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  • Thecoldboringguy157

    hello and welcome to the 991th Hunger games with President Kane with your service we will held the 991th hunger games this years hunger games will be a tricky one a hard one if you may say due to a massive war of missiles and other dangerous weapons we have made a battlefield like city that we will make the hunger games the white squares are buildings that have been destroyed it has been filled with mutts and/or weapons and supplies the black squares are safe houses some are filled with weapons and supplies some are filled with trash and some light but due to its name it can withstand most of the disasters and help the tributes/teams sleep comfortable and safely now due to death of children that will sadden us all the only requirements are…

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  • Thecoldboringguy157

    The capitol games

    December 13, 2014 by Thecoldboringguy157

    Welcome to the Capitol games where all unlucky tributes i mean the people got pick in Capitol will attend the Capitol is now split Section A B C D each section of the Capitol will have 3 tributes each the same rules goes for this tributes but with a twist the districts 1 to 12 will pick who is the best and they sponser the tributes with aid from there district for there sponsers the tributes will fight to the death but there is a rule if a section has 2 or 3 tributes and the others sections tributes are dead they will be granted Victor the only rules are this and no eating of dead tributes doing so will be automaticly tazed that tribute

    The arena is a tundra a very cold place with snowy mountains the cornucopia is located at the middle surr…

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