aka Matheus

  • I live in District 10
  • I am a Dude
  • TheatreBoy12

    Welcome to my Mentor Games! These are just like any other, except here are a few rules:

    • I will decide which tribute you get, sorry.
    • You will only get one tribute.
    • There will be no chariot rides, interviews or training scores. Once we get enough sign-ups, the games will start right away.
    • Each mentor has $500 to spend on gifts for their tribute throughout the games.
    • Each Day will be posted every 1-3 days.

    All mentors must fill this out for their tributes:

    Once I assign you your tribute, you must fill out this short form before the games can begin:

    • My tribute:
    • Bloodbath strategy:

    (Sorry, I sound so demanding on a computer).

    I've made a couple changes:

    • Anyone who asked for tributes would get them.
    • Everyone has at least two tributes due to low sign ups.
    • I haveā€¦

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