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  • Theman77

    Leaving... For a while

    December 16, 2012 by Theman77

    I am gonna leave for a while. Actually, I'll still be monitoring some of the games I have tributes in, and I still might join a really good games every once in a while. I also will try to complete my 375th Hunger Games: Epic Quarter Quell. Some people may have noticed that I'm not on chat as much, and suspected this would happen. Leave a comment if you want. Please note that I seem kinda active currently, because I'm trying to finish the 375th HG.

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  • Theman77

    The 375th hunger games. It is a epic quarter quell, because it will have 4 twists. Two will be reavealed now, one will be revealed when half the tributes are filled, and one will revealed when all the tributes are done. I will continue my Future Games (please join)!

    You may submit 4 tributes. I will take profiles!






    Modern Weapon:



    Lunaii: (optional but prefered)

    Double the tributes!

    Modern Weapons! (Guns, bazookas, etc.)

    There will be 3 arenas and 4 bloodbaths! (two bloodbaths in the 1st arena)

    There will be 3 VICTORS!!!

    District Name Age Weapon Owner
    District 1 Male Tex Arrow 17 Grenade launcher, Bazooka AxedFox
    District 1 Female Bridget Course 18 Machine Gun Cloveismywife
    District 1 Male Arran Hart…

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  • Theman77

    The Future Games

    October 24, 2012 by Theman77

    1000 years after the 74th Hunger Games, Panem has transformed. It's population has grown from 4 million, to 300 million. District 8 has 50 million people living in it, making it the largest district by population. The districts are governed from district 13. The Capitol no longer exists. But... The Hunger Games continue. They are a illeagal activity led by secritive crime lords. The crime lords, and the winning tribute earn massive amounts of money from the games. 26 tributes are pulled from all over Panem to participate. All tributes are in between the ages of 16 and 18. They all come from criminal backrounds. They are armed with regular weapons, but also machine guns and futuristic pistols. This year, the tributes will battle through the…

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  • Theman77

    500th hunger games

    September 26, 2012 by Theman77

    Wecome to the 500th Hunger Games! It is a Quarter Quell. We will have tributes from the Capitol, plus this will be the first Hunger Games for District 14 to compete in. District 14 is the Aerospace District so it will be supplying us with planes and rocket ships! The special part of these games will be the arena. The gamemakers promise for it to be loaded with mutts, and treacherous terrain.

    1. No more than 4 tributes per user.

    2. Don't get angry if your tribute dies.

    3. You can send your tribute(s) notes and stuff, but no guns, rocket lauchers, or tanks. Also no more than 4 items.

    4. Have fun! XD








    Appearance: (no photos, but i will make Lunaii)


    Strengths: (besides weapon)



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