Welcome to the Capitol games where all unlucky tributes i mean the people got pick in Capitol will attend the Capitol is now split Section A B C D each section of the Capitol will have 3 tributes each the same rules goes for this tributes but with a twist the districts 1 to 12 will pick who is the best and they sponser the tributes with aid from there district for there sponsers the tributes will fight to the death but there is a rule if a section has 2 or 3 tributes and the others sections tributes are dead they will be granted Victor the only rules are this and no eating of dead tributes doing so will be automaticly tazed that tribute


The arena is a tundra a very cold place with snowy mountains
Tundra arena

the arena location

the cornucopia is located at the middle surronded by water and 4 passages inside the mountains itself has several caves some caves leads to certain death and others to weapons help and others(warning i am still a noob about blogs in this wiki)although the forcefield will leave a tribute getting push if a tribute push the forcefield to hard it will leave into certain death due to getting thrown down to the grown and flatten into a pancake


this depends on districts

District 1:jewels perfume(just to remind them there home)

District 2:bricks shovels nails hammers anything that can build a house

District 3:gadgets cellphones(with maps) anything that has to be related to technology ipad maybe XD

District 4:fishing rods(its not for fishing actually its for 2 things fishing and a suprise trap)tridents nets anything that has to do with fishing

District 5::electric vaults generaters batteries anything that needs energy

District 6:wheels tires car betteries anything that has to do with transport

District 7:axe logs chainsaws(wait what?)anything that has to do with (wait i just said hats)lumber

District 8:cloth anything that has to do with textiles

District 9:rice corn anything that has to do with grain

District 10:camel beef chicken anything that has to do with life stock

District 11:bread wheats anything that has to do with farming

District 12:coal ligthers(just for the coal the ligthers comes with the coal)pickaxe's miners helpmet dynamite

District 13:(note in mocking jay this was held but this is unnoficial)guns radioactive district 13's items are mostly banned due to danger to the games and may rebel


how to be a sponser or a tribute?

just fill this out(you are free to copy and paste)




Section:(only for capitol tributes)




Special ability:



after that just wait for me and tell me remember you can make 3 tributes if your a capitol section or you can help your friend if your in the same section example if you are only 2 and the requirements are 3 you can make 2 characters or wait untill someone makes the last one after that wait for me also tell me who you sponser what district you are any questions will be told pictures are optional but not needed and happy capitol games

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