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The 33rd Annual Hunger Games Training Center

This is where you will post your bios and I will score you.


1.Close Combat station:This is where you will learn to fight with swords,staves,axes,and maces.

2.Ranged Combat Station:This is where you learn to fight with bow and arrows,throwing knives,spears,tridents,balearic slings,javelins,and a new addition....crossbows!

3.Physical Station:This is where you will lift weights,jump,climb,and dodge things thrown at you.

4.Survival Station:This is where you will learn how to find water,make knots traps and snares,fire making,tracking,hunting,and learn what you can or cannot eat or touch.

District 1 scores:

Boy: Girl:

District 2 scores:

Boy: Girl:

District 3 scores:

Boy: Girl:

District 4 scores:

Boy:9 Girl:

District 5 scores:

Boy:7 Girl:

District 6 scores:

Boy: Girl:

District 7 scores:

Boy:4 Girl:

District 8 scores:

Boy:7 Girl:

District 9 scores:

Boy:6 Girl:

District 10 scores:

Boy:5 Girl:

District 11 scores:

Boy: Girl:

District 12 scores:

Boy: Girl:

P.S. Remember to put your district number and if it is the boy or girl!

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