• Thehungergames244

    Ok, so here are the basic facts:

    The muttations in this arena are not mutated animals this time, they are enlarged animals as well as robots built by the gamemakers.

    ...Well that's all really.

    The arena is a snowy sort of area. On one side, there are towering mountains, the middle one being cornucopia. The other side is a forest with an acid lake, a bridge that collapses when tributes step on it, a giant snake muttation, and fake trees that fall when tributes step on the triggers hidden under snow.

    Ok, so the rules are to submit your tribute including name, district, and well, weapons will just arrive from cornucopia.

    District 1:

    District 2:

    District 3:

    District 4:

    District 5:

    District 6:

    District 7:

    District 8:

    District 9:

    District 10:

    District 11:


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