Avatar(zina levesque)

Zina Levesque

Jonah Beret(avatar)

Jonah Beret

Lia Kato(Avatar)

Lia Kato(D2)

District 1:

Name, Age, Gender: Zina Levesque, 15, F

Skills: Expert at knives. Isn't very good at anything else.

History/past: parents died when she was 6 from an 'accidental' fire caused by capitol. Beautiful, attractive, flirty.

Token:diamond earring, passed down through her generation of Levesques.

Name, Age, Gender: Jonah Beret, 14, M

Skills: excellent at hand to hand combat. horrible at bow and arrows, okay at spear. a bit of a wimp, not as tough as regular district 1 boys, but more clever and intelligent than most.

History/past: neutral about the chance to participate in a games. no siblings. father hates Jonah and his mother, father abandoned them when Jonah was 2. Father's whereabouts are unknown to district 1. mother is a loving, caring, determined person that loves Jonah and does her best to take care of him. volunteered for best friend's little brother.

Token: Didn't bring anything. did that because he thought if he brought something with him, it would make him think about home and his mother and would become sad. determined to win.

District 2:

Name, Age, Gender: Lia Kato, 16, F

Skills: extremely good at using swords and knives. (anything with a sharp blade) has good aim, can measure distances with her eye. not a very fast runner, but strong.

History/past: Nothing special. Lives with both parents, four siblings.

Token: Silver choker(necklace) from very first friend, who is also her closest friend.

Name, Age, Gender: Blade Sanchez, 17, M

Skills: small and fast, great at using spears, can't swim at all.

History/past: Would love the chance to participate and win a games, because Blade's two older brothers have participated before, but they died. Other information about family is unknown.

Token: not really a token, but it is from home: a small tattoo on the side of his neck with a flaming letter 'B'.

District 3:

Name, Age, Gender: Makenna-Hailey Beth, 14, F

Skills: very smart. doesn't know how to use any weapons except for maybe a knife( a good cook), but she is very fast at learning things and catching on to new activities.

History/past: Lives with father(mother died giving birth to younger brother) . didn't train before for the games like most of the teens in her district. prefers not to participate in a games, and focuses on academics. no one volunteered for her because she has no friends. a very likable person, but strangely, most prefer to keep their distance. reason is unknown.has an unfortunate broken finger that will never heal, the result of a cooking experiment gone wrong. younger brother is disabled and lives his days in a wheelchair.

Token: a simple necklace with a small locket with a mini picture of her father and younger brother.

Name, Age, Gender: Neville Lee-Adding, 12, M

Skills: super, super, SUPER smart. nerdy, in fact. (has no friends, so when he was picked for the games, no one volunteered for him.) can do calculations and plans and decisions and all that quick in his head, but is terrible at weapons.

History/past: Nothing special. Lives with both parents and grandmother, no siblings.

Token: Chose not to bring anything.

District 4:

Name, Age, Gender: Nixie Stream, 16, F

Skills: as usual, a great swimmer. first name means 'little water sprite'.


District 7:

Name, Age, Gender: Sierra Rouge, 15, F

Skills: very fast runner, in both sprints and distance. great at using machetes and giant swords, doesnt know any other weapons, but is determined to learn.

History/past: parents died when she was very young. lives with 27 year old sister.

Token: cherry blossom tree jacket pin from her sister, the only family member she has left.

Name, Age, Gender: Jayden Werfeld, 18, M

Skills: brutal force. has been lifting weights for the past four years, preparing himself for the games. plans get along in the arena alone. not very smart, and only instinct when he comes across other tributes is to kill them.

History/past: second strongest in his family(after his father). ever since he was little, he has always thought(more like his parents have taught him this way, but he doesnt know that) that the way to power, triumph, and fame was to beat all opponents and kill anything/anyone that is a distraction or obstacle. has four younger brothers. when baby sister was born, mother didn't want a skimpy, weak girl in her 'powerful, merciless, brutal, perfect, well-oiled machine of a family', and tossed the baby sister in a river.

Token: nothing. he thought if he brought anything, it would mean a sign of weakness because it displays that he misses home.

District 11:

Name, Age, Gender: Alma Amado, 13, F

Skills: small figure, fast runner. a great throwing arm and can hit targets with any-size rocks over a hundred yards away.

History/past: mother and father came from a Spanish/mexican lineage. the name 'Alma' came from when a spanish battle took place near the river alma and won/ means to be victorious. parents have great faith in her and strongly wishes for alma to return home after winning the games. no siblings.

Token: a metal A clipped onto a simple metal chain necklace.

Name, Age, Gender: Lionel(no last name), 16, M

Skills: quiet, easily underestimated by others because of his small figure. parents name him after the great creature the lion and wanted him to be big and strong when he was older. (that didnt happen) excellent at using big knives and other large weapons. terrible at bow and arrow. not a very fast runner, but can find the best hiding spots.

History/past: (bits of information on his parents also in the Skills part, above.) grew up with no siblings, worked very hard in the orchards, and father always brought home a treat once a week for him. parents are very fond of him, and were devastated when he was reaped. no one volunteered for him.

Token: family is so poor, they didnt have anything to give up for him.

District 12:

Name, Age, Gender: Vienne Deya, 15, F

Skills: an extremely fast learner. has no experience with any weapons before, but can throw any sized sharp sticks any distance. a natural strategist.

History/past: mother died from hunger, first younger brother died from diseases. lives with father and second younger brother. daily job is going to the Hob. lives in a small, run down shack in a lonely area of district 12. no one volunteered for her in the reaping.

Token: a fine and rare leather belt.

Name, Age, Gender: Lorent Linn, 13, M

Skills: fast, nimble, agile. fast runner in short distances, but tires out quickly in long distances. quick thinker. a merchant of district 12 and has been lucky enough to have had experience with weapons before, like using small knives. has also used sharp long and extremely thin blades, but not exactly a sword. can hurl small rocks and can cause an injury just by doing so once or twice.(a strong throwing arm)

History/past: older sister got reaped for the games but didnt survive. lives in the merchant (the wealthier citizens of district 12) village/area with parents.

Token: 'necklace'(not really, just a long chain) with a piece of coal from district 12.

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