I am attempting to make my own Games, I hope they'll be interesting! I will do training scores and chariot rides, but not interviews because they take so much time! Which is something I don't have!! I hope this is ok? Then I will get going on the Games! You can have up to 3 tributes, but they must be for different districts, and if you can can they not be from a family of victors or anything like that? Thanks and happy hunger games!


Please include name, age, weapon, personality and district!

District One:

Male: Nathaniel Pearson, (Paigeelizabeth92)

Female: Joy Starse, 18(Polinarose)

District Two: Male: John Drew F. Adams, 17 (KEWLBEN)

Female: Zara Lancaster, 17(nerdDFTBA)

District Three:

Male: William Undersea, 18 (Srish3211)

Female: Cerulean Sparkle, 15 (Beetee19)

District Four:

Male: Surf Sup, 17 (Beetee19)

Female: Hermione Moon, 16 (Theworldscolliding)

District Five:

Male: Tristan James, 13 (FHT)

Female:Lilliana 'Lila' Maganachi, 15 (KEWLBEN)

District Six:

Male:Rennac, 14 (Mrweare121)

Female:Scarlet Rose, (Paigeelizabeth92)

District Seven:

Male: Xavier Domi, 18 (IMrJones)

Female: Rosa Juna Ice, 17(Polinarose)

District Eight:

Male: Ciaren Traben, 15

Female: True Starlie, 13(Polinarose)

District Nine:

Male: Ares West, 16 (nerdDFTBA)

Female: Liberty Friar, 13

District Ten: Male: Thomas Grate, 16 (Dragon Thinker)

Female: Linnéa Smith, 17 (RueButtercup)

District Eleven:

Male: JJJ Schmidt, 13 ( Beetee19)

Female: Katie Red, 18 (Theworldscolliding)

District Twelve:

Male:T.Hawk, 16 ( Mrweare121)

Female: Ashley Lohig, 17 (RueButtercup)

Chariot outfits

District One: The female will wear diamond shoes and will have a long silver dress with glowing flowers on them.

The male will wear a silver tuxedo.

They will be sitting on mauve couches with luxurious items drawn on the couch in black paint.

District Two: Zara will be wearing a dress that looks like a slab of marble, but slowly chisels itself into the shape of a dress. Once it reaches the shape of a dress, it changes back and forth from different kinds of metals.

District Three: Female: Cerulean will wear a green dress that has a bunch of stuff on it so it looks like a circuit board. On her head is a lightbulb that lights up. Male: A green outfit with various wires and computer chips sewn in. His hair have been painted and styled to look like a tangled mess of black wires. On his feet are shoes which look like the mouse of a computer system.

District Four: Female: Hermione wears a cerulean blue dress with sequins that look like fish scales. she has a veil over her head and she has fishooks in her hair. Male: Surf will wear a fishermans suit, but along with a pirates outfit on top.

District Five:

District Six: Male: Rennec wears a suit that has a checkered pattern on it he is also holding onto a checkered flag. Female: Scarlet will be wearing a silver gown that shimmers a different colour from every angle, Her shoes will be silver and sparkly. Her hair will be down in a cluster of waves.

District Seven: The female will be wearing a beautiful evergreen colored dress with a long terrain. She will also have her legs in a tree stump. The male will wear a lumberjack uniform and cut down the tree. By cut down I mean have an axe and cut the tree stump. Xavier will be wearing as the outfit a jet black winter cap (beanie), red flanel top with the sleeves rolled to just above the elbow. Fresh blue jeans, and working boots.

District Eight: Female: Black dress with a missing part. That will during the ride be sewn on by her, but a white piece. The male will use his skills and make a dress in the time it takes to do the ride. He will be wearing a black suit with one white patch.

District Nine: Male has suit mad of grain pods that open up. Female has sheaf of grain which opens at top.

District Ten: Male: Thomas is wearing a cowboy hat with chaps and a black bandana. His boots are alligator skin and gold-tipped with silver spurs at the end. Also he is wearing a plaid shirt, a leather vest, with blue jeans. Female: Linnea is wearing a dress with horses on it. She is wearing boots with a fur lining, and a big hat.

District Eleven: Female: Katie wears a thin and tight green dress that can get longer to represent opening lettuce. male: JJJ will wear a straw hat and jeans. He was supposed to wear a shirt but he flung it into the crowd at the beginning of the chariot ride

District Twelve: T. Hawk wears a native american cloth that shows chalk pictures of his native american ancestors. Ashley will be dressed in a long black dress that shimmers like coals. Ashley's hair will be let out and shining.

'Chariot rides order of appeal'

1. District 3

2. District 11

3. District 4

4. District 1

5. District 6

6. District 7

7. District 8

8. District 9

9. District 12

10. District 2

11. District 10

12. District 5

{C}Training scores

Training Scores of the 34th Hunger Games
Tribute Score

Nathaniel Pearson

Joy Starse 9
John Drew F. Adams 10
Zara Lancaster 10
William Undersea 4
Cerulean Sparkle 5
Surf Sup 7
Hermione Moon 9
Tristan James 9
Lila Maganachi 7
Rennac 5
Scarlet Rose 8
Xavier Domi 10
Rose Juna Ice 7
Ciaren Traben 4
True Starlie 6
Ares West 9
Liberty Friar 3
Thomas Grate 6
Linnea Smith 7
JJJ Schmidt 6
Katie Red 4
T.Hawk 6
Ashley Lohig 7

The 34th Annual Hunger Games

Day One (The Bloodbath)

The 24 tributes are lifted up into the arena. The golden Cornucopia sits in the middle of a lovely meadow. There are streams running round. Further out, pretty little houses sit in clusters. There is a lush forest to the east.

3, 2, 1. The gong goes indicating the start of the Games. The Careers, Nathaniel, Joy, John, Zara and Hermione (Surf is trying to find his...cutlass) sprint and reach the Cornucopia first. All grabbing their weapons of choice, they turn to the other tributes. Xavier, having spotted three axes near the Cornucopia, bolts past the other tributes grabs them, then sprints away. William is trying his luck with getting to a backpack, when Zara sees him. Using her knives, she aims one for his stomach, one for his neck. Both make their mark. Ares, having realised he can craft a spear with the little dagger he found ten metres in front of him, ran off to the forest.

The Careers are picking off tributes. Hermione spots Liberty sneaking away. Throwing one of her fishooks she fashioned quickly, it snags Liberty's shoulder. Liberty is down, but Hermione quickly changes target, and throws a trident which she grabbed at T.Hawk. It misses him, but hits Katie, who falls. JJJ witnesses this, and throws a sharp rock he obtained at Hermione. It sliced her arm, and Hermione retreats.

Tristan, who has allied with Lila, runs past Liberty. He and Lila stop to help Liberty, but seeing her injuries are far past healing, as half her arm has disjoined from her shoulder, he whispers sorry and puts her out of her misery. Ciaren ran to forest, but before he could get there an arrow lodged in his back, fired from Scarlet. She grabs his supplies and runs off. John and Nathaniel target Thomas. They both send their spears at Thomas hitting his leg and chest. One more dead. Linnea uses her arrows and hits both Rose Juna and Surf in the chest. She turns to go but runs straight into True. Both girls look afraid, but then True says, "Allies?". "Sure." replies Linnea. They run off to the houses.

The bloodbath has ended. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Seven dead. Seventeen remain.

Day One tribute stats

The Careers are happily at the Cornucopia, counting their supplies and tending to Hermione's injury.

Cerulean headed for the town, and has a small backpack with dried fruit, a 500ml bottle of water and 6 darts.

Ashley ran from the bloodbath and is hiding in the trees.

Tristan and Lila have headed for a further field, with long grass surronding it and a fresh water spring in it's centre. They are the only tributes in this area.

Scarlet is searching for Rennac, but she has her bow and arrows and also enough supplies to last about 3 days

Xavier is in the forest, and has spotted Ares. He doesn't want to give away his position, so is sitting tight. Ares has fashioned two spears from the wood he obtained in the forest.

True and Linnea have found themselves a little two roomed hut and are seeing what supplies and weapons they have.

JJJ is in another settlement, morning Katie. He has his rocks and a bottle that can hold 1 litre of water

T.Hawk is in the forest.

Day One Deaths

24th: William Undersea, 3

23rd: Katie Red, 11

22nd: Liberty Friar, 9

21st: Ciaren Traben, 8

20th: Thomas Grate, 10

19th: Rose Juna Ice, 7

18th: Surf Sup, 4

Day 2

Day two in the arena and the tributes wake to a surprise. The pretty meadow has become a grey scrubland, the houses are crumbling grey buildings, the wood is dying. The streams have changed and there is a crust of dust/mud over it. If the tributes work out that it is only a coat, the water underneath is drinkable. There are many boulders around, some up to the size of a tractor.

Ashley woke up and after getting over her initial shock, she realised she was very exposed, and in need of food and water. Doubting that there would be anything living near, she decided to head for a stream. She walked for about an hour, and finally found the crusted stream. She passed right under Xavier, also aiming to obtain some water, who heard her coming and climbed up a tree which had a thick enough foliage so he could hide. Ashley reached the stream, and seeing it covered, thought it had dried up. She went back to grab a stick and try to dig the crust off. Xavier, having climbed silently down from the tree, crept up behind Ashley and raised his axe. BOOM! Ashley fell to the ground. Xavier used another of his axes to hack through the mud. Fresh water flowed underneath, and Xavier drank his fill. He decides he needs some food also, so getting some vines and sticks, set up a few traps in the forest. Also, thinking there may be some fish in the stream, he set two traps on the river.

Cerulean left her house, after some of the roof collapsed on her. She was about to exit the town, when she heard a crash and a cry. Whipping round, she saw a collapsed building. The cry was human. Cerulean cautiously approached the house, where she heard small whimpers. It stopped when she said, "Hello? Are you alright?" She heard a small voice, "Please, make it quick." Cerulean got a view of the voice. It was JJJ. "I'm not going to kill you, JJJ. I want to help you. What has got you trapped?" "My leg is stuck." Cerulean moved round to move it. She was quite small, but would help JJJ. After much tugging, she got the piece of building free of JJJ's leg. He thanked her, and asked if she wanted to ally. She replied "Of course,"

The Careers decided to go out hunting, tribute hunting. They left Hermione in charge, because she cannot use her arm as best as she could. About 70 metres out from the Cornucopia, there was a 'zap' sound and John froze, then fell to the ground. BOOM! The others froze, and then Joy saw something. The place where John had stepped had a slightly more coppery colour to it. She told the others the copper circles were rigged, probably with a powerful electric current. They took more care where they stood.

Tristan and Lila also set traps out of the long grass and sticks. They were trying to figure out how to get to the water when they heard a snap. They raced back to their snares. Caught in one was Rennac, who's ankle was getting more crimson every second. They went to free Rennac. He was grateful, but wouldn't be able to survive without medicine, or allies. Tristan and Lila said they would help him. They put Rennac's ankle in a bandage from the pack that Lila obtained from the bloodbath. Soon though, they are soaked through. Only time will tell if Rennac will survive.

Day 2 Tribute stats

The Careers did not find any tributes. They returned and thought about John's loss.

Cerulean and JJJ have headed to a boulder field. They found a little cave and are hiding in there.

Tristan and Lila are still trying to save Rennac. The odds are not in his favour however.

Scarlet has realised about the water and is fed and watered. She is in the forest, after abandoning finding Rennac

Xavier has also found the boulder field but is hiding in the trees on the outside.

Ares moved into the town, and found a suitably sound building.

True and Linnea are still in the town, not in need of anything.

T.Hawk is still in the forest, and has discovered some edible plants.

Day 2 deaths

17th: Ashley Lohig, 12

16th: John Drew F. Adams, 2

Day Three

Hermione was the first to wake of the Careers. It is beginning to get light, and she has realised that the arena has changed again. The meadow has short, green grass and the town has turned to factories. The boulders have become beeping machines. Hermione grabs her fishooks, a trident and some supplies and heads off. She has had enough of the Careers. Whilst walking, she jumps as she heard a BOOM! Someone has died. Well, one more dead, one more step closer to home.

Tristan woke up to the sound of the cannon. One look around told him who it belonged to. Rennac was lying in a pool of blood, very pale. He gently shook Lila awake. "We have to go." Lila say Rennac and nodded grimly. They whispered a sorry and left without looking back.

Having woken up, the other Careers, Joy, Nathaniel and Zara, decide to go hunt down their deserter. Zara is left to guard whilst Joy and Nathaniel head for the woods. T.Hawk sees them and scurries up a tree. He has a little wooden dagger that he made, and decides it is a good time for some target practice. He balances, aims, throws....and it lands at Joy's feet. They look up, and simultaneously release their spear and arrow. T.Hawk falls to the ground, an arrow in his arm and a spear in his stomach. He looks up at them, and Nathaniel stabs him through the heart. BOOM!

True and Linnea decide to venture out. Walking through the rows of factories, they talk about the dead. Both of their district partners are dead. Thirteen left. Suddenly, Ares ambushes them from out of a sidewalk. He grabs Linnea, but True is quick to react. She grabs his arm and shouts "We'll leave you alone if you let us go!" Ares stops, then let's Linnea go. He begins to walk away, as do the girls. However he turns back around and throws a small wooden spear. It pierces Linnea's arm, Ares runs off and True takes Linnea into the nearest building.

'Tribute status day 3'

True is looking after Linnea with their supplies

Joy and Nathaniel returned after T.Hawks death.

Tristan and Lila made it to the machine field.

The rest of the tributes are fine and have remained pretty much the same as yesterday.

The Capitol is getting a bit edgy...

Day 3 Deaths

15th. Rennac, 6

14th. T.Hawk, 12

Day Four

The Capital is bored. The arena has become an oceanic world, with only where the areas where the tributes are have formed to little sandy islands. There are a few palm trees, but that is it. The water is different types in different areas, drinking, salt, fresh and river water. There are mutts in the water.

True and Linnea are running out of water. They used a lot on Linnea's wound and that is pretty well healed. They decide to go and test the water to see if it is drinkable. True puts her hand in and licks the water. "Eugh! Salt water!" "Maybe it is all like that..." True agrees, and suggests as no one is around, they should clean themselves. True slips in, having rolled up her trousers. She calls for Linnea to join her, when she screams and is pulled under. Linnea screams out her name and jumps in. She looks under, and sees True's limp body being pulled away by a mutt which looks like a huge manta ray. BOOM! Linnea goes back to the shore. She goes back to their previous camp, and breaks down.

Scarlet is in need of some more water and food. As she discovered Rennac is dead therefore no point in trying to find him, she decides to use her arrows as makeshift spears and go down to the water to see if there are any fish in there. One down there, she waits, and surely enough, along come some fish. She poises her arrow in her hand, and stabs in. She misses, and the shoal swim away, but hen come back. They seem to be gathering. All of a sudden, they jump out of the water, one attaches to her shoulder, one her neck, and one her calf. Batting them off, Scarlet jumps up and limps from the river. Her neck and calf are seriously bleeding. She gets back to the middle of the island where there are a few palm trees, and rests there. Scarlet needs a first aid kit.

The death of Rennac has just hit Lila hard. She starts to shudder, then sob into her hands. Tristan realises and holds her close. He comforts her, and says that she'll be home soon. She looks up to him. "There are twelve of us left, and who knows how long we'll last. But, I'm not the one going home." She follows his eyes, and realises just how young he is. It is cruel and unjust that 23 children who have their whole lives infront of them, are brutally murdered by other children, or people looking for entertainment.

Xavier is now hungry. Rather than looking for it, he decides to try and steal some. He has been in close proximity to JJJ and Cerulean, who have a few rations, but also the Careers have more than they need. He decides to go to the Cornucopia. He is lucky, they are out on a hunt and have left Nathaniel behind. He creeps up behind the Cornucopia, climbs up, and raises his axe. He brings it down on Nathaniel's head, but the wooden end. If he were to kill Nathaniel, the other two could come running back at the sound of the cannon. No, best to knock him out for a few hours. Xavier takes enough for about 2 days, and also a sharp new axe, and runs back to his hideout.

Day 4 tribute status

Xavier is happy, as he has all he needs

JJJ and Cerulean are running out of supplies. They hope that the next days will bring food with the arena.

Scarlet, woozy and faint, received a sponsor gift. It contained bandages, water and anti-septic cloths for her wounds.

Joy and Zara were worried when they came back from their hunt to find Nathaniel down, but they revived him. He was angry that he had let his guard slip.

Hermione was strong this day. She managed to find non-mutt fish and catch at least 2 dozen. She also could recognise the drinkable water. (being from the water district)

Tristan has calmed Lila down. They decide to go for supplies tomorrow.

Ares was able to find the safe water also. He is getting hungry though.

Linnea is not sure what to do without True. She misses her and is unable to contemplate moving or trying to do anything until she can get control of her emotions.

Day four Deaths

13th. True Starlie, 8

Day 5 and 6

Nothing much happened. Scarlet is well, and the tributes who needed food were able to get it. Hermione received a sponsor gift of bread. The watchers are bored and the Gamemakers have their lives on the edge if they do not excite the games up a lot.

Day 7

The arena has changed to a vast forest, covering most of the arena. The bored and worried Gamemakers have released mutts to bring the tributes together.

Linnea woke up to creeking. She rises, and gives a start. She thought she saw a tree moving. Putting down to fatigue, she went to rest again. However, the creeking, which was now accompanied with a low growl. The trees were moving! Linnea, grabbing her supplies, ran for her life. The tree mutts chasing her chased her to a small opening. She heard a crashing, and through came Xavier, also being pursued by tree mutts. He had a gash that went from above his left eye over his nose and to his right cheek. No doubt he had used his axe to cut the trees. The trees chasing him receded, and he was left standing in the middle of the clearing. Suddenly, he whipped round, for Zara, Joy and Nathaniel came crashing through the wood. Readying his axes, he poised for battle. Nathaniel, Joy and Zara smiled, and got out their weapons. Nathaniel threw his spear, which Xavier sliced in two. Joy and Zara aimed at him, and threw. Joy missed, but Zara skimmed his arm. Xavier cries out and chucks his axe at Zara. Her reactions are quick, but Nathaniel was distracted by Tristan and Lila's arrival, and the axe buried in his head. BOOM!

Tristan and Lila arrive to see Nathaniel fall to the ground. Then Lila's eyes train on Linnéa, who is watching Xavier and the two remaining Careers fearfully. She alerts Tristan and sneaks round the back of her. Lila raises her knife, and is about to plunge when out of no where she is tackled to the ground. She tries to call out to Tristan, but Hermione puts her hand over Lila's mouth. She gets out her fishooks, and begins to trace little patterns on Lila's face. She is toying with her. Finally, she gets up, still pinning Lila to the ground with a foot to her stomach, gets her trident from her back, and shoots it down. "TRISTAN!" is Lila's final call. BOOM! Linnéa, not wanting to meddle with Hermione, ran out of her hiding place and round to another part of the clearing. From there, she scaled a tree, about 15 ft off the ground, and watched the action unfold.

Tristan had encountered problems of his own. Ares snuck up behind him, and was aiming his spear for Tristan's head. Hearing something behind him, he got out a knife and turned round, to face Ares. He threw his spear, which Tristan deflected with his knife, though the force with which it hit the knife caused Tristan to let go. Ares, having had another spear to hand from the sling of vines he made, was ready to attack again. Then, whizzing past Ares's head, came a knife. Cerulean and JJJ had arrived, and had surrounded Ares. Tristan slipped away to get his knife, when Cerulean and JJJ attacked Ares again. He threw his spear at the same time as Cerulean chucked her knife. The knife hit Ares straight between the eyes. BOOM! However, Ares's spear found JJJ's stomach, and he knew there was no other end. Cerulean fell to her knees and held his hand. "You can do this, Cerulean. You are strong, and kind, and I know you can win..." JJJ's voice trailed off as he took his last breath. BOOM! Cerulean, crying silent tears, turned her back to JJJ. She heard a rustle in the bushes, and through utter anger threw her knife at it. She heard a small squeal, a human squeal. Realising, she ran over. Scarlet, who was hiding in the bush, had a knife sticking out from her chest. Cerulean looked into her eyes, and said "I am so sorry." Scarlet reached for Cerulean's hand and squeezed it. "Good luck" she managed to whisper before the cannon. BOOM!

Five deaths, and Xavier was now confronted by Zara, Joy and Hermione. Realising his situation was not ideal, he swung his axe round in a circle then legged it past Joy, still swinging the axe. He ran until he found a cluster of trees, which were well protected. He stayed up there. Zara hissed at Hermione, "Traitor." "Well, let's settle our differences, once and for all." replied Hermione. She threw her trident at Zara. It skimmed her shoulder, but the wound was not deep. Joy aimed her arrow at Hermione, and it lodged in her stomach. She cried out, but grabbing her fishooks she threw them at Joy's face. They pierced down her cheeks, and blood was flowing. Zara, momentarily distracted by this, went over to help. Hermione, using all the energy she had left, picked up her trident and chucked it at the two girls. "Please make a mark." she said, before it all went black. BOOM!

The remaining tributes began to leave this second bloodbath. Six dead, only six remain. Attention Tributes! Congratulations on making the final 6. Tomorrow, they will be a feast. Each of you needs or can use something that will be at the feast. Good luck.

Day 7 stats

Xavier is fine up his tree, and is contemplating whether he needs to go to the feast.

Linnéa stayed in her tree. She might go to the feast.

Zara is tending to Joy, who is losing blood fast. Hermione's trident hit her on the knee, and Joy needs first aid quickly.

Tristan is mourning Lila. He is going to the feast, to make sure he wins for her.

Cerulean is extremely sad about losing JJJ. She also wishes she hadn't killed Scarlet. She will be in her nightmares tonight.

Day 7 deaths

12th. Nathaniel Pearson, 1

11th. Lilliana 'Lila' Maganachi, 5

10th. Ares West, 9

9th. JJJ Schmidt, 11

8th. Scarlet Rose, 6

7th. Hermione Moon, 4

Day 8

The arena is now ridden with factories, cotton and linen plants, and sheep. The sheep aren't mutts. However the Gamemakers have decided to release some into the arena.

Zara and Joy received a first aid pack in the night and Joy is patched up with it. Soon, there will be a feast. They have decided to stay at the Cornucopia, after heading back their last night. Zara has just finished putting on Joy's knee bandages, when she hears a growling. They both look up, and standing on it's hind legs. A seven foot bear-like mutt towering over them. Zara, grabbing the nearest weapon, throws it at the mutt. It pierces the mutts shoulder, and it gives a mighty roar. Then, going onto all fours, charges at Zara. She retreats, but runs away from Joy. Suddenly, Zara trips. She closes her eyes and waits for the blow. But instead, she hears a scream and another roar. Joy managed to get up with her arrows, and standing between the bear and Zara, released an arrow into its heart, but not before it bit heavily into her chest. The mutt is dead, but Joy is still breathing, albeit barely. Zara crawls over, and holds Joy. "Why did you do it?" she asks. "Because you are strong. I..I am injured...weak, a..and already...dying." replies Joy with difficulty. "Thank you. I will make sure you don't die in vain." "'d better." Joy smiles. "Thanks, and...good..luck..." BOOM! Zara lays Joy's body down, gets her supplies, and leaves. She won't come back for the feast.

At the Cornucopia about midday, a table rises from the ground. Backpacks labelled 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11 are on the table. Tristan is the first to arrive. He scouts around, and realising he is early, bolts and grabs the 5 bag. Linnea arrives to see him flee into the woods, no point in chasing him now. She decides to go. At first cautiously, then quicker. However, Xavier saw her. He only came to the feast to get the Games over with. He aims, pulls back his arm, and lets his axe loose. It cuts Linnea in the middle of her torso. She is knocked to the ground with such force, and she dies instantly. BOOM! By this time Cerulean has arrived. She is about to target whoever killed Linnea, but then realises it is Xavier. She won't meddle with him. Seeing as no one has decided to attack him, Xavier sprints, grabs his and Linnea's bag, and heads off again. Cerulean sees that Tristan's bag is gone, and only hers and District 2's bag are still there. Supposing that Zara would have been one of the first to arrive, she runs for her bag. She grabs it, but turning to run away she trips. Looking up, she hears a rustle in the bushes. Out comes Zara, thinking the feast is over. Cerulean tries to slip away, but Zara sees her. She sprints towards Cerulean, and tackles her to the ground. She gets out a knife and raises it above her head. Cerulean closes her eyes, thinks of JJJ and William (her district partner) and prepares to die. But then she hears a clatter of metal on the ground and Zara's grip loosen on her hand. Opening her eyes, she sees Zara looking down at her on the verge of tears. Zara doesn't have any strength or motivation left to kill. "Go." she sobs, and Cerulean grabs her pack and leaves with her life. Zara walks over to the table, sits in the Cornucopia and opens it. Strangely enough, it is a red scarf. On it, there is a label. It says, 'This was Joy's. Thank you for looking after her. From Candice Bolt, Joy's friend.' Zara holds the scarf close and whispers a 'You are welcome.' to Candice and Joy's family.

Day 8 tribute stats

Xavier received body armour and food for two days in his bag, and food for another 3 days in Linnea's

Tristan received food and water also. However in the bag was a necklace of Lila's. He put it in his pocket above his heart.

Cerulean, having got away from Zara, opened her bag to find food and a blanket.

Zara is still at the Cornucopia, with Joy's scarf close to her.

Day 8 deaths

6th. Joy Starse, 1

5th. Linnea Smith, 11

Day 9

Zara's hurt has turned to hate. She rises early, and scouts around. The arena has turned to fields of grain, some ankle height, some neck height. No idea where to start, she grabs her supplies and heads off. A few minutes later, Zara hears a rustling. She stops, and looks for the source. "Zara..." A whisper, carried in the breeze. Zara recognises the voice, though she can't quite place it. "Zara..." It says again. Running towards the sound, she comes to a small clearing in the grain. Standing there, as sure as daylight, was Joy. "Impossible..." utters Zara in sheer disbelief. "Zara." Joy says again, and begins to walk towards her. "No, no this can't be happening!'re dead! Gone! Forever! You cannot. Come. Back!" Zara begins to panic. What sort of hideous trick is this? "But I'm here, aren't I? Back with you. Let me prove I am real. Come, touch my arm. Am I not flesh and bone, just like you?" Zara is shaking uncontrollably. She begins to walk towards Joy's image, but all the while keeping her fingers to her knife. Just as Joy raises her arms, Zara pulls out the knife and plunges it into the image's stomach. Joy screams, and her image transforms into a blank human shape, just a head, and body. Zara kneels down beside it. It has very sharp teeth. She reaches out to touch the arm, and then on contact pulls back. The tips of her fingers have been burnt. She looks back, and the muttation disintergrates into the ground. She decides to run back and stay at the Cornucopia.

"Aaaaah!" The mutt which has taken the form of Lila screams out. Tristan, breathing heavily, flops down to the ground. His arms are badly burnt, and his left cheek. He ran into Lila's arms, and just as she embraced him, realised what he had run into. After a ferocious battle, Tristan managed to overcome her. The mutt disappears, and Tristan relaxes. Then, a bloodcurling scream fills the arena. Knowing it had something to do with the awful mutts, Tristan races to the sound. He sees Cerulean on the ground, being swiped and bitten at by JJJ. He gets out a knife, and aiming carefully, throws it full force at JJJ. It finds its mark, and the mutt is knocked off Cerulean. Tristan legs it back before Cerulean can follow him.

Someone just saved my life Thought Cerulean, as she weakly got up to see JJJ's image fall to nothing. She saw a movement, but not the person, or the something that saved her. All she was surprised about is that they didn't kill her. She utters a thank you, and decides to find a field where she can see what is in it. She is moving through the fields, when she hears a grunt, and the sound of wheat being cut down. Following the sound cautiously, she comes to a small man-made opening. In it stands Xavier, hitting the grain with his axe like it is a man who has just killed his loved one. He is sweating under the sun, and panting, but he doesn't stop, nor gives a sign that he is going to give in. Then, his axe clatters to the ground, and he sinks to his knees. Xavier clenches his fists and pounds the ground. Cerulean is shocked to see him this upset. She wants to help him, but she knows it'll result in her death. Xavier whispers raggedly, " I love you Fi. I love you so much. I will come back for you. I promise, I will see you again." Cerulean wonders who Fi is. Maybe a lover, or sister. She feels so bad. Deciding it would be best if she left him to it, she silently slips away.

Xavier saw his sister Fiona as a mutt. He knew what it was, and threw an axe before he realised what he was doing. The mutt let out a scream that brought him back to the time where they were in the forests of 7 and she tripped and badly hurt her ankle. She was crying like it was the most painful thing in the world. Xavier wants to go home. He will win this for Fi.

Day 9 stats

Xavier got a hold of himself and gathered some wheat to eat.

Cerulean found lower grain and is staying slightly hidden. She needs burn medicine.

Zara has just about got a hang of the experience with Joy's mutt. She is still at the Cornucopia

Tristan is wondering why he saved Cerulean. It would have meant one more dead. He is tending to his burns, but with only the dribble of water he has left.

No deaths today

Day 10

The arena has turned into fields, with cattle grazing.

Tristan decides he was wrong not to kill Cerulean. He gets up, ensuring he has his knife, and goes out to search for her. Knowing she wasn't too far, he walked to about where he found her yesterday. Bullseye. Creeping up to her sleeping form, he poised his knife. Crouching down beside her, he positioned his knife by her back, where her heart would be. "I'm so sorry. I'll make it quick." he whispers, and plunges the knife into Cerulean's back. BOOM! "I'm sorry." he whispers again then runs to find a hiding spot.

Day 10 stats

Zara and Xavier both heard the cannon, but decided not to follow it up.

Xavier was able to take down a calf which he cooked for his meals. 

Zara already had food, but for the first time was worried about it.

Tristan, although glad he is one step closer to home, is haunted by Cerulean.

Day 10 deaths

Cerulean Sparkle, 3

Day 11

The remaining 3 saw Cerulean's face in the sky yesterday. She didn't leave Tristan's nightmares. Zara decided it is time to end these games once and for all, and see district 2 again.

Tristan was wondering through one of the many orchards, wondering where Xavier and Zara are, and how he is going to kill them. Suddenly, he trips and falls, landing awkwardly on his ankle. Although he is no healer, he is pretty sure he has a sprained ankle. He tried to get up, but yelped in pain. Unfortunately, he wasn't alone in the orchard. Zara heard his cry, and begin to move stealthily through the trees. Tristan decided if he went slow, he could cover ground. With every step, he let out a little gasp. Zara snuck up behind him. However, she stepped on a twig, causing Tristan to whip round and see her. Pulling out her knife, she aimed it at him. She was surprised when she looked into his eyes. She saw not fear, but almost gratitude. She said something she thought she would never say. "Well done. I'm sorry it has to be this way. I'll make it quick." and the knife entered Tristan's heart. BOOM!

Day 11 stats.

Xavier heard the cannon and saw Tristan's face in the sky at night. He instantly became angry. The boy was not much older than his sister. He is confident about facing Zara, as he has his full body armour, and the motivation to get home.

Zara is feeling fine also, as she has many weapons at her disposal. She believes she can use her more agile body to get Xavier's neck.

Get ready for a fierce battle.

Day 11 deaths

Tristan James, 5

Day 12

Both tributes awake to find themselves in a torchlit tunnel. Dirty, dark and no indication of where they are meant to go. A voice booms.

Congratulations Zara Lancaster of District 2 and Xavier Domi of District 7 for making the final two. You will need to find your way to the Cornucopia. Try, and you will find it. However if you decide not to go, we will make you. Good luck, to the final 2 of the 34th Hunger Games!

Xavier decides to go find the Cornucopia. He has nothing better to do. Along the way, he sharpens his axes. Honestly, he wants to get this over with. The tunnels are beginning to get lighter. That means he must be getting closer to the Cornucopia.

Zara also found it best to go to the Cornucopia without persuasion. She doesn't know Xavier has body armour. She cannot wait to get back to District 2. She is imagining being back home when she realises that the tunnels are lighter. She sees a golden glint. Reaching the Cornucopia, she pauses at it's opening. Suddenly, she hears a yell and turns just in time to dodge Xavier's axe. He had been hiding on top of the Cornucopia. She gets out her knife. Xavier charges, and brings his axe down. Zara jumps out the way, but still the axe nicked her leg. Thrusting her knife forward, it hits Xavier's side, making quite a deep gash. Deciding a sword would fare better against an axe, she gets one from her supply bag. Xavier runs, ready to swing again, but Zara blocks it using her sword. The force makes Xavier let go of his axe. He doesn't go to retrieve it, but prepares himself to dodge Zara's blows. He ducks and dodges to the right, then using his foot sweeps the floor and takes out Zara's legs. She falls to the floor, landing on her knife she discarded. Blood flows down her leg, just like Xavier's side. They look at each other. Then, Xavier offers her his hand. " Good battle." he says. " May the best tribute win." Zara, unsure of what to think, does the gracious thing and takes his hand. Xavier pulls her up and towards him, and stabs her in the chest. He had a knife in his hand all the time, and was planning to kill Zara in a more stealthy way. She looks at him. "May the best tribute win indeed..." and she flops in Xavier's arms. He rests her against the Cornucopia, and hears her cannon. He's won. Allowing the hovercraft to pick Zara up, he then grabs onto his ladder. "Goodbye." is his final word in the Arena.

Congratulations to Xavier Domi of District 7! Thank you for reading and taking part in these Games, I hope you have enjoyed them!

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