spectrus Tiara Spectrus Diavan Paradis Katia Morley

District 0

Shade Spectrus Julienne Keturi Frade Spectrus Sorcera Spectrus

District 1

Caleb Viika Nutmeg Spica Joffrey Baratheon (hehehe >:-D) Belaset Dalyngridge

District 2

Lee Kagene Sarah Waterborne Flint Callopp Bliss D'Hericy

District 3

Newt Scamander Shinmyoumaru Sukana Asa Muttan Luna Tick

District 4

Dion Chamorin-Seppelt Scylla Wells Kodai Hitogoroshi Sally Waterborne

District 5

Brett Brawl Justine Leonard Kalvy Mergheron Supia Pawa

District 6

Millet Oat Morina Patrickson Cassius McPolligon Blondie Genesis

District 7

Sullivan Masten Tilia Alder Mist Scorchil Lumina Spectrus

District 8

Banette Tsukomogami Gale Freeman Rafi Firethorn Jessica De La Reue

District 9

Harvest Cropper Quinoa Fonio Apio Atsu Cheyanne Violanta

District 10

Benoni Peritz Samulina Cavelier Ryn Tanglewood Pya Tailforth

District 11

Garth Stormcloak Timberly Cortlain Hemsway Jr. Shirelale Roana Halifax

District 12

Justice Kannon Sophie Carmwell Juetta Cheviot Netta Lobon

District 13

Akelin Riddleham Charybdis Wells Joshua Brighteye Anne Limestone



20 Years Earlier - Prologue

Alaia, 734th Hunger Games Tribute


I looked around the dining hall of the Yellow Castle for my ally, the only ally I had left who hadn't been slaughtered in the Red Castle.

Yellow flamed torches hung against the walls. In the space between each torch was a painting and in all four corners of the hall were yellow wooden doors.

The hall even had a yellow glow.

In the middle of the hall was the long dining table and 20 seats around it. A sole chandelier, but not your typical fancy chandelier, hung above the middle of the table.

The cutlery on the table hadn't been touched, but the golden goblets had been touched because there were wine spills all over the table. The wine bottle itself was empty and on the floor.

My assumption was that another alliance or tribute had been here before us. But right now, that was not the most important thing. The most important thing was finding Kaycee.

No cannons had sounded yet, so that must mean Kaycee was still alive.

But just in case, I grabbed one of the knives from the table and slowly proceeded to make my way towards the northeastern corner of the hall.

I opened the wooden door, which revealed a narrow stone hallway. More yellow flamed torches hung on the wall. But those torches were on the wall to my left. To my right were three arched windows.

Through the nearest window, I could make out a part of the next castle, which was the Green Castle.

It was nighttime, so that probably had something to do with Kaycee's sudden disappearance.

I made my way towards the yellow door at the end of the hallway, when I noticed the white glow coming from the room which the door led to.

An extremely bright white glow.

I gripped the knife tightly in one hand and touched the door with the other. One push and the door slowly opened.

Bright white light.

Rhoynar Movaris, Head Gamemaker

"Sir, we've lost contact with Camera 8."

As soon as I was notified, I looked towards the screen which had shown the contents of Camera 8. The female tribute from District 3, Alaia, and the female tribute from 12, Kaycee, who Camera 8 had been tracking down, could no longer be seen on the screen. Instead, the screen shown a white light.

"What's going on?" I ask the Gamemakers in front of me.

"We don't know, Sir."

After three minutes, Camera 8 was working again. But there was no sign of the girls: no bodies, no blood, no weapons. Nothing.

"It looks like both girls have disappeared without a trace."

They were right. The bedroom, which Alaia had slowly opened the door to, was unoccupied. None of the furniture had been touched. The only signs of activity were an opened window and a gush of wind, making the yellow curtains move from side to side.


Capitol Reaping (District Escort POV)

Like always, the sun was shining in the Capitol. The sky was aqua and there was not a cloud in sight.

This was my fifth year as district escort, so I knew the whole preparation process by now. I'd wake up, get ready, be driven to the Presidential Mansion and talk to the President and the soon-to-be mentor. Then when the hour of the reaping dawned, I'd get a grip of myself and walk out onto the stage. I think you know what happens after that.

But this year seemed...different. A year of significant change.

After the limousine which took me to the Presidential Mansion drove off, I made my way up the steps. Then I was met with

Chariot Parade


Training Scores


The Games

Death Order


  • I decided to go with the 155th Hunger Games, as it's basically my age now and the latest season I've watched of Game of Thrones. And it seems fitting considering the theme of these Games.
  • I used a medieval name generator to determine the names of the placeholders.
  • 'slaughtered in the Red Castle' - I was thinking of a particular brutal event in GoT when I wrote that.

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