Welcome to my Mentor Games! These are just like any other, except here are a few rules:

  • I will decide which tribute you get, sorry.
  • You will only get one tribute.
  • There will be no chariot rides, interviews or training scores. Once we get enough sign-ups, the games will start right away.
  • Each mentor has $500 to spend on gifts for their tribute throughout the games.
  • Each Day will be posted every 1-3 days.

All mentors must fill this out for their tributes:

Once I assign you your tribute, you must fill out this short form before the games can begin:

  • My tribute:
  • Bloodbath strategy:

(Sorry, I sound so demanding on a computer).


I've made a couple changes:

  • Anyone who asked for tributes would get them.
  • Everyone has at least two tributes due to low sign ups.
  • I have two tributes. :)

Tribute Money What they have Needs Alliance User
Glimmer $350 Bow and Arrows, Bread, Water KEWLBEN
Enobaria $200 Knives (2), Sword Food TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3
Lyme $500 Knives (2) Food Peeta Catnipkatniss
Beetee $250 Water, Spool of Wire Tobi99
Mags $350 Bread, Soup, Medicine Bottle Weapon Johanna Zannabanna
Johanna $500 Axe Food Mags Jsm13athorne
Peeta $325 Knife, Sword, Soup Lyme Tobi99


Axe = $100

Spear = $100

Sword = $150

Bow & 6 Arrows = $75

Blow Dart Gun = $125

Soup = $25

Bread = $25

First Aid Kit = $300

Medicine Bottle = $100 (Can only be used if a tribute is sick)

3 Snares = $75

Trident = $350

Net = $50

Whip = $25

Wire = $100


The arena is a tropical rainforest. The Cornucopia is a clearing in the center of the arena similar to the one in The 74th Hunger Games. There is a waterfall on the north edge of the arena and it runs throughout, turning into a small river.

Many parts of the arena are infested with various types of mutts, so the tributes must be careful in different things they do. There is also a secret about the arena that only the Gamemakers know.

Day 1

All the tributes were standing on their pads. Some were looking at each other, some at the Cornucopia which contained at least fifteen backpacks nd weapons scattered around. The people of Capitol were cheering at the tributes they betted on; and booing others. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...... the gong sounded, marking the beginning of the games.

Cato grabed a spear and pulled Foxface down the ground. He was about to stab her when Glimmer gave Cato a kiss on the cheek. Foxface grabed a backpack and bolted to the norther side of the arena. Cato was about to kill Glimmer, but she ran away before he could do so. She grabbed a backpack containing two knives and some berries and headed off in the opposite direction of Foxface.

Enobaria and Clove looked at each and nodded. Clove spotted Woof running and planted a knife in his back. He fell to ground and unable to pull out the knife, his cannon sounded. Enobaria ran at Blight with her sword, but he managed to escape with Titus, who had no items.

Thresh and Katniss were guarding Rue as she looked through two bags. All of a sudden, Marvel and Brutus came charging at them with spears, Katniss managed to plant an arrow in Brutus' leg, but he pulled it out. However, Marvel speared Thresh in the shoulder, his cannon sounded. Frightened, Katniss, Rue and Lyme ran into the rainforest each with items of their own.

Johanna was surprised to find out that Finnick and Annie had joined the Careers. She ran into the forest in search of Katniss. Meanwhile, Brutus was stabbing the Male Morphling with a knife when Enobaria walked up to him. She began stabbing the male too, but Brutus accidentally cut Enobaria with his knife. She had a huge gash on her arm. If she did not receive a first aid kit, she would die of blood loss. They finished off the male morphling and his cannon sounded.

Peeta and Maysilee both grabbed backpacks and a blow dart gun and headed into the woods searching for Katniss. He didn't have the chance to find her before she left the bloodbath. Beetee and Wiress were both escaping with backpacks when Wiress was shot down, her cannon sounded instantly. Beeteee looked back to see Cashmere with her bow drawn. Beetee went looking for an alliance in the forest.

The Female Morphling, Cecelia, Seeder and Mags headed out with some items. Mags and Cecelia had backpacks, but the others had nothing. Chaff and Haymitch formed an alliance, but they had no items at all.

The remaining Careers set camp up at the Cornucopia. It was a large alliance.

Day 2

Glimmer woke to a beeping sound. She had recieved a bow and arrow and some bread. She smiled to herself. She then took her nightlock berries and dropped them on the ground, hoping to set a trap.

Peeta and Maysilee woke near Glimmer. They began to walk, searching for Katniss and the gang. "Hey look, berries!" Maysilee said. Peeta tried to warn her, but it was too late. Her cannon sounded. Glimmer raised her bow and arrow but Peeta managed to escape. Rue, Lyme and Katniss woke up abruptly. They went to look for Peeta when all of a sudden, Katniss fell down, dead. Cato, Clove, Enobaria and Gloss were standing behind them. Clove had her two more knives in her hands. Lyme picked up Rue and carried her through the jungle. The Careers lost sight of them.

While the other half of the careers were gone, Cashmere, Finnick, Brutus, Annie and Marvel were trying to set a fire. All of a sudden, Johanna, Cecelia, Seeder, Mags and the female morphling appeared with weapons drawn. Johanna took her axe and swung it at Brutus, his cannon sounded. Johanna and Mags left. Cecelia took the knife she found in her backpack and stabbed Marvel as he was standing over Seeder. He died, and Cecelia ran away after Johanna and Mags. The female morphling took at trident to the stomach by Finnick at the end of the battle. Seeder had no alliance as she ran unknowingly towards Foxface.

Chaff and Haymitch have no weapons or food, so they are planning on stealing from careers.

Day 3

Early in the morning, Enobaria, Annie and Gloss decided to head to the river to fill up their water canteens. Annie took a sip of hers, and all of a sudden, she dropped dead. Enobaria and Gloss were scared and threw their water bottles into the river and let them head downstream. Unfortunately, Seeder was up the river and found the canteens. She also drank from them and too, died. The secret about the arena is almost everything you can eat is poisonous!

Later in the day, Chaff, Haymitch, Blight and Titus attacked the six remaining careers. Cashmere shot an arrow into Blight's chest. His cannon sounded. Titus, Haymitch and Chaff were about to flee when Cato took his pear and fired at Chaff, killing him.

Peeta was able to find Rue and Lyme.

Cecelia was complaining of hunger in the evening. Annoyed, Johanna clubbed her. She died.

Day 4

Finnick was mourning over the loss of Annie. Annoyed and upset, he left the Career alliance. Enobaria suggested that they kill him, but Cashmere and Cato thought otherwise. However, Beetee noticed Finnick coming. He quickly set up his wire and Finnick got caught in it. Somehow, Finnick ended to be electrocuted. His cannon sounded.

Peeta, Rue and Lyme stayed where they were, far away from the other tributes. They were talking when the heard a scream. The Careers had been attacked by snake mutts. Gloss, Clove and Enobaria escaped with their belongings. Cashmere died from a bite in the neck. Cato was hurt, and if he did not recieve first aid, he would die.

Titus and Haymtich were starving. Out of nowhere, Titus lunged at Haymtich and began to eat his face. He eventually died, and Titus had satisfied his hunger. It was frightening, and the gamemakers were deciding on something bad to do to Titus.

Tommorow will be a feast! Give advice to your tributes for example a strategy.

Day 5

Today was the feast. Most tributes had a plan. Some didn't. Oh well!

Peeta would be staying at the place where his alliance had camped, and Rue and Lyme would go to the bloodbath. Meanwhile, Cato died from blood loss early in the morning.

Beetee decided to stay. He had nothing to set a trap with.

Glimmer was the first to make a move at the feast. However, Clove and Gloss attacked. Glimmer shot an arrow at Clove but it missed. Just then, Rue and Lyme popped out of the trees and ran into the Cornucopia. Unfortunately, Clove threw a knife and it connected woth Rue's head. Glimmer killed Clove with an arrow to the temple. Meanwhile, Enobaria left the Career alliance, being the only one left besides Gloss. Everyone fled.

Day 6

Gloss was starving. He hadn't weaten in days. Knowing she had supplies, Gloss went to Glimmer and tried to join steal her bread and water. However, Glimmer angrily woke up and although Gloss tried to spear her, she shot a bow and arrow right in his stomach. He fell to the ground and died shortly after.

Foxface had recently recieved a water canteen. She decided to go to the nearby river and take a drink. She sipped her canteen when she fell to the ground. She had no idea that the water was poisonous!

Peeta was ahring his soup with Lyme when all of a sudden, Titus appeared. He lunged at Peeta but before he could, Lyme threw an arrow and it connected with his head. His cannon sounded and Lyme and Peeta ran unknowing towards Enobaria.

Death Chart

Place Tribute How they died Killed by Day
30 Woof Knife in back Clove 1
29 Thresh Speared in shoulder Marvel 1
28 Male Morphling Stabbed repetitavely Brutus 1
27 Wiress Arrow in back Cashmere 1
26 Maysilee Ate Nightlock Glimmer 2
25 Katniss Knife in back Clove 2
24 Brutus Axe to stomach Johanna 2
23 Marvel Knifed Cecelia 2
22 Female Morphling Trident to stomach Finnick 2
21 Annie Drank Poisonous Water Poison 3
20 Seeder Drank Poisonous Water Poison 3
19 Blight Arrow in chest Cashmere 3
18 Chaff Speared Cato 3
17 Cecelia Clubbed in the head Johanna 3
16 Finnick Electrocuted Beetee 4
15 Cashmere Bit in neck Snake Mutts 4
14 Haymitch Eaten Titus 4
13 Cato Bit in leg (Blood loss) Snake Mutts 5
12 Rue Knife in stomach Clove 5
11 Clove Arrow in temple Glimmer 5
10 Gloss Arrow in stomach Glimmer 6
9 Foxface Drank poison Poison 6
8 Titus Knife to head Lyme 6

TheatreBoy12 13:21, June 8, 2012 (UTC)Gareth

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