Welcome and happy Hunger Games! Add your comment with your tributes information. You may have 1-4 tributes.

  • Rocky Area
  • Waterfall
  • Twin Trees
  • Vines
  • River
  • Snake Mutt
The 33 Arena

The 33rd Annual Hunger Games Arena:Rainforest

District 1 Girl:Madrigalmagic/Saphire Hyland

District 1 Boy:~Tris~/Mason Hanover

District 2 Girl:Justafox/Destiny Fler

District 2 Boy:QuinnQuinn/Wilden Criss

District 3 Girl:Primrose33/Summer Hills

District 3 Boy:The Hunger Gamer/Cal Kein

District 4 Girl:Madrigalmagic/Marrisa Clearpool

District 4 Boy:Thejman63/Harris Alfan

District 5 Girl:Justafox/Feline Ster

District 5 Boy:Thejman63/George Frenz

District 6 Girl:Kwankwan44/Kelly Dash

District 6 Boy:Kwankwan44/Chase Sprint

District 7 Girl:Madrigalmagic/Lila Woods

District 7 Boy:Thejman63/Greg Alzuga

District 8 Girl:Justafox/Luna Snare

District 8 Boy:Thejman63/Blake Flame

District 9 Girl:Haalyle/Chole Kathrine

District 9 Boy:Thejman63/Max Darris

District 10 Girl:StoplightStudiosCA/Virginia Moreton

District 10 Boy:Thejman63/Sam Sten

District 11 Girl:Justafox/Anne Klein

District 11 Boy:Tatertot623/Tate Fowler

District 12 Girl:Madrigalmagic/Violet Willowshire

District 12 Boy:Primrose33/Jacob Hills

P.S You can give me ideas on what to do in the arena on my talk page!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!!!

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