Hello! I'm kinda new here, but I thought it would be cool to make my own games. Each district's tributes will have behavior similar to a big cat's. The games will be normal, but the twist affects their strengths and weaknesses. For example, a cheeta (11) would be good at speed and camo, but not strength and combat. There can be up to four tributes per person, but you can submit as many as you want. No complaining, and have fun!

Tribute Templates









Name Age Gender District Cat Weapon User
F C Leopard
M C Leopard
F 1 Cougar
M 1 Cougar
RESERVED F 2 Lion HGClatolover
M 2 Lion
F 3 Ocelot
M 3 Ocelot
RESERVED F 4 Tiger HGClatolover
M 4 Tiger
F 5 Panther
M 5 Panther
F 6 Puma
M 6 Puma
F 7 Lynx
M 7 Lynx
F 8 Jaguar
M 8 Jaguar
F 9 Caracal Cat
M 9 Caracal Cat
F 10 Marbled Cat
M 10 Marbled Cat
F 11 Cheetah
M 11 Cheetah
F 12 Bobcat
M 12 Bobcat
F 13 Snow Leopard
M 13 Snow Leopard

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