500th Hunger Games

Wecome to the 500th Hunger Games! It is a Quarter Quell. We will have tributes from the Capitol, plus this will be the first Hunger Games for District 14 to compete in. District 14 is the Aerospace District so it will be supplying us with planes and rocket ships! The special part of these games will be the arena. The gamemakers promise for it to be loaded with mutts, and treacherous terrain.


1. No more than 4 tributes per user.

2. Don't get angry if your tribute dies.

3. You can send your tribute(s) notes and stuff, but no guns, rocket lauchers, or tanks. Also no more than 4 items.

4. Have fun! XD

Tribute Template:








Appearance: (no photos, but i will make Lunaii)


Strengths: (besides weapon)



Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:



Good Luck!


District Name Age Gender Weapon Appearance Personality



Ann ColorsX 12 Female Sword, Spear Blue and pink hair, blue eyes, pale white skin, really red lips Sweet, kind, giving to president so she thinks she can win, but is really kind of harsh and superior Kikieverdeenreed523
Capitol Tyler Cliftonx 16 Male Knife, Bow and Arrow Orange and Blue hair. Strong and well built, a few face tatoos, violet eyes Tough and ready to kill, thinks that he's better because he's from the capitol Leapkit
D1 Layla PearlheartX 16 Female Knives, Spears Pretty, has blonde hair and green eyes Cares a lot about Luke, but is a little spoiled and isn't afraid to kill. Jack412
D1 Arran HarthornX 16 Male Sword and Spear Is handsome, has blonde hair, has green eyes, is muscular but skinny. Is pretty tall and athletic.

A heartbreaker, has a nice side, he is jock, but he can be sweet, He cares a lot about people.

Fluffeh Kitteh
D2 Kiki RocksX 12 Female bow and arrows, but is skilled in all weapons shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, white skin, freckles, blonde streaks in hair nice, flirty, giving to careers, brutal, rude, and bossy to others Kikieverdeenreed523
D2 Troy VenturaX 17 Male Axe, Sword Spiky brown hair, dark brown eyes, is tall and quite muscular. A bully, mean to lots of people, quite determined, won't back down. Fluffeh Kitteh
D3 Kayleigh TechnoX 12 Female Throwing axes, knives, wire Dark brown hair kept in pigtails, light blue eyes, pale white skin with freckles Sweet, kind, giving, never is mean Kikieverdeenreed523
D3 Dexter VoltsX 14 Male Wire, Long range throwing weapons Brown hair, green eyes, skinny Nice, but quiet Fluffeh Kitteh
D4 Christa StormX 16 Female Bow and Arrow Short blonde hair, caucasian, skinny, Girly, Happy, Caring, Sincere, Hates seeing people in pain, motherly ChrisoZuniga
D4 Luke OdairX 17 Male

Trident, Bow and Arrow

Blonde hair, blue eyes Ruthless, but also caring Jack412
D5 Allie Costigan 12 Female Knife

Blonde hair, Blue eyes, skinny, hot

Nice, sweet, crazy, and wild Maybell Rocks!!
D5 Ezkiel AndrewsX 16 Male Bow and Arrow, Spear Has a "forgetable" face, brown hair, light brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, freckes. Nice and outgoing, has a loud voice Fluffeh Kitteh
D6 Carda DonteX 14 Female Knife Black hair, green eyes, colorful clothing Quiet, shy


D6 Albinus WellsgoodX 14 Male Awl, Crossbow brown skin, brown curly hair, brown eyes, baby face Kind, compassionate, Smart, devisive, intuitive Chirochibechirt
D7 Terra EarthX 15 Female Mace Pale skin, green eyes, blonde and red hair Sneaky, quiet


D7 Forest JeffersonX 17 Male Axe Phillipino decent, hazel eyes, short black hair, strong, attractive, tall Cocky, overconfident, talkative, flirt, social


D8 Lauren HuntleyX 15 Female Traps, Bow and Arrow Blonde hair, dark eyes, normal hight, pretty Nice, but isn't afraid to win and kill. Leapkit
D8 Nick KobargX 16 Male Bow and Arrow, Strength He has short curly hair and is the most poular guy in school He's nice but hates when people flirt with his hot girlfriend Coco Maybell Rocks!!

Jane SkyeX

15 Female Sword, Hiding Long wavy brown hair, violet eyes, soft facial features, and average hight Clever, Shy, Sneaky, and Smart ShimmeringFire

Koan DanzoX

16 Male Spear, Knives Black hair, pale skin, Skinny, but strong Strong minded, tough, but not exactly mean Tails818
D10 Leslie AdalynX 14 Female Sword Dark skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes Lazy and confused ViniciusDeAssis1999
D10 Wolf SilverhornX 18 Male Sickle Tall, Strong, Mexican Decent, Short,messy hair, Well built, Brown eyes, Dark brown hair Independant, Doesnt trust anyone, Courageous, Loner, Quiet ChrisoZuniga
D11 Kikiana JohnsonX 12 Female Axe Dark brown hair, pale skin, hazel eyes Sweet, kind, giving Kikieverdeenreed523
D11 Ben WitoverX 18 Male Spear He's tall and skinny and has brown hair He's nice and is very competitive Maybell Rocks!!
D12 Ebony OscurroX 16 Female Sword Dark black wavy hair, Mexican decent, Little girl face, black empty eyes Sad, Sarcastic, Deppressed, Questions everything ChrisoZuniga
D12 Nick LovizioX 12 Male Bow and arrow, and knives Tan, Small, Skinny, Big arms Very nice but very aggressive and has good stategies Maybell Rocks!!
D13 Katrina EdenorX 17 Female Throwing Knives Blonde hair, Brown eyes, hair is put back in a pony tail. Brave, courageous, outgoing ShimmeringFire
D13 Brad SmithX 18 Male Sword, spear, mace Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Tall, fit. Tough, and acts like a career (mean to people who aren't carreers) Leapkit
D14 Ashley BarnetteX 12 Female Sword, knives Blue eyes, freckles, brown hair with blonde streaks Very, very nice Dedejacob
D14 Palrain SmithsonX 14 Male Spear, Crossbow Reddish hair, very blue eyes, tan skin. Outgoing, chatty, friendly


Tribute Gallery


Career Aliance: Layla Pearlheart, Arran Harthorn, Kiki Rocks, Troy Ventura, Christa Storm, Luke Odair

Capitol Aliance: Ann Colors, Tyler Clifton

Aliance: Nick Kobarg, Nick Lovizio, Allie Costigan, Ben Witover

Aliance: Dexter Volts, Kayleigh Techno

Aliance: Kikiana Johnson, Ben Witover

Informal Aliance: Ashley Barnette, Palrain Smithson, Leslie Adalyn, Lauren Huntley

Final Aliance: Ashley Barnette, Leslie Adalyn, Kiki Rocks, Troy Ventura, Layla Pearlheart


60 years after the 2nd Rebelion, Commander/Presedent Paylor died. There was a power vaccum and general crazyness. A man named Joseph Maldom became Chancelor of Panem. He seemed nice, untill he demanded absolute power over Panem and the distruction of the other branches of goverment. Some people thought that a leader with absolute power could help more, but some thought that it was stupid. So, Panem split in half. New Panem belived in democracy, and Old Penem belived in Joseph Maldom's absolute rule. A bloody civil war was fought with Joseph Maldom the winner. He demanded the Hunger Games be put back in place, even with people from the Capitol and the districts that sided with him. He thought that even in his loyal districts there may be trators. So, that year the 76th Hunger Games was held, 80 years after the 75th. To make this games extra brutal, Chancelor Maldom filled the arena with buring rocks and lava. Even the victor was brutaly mutilated. 50 years later he died and his son took his place. It has continued like this for 425 years. But unrest is stirring in the districts, and the future is uncirtain. The Capitol has promised us a extra bloody Hunger Games to show the districts who is in charge. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Arena:

The arena is a destroyed cityscape. Crumbling skyskrapers povide cover, and places to lurk for tributes.

The Games:

Day 1

Luke Odair's POV

I stand on the platform. Only a minute ago I was saying goodbye to my stylist. Now I am in a destroyed city center. There is a rusted fountain next to the golden corniacopia. All around me are crumbling skyscrapers. In the distance I see a building colapse spontainiously. The corniacopia is filled with everything I need. Wow, it is good to be a carreer. I look to the other tributes. I see Layla. We smile at each other. I will have to protect her. I listen to the seconds as they tick by. 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG! I rush towards the corniacopia. I watch the capitol boy, Tyler Clifton, kill the boy from 5 BOOM! I get to the corniacopia and grab a trident. I see Arran killing both of the district 3 tributes. BOOM. The female gets away, though. Then I see somthing awful. The district 8 boy is wrestling with Layla. He has a sword and is about to stab her. I run forward and throw my trident. It hits him derectly in the ribs and pins him to the ground. BOOM. Thank god. I run towards Layla. We have to stay together.

Forest Jefferson's POV

All around me people are dying. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. It is terrible, but I have to take part. I see the girl from five. I tackle her to the ground. All of a sudden I realize how pretty she is. Maybe we can be allies... I am about to say this when a knife comes toward my face and everything goes black. The last thing I hear is a loud BOOM.

Allie Costigan's POV

I pull my knife out of Forest's eye. I noticed how he looked at me, and I could tell that he was going to ask for an alliance. Guys. I walk towards one of the crumbling skyscrapers, but think better of it when I see the district 6 boy walk in to one, and it colapses on him. BOOM. I decide to head towards the outskirts of the city.

Troy Ventura's POV

The coniacopia bloodbath is over. 11 people died. The careers are gathering everything they need out of the corniacopia. Luke Odair and Layla are in the corner of the city center. He started kissing her after he saved her life and it dosn't look like he will stop any time soon. The rest of the careers are in good moods too. None of us died. As night falls the dead tributes are shown in the sky.

Day 1 Dead:

District 3: Dexter Volts

District 5: Ezkiel Andrews

District 6: Albinus Wellsgood, Carda Donte

District 7: Terra Earth, Forest Jefferson

District 8: Nick Kobarg

District 9: Koan Danzo

District 11: Kikiana Johnson

District 12: Ebony Oscuro

District 13: Katrina Edenor

Day 2

Brad Smith's POV

I watch the sun rise over the destroyed cityscape and think how the hell will I survive this. I am standing on top of one of the sturdier skyscrapers. I hear the rusty metal and concrete groan. At this hight the wind almost blows me off the top of the building. Far down below I see the district 12 boy. I lift my spear and thow it. It sails down 20 feet and imbeds itself in his chest. Blood splatters against the cracked pavment. It takes a few minutes for the blood to seep out of him. Then there is the BOOM. I almost feel bad.

Ashley Barnette's POV

An informal aliance has formed beetween me, Palrain Smithson, Leslie Adalyn, and Lauren Huntley. We are camped out in a old super market. It was filled with rotten food when we arrived, but we got rid of that, and then found the canned goods. Right now, me and Palrain are enjoying a decious lunch of canned pears. Soon I get tired and take a nap. When I wake up, the sun is setting. We all go outside to see the dead tributes. The only problem is that there is only one dead tribute. This is bad. The gamemakers will be angry. Somthing bad will happen tomarow, I can feel it.

Day 2 Dead:

District 12: Nick Lovizio

Day 3 Early Morning

Lauren Huntley's POV

I lay on the ground, thinking about my mentors note. The supermarket is dark, and the sun hasn't risen. I look at my sleeping allies and decide what to do. I pick up a knife and crawl over to Palrain. I quickly slit his throat. BOOM! I forgot about that! I look around and notice Leslie's eyes are open. I jump up and run to her. She tries to crawl backwards but slips on the linoleum flooring. I stab my knife wildly around Leslie's face and neck. I hit skin many times but I don't hear a BOOM. Then I am tackled by Ashley. I fall to the ground stunned. She kicks me in the stomach and then helps Leslie up. They both stumble away. I grab my knife and throw it at Ashley. It hits her in the leg. That will slow her down! I am going to give chase but I can't find them. I go back to the supermarket and dispose of Palrain's body. Damnit. I was hoping to kill all of them.

Day 3

Layla Pearlheart's POV

I am shaken awake by a loud thump noise. Then there is another thump. And another. A shadow falls across the career camp. I look at Luke. He is sleeping next to me. I shake him awake. We both get up and wake the other careers. We grab our weapons and run to take a look at what is making the thumping noise. It is hideous. A giant creature towers over us. It is at least 5 stories tall. It is unlike any muttation I have ever seen. Its hands and feet are massive. It is covered with sores and weeping wounds. It's face is round and bulbus and it's mouth is full of jagged teeth. Saliva drips out of his mouth onto the pavement. One of it's eyes is lifeless and rotting. Arran throws a spear at it's neck and Christa shoots it with her bow. Dark red blood drips from the wounds. It charges at Christa and grabs her. It thows her against a building. There is a horible cracking noise, then the BOOM. The creature then races deeper into the city.

Ann Colors's POV

Me and Tyson are arguing. We started when we arived at the city hall. It is a big domed building that looks all old and offical. We decided to make this our base because it was the least damaged building in the city. But, once we had nothing to do we started arguing. He wants to go all offensive and attack the careers, whereas I want to stay here and let the other tributes kill each other off. Today though, he is really being a jerk. He has been acting all sneaky and things like that. But then we hear these thumping noises. I run outside and see a dark shape running at me. It turns out to be a giant mutt. Tyson starts throwing things at it, and I yell at him to stop. He stabs me with a knife and shoves me towards the creature. I scream and try to run, but the creature bends down and grabs me. It holds me in it's mouth and begins to bite. I hear the crunch of bones and then the BOOM!

Tyson Clifton's POV

I watch the creature eat Ann. She was so freaking annoying. It took all my self restriant to keep my self from killing her. When my mentor sugested killing her I was like "YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!". I look at the monster and decide that it will come after me soon. I run into the city hall, and it senses the movment. I run inside but the creature follows. It crashes through the beautiful domed roof and into the center of the building. I run through the back exit, but the creature gets confused and runs off to some other place. Thank god.

Jane Skye's POV

For some reason me and Ben are running away from a monster. I don't know why we are together but, we are and I am not going to ask him now. We are being chased toward the edge of the city, I can tell because the buildings are getting smaller. But I don't think we are going to make it. I don't have a weapon, and Ben dropped his a while back. Suddenly I trip and fall on Ben. The monster doesn't notice, he just steps on us. BOOM BOOM.

Kayleigh Techno's POV

I am depressed and scared. I saw my district parner die before my eyes. I really liked him. He was nice and a little shy, but he made me laugh. I am scared because I am being chased by the largest mutt ever. I am hiding in the basement of a appartment, and I am building a bomb. If the mutt tries to kill me I will throw the bomb at it. Hopefully That will stop it. I am using cleaning agent for the bomb. There are a bunch of washing machines down here and they provide perfect materials. Finally it is done. I walk outside to see the mutt. It stares at me with it's blank dead eye. I am about to thow the bomb when it grabs me beetween it's teeth. I struggle but it is no good. I hug the bomb to my chest as my ribs crack. The last thing I yell is "DIE YOU SON OF A...........". BOOM.

Leslie Adalyn's POV

Me and Ashley are camped out in a hotel, tending to our wounds. My face and neck is covered with deep cuts. I barely survived. Now more than ever I need a gift from a sponsor. Ashley is tending to her snapped achiles tendon when we first hear the creature. Then we see it. It is stumbling along like it is drunk. Then it falls to the ground... and EXPLODES! Blood splatters everywhere. Chunks of flesh and blood splatter all over me. All I can say is holly crap.

Wolf Silverhorn's POV

I see the explosion before I hear it. It is like watching a silent movie. Then the shockwave hits me in the chest and there is a rush of sound. The explosion Is tinted red, which tells me that whatever blew up was alive. It reminds me of the time when my friend fed a lit stick of dynomite to a cow. This was like that times 1000. Wow. These games have tons of twists. I walk back into my building.

Kiki Rocks's POV

Me and the rest of the careers gather around to watch the dead tributes in the sky. I can't help but notice that Troy looks even handsomer in the moonlight. I slap my self and watch the dead. 5 people! That is a lot. I remember that yesterday only had 1 death. Well, the gamemakers had quite a show today! I organize my stuff and get ready to go to bed. Troy sits down next to me and I suddenly kiss him. His eyes widen, and then soften. He pulls away, but says "I like you". Then he kisses me. Wow.

Day 3 Dead:

The Capitol: Ann Colors

District 3: Kayleigh Techno

District 4: Christa Storm

District 9: Jane Skye

District 11: Ben Witover

District 14: Palrain Smithson

Day 4

Leslie Adalyn's POV

I am just thinking about how badly me and Ashley need supplies when I hear the pinging of mulitple Parachutes. I walk out of our hotel to see what we got. After checking out our new stuff and reading my mentor's notes me and Ashley are very happy. I am most happy about our mentor having a plan, which we need badly, but I am also really happy about the supplies. I am not sure what we can do with a rope, but the knife and medicine is awesome. I have faith in my mentor, and think that the rope must have something to do with the plan. Realizing that now more than ever we have to survive till tomarow, we get to work barricading ourselves into the hotel. Ashley can't help much because of her leg. We put it in a makeshift splint, but she says it hurts when she walks. We move a rusty washing machine in front of the door to block it, and we board up the window in the room we are staying in. I am very excited, but also scared.

Brad Smith's POV

I almost smile as I impale Tyler and Wolf on the spears I hold in each hand. I can almost imgine the crouds cheering for me. Wolf dies immediatly, but Tyler's eyes still bulge out at me. He tries to say something, and blood drips out of his mouth. I plunge the spear deeper into his chest and he colapses to the ground. BOOM BOOM. Good riddance. They were very stupid. When I found them they were wrestling on the ground, and making all these grunting noises. When I jumped out of a second story window, and didn't break anything, they looked very suprised. They tried to get up, and next thing they know, there is a spear sticking out of their chests. Ha!

Lauren Huntley's POV

I see Brad killing those two boys. Wow, he really is a formidible enemy! It will be good to kill him. Geez, this would be easier with a bow, but I only have a stupid knife. Well, it will have to do. I run up to him and drag my knife across his face. It feels so satisfying. I bring my knife back for the kill and he looks at me with this emotionless expression. Then he imbeds one of his spears into my gut. He grabs the other one and thrusts it into my chest. My knees buckle. Then he grabs my knife and plunges it into my throat. I fall to the ground. There is blood everywhare. I can feel it in my throat. I can't breathe... I cant... I... BOOM.

Brad Smith's POV

"All in a day's work" I mutter to myself as I clean my spears. I look up at the night sky and watch the dead. All by me. All in a day's work. Now, more than ever I think I might win. Just Maybe... That would be cool.

Day 4 Dead:

Capitol: Tyler Clifton

District 8: Lauren Huntley

District 10: Wolf Silverhorn

Day 5

Allie Costigan's POV

I am woken by the sun shining on my face. I get up and stretch. I have been sleeping on top of a destroyed gas station ever since the bloodbath. When I first arived there was a lot of things to explore. At the end of the road, just like twenty feet away from the gas station is a giant concrete barracade. In front of it is a few rusted machine gun nests, and a tank. Everything is rusted beyond use, but it was fun figuring out what happened. In front of the tank and the machine guns are are tons of crumpled cars and skeletons. I think that there was a deasase in the city and it was quarantined. Eventualy so many people tried to escape, the goverment in charge had to start shooting their own people. I only tried to figure this out because there is nothing else to do. It is so fricken boring here! I try to convince myself that it is the only way to win, but sometime soon my resolve will break and I will have to go into the city.

Arran Harthorn's POV

Wow, I feel like that district 13 kid is getting in on all the action, so me as leader of the careers decided that we should be looking for tributes. So we left Kiki and Troy (explosive mixture) to guard the corniacopia. As we walk down the desolate streets I can't help but feel freaked out. This destroyed city is creepy. We walk all over the city we can't find anyone. Finally Luke turns to me and yells "TO HELL WITH THIS" he throws his trident into my chest which pins me to the ground. Then he and Layla turn to each other and start making out. I start coughing up blood and they run away. BOOM.

Day 5 Dead:

District 2: Arran Harthorn

Day 6

Kiki Rocks's POV

I get the note from my mentor and agree with it. I turn to Troy. "Do you think that we should leave the careers?" he looks at me quizzically. "Just kidding" I say. "No" he says. I start to get nervous. "I think it is a good idea, except we are the only careers!". I look at him for a second and I realize he is right. Last night Arran was in the sky, and Luke and Layla haven't shown up. "Ok, but shouldn't we at least relocate?". "Ok, fine by me, but lets wait a day or two, okay?". "Sure". I guess we will be moving!

Leslie Adalyn's POV

I am just waking up when I hear pounding at the door. Not knowing what to do me and Ashley open it. Bad move. Luke rushes in and thows his trident at Ashley. Layla runs in after him. I run over to Ashley. thankfuly it slamed in to her arm, not her chest. I turn to Luke and stab him reapeatedly in the chest. He falls to the ground groaning. Layla screams and runs to his side. Then she drags him outside. I am going to finish my kill, but Ashley starts moaning, and I have to help her.

Layla Pearlheart's POV

I drag Luke out of the hotel, crying. Why would they DO THAT! I lift him up and start carrying him back to the career camp. He mumbles something and I am so full of relief. He isn't dead! Oh jeez, I really need to get back to the careers. Why did we leave and kill Arran! I hope they will let us back. Oh jeez, oh jeez...

Day 6 Dead:

Day 7

Luke Odair's POV

Uhhhh. Everything hurts. Owwww. Jeez what happened. "Uhhhh" "Uhhhhhhhhh".

Troy Ventura's POV

Today everything is all misty. You can't see much outside the career camp. Then all of a sudden I see a shape coming at me and Kiki through the fog. Kiki screams and jumps backward into my arms. Then out of the fog stumbles Layla. She is carrying Luke and he looks really badly injured. Layla lays him on the ground and begs for forgiveness. She says he needs medical attention. Kiki convinces me to help them. We lay Luke down and bandage him up. We feed him some pills, but I know it won't help. I'd seen wounds like that and people don't walk away from that.

Luke Odair's POV

I see white everyware. Then Layla's face. I love her. She's saying something that I can't hear, but now we are in district 4 and Layla is there, and my parents. There is a banquet and fish... and food...... and Layla.....BOOM.

Allie Costigan's POV

I watch the sunset from my gas station roof. The fog burned off about midday, and ever since then every few minutes a building colapses. I have a bad feeling about tommarow, and it isn't becase I will head into the city. It has to do with all of those crumbling buildings...

Day 7 Dead:

District 4: Luke Odair

Day 8

Allie Costigan's POV

I jump off the roof of the gas station. I have a feeling that this day is important to the end of the games. Hiding time is over. It is time for action. I grab my weapons and start walking towards the crumbling city. It is time for action.

Troy Ventura's POV

It is time for us to leave the corniacopia. Layla has been crying all night, and Kiki has been comforting her. I think it is stupid, but it is what Kiki wants. We pack up our items, not talking much. In the distance more than half the buildings have colapsed. This is not natural. Even if the buildings are old, they won't fall down that quick. We decide to head to the very center of the city, and get into one of the sidescrapers.

Ashley Barnette's POV

Jeeez my leg hurts. Oh, and my arm, I don't know were to begin. It's been shattered, It problably will never be used again. I problably won't live long enough for it to heal though. With that thought in my mind, I hear nocking at the door. Me and Leslie go down the stairs. We peek out a little hole in the door. Outside are the careers. I jump back, screaming. They yell at us. What are they saying? "We come in peace". "We don't know that!". "I swear to god that we will not hurt you. Leslie looks dubious. I open the door.

Kiki Rocks's POV

We walk in, and a curtain of silence falls over the room. No one moves. Finaly I speak "Almost every building in the city has fallen down. This is one of the last ones. This is the only place we can stay.". "We should be allies.". Ashley looks at Leslie. They both nod their head. "Ok, we need to barricade ourselves in here. Once this is the only building left, it will attract a lot of attention." Troy says. We all agree. A few minutes later the building is buzzing with activity. There is the pounding of hammers all over the structure. Layla comes over. "You think this will work?" I look at her. "It will have to.

Day 8 Dead

Day 9: Final Day

Brad Smith's POV

My building colapses in the morning. I was watching the sunrise, but I was prepared. I grab my spears as jump off the building. I hit the ground hard, but I don't fall. There is a huge crash behind me, and a plume of concrete dust rises behind me. Awesome. I walk towards the only standing building. Lets finish this.

Allie Costigan's POV

I watch a building in the distance colapse. A lone figure jumps off the top. It is probalbly Brad. I have been folowing the dead, and I memorized the other tributes during training. I am going to the last standing building, just like Brad. I know that is were the final battle will be fought. The victor will be chosen.

Kiki Rocks's POV

I watch two figures approach the hotel. One has two spears. One has a knife. They begin attacking our barricades. The boy is very strong, and he tears down the door. The two tributes rush into the hotel, not paying attention to each other. For now. Suddenly battle is everywere. I run towards Brad, the boy. I slash at his arms with my knifes. All around me my allies engage in battle. Layla suddenly dies, because Brad speared her.

Leslie Adalyn's POV

Troy yells at me and Ashley to move. We are trying to escape. He screams at Ashley, then stabs her with a sword. BOOM. I tell him that he insane, then suddenly he is hit with a spear. I run away, but feel something hit me in the back. Then there is nothingness. BOOM.

Kiki Rocks's POV

I see Troy die. He is moaning, then he dies. I start to run up the stairs, because Brad is fighting Allie. But then Allie suddenly shows up, and jabs something at my forehead. BOOM.

Allie Costigan's POV

I run up the stairs faster than I have ever before. Brad is gaining on me. He jumps ahead of me, and beats me to the roof. He stands at the edge. He raises his spear, going in for the kill.

Brad Smith's POV

The girl from five looks at me. I raise my spear. Ready to kill. Then she thows one of her damn knives at me.

Allie Costigan's POV

The knife hits him in the stomach. He will survive long enough to kill me. He steps back, and falls off the ledge. That will not kill him. He will land perfectly, like he did before, and he will kill me. I rush over to the ledge and stare over it, ready for the spear that will hit me in the face. I look down, and there is Brad's crumpled body, his own spear lodged in his chest. Blood oozes across the concrete. He was killed by his own weapon, and one of my knives I remind myself. BOOM. That makes me Victor! "WE HAVE OUR VICTOR FROM THE 500th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!!!" I scream and jump in the air. I did it. I won.

Day 9 Dead:

District 1: Layla Pearlheart

District 2: Kiki Rocks, Troy Ventura

District 10: Leslie Adalyn

District 13: Brad Smith

District 14: Ashley Barnette


VICTOR: Allie Costigan

2nd Place: Brad Smith

3rd Place: Kiki Rocks

4th Place: Troy Ventura

5th Place: Leslie Adalyn

6th Place: Ashley Barnette

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