The Arena is a very dry area, with small creeks running through it. Barely living trees surround the cornicoupia. The Capital has introduced numbers of new mutts, here is a list of them.

  • Snake Mutts, these little fellas look harmless as a corn snake, but when they bare their teeth, they don't look so harmless. Their bite is exactly like a Tracker Jackers
  • Rabbit Mutts, small bouncy creatures that look like cute little furballs, but they can cause instant death after one bite from their sharp fangs that hang from their lips
  • Turtle Mutts, their turtles, but their not slow. They have teeth exactly like a snake's and if you get close, they will send venom into your blood. But if shot or stabbed, then roasted, they are not poisonous and make a very good snack

Around the arena, there is large sand dunes, and large rocky cliffs, that are hanging above giant canyons, that hold rushing rivers through them, ocasionally those rocks snap and send the tributes tumbling down. Though, the water is fresh and healthy to drink the way down is not easy, you either have to dive off one of the cliffs, or take the dirt trails down that hold the Snake Mutts, and Tracker Jackers. Either way is not pretty. The arena is practically like the Grand Canyon surronded by a desert, with very small bodies of water, and small sources of food, the tributes fight to survive, during the game they can recieve medicine, food and water to help them survive, be nice, and don't die to early in the games. At the end of the Games, they release all the Mutts. May the Odds be Ever in your Favor!

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