hello and welcome to the 991th Hunger games with President Kane with your service we will held the 991th hunger games this years hunger games will be a tricky one a hard one if you may say due to a massive war of missiles and other dangerous weapons we have made a battlefield like city that we will make the hunger games
991th hunger games map

the black squares are safe house the blue colored is drinkable water the white squares are destroyed buildings

the white squares are buildings that have been destroyed it has been filled with mutts and/or weapons and supplies the black squares are safe houses some are filled with weapons and supplies some are filled with trash and some light but due to its name it can withstand most of the disasters and help the tributes/teams sleep comfortable and safely now due to death of children that will sadden us all the only requirements are 14-19 years old so here are the rules

Rules spamming

2.tell me the strageties flame war

4.tell me what your tribute is going to do and what to do puppetering(wait im the one whos gonna write the adventure or idk)

5.please be reasonable

6.sponsoring is unlimited by don't abuse it(will result on missile on his/her face) can have 1-4 tributes


Remember you don't need money for this just don't abuse it




Bow with arrows





picnic basket

a bottle of water

a cannister of water(the difference is the sizes)





Mentors name:





looks:(note Lumias or whatever you call it real life pictures or describing will be helpful if you don;t have one just write what he/she looks like)

Death chart

'Name:                              Who                                           'How                                                               when

1)Will Skeeg(C)                 Caitlyn Growers                       tried to swim got a knife in his back               Night 1

2):Quentz Electrison(D3)   Wolf Mutt                                 Door locked behind him and mauled him      Day  2


1)Saibi Deller and Velvet Herring

2)Serverus Seaclan and Electra Fisher

3)Oliver Sunshine and Peneloppe Slyvester

The tributes


The capitol:Ryan Dellis

the capitol:Rose wells


'D1:'Peneloppe Slyvester

D2:Emilia Skeggestad

D3:Quentz Electrison   


D4:Severus Seaclan

D4:Electra Fisher

D5:Wutamm Erogem

D5:Artemis Moon silver

'D6:'Huck Smith



D7:Ameysthia Thall

D8:Saibi Deller                      

D8:Velvet Herring

D9:Oliver Sunshine


D10:Circa Sapp

'D10:'Eve Elzo


D11:Sky Flammer


D12:Caitlyn Glowers


D:13:Taylor Astrid

The tribute parade

Speakers:people of the capitol we all know the tribute parade i mean we all done this before and please forgive me with my language

Will Skeeg(C):Dress up in a white suit a white wig and other expensive things like watches necklaces and others the crowd cheers but its because he comes from the capitol

Quentz Electrison(D3):is dress up like a engineer holding powerlines and a screw driver as the audience cheers he see's his family in District 3 looking at him smiling and proud of him

Severus Seaclan and Electra Fisher(D4 i think it was obivious though sorry salmon):Electra wears a mermaid like suit while Severus wears a blue suit resembles like ceasers night blue suit as the crowd cheers

Elzo ElvoD(5):'Dress up like a electrician(you may have notice Quentz's outfit changed its because i though i knew what district 3 is all about)'Holding a meter and the horses has a ladder on its sides the audience laughs and cheers for him

Saibi Deller and Velvet Herring(D8):wearing suits with jewerly the audience are amaze at them so shiny like a pearl what some of them say

Oliver sunshine(D9):dress up like a plower has a hoe and infront of him is fake wheats that grows as audience cheers some just sit down

Elvo Enzo and Cirra Sapp(D10):dress up like slaugtherers wearing aprons and meat cleavers with blood on both cleavers and aprons but everyone knows its fake due to the smell of rasberries intoxicating the air the audience felt silent cause there smelling the rasberries

Sky Flammer(D11):wearing a suit that looks like a farmer with a sicle and fake wheat and bread the audience felt silent for a while due there's nothing interesting in this outfit

Caitlyn Glowers(D12):Caiyln's horse is flaming while she holds a pickaxe and a helmet with a flashlight on its helmet but its not her why the audience is cheering its because her chariot is on fire

(that's it for now tributes can still enter untill day 2)


1)the usual tracker jackers wolf mutts the usual

2)Dummies-not really mutts only people with white skin some give off warnings if there will be attack on dummies but only the dummies they will ignore the tributes but are programmed to have peacekeepers and rebels with machine guns that can only kill dummies

3)the ant eater-no official name but that;s just a rumor the ant eater is a name given by the district people no one knows what the ant eater does nor what it looks like only a scream is giving out before its attack then the screen shows another tribute and a cannon

Blood bath(Day 1)

4)treants-strangley they are spotted immidiatley due to the arena being a nucleared destroyed city Treants are found and grab a tribute launching him/her to a building or somewhere but not really mutts but a trap


starting a fire-rub 2 sticks together fast and make sure its not cold or get a 2 stone inside one is flint and the other steel

swimming-kick and stroke(PS i do not know how to swim properly)

sleeping-hopefully you wont start a grudge with any tributes nor the careers or anything like that sleeping in a hidden place like the safety bunker is the most safest place in the arena but its not restocking

food-steal from tributes or collect as much as you can note this are strageties


1)missile bombing-occurs random times or untill the gamemakers/capitol gets bored

2)tornado-occurs randomly or till the gamemakers/captiol gets bored

3)snow storm-very cold luckily the buildings and safety bunkers are very very warm unless the buildings have no windows

4)ambush-dummies will fight/die with ambush occurs randomly without the gamemakers o though the dummies give warnings

5)mutts-some of them are either food or hostile the ant eater(not giving its official name)cannot be outrunned if the tribute is weak and slow but they hate water and cannot swim

Bloodbath(Day 1)

as the tributes rise from there plates the background is full of life while in the back is so dead due to the city people in the capitol crossing fingers holding there excitement as the cornucopia countdowns from 50 to 0

Quentz Electrison(D3):wow my partner is so close his on the right of me  a backpack water and food looks like the game makers don't want there heads chop of publicy like last time

Velvet Herring(D8):im surronded by kids and the cornucopia is full of items this time and not traps like last Hunger Games

Will Skeeg(C):why is the arena so lifeful when the background is life when our teachers told us what the 2nd rebellion looked like oh well

Cira Sapp(D10)why am i so close to my district partner? oh well looks like the game makers doesn't want there necks hanging on the tallest towers like last last last last last time

Elzo Elvo(D10):k get some resource then run away to a safer place

Cornucopia:5 4 3 2 1 0

Jasper Pyratulis:let the 991th hunger games begin while i reflect what life is(meanwhile in the capitol everyone laughs)

Quentz electrison(D3):*gets a bag a sword and 5 grapes and runs with Saibi Deller(D8) to the city

Velvet Herring(D8):Swims to the city with some food a sword and a cannister

Will Skeeg(C):gets a bag and a turkey leg but his bad at swimming then Caitlyn Grover(D12) stab him in the back(BANG)and steal his stuff after his murderer left his body was quickly retrieved by a hovercraft

Quentz Electrison:while they rest on shore they find a broken city square with dummies there is a dead tree in the middle but they soon notice it isn't a treant and walk to the center

Velvet Herring(D8):walks pass some buildings and some dummies but its just the left where Quentz and Saibi is(<-- of the map)but is very close she notice the city is quite untill a baby cries and finds sandbags and in a hole peacekeepers with ak47 shoots rebel dummies and civilians but due to her speed she didn;t get hit

Sky Flammer(D11):stays in a broken building(--> of the map) having some bed supplies

Severus Seaclan(D4):finds a safe house (v of the map) and stays there while his district partner follows him inside they found the safehouse is small yet clean it has clean water some polished tridents and swords

Night 2

Quentz Electrison(D3):roams around the destroyed city and finds a safe house the 2 gets inside and checks whats inside not much is found only some newspaper and a orange lightbulb but stays for the night

Velvet Herring(D8):finds herself in a safe house but she founds out its lock and is being use so she sleeps in the building infront of it

Oliver Sunshine(D9):after coming to the left side of the map he grows tired from swimming he then finds the only destroyed building infront of him he enters the 3rd floor and sleeps there

Severus Seaclan(D4):closes the safe house vault knowing is safe he practices on some newspapers that were place in like a dummy like structure while his District partner(Electra fisher)sleeps not noticing what's happening

(sorry if im being too lazy)

Peneloppe Slyvester(D1):tired she also goes to the left side of the map with just a knife and a bag 1/5 full of apples and a bottle of clean water she sees Oliver and quitely walks to him and she hears him snoring and she sits the other side of the room watching him and sleeps

Day 1

Oliver sunshine(D9) and Peneloppe Slyvester(D1):in Oliver's confusion as they both woke up he noticed she could have killed him while he was sleeping so they both form a alliance

Severus Seaclan and Electra Fisher(D4):they go out of the safety bunker to get some food they notice some weird noises and they notice a helicopter and then a rocket hit the helicopter and then crash the 2 run to the crash site and notice there are some supplies suspiciously they notice crates 1-12 they grab 4 and run back through there bunker

Quentz Electrison(D3):when the 2 woke up they headed on the building and find a door saying Dr Eric Pedicorn Quentz enters and the door automaticlly closes Saibi Deller(D8)tries to open it and he only hears the scream and a sound of a wolf and then a bang after that the door opens again not seeing any remains as he enters he sees a burning chopper and quickly runs to it

Velvet Herring(D8):when she heard the bang she quickly sees the remains of the chopper and runs to it at the same time she sees Saibi Deller and they both run to the crates as they grab 8 they see sponsors with names Velvet earns soup and a bow and arrow and she looks at Saibi and he picks up a holographic map putting every alive tribute and both of them form a alliance

Night 2

The tributes go tired from searching and scaveging with a little rustle in the woods every tribute goes for their safehouses the capitol grows bored and the game makers promises new dangers

Oliver sunshine(D9) and Peneloppe Slyvester:(D1):In order to make it through the night they agreed to sleep on what side,Oliver sleeps very fast and on Peneloppe on his lap even when he's sleeping he puts his right arm in Peneloppe's side what looks like a hug

Severus seaclan and Electrca fisher(D4):Sleeps the night in the safehouse but they've been raided on what it looks like rodents,they quickly kill the rats and wash it just to eat it in the morning

Velvet herring(D8) and her parnet Saibi Deller(D8):Both from the same district they shared stories with each others about what happened to their lives,now knowing who they were and what happened to them

(If you don't care or know who i am welp I'm back but only in the weekends)

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