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Introductory POV (3rd Person)

It was that time of year again. Only a matter of days before the reapings were to take place.

The white and fluffy clouds of The Capitol sailed through the pastel blue sky. Sunshine beamed through any cracks in the clouds, onto the metropolis below.

As it was lunchtime in The Capitol, most of the citizens were packed into cafes and restaurants for a meal that would provide them with energy to last the rest of the day or for a quick coffee and a chat.

The rich children were in school, most likely preparing for their own lunch, whilst the poorer children wandered around the slums, which were hidden away by glistening skyscrapers, and got themselves into petty shenanigans as they knew that they could get away with it.

To someone who didn't understand or have any knowledge of what was really going on, The Capitol seemed like a utopia.

However, The Capitol was far from a utopia.

In the Presidential Mansion, specfically the lounge, President Adon Midnight, his silver hair combed over and wearing a raven black suit, sat in his favourite leather chair. He rested his arms on the arms of the chair.

The chair was facing a 100 inch TV, which had been mounted to the wall. The TV was currently showing the interviews of one Games.

The interviewer of the tributes for that year's Games stood in the middle of the stage, in between two pink chairs. He looked very dapper as he was dressed in a sequinned red suit. He also looked around the age of 20.

"Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Panem, put your hands together for the beautiful Capitol female, Darcia Bosethon!" cheered the interviewer. The audience was suddenly in an uproar of wild cheering. The interviewer reached his arm out, gesturing towards Darcia's entrance.

A slender girl with curly lime green hair and violet eyes made her way up to the stage. She picked up her golden dress to prevent falling, revealing golden high heels in the process.

As soon as she was on the stage, Darcia offered her hand out, to which the interviewer kissed.

"You're beautiful."

"Thank you." Darcia smiled and giggled before sitting down.

Darcia turned out to be the President's district partner for those Games. He sat and remembered the things that he had learned about Darcia; Darcia was fifteen, she had a love for music, her aspiration was to become a famous singer and she wanted to win the Games to see her boyfriend again (much to the sadness of most males that watched).

The President crossed his arms when he remembered how Darcia was trying to portray herself as a sweet, innocent girl who wouldn't harm a fly. The majority of The Capitol believed this as back then, there were more citizens that were pro-Games and pro-government. Now, defiance is too close to home.

Darcia turned out to be a secretly ruthless killer, managing to be a respected Career tribute and be responsible for the murder of five tributes before getting murdered herself.

"Thank you Darcia. Ladies and gentleman, give it up for Darcia Bosethon!" The audience cheered as Darcia was helped down the stage by one of the security guards. The interviewer waited until Darcia left to introduce the next tribute.

"Now, you've all heard about the young sword dynamo. Please welcome our next tribute, Ado-"

The sound of the interviewer's voice was overpowered by the sound of someone running. Adon swiftly turned his attention towards the entrance of the lounge, where the running was coming from.

The person running turned out to be one of Adon's servants.

"President." The servant stopped running as soon as he was in the lounge. He stood like an obedient soldier whilst panting.

The servant was carrying a message, which had been intricately tied in a blue ribbon.

"You've brought a message." Adon took the message from the servant and untied the ribbon. He threw the ribbon away and opened up the message. The message read:

Check the news.

After closely examining the message, the President coldly glanced at the servant.

"Who wrote this message?"

"The Head Gamemaker, Leonicus Amberly, President." replied the servant. It was obvious to see from the servant's face that he was intimated by Adon. After all, Adon is the victor of probably the most captivating Games ever, at just 12 years old.

"Right, take the tape out, turn on the news and then you can SCRAM. Also, take the tape up to the archives." The volume of Adon's voice when saying 'scram' made the poor servant jump in fright.

"Yes, President."

Nerve made the servant act quickly. He took out the tape, turned on the TV as quickly as he could and ran off with the tape containing the interviews.

The President went back to sitting comfortably in his chair. Or rather uncomfortably, as soon as he saw who was on the news...

There, live, was Adon's fourth born son, Jason Midnight. Jason was a lanky, thin young man, with light brown hair and a blue eye. He liked to dress in white. Due to being blind in his right eye, he liked to fashion a white eyepatch.

He currently resided in District 5 with his girlfriend, who appeared to be the brunette girl cuddling into him. Jason put an arm around the girl and then turned his attention to the camera, whilst microphones were being shoved near his mouth.

"Is it true that you are the son of the President?" asked one of the reporters.

"Yes, I am the fourth son of the President." Jason replied angrily. He was coldly staring at the camera, never taking his eyes off it.

"Is there anything you would like to say to the President?" asked another reporter.

"Yes, in fact, I'd like to give a speech towards my father. Father, I hope you're watching this because you need to hear this once and for all. Things are going to change from now on.

But before I address the changes that will take place, I need to tell you straight. You're a terrible President and when you go, you'll be amongst the deceased Presidents that are remembered for all the wrong reasons. You're neglective to the people that should matter the most to you, the citizens of Panem. In all of the years that you've been President, you've done nothing to solve this nation's major issues, the main one being starvation in the outlying districts. People are getting tired of your neglect, even people in the districts that are traditionally allies with The Capitol are rioting and rebelling against you. All you've contributed to is the making of the annual Games. Come on father, hardly anyone watches the Games these days. It's just the same thing every year, children getting unnecessarily slaughtered. No matter what measures you go to to gain more followers, it's always going to have the same outcome. Tributes die, the remaining tribute/tributes in the arena is/are crowned victor/victors, they go on a victory tour and then depending on how old they are, when you've had enough planning the next Games, you either wait for them to become eligible to your disgusting manipulation and sexual exploitation or right after the victory tour, you throw them right into the deep end of it all. If they refuse or defy your orders, other people suffer because of it. Every President that has done this have all suffered brutal deaths. If you keep on doing this father, you're eventually going to die a horrible death. And no one will mourn your death, not even me.

Not only are you neglective towards your people, you're neglective to your family too. You don't care about us. You've never shown love towards any of us, not even when we were born. From my observations as a little boy, whenever any of us interacted with you, you were completely abusive to us (and still is to this day, but towards everyone). Luckily, I'm not living under the same roof as you as I had the common sense to pack my bags and leave, as soon as I was old enough to. I took Jocelyn, Banor and Salina with me so they could grow up in safety. I don't know whether my other siblings and my half-siblings are okay or not, but regardless, I wish for them to be able to live the wonderful lives that they deserve, without the crap and abuse of you Father. Despite being blind in one eye, I've managed to raise Jocelyn, Banor and Salina from when they were infants. I was only a teenager when I left the house and I'm an adult now. Banor, Jocelyn and Salina are now beautiful, wonderful kids who are well-liked and are doing exceptional at school. I'm their father figure, as well as their brother, because you didn't give two flying fucks about them. I've shown them the love that you never had for them-"

Adon smirked and rose out of the leather chair, before walking out of the room. However, he still left the TV on.

"So Father, live on national television, I am officially declaring war on you. Panem will overthrow you and make me President. I, however, don't want to be President to carry on the Midnight 'dynasty'. I want to be President so I can resolve the issues that have troubled this country, once and for all."

Reapings (Four POVs)

Bridget Idylwyld, The Capitol Female

Reaping day. I knew what I was going to do. I was going to volunteer. And as of the Games, I'm going to win and become a victor. I will bring more power and honour to my family. I will be a proud Idylwyld victor.

According to the silver clock, above my TV, the time was 8:45am. I was in my bedroom, taking one last glance out of the window before I left the mansion.

The sky was a mixture of red, orange and yellow. Fiery colours. But this was always the case in The Capitol. After half an hour, the sky would change to it's usual pastel blue and the sunshine would begin it's shift.

I felt refreshed, from my shower earlier, and prepared. I was more prepared than the sky was for the upcoming day.

Once I had finished looking out of the window, I turned towards my walk-in wardrobe. The brown jacket that I liked to wear hung on a white coat holder. The coat holder was always next to the rack for my elegant dresses.

I grabbed the jacket from the coat holder, put it on and walked out of my room. I strutted down the narrow corridor, which was lavishly decorated with paintings that depicted historical figures and past events, as well as a glass chandelier, until I had reached the main staircase of the mansion.

I made my way down the staircase, to be met by the presence of my parents. They smiled at me, with pride in their eyes.

"Here she is, our future victor." My father remarked. I giggled a little.

"I know that you'll be the best in that arena, sweetie. You're going to bring so much honour to this family." My mother commented. I knew that these comments were true. I will be the best in that arena and I will emerge as the victor.

I hugged my parents, thanked them for their support and made my way outside. Father had informed me that he had hired a limousine to escort me to the Presidential Mansion, where the reapings were to take place.

I thanked Father for hiring this limousine for me, before getting inside it. As soon as I was inside, the limousine drove me away from the Idylwyld mansion.

The limousine was illuminated in neon lights and there were blinds covering any shred of daylight.

In front of the sofa that I was sitting on, there was a drinks cooler. I peered inside to see that it contained cans of different sodas. I took two cans of cream soda from the cooler and placed one in a pocket of my jacket. The other, I opened it and took a sip.

The perks of being an Idylwyld.

I put my legs up on the sofa and continued drinking the can of cream soda, when a memory hit me.

"Where is Camiren Idylwyld?!" I yelled angrily, as I arrived. Everyone in the Career Academy of District 2 fell silent and moved as far away from me as possible, in either fear, respect or surprise. They had recognised that I was an Idylwyld. An Idylwyld who wants to find Camiren fucking Idylwyld.

I was clutching my prized chain whip.

No one uttered a word, so I spoke up again, this time in a sarcastically sweet tone:

"Let me rephrase what I just said: Give us Camiren Idylwyld, or die a painful death. The choice is yours."

And still, nobody uttered a word. That's when I noticed a particularly scared man, trembling and worrying. I went up to that man, wondering if he knew anything.

"Please", "Don't hurt me! I don't know any Camiren Id-"

Before he could finish his sentence, I smacked him with my chain whip. One blow to the head killed the man immediately. The people around me shrieked and gasped, as they had witnessed for themselves the deadly Idylwyld wrath.

One of the people came at me. I smacked him with my whip as well. And after that, shit went down.

By the time the flashback had finished, the limousine arrived at the Presidential Mansion.

"Miss Idylwyld, we have reached your destination. Do you, by any chance, have money for me?" The driver asked me.

"Didn't my father pay you?" I asked the driver, wondering as to why he was asking me for money when he should have been paid by my father for taking me to the reaping.

"No." He replied, looking at me sweetly so that I'd give him money. After a while, because the look irritated me, I threw a bag of 20 Panem coins at him, some of my own pocket money. The bag was made of purple velvet and it was tied with golden ribbon at the top.

"There. You'd better spend it wisely or I'll persuade my father to never hire you again. That was out of my own pocket money, so consider yourself lucky. Also, people who use cutesy looks to try and get me to do so something is one of my biggest pet peeves, so don't do it again." I replied to him.

"I won't, Miss Idylwyld. And thank you." He smiled.

"Welcome." I briefly responded, in a dull tone, before getting out of the limousine. The driver drove the opposite direction from the way we came.

Still clutching my can of cream soda and keeping the other can in my jacket, I took one glance at the Mansion. Despite seeing it almost everyday, I still liked to observe it.

It was a mansion/arena. A flag with the Midnight family sigil flew wildly on a flagpole, on top of the roof on the mansion. The mansion was square and marble. Inside it, where the yard would normally be, was the arena, where the reaping and the chariot parade took place every year. Most people think that before you can get to the arena, you have to get through the mansion first. However, a few years back, a tunnel that took you straight into the arena was built. This was so that the Mansion didn't accidentally turn into a place for the public to visit.

I made my way into the Mansion and walked through the tunnel. Some annoying 12 year olds were giggling and gossiping behind me. I was tempted to throw my cream soda at them, but I didn't.

At the end of the tunnel, the Head Peacekeepers of The Capitol sat at the desk. They scanned the fingerprints of those eligible for being reaped, like always.

When it finally reached my turn...


"Bridget Idylwyld." I replied, simply. He (the Peacekeeper sat on the left) scanned my fingerprint and doing so came up with some information about me; mainly my name, my age, my odds of winning the Games and what my predicted training score would be.

"An Idylwyld, huh?"

I nodded. After I nodded, the Peacekeeper who sat on the right took my can of cream soda away from me.

"No drinks allowed in the arena, kid."

"Give me back my fucking drink." I yelled, reaching out to retrieve my drink.

"Hey, do you know who this is?" The Peacekeeper on the left elbowed the bastard who was preventing me from getting my drink back.

"An Idylwyld. Still, she's not the most influential one so I don't care." He replied. I snarled at him, making him laugh.

"But she's dangerous and a force to be reckoned with. All Idylwylds are dangerous. So I suggest you give her back her drink."

"Eugh. Fine."

He finally gave me back my can of cream soda. The other can was still in the pocket of my jacket, and the Peacekeeper hadn't even looked to see the other can.

"Go ahead." The Peacekeeper gestured towards the end of the tunnel with his hands. The Peacekeeper placed a white sticker on me. The sticker had my age on it; 16.

I mischievously smirked at the Peacekeeper who stole my drink from me, before exiting the tunnel.

The end led me to the section which contained seven doors. Above the doors were LED signs which displayed nothing but an age (from 12-18). Every kid that was eligible for being reaped had to go through the door which displayed their age. Go through the wrong door and "serious consequences will follow".

I had time to take one single sip of my cream soda, before I was led through the "16" door.

The door led me to the part of the arena that was reserved for the female 16 year olds. I was glared at upon arrival, but I necessarily didn't care.

The atmosphere was loud as fuck. But I wasn't here to care about the atmosphere. I was here to volunteer.

On a balcony, which was a few feet above the stage, sat the President, the tyrannical old man who wanted nothing more than people to watch the Games, but we all know that the Games nowadays are boring. Next to him were who I assumed to be the Head Gamemakers.

The wild cheering and talking finally stopped when The Capitol's escort walked onto the stage. The previous escort, Dana Morrisson, died a few months ago, so we had a new escort. No one knew who the escort was and what they looked like, until now.

Men's jaws dropped and boys began to drool. I looked towards the stage to see what the escort looked like.

It was like I was looking at a goddess.

She had long, flowing blonde hair, that sparkled in the arena's lights. Her eyes were sapphire blue. She wore a floor length, white gown, with droplet shaped cuts at each side, and high heels that matched the gown's colour.

"Hello citizens of The Capitol, my name is Astarlia Narushi and I will be The Capitol escort for this year's Hunger Gam-"

Suddenly, a group of men, who were obviously pissed off criminals, burst through and stormed down the track that divided the part of the arena that was reserved for the males that were eligible for reaping and the part of the arena that was reserved for the females that were eligible for reaping.

The group of men carried guns. Astarlia and most of the citizens looked traumatised and scared for their lives, where as others were angry or buzzing with intrigue.

The President rose out of his seat on the balcony.

"Peacekeepers, get those men!" I could hear him shout, whilst pointing towards them. Five Peacekeepers jumped from the balcony and rolled as soon as they hit the stage, before sprinting towards the group of men.

The men started shooting at the Peacekeepers, whilst shouting the words "Long live Jason", in support of the President's son, Jason Midnight. He was the guy who liked to fashion the white eyepatch and declared war on the President a few days ago, live.

Two fell dead, whilst the other three managed to disarm the men.

"I want all of them imprisoned and then, they shall be hanged tomorrow morning!" The President commanded the Peacekeepers. The surviving Peacekeepers nodded and took the men, who were now handcuffed, away.

However, the atmosphere didn't stop there. A fight suddenly broke out in the male part of the arena. The fight occurred higher up in the part, where the eighteen year olds were. In a matter of seconds, most of the males eligible for reaping were brawling with each other, even some of the twelve year olds were in scuffles.

And the same happened here. I don't know why most of the people were brawling, but I assumed that it was over the whole Jason vs President debate.

The President looked really horrified and tried to get everyone to be silent, but this was to no avail.

The constant brawling between my fellow Capitol citizens gave me time to get to the stage to volunteer, but I just had to make my way down the area first.

I rose from my seat, taking a few gulps of my cream soda. The soda was nearly running out and I still had the other can in my pocket. That can, surprisingly, was still cold and yet the temperature in the arena was very hot.

Still clutching the near empty can, I leapt seats from row to row. The fifteen year olds were too busy pulling each other's hair and kicking each other to notice me, the fourteen year olds were pretty much doing the same thing as the fifteen year olds and the thirteens looked too traumatised to even stop me.

It was after I had gotten away from the thirteen year olds part, when I had met unexpected and unwanted competition...from a twelve year old.

I was preparing to leap out of the whole female section and get onto the track, when I felt a hand grip my ankle.

"I don't think so."

I turned around to see that a girl, who didn't look or sound like your average twelve year old (she looked much bigger and nastier, with scars and acne spread all over her face, and her voice sounded much more masculine than feminine), wanted to volunteer too. But this girl couldn't beat me. She didn't know just how deadly it is to mess with an Idylwyld. "Hahaha, are you seriously going to try and stop me from volunteering?" I asked her, laughing.

"Yes. Just watch me." She replied, attempting to drag me off the edge of the barrier for the female section. She tried punching me, but she gave weak punches.

This was just an ugly looking girl who couldn't fight to save her life. She would have no chance of survival in the arena.

I threw the now empty can of cream soda at her face, before climbing the barrier and jumping off it, allowing me to land on the track on my feet.

After sprinting towards the stage, I grabbed the microphone from Astarlia's clutches, trying not to pant.

"I volunteer as female tribute."

Astarlia took the microphone from me, as soon as I made my announcement. I could hear a lot of girls groaning, as they knew that it was too late to volunteer. They had been too busy brawling to notice.

"Looks like we have a volunteer and the reapings have not even started yet. Tell me, what's your name?" Astarlia asked. Her voice sounded very...soothing.

"My name is Bridget Idylwyld."

And just like that, the brawling stopped. Many of the faces before me turned white, when I had revealed who I really was.

Astarlia turned to the Peacekeepers, who told her to thank me for "my sacrifice" and to just reap the male tribute. No annual showing of The Capitol's film about how glorious it was to win the Games and all the benefits that come with it, as well as some of Panem's history explained.

"Okay then, urm, thanks Bridget for your honourable sacrifice. Now, time to reap the male that will be representing The Capitol in this year's Hunger Games."

I watched her grab the first slip she could retrieve in the male reaping bowl, before walking over to her microphone.


I looked towards the male part of the arena. One of the 12 year old males, who was a blonde-haired kid, had just climbed onto the edge of the barrier of that part. I could make out someone trying to stop him, but to no avail. He ran towards the stage and took Astarlia's microphone from her, like I did, but whilst panting.


Astarlia retrieved her microphone from Lyssander. I was correct in knowing his age as there was a white sticker on him, with '12' on it.

A 12 year old volunteer. I'd say I wonder why he had volunteered, but then again, I didn't really care.

"Thank you Lyssander. I think you should take some time out to catch your breath. Citizens of The Capitol, here are your tributes for this year's Hunger Games, Bridget Idylwyld and Lyssander Ghan!"

Everyone just burst into an uproar of cheer, laughter, screaming...whatever. The atmosphere from before, when everyone was brawling, had changed to how the atmosphere normally was in The Capitol.

The Peacekeepers that were standing behind us came onto the stage and gripped me and Lyssander. After gripping us, they took us back into the Mansion itself. They carried us into a corridor, where there were only two rooms.

I recognised the rooms to be where the tributes get to say a few quick goodbyes to their family and friends and whatnot.

"You, boy, in that room." One of the Peacekeepers pointed towards the room on the left. Lyssander was shoved into that room.

"And you, girl, that room." The same Peacekeeper pointed to the opposite room.

Ugh, another Peacekeeper who doesn't know about the Idylwylds.

Because I didn't want these puny Peacekeepers shoving me into the room, I walked into the room myself.

It was almost bare. There was nothing but a bookshelf, a bin, a flag with the Capitol emblem on it, a desk and a wine goblet?

That's right. On the desk was a wine goblet. The goblet was golden and it was covered in beautiful jewels.

What's a wine goblet doing in here?

The Peacekeepers had failed to notice the wine goblet. Instead, they just walked back to where they came from.

I took out the unopened can of cream soda from the pocket of my jacket, opened it and poured the contents of the can inside the goblet.

And now, I wait.

Once the contents of the can were inside the goblet and the can was empty, I threw the can in the bin and took my first gulp of the drink.

Aquilo Hudson, District 0 Male

There I stood, in the Square and within the barrier for the 18 year old males. I was cold, tired and hungry, but mainly tired. I had just said my goodbyes to Janna, before we parted ways (for possibly the final time).

Usually, I'm very cocky and lively, but right now, I didn't feel that way. I felt annoyed and like I've said before, cold. District 0 is the freezer of Panem, as the usual climate here was nothing but snow.

On the screens, that were lined at the top by fluffy snow, depicted the reaping of The Capitol. The female went by the name of Bridget Idylwyld. I had heard stories about how "big" and "powerful" her family was, and how she went on a rampage throughout the districts to find one girl. But I didn't care about it.

She volunteered. From the big white sticker that was on her, I assumed that she was 16.

The male was a kid called Lyssander Ghan. He had strawberry blonde hair and golden eyes. There was also a big white sticker on him, with the number 12 on it, rather than 16.

Moments after the pretty hot escort, Astarlia I think her name was, declared Bridget and Lyssander as the tributes for The Capitol, the emblem of The Capitol appeared, on a red background like always.

"Hello District 0!"

The sudden voice made me turn my attention towards the Stage. Our district escort, Rion Mercada, stood there, wearing a green hat, green winter clothes and red scarf. Rion was known for his heterochromia, as he had one green eye and one red eye, matching the colour scheme of his clothes.

"It's that time of year again, the reapings of the tributes that will be representing District 0 in this year's Hunger Games. Firstly, the female tribute."

Rion walked over to the female reaping bowl, which was on his left. Using a single hand, he rummaged around the bowl, until he picked a slip of paper. Then, he walked over to the microphone before opening the slip of paper to reveal the name of the reaped girl.

"Winter Glacius!"

A girl from the 15 year old barrier walked out, the majority of the District 0 citizens staring at her in either sympathy or glee. She was a pretty girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore lightly coloured winter clothes and a white hat.

"You must be Winter. How are you feeling, sweetie?" Rion shoved the microphone in Winter's face, as soon as she was onto the Stage.

"I feel sad that this has happened to me, but I have to retain a strong spirit. I have to win, for me and for my best friend."

During the part where she said 'best friend', she was mainly looking at an intensely sobbing girl. Some sympathetic girls patted her on the back and a boy, who I assumed to be her brother, made his way over to the barrier where his sister stood, to console her.

"How courageous of you. Well, honey, I'll be rooting for you to win without a doubt."

He patted Winter on the back a few times, before walking over to the male reaping bowl.

"And now, for the male tribute."

He went through the same process (as he did with the female bowl) to pick out a slip of paper. Once again, he didn't open the slip of paper, until he was back at the microphone.

"Aquilo Hudson!"

Suddenly, I had a horrible feeling within me. It was like a knife had been plunged into my heart, and twisted. I recognised the feeling to be guilt.

And I can recall just how exactly I "gained" these overwhelming feelings of guilt...

I had murdered one girl who was madly obsessed with me. She was called Clara. She was so in love with me, she wanted to marry me. It was much more than what I was used to.

All I did was ridicule her and make fun of the way she looked. I found her to be an annoying presence and I wanted her to go away, but she wouldn't stop following me. I liked to chase her away as well, just one of many resorts to get her away from my sight.

But one fateful day changed everything. One day, when I was coming home from school, Clara followed me like always. I brushed it off as nothing, as it was becoming a regular thing by this point. This time, however, it was something.

Clara was in possession of a knife. She wielded it whilst saying how she couldn't afford anyone else to look at me and how in her distorted mind, I was going to be her's forever, even beyond the grave.

She lunged at me, but I was too quick for her. I punched her in the jaw, making her slam into the ground with a hard thud, instantly killing her.

Luckily, Janna was there to help me dispose of Clara's body, but there was something I would never be able to get rid of after that: the guilt of killing her.

And that's what I was experiencing right now, only the feeling was severe this time.

"Aquilo Hudson? Where are you?"

Noticing that I still hadn't made my way up onto the stage, due to having the flashbacks of Clara's murder in my mind distract me, I paced towards the front.

As soon as I was on the stage, Rion grabbed mine and Winter's hands.

"District 0, here are your tributes for this year's Hunger Games. Winter Glacius and Aquilo Hudson will officially be representing your district."

There was only one recurring thought in my mind, at this point:

This was the revenge of karma. Karma wanted me to pay for Clara's murder, with my life. But I wasn't going to let this faze me, because I know that karma was not going to win. I'm Aquilo Hudson. I'm ambitious and strong. I can do this. I can defy karma and win the Games.

Lizzy Brooks, District 1 Female

"Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to the reaping of District 1 for this year's Hunger Games. My name is Lucianna Clywell, and I will be your district's escort."

I looked towards the front, where District 1's new district escort, Lucianna Clywell, stood. This was the first time that anyone in District 1 had laid eyes upon Lucianna.

Oh boy, she was a sight for sore eyes. And I had no regrets of having these thoughts at all.

Lucianna looked like a very colourful character, wearing a neon green or yellow dress, with what appeared to be a fluffy red lining at the top of the corset. Around her neck was some sort of orange choker. Her leather boots were cyan.

And as of her hair, well her hair was the reason why I considered the woman in front of me to be a sight for sore eyes. At the front, the colour of her hair was divided into two colours: lime and magenta. She had her hair in curly pigtails, and the colour of the pigtails were purple.

It's really funny to compare the way Lucianna looked to how the citizens of District 1 looked: dressed up like glamour models, with luxurious dresses and dapper tuxedos. Even I dressed up glamorously, in a lime green dress.

"Wow, it's so amazing to be in the district of luxury. But unfortunately, with beauty comes sorrow. We will have a moment of silence to remember the previous district escort, who has recently departed this world. He will be remembered."

The screens changed from the Capitol emblem, to a picture of our last district escort. Hardly anyone knew his name, as he never bothered to reveal it, so we referred to him as basically 'the district escort'. All we knew about him was that he was old, he had a goatee that matched the colour of his hair, he was suffering from a long-term illness, he took medication regularly and that he was one mean man, nasty and strict towards pretty much everyone, even the President.

So probably most of us standing here are relieved that he's finally gone. But sadly, our current district escort seems to be obnoxious, so it seems like we're never going to get a decent district escort.

However, there were bigger things that I needed to focus on. Like the actual Games themselves.

I wanted to volunteer, because there was a spark of ambition within me. Like typical District 1 kids, I want to come home as victor and enjoy all the attention and newfound power. I have the capability to win, as I'm a fighter. A determined fighter. I also have luck as an ally.

All I needed to do, in order to get one step closer to achieving this, is fend off my competition, which is the majority of the girls surrounding me and not let anything get me down.

Most of us didn't care about the moment of silence. People were just chatting and talking anyway, which caused Lucianna to frown.

"Okay, thank you everyone for paying your respects." said Lucianna sarcastically, once the moment of silence was over.

About ten minutes later...

Next came my moment. My moment to volunteer. It was time for the female reaping.

All of the females got ready to brawl, but they didn't know that it would be me who would come out as victorious.

Lucianna walked over to the bowl, which triggered the slaughtering to begin. I was positioned within the 16 year olds barrier, which was probably the area most engaged in combat right now. I just needed to knock the girls around me with something, get out of the barrier, by the side and run towards the stage.

But what was I going to use to knock my opponents?

Suddenly, it hit me. Of course, my high heels. I had time to take off one of my high heels, before someone was already starting to challenge me.

They were grabbing several strands of my hair. Before I could react to the pain of having my hair pulled, I striked the girl with my high heels twice, one in the stomach and one in the face. Being hit in the face by my high heel caused her to wail in pain and clutch her now bloody nose.

I done the same to the other girls surrounding me. Unbelievably, I managed to floor most of them and I gave literally all of them a nosebleed.

This allowed me to get out of the barrier, as every female was now engaged in combat and too distracted to try and get onto the stage.

I had just made my way onto the stage and volunteered as female tribute, to the dismay of the females. Some were giving me cold glares, whilst overs were actually facepalming because they didn't think to stop fighting and get to the stage in time, before somebody else took that chance away from them.

Fortunately for me, I was that person. I volunteered in time, before Lucianna could reveal who the female was that had been reaped.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Lizzy. Now, time for the male tribute."

Guess what happened once Lucianna had proceeded to walk over to the male reaping bowl?

The same thing as what had just happened minutes before, fighting.

In an oh-so-surprising twist of events, the reaped male actually ended up getting to the stage. He came from the 18 year olds barrier and well, was a dwarf.

I expected people to laugh at him and make fun of him because of his size, but this was actually not the case. Only a group of people made fun of him, that was it.

"You must be Caratt Rybie."

"Yes." Caratt replied.

Most of the audience looked dismayed, Lucianna officially declared me and Caratt the tributes for District 1 and then we prepared to walk into the Justice Building, alongside Peacekeepers.

That's when I suddenly felt someone place something in my hands. I had my back turned, so I didn't see who it was. But I heard them whisper mysteriously...

"Keep this safe..."

The object?

A vial of deep blue poison.

Emilio Oswald, District 2 Male

Stone, stone and more stone. That's all it ever was in 2.

Inside the Justice Building, I was sat. I was inside just one of the many stone rooms in the Building. The stone rooms was where the tributes were contained, before they travelled by train to The Capitol.

I had heard from others that it was like this in The Capitol, but minus the stone.

Currently, I was sat in an almost bare room. On the wall hung two flags, one with the District 2 seal on it and the other with the Capitol emblem on it. In front of me was a wooden desk and against the wall, which was on my left, was a bookcase.

I could see through the window that my district partner, Hilda Souma, was sitting in the room opposite to me. The contents of that room were the same as the contents in this room.

What I noticed about Hilda was her chocolate brown hair and eyes. There was something dark and sinister about her, but I couldn't figure out what it is. I hadn't even heard of her until she volunteered and uttered her name to the rest of the district.

It'll probably be during training or the actual Games when I finally figure it out.

One of the Peacekeepers came into the room.

"It's time for you to board the train to The Capitol. I am ordered to escort you to the station."

I gave a simple nod, before tucking the chair that I had been sitting on underneath the desk. I walked out of the room. The Peacekeeper closed the door to the room behind me.

"Wait here." He ordered, pointing towards the floor before going into the room where Hilda sat.

Within seconds, Hilda was standing next to me. Under the supervision of the Peacekeeper, we walked to the station. We didn't talk to each other.

The only thing we did was quickly glance at each other, before looking at each other.

We arrived at the station and boarded the train. Our district escort, whose name I didn't know, was on board already, tending to her makeup.

It was when I sat down near the escort, when a name popped into my mind.


Where have I heard that name before?

Head Gamemaker's Interview POV (3rd Person)

It was nighttime in The Capitol now and the glow from the moon shone down at the metropolis.

All of the reapings were over and done with. With the exception of the tributes representing The Capitol, Bridget and Lyssander, the tributes were on their way to The Capitol via train.

Citizens were preparing to sleep, but there were many who stayed up for one thing: to prepare for the interview of the Head Gamemaker, Leonicus Amberly. Usually during the traditional interview of the Head Gamemaker, intriguing details and gossip about the tributes and the Games was normally exposed.

But Panem had to be careful, for it was currently a time of possible civil war.

The host of the Games, Neil Eplanosom, stood on the stage, in between the two chairs where he and Leonicus would sit. He was donning his trademark neon suits. The colour of the suit regularly changed. Right now, it was neon pink.

"Hello ladies and gentleman, citizens of Panem, welcome to the traditional late night interview of the Head Gamemaker!"

The crowd, who were obviously on the side of the President and excited for the Games, rather than part of the Capitol citizens who were on the side of Jason and dismayed by the Games, cheered. Neil grinned, before resuming to talk.

"Please give it up for this year's Head Gamemaker, Leonicus Amberly!"

Neil directed his hand towards Leonicus, who suddenly appeared from a dark corner in the room. He smiled and waved at the crowd.

Like always, he was wearing pink and purple. He wore his beloved purple scarf with pride.

"Please take a seat, Leonicus."

"Thank you Neil." Leonicus smiled at Neil, before taking the seat on the left. Shortly afterwards, Neil sat down in his seat. The audience's cheering died down and they all sat down in their seats, as they had been standing when Neil was introducing Leonicus and Leonicus made his entrance.

"So, the reapings have concluded. We have an exciting bunch of tributes this year, don't you agree?" Neil asked Leonicus.

"Yes, I certainly agree. I've taken a certain...liking to The Capitol's very own female tribute, Ms Idylwyld. I'm trying not to be biased, but I see a certain boldness in Bridget. I feel like she's going to be a big contender in the Games." Leonicus replied. The audience cheered, showing support for their female representative, before sitting back down in their seats.

"I personally love Bridget already, but we must take other tributes into consideration. One tribute that has caught my attention is Aquilo Hudson. He's very good looking." Many females in the audience swooned when Neil mentioned Aquilo, making the two men on stage glance towards them.

"Aquilo is definitely attractive. There's also Emilia and Emilio Oswald, who look very identical to each other. Their surname makes me think that they must be somehow related."

"I think they might be twins. But who knows?"

"Who knows?"

There was an interval of applause and cheering from the audience, before they sat back down again.

"Could you let us in on some gossip about what will be in store for the tributes in the arena?"

"Well, since we're currently in dark times and people are sadly losing interest in the Games, we're going to do our best to make sure that these Games are spectacular and interesting, so that we can get people intrigued by the Games again. We are going full out big and extreme this year. The arena for this year's Games is going to be the biggest ever and we're going to include so many twists and surprises so that it will be a real challenge for the tributes to stay alive."

"That sounds incredible, right folks?" Neil encouraged the audience to cheer yet again. They did just that, before sitting down once more.

"We just want to make sure that people enjoy the Games, especially since times right now are dark and sinister."

"Well that is obviously the case, Mr Amberly."

"I know that. I do have an understanding of the events that have occurred over the past few days, but I mean something else. I feel like something big and scandalous is going to happen. I feel that many are going to see an end to their lives. I would explain myself further, as this sounds like the recent events but I have to be careful as to what I say, or I could be one of the people who sees an end to their life."

Most of the audience were in shock by Amberly's words. There was no cheering or standing ovation right now, just lingering silence. Amberly may have just lessened his life span.

The interview concluded earlier than normal.

"Thank you, Leonicus. Please give it up for Leonicus Amberly, Head Gamemaker of the 230th Annual Hunger Games."

There was such a contrast in the atmosphere. The atmosphere from when Leonicus was arriving seemed like ages ago from now.

No one applauded him as he left. Silence resumed to linger.

Chariot Parade (Five POVs)

Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld, District 8 Female

So, what do you think of it?" asked my stylist, Brandon, who I had been introduced to just yesterday. Only two days ago, I had arrived at The Capitol from District 8.

We were in a small, white room together. In fact, this room was just one of many on a corridor, in the tribute living quarters. There was a room like this for each tribute. According to Brandon, the doors of each room, more like a compartment, were made especially so that we can't see the other tributes walking past and see their outfit before we were meant to.

In fact, tributes were going to make their way to the chariot room one by one. So because of this "rule", at least twenty tributes will have entered the chariot room before it's my turn to do so.

In this room/compartment was a sofa, a clock on the wall, a mirror, a small platform and a rack, holding several wacky outfits. Brandon was standing on the small platform. My chariot parade outfit had been revealed to me. It had been kept in a blue hanging suit, until now, as Brandon had zipped the suit right to the bottom. The hanger that the dress was on had been hooked onto the top of the mirror.

My chariot parade outfit? Well, it was identical to my wedding dress.


"It's lovely, Brandon. Thank you." Images of me and my husband flooded my mind. I smiled as I remembered Ore, who was mainly my motivation. He was the reason why I wanted to survive. The images suddenly faded, when reality hit me again.

Brandon smiled at my feedback on my chariot parade, before turning his attention to the metallic clock.

"We have an hour until the parade commences, so I think it's time for you to try your outfit on. I also have to add in the special effects and sort out your hair and makeup as well, so we don't have much time really."

"Special effects?" I asked, curious.

"I have a few surprises up my sleeve, to help you get noticed and gain sponsors. You'll see when you're on the chariot with Francais. But the main problem is that all of the stylists are using special effects, so there's a competition of the best special effects, as well as outfit."

I replied with a simple 'okay', before taking the dress and going into the small closet that was attached to the room. Brandon locked the closet for me, allowing for me to have some sort of privacy. But through a minuscule slit, I could see him sitting on the sofa.

The Games were not just a chance to show Ore that was I determined to get home to him, it was also a chance to show the people who I once called family that I was not sacrificing myself, and that I was stronger than ever. Their attempts to have me killed for what I believed were just a distant memory. I was saving room for the memories that I will make, as a determined person.

The dress was officially on me. I had walked out of the closet and gave a twirl, to Brandon's delight.

"You look so beautiful already and I'm not even finished yet." He put both of his hands together and gave me the 'Oh you look fabulous darling' look, before sitting me down on the sofa and styling my hair.

"District 8 tributes are always really lucky when it comes to parade outfits. You can pretty much wear anything and it'd still be relevant to the district's industry." He remarked, whilst he worked on my hair. From looking in the mirror, I could see that he was planning on styling my red and white hair in some sort of bun.

And that was the case.

It reminded me of my wedding day.

"Now, time for the makeup!" Brandon cheered, moving onto the makeup after finishing my hair. He decided to use white makeup, to go with my dress (as well as my high heels, which were also white).

Once my makeup was finished, he pulled out from behind the rack an earpiece and a small machine, with a strap attached to it.

"The earpiece is so that I can speak to you, whilst you're in the chariot, and tell you when I'll be activating the special effect. The other thing that I have hold of here goes around your leg. This will enable the special effect to take place."

I lifted my dress up a bit so that Brandon could place the special effect activator around my leg.

"And how will you be able to activate the special effect using this..activator?" I ask.

"I have a machine that's connected to the activator." He replied. We exchanged smiles for a moment, before Brandon suddenly glances towards my hand...and my heart shaped engagement/wedding ring.

"Wait a minute, are you married?"

I simply nodded, once before informing my stylist that my outfit looked identical to my wedding dress.

After a moment of silence, Brandon told me that he'll be rooting for me. He also said that whoever I was married to was lucky to have someone like me and that he didn't have to worry about losing me as I was strong enough to win.

I thanked Brandon for his compliments.

"Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld, District 8." I could hear the speakers outside boom. It was time for me to go.

I walked out of the room, with Brandon by my side. In just a hour or so, I'm going to be turned into a public spectacle and in a week, I'm going to be thrown into an arena to fight for my survival.

But love and luck were my best friends right now, so maybe Brandon was right in his words. I might win after all.

Dansi Neon, District 10 Male (Placeholder tribute)

Note: As this POV is from a placeholder tribute, the events taking place will mainly be focused on, rather than personal details/regular referrals to a backstory.

I was walking with my stylist, Accaia, to the chariot room. According to Accaia, it took at least a mile to walk to the chariot room from the individual "dressing rooms".

My parade outfit was a cowboy's outfit, with a twist. I had been informed that the cowboy outfit wasn't actually my final parade outfit. Accaia didn't tell me anything about what my actual final parade outfit was going to be, so I had to wait until the parade itself.

"So, are you looking forward to the parade, Dansi?" Accaia asked me, with the now-familiar-to-me sweet tone in her voice.

"Yes, I guess." I reply.

We didn't talk after that. My awkwardness and that horrible feeling that you get in your stomach when you're nervous settled in.

After further walking, we had reached the ground floor of the building, when a Peacekeeper stopped us in our tracks, his gun hidden away in the pocket of his pants.

"Are you the District 10 male tribute, boy?" He asked. He had a low voice, which was strange for someone of The Capitol. But then again, he could be from District 2.

"Yes, sir." I replied.

"And are you the-"

"I am his stylist." Accaia intervened before the Peacekeeper could finish muttering what he was going to ask her.

"I'm surprised your mentor and your district's escort isn't with you."

"My mentor is in his room, too drunk to move without injuring himself and the district escort is already at the arena." I began to be honest towards the Peacekeeper. I didn't like to lie or deceive, but sometimes I had to. As the people before us used to say, honesty is the best policy.

"I see. And the reason why I wanted to talk to you in the first place is because there's been a new change regarding the chariot room."

That was the last thing the Peacekeeper said, before walking off. I watched as the gun in his pocket bounced up and down with every step he took. When he looked over once last time, I turned away.

"Come on now Dansi, we need to get to the arena and to the chariot room. I wonder what that Peacekeeper meant by the new change."

I followed Accaia out of the building, suddenly being hit by the beams of the Capitol sunshine. The heat and the warmth was so delightful after being nothing but cold, thanks to my individual dressing room.

Car-, well limousines were parked outside. Black limousines. Each limousine had a district seal on them, indicating that the limousine was to transport the tributes from that district to the arena. The limousines for The Capitol, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 were not parked, indicating that they were at the arena or getting to it. The limousines for 11, 12, 13 and 14 were parked.

The limousine for 10 had gone too.

"Oh the driver must have taken Jynx, Louisiane (10's district escort) and her stylist, whose name I've currently forgotten right now, to the arena." Accaia reassured.

After an awkward moment of standing outside, enduring the feeling of being covered in glitter and "sparkles", "the Capitol touch", the limousine for District 10 finally arrived.

"Where's your mentor?" asked the limousine driver, who was fresh-faced and looked no older than 20.

"Drinking himself to an early grave." Once again, I provided someone with honesty.

"Haha, you're funny kid. Use your humour in your interview." The oh-so-friendly limousine driver gave me some quick advice whilst I got into the limousine, just wanting to get to the arena before me being annoyed did some damage.

Pharmacy Ombra, District 11 Female

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